Vietnamese Brides: How To Meet Vietnam Women For Marriage


Interesting facts, costs, and ways to get yourself a Vietnamese bride

It’s hard to argue that Vietnamese brides live in a fabulous land. Over the last ten years, it has become one of the most exciting travel destinations in Southeast Asia for Western people. So, we guess some of your friends were able to see its fascinating geographical diversity with their own eyes. From the rice terraces and mist-shrouded mountains in the North to the tropical palm-lined beaches in the South… Vietnam indeed has a lot to offer! Be honest now: don’t you want to discover the turbulent metropolis of Saigon and the enchanting Mekong Delta yourself?

In fact, it’s possible to experience almost everything during your trip to this amazing country. For instance, you shouldn’t focus only on one region – you have many options to choose from! The nearness to Laos and the South China Sea promises an even more fascinating journey. Anyway, no matter where you spend your vacation: you will fall in love with this land! And, who knows, maybe not only with Vietnam. Since truly unusual people live there. For instance, despite being a developing country, the literacy rate in it is 95%. Its unemployment rate is much lower than in the majority of Asian lands. Maybe that’s why women from Vietnam turn out to be the most desired wives for Western men?

Vietnamese bride

As a rule, initially, males get captivated by the beauty and femininity of these ladies. Their natural charm can leave nobody indifferent! It’s pretty rare nowadays, but they still believe in love from first sight and cherish traditional values. Therefore, all Vietnamese ladies you will ever meet will demonstrate what genuine support and respect mean.

But what else is typical of the character and the appearance of a woman from this Asian country? What is the reason that makes so many Western guys want to search for love, namely there? What should you keep in mind to be successful in flirting and dating there? In this article are provided all the facts worth knowing in this regard.

Vietnamese brides: who are they and why are they so attractive?

Those who were lucky enough to meet single girls from Vietnam are still amazed by their good-lookingness. It is, however, worth starting with the fact that it is almost impossible to look at their beauty during the day since their clothes hide absolutely everything except for their eyes! But you shouldn’t think Vietnamese women do this because of their religious beliefs. They just don’t want to tan! So when the sun goes down, you can just go crazy at how exceptionally stunning these females are. Especially when taking into account how hard they usually work.

The exotic looks of Vietnamese ladies are probably one of the reasons why so many men from the Western world travel to this poor Asian country yearly. They are naturally attractive and know how to emphasize that.

Many of these women have long, straight, black hair that they often tie in a ponytail. Their eyes are dark and almond-shaped. Their skin seems to have a golden glow, while the facial traits are refined and feminine.

Many Vietnamese women are petite and tender. They enchant men with their reserved nature and sweet appearance. They also have a pronounced fashion sense and do make-up almost professionally. Their favorites are pastel colors, such as beige and light yellow. The beautifully curved lips of these girls become even more seductive with the right lip gloss.

When it comes to choosing outfits, single Vietnam women know what can emphasize their beauty best. They like bright and warm shades because such tones stand in stark contrast to their dark hair. The hotties from Vietnam often wear short clothes, like miniskirts and dresses. You will quickly notice that their clothing underlines the lightness of their character.

Apropos character, is it equally great?

The girls from Vietnam are kind, understanding, down-to-earth, and loyal. They give everything they have to their man, but only if a sufficient level of trust is established. Their ability to be calm, on the one hand, but also to show a lot of empathy, on the other hand, makes the Vietnamese cuties very sociable and approachable. The gentle character of women from this land is a unique quality that many foreign men appreciate.

It’s essential for them not to lose face in public. Thus, when problems or conflicts arise, they react calmly and serenely. Even in difficult situations, they don’t stop smiling. Perfect housewives, intelligent conversationalists – what else may a guy want?

Pros and Cons of dating Vietnamese women

If you open one of the Vietnam dating sites, you will see why women from this country are among the most gorgeous in Asia. But they are much more than examples of external beauty! International experts claim they have many positive character traits.

For example, dating specialists say that Vietnamese are absolute family people. Their faithfulness is simply incomparable. They are by no means spoiled and willingly appreciate the little pleasures in life. More and more Western men start looking for love in Vietnam because they already know everything we have shared so far. But unfortunately, these guys often don’t pay attention to details. They concentrate only on the benefits a relationship with such a lady brings. This strategy is pretty dangerous since they differentiate practically nothing concerning the drawbacks. It’s hard to avoid disappointments using this approach…

Pros and Cons of dating Vietnamese women

For this reason, we advise you to read the top-five advantages and disadvantages of Vietnamese girls you will experience during dating.


#1. Their devotion

Single ladies in Vietnam can serve as an example of faithfulness and devotion. When dating one of them, you shouldn’t worry – she is reliable in every way.

But what is the ground to think so? Vietnamese make loyal and dedicated life partners due to their traditional values and unique historical background. For this reason, when these girls love – then with all their hearts. There is simply no need to keep looking around, constantly searching for better boyfriends.

However, to experience absolute loyalty from such a woman’s side, you must prove yourself as a worthy man. The point is – to expect nothing in return. Only in this case will she be able to trust you.

#2. Their strong sense of family and desire to have kids

For an average Vietnamese female, a career always comes after the family. The desire to get married and have many children is usually noticeable right at a young age. That is why singles from this country start searching for a reliable partner relatively early in life.

As we have already mentioned, the harmony in the family, household chores, and upbringing of little ones – that’s the top priority for a woman from Vietnam. But it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to work at all – rather, on the contrary. Such a lady is known for being not only family-oriented but also down-to-earth, humble, and hard-working.

#3. Their outstanding culinary skills

This is no surprise if we say that Asian women can generally cook pretty well. But when talking about single Vietnamese ladies – their skills are even better! Due to the excellent national cuisine with the wide range of spices and ingredients, it’s impossible not to be impressed. Some of the best dishes from Vietnam are spring rolls, Pho Bo (rice noodles with beef), and Bun Cha (noodles with BBQ and fish sauce).

If you’re wondering why these women are great at the preparation of food, we have a simple explanation for you. Since family cooking in this land is usually done by females, every local girl is taught by her mother or grandmother.

And, be honest now, don’t you think that the way to a man’s heart is still through his stomach?

#4. Their ability to adapt and integrate

The results of the recent research are straightforward and obvious. No matter which country of the Western world a Vietnamese girl immigrates to – she manages to adapt and integrate better than an average representative of other ethnic groups. We guess it shouldn’t be mentioned that it happens not because of the governmental support programs.

If you are a curious person, you probably want to get a logical explanation of the above-mentioned phenomenon. And once again, you need to get back to the history of Vietnam. During the war, Americans bombed this country back to the Stone Age. But its people accepted this fact and worked hard enough to get back everything they had. The same skill helps with immigration issues.

#5. Their gentle and affectionate character

Single women from Vietnam have an extremely gentle and feminine nature. These qualities of them fascinate men. You must agree, it’s hard not to long for a lady who lovingly exudes harmony and kindness. This will be especially noticeable through non-verbal communication. Since without seeing each other, language skills play the leading role.

Maybe, for this reason, misunderstandings can occur during online conversations. It happens partly because of cultural differences and somewhat because of the exaggerated gentleness of such a girl. But direct confrontations and harsh words are not typical to her anyway. So if you are an equally calm person, you will fall in love with a Vietnamese woman once and for all!


#1. They quickly fall in love and cool down likewise.

Unfortunately, many Western guys notice that Vietnam single ladies are pretty fickle with their feelings. So it may happen that you have a date with a girl, she kisses you and hugs you – and everything seems perfect. But a few moments later, when you bring her home, she disappears and forgets about you for days, weeks, or even months…

Does this behavior annoy you? Sure! But you have to get used to it when looking for your soulmate among Vietnamese. And, before your relationship with one of them becomes serious – don’t be surprised to get the radio silence as a reply. Therefore, the thought, “That’s it, I got you, you can’t get away from me!” is toxic.

#2. They seem unfriendly at the beginning.

Have you been to Thailand, Cambodia, or Malaysia before? If yes – you know how friendly locals in these countries seem, especially when you are a foreigner. This, however, is not the case with the Vietnamese. In this respect, they are rather similar to grumpy Russians. Yes, we know what you think – communism changes people.

Walking the streets of Vietnam, you will definitely see many gloomy faces, looking at you as if the tourists are something absolutely new to them. They are restrained in their emotions. Vietnamese ladies don’t believe that everyone should walk around and smile at every passerby. They find it strange.

#3. They take thousands of photos a day.

Brides from Vietnam have a passion for selfies and photo shoots. For sure, not all of the female residents of this country behave this way, but a large majority do.

Thus, when having a rendezvous with a Vietnamese girl, be ready that your date will smoothly turn into a media event. Most likely, you will be asked to take pictures of your crush right on the street or in some art cafe. In fact, she will ask you to take 100000 photos, and then she spends a few hours editing these pictures with various filters, showing you, asking “đẹp không” (is it beautiful?). After posting on social networks, your girlfriend will ask you to put likes under her new posts.

#4. They are jealous.

Do you remember we said that Vietnamese ladies are devoted? This leads us to what is probably their greatest, albeit perfectly understandable, flaw. An average woman from this Asian land can get very, very jealous. You need to be ready to face it – and don’t lose your patience.

Safety and security in any form are of vital importance to such a girl, so she can be a bit possessive at times. For this reason, you should constantly reassure her of your love through endless compliments and lots of attention. Show your lovely Vietnamese crush how devoted you are – with a bit of effort, you won’t have to experience the jealousy drama anymore.

#5. They have a different mentality and speak an alien language.

Of course, single ladies in Vietnam are very different in their mentality from Western European women. They grew up in dissimilar traditions and practiced distinct rituals. For example, it’s common in this country to expect a wealthy husband to provide financial support to his wife’s family. It has nothing to do with mercantilism, though.

Basically, in a relationship with a Vietnamese female, it will be unavoidable that here and there will be misunderstandings: language barrier and communication difficulties. It is crucial to remain calm and confidently search for a compromise or a solution that both sides can live with. Escalations can be avoided by being diplomatic, understanding, and kind to the loved one.

Vietnamese brides: myths and facts

As you already know, Vietnam is not only a country of beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, and excellent gastronomy. Throughout its rich and long history, people who represent this nationality stood out from the crowd – the same is noticeable even nowadays. In the age of globalization, they pass and cherish their national identity and fascinating cultural heritage from generation to generation. In this way, they achieve the legendary fusion of traditional and modern values.

Vietnamese brides: myths and facts

Maybe that’s why there are so many prejudices about Vietnamese mail brides. Notwithstanding, they are not mentioned in any travel guide – almost everyone is aware of them. But how do you find out which of the rumors you have heard are true and which are myths? With our help, of course! Below are placed five of the most popular of them.

#1. All Vietnamese can’t live without their mopeds.

Yes, it’s true. And in fact, if you are interested in Vietnamese bride dating, using yourself a moped is unavoidable. But you shouldn’t forget that the driving style of the locals is pretty peculiar, not to say chaotic. So, perhaps, a few private lessons from your lady wouldn’t hurt.

Still, at this point, we can tell you some curious details in this respect. The first one – the number of seats on the moped doesn’t mean anything. It is to say, you shouldn’t be surprised to see at least five people in it at the same time. The second thing – when driving, many things can be done. For example, books are read, oranges are peeled, hair is styled, and fingernails are done. The same goes for breastfeeding.

#2. All Vietnamese are naturally slender.

No, it’s a myth. The female representatives of this nation do a lot of sports! For instance, those who live by the sea often get up at sunrise and go jogging. No less popular are volleyball, qigong, and yoga. Tourists prefer getting enough sleep during the vacation, so they simply don’t notice how beaches and parks turn into lively open-air gyms in the early morning hours.

And, just so you know, after a year of a relationship with a woman from Vietnam, you will start doing it too! She will teach you to enjoy getting up at 5:20 am and start your day with activities. And one thing is clear: doing sports in the sand is more effective than some boot camps.

#3. All Vietnamese have an odd sense of style.

Do you mean hood and glovers in summer? No matter how odd it seems – it has nothing to do with the sense of style. Just like many other Asian beauties, Vietnam brides hide from the sun. Their beauty ideal is perfectly white skin. That’s why these girls buy large hoods and long gloves that cover everything that could be exposed to the sun.

A team of international researchers has conducted a study in Vietnam on this subject. They wanted to find out what is so bad about having a tan since Western people absolutely love it. The larger part of the respondents shrugged their shoulders and said that: most likely, everyone wants to have something he currently hasn’t.

#4. All Vietnamese are Buddhists.

In fact, it’s just a common stereotype that almost all Vietnamese are Buddhists. Perhaps, it’s all because of their peace-loving nature. That’s not true, though. The 20 million followers of this religion for a country with a population of 90 million is a lot for sure. However, by no means it’s the only faith in Vietnam. For example, according to the official statistics, there are 6 million Catholics there.

Anyway, most Vietnamese don’t belong to any particular religion. But it doesn’t assume they don’t have a sort of icon. Nearly everyone deifies one person – Ho Chi Minh. It’s a hero of the local communist revolution. And even today, every Vietnamese visits his gigantic Mausoleum in Hanoi at least once in life.

#5. All Vietnamese are too conservative.

An average pretty woman from Vietnam grows up in a family with old-fashioned views on life. As a way of illustration, parents usually press on their daughter so she would become a wife and mother as soon as possible. Therefore, in most cases, she is really conservative. But we were talking about the small towns now…

This definitely is the land of contrasts – since the youth from the big cities doesn’t have such traditional views. This is where generational differences hold great potential for conflict.

Anyway, the female’s role in the family hierarchy is often classic. She needs to balance moral obligations and material needs. The mother-in-law’s job is to control how well the son’s wife manages the mentioned-above task.

Dating a woman from Vietnam: rules and basic tips

In Vietnam, dating a woman has absolutely different rules. You should, therefore, take into account that your Western mentality is not similar to a typically Asian one in many respects. For this reason, you must be prepared to face misunderstandings and communication difficulties in everyday life. They, for sure, can be traced back to dissimilar cultural backgrounds. We can give you one example right away. In Vietnam, it’s common among wealthy people to help the poorer ones in all aspects, including financially. So when a down-and-out girl marries a rich guy, she automatically assumes that he will take good care of her and her family. This desire has nothing to do with mercantilism, as you see now.

Anyway, if misunderstandings arise, patience and empathy may improve the situation. If you stay cool, relaxed, and confident, you will quickly be able to avoid further escalation. Do you want more effective tips? There are a few extra in this article below.

#1. You are what you wear

Single girls in Vietnam pay a lot of attention to their appearance – the same goes for potential boyfriends.

The country’s textile industry is flourishing, so the choice for locals is correspondingly huge. Thus, there is often a misinterpretation on the part of the Vietnamese about how inelegantly Western men dress. So sweatpants, baggy T-shirts, and beach shorts should be left in your wardrobe at home. Since if you ask the Vietnamese lady of your dreams out in a decent shirt and long pants, your suggestion will be met with more openness and politeness. It doesn’t have to be jeans, though. Loose linen pants are stylish and comfortable – simply perfect.

Dating a woman from Vietnam

In addition, you should not try to make acquaintances with the local women when you look untidy. Sweating, like dirty fingernails or greasy hair, is a sign of hard work and is associated with a bad background. So make sure that you take care of your body and clothes when starting a relationship with a girl from Vietnam.

#2. Learn some Vietnamese

Whether you just want to flirt or try to build a serious relationship with a woman from Vietnam – experts recommend one thing. It’s always a good idea to learn a few words and phrases from her mother tongue.

If you know how to say, “please” and “thank you” – it’s already a great beginning. Through this simple gesture, you can demonstrate to your crush that you are more than another annoying tourist.

And you will precisely win a girl’s heart by calling her pretty in Vietnamese! By the way, you don’t have to spend your money on teachers. Free mobile apps like Duolingo will help you in this undertaking.

#3. Always stay nice and friendly

The most important rule you should always follow is probably this one. As soon as you meet Vietnamese singles – put a friendly smile on your face. Remember: polite behavior will get you further than arrogance and vulgarity. If you get angry, you lose face and thus the respect of your potential girlfriend. Without a doubt – a friendly smile opens all doors in Vietnam!

Try to remain kind and understanding even towards those ladies you are not fond of. For example, if you are not interested in someone – say that you were pleased to meet such wonderful people and it’s a pity you need to go. In this case, you will be left alone without offenses, while grim-faced foreigners won’t be welcome by locals anymore.

#4. Be aware of the etiquette rules

The most typical location for a date everywhere in the world is a restaurant. However, if you want to find a Vietnamese wife – bear in mind the local etiquette rules in this regard.

There are a lot of soups in the traditional cuisine of this Asian country. They are usually served very hot. Therefore, the Vietnamese sip it as loud as possible, showing how tasty the dish is. You are not doing anything wrong if you eat your soup quietly, so don’t worry if you feel uncomfortable about it. But hearable slurping is a bit of fun, isn’t it?

We guess you know that the Vietnamese don’t use forks and spoons. It means you will need to eat with chopsticks. There are a few rules here too. Firstly, you shouldn’t place them across the place or bowl and never put them in like a soup spoon. Secondly, you better don’t stick your chopsticks in the rice – it’s a bad sign.

The last thing about the rendezvous you need to be aware of doesn’t concern food. Even if you are madly in love with your lady – you shouldn’t snuggle in public. Otherwise, your Vietnamese girlfriend will lose her face.

#5. Always bring a gift

At the initial stages of the relationship, always bring a small gift to your special lady. For example, experts recommend presenting her with something from your homeland. If possible, it should be something she can’t buy in Vietnam: gummy bears, wine, or even jump ropes! As you can see, your sign of attention shouldn’t be expensive at all!

But make sure you don’t bring chrysanthemums as gifts – these flowers stand for mourning. Things from other Asian countries should be avoided too. In some cases, such products are seen as cheap – apart from devices, high-quality electronic products, or goods from Japan.

Also, handkerchiefs (stand for trouble), knives (cut the friendship), perfume/soap/deodorant, etc. (could mean that the recipient smells horrible) should not be given as gifts.

Vietnamese wedding traditions

If you want to try international dating with a Vietnam girl, you need to know that the wedding is perhaps the day she has been waiting for since childhood.

Vietnamese wedding traditions

Despite the pretty strong Europeanization of young people over the recent years, the ancient traditions concerned with this celebration are sacred – with one exception, though. Until the 20th century, the spouses were determined by the family members because the youth themselves did not have the right to choose. In modern Vietnam, this tradition has become a thing of the past. Although there are many other still existing wedding rituals in this country – you will be excited to see them in real life. Five, the most popular ones, are highlighted in this article.

#1. The engagement

If your idea to find a Vietnamese bride has turned into reality and now you want to get married to her – the first step would be engagement. We’ll try to describe how it usually works.

After the proposal, lovebirds usually need to wait for the bride’s parents’ permission. It takes a few months, as a rule. However – under certain conditions (if a partner is studying or working abroad) it can also take longer.

The engagement itself is a formal ceremony. On this day, the future groom goes with his family to his fiancee’s house and brings gifts such as areca nuts, cakes, wine, cigarettes, etc. Then, the banquet is held. The engagement ritual is an opportunity for the woman’s family to meet their future son-in-law.

If the bride or her family breaks off the engagement for any reason – all gifts must be returned to the guy’s family. While, if a groom changes his mind, the presents could be kept.

#2. The wedding day

Traditionally, the couple must spend the day and the night before the celebration separately to avoid misfortune. On the eve of the wedding, the bride’s mother does her daughter’s hair with several combs. Each crest has a meaning, but the most important is the third one. Doing it, she prays for a happy life in the new home for her sweet girl.

When the big day comes, the bride’s family and invited guests gather at her home and await the groom’s arrival. When he appears, she should already have a wedding dress on. Since the ceremony is about to start.

#3. The ceremony

The wedding ceremony begins in front of the altar. The Vietnamese bride and her groom kneel and pray, asking the ancestors for permission to marry and their blessings on the future family. The couple then turns to the lady’s parents, bows, and thanks them for raising and protecting this tender flower since her birth. They then bow to each other to show gratitude and respect to the future spouse. Right after that, the master of ceremonies teaches the newlyweds how to start a family. Next, parents are asked to share their experiences and bless their adult children.

#4. The wedding banquet

As you can see, in Vietnam, dating and marriage have many cultural nuances. The same goes for the banquet.

After the official part, the bride’s and groom’s families join the guests who were not invited to the wedding ceremony for a grand feast. This is usually a big event with a hundred or more people. The groom, the bride, and their families are introduced to all the present guests, and everyone drinks with them. Lunch or dinner is served.

During the celebration, the newlyweds come to each table and chat with their friends and relatives. The invited people give them envelopes with greeting cards, gifts, and money.

#5. After the wedding

After the banquet, the groom’s family and the bride make their way to the house, where she will now live. Later, the bride’s relatives follow to inspect the accommodation – particularly the bedroom.

An odd number of young men in neat shirts, dark trousers, and ties come ahead of the groom’s parents and close relatives. Each carries a tray covered with red cloth or a large red and gold plate with gifts such as betel leaves, areca nuts, wine, fruit, tea, etc. Red is the predominant color at a traditional Vietnamese wedding – it is considered the color of luck. So, before the first night as a married couple starts, a Vietnamese wife, keeping her eyes closed, picks one thing from the plate. This item indicates the gender of the first child.

Top cities to meet Vietnamese women

Those who choose the Vietnamese online dating sites save much time and money. However, at the same time, they lose a chance to bring themselves the genuine pleasure of visiting this fascinating land.

For many, traveling to this beautiful country reminds what Thailand used to be before mass tourism. Exotic cities, hidden beaches, untouched landscapes, and incredibly loving locals… To make sure that you discover the most beautiful sides of the country and don’t miss the best dating opportunities – visit the cities of our rate.

#1. Hanoi (Hà Nội)

Hanoi is the first city at our rate, and you should definitely visit it during your dating tour!

More than 4 million people live there. So if you want to find a wife in Vietnam – start your search from Hanoi. By the way, it is not only famous for its stunning landscapes and delicious restaurants. This city is especially impressive and romantic in autumn: you can literally fall in love with it! Anyway, you will never be able to forget the unique leaf color and aroma of the milk flower in Hanoi’s old town. Unforgettable experiences are guaranteed!

#2. Ho Chi Minh City (Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh)

If you love loud and always busy metropolises, you will be excited to see Ho Chi Minh City. With its skyscrapers and temples, this city looks like a mix of New York and Bangkok. For sure, one of the 8.2 million residents will teach you how to live a hectic life – just ask her out!

Together with a cute local lady, you can discover museums and historical places in Ho Chi Minh City during the day. Countless bars, cafes, and clubs will lure you two to the world of night events.

#3. Nha Trang (Thành phố Nha Trang)

The hottest Vietnam single girls can be found in Nha Trang. It’s also one of the most popular beach vacation spots in this land. Thus, if you want to combine your holidays with dating – a better region can hardly be found.

In Nha Trang, you can enjoy plenty of activities for all tastes. Lying on the beach, celebrating the upcoming adventures in one of the numerous bars, and recharging your inner batteries with the help of diving – what could be better?

#4. Mui Ne (Mũi Né)

Just a hundred years ago, Mui Ne was a small fishing village. Today it’s the hotspot for wind and kite surfing. A fresh breeze blows there and gives a chance to a large number of kitesurfing schools to offer a wide variety of courses, even for complete beginners!

Also, you should not miss the dune landscapes near Mui Ne. There you will not only be impressed by the fascinating panoramic views, though. The region offers lots of romantic places you can use to make your dates with Vietnamese ladies absolutely unforgettable!

#5. Hoi An (Hội An)

Hoi An is more than just a waterfront city. Thousands of years ago, it was also one of the most important trading points between Asia and Europe! Although trade has now spread to other areas, Hoi An has retained its historical roots. The city has an outstanding charm that you should definitely experience. And who said you need to do it alone? A cute Vietnamese woman can become your personal guide in Hoi An.

Where to meet Vietnamese brides when you are a foreigner?

After reading this article, you have probably been convinced of your thought and want to meet women from Vietnam. But how to do this?

Where to meet Vietnamese brides

Actually, you can notice such a girl right on the streets of your town. Still, she will, most likely, seem unapproachable… What are the best places, then? Where the chances of success are the highest? Let’s figure it out together!

#1. The Vietnamese restaurant in your city

If you have finally decided to meet a girl from this Asian land – great. You don’t have to travel directly there, though. A good place to start with is in your own city. Women of Vietnam for marriage often work in restaurants with their traditional cuisine. In most cases, they work as waitresses, but not full-time because they also study. So it can be said that many of these females are well educated and happy when spoken to.

Sure, Vietnamese ladies are naturally shy. But you should definitely give it a try! If you don’t see a wedding ring – it’s a great sign that she might be looking for a boyfriend. And therefore, she will certainly feel lucky if you ask her out.

#2. Free online dating apps in Vietnam

You can find a Vietnamese girlfriend online without paying a cent. Even though most of the females of this nation are very shy – they don’t see a problem registering on the free dating app. After all, these women want to get married to fulfill their dream of a happy family life with many children.

It’s a good option if you are not ready to invest money in your love search. The only thing you should do is download the app and react quickly to incoming messages from the Vietnamese singles. However, you should remain cautious: there are also fraudsters, not only serious girls there.

#3. Matchmaking platforms with paid membership

Many singles in Vietnam choose international matchmaking platforms. Each of them waits for her Prince Charming so he would open the doors to the Western world to her. Thus, you will surely be desired by most of the site’s members you join.

Still, online Vietnamese dating there is not free. You will need to pay either for the membership or the website’s services. In return, you will get a high-security level and quick results.

All you want to know about Vietnamese brides

Why are there so many single women in Vietnam?

There are indeed a lot of single ladies from Vietnam who look for love abroad. The main reason that explains the unbalanced gender ratio in this country is, of course, war. We guess you know which events of recent times we are talking about.

How much does a Vietnamese bride cost?

Notwithstanding, you can’t buy yourself a woman from Vietnam – there is a certain amount of money you need to be able to spend on her. It usually consists of a few elements. The first one, as a rule, is the membership fee of an international matchmaking site – $300 per month on average. The next – come travel expenses: plane tickets, accommodation, activities, presents, etc. – about $4000. Proposal and wedding costs depend solely on you and your bride’s wishes. The last ones should be paid fees for legal consulting on international law and immigration – around $500.

Why do Vietnamese women marry Americans?

It is a mistake to think that Vietnam women for marriage marry foreigners only because they are rich. Of course, no one will say goodbye to a guy solely because he is wealthy, but that has never been the main motivation.

Here are the following reasons why Vietnamese girls like Western men:

  • Vietnamese girls want to comprehend a completely different world because living with local men does not always mean a better life for their future children.
  • Women from Vietnam seem cute and tender to everyone but not to the local guys. Hard labor is put on their delicate shoulders because males don’t want to help. While foreigners offer them the attitude that these hotties deserve.
  • A foreign husband is the secret dream of almost every Vietnamese lady. They think that only in relationships with a Western man will they feel the love like in a Hollywood movie.

How to get a Vietnamese girlfriend?

A girl from Vietnam doesn’t need anything special. You just need to love her with all your heart and be absolutely loyal to her. Demonstrate your serious intentions, and a woman from this country will be yours once and for all.

How can I marry a girl in Vietnam?

If you are older than 20 and mentally capable of making independent decisions – you can get yourself a wife in Vietnam. Also, you will need to complete the marriage application form; provide proof of current unmarried status and medical certificate. Your girlfriend will be asked to give the registry office a certified copy of her ID card and household registration certificate.

Are Vietnamese brides a real thing?

We think you already know the answer, but we don’t mind confirming your thoughts once again. Yes, Vietnamese brides are a real thing!