Taiwan Brides: How To Meet Taiwan Women For Marriage


Taiwan Brides – Who They Are and why they so attractive

Are you seeking a lovely wife? If this is the case, you should think about marrying Taiwan brides. Taiwan is home to some of the world’s most attractive women, many of whom are searching for foreign spouses. You’ve arrived at the perfect site if you’re looking for a gorgeous Taiwanese mail-order wife! We’ll go over all the things you need to know about Taiwanese mail-order brides, including where to find them and how to win their hearts, in this world. So keep reading to find out everything there is to know about these great people!

PROs & CONs of Dating Taiwan Women

>PROs & CONs of Dating Taiwan Women”/></p>
<p>The greatest Taiwanese brides who join international dating services never remain alone for long, therefore the appeal of Taiwanese girls for marriage is undeniable. It implies that there must be something about these ladies that makes men desire to get a Taiwanese lover as soon as possible. Here are five characteristics that make Taiwanese singles so appealing to Western guys.</p>
<h4>1. They are delicately beautiful</h4>
<p>When you look at Taiwanese ladies, you are immediately reminded of the traditional Asian beauty ideal. These ladies have delicate facial features, light complexion, and long, black hair that is smooth and silky. Most Taiwanese females have tiny frames and fit bodies as a result of their good eating habits and love of physical activity.</p>
<h4>2. They are quiet and frank ladies</h4>
<p>It is uncommon for Taiwanese women to lose their temper. They prefer to refrain from doing anything that may cause a disagreement. When girls are concerned about an issue, they are patient and take time to work things out until a friendly solution is found. There is no need for them to fight to voice their views. Their bride takes her partner’s views and needs into account before making a choice. They are never hypocritical either like they found that men who have Taiwanese women are dating. They are straightforward about what they want from a relationship. Nobody relishes a man’s care if she is confident that her heart does not accept him.</p>
<h4>3. They are educated and smart women</h4>
<p>Traditions are important to Taiwanese women, but that is not to say that they do not grow as individuals. Nearly all young girls actively study new things – languages, literature, and applied science. So, if you are American, you need not be concerned about the language gap. Your beloved will speak English, and after speaking with you, she will be able to express her ideas fluently.</p>
<h4>4. Kindness is their superpower</h4>
<p>Taiwanese girls are the most empathetic creatures. If any of their family members or friends need help, they are always ready to support them emotionally or financially. A local woman will never hurt anyone with a word or physically because she believes that kindness saves the world.</p>
<h4>5. Taiwanese girls are loyal</h4>
<p>They accept people as they are and do not try to change them. When a Taiwanese woman’s husband makes a mistake, she lets him fix it and tries to find out why he behaves the way he does. She agrees with every decision he makes and supports him when he needs it.</p>
<h4>1. Taiwanese girls are extremely COLD and CLOSE.</h4>
<p>They are ultra snooty and project an extremely cold wall surrounding them, which is highly unnatural and inhumane. This inherent Taiwanese feature causes them to be unapproachable, uptight, and dismissive. They are not as open and laid back to foreigners as women in most countries are. In comparison to Taiwanese women, even reptiles are warm-blooded.</p>
<h4>2. Taiwanese women are very choosy.</h4>
<p>Their demands are high and they are very picky. It is difficult to make them reply on dating sites. They dislike men who have independent thinking or are non-conventional in any way. In their eyes, non-conformists are losers and intellectuals are strange and uncool.</p>
<h4>3. Taiwanese women tend to be very unreliable and act like divas.</h4>
<p>Taiwanese women under the age of 35 are far from down to earth and can leave at any time for any reason or no reason at all. It is difficult enough to make them reply on dating sites. But even if they do, they can turn their backs suddenly. When they do, they leave, forget about you, and ignore your emails/calls for some trivial purpose or sometimes for absolutely no reason.</p>
<h4>4. Taiwanese tend to be reserved and frigid with strangers, not smiling and not making eye contact.</h4>
<p>While they can be quite kind and helpful to their friends, as a foreigner you don’t exist to them (except when they are trying to sell you things, of course). So if you are going out by yourself in Taiwan, you will find yourself feeling very lonely, estranged, isolated, and devalued. Going out alone in Taiwan is a very lonely experience. (For some reason, no person dares to acknowledge this, except me. It’s a taboo truth.) Therefore, people in Taiwan go out in groups, never alone. Individuals don’t feel confident when they are by themselves, and feel unsafe. The sole people in Taiwan who speak frankly to strangers are the elderly and middle-aged people, but young adults there are like another breed, much colder and more secretive. (Although this is very evident, for some reason no other website dares to mention it).</p>
<h4>5. The social environment and atmosphere in Taiwan is highly rigid and sterile</h4>
<p>Similar to Seattle, Washington (also referred to as “The Seattle Freeze”). There is just no true “social energy.” It does not “flow” naturally or openly. Rather, it is highly cliquey, missing energy, fun, excitement, etc. The whole atmosphere in Taiwan feels way too reserved and prudish. Most young foreigners in Taiwan agreed, remarking on how much more fun, wild, and action-packed Thailand is in comparison. Taiwan is essentially a highly conservative, inhibited, and repressed culture, which is evident in all things and helps explain why people need to behave super innocently to fit in. Indeed, many white people in Taiwan act much more Taiwanese and as. The foreigners who like Taiwan the most tend to be reserved, quiet, feminine types.</p>

												<h2>Taiwan Brides – Myths and Facts</h2>
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There are many reasons why Taiwanese girls stand out from other Asian women, but these three facts make them particularly interesting to Western men

Fact 1. Taiwanese women know a lot of English.

Therefore, you should not expect a big language barrier, and communication with your date will be much easier than you thought.

Fact 2. The ladies from Taiwan attach great importance to a healthy lifestyle.

They pay close attention to what they eat and prefer to exercise for at least a few minutes every day. If you want to build a relationship with a local woman, you need to adopt her healthy lifestyle as well.

Fact 3. Compared to many other Asian countries, Taiwanese women have it easier.

Taiwanese laws give women equal rights, and women in Taiwan can reach the same career heights as men. Therefore, women in Taiwan are self-reliant and independent

Fact 4. They are excellent cooks.

If you marry a Taiwanese woman, you won’t ever be hungry. These women are outstanding cooks, mainly when it concerns their national cuisine. If you are a fan of Asian cuisine, you will be thrilled with the meals that your wife-to-be will cook for you. Moreover, Taiwanese women are very familiar with Western cuisine, so they can choose freely.

Fact 5. They are known for their outspoken nature.

Taiwan Brides Fact 5: They are known for their outspoken nature.

Apart from being faithful and understanding, Taiwanese mail-order wives are open-minded and flexible. They quickly get along with new people, which means that you can be certain that your future wife will have things in common with your relatives. Moreover, Taiwanese women have an excellent sense of humor, so you will never be bored with your sweetheart.

Myth 1. They are not connected to their families

Most beautiful Taiwanese women were raised traditionally. Their mothers taught them to respect their husbands and make them the center of the family. The most important decisions and plans are usually placed on the shoulders of the men, and this is quite normal in Taiwanese families. However, this does not mean that they do not express their opinions when necessary. On the one hand, they are obedient, but on the other hand, they are intelligent and independent. As you can see, marrying a Taiwanese woman can bring many interesting colors into your everyday life. Since Taiwanese women are well-mannered, respectful, and beautiful, you will have a very pleasant and strong relationship.

Myth 2. Taiwanese women don’t need serious relationships

If you are thinking of marrying a Taiwanese woman, show her that she is more than a friend to you by being reliable and respectful. Keep your promises, make plans with her, and discuss important matters with her. Take her words into consideration so that she understands that you value her opinion.

Myth 3. Taiwanese women are a bit moody

Single Taiwanese women like you to guess their wishes. Even if your girlfriend allows you to pick a restaurant, she might be annoyed with your decision. Sure, you may consider such behavior illogical, yet the reality is that local women want their men to understand them with no words. You have to spend a lot of time watching to find out what your wife prefers and pay attention to details.

Dating a Woman from Taiwan: Rules & Basic Tips

Dating a Woman from Taiwan: Rules & Basic Tips

Dating a Taiwanese girl may look complicated due to the cultural difference between Asian and Western people. But it is perfectly real and not as tricky as you may imagine. The most important point is to consider that you are different and put some extra effort to understand each other. The below tips will be helpful for you when looking to date Taiwanese women:

1. Be interested in the local culture

It is quite flattering for local women if a foreigner knows something about the genuine culture of this country. Before talking to the women of this island, you need to learn something about the history and modern culture of the country. When traveling to this country, you should not only relax, you should also visit some places of interest that show the characteristics of the local culture.

2. Share their interests

An emotional connection is the main point of a relationship for Taiwanese girls before the wedding. And it is quite difficult to achieve that without sharing common interests. So, right from the beginning of your communication with a girl you like, make an effort to discover something in common.

3. Show sincere intentions

Taiwanese women have no other aims when looking for a partner than a family. They aren’t interested in pointless flirting or light, short-term flings. So for a man to be considered for a relationship, you need to prove that you are willing to have a family.

4. Be a gentleman

Treating others politely and with great respect is usual for Taiwanese people. If you act impolitely, no decent woman will give you any attention.

5. Meet her family as soon as you can and become on good terms with them

Dating a Woman from Taiwan Rule: Meet her family as soon as you can and become on good terms with them

It is a key stage in establishing a relationship with a lady from this island. Parents’ opinion in choosing a life partner is still significant for local women. So it is preferable to go and meet the parents of the girl you like as soon as possible. And it is mandatory to create a great impression on them and keep a good relationship with them all the time.

6. Put effort to look presentable

Your Taiwanese girl will always spend a lot of time and effort looking great for you. So the minimum you could do is to dress neatly and reasonably fashionably and take special care of your hair and smell.

7. Make sure you ask a lot of questions

Dating a Woman from Taiwan Rule: Make sure you ask a lot of questions

Taiwanese brides are excellent listeners and will memorize every little thing you tell them about yourself, but they will also like to see your real interest in their personalities and experiences.

8. Describe your future together

As soon as you pass a certain relationship level with your Taiwanese bride, it’s time to go over the significant things in life: Your views on marriage, children, career, family budget, etc.

9. Delay intimacy until you are married

Sexy Taiwanese girls look so attractive and welcoming, but intimacy before a wedding is scorned in this country. Even kissing and touching are taken negatively until you are married. Therefore, limit yourself to communication and just getting to know each other. Although it may be tough to keep yourself from kissing the woman you love, the prolonged anticipation will still sweeten your honeymoon.

Taiwan Wedding Traditions

Taiwan Wedding Traditions

Would you like to find out more about traditional wedding traditions in Taiwan? From the pre-wedding ceremonies to the clothing worn on your special day to the celebrations afterward, there are plenty of distinct Taiwanese wedding traditions to uncover. From understanding why brides wear red to discovering how gifts are given during the ceremony, studying these cultural nuances can add a layer of significance and importance to any couple. Find out all you need to know about these lovely Taiwanese wedding traditions in this comprehensive guide. A traditional Taiwanese wedding ceremony features key stages like the bowing of the parents, the exchange of rings, and the signing of wedding documents. Furthermore, the bride and groom offer sacrifices to their ancestors before they officially tie the knot. After exchanging vows, the bride and groom bow to each other three times before being pronounced married. Additional traditional elements of a Taiwanese wedding ceremony include a tea ceremony, a lion dance, and a dragon parade.

1. Traditional Taiwanese Wedding Attire

Traditional Taiwanese wedding dress for brides consists of a long, red dress with intricate embroidery, commonly referred to as a “lucky robe”. This gown is commonly made of luxurious fabrics like silk or satin and is often adorned with gold touches like buttons, pearls, or embellishments. Brides also carry a headdress known as a “phoenix crown,” which is normally decorated with pearls and gemstones to signify wealth and prosperity. The groom traditionally wears a black jacket over a pair of white trousers, the so-called “eight-treasure suit.” This outfit is commonly made of high-quality fabric like velvet or brocade and may feature bright embroidery on the lapels, cuffs, pockets, etc. The grooms also wear a hat that resembles those used by ancient Chinese learned men in imperial exams; this kind of hat is known as an “academic cap”. Besides these garments, several accessories are often used in Taiwanese weddings.

2. Engagement Ceremony

At most local weddings, the groom’s parents will pay for the engagement cake. The groom then has to deliver these cakes to the bride’s family. The engagement ceremony is commonly carried out at the bride’s home in the witness of both families. At this ceremony, the groom gives an engagement gift to his future wife to show commitment and love. Then, both parents exchange gifts like tea or wine to signify that they are welcoming the other’s family into their own lives.

3. Handing over the dowry

The handing over of the dowry is done the day before the wedding day itself. In this process, the groom gives his future parents-in-law different belongings, like jewelry or furniture, to pay his respects and thank them for bringing up their daughter so well that she can now be happily married. Traditionally, on the morning of her wedding day, the female relatives from both sides of the family gather around her. While doing this, they braid her hair into complicated patterns that represent good fortune and wealth in her future married life. During this time, they also offer blessings so that the marriage with her husband will be successful into adulthood.

4. The wedding day

Taiwanese wedding day is filled with a lot of traditional customs and rituals. The tea ceremony is among the main traditions that take place on this big day. During this ceremony, the bride and groom serve tea to their parents to express their gratitude for everything they did for them. This ceremony is a symbol of thankfulness, affection, and respect towards their families. The exchange of gifts and rings is also an essential part of the wedding tradition in Taiwan. The couple makes gifts to each other, like jewelry or watches, to express their commitment before exchanging rings during the ceremony. It is also usual for guests to give gifts, like money or housewares, which are also presented during this time. Gold is something that is commonly given as a wedding gift at weddings. Lastly, after the wedding ceremony, a welcoming banquet is hosted where friends and family gather to celebrate the marriage bond over food and drink. Fortunately, there is no marriage issue in Taiwan as there is in the Western world. The divorce rate is low in comparison to Europe and America. If you are both of age and want to get married, you can do so with the approval of your parents. Taiwan’s marriage law allows women to marry at the age of 16. At the same time, men can marry at the age of 18. Men and women normally marry in their thirties. Men are 32 and a half years old and women are 30 years old. The average age of marriage in Taiwan is 31.5 years.

5. Lighting the unity candle

This ritual is commonly carried out at Taiwanese weddings to symbolize the unity between two people who have chosen to enter into the bonds of matrimony. A single candle is simultaneously lit by both partners, standing for their union and everything that goes along with it – including the good times ahead.

Top Cities to Meet Taiwan Women

Top Cities to Meet Taiwan Women

Have you already decided that you would like to get a Taiwanese wife? Then you have to find places where you can meet Taiwanese women! And certainly, you can find hot Taiwanese girls to meet in their motherland. You will enjoy an amazing time on this picturesque island with beautiful nature and charming local women!

1. Taipei, the capital and the fourth biggest city of Taiwan

The city is home to the prettiest girls in Taiwan. You can run into them almost everywhere: on the way to points of interest, in the parks, in clubs and bars, etc. Do not miss visiting the following attractions to gain an insight into Taiwanese culture and to talk to the girls of this nationality:

  • National Palace Museum;
  • LongShan Temple;
  • Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall;
  • Beitou Hot Spring;
  • Yangmingshan National Park.

Also, you can see a lot of beautiful Taiwanese women having a walk or jogging in local parks:

  • Yuanshan Park
  • Daan Forest Park;
  • Dajia Riverside Park;
  • 2/28 Peace Memorial Park;
  • Jieshou Park
  • Daonan Riverside Park
  • Zhongshan Linear Park
  • Taipei Water Park
  • Qihu Park
  • Tianfu Park
  • Fuwen Park

To spend a thrilling time, you can check out some nightclubs:

  • Wave Club;
  • Meet Night Club;
  • Viola.

2. Taichung City

Taichung, Taiwan’s second-largest city, is a colorful, vibrant, and fun city with a wealth of unique things to experience. From the insanely colorful Rainbow Village to the beautiful Zhongshe Flower Market to the mouth-watering Feng Chia Night Market, it’s tough to limit yourself to one particular thing to do in Taichung. Taiwanese women go to coffee shops to relax or meet up with their friends. Check out the coffee shops in Taichung City Visit Taichung City to meet a Taiwanese woman in:

  • Tikiyalo
  • J.W. Cafe
  • Coffee stop

3. Hsinchu City

Top Cities to Meet Taiwan Women: Hsinchu City

Hsinchu does have a charm to it that a lot of travelers find simply delightful. Life in Hsinchu is neither as busy nor as frantic as in Taiwan’s larger cities, and this is a great bonus. You can keep your travel route as laid back as possible and still get to visit most, if not all, of the major sights that are here. There are many things to see and do in Hsinchu, and most of them are in the older part of the city. Once you have checked these things off, you can spend more time walking and exploring the beautiful countryside – something that is not an option in Taipei or other major cities in Taiwan. Visit fantastic coffee shops in Hsinchu City like:

  • Ink Coffee
  • Zhu Coffee
  • Second Floor Cafe

4. Pingtung County

Check out great restaurants in Pingtung County like:

  • Akame
  • The month of Autumn Restaurant
  • Biker Bite

5. Kaohsiung City

Found in the southern part of Taiwan, the city of Kaohsiung is the biggest industrial hub on the island. Thanks to the regulating effect of the maritime climate, Kaohsiung is usually sunny and enjoys pleasant weather all year round. The city, famous as Taiwan’s “maritime capital,” has been working hard to build its tourism industry in recent years, among other things by embellishing the cityscape. Kaohsiung is home to several beloved attractions, including the Love River, Shoushan (Mt. Shou), Xiziwan Bay, Lotus Pond, Qijin, and Zuoying Old Town. Kaohsiung is also an ethnic melting pot, uniting Hokkien and Hakka communities, the Pingpu, Tsou, Rukai, Bunun, and Paiwan native tribes, and a military community culture. Kaohsiung also features scenic mountains, ocean and river views, and harbors, cultural and historical sites. Taiwan’s biggest shopping mall and well-known night markets round out an all-around great trip. Visit the malls in Kaohsiung City, such as:

  • Dream Mall
  • Hanshin Arena
  • Global Mall Xinzuoying Station Store

5. Taoyuan City

Taoyuan is situated in northwestern Taiwan, bordering New Taipei City, Hsinchu City, and Yilan County. This is among the six “special municipalities” in Taiwan. Taoyuan’s well-known local specialties include Subaozhai cake, Yuquan red wine, Treasure Classic Tofu Master’s dried bean curd, Yuejing gift boxes, aged red tofu, Lala mountain peaches, and Taoyuan Pengfeng tea. Famous sights include Daxi Old Road, Daxi Mausoleum, Cihu, and Shihmen Dam. In Taoyuan City, you can visit excellent malls like:

  • Tai Mall
  • Gloria Outlets
  • Metrowalk Shopping Center

Where to Meet Taiwan Brides When You’re a Foreigner

Where to Meet Taiwan Brides When You’re a Foreigner

How to meet women from Taiwan? You can use reliable dating websites with many hot girls.

1. AsianFeels

To begin with, you have to create an account to have access to different mechanisms, options, and functions. The signup process is entirely free of charge. Besides, after this, you will start communicating with various women from Taiwan. The ratings reveal that the site is user-focused, so you will get an assistant throughout the entire process, up to the stage of dating a woman. In the prose, you can view the essence of the profile. In every profile, you can see the name, age, marital status, country, etc. All accounts should have real names. Of course, there may be an alias as an additional option. In different reviews, the platform is characterized as an area with a great promotional profile.

2. Orchid Romance

It does not need a long time to set up an account. It is an easy and fast process that lets new members enjoy multiple services and different Asian girlfriends. The thing that makes signing up on this dating website so awesome is that it is easy and efficient. It only needs a few minutes from the time you open the homepage to the time you start sending your first message for a real date with a woman from Taiwan. All interactions and communications on the site are paid. You will need points to start chatting with girls, apart from group chats when watching live. Online dating a woman is not very expensive.

3. Goldenbride.net

Any great dating journey starts with a sign-up process. A professional team verifies each new member of the site before starting to use it so that the security and comfort limits can’t be breached. If you face any issues or problems, the support team can help you 24/7. After successful registration, there will be a huge creative space for you to fill in. So go ahead and include interesting information about yourself in your profile. Sometimes just one matchpoint can transform your life completely and turn you into the happiest person in the world. The interaction can be made through comfortable and advanced tools like real gifts, text messages, and even real meetings. Share their interests. An emotional approach is the key point of a relationship for Taiwanese girls before the wedding. And this is impossible to do without sharing common interests. So try to find things in common with a girl you like at the very beginning of your communication.

4. UaDates

In terms of age group, most of the girls are quite young (20-35 years old) and single. We also notice that you can’t find single women with no profile photo – most of the girls upload at least 3-5 photos. Many women also have profile videos. The moderators are working quite hard to keep the community as friendly and safe as possible. But users should also be careful about their security. Avoid creating weak passwords and don’t give out login details, as well as your personal and billing information.

All you want to know about Taiwan Brides

Why are there so Many Single Women in Taiwan?

One reason is the expansion of higher education, there are more women in universities and colleges. Then they enter the employment market and work on their career. So they keep delaying marriage.
It’s not like it used to be: marriage used to be a fulfillment, but now it has become a risk. The career, the entire life is becoming a risk, and people want to avoid that risk. People have more options now – having a family, having children is not a priority anymore.
And the numbers of statistics are not helpful. There will be 500,000 more men than women of marriageable age by 2020. So women will have a greater opportunity in the marriage market. Women who would like to get a partner will have a lot of choices, they can choose. But not men – they face a problem.

How much does a Taiwanese bride cost?

It is quite difficult to determine the ultimate cost of finding a Taiwanese lady for marriage as the experience can be different for each man and the cost will vary based on some things: which dating site you pick, how much time it will cost you to meet your future bride, how often you will visit each other before the wedding, and a lot more. For most men, finding a Taiwanese mail-order bride online costs anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000. We can say with certainty that finding a bride online is still more affordable than traveling to Taiwan indefinitely and searching there.

Why Do Taiwan Women Marry Americans?

Among the key reasons Taiwanese women become mail-order brides and seek American husbands is that they are seeking equality in their lives. Looking to challenge the patriarchal rules in their community by gaining the same opportunities that Taiwanese men have. By joining dating websites, these girls aim to meet their happiness abroad and not depend on anyone.

Are Taiwan brides a real thing?

Taiwanese girls share all the qualities that attract men – smarts, beauty, friendliness, and tact. If the model of an equal family is acceptable to you or you want to have 5% more say in key decision-making, you need to get to meet the girls of this ethnic group. They honor the traditions in which they grew up and succeed in developing into modern personalities. In other words, they are self-sufficient girls, but when the choice is between family and career, they opt for family.

How to get a Taiwanese girlfriend?

Women of any nationality are real secrets that are open only to a real partner. But we must admit that Taiwanese sexy girls are even more mysterious. If you feel that this is your person, do not be afraid of trouble. If they are different from the girls you are used to dating, only in a positive way. However, some tips will help avoid misunderstandings and ensure a smooth meeting.

  • Family and traditions are important at all times. If you manage to build a good relationship with her family, you will win her heart naturally. You should show her and her family that you are ready to start a family and that you can count on everything.
  • In Taiwanese society, a man should be the head of the family. Even if a girl is educated and has certain career goals, it is important for her to feel stability and reliability. So show that you can provide for a happy future together.
  • Don’t be shy about being generous with compliments and gifts. Have you discovered a new haircut that looks so good on her? Be sure to tell her about it. She will be delighted and will always want to be beautiful and desirable to you. It is not hard to love Taiwanese women if you are really in love.
  • All women want to be treated well. Pay for dinner, buy her cute little gifts, ask her to carry a bag, and give her a coat when she is cold. This is not seen as an expression of excessive romance, but a genuine concern. You will enjoy being a gentleman for pretty Taiwanese ladies.

How can I marry a girl in Taiwan?

It is simple to get married in Taiwan as a foreigner. You need to have a passport and be above 18 years old. Many Western men like Taiwanese dating traditions and get married in Taiwan. The wedding ceremony itself is very affordable in comparison to a wedding ceremony in America. This attracts many Western men who enjoy the Taiwan brides and dating culture.