Indonesian Brides: How To Meet Indonesia Women For Marriage


Indonesia, just like Indonesian brides, is associated with the pure beauty in the mind of Western men. It is hardly surprising, though. Merely if you google this Asian island-country – you see thousands of pictures of its fascinating cities, paradise beaches, and delicious national food. You immediately get stunned by such a dreamland. Then, it becomes clear that you should not miss a chance of taking a closer look at this land. But don’t say a word – we already know your secret wish: you want to date a gorgeous local girl!

Modesty aside, Indonesian ladies are considered extremely attractive, feminine, and sensual. When it comes to character – they are said to be very cheerful and full of compassion. The life of these girls hasn’t been as smooth and carefree as yours. So thanks to the unpleasant experiences, they have learned to appreciate simple things. Maybe this is why women from Indonesia don’t mind leaving their homeland and moving to another country.

But wait, enough of platitudes! Our goal is to give you the most comprehensive dating guide on this subject, so you might use it as your pocket encyclopedia. With its help, you will understand that a relationship with an Indonesian lady can make you genuinely happy!

Indonesian brides: who are they?

Indonesian brides: who are they?

Delicate character and inborn empathy are the distinctive features of single Indonesian women. They find it necessary to maintain a good relationship with loved ones, and, therefore, their communication manner is rather indirect. These females think living in harmony requires gentleness in talking about problems. This also demonstrates their general attitude, by the way. Let us give a voice to it: the lack of respectfulness and politeness are absolute no-goes.

However, various emotions can be hidden behind the smile of an average lady from Indonesia. It is not always a joy – but, at the same time, shame or even rejection! You will need to learn to read between the lines in a relationship with her since she will smile a lot. The best solution here is to pay attention to the body signs, though.

Experts sometimes describe Indonesian women as careless and forgetful. These traits have their positive sides, as well as pitfalls. The fact each one of them always tries to solve all issues with a smile on her face – definitely belongs to benefits. On the other hand, her actions are not really well-thought-out – but that’s a whole different thing. Still, we guess it’s better to have a partner that tends to look at life without unnecessary worries, don’t you agree?

Another very distinctive trait of the girls from this Asian country is serenity. They simply radiate calmness! However, if you say something really offensive – be ready to face the hurricane of emotions.

As you probably understand, Indonesians are filled with kindness and tenderness for the people they care about. At the same time, they can be touched to the very core by the troubles of strangers. Namely, for this reason, many modern Indonesian women join organizations in support of human rights – they love to help.

What are Indonesian women look like in 2022?

If you want to find an Indonesian girlfriend, above all, you need to figure out what she looks like. Don’t laugh – but they are too often mistaken for Filipinos. Well, certain similarities between these two nations are apparent, but Indonesians are, for sure, more exotic.

Ladies from this island country are generally considered good-looking, feminine, and elegant. Their hair is usually dark and straight, while their eyes shine in all shades of brown. The facial features of these beauties are fine, but with slightly narrow eyes and a broad nose. The full lips, typical to them, are particularly seductive. It might surprise you, but the skin color of Indonesian girls may vary. They are often associated with dark skin – still, there are also those with a naturally lighter tone.

Lots of Western men love that Indonesians are slender and petite. It makes them lovely and innocent in their eyes.

When it comes to clothing preferences – Indonesian females differ from your local women. It is critical to them to comply with the requirements of their religion – Islam. As you probably know, it means all sexy curves should be covered. Therefore, Indonesian girls usually wear long dresses or skirts – but never tight shorts and T-shirts. Yes, even shoulders and necklines mustn’t be demonstrated.

But you don’t need to understand the religious rules wrong – a well-groomed appearance is nonetheless essential for Indonesians. They adore various body care rituals and use exotic products in their daily beauty routine. They appreciate the power of nature and attach great importance to doing something good for their skin. Make-up is most often made in a pretty light and sophisticated way.

Why are Indonesian women so beautiful?

Why are Indonesian women so beautiful?

Every nation has its own beauty secrets. Some rituals of Indonesian women for marriage practice – have their roots in antiquity and have been used for centuries! These traditions help an average female at her 5o look at least 20 years younger. Do you want to know all their secret knowledge? Just read more now.

Rice flour

Rice flour is used by Indonesian girls to make face masks. However, with this simple ingredient could be made a perfect natural scrub that softens and cleanses the skin. Supplemented by ginger, nuts, turmeric root, cinnamon, and sandalwood powder – rice flour is actually present in all daily beauty treatments of Indonesians.

Massage twice a week

Massage in Indonesia is considered a fundamental procedure for those who want to stay young and healthy for a long time. As a rule, local ladies have their own beauty schedule. In addition to manicures and pedicures, they have weekly facials, hair treatments, and two massages a week. As you can see – this method works flawlessly.

Papaya and its seeds

Indonesian women mash milk and papaya and apply them to their faces. That’s what makes them glow with their attractiveness. Also, to give their hair a well-groomed look, these females grind papaya seeds and dilute them with water. This procedure makes the black hair color of Indonesian ladies even darker.

Goat milk

This is an ancient tradition followed by Javanese princesses, but no less popular nowadays. Such treatments keep the skin youthful and soft. Women pour goat’s milk into a bath, enjoy it for 30 minutes, then wash the milk off. The results of this procedure are simply incomparable!

Why do Indonesian women make the best wives?

If you want to know what makes Indonesian singles so desired – experts have the answer to this question.

It was frequently emphasized that these women have a strong sense of family. They are generally looking for a serious relationship and marriage from a young age. Females in Indonesia don’t dream of a fabulous career since they see their life purpose in becoming loving wives. And, it is worth paying tribute – they perform this role perfectly.

As the husband of an Indonesian lady, you can be sure that such a wife will bring you many children. Moreover, the better mother couldn’t be imagined! Still, she will demand from you stable work and motivation to accomplish your personal and professional goals. Only in this case will you appear mature enough to seem attractive to an average girl from Indonesia.

On their part, Indonesians are somehow perfectly aware of what a man needs in life. Except for a devoted partner, a pleasant environment where he can fully relax is essential. Since these women are very calm people from nature – it’s not a problem for them to give it all. Each of them can create a haven of peace as a home atmosphere. She will certainly make your house a place where you can rest from the hectic modern world.

Pros and Cons of dating Indonesian women

Pros and Cons of dating Indonesian women

Many Western men don’t limit their dating opportunities when starting their search for a perfect life partner. The reason is simple – they realize it is not definitely a woman from their own country. It looks like you’ve been thinking for a while about whether you could possibly be happy with a girl from Indonesia…

Your interest is not surprising: this is the country where females are considered particularly beautiful. Golden skin color, dark hair, and shining eyes are only some of their hallmarks. But the character is no less appealing! Indonesians are calm but still self-confident.

Below we have compiled some of the top reasons – why you need to look for love on an Indonesian dating site. As well as grounds, which explain why you shouldn’t start a relationship with such a woman.

Pros of falling in love with one of the Indonesian women for marriage

Her appearance

Indonesian brides are dream women for Western men. It is all because of their unique charm and exotic charisma that can leave practically nobody indifferent.

Visually these girls differ from the rest of the Asian nations. It includes facial traits as well as skin color. Many find their eyes particularly beautiful – while others are fascinated by their melodic voice.

When a lady from Indonesia smiles, which she does very often and gladly, men simply lose control. We can continue the ode in honor of these gorgeous ladies – but better you go and see them in your own eyes.

Her empathy

The extraordinary level of inborn empathy can be confidently called the superpower of all Indonesians.

So, when dating an Indonesian girlfriend, you will have a feeling she can practically read your minds! But she is not a powerful psychic – it’s just her remarkable compassion. This lady will immediately notice if you are not feeling well and offer her help. Her vision of how a relationship should work is really harmonious. And even if there are misunderstandings – they are always dealt with respect.

Her cooking skills

Indonesian girls learn as children how to become true culinary experts. Thus, as adults, they love to cook and enjoy their healthy diet.

Tasty food, generally, plays a significant role in their country, that is why so many delicious dishes were invented there. The local cuisine leaves nothing to be desired. It is rich in spices and is characterized by a diversity of tastes. Rice is one of the central ingredients – and, therefore, can be found on every plate. So when you finally find your love in Indonesia, ask her to cook Bakso, Nasi Campur, and Pisang Goreng for you!

Her optimism

If you take a closer look at profile pictures of the ladies on Indonesian dating sites – you will notice one similarity. They simply radiate optimism and joy! You don’t need to think this attitude is faked – that’s what these beauties really feel!

Let’s take another example. Have you heard something about Puspa Dewi, a famous Indonesian blogger? At 53, she looks 35 years old! Recently she has revealed her secret of eternal youth. Puspa loves herself and smiles a lot. This helps her to maintain inner and outer balance and good-lookingness. And just so you know: it’s not only her approach.

Her energy

A woman from Indonesia doesn’t only have a beautiful face and a lovely smile. Her inner energy is enough to move mountains and break rocks!

Don’t consider the fact that she always smiles as a weakness. Rather the opposite – such a lady is strong enough to keep optimism no matter what.

It is a pity: so many people think Indonesians are lazy. This stereotype is caused by their relaxed manner, though. But you need to know the truth – Indonesian girls can be regarded as very hardworking. They are willing to work days and nights to make loved ones happy.

Cons of relationships with sexy Indonesian brides

Cons of relationships with sexy Indonesian brides

Their religion and traditions

The religion in this country is Islam. Because of its views, it is rather difficult, if not completely forbidden, to simply start talking with an Indonesian girl! By the way, sexual contacts before marriage should be avoided since it would simply ruin the woman’s reputation. For the same reason, all kinds of physical contact in public are highly unwelcome.

Here are a few more tips concerning your behavior in this Muslim country. When visiting a house or a mosque, the following always applies: take off your shoes! While sitting cross-legged, try not to point your feet towards the person opposite to you – it is very impolite. Watch your gestures, too: crossing your arms or hands on your hips are believed to show your arrogance.

Their patriotic sentiments

Yes, it is so – even an Indonesian girl looking for marriage abroad is nationalistic. She loves Indonesia absolutely unconditionally.

Therefore, it’s okay if you think badly of certain things that happen in your girl’s motherland – please, don’t say it directly. Also, you should be ready to constantly hear about Indonesia: its food, culture, wonderful local people, fascinating attractions, etc. Do we need to mention she wants to see your genuine interest but not annoyance?

Their manner of money management

Let us formulate this manner in clear words, “Your money belongs to us, my money belongs to me.” You don’t like how this idea sounds, do you? Well, in Indonesia, it is a kind of taboo to change this.

After the wedding, you can, of course, share your observations concerning the family budget. But only if you invite your wife to live in your country…

Their love concept

If you want to find an Indonesian wife, take this aspect very seriously. Representatives of this nation don’t wait long to get married. Many couples became spouses after three weeks of a relationship! We’ll try to explain this phenomenon.

How is the Western dating concept illustrated? Falling in love – having sex – making a love confession – living together – getting married. In Indonesia, some steps should be swapped. There – it works this way: falling in love – marrying – living together – having sex. Or, there is another option: falling in love – dating – marrying – living together – having sex.

You can see the difference now. The question is: are you okay with that?

Their old-fashioned way of thinking

In Indonesia, men always take the initiative. The same is expected from you if you want to ask a local girl out. In case – you expect a woman to demonstrate her interest – it will never happen.

Also, if you want to go Dutch on a date – it’s better to forget and have your wallet ready. Do you wonder why? For Indonesians, a relationship means togetherness, not individualism.

Dating Indonesian women: what should you know?

Women in Indonesia are usually not only friendly and polite – but also genuinely loyal. They, however, expect to see the same attitude from their men. Disrespect, arrogance, and lies are absolutely inappropriate. And on the opposite, if their partners act with love and care – Indonesians turn out to be dream women.

When dating Indonesian ladies, you must be prepared for publicity. Since each of them is proud of being in love, she adores posting photos of your couple on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc. It will, of course, hurt her if you don’t support this initiative. From time to time, she will ask you to behave the same way – so don’t be surprised. This is a bit unusual for Western people but precisely normal in Asia.

In Indonesia, as in many other religious countries, saving face plays a central role in society. Discussions or accusations should therefore never be carried out in public. You should generally avoid raising your voice or even shouting at your girlfriend in the middle of the street. Keep this in mind when deciding to try your luck with Indonesian girls.

How Indonesian women: rules and basic tips

How Indonesian women: rules and basic tips

When looking for single Indonesian ladies, one of the most important things to know is that their majority is very religious. So it won’t be easy to find the right partner there for Western guys. To be successful in these undertakings, note the following points:


Basically, you will hardly meet ladies in Indonesia who are not friendly and talkative. They have very open and loving personalities, but, at the same time, they want to be treated kindly too. Thus, you need to be careful with what you say and typically demonstrate through your actions.

Respect for religion

To win the heart of an Indonesian woman, you should be open and respectful to her religion. It is nothing wrong if you ask questions in this respect during your initial talks.

However, there are a few things you need to know right away. Never point your finger at other people – it is considered extremely rude. Also, do not use your left hand in everyday life as it is impure in Islam.

As a man, you should never shake hands with an Indonesian Muslim woman unless she extends hers first in greeting. At the same time, touching the head of a girl is absolutely prohibited – that is where her soul resides.

Personal hygiene

Pay attention to your personal hygiene. Indonesian girls for dating are very well-groomed and take great care of their appearances. For this reason, they all want a partner who cares just as much as they do.


Family is critical for women from Indonesia. They learn from childhood that parents and other relatives are the closest people in their lives. So they usually have a close bond with their own family as well. And they insist on communication with their husbands’ loved ones as often as possible.


You can describe Western people as punctuality fans. If you make an appointment at 10 am – you will actually be at the meeting point 10 minutes earlier, as you definitely don’t want to be late.

Things are a bit different for the Indonesians, though. If they make an appointment at 10 am, they can sometimes come 10, 20, or even 30 minutes later! For them, time is not that important.

However, you shouldn’t blame your Indonesian girlfriend for the delay. Everyone who has ever been to Indonesia is aware of the traffic chaos in this country. In most cases, that’s the reason why she is always too late.

Cultural differences when dating Indonesian women

Indonesia is often called Advanced Asia by travelers and immigrants. No wonder: people there are fundamentally different from those in the Western world and even in other Asian countries! Without a doubt, Indonesian dating seems challenging at first glance. Still, everything will change when you comprehend the biggest distinctions caused by the difference in culture and mentality. Let’s highlight some of them!

Above all, we need to say it one more time: kissing, holding hands, or hugging in public is considered improper. This concerns unmarried as well as married couples. On the other hand, holding hands or hugs between two men or two women are common signs of friendship. Due to the religious rules, no one thinks these people could be in love.

It’s also considered rude to stand next to people who are sitting on the floor. If you are part of this group, just sit down as well. When passing a seated person – it is believed polite to bow slightly as a greeting.

If you follow a private invitation by locals, you will usually be offered tea or coffee. Following ancient Indonesian custom, you can only start eating when the man of the house has said so. It is especially polite to wait for the second suggestion – and then drink together with the host.

One more thing you need to know about Indonesian women. They love to chat and also ask lots of questions. Although, the nature of their questions is different compared to what you got used to. Frequently they want to know directly about your ex, children, or even about your religious affiliation. If you, in your thirties, don’t have kids – be ready for public outrage. Explanations such as work, career, or “I’m not ready yet” are not always understood. You should stay out of discussions about politics or social or ecological problems and only act as a listener. In particular, with your Indonesian girlfriend’s parents.

Indonesian women stereotypes

Indonesian women stereotypes

The diversity and sophistication of Indonesian culture are, for sure, confusing for Western people. It’s such a pity that thousands of stereotypes based on partial experience and superficial judgments prevent many of them from dating Indonesian women. We hope this section of our article will help you appreciate and understand this amazing nation. Read below the top-five cliches about Indonesians.

#1. All Indonesians are very conservative.

Many Western guys think all Indonesian women are super conservative. Probably, after reading our article, you think so too… But it is fair to say that many modern Indonesians don’t wear solely long dresses or rocks.

And although modest clothing is considered more polite (as elsewhere in the world), no one is judged by anyone for wearing something – except for the extreme cases, of course. In major cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, and many others – this trend could be easily noticed. Walking through these metropolises, you will see how most ladies there wear jeans and shirts, and many even prefer American brands!

#2. All Indonesians practice radical Islam.

Notwithstanding that this Asian island country has the largest Muslim population in the world, it’s not true. First of all, it should be noted that Indonesia is a secular state, according to its Constitution. Without a doubt, religion still influences the philosophy and habits of its citizens – but it’s definitely not radical Islam.

It is also important to remember that the state officially recognizes other religions, including Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. So Indonesian mail-order brides on your favorite website shouldn’t definitely be Muslim.

#3. All Indonesians look extremely similar.

The truth is that there are at least 300 ethnic groups in Indonesia, each with its own unique culture, customs, and appearance traits. For those who have only visited the country’s main tourist attractions – the chances of encountering Balinese or Javanese are actually high. They just don’t travel throughout the land to see the real state of things. So do not fall into the stereotype that will prevent you from appreciating the country’s rich diversity of different kinds of beauty.

#4. All Indonesians are bad-educated.

The image of bad-educated Indonesian women (brides) fits the common stereotype about this nation. Yes, they do respect traditions and customs, but it means nothing.

In fact, the local laws require Indonesian children to attend school for at least nine years. And this is just the beginning – the number of young ladies entering the university increases with each generation! In addition, public and private universities add new programs and facilities every year. On the other hand, many wealthy Indonesians travel to Europe or the United States for better education.

#5. All Indonesians are poor.

Unfortunately, poverty is, in fact, a current social problem for many villages in Indonesia. But it would be unfair to say that all Indonesians are poor. And, actually, at present, the middle class of this country significantly grows. This follows from the fact that even in times of pandemic, Indonesia enjoys strong economic growth. By the way, guess which land has the highest GDP in Asia?

How to meet and marry Indonesian women?

How to meet and marry Indonesian women?

It is not easy to find an Indonesian girlfriend directly in her country. Faith and general shyness prevent these women from entering into a flirt with a stranger on the street. On the other hand, this land is not small and has many islands – it’s not easy to move from town to town trying your luck with locals. Thus, experts see no sense in spending so much money on dating trips to Indonesia.

What do they recommend, then? You can meet ladies from this country on an Indonesian dating website. As for the choice – it’s enormous! It is recommended that you take a look at the platforms with the profiles of Indonesians who already live in your city. If everything goes well, you will meet some of them after a few chats in real life since they usually long for a serious relationship. But even when dealing with immigrants, you should also show an interest in their culture. And at least give the impression that you are also enthusiastic about their traditional spicy food. A tiny tip: Indonesian women become fascinated when a man compliments their cooking skills.

The international dating sites definitely offer a bigger catalog of potential girlfriends. As you can see, today, chances of finding a suitable partner from Indonesia are better than ever before – even without leaving your house. When it comes to a date, you shouldn’t pack your bags right away either. You can arrange it through Skype or WhatsApp instead. Only if the online relationship seems promising – can you consider a real-life rendezvous. Of course, you should also be willing to go directly to this country – right after a couple of phone calls. This involves spending money and time – still, this investment can definitely be rewarded in the future.

If you do everything right, you get a beautiful bride with whom you always make other men strike envious looks. Without a doubt, Indonesian ladies look damn sexy! So learning to be strong, confident, and less likely to get jealous when other men approach your partner can be a great advantage.

There is the last nuance you need to know about Indonesians before making a proposal. Indonesia is a very Islamic country. From this follows an important limit for Muslims. They must not marry anyone of a different religion. So anyone planning to marry an Indonesian girl should accept converting to Islam. But don’t forget about the paperwork! Various documents for a visa must be obtained in advance: so that the marriage is also legal in your country.

Benefits of Indonesian girls for marriage

Indonesian women are exotic beauties. They have a very good heart, traditional values, and an outstanding level of life energy. Friendship is essential to them – they love to help their loved ones. Their willingness to build harmonious relationships is simply extraordinary. It seems all possible compliments have been said. But we still have five more advantages of getting married to one of them. Keep on reading – you definitely need to hear them.

#1. Her intelligence

Women from Indonesia are always eager to learn new things. They literally have a thirst for knowledge! It’s crucial for them to get to the bottom of things when they begin with something.

In a relationship, this quality becomes really beneficial. Since in the face of an Indonesian girlfriend, you get the best friend and adviser. You will surely love how she enjoys analyzing things in detail, even if it seems boring at first glance.

#2. Her reliability

Dating an Indonesian woman, you never have to worry about her loyalty – it’s simply constant. She is straightforward and stands by what she promises. No matter what happens, you can count on her without any restrictions.

A lady from Indonesia always has an open ear for your problems and worries. She can even hold back a little with her honest opinion if it would be too painful for you. However, you shouldn’t see it as dishonesty – your mental balance is just too important to her.

#3. Her down-to-earth mindset

Empty fantasies and romantic dreams are not typical for Indonesians. They actually demonstrate the contrast with their practical way of thinking and down-to-earth attitude. Isn’t it amazing to have such a partner by your side? You will never have to explain to your wife from Indonesia that she can’t buy the third pair of expensive shoes in the same week. And this concerns not only shopping!

#4. Her purposefulness

An average Indonesian mail bride is really purposeful. She doesn’t have only one plan for each particular situation, but several instead. Moreover: this beauty knows how to implement all her ideas! Once she perfectly knows what needs to be done – she doesn’t look left and right – she moves only forward. This approach allows achieving triumph in all spheres of life. Isn’t it motivating? You will certainly want to keep up with such a spouse.

#5. Her discipline

As you already know, a woman from Indonesia doesn’t throw money out the window. Still, her discipline doesn’t end with the matters of finances. She always knows all about upcoming appointments for the next three months and can help you plan your daily schedule.

If she decides to do exercises – she does it. When such a lady is on a diet, she easily resists the temptation to snack on a piece of chocolate. An Indonesian female always has her life completely under control!

Benefits of Indonesian girls for marriage

Indonesian brides FAQ

How much does an Indonesian bride cost?

Above all, we want to dispel the stereotype that a Western man can simply buy a wife from Indonesia.
There are, of course, more than enough single Indonesian women in this world. Still, notwithstanding their religious beliefs, you will also meet many women from this Asian country who are not only interested in a romantic relationship. Many women, not Muslims, feel the need to sell their bodies because they have financial problems or escape the poor life. With one of them – you will quickly get involved in a relationship where there is no place for love.
In this respect, one can say that Indonesian women let themselves be sold. However, this cannot really be said of the majority of females from this country. As a rule, they are very hard-working and loyal partners, looking for sincere feelings and marriage.
So, if you take Indonesian dating seriously enough – the probability of finding a dream partner is high. In this case, you will be dealing more with a woman who can make you happy in the long run. Still, you need to know that it won’t be cheap. Let us give you the approximate cost of getting yourself an Indonesian girl for marriage:

  • Dating services – around $2000 (depends on your talkativeness);
  • Travel expenses – roughly $3000 for each trip;
  • Presents – around $500;
  • Bureaucratic charges – approximately $1500 (depends on the country you come from).

It all makes a total amount of $7000.

Why do Indonesian women marry Americans?

Women from Indonesia believe men from the USA are perfect life partners. They watch Hollywood movies and see how family-oriented and faithful they are. In fact, for many Indonesian ladies, the American lifestyle with its freedom and endless opportunities turns out to be the best prospect in life.
When talking about those Indonesian girls who live in small villages – their financial situation is relatively complicated. And they, of course, want to get out of poor life and finally breathe in full (metaphorically speaking). But don’t take their desires as too pragmatic – we didn’t say these ladies don’t want to find love.

How can I marry a girl in Indonesia?

As already mentioned, Indonesia is a very Islamic country. From this follows a critical limitation for Muslims. Namely: they must not marry anyone of a different faith. So if you are seriously planning to marry an Indonesian woman – you should accept converting to Islam. Do you think you can do this? If yes – let’s focus on the documents you will need.
There is plenty of paperwork you must deal with to make sure your Indonesian marriage will be legally valid in your country. The final list may vary from land to land, so we will give you general information. For more details – request the latest requirements set by your state.
For entry into the marriage register in all Western countries, the marriage certificate is required above all. To get it, you will need to provide the Indonesian registry office with the following documents:

  • birth certificate from both partners;
  • your marital status certificate;
  • the copy of your passport and the original one from the Indonesian partner.

The legalization of the documents may be carried out by the following offices in Jakarta:

  • Cantor Departemen Agama (Ministry of Religion);
  • Kementerian Hukum dan Hak Asasi (Ministry of Justice);
  • Kementerian Luar Negeri (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

In Indonesia, permission to marry is demanded. So don’t forget to apply for it in the embassy of your country. As a rule, it takes more than two weeks, so don’t expect to get fast results. The permission in Indonesian must then be presented to the Indonesian woman at the relevant marriage office. This certificate is necessary for entry into the marriage register in your land, which will take place after the wedding ceremony. Only if you have done everything right – will you be able to turn in the prerequisite for an Indonesian visa. Or – to apply for a national visa for your new wife.

Why are there so many single women in Indonesia?

We can’t say that there are too many single women in Indonesia. If you check the recent statistics, you will be surprised: the gender ratio in this country is pretty balanced.
However, it is clear that young Indonesians suffer from pressure from their parents’ side. They want their children to get married as quickly as possible and don’t care about feelings much. Those single Indonesian girls who want to get out of this stress decide to change their lives and create profiles on international dating sites. For Indonesians who work in the tourism industry, relationships with foreigners are pretty ordinary. Most of them speak good English and are fascinated by the Western lifestyle. However, the further away they live from Bali, the worse the English of the locals gets.
Thus, it cannot be said often enough: it is worth learning a few words of Indonesian before deciding to find your love on the largest island kingdom in the world. This will make your travel experience completely different.

Are Indonesian brides a real thing?

Of course, but only if you choose a trustworthy dating platform. Solely, in this case, Indonesian brides are a real thing.