UaDates review

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  • Dating site UaDates is easy to find and join.
  • There are a lot of services that UaDates provides that are free of charge. For example, opening all letters from the ladies.
  • Affordable prices and discounts. For example, $3,99 for 30 credits for all new members.
  • High level of customer support service.
  • It’s safe to use the website and make purchases there.
  • There is no app (neither for Android nor for iOS). It is probably the biggest drawback of we have noticed.
  • You can communicate only through emails or chats – no phone calls are available.
  • Due to the fact, the UaDates online dating site is relatively new on the market – there are not so many female members there compared to the pioneers of the industry. Is that what you need to choose? Is that what you need to choose?

The website is a relatively new player in the international dating market. So if you search for the customers’ feedback or reviews on the Internet, there can hardly be anything found. At the same time, over the last six months, our team was swamped with the volumes of emails with the pleas for testing it. Since our goal is to help singles choose the dating platform that meets all their requirements – we couldn’t say no.

In contrast to the matchmaking services we have tested before – while writing a review on the UaDates dating site, we weren’t able to build the expectations upon the opinions of others. And, therefore, it will probably be the most analyzed in-depth check we have ever made. For this reason, dear reader, we are glad to welcome you to find out more about UaDates. Together we will figure out if this newcomer on the dating market is any different from the oldies. As well as highlight its main advantages and disadvantages.

First impression

Our UaDate’s review of the website will be started by describing the first impression this platform gives. After all, it has become a tradition for our team. So, what do you see when you open the main page of this dating service for the first time?

Above all, we should note the perfect color combination. Violet, as the central tone, is associated with magic and mystery. By the way, precisely – these two words are synonyms for attraction for many people. Together with the two additional colors – red and green, this combination makes the site design very pleasing to the eye.

When scrolling the page a bit down, you can see the top female members of the UaDates. You can look through their profiles even without registration. We find this feature nice since it helps to decide whether this service is what you need.

As potential new users, we, of course, wanted to know more about the UaDates dating opportunities. Still, the website’s owners should pay a bit more attention to this section because the descriptions are obviously mixed up.

If you are absolutely new there and don’t have any international matchmaking platform experience – no problem. We advise you to read the instructions on the main page before you sign up to UaDates. It also includes tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

Well, you must agree, the number of dating platforms has plenty of things to learn from these guys (already at this point)!

UaDates women: where are they from?

UaDates women: where are they from?

UaDates brides, as expected, come from various countries of Eastern Europe. It includes Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, and etc. On the other hand, with the help of this matchmaking platform, you can meet Slavic women who live abroad, outside the Eastern region of Europe. For example, Turkey, the USA, Argentina, and many more. It means there is a chance to meet a female member of this site even without leaving your country. This is pretty good, especially in the context of the current travel restrictions.

How do you sign up?

How do you sign up to

Notwithstanding the fact, we haven’t found many UaDates dating reviews to get a general impression. Still, we can say with confidence – it won’t be hard to sign up for this platform. How to do this, then?

Once again, the easiest option is to log in with a Facebook account if you have one. In this case, UaDates makes your public data available for all users of the mentioned above social network.

However, if you don’t have a Facebook account – it doesn’t mean you can’t join this dating website. You just need to provide your first name and email address – it won’t take more than a few minutes. After entering a secure password and clicking on the Register button – you become a member of UaDates. login options


31, ⚐ Zaporizhia, Ukraine

27, ⚐ Moscow, Russia

31, ⚐ Dnipro, Ukraine

24, ⚐ Kyiv, Ukraine

How do you set up your profile?

If your wish is to use UaDates to connect with women not only for online fun – don’t skip this step. It’s essential to set up your profile with the most relevant information and pictures if you want to start a committed relationship. At this point, you can get clear instructions in this regard.

When you view your user account, below the site’s logo – there is your name and photo. Click on it to see how the ladies see your profile. To make changes, you need to click on the Edit Profile button.

After that, you will be redirected to the page to add all kinds of personal information you like other users to know about you.

How do you set up your profile on UaDates?

UaDates recommends starting with the basic settings. So, at first, you can change your email address and first name (in case you made a mistake during the registration, we guess). Then you can add your last name and phone number. The country you live in is defined automatically, but it is still possible to change it anytime you want. If you tick the box Get mailing – it means you subscribe to the website’s newsletter.

Instruction bout basic settings on UaDates.

The next step is probably one of the most significant ones at the preparatory phase. At this point, you can start telling UaDates girls about yourself. Just like in real-life acquaintances-making – it would be advisable – to begin with the basic facts. Such as date of birth, height, weight, marital status, religion, hair, and eye color. Information about your education level, native language, profession, attitude towards alcohol and smoking is also essential for potential girlfriends. Moreover: your lady’s desired age may be marked there too.

The next step is telling UaDates girls about yourself.

For more personalization, in your profile on UaDates, you can write pretty big texts about your character, interests, and the type of woman you are looking for. Give yourself time and be as detailed as possible since the site administration doesn’t put symbols limits.

At the end – upload up to thirty photos, up to 10000 KB each. And – almost ready. Hit the Save button to proceed with the changes.

For more personalization, in your profile on UaDates add photo in your profile on UaDates

What does a free membership offer?

For some reason, the UaDates dating site reviews we have found on the Internet – don’t say a word about its prices. We want to redress this mistaken omission. Let’s start with the services you get there for free.

It’s nice to know that the website’s membership costs nothing. You, therefore, have more than enough time to look around and decide where it is worth staying. Your profile (edited or not) becomes searchable for female members right after the registration. You can search for potential girlfriends and look through their profiles without paying a cent too.

Ua Dates offers to open all incoming letters from its girls for free. No additional charges will be provided for sending photos and videos during chatting (as well as for turning your camera on). But before starting communication, you can create lists of your favorites and their best pictures at no charge. This feature makes the whole process a bit easier, doesn’t it?

What does a paid membership offer?

The next section of our review is closely linked with its prices. But before that, we need to mention one important nuance. All payments on this website ought to be made with the help of credits. These virtual standard units are sold in packages and must be purchased for real-life money. And, as usual, the more you buy – the better discount you get. However, we advise all new users to choose the limited offer just to try things out. In this case, you pay $3,99 for 30 credits. It would be pretty enough to have a few short chats with the ladies you liked most.

Let’s take a look at prices on UaDates in the context of how much each service costs. The price of sending emails within the website is twenty credits. It includes not only the text itself but also the attached pictures. For one minute of the regular chat, you will be charged with two credits. However, if you ask your lady to turn her camera on – it will be two credits more. So together – it makes four credits for a minute of video chat. Just in case, your conversationalist loves to send photos and videos during the talk – the price for it is twenty credits. Be ready to pay twenty credits for watching videos that girls post on their profiles. The end price for the gift delivery service depends on what you want to present.

What UaDates does a free membership offer?

Main features

It’s impossible to write a comprehensive UaDates dating service review without describing what kind of features the users have.

Let’s start with what you can see in the upper part of the screen. The search button enables you to find potential conversationalists by providing certain criteria. Live Chat, obviously, redirects to the window where you can talk with other members in a real-time format. The next one – Mail box – gives access to the letters you exchange with the ladies. Clicking on the big violet Add credits button, you can purchase a package for communication on the UaDates dating website.

Now we can draw our attention to the sidebar on the left of the screen. There is your photo, name, and current account balance below the site logo. The down arrow shows the list of further points, such as a Black List or Gift orders. Under these are placed other UaDates features. For example, Gifts, Live Chat, and Mail Box once again. We didn’t understand the difference between the last one and Active Mail, though.

In the Ladies section, you can find everything connected with the female members of the site. Namely: Top Ladies rate, Favorite Ladies, Favorite Photos and Videos they post.

Emails from the Customer Support team are in the Information section right below.

How do you search and sort the ladies?

At this part of our UaDates site review, we like to focus our attention on how you can search and sort the ladies there.

Initially, after opening the corresponding page, you can use simple filters. To be more specific, there – you can set only your dream woman’s age, weight, and height diapasons. You can also narrow the results down by choosing only those girls who are now online, have videos, or have cameras on.

Main features UaDates site

On the other hand, UaDates search can offer more filters. In this case, to the mentioned above criteria will be added the following: woman’s country, city, English speaking skills, religion, and zodiac sign. Her hair and eyes color, attitude towards alcohol and smoking, just like the presence of children, could be noticed too.

Advanced filter from  UaDates

How do you communicate?

The UaDates reviews we have found on the Internet are, for the most part, focused on the communication ways the website offers. We consider it one of the essential points as well. How can you talk with the ladies there, then?

The first one is, of course, a letter exchange. If you are not sure that the UaDates woman you like speaks English fluently – try mailing first. In this case, you get all her emails for free, including the pictures she attaches. It also means you don’t need to spend credits for each minute she writes her response.

Still, sooner or later, you will have to move the communication to chats. The reason is simple – it helps to establish closer contact. UaDates messaging works like an ordinary chat, so you don’t need any particular instructions to use it. Only texting or turning the video cameras on during it – is totally up to you.

We think it’s a pity this dating platform doesn’t offer its members to arrange phone calls. Such service, as a rule, is pretty helpful for people in long-term relationships.


Does UaDates have a mobile app?

Bad news for all cell phone lovers – there is no UaDates app. Neither for Android nor for iOS. Still, we don’t need to forget that this website is relatively new. And, therefore, the owners are probably working on it at present.


Customer support

Each dating site review we write is not without the part about its customer support service. What can these guys offer to their customers?

Above all, we find it really client-oriented that right on the UaDates login page, you can get the guidance for the website services and main features. It means they start caring for potential members long before these people become the platform’s members. It also involves the tips and suggestions they give without asking a cent for it. As far as we understand, the site owners are planning to start writing a blog. That is pretty useful too for everyone who wants to get answers to the questions about dating.

It feels nice to get the welcome message from the site administration right after you have joined UaDates. Still, if you ask something – the answers’ time is pretty standard. It has taken about seven hours to get the reply in our case.

How do you communicate on

Security and safety

Dating platform UaDates uses secure HTTPS/SSL encryption technology channels to protect your private information on the Internet. Sure, no one can guarantee that it gives 100% protection – but it makes stealing your data by third parties – mission impossible. The same goes for the purchases you make. Additionally, the financial details are ensured by MasterCard and Visa ID check.

But what about the members on How can you be sure that the ladies on the profile pictures look the same way in real life? The website administration uses all possible methods of confirming their personalities. To the common for the international dating industry procedures (requiring ID cards for registration) – these guys have added a few modern ones. For example, they check UaDates women’s social network pages, arrange video calls with them, or simply call. We consider these ways effective in the context of preventing scams. Still, as they write in Terms and Conditions – you need to immediately report any suspicious behavior of the site members.


UaDates dating site FAQ

Is UaDates free to use?

Like we have mentioned in our UaDates review, there are plenty of services that this platform provides free of charge. Such as reading letters, sending photos and videos during the chat, turning on the camera while messaging, etc. Still, we can’t say that you don’t need to pay at all – if you want to use its dating opportunities.

How to create a profile on UaDates?

After testing this platform, we can say with confidence – its users don’t experience any difficulties creating the UaDates profiles. How does it work? You can simply log in with your Facebook account if you have one. In case you are not a fan of this social network – create your profile anew. You only need to provide your first name and email address. As soon as the secure password is created – hit the Register button to complete the registration.

How do UaDates credits work?

The way credits of UaDates work is pretty similar to the rules of the majority of international dating sites. So, experienced users won’t have any trouble figuring the matter out. We, however, will try to explain the general principle for all newcomers. Credits are virtual units that play the role of the platform’s currency. By converting your real-life money into credits, you can buy yourself UaDates services. Such as minutes of chats, letters, gift delivery.

Is UaDates safe?

You don’t need to worry about your safety using UaDates. As we have mentioned before, your personal information is fully protected there, just like the financial data. The identities of the female users are verified by the site administration. At the same time, we would like to remind you that bad people can be met everywhere. So, in case the words or actions of a lady seem a bit strange for you – immediately report it to the customer support service.

How can I delete my UaDates profile?

The UaDates website doesn’t let its members delete their profiles, clicking a button in the user menu. This approach, although, is nothing new – almost all international dating platforms work this way. But how to deactivate your membership, then? Just write a message to the site administrator and notify them about your decision. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your request is completed.

How many members does UaDates have?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the most relevant information about how many UaDates ladies are looking for love with the site’s help. Our assumption in this regard is – more than 5000. We’ve come to this number by searching for the women by the country they live in and by summarizing results.

Can I use UaDates anonymously?

When you visit UaDates for the first time – you see that they require only very basic information for registration. It includes, in fact, your first name and email address. At the same time, neither of these matters will ever be controlled by the site administrator. Simply said, even if your name is Tim and you write Brian – no one will know. However, if your intentions are serious – giving false information to the ladies can’t be a good idea. At some point in time, you will have to tell the truth – and your girl’s reaction will definitely not be understanding.

How can I know that the profiles are real?

If you worry about the UaDates scam – you really shouldn’t have to. There are many ways – both standard and modern – with the help of which the women’s identities are controlled. It includes checking social network pages and arranging video calls with the female members. Although, nobody has canceled reasonable cautiousness yet. It is necessary to keep your eyes open during online dating – no matter which site you choose. Is messaging free? UaDates offers its members many services for free, but not messaging. For chatting, you need to pay for each minute of the conversation.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

There is one thing you need to understand about UaDates as its male member: your profile doesn’t need to be approved. Even the email address you use doesn’t have to be confirmed to proceed with the registration.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

If you were carefully reading our review, you already know the truth about UaDates in this respect. These guys, on their side, do a lot to help you keep your account and personal data safe. But there are certain points you can do to be extra sure. Think up a really secure password – not the same as those you use for other websites. Don’t leave your user page open and leave your computer – otherwise, someone else might use it. Never send money or expensive gifts to the ladies – better report it immediately as scam attempts.

Okay, it's time to tell the final verdict about the dating platform we have tested today. At this point, we need to answer the question: is UaDates worth it, after all? Are there more pros or cons of choosing it?In our opinion - is a really good website. It doesn't have so many drawbacks compared to the pioneers of the industry. And the site owners are ready to offer plenty of free services for their customers. Yes, they haven't developed an app or don't arrange phone calls - still, this website deserves our best recommendations.

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Customer Support
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