Icelandic Brides: How To Meet Iceland Women For Marriage


Iceland, a celestial island country, is located between North America and Europe. It dances upon the waves of both the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. The land is marked by extensive areas covered with sand and lava fields, surrounded by towering mountains and icy glaciers. Thousands of years ago, upon finding a settlement in Iceland, mighty Vikings hung weapons, leaving their warrior ways to embrace a life of peace as farmers and fishermen. Now, the country emerges as a realm painted with vibrant climate, geography, and culture strokes.

However, only Icelandic women are considered to be true Nordic jewels. They are caring, kind and definitely know what a man needs. With blond hair, crystal blue eyes, and an athletic body, each of them is worth being on the cover of a magazine. That is why Icelandic girls are the greatest treasure of the country, and now you can learn about them.

Most Common Features of Icelandic Women

Most Common Features of Icelandic Women

Extraordinarily Beautiful

Typical girls from Iceland have teal blue eyes and wavy blond hair. All these features they inherited from the Vikings that we mentioned above. Some might be ginger, with cute freckles on the face. Icelandic beauties usually have athletic bodies and physic that they are extremely proud of. Most of them are tall, have a cute little nose and clean skin. Just by looking at them, one thing becomes absolutely clear – Icelandic women are so beautiful.

Not Very Emotional

Different countries have unique mentalities and traditions. Even though it varies from person to person, there are still common things that people from particular regions share. For example, girls from Iceland tend to be pretty calm and laid back. You should not expect them to argue or make drama.

Self-Confident and Loving Themselves

Icelandic beauties are fully aware of their amazing looks and how gorgeous they are. Insecurity is something these ladies have never heard of. Girls of Iceland radiate confidence that men from all over the world can’t help but get attracted to. 

Independent and Self-Sufficient

Because of strict upbringing and unique culture, beautiful Icelandic women not only know how to take care of their bodies but basically everything else, too. They would never ask men for help. They are not afraid of hard work and would prefer to find a solution to any problem on their own. That’s how independent they are.

Reserved and Not Very Talkative

If you like peace and quiet, then beautiful women from Iceland would be a perfect match for you. They are known for being taciturn – don’t say much but always mean what they say. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to grant yourself a person who can always help you to unwind? Definitely.

Icelandic Brides – Myths and Facts

Icelandic Brides - Myths and Facts

More and more men are interested in finding an Icelandic bride. So we want to discuss some of the most common misconceptions about marriage in Iceland and break them into facts and myths.

You can get married anywhere in Iceland without permission

Myth. Before getting married, a couple has to request an examination of marriage conditions which will be carried out by The District Commissioner of the Westman Islands. However, those conditions are pretty simple: couples must be over 18, legally competent, and not related. Also, if any of them was married before, the previous union must be formally concluded.

My own officiant can legally marry me in Iceland

Myth. You need an officiant who holds a valid license to conduct wedding ceremonies in Iceland.

It’s cheaper to marry in Iceland than at home

Most likely, a myth. It depends on where you come from, obviously, and what kind of wedding you want to have. But keep in mind that Iceland is considered one of the most expensive countries on the globe.   

You don’t need an Iceland Wedding Planner

Again… Probably, a myth. We all handle stress in our own unique way, and yes, planning a wedding ceremony would be stressful. That’s why couples in Iceland prefer to find a wedding planner. The latter is aware of the best deals, places and just save you from getting overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done.

Dating a Woman from Iceland: Rules & Basic Tips

Dating a Woman from Iceland: Rules & Basic Tips

There are some basic rules about dating any woman, but since Icelandic girls are different from most nationalities, here are several tips for you.

Honesty is the key

Dating Icelandic women might be a challenge for those men who cannot be honest with their partners. They are as pretty as they are smart, so it’ll be easy for them to sense lies. The correct way would be to always speak your truth.

Have a listening ear

Even though Icelandic women do not talk much, they would appreciate someone who shows respect and allows them to be themselves. This is also a good way to get to know a woman in front of you better, so use this opportunity wisely.

Do not be quick to push for intimacy

Girls of Iceland are brought up under strict rules. Their fathers, descendants of Vikings, teach them to be decent and how to choose a partner wisely. If Icelandic women realize that your true intention is to get intimate, they will quickly cut you off. Prioritize getting to know each other and discovering if you are actually a good match first.

Chivalry is unnecessary

Men often wonder how is dating in Iceland different from other countries. Well, it might be a whole new experience for any man. Since local women are so independent, they do not expect you to do something out-of-this-world for them. Before paying a bill, ask if your date wants to pay for herself. It will show that you take her feelings into account. 

Acknowledge her beliefs

Iceland is a very progressive country, and so are its people. When having a conversation, make sure you don’t get into any sensitive topic too deeply and insist on your point of view. Be open-minded. Icelandic women dating foreigners would expect them to share their beliefs about equality and mutual respect. Beware of it.

Icelandic Wedding Traditions

In recent years, Icelandic weddings absorbed a lot of features typical for American and European ceremonies. However, there is still a thing or two that you can learn about their own traditions.

The Traditional Cake – Kransakaka

This is a cake made of almond cookies which are stacked on top of each other. Traditionally, the couple breaks it first to see how many kids they will have. Newlyweds lift the top, and the number of layers stuck to it would be the number of babies they will have in the future. Some brides and grooms, on the other hand, leave it up to guests. They check how many solid cookies are left after the celebration, and that would be their prediction.

To Be Blessed In A Bridal Bed

In Icelandic, the phrase “to get married” literally translates as “to walk to a shared bed.” Hundreds of years ago, it was common for couples to receive blessings in their “bridal bed” as they sipped from a shared cup. This tradition is still performed at weddings that are related to Ásatrú, the old Norse religion practiced by the Vikings. Nowadays, at Ásatrú weddings, couples just sip from a drinking horn as the pastor blesses their union.

A Morning-Gift

Literally, this is the morning intimacy of the newly married couple the next day after their wedding. It came from an old tradition of male guests of the ceremony bidding on the bride’s virginity as a kind joke. Of course, the groom would always be a winner. So intimacy would be his “morning gift” for his wife. 

Brúðkaup means buying the bride

Marriage has always been a big deal for both men and women. However, the reasons for it changed. In the past, fathers would always pick the best husband for their daughters – the richer, the better. It would mean that their girls would be cared for and get high respect from the community. Now, fathers still walk their daughters down the aisle and only after hearing “I do’s” give up seats next to their daughters for grooms.

Where to Meet Icelandic Women in Iceland?

Where to Meet Icelandic Women in Iceland?

First of all, look for beautiful Icelandic women in a big city like Reykjavik. The population there is higher and so are your chances of meeting the one. Big city life attracts younger and more outgoing girls who love to go shopping or to events. If you prefer someone more laid back, try to start conversations at a bookstore or even a market.

Dating in Iceland is not an easy thing for foreigners because of the climate. Summer weather reminds of cool fall in most European countries. As Icelandic girls prefer to spend more time indoors, too, it will be a good idea to visit bars, clubs, and restaurants. You can find info about the best spots in town online by reviews or just ask locals, they definitely know fun hidden jams. We would definitely recommend checking out Gaukurinn and Slippbarinn in Reykjavik.

Is Online Dating Popular In Iceland?

Is Online Dating Popular In Iceland?

For Internet dating, Iceland is definitely one of the best countries. Local women work towards their own goals and can’t physically be around their men the whole day. That’s why messages and calls when dating someone online is the most convenient option for them. 

Interesting fact: there is an Icelandic dating app that keeps people from dating relatives as the population is so small.

All you want to know about Icelandic Brides

Why are there so Many Single Women in Iceland?

Because hot women from Iceland are extremely self-sufficient and individualistic. They don’t prioritize relationships as they handle life pretty well on their own. Most are feminists and stay very true to themselves. However, if you are able to show what an amazing partner you can be, their cold hearts will melt.

How much does an Icelandic bride cost?

It depends on the kind of wedding that is on your mind, but you would need a minimum of 190,000 ISK per person, which is about 1400 USD. This price includes reception, food, and beverages, cake, DJ and humble decorations. Travel expenses, wedding gowns and everything else would be additional expenses.

Why Do Icelandic Women Marry Americans?

The country’s population is pretty small, and it lacks men. For this reason, girls from Iceland consider building a family with foreigners. Americans usually are one of the top choices as their outlooks are pretty similar. This is extremely important for Icelandic beauties.

Are Icelandic brides a real thing?

Absolutely. Even though Icelandic women usually don’t put building a family in the first place, they still get married in the end. The average age of brides in Iceland is 30, so these ladies definitely like to take their time.

How to get an Icelandic girlfriend?

If you are interested in hot women from Iceland, the best way to find a local girlfriend would be to visit the country personally, go out to new places and meet new people. Another option would be to try an Icelandic dating site. They offer dozens of women’s profiles, so you can reach out to them and get to know them first before paying a visit.

How can I marry a girl in Iceland?

In Iceland, dating often leads to marriage, so, first, find a girlfriend and then slowly move your relationship to the next level. Traditionally, men would propose to their women with a ring. Couples need to request an examination of marriage conditions by the government before the wedding ceremony, and once approved, you can officially tie the knot.