Indian Brides: How To Meet India Women For Marriage


Indian brides: balancing between traditions and emancipation in love and marriage

Indian brides are undeniably powerful, magnetlike personalities. Their beauty celebrated in Bollywood movies can’t leave Western men indifferent. It is, however, not only the charm produced by the film industry – their loveliness catches the eye without tons of makeup on. In fact, you can easily find a woman from India in the crowd – so unusual and fascinating her appearance is.

It is a well-known fact, ladies from this country are absolute family people. But they are very hardworking at the same time. Their honest and loyal souls are the other character highlights that amaze Western guys. Do you understand now why so many international couples, where a wife comes from India, usually live happily ever after till the rest of their lives? Well, the very basic knowledge you have in this regard can’t give answers to all questions. Today we want to correct this mistake and provide the necessary information about Indian girls. You will be surprised to hear how significantly a relationship with one of them can affect your life!

Indian brides: who are they?

If you want to find out who Indian women really are – their character and typical personal qualities need to be studied. After all, it is impossible to build a lasting relationship only on appearance.

Unfortunately, we need to start with the tragic statement concerning the fate of these ladies if they stay in their homeland. In India, even in this day and age, females are often oppressed by men. Violence and home abuse are a part of normality to them. Growing up in such a toxic atmosphere, Indians accept this approach and get used to it.

This probably explains why girls on an average Indian dating site are very reserved and shy. It might seem they try to keep a certain distance in friendship and romance. Don’t take it too personally, though – give your conversationalist time.

However, there is one thing you can learn from Indians. We talk about the high level of inner strength they have. If you can’t get your emotions under control in difficult situations – ask such a lady to teach you. Trust us, with this unique inborn calmness, an Indian woman can become your guru!

As you already know, plenty of things are going wrong in India, especially in the eyes of Western people. And, if you think local ladies must feel depressed because of it all the time – you are wrong. No matter what happens: their zest for life and smile can’t be taken away! They wake up every day, put on their traditional and elegant sarees, and feel happy with what they have. Even if they don’t have much money – it’s okay. Delicious traditional dishes can be made from the simplest ingredients.

Is your mindset similar? Can you appreciate the little things, be grateful for trifles, and don’t take everything in life for granted? If yes – your dream wife surely comes from India!

What will Indian women look like in 2022?

Western men find women from India stunning because of their unique exotic appearance and extraordinary charisma. But what do they look like? What is their beauty standard in 2022?

Indian women for marriage usually have black eyes, slightly dark or golden skin, and shiny raven hair. As a rule, these females are petite and curvy. Another particularity is in their genes – Indians look young even in old age! However, if you want to get the examples – we are willing to provide them! Just google local celebrities and beauty queens, such as Aditi Arya, Noyonika Chatterjee, Nethra Raghuraman, Gauhar Khan, and many more.

The traditional clothing of Indian ladies is an elegant sari. It is generally very colorful and impressive in its style. You can hardly find a girl in India who prefers pastel colors. On the other hand, traditional Indian clothes are not always worn daily. It is an absolute must for celebrations and family occasions, though. Also, even in the metropolises of this country, one will seldom see women dressed in typical Western jeans or mini-sorts.

The additional role of the sari is to reflect the origins of the lady, her religious affiliation, and social status. Necklaces, bracelets, nose rings, and meter-long scarves around the hips are the details that shouldn’t ever be forgotten.

Oh, almost forgotten – a red dot between the eyebrows is considered a beauty mark in this culture and is an element of an everyday outfit.

Why are Indian women so beautiful?

Shiny, thick hair, satin skin, remarkable plasticity, and sexy curves… Women in India are true beauty icons! But what is the secret of their attractiveness? We found out four, the most essential of them. Spoiler: plastic surgery and cosmetology have nothing to do with this!

Attentiveness to the body

Have you ever heard something about Ayurveda? This is the traditional medicine in India – or probably even lifestyle! It teaches local ladies to understand and accept their bodies. Also, Ayurveda requires attentiveness to health, proper eating habits, and daily care. Its supporters recommend starting the day no later than 6 o’clock in the morning. Time before sunrise is the very moment a person can accumulate cheerfulness, enthusiasm, and lightness for the rest of the day. The point is to get up immediately after waking up, without laying in bed. The next step is – drink a glass of water on an empty stomach. It helps to cleanse the body. Another important principle is not to put something on the skin and hair that could not be taken into the mouth. That is why true Ayurvedic practices are natural: they contain only herbs, flowers, and fruits.

Magical procedures

We talk about traditional procedures all Indian girls on a dating site do. The first one is Shirodhara. During it, a warm oil-based mix of herbs, sesame, and sweet almonds is poured on the area between the person’s eyebrows. It is the place, where according to popular beliefs, is located the third eye. Shirodara helps to get rid of headaches, insomnia, and stress. Two more loved by Indians procedures are – Abhyanga (oil massage) and Pichichili (washing with warm oils).


Traditional Indian dishes cannot be imagined without spices, and wise Indian women actively use them in their routine beauty treatments. Turmeric – the main ingredient of Indian cosmetology – contains many active components. It treats skin imperfections, smoothes wrinkles. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, the skin cleanses and restores a healthy look. Although, it gives a golden shade to a girl’s skin if she uses turmeric without a break.


How does yoga help Indians to look young, even at an advanced age? The answer is apparent: regular exercise develops flexibility. What doesn’t bend – breaks, that’s what Indian women think! While Western people nourish the skin from the outside, they improve their bodies from the inside. Remember: feeling good depends on your mood, and here asanas and meditation may be really helpful.

Why do Indian women make the best wives?

At this point, we want to answer the question: why do so many Western guys want to get married to girls from India? What makes them such perfect wives?

As a rule, men become interested in single Indian women primarily because of their appealing appearance. Their exoticism seems captivating for males from all over the globe. However, the beauty of these hotties can’t be called aggressive – it’s rather delicate. This awakes the protective instinct in potential husbands and the desire to give care. You must agree, it feels good to be needed by your partner.

Still, don’t think an average Indian lady is absolutely helpless. Deep inside her soul lies an exceptional strength – complemented by healthy ambition and dreams for a happy life. This is another matter that makes such a girl an ideal wife.

Also, all connoisseurs of traditional values will definitely be impressed by Indians. These women prefer the distribution of roles in the family, which is clearly structured even in modern India. While the husband is responsible for the well-being of his loved ones, his wife takes care of children and household chores. But you don’t have to worry that it sounds unfair. An Indian lady does it with pleasure and great devotion. The explanation for it is simple: her partner, kids, and relatives, in general, have the priority, according to her mindset.

Pros & Cons of dating Indian women

India is an incredibly bright country. Once you have visited it – you can’t forget its contrasting charm. This country consists of Bollywood pomp, the chaos of slums, fanatical religiosity, and complete open-mindedness. But if you think that is why this land enchants Western men over and over again – don’t kid yourself. Despite all the attractions of its cities and curiosity about traditions, the main decoration of India is its local women. No wonder you want to start dating one of them! Still, isn’t it better to consider all advantages and disadvantages of this decision first?

Pros of starting a relationship with an Indian woman for marriage

#1. She never talks badly about her man.

Single Indian ladies are always respectful. And their attitude will not change after marriage – you can be sure of it.

No matter what happens – a woman from India will never speak ill of her husband to anyone. It includes parents, relatives, friends, and neighbors. It is believed, a wife’s inner power towards her man is so strong – she can hurt him even with her thoughts. At the same time, she can protect him from many troubles just by praying for him.

Yes, you understood right – for a woman from India, her husband is an embodiment of God. She believes her life depends on him completely. Divorces are highly unwelcome in this country and are treated as a catastrophe.

#2. An average Western man is a beauty ideal for her.

In India, just like in Vietnam and many other Asian countries – you are hot. Your facial treats don’t matter – light skin color itself is associated with beauty and aristocracy. So, in fact, you don’t need to do anything special to attract the attention of these girls. The fact your appearance belongs to the typical European type is more than enough.

A small tip in this respect. This idealized model of a Prince Charming has a territorial tendency. Namely, the more southerner a woman you got to know is – the higher your chances of success are.

#3. Her dancing skills captivate.

Just be honest now, wasn’t it the reason why you decided to look for Indian ladies for dating?

We all know Bollywood movies where gorgeous females are constantly singing and dancing. But don’t think these outstanding talents have only celebrities! Indian girls are taught to listen to music and master the art of dance from childhood! Thanks to this, they have a straight posture, melodious voice, and generally move gracefully. By the way, you can consider it as motivation and learn a few moves with your Indian girlfriend! Why not?

#4. She will always be kind to your parents and friends.

You must agree: Western girls are not always kind and sweet enough. Especially when it comes to communication with your parents and friends.

In India, it is totally okay – to live in the same place with the husband’s parents. Sometimes even with brothers, their spouses, and children. According to ancient traditions, when the daughter-in-law comes to their house, the husband’s mother and father treat her strictly. She should manage the household duties well, cook for the whole family, and do what elders ask her to do. The point is – once she is married, a woman no longer belongs to her parents. Seeing how the wife helps his relatives, the man’s heart should fill with love and gratitude.

Do you understand why your mom and dad will seem perfect to your Indian girlfriend?

#5. Thanks to her amazing cooking skills, you will never be hungry.

The traditional Indian cuisine involves a complete rejection of meat. Still, even if you weren’t planning to become vegetarian – you are going to love it!

The basis of Indian tasty masterpieces is rice, vegetables, fish, and seafood. Lemon is loved by locals too. The zest of it can be added to porridge in the morning. Dried fruits with tea are also Indians’ favorites.

However, the main secret of the nutrition of this nation is spices – curry, turmeric, and cinnamon. They help speed up metabolism and start the process of burning fat. We bet you can’t wait to try it!

Cons of relationships with sexy Indian brides

#1. They don’t want to be slender.

When meeting Indian singles for the first time, you will definitely notice how curvy they generally are. These girls just love their shapes and don’t want to be slender! Moreover, it is considered attractive if a woman’s tummy is not flat. Small rolls of fat on the waist, which many Western females find ugly, are a source of pride in India! It is so because being a bit overweight is a sign of wealth in this country. This assumes the girl doesn’t need to work hard and her family can afford to buy delicious food.

Therefore, if extra pounds are a problem for you – looking for an Indian girlfriend won’t be a good idea.

#2. They got used to unfairness.

In India, unfortunately, there is a very ambivalent attitude towards women. Although it’s better to use the word two-faced since it’s more appropriate how things are going.

On the one hand, they are highly respected and esteemed, but on the other hand, they have no rights. It is believed that the main woman’s goal is to be behind a man, give birth to children, and do everything to be a good wife. Moreover, if a woman is married, she is a kind of property of her man.

Ladies in India got used to unfairness since it is very difficult (almost impossible) to defend themselves. According to statistics, every 15-20 minutes in India – a man rapes a girl (including children). Most offenders go unpunished. So don’t wonder why a female who grew up in such an atmosphere is quiet all the time…

#3. They have to get married.

The fact is that according to traditions – a woman cannot have any alternative to marriage. Independence is ill-judged for a woman. It means you shouldn’t date Indian singles without serious intentions.

The rules in India are simple. Many people there still think – girls must be protected by their fathers till a certain age; then – by husbands, and later – by their sons. It is necessary because females are naturally less intelligent.

Yes, this philosophy exists even in this day and age – don’t be so shocked. While Western women for a long time are equal with men – Indians are mostly incapable of it. Keep it all in mind before starting a relationship with one of them.

#4. Their parents’ opinion is essential.

In India, it is believed that parents always do their best to find the right partners for their kids. And it is also considered that love between spouses will come after some time, but definitely not ride away. That is why young people from traditional families don’t just date in the Western sense of the word. It is highly unwelcome if a woman has had a relationship before marriage in their community. So, to make the whole thing easier – Indian moms and dads often find husbands for their daughters themselves.

However, many young ladies, especially in big cities, don’t want to wait that long. This, above all, references the representatives of the middle class of society. Anyway, for a serious relationship and marriage – you will need the blessing of their families as well.

#5. No physical contact in public.

Western guys usually hate this nuance of a relationship with Indian ladies. But that’s what you need to get used to from the very beginning. Physical contact between men and women who are not married is condemned by society. And you should definitely not hope for having sex before marriage. India still attaches great importance to the girl’s innocence. For example, in traditional families, the possibility of marrying a non-virgin lady is excluded.

Dating Indian women: what do you need to know?

Okay, you probably want to start looking for an Indian girl for marriage now. What do you need to know about her as a potential boyfriend? What is the general tendency?

Above all – an average woman from India is beautiful. She can cook well and gladly takes care of her man. So if you are still questioning your decision of beginning a romance with her – the answer is definitely yes – you need to try. Of course, every man is different, and some are not open enough to be together with an Indian girl. However, with a bit of open-mindedness, you will be rewarded with a great life partner.

Such a lady is an ideal life partner because of her brightness. Simply said, she is incredibly optimistic and has a great zest for life. This joie de vivre can, for sure, be transferred to many other people in her social circle.

In fact, females from India learned in their childhood that there is nothing more important for a woman than to start a family. Ideally, this should happen as soon as possible. From a very young age, this lady is waiting for a moment when she will finally be called wife and mother. She dreams of starting a family, cooking, doing the household chores, and taking care of her children. While many Western women prefer to run away from it, Indians are very open to family planning.

So imagine you have such a girl in your life. That she is waiting when you will be home after work with a nice warm dinner. She hugs you and asks how your day was. Later, in the evening, your lady becomes very temperamental and hot – you are never bored with her. Isn’t that what you have always wanted to have?

Cultural differences when dating Indian women

Indian culture differs from what you got used to in many ways. No wonder: it is an incredibly diverse country, and so are the habits, traditions, and many other aspects of life. But what should you bear in mind when demonstrating your interest in single Indian girls? We’ll give you the essential knowledge.

The first point is the way of communication. For instance, it is much more indirect than the Western one. So give yourself time to become accustomed to it.

While we often respond to questions with direct yes or no, in India – such an answer could be considered impolite. So be ready to hear instead of the yes-but reply. Also, the denial itself doesn’t mean things won’t work for you. If you remain patient and persistent – it is almost guaranteed your girl will change her mind.

You can even observe this peculiarity of Indian culture in body language. The famous Indian head wagging can become a riddle, by the way. Whether it’s a sideways head shake, a barely noticeable nod, or a shaking hand – it takes a little practice to understand the small nuances. Other factors also play a role in interpreting what your woman says. One and the same movement is different from situation to situation and depends on the facial expression, the speed of the shaking, and the additional gestures. But don’t worry, after a few moments of complete incomprehension, general understanding usually gets better.

The next point concerns time. Appointments and meetings planned well in advance are not as binding as our culture asks. In India, it is by no means impolite to cancel at short notice or don’t appear on a date at all. But do not get angry right away. Indians organize their daily routine much more spontaneously than we do. So if your girlfriend offers to meet next week – it doesn’t mean it will actually happen. And even if concrete plans have been made – it’s perfectly okay if something comes up shortly beforehand and she doesn’t come. This quickly drives many Western men who enjoy planning to incandescence because this behavior is, of course, not particularly what they want to get. But for Indian females, this spontaneity is a kind of life philosophy. They prefer to focus on the present rather than the future. Life is viewed as unpredictable and constant change. How can a person make far-reaching plans, then?

Indian women stereotypes

Western people generally have many stereotypes about marvelous girls from India. According to them, these beauties are as mysterious and multifaceted as the country they live in. The prejudices have, for sure, developed under the influence of many factors. This certainly includes the impression the Slumdog Millionaire – as well as all Bollywood movies, make. But what is the truth, and what are only stereotypes? It’s better to find out before dating Indian women, isn’t it?

Indian girls wear only traditional clothes.

As mentioned before, traditions in India are still strong. And this, of course, concerns the favorite outfits of the citizens. Bright saris are strongly associated with Indian ladies.

However, every year, more and more young Indians from big cities support feminism. The form of it is far from what Western women demonstrate. But this is definitely a good sign that, at least, some girls want to become more independent and try to build a career. On the other hand, these females express their protest through the rejection of traditional clothing.

So, if we talk about the majority of girls – this is not just a stereotype – and they do wear sari daily. And actually, even feminists would prefer a traditional Indian outfit for a bride instead of Western white dresses.

The red dot on the lady’s forehead is made to fend off the evil eye.

Sorry, dear reader, but it is not. The meaning of the red dot depends on where exactly it was made. The one placed exactly between the eyebrows indicates the girl is not married. The same one, but in the middle of the forehead just above the eyebrows – has the opposite meaning.

If you wonder why Indians created this strange rule – we’ll explain. They simply don’t wear wedding rings! So, to make other men a lady married, other signs were developed. For example, married women dye parting on their heads. Also, for many, it is no longer a secret that the traditional piercing of the nostrils is usually done after the wedding as well.

Indian ladies are uneducated.

This is probably the worst and most incorrect stereotype about Indians. The truth is completely the opposite, though – education is really important in India. Even the poorest families try to give their children a chance to go to school and later college because they know it’s the key to a better future.

By the way, the education system in India is pretty challenging, and children go through difficult exams from a very early age. They also usually go for additional classes after lessons at school just to be better than classmates, especially in big cities. So, no wonder the best doctors and engineers come from this country.

Girls in India have similar preferences in food.

And the answer is no once again. In fact, the most popular dishes served worldwide – belong merely to Punjabi cuisine. And it’s too bad because each region of India has its own cooking style and masterpieces. Moreover: not all of them are spicy either!

In other words, the food preferences of your lady depend on where exactly she comes from. For example, in Kolkata, people actually prefer seafood such as fish or shrimp. While in Kerala – coconut is used almost everywhere. The citizens of the southern states of India can’t live without rice. While in the northern part of it – the bread cooked in a tandoor is the absolute favorite. Also, if you are dating an Indian girl in the USA – most likely, she prefers burgers and french fries.

Indian females don’t care about private space.

Well, yes and no. We’ll try to explain this nuance.

Indian big cities are truly full of people. Therefore, no matter how much you respect your private space – avoiding physical contact is almost impossible. Especially when it comes to the usage of public transportation. For this reason, Indians have long since gotten used to such a state of things. And their understanding of social distance is totally different. For example, accidentally touching or bumping into someone else is not considered impolite in India. And even if there is more free space, it is perfectly normal for an Indian lady to stand or sit right next to you. So don’t get claustrophobic, but understand the cultural differences of your homeland and her.

Hot Indian women: rules and basic tips

Everyone interested in Indian women dating should be aware of communication difficulties that could from time to time arise. It is all because of the mentality-related misunderstandings caused by cultural differences. You must agree – the traditions and habits of your country and Indian once cannot be compared. To successfully go through such conflicts, it is essential to be open-minded, sincere, kind-hearted, understanding, and patient. The cornerstones of any happy relationship are mutual respect, trust, and acceptance. Even with your local lady, don’t you think so?

Also, Indian women, in particular, pretty often have a sad story from their homeland behind. Many of them had to suffer from abuse and mistreatment from the men’s side. Therefore, each of them awaits nothing more from her Western boyfriend than respectful treatment. When a guy with a strong character loves her, gives her his support, and wants to help in every possible way – an Indian girl becomes the most pleased person in the whole world.

At this point, we want to give you another significant piece of advice. Since an average Indian lady is genuinely family-oriented, she is looking for a life partner who has the same interests. It is to say that a man should be intelligent, self-confident, courageous, emotionally stable, and strong-willed.

The well-being of the family usually comes first for Indian women. So it doesn’t hurt if you have a good job and have both feet on the ground when starting a relationship with such a female. But, generally, it’s nothing special – Western women are usually more demanding.

How to meet and marry Indian women?

The best way to meet a woman from India nowadays is through the Internet, of course. But you should make sure that you register on one of the trustworthy Indian dating sites. Trust us, this is the only way you can save a lot of time and money after all. At the same time, you will need to be ready to pay. The best platforms usually require a monthly fee for their services. However, this is neither too high nor too low and therefore pretty affordable. Try to avoid free websites if it’s possible. Because there, you could become a victim of fraudsters and scammers.

There is another point you should keep in mind concerning dating Indians online. Do not expect you will fall in love after a single chat. And, unfortunately, it can happen that you may suffer from failures. This, however, doesn’t mean you need to stop your search. You should see your misfortune as a lesson instead and draw conclusions. Only then will you be able to count on the long-awaited success.

If you are looking for an Indian woman directly in her homeland – it is advisable to use local dating sites. This way, you can benefit from a much larger selection of potential matches. And since English is the official language spoken in India – you have a clear advantage speaking your mother tongue.

Benefits of Indian girls for marriage

One thing should be said at this point right from the start: every Indian mail-order wife is fundamentally individual and has her own personal wishes, dreams, views, and ideas. India is a country of extremes that could be described as anything but not monotonous. However, there are also characteristics that many local women share. It includes the benefits of getting married to one of them.

She will always try to look good for you.

It is believed in India – a wife must protect her husband from becoming attracted to other women. Thus, by looking as beautiful as possible every day – she helps her man not look at female colleagues, neighbors, etc.

The thing is, Western ladies dress up only when they know they are going somewhere – Indians can’t understand. In their country, parents teach a young girl – she should be good-looking 24 hours/ 7 days a week for her loved one. Therefore, home outfits are always well-thought and bright when it comes to women from India. It is not surprising, though: she was made for the pleasure of only one person – her husband.

She won’t make you jealous.

If you want to find an Indian wife – you will never have to worry about her loyalty. Generally, cheating in her religion is a sin (or – it is also called vikarma). And, trust us, she doesn’t want to get it.

Also, another matter will be adored by those men who often have business trips. If the husband is away – Indian traditions have strict instructions in this respect. Such a woman doesn’t have to use cosmetics and needs to dress modestly, without any jewelry. So everyone around could easily understand that her husband is not in the city at present. This principle in Sanskrit is called prosita-bhartrika.

She will be a great housewife.

According to Indian traditions, the house should be run by the wife. Her main task is to create a favorable atmosphere and comfort other family members. This applies to pleasant aromas, cleaning, cooking, etc.

Early in the morning in the villages and towns of India, you can watch how women wash the floors in the house, sweep the yard, and do other household chores. Only after that do they start preparing breakfast and making themselves tea. With special attention, standards of cleanliness are maintained in religious families, where it is believed that the house is the temple of God.

She will be happy to serve you.

Notwithstanding, in modern Western society, it is not considered attractive – Indian brides are happy to serve their husbands. When a girl gets married – she becomes the servant of her man. She must recognize him as a boss and obey in everything.

For example, a wife should be ready to postpone everything she does if her husband asks her to do something. Also, it is advised from the very first day to start studying her husband’s habits, goals, what he likes, and what – not. Only in such a case will a couple live happily ever after – think Indians.

She will always be kind to you.

Work causes too much stress for the husband. Outside the house, he is met with aggression, competition, and difficulties. If, having come home, he gets the same attitude from his wife (demands, quarrels) – then where should he go to relax?

An Indian woman wants her man to forget about all problems with her. She always meets him with kind words when he comes home. In the presence of a husband, a lady should not talk loud and never allow herself arrogance. Therefore, many wives in India call their husbands swami or prabhu, which means master.

Indian brides FAQ

Why are there so many single women in India?

Western men, who want to date Indian women often wonder: why are there so many singles looking for love abroad? We could find two versions of answers to this question. The first one says that there are generally many Indians in the world (1,38 milliard people). And it is, therefore, clear why they are searching for life partners using all available options. On the other hand, some experts think ladies just want to move abroad for a better life. They run away from abuse, mistreatment, and living hand to mouth. It is, of course, up to you which interpretation you like more.

How much does an Indian wife cost?

We want to state once again – that mail-order brides can’t be simply bought. No matter where they come from – they are also people and can’t be ordered like a new suitcase.
However, if you want to know how much money you need to get to know and get married to a woman from India – it won’t be cheap. You will need to pay for the communication and membership of the dating agency. Then – your further expenses will be connected with traveling to your girlfriend’s country. Altogether this, as a rule, costs around $4000.

Are Indian brides a real thing?

Definitely – yes. Still, if you want to start dating an Indian woman – choose only reliable dating websites to save yourself from frustration and online scam.

Why do Indian women marry Americans?

Above all – the European appearance – namely its pale skin and light eye color- seems truly attractive to Indians. On the other hand, these ladies think Western men are real gentlemen. It is pretty understandable, though: in our society, the general attitude towards women is more respectful. Also, like mentioned above, in most cases – Indian girls grow up in families that are far from being rich. And their dream, inspired by Hollywood movies, is to live happily ever after with a Prince Charming.

How can I marry a girl in India?

Wonderful flowers everywhere, atmospheric music with meditative rhythms, to which people traditionally dance, the smell of a wide variety of fine spices in the air… It all is integrated into the magical wedding rituals of India.
Colorful traditional robes are decorated with sequins, pearls, and intricately woven prints. The environment gives the feeling of being surrounded by spirituality! And that is what makes an Indian wedding so special. In this country, a wedding is considered a unique experience that neither Indian brides and grooms nor their guests – should ever forget.