Nigerian Brides: How To Meet Nigeria Women For Marriage


Nigerian brides are part of Nigeria's richly diverse culture and tradition. The nation boasts over 250 ethnic groups and 371 tribes speaking 525 indigenous languages. This wide range of cultures has resulted in the most attractive, hard-working, and family-oriented people. And the beauty of Nigerian women has not escaped the attention of Western men. So, let's discuss what traits make Nigerian women attractive to men and ways you can capture the heart of these exotic beauties.

PROs & CONs of Dating Nigerian Women

PROs & CONs of Dating Nigerian Women

As already stated, Nigeria is not mono-ethnic. It is made up of hundreds of ethnic groups and tribes with their unique customs, traditions, and languages. But in addition to cultures, these people also have distinct physical traits. Sure, they are all Africans with Afro hair, dark skin, and brown eyes, but they have different body shapes, hair textures, and skin colors. The differences are even more evident when comparing the physical features of single Nigerian women living in the northern and southern regions of the country. So, let's review the key characteristics of women in Nigeria.

Nigerian Women advantages

1. Nigerian women are beautiful

For sure. Have you ever seen them before? With their striking physiques and supple, glowing skin, Nigerian women are always a feast for the eyes. It seems like they are getting more and more beautiful with all the advancements in the world of beauty and fashion.

2. Nigerian women are educated

They are very educated and even value education and work hard to get it. Most of them do not leave it at a degree. They go even further and acquire additional master's degrees and even doctorates.

You can also be sure that they will educate their children with the same zeal. They receive a quality education, not only formal education but also proper informal education to ensure balanced learning.

3. Nigerian women are awesome at cooking

They are taught very early in life how to cook amazing meals, a skill they continue to upgrade over the years as they include more international flavors in their recipe book. When you date a Nigerian woman, you will not only be never hungry, but you will be more than pleased with how they cook for you, your friends, and your family. These women can cook up an amazing buffet and still make everything delicious, guaranteed! However, they are also happy if you cook for them once in a while, so please keep that in mind.

4. Faithful wives

Nigerian wives are faithful and supportive partners to their spouses. And this is not an exaggeration. This explains the low divorce rate in the country. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, only 0.3% of women file for divorce. For men, the rate is even lower – 0.2%.

5. Work and career are important to Nigerian women

Although some call them gold diggers, this has only to do with their culture and the fact that they want a man who can provide for a family. However, Nigerian women are also hard-working women who are willing to do their part in the financial aspect of a relationship, which is why they find laziness a turn-off. Show them that you have goals and ambitions if you want to earn their interest and respect.

Despite all these commendable qualities, the Nigerian woman is not without her share of problems:

Nigerian Women disadvantages

1. Nigerian women can be materialistic

Yes, use only their male counterpart as an example. Nigerian women can be quite materialistic, so most of them only date rich men or even married and old men while they have money.

2. Some Nigerian women can be greedy

The same ambition is in all of them. They are always looking for someone who has more than them. Once they notice that their neighbor has more shoes, clothes, a better car, etc., they put pressure on their man to go along with the trend they desire.

3. Some Nigerian women cheat, just like other women all over the world

Cheating happens in relationships, and Nigerian women are no exception.

4. Nigerian women, like women from other countries, are into the tiny details

Flowers, chocolates, cards, and old-fashioned romantic touches will take you much further with a Nigerian beauty than a deep PDA. Nigerian women are looking to be special, valued, and loved, but they are also shy in public. So the perfect way to show them how much you like them is to offer them gifts that reflect their character, instead of making out on the street. By the way, always ask first before attempting to kiss or get close to her.

5. Sex is a responsibility

In contrast to the Western world, Nigerian women hold a rather unique idea of sex and intimacy. According to Nigerian tradition, sex is one of a woman's duties. Just as she runs the household, cleans, and cooks, she is also ready to perform her sexual duties. Luckily, modern Nigerians have slowly changed their thinking, but it is tough to get rid of this tradition, particularly when it is so deeply rooted.

Nigerian Brides – Myths and Facts

Nigerian Brides - Myths and Facts

It is unfortunate that even in this day and age, Nigerian society still clings to archaic ideas about women. People still refer to the silliest stereotypes about women, most of which are based on misogyny. We will look at what things are synonymous with a Nigerian woman because almost every Nigerian woman is like that.

Fact 1. Nigerian women are beautiful and are never caught undressed

Nigerian women are really among the prettiest and most fashionable black women around the world, and they always look their best. If there is one thing Nigerian women love, it is looking their best at every event. At weddings, at the mall, at church, and every time they walk out of the house, they must look their best. You can never catch them looking drab or having a bad fashion day.

Fact 2. Nigerian women are powerful and enterprising

Nigerian women are so imaginative. If you were raised by a Nigerian woman, you are bound to be struck by her strength. Nigerian women work hard, care for their children and families, and still have the time to hunt and look beautiful.

Fact 3. Nigerian women are soft when they are in love, but they are reserved and a bit difficult

When you first ask a Nigerian woman out on a date, she can be so reserved and cold. You can devote so much time and money trying to prove to her that you are in love with her, but once she breaks her restraint, she becomes so affectionate, soft, and vulnerable that you have to wonder if she is the same woman you have been pursuing.

Fact 4. They are submissive

The Nigerian family is patriarchal, meaning that the husband is the head of the family and makes all the key decisions. And young Nigerian women looking for a husband were taught early on to be submissive to their husbands and to obey their commands. This is a part of Nigerian culture that everyone continues to follow to this day. Nigerians think that total humility and modesty are traits that define a typical Nigerian bride.

Myth 1. Women need men to earn money

Hold on, people think that? They probably haven't heard of the 23-year-old woman chilling on a salary of 300k/month, or the 28-year-old IT expert making 960k/month. Oh, did we forget to add the 27-year-old woman who meets her annual savings target of 10 million naira? You must catch up, quit slowing them down.

Myth 2. Women are too emotional

They are the emotional ones, but they aren't the ones who demonstrate years of loyalty to soccer clubs that disappoint all the time. What is the logic behind being a soccer fan? Yes, we understand why you are still an Arsenal fan because the first jersey your grandfather bought for you was an Arsenal jersey.

Myth 3. Nigerian women are conservative in the bedroom

Besides the fact that some people call Nigerian women submissive, they are always ready to do anything to satisfy their men, which includes sex. If you are confident that they care about you, don't be shy to share your ideas with them to spice things up and go out of the ordinary. You'll be surprised how far they can go from the norm when they love someone.

Myth 4: The love language of Nigerian women is money

There are other means of letting a Nigerian woman know that you mean business than sending her money. You know how they say food is a path to a man's heart, well, for Nigerian women, money is the path to her heart and it doesn't matter if she works and has her own money. Sending her gifts and care packages is always proof of your love.

Dating a Woman from Nigeria: Rules & Basic Tips

Dating a Woman from Nigeria: Rules & Basic Tips

The character of women in Nigeria is quite complicated for the local men, but for the western men, they are a real puzzle. As a result, dating customs acceptable in European or North American countries may not function here. You may get the opposite result if you approach Nigerian women as you would average white girls. So, let's check out what you need to do to gain her favor and gain her agreement to date you.

  • Give her money for her hair. Anyone familiar with African culture knows that local women rarely wear their hair naturally. They commonly cut their hair short and do different hairstyles with artificial braids or wigs. But making such hairstyles is very costly as it needs hours of hard work with tiny and unmanageable hair. That is why you need to spend money on your girls so that they can update their hairstyle and feel more confident than ever.
  • Visit their church. As already mentioned, beautiful Nigerian women are very religious. Church has a very significant role in their lives, as Nigerians go to church every Sunday and celebrate all Christian holidays together. And when a woman asks you to visit her church, it means that she wants you to meet her family, friends, and pastor. So, it is a great honor and an important step in your relationship.
  • Do not visit her without advance notice. It is important to know that single Nigerian women like to wear comfortable clothes at home and feel relaxed. But they like to dress up, wear makeup, and have a nice hairstyle before going out. So, if you decide to surprise her with an unplanned visit, the chances of her not even coming to meet you are very high. Therefore, always make sure that you arrange the meeting or you will be disappointed.
  • Show respect to her parents. Each Nigerian tribe has its traditions and customs for showing respect to older people. But there is one important commonality among them: The suitor for a lady's hand should respect her parents to receive their blessing. It is good to know the rules of politeness and greeting, but it is even better if you know how to prostrate (Yoruba culture).
  • Show her that you are dating for marriage. You cannot date Nigerian women for fun. You are dating for marriage as an exception. She will give signals when she is ready and wait for you to propose. But if you are not serious about these relationships, she will break up with you.
  • Pay the bill at a restaurant. When you go out with a Nigerian woman, you can't hope to split the bill. Usually, men are expected to pay in restaurants and cafes unless the lady insists on sharing the bill. So be a gentleman and take care of the bill.
  • Spoil her with gifts. Never go on a date with a Nigerian woman empty-handed. But the good news is that you don't have to buy lavish gifts every time. It is enough if you buy chocolates or flowers. She will appreciate the gesture and you will have a great time together.
  • Be funny, make her laugh. If you can't make a woman laugh, you can't win her heart. But you don't have to be a stand-up comedian to make her laugh. Just be yourself, make jokes, and make her have a good time.

Nigerian Wedding Traditions

Nigerian Wedding Traditions

Nigerian wedding traditions and customs are fun, colorful, festive, and packed with music, food, and dancing!

If you are going to have a Nigerian wedding or an American wedding with Nigerian touches, below are wedding traditions and customs you should know:

The differences between Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba weddings

When it comes to incorporating elements of cultural heritage into a wedding, it is of utmost significance that couples do it in a manner that feels right to them and allows them to create a completely one-of-a-kind wedding. The weddings that Nigerian couples have in common have many similarities, but they also have a lot of differences that make each event unique and that need to be understood.

The process of the traditional Nigerian ceremony for Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba weddings is quite different.

Igbo Weddings

The most important ceremonial act at an Igbo wedding is the wine-carrying ceremony, during which the bride has to find her husband hiding in the crowd. There is no such thing as Yoruba or Hausa weddings.

Hausa Weddings

Besides the ceremonial differences, there is a big difference in the clothing at traditional Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba weddings. Most people can identify the ethnic background of the bride, groom, or family just by their choice of clothing without being told. Igbo grooms commonly wear a red cap and a special cloth known as the Isiagu, which features a lion's head. The color of the cap and lion's head is a sign of Igbo culture. Yoruba grooms commonly wear an agbada, a four-piece outfit (including a matching hat). Hausa grooms, on the other hand, often wear a Hausa cap or a braided hat known as a fula as part of their special outfit.

Yoruba Weddings

At Yoruba weddings, the bride is asked to pick the most meaningful item from the gifts provided by the groom's family to the bride's family, and she must always pick either the Bible, the Koran, or a symbol of her faith where her ring is placed. Yoruba grooms usually prostrate themselves, while Igbo grooms usually kneel.

1. The bride prices

In most Nigerian tribes, it is usual for the men of the family to propose an agreed number of items to the bride before the marriage can be performed. This is known as an eru iyawo in Yoruba, rubu dinar in Hausa, or just bride price. This is not to say that a woman is being sold but rather is a symbolic act to show that the man is financially able to care for the bride and her new family.

It is also supposed to compensate the bride's family for the loss of income or labor that he will bring to the family by marrying and taking the wife. This can be quite extravagant sometimes, and the price rises if the woman has a university degree.

2. Double ceremonies

Most Nigerian-American couples have two wedding ceremonies – the first one is cultural and has most traditional Nigerian elements. The second is normally a religious ceremony. Each ceremony is performed by its specific master of ceremonies.

3. No guest lists

Traditionally, there is no guest list at Nigerian weddings. The entire congregation is welcome and there is plenty to share in food and drink should the entire congregation be present.

4. Alaga

An alaga, traditionally a woman, is a Nigerian wedding speaker or host whose job is to put the groom and his friends on the spot for the enjoyment of the wedding guests. It is a real delight to watch this in person. In combination with dance, music, and laughter, the Alaga manages to create a live theater of wedding traditions that keeps people completely captivated during the hour-long ceremony.

5. Gele

Nigerian brides wear a traditional, richly decorated headdress known as a gele. Bridesmaids and their families follow suit and also wear a gele to pay homage to the cultural traditions of the day. The wedding party usually sources their clothing, including the gele (for the ladies) and the fila (for the groom), from a dressmaker who custom makes and coordinates everything.

6. Aso-Ebi

Aso-Ebi means "family attire" when translated directly. Nigerian couples pick what their guests wear by deciding on one color for the bride's family and another for the groom's family. At Kevin and Leigh's wedding, the couple asked the bride's family to wear pink and the groom's family to wear white.

7. Marriage proposal and acceptance

Before the wedding, the Nigerian groom has to write a letter to the bride's parents expressing his intention. This letter is a symbolic proposal and is submitted to the bride's family. The letter is usually read aloud by a member of the bride's family, following which the groom says "I do" on behalf of the bride's family.

8. Kola nut ceremony

The breaking of the kola nut – the bitter fruit of the kola tree – is performed by many tribes at the beginning of a traditional event and is performed by the elders to greet the guests. The nuts first need to be blessed before they are cracked. The more pieces the kola nut breaks, the more wealth is granted to the hosts and visitors.

9. Money spray

The "spraying" is the high point of a Nigerian wedding celebration, during which guests throw money at the couple to shower them with blessings. During this part, a live band and DJ play Afrobeat, hip-hop, traditional, and modern music while the couple dances together for as long as possible. As a rule, the couples get a lot of money during this tradition, as they usually get more money the longer, they dance.

10. Wedding cake

In a cultural Nigerian wedding ceremony, the bride and groom cut a cake! This tradition is unlike what we are used to seeing at American weddings, where the cake is commonly cut during the reception. The cake is cut during the Nigerian ceremony to signify rice and sweet happiness.

Top Cities to Meet Nigerian Women

Top Cities to Meet Nigerian Women

People in Nigeria are not fond of laziness. Young girls either go to school, work, or help their mothers with the housework. So, they are busy throughout the day. Moreover, the weather is not suitable for going out during the day. In the evening and at night, it is more convenient to take a walk, meet friends, and party. So here are the spots where you can meet single women in Nigeria:

1. Abuja – the capital of Nigeria and the eighth-largest city with the highest population

Abuja is among the priciest Nigerian cities to live in. You can only guess that the people who live here have fairly deep pockets. And you already know what money does. It makes people shine.

The girls of Abuja are the kind of girls you can't go by without turning around to see who just walked by you.

They are not simply dark-skinned and beautiful, but thanks to their genetic background, they are also quite tall and busty. Hausa and Fulani men and women are some of the largest groups of people in Nigeria.

Hausa girls also feature perfectly shaped noses. Their smiles are unique, and they radiate warmth.

2. Lekki, Lagos State

Lekki is one of those quiet places in Lagos Island that is the wealth center of Lagos State.

There is a high concentration of beautiful women here. And it's not hard to guess why: life here is, as one Nigerian says, "soft." Soft living means soft work and soft work usually translates into soft looks.

The women of Lekki, we can tell you, have some of the most beautiful skins you'll ever see. They shine, literally. Add to that the fact that they have a very sound fashion sense.

You know Lagos is the fashion capital of Nigeria? Imagine if Lekki was the fashion capital of Lagos.

Lekki girls are, simply stated, just class. Beautiful class.

3. Benin City – the fourth largest city in Nigeria in the southern part of the country

The ancient city of Benin is home to some of the most beautiful girls in Nigeria.

The women in Edo, like those in Calabar and Uyo, are pretty busty. But unlike those, they are slightly lighter skinned. They are not very tall either. Edo women are very kind and welcoming. They smile a lot and have no problem with you trying to become friends with them.  In terms of fashion, they are also quite trendy. Since Edo is a highly artistic area, many Edo women are fond of the arts. Mainly the visual arts.

4. Calabar – a port city in Nigeria

Cross River state in Nigeria shares a border with Akwa-Ibom state and is also full of beautiful women.

Like the women in Uyo, only bigger, the women in Calabar are pretty curvy. Indeed, they are proud of their curves. In Efik culture, a woman who is about to get married is brought to a fattening room and fed until she is fat and curvy. For the Efiks, the curvier you are, the more beautiful you are. Calabar girls are really warm and nice too. This is because Calabar people pride themselves on being friendly, especially to strangers.

5. Asaba – a city with over half a million inhabitants

Asaba is turning into a paradise. The new administration has provided plenty of money, and jobs are no longer an issue.  Women from Asaba have made it to the top 15 most beautiful women in Nigeria, and their beautiful eyes and well-shaped physique attract attention.

Asaba women are beautiful-skinned and very warm-hearted. Warmth is something that people in Asaba do not usually take for granted. Parents encourage their children to be warm-hearted. However, some girls from Asaba do have a problem with bleaching.

Where to Meet Nigerian Brides When You’re A Foreigner

Where to Meet Nigerian Brides When You’re A Foreigner

Sometimes the wish to meet a Nigerian bride is so strong that Western men start searching for single Nigerian women in the US. But this looks like searching for a haystack. And clearly, it is not cost-effective to go to Nigeria to meet a local bride. So the best way option so far is to use the services of online dating sites. So let's take a look at some of them.


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2. UaDates

The website is a relatively new entrant in the world of international dating. As a result, you generally won't find anything if you search the internet for customer reviews or feedback.

When looking for the best online dating service, it is necessary to establish several criteria. These include price, ease of use, reliability, and some other factors. Although you can describe your own needs, you should know that UaDates will meet them all. Here are some reasons to choose this international dating website over others.

3. LoveSwan

LoveSwan is among the few websites that feature a Tinder-like swipe function. The system shows the profiles of possible partners, and users are supposed to either "like" or "skip" the profile. If you pick the "like" option, the user will get a notification that you have shown interest in her profile. This gives her the chance to check out your profile, see where you're from, what your interests are, what your hobbies are, how old you are, and decide if she would like to chat with you or not.

Most of the time, the level of profile setup matters a lot. If your profile has no picture and only a few fields are filled in, you are likely to be blocked or rejected. That is, even if your profile is real, it does not inspire trust in other users. So be sure to set up your profile right before you start interacting with other members.

All you want to know about Nigerian Brides

All you want to know about Nigerian Brides

Why are there so Many Single Women in Nigeria?

The sex ratio in Nigeria in 2021 is 102.78 males per 100 females. There are 107.15 million males and 104.25 million females in Nigeria. The female population is 49.31% compared to 50.69% of the male population. Single Nigerian women are easy targets for unwanted advice and side conversations. There are a billion problems plaguing the country, but somehow people still consider a relationship status that says "single" as an anomaly that should be fixed as soon as possible.

How much does a Nigerian bride cost?

It is almost impossible to calculate the average bride price in Nigeria for a single reason: bride price lists can vary so much that one family may gladly accept a bride price of 1000 ₦, while other families may expect the groom to go all the way. Generally, it is recommended that the bride price be below 100,000 ₦ and can be as low as 20,000-30,000 ₦. This is to show the groom that he is serious about marrying the bride, not that he has run out of savings.

Why Do Nigerian Women Marry Americans?

Nigerian society has an unstated standard for married women, which is only mentioned when a married woman disregards these rules. Society (which is a man's world) expects women to be the ones at home all the time to raise the children and take care of the house. The institution of marriage in Nigeria is not only patriarchal but also very limiting. Many women had dreams that they could not realize because of marital obligations. Others just wanted to have fun, but fun is not something a married Nigerian woman takes for granted. Therefore, women see American men as having more freedom and respect for them. Many women in Nigeria wish to marry Western men and live abroad. But they will not accept the proposal of any man. These women have certain criteria to evaluate the financial stability of potential partners and understand if they can provide for the family. Moreover, only religious, hardworking, and loving candidates are worthy to propose to Nigerian women.

Are Nigerian brides a real thing?

It is no wonder that Nigerian mail-order brides are the most sought-after among all African countries. All men like delicious food and Nigerian women know that. They can do wonders in the kitchen. From an early age, mothers involve the girls in cooking and teach them the secrets of tasty dishes. This is how the young ladies learn how to prepare the most delicious traditional Nigerian dishes.

Nigerian tradition states that women should be modest and submissive. Therefore, girls learn from their mothers and grandmothers to respect their husband's word, because he is the head of the family. Sometimes, however, it is painful to see how this tradition forces women to tolerate the violent behavior of their husbands.

Above all, Nigerian women make the best partners because they are faithful wives and loving mothers. For these women, the welfare of their children comes before their lives and health. They are willing to work day and night to provide for their children. Although women in Nigeria love jewelry, colorful dresses, and hairstyles, they do not hesitate for a minute to sell everything and buy clothes for their children. All these great qualities together make Nigerian women the most desirable and worthy marriage partners for Western men.

How to get a Nigerian girlfriend?

Many men want to know how to make a girl fall in love with you. It's not hard, you can do it, and it's a lot easier than you might think. Whether you have a woman in mind or you're trying to find one in the social wilderness, you'll be able to do it, starting right now.

1. Open your ears

Nigerian girls love men who listen. Whenever they are lucky enough to meet one who gives them that attention, they are ready to share that world.

2. Give her compliments

Who doesn't like a nice compliment now and then? Make sure the compliment is genuine and sincere and not too deep.

3. Tell her that you love her.

This is a difficult topic for many men because it makes you vulnerable and opens the door to possible rejection. Usually, it's the girl who says the L word first, but not always.

4. Have confidence

To be truly lovable, you need to believe that you are worth being around. Most girls are not attracted to people who constantly put themselves down.

5. Get to know her better

Getting to know her is about more than just memorizing her birthday and birthplace. Spend time with her, build trust, and learn to appreciate the things about her that she doesn't often show.

6. Connect with her family and friends.

You're crazy if you don't think this girl's friends and family will influence her decision to open up to you or not.

If you manage to endear yourself to her loved ones, she will get the encouragement she needs to fall in love with you.

How can I marry a girl in Nigeria?

How can I marry a girl in Nigeria?

Step 1 – Online application


  • Birth certificate or statement of age.
  • Passport photo.
  • Letter of indigency
  • Affidavit of bachelorhood from a court/ bachelor certificate (if bachelor).
  • Affidavit of marriage (if already married).
  • Proof of divorce – Decree 90 and Decree Absolute (if divorced).
  • Death certificate of former wife (if widower).
  • Proof of annulment by the court (if previous marriage was annulled).
  • Affidavit of a single person with child/children (if single with child/children).

*All these documents should be uploaded.


  • Birth certificate or age certificate.
  • Passport photo.
  • Letter of indigency
  • Affidavit of virginity from a court/virginity certificate (if virgin).
  • Affidavit of marriage (if already married).
  • Proof of divorce – Decree 90 and Decree Absolute (if divorced).
  • Death certificate of former husband (if widowed).
  • Proof of annulment by the court (if previous marriage was annulled).
  • Affidavit of a single person with child/children (if single with child/children).

*All of these documents must be uploaded.

Step 2 – Oath taking

Return to the Registrar's Office on the day you choose to take your oath.

You must provide one witness from each party on the day of the marriage (please note this is not gender specific).

You are expected to provide 2 rings (male and female) or a Bible/Quran.

What to wear:

Wedding dresses and suits.

Native clothing.

Corporate ensemble.

(Please note that short sleeves, shorts, and jeans are not allowed. And don't be late so you and your Nigerian bride don't miss your time slot).