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Slavic brides – who are they?

It is not a secret that Slavic brides embody a high standard for women from all over the globe. It’s not easy to explain why accurately these ladies possess such unique gifts from mother nature as beauty, intelligence, and warmheartedness. Perhaps the reason for their specialness lies in the mix of the diversity Slavic nations represent. In fact, many famous brands choose sexy Slavic women as ambassadors. Sephora, L’Oreal, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton – they have shown the world the beauty of Valentina Zelyaeva, Natalia Polenchikova, Natalia Vodianova, Daria Strokous, and made from these girls globally recognizable models. Females worldwide hate Slavs because beauty is unfair. And, according to Frederic Beigbeder, one should fight against unfairness.

It is easy to spot an Eastern European woman in a crowd since Slavic beauties love to be dressed up. They prefer to wear chic dresses, high heels to jeans and T-shorts. Full make-up and perfectly styled hair, even in the morning, belong to their distinctive features. An average Western woman, in contrast, prioritizes comfort to look (her ordinary choice would be a business suit or just any other casual outfit). She prefers to wear shoes either with low heels or no heels at all. Besides, putting on make-up in the morning, in her opinion, is something completely senseless. But if she uses some cosmetics — it is usually in hushed tones. We, however, don’t want to say that Western women look bad or not well-groomed. It is just that they have other priorities.

What you should be aware of before thinking of dating women from Slavic countries — they tend to spend hours preparing for going out on a date or even shopping. These hotties often spend half a day at a beauty salon to look even more gorgeous. Ahh! Just so you know: Slavic brides do not try so hard for themselves only — for others, instead. Yes, they prefer fancy clothing and need a lot of accessories to feel confident. Society’s approval is the primary catalyst for their self-esteem.

Slavs also give much time and effort to flirt games. Perhaps it would not be so bad for them to adopt a bit of Western European life philosophy. For those who consider marrying a Slavic bride — you guys should be patient enough to get used to all behavioral nuances. But the final result (love and happiness) is definitely worth every effort you ever made.

Beautiful Slavic brides — where are they from?

The origin of the Slavs is quite debatable. So the territory where Slavic women nowadays live is pretty large. It includes Central and Eastern Europe and partly Asia (namely, North Asia). Traditionally, Slavic females could be divided into three major groups:

  1. Western Slavic girls. This group consists of women from Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and Lusatia. Sometimes in the literature, you can read that it also includes Kushubians, Silesians, Moravians. Classical science considers them, from the ethnographical point of view, Western Slavs too.
  2. Eastern Slavs. By the way, exactly they make the best Slavic brides, according to experts’ opinion. This group includes Ukrainians, Russians, and Belarusians. Also, as in the case of the Western Slavs, scientists emphasize Ruthenians (ethnographic group of Ukrainians), Polishchuks (Ukrainians or Belarusians), Lipovans, Pomors, Cossacks (Russians).
  3. Southern Slavic ladies. To this group belong Slovenes, Serbs, Croats, Montenegrins, Bosnians, Macedonians, and Bulgarians.

Why are Slavic women so popular?

Among the happiest couples, by an incredible margin, those families where a spouse has Slavic roots are leading. Here are a few of the main reasons why so many men from all over the world are, right at this moment, searching for Slavic brides on various international dating websites.

  • These ladies are stunningly gorgeous. There is a lot of evidence for this. For instance, a vast majority of the top models, queens of the fashion industry have Slavic roots. But what makes Slavic women attractive, after all? Well, they have plenty of advantages: slender figures, high cheekbones, luxurious hair, and hypnotizing eyes. A Western girl cannot paint it all with any make-up – no matter how hard she tries.
  • Slavs are extraordinarily clever and erudite. They, however, don’t brag about it. Remarkable conversationalists – with them, it’s always nice to talk about anything: from politics to the latest Netflix hit.
  • Cooking for sexy Slavic girls is not a duty but an art. What seems familiar to their local men, in particular – the obligatory homemade breakfast and dinner – turns into something special for most foreign guys. Trust us: with such women by your side, neither you nor your children will go to bed hungry.
  • While the creativity of Western ladies is limited to a student theater or an orchestra, Slavic women put no limit on it. If you ask a girl from any Slavic country about her hobbies, she will give you a list of one or two dozen of her favorite activities. She, most likely, can sing, dance, draw, write poetry, play Beethoven on the piano, and many-many more.
  • Slavic brides are considered incredibly loyal. They are unlikely to deceive or ruin a successful family life. Any obsession, even fleeting enthusiasm as a sacrifice of family comfort, is alien to them.
  • Slavs have empathy, which is one of the best qualities a person you want to spend the rest of your life with might have. These girls not only feel what is happening inside of their beloved ones’ souls but know how to sympathize. In addition, they will always provide a man with the necessary emotional support and are ready to raise him to the sun from the deepest bottom, to which fate often throws a man.

Pros and cons of dating a Slavic woman


  1. Single Slavic ladies take their beauty very seriously. Sure, they are lucky with their genes, but they spend a lot of time and money on cosmetics. These hotties will never leave the house until their good-lookingness is undeniable. Slavs learn to look after themselves from an early age, although, in truth, their beauty is natural. Slavic beauties do not even need too much make-up, but they do it anyway to feel more self-confident. They take pride in their appearances, and rightfully so.
  2. Such women are very persistent and rarely complain. They can keep a lot for themselves and not show their pain to strangers. But as soon as the cup of endurance overflows – then, someone is in trouble.
  3. Slavic brides for marriage are best, caring mothers. They are good at planning their time, and, thanks to this inborn talent, these girls can: meet a friend, go shopping, solve family issues, etc. We guess you agree that only a wise woman is capable of carrying out so many tasks. So, it means Slavic females can be a perfect example for all your local ladies to follow.
  4. Being able to cook well and to please a man – this gift is passed down from mother to daughter. The fact is that Slavic women know one rule – the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is the rule they successfully use in family life. And yes, a Slavic beauty will tirelessly surprise her husband with her culinary fantasies even after the 25th marriage anniversary.
  5. Foreigners prefer dating hot Slavic women, not only because they are good housewives. Such men, above all, appreciate the character traits of Slavs. A beautiful Slavic wife uses peaceful methods to resolve misunderstandings, and gives all her tenderness to her beloved husband. She is always ready to kiss and hug her man. You need to agree: these simple signs of attention are sometimes more than enough.

Of course, in addition to the advantages, disadvantages should always be mentioned too. So be prepared for the following points when considering dating Slavic brides.


  1. With Slavic women, you can never go dutch on a date. If you invite your girlfriend to a restaurant or go shopping with her – keep your wallet ready.
  2. Since an average Slavic girl is a very family person, she is jealous. It does not mean that your brain will endure you for everything, but you should not deliberately provoke her with jealousy.
  3. From a young age, Slavic mail-order brides were told they ought to get married and have children before 30. Entering into a relationship, these ladies start thinking of how their children will look, come up with names for them, and even by chance, take their boyfriend into a jewelry boutique. Exactly: the hints, in this case, are far from being subtle.
  4. Sexy Slavic women are very naive and love romance. It is pretty easy for each of them to break her heart since she becomes attached to a person quickly and can start having unrealistic expectations. Quite often, such a girl’s mistake is that she takes etiquette for flirting. Probably because Slavic men are mostly a bit rude, and females melt when seeing that someone holds the door or helps with carrying heavy bags.
  5. Every Slavic woman has a best friend. So don’t be surprised if she goes on dates with her (most likely, she’ll even ask you to take a friend with you too). Be ready that your girlfriend and her friend spend a lot of time together, which may even make you a little jealous, but don’t ruin the bond between them. After all, if she is alone – then you will have to listen to all her women’s stories. And it’s certainly not what you want to hear after the long working day.

What do Slavic brides look like?

When you meet Slavic women for the first time, their beauty and elegance are the initial things you will notice. These ladies have, in fact, harmonious facial features with a round or medium-round shaped face (the closer to the North, the more elongated skull they have). The average height of such a woman is 165 cm, her eyes are gray or blue, and her skin color is light. The body shapes of these girls differ from slender to curvy. But, the thin waists they anyway have cannot go unnoticed.

It’s funny, but some Slavs have distant features of the Mongoloids associated with the influence of this race in the Neolithic – full lips and a crease on the upper eyelid, which is noticeable with age. Poets and writers have constantly elevated beautiful Slavic women and were inspired by their appearances. And now you can better understand why.

How to seduce a Slavic woman?

So, is your desire to start dating a Slavic woman overpowering? Check out the best tips from our experts that ensure your success in seducing such a lady.

1. Making the acquaintance

To attract a Slavic woman, you ought to take the whole process very seriously. You need to think over and make yourself clear where exactly you are going to search for your potential girlfriend, what to tell her, and how to behave. Without understanding these essential things, it will be pretty challenging for you to get any success. In short, you need to be super-confident and not afraid to show your courage. You should not be too shy – just ask a girl to give you her cell phone number. What else? Don’t talk too much – don’t make stupid jokes. Never look at her like she’s the last girl in your life, and without her, you’ll die.

If your first attempt wouldn’t be triumphant – don’t get upset. Remember, failure means experience. This guarantees that next time you will plan everything much better and more efficiently.

2. Getting closer

It is the most crucial stage after the initial one. Because your girl has already agreed to go on a date, but what next? Is it possible to seduce hot Slavic brides right away? Well, mostly – not. You need to take it slow. Make it clear that with you, it will always be fun and fascinating. Convince her that you are not a typical jerk who only cares about computer games, his asshole boss, and football in life. Let your Slavic lady know – you have serious intentions towards her.

3. Seduction itself

Don’t laugh, but don’t listen to what your girlfriend says. To be successful in Slavic women dating, you need to know how to read between the lines. They can say one thing and mean something completely different. These ladies always speak with hints, with subtext, only rarely directly. They want a man to guess. Remember, the best things in life cannot be yours with the snap of your fingers. It always requires time and effort – relationships with Slavs are no exception.

What you need to keep in mind is that touches, in this case, are very important. Slavic females can’t live without physical contact. That includes kisses, cuddling, and, of course, sex.

Apropos sex. An open conversation about the desires and fantasies in this field is a win-win tactic. She will start thinking about what makes her turned on, and you will be with her at the moment! And if you add a nice gentle touch, the result will not take long.

Infuse emotions and charge a Slavic wife with them. You need to represent yourself as a strong and active man. Guess who all these girls dream of having sex with? That’s right, with a true alpha male!

Show your desire, declare it. How to do it? Be honest, do not be afraid to speak openly about the parts of her body that attract you most of all. Say what makes you crazy when you think about her. It means, if you want to seduce such a woman – then do something! If you just communicate, you will simply become a friend.

4. Sex

After the seduction of a sexy Slavic girl, if you’ve done everything right, it comes the most awesome stage – sex. The main thing here is not to mess anything up, not to scare her away. Make your girlfriend think that she is the only one in the world who makes you feel so mesmerized. The final result depends solely on the emotions and atmosphere you have created.

5. Relationships

Congratulations! You went through all these stages to find out that here comes the most difficult but, at the same time, the most pleasant one. We talk about committed relationships, of course. Dating a Slavs’ bride will bring many colors to your life. You will finally have a devoted and supportive partner by your side. No matter how innocent and feminine your woman seems to be – she will be your lover, friend, and companion in all adventures. Even if you one day find yourself in a real low point of life – a Slavic lady will be there for you. She will be the one you will go through thick and thin with.

Slavic women stereotypes

You can hardly find a country about which there would be no stereotypes of people who live there. They can be the result of historical events, cultural context, or the current political situation.

One of the stereotypes about Slavs is that they drink a lot. Initially, it was about Russian men, but with time, it spread to women too. It is a lie since Slavic women are not, in fact, addicted to alcohol. They can have a glass of wine or champagne at a party – but it never goes to extremes. In general, Slavic wives know how to have fun without any doping.

There is also a well-known cliche about the fact that Slavic brides are cold and distant. But in reality, such a woman will be the most optimistic person you’ve ever known – her warmth, love, and care are unlimited.

Let’s add at this point that the expression “cold hands – hot heart” describes these girls best of all.

Maybe the next stereotype is not really about women, but it has an impact on them. You might know that Slavic men are considered to be very jealous. And, many foreigners have heard that local males are not always friendly towards those Western men who want to take the most gorgeous ladies away from them. Good news – it’s nothing but a myth, and modern Slavs, notwithstanding the gender, try to demonstrate a nice attitude towards foreigners and, for sure, don’t hate them.

Differences between Slavic women and American women

  1. Beautiful Slavic women tend to put on make-up and carefully choose an outfit even for taking out the garbage. Not to mention parties or guest visits, which are perceived as nothing more than a social event on a global scale. In America, girls feel much more relaxed regarding their appearance. They are more restrained in the style of their clothes and seldom use cosmetics. In both cases, you always need to know when to stop. We mean, Slavic girls sometimes get carried away and overdo it with beauty procedures. But among US women, this aspect sometimes develops into complete disregard, and regrown hair roots or old baggy clothes act very repulsive for people of the opposite sex.
  2. The countries of the former USSR have probably the highest percentage of domestic violence cases compared to Western Europe. A drunken unemployed husband, who beats his woman, is not new there. Work, home, children – it is a common practice that Slavic women for marriage take care of everything. And even in retirement, they also gladly help their children in every possible way. Probably, only these girls can throw their lives on the sacrificial altar of marriage and family. American women are generally more feminized than any other nation. The image of a strong and confident lady, independent of men, is firmly formed in Americans’ heads. No man in America is offended if his woman earns more than him or pays for herself. In many families, parental leave for both males and females is considered the absolute norm. American girls put a lot of emphasis on gender equality. It is good unless it starts to reach the point of absurdity.
  3. American women were born careerists, unlike hot Slavic girls. The image of a true resident of the United States is a businesswoman who stubbornly strives to climb as high as possible on the career ladder. It is rare for an American to neglect a decent education or abandon it for a family’s sake. Iron business acumen, striving for success, perseverance, and hard work – this is what distinguishes American women from Slavic girls, who most often choose the status of a wife and mother. It does not mean that American women are bad wives. It is just that on the scales of priorities, the career outweighs it. Many sexy Slavic girls do not even consider it necessary to get a higher education, being content with school knowledge all their lives.
  4. Single Slavic women for marriage do anything. Actually, Slavic girls often get married immediately after school and stay for years on maternity leave, giving birth to children one by one. In Russia, people begin to look at an unmarried girl without children after 25, as if she is weird and something is wrong with her. Slavic women are sure that their true destiny is to get married, give birth to kids, and be housewives. And, unfortunately, sometimes it does not matter at all who exactly to marry. The main thing is to catch up with someone till 30 and not remain an old maid in the eyes of society. American women are more prudent about the issue of starting a family.

    Often, residents of the United States tie the knot after 30 years. But even forty/forty-five-year-old brides do not surprise anyone. Also, American ladies do not rush into family life, right into the deep end. They do not give up their careers and self-development, starting to bake pies and mop floors three times a day. They prefer to work hard and pay for the housekeeper and the services of a babysitter.

  5. According to the observations of men who had relationships with girls of both nationalities, American women are more liberated in all aspects. Sex for American women is not a big deal as opposed to Slavic girls. It’s thought in their culture that after having sex, every decent man is obliged to marry a Slavic lady. In general, American girls are easier to communicate with, doing it on equal terms. They can even support some exclusively «male» topics. The US girls do not care that much about others opinions and always do what they think is good. While a beautiful Slavic woman filter each of their actions through the prism of «what will people say?»

Of course, do not forget that everything depends on the individual qualities of a person. Just as Slavic girls have their feminized careerists, so in the United States, you can find an unemployed housewife with five children. But in any case, one should remember that any person has to be assessed, first of all, by his human qualities, and only then look at the other criteria.

Slavic women dating FAQ

What are the best Slavic countries to meet women?

You can meet a beautiful wife in Slavic countries like Russia, Ukraine, Poland, USA, Germany, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Argentina, Slovakia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Australia, Montenegro. Yes, we didn’t make any mistake: many Slavs live far away from their homeland.

Do not forget that beautiful ladies from Slavic lands like to travel so you can meet hot Slavic women even in your city! We can also recommend you to search for them online on specialized dating sites.

Why do Slavic women want to find a foreigner?

Foreigners like Slavic women and often want to find a Slavic mail-order wife themselves, and not without the help of Slavic dating and matchmaking services.

At the same time, more than half of the Slavic cuties are not indisposed to linking their lives with a man of a different nationality and go abroad with him. They just dream of marrying a foreigner, while others take proactive steps to make their dream become a reality. There is one more reason why you can meet Slavic women even in your country.

Why are women so attracted to meeting foreigners? First of all, because most of those girls see good perspectives for themselves in such relationships. Having moved abroad, many rebuild their life from scratch. There are prospects for self-realization, building a career, having children in a well-developed country with high social standards. All this cannot do anything but captivate the minds of a million girls who want to make acquaintances with foreigners to build romantic relationships. And then, if everything goes fine, create families. For many women, living abroad is synonymous with having a new, beautiful life, and marrying a foreigner is a way to get into this new life, and many do so. Someone wants to meet a New Zealander on their way, and someone – an attractive Australian. What is the secret of the attractiveness of foreign men from Europe, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia? Are they so special? Let us find out together.

First, foreigners are incredibly responsible and reliable, and they would love to marry a Slavic wife. The family for them occupies a special place in life, so foreign men are serious and mindful when searching for a loved one. They always weigh all the pros and cons. They can be relied on in both family and public life.

Secondly, foreign men are very respectful of their children. They take care of them, educate, and provide for them. If life circumstances are such that parents live separately, the father never abandons the children. He helps them both materially and morally. By the way, if a foreigner marries a hot Slavic woman, he accepts her children as his own. And he often becomes the best father in the world for them.

Third, Australians, New Zealanders, and many other foreigners are very kind and responsive people. You can talk openly with them. These men can be trusted if necessary.

Fourth, foreign men are educated and law-abiding. If local men can easily insult a woman on the street, there is no such thing abroad. A foreigner will never quarrel with his chosen one in public. There is usually no disrespecting shout and breaking of dishes.

Fifth, foreigners, as mentioned above, take a very responsible approach to start a family. They are great men and caring parents. They love and take care of their Slavic wives, take an active part in raising children, are interested in their achievements and hobbies. Not surprisingly, the number of beautiful Slavic brides willing to build serious relationships with foreigners steadily increases. Each of them deserves to be loved and happy! So Western guys know how to do it unselfishly and honestly.

Sixth, Slavic brides get along well with foreign partners. According to statistics:, the number of divorces in international families is much lower than in those where both partners have the same nationality.

As you can see, foreign men have many advantages. Many sexy Slavic girls, having visited international dating sites, find their happiness abroad, get married, and live happily.

How to find a Slavic wife?

To meet beautiful Slavic girls, you do not need to go to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, or similar countries. Nowadays, the world is open to migration and travel. So it is very likely to meet Slavs in your homeland or at a resort during the holiday time.

Plus, there are countless dating sites all over the Internet, so you can chat with beautiful Slavic ladies online. By the way, you can choose Slavic mail-order bride with the help of old-good international matchmaking services. Although it won’t be hard to understand how it works. Modern technologies allow you to text, exchange voice messages, photographs, talk via video, and even arrange online dates for Slavic brides. Remember: you can choose a reliable Slavic brides agency, where you can find various Slavic brides’ online services with our assistance!

We have already mentioned that you can date attractive Slavic girls online, right? So maybe you should be searching Slavic brides with similar interests on a social network you use? Start chatting with a few of them and see if you are good for each other. And after dating Slavic online, you can offer to meet her on the territory of any country of the world! It can be yours, hers, or somewhere in between. Just do not wait too long. If you conduct only online correspondence for months without taking any steps forward – it won’t work. The girl may think you are not in the mood for a serious relationship and cut off this connection. Also, don’t start a dialogue with the words «come to me» or «I am looking for a wife here». Be a pleasant companion and a worthy man, then your success is guaranteed.

What is so special about Slavic women?

  1. Appearance
    It is no secret that the appearance of a Slavic woman is considered the etalon. Although France and Italy, and any other country, have their beauties – there is no doubt about it. The chance to meet a Slavic bride walking along the streets of her city and remain indifferent is pretty low.
  2. Feminism
    We do not think it is worth saying that feminism did not take root among the Slavic peoples. Slavic girls in relationships do not forget: they are the weaker sex. In everyday life, they work, study, and drive a car, and some even boast of skills from the category of «hammering in a nail.» But when it comes to romance, Slavic women turn into affectionate, gentle, and caring creatures. This trait attracts many men, who are happy to show their gentlemen qualities.
  3. Attitude towards marriage
    Slavic women for dating and marriage know for sure – the opinion of others plays an important role. In the society of women from Slavic countries, a girl’s success is measured by the status of her partner, not by personal achievements. Slavic women’s education, excellent career, and several hobbies are worthless if she has no boyfriend. They prefer a handsome, rich, successful man to be by their side. If he, for some reason, cannot meet their requirements – each one of Slavic brides will be happy to support him in becoming the best version of himself.