Costa Rican Brides: How To Meet Costa Rica Women For Marriage

Costa Rica

Dating in Costa Rica: you are not in a third-world country, amigo!

Did you know that Costa Rican brides live in a country that is called Central America’s Switzerland? We bet this might seem a bit mind-boggling to you, but it’s a fact!

Have you heard that the natural wealth of this region is enormous? The landscapes, flora, and fauna of Costa Rica impress! Rain and cloud forests, exotic beaches, hundreds of active and inactive volcanoes – the list of natural attractions of this country can go on and on.

Dating in Costa Rica: you are not in a third-world country, amigo!

However, there is not only the richness of beautiful places to explore that fascinates tourists from around the globe. One of the most welcoming aspects is the people who live in Costa Rica. Or, better to say, Ticos and Ticas: that’s who they call themselves. They are very friendly and generous – this definitely allows all country visitors to feel at home.

But wait, is that really all you know about Costa Ricans? If yes – that’s certainly not enough, especially if you want to build a long-term relationship with one of the local ladies! You don’t need to worry, though. It’s not a problem because the blanks of the knowledge in this regard could be filled today. We have really dealt extensively with the most essential questions Western guys usually have when starting a romance with such girls. So, dear reader, shall we begin?

Costa Rican brides: who are they?

Single women of Costa Rica are inherently extraordinary personalities. They are charming, sweet, and warm-hearted. Their desire to help everyone around them is unique. Following high moral principles, these girls try to live right and, as a rule, successfully cope with all challenges in this respect.

An average lady from this Central American country is very outgoing and makes new friends almost effortlessly. It is never a problem for her to integrate into a new social circle – she remains, under no circumstances, lonely for a long time. Some experts think that that’s what makes her so attractive in the eyes of men.

Costa Rican females have a character trait that is pretty rare nowadays. We talk about the unshakable faith in the people’s original goodness. Each of them is extraordinarily kind, tolerant, open-minded – and, therefore, expects others to act in the same way. Their inner inexhaustible source of energy helps them to strive to do good. Otherwise – it doesn’t seem to be possible.

If you join a Costa Rican marriage agency, one thing concerning ladies from this country will be noticed right away. This is, of course, their honesty. The same goes for the respectful attitude even towards strangers. But, there is also a negative side to this aspect. With Costa Ricans’ naivety and altruism, just like the boundless faith in the descent intentions of others, they seem to provoke immoral ones to do awful deeds.

Throughout their lives, girls from Costa Rica usually experience many disappointments. Often it is necessary to get a good dose of reality, though. Still, many times, when starting everything from the beginning, they stay true to their initial beliefs. A great sense of humor and optimistic approach helps these cuties survive numerous difficulties.

What are Costa Rican women look like in 2022?

This magnificent tropical country is located in Central America, right on the shores of the azure Caribbean Sea. Almost a quarter of this exotic land is given to national parks and resort recreation. Thus, how could it be surprising that sexy Costa Rica girls are no less captivating than the nature around them?

What are Costa Rican women look like in 2022?

If you take a closer look at the celebrities of this nation, you will be surprised at how attractive they are. Veronica Gonzalez, Madeleine Stowe, Karina Ramos… They are like good wine – become even better with age. By the way, local beauty-queen Jessica Perez was a model for the famous Sports Illustrated magazine!

Okay, what are Costa Rican women look like? Not superstars, but ordinary people.

In their majority, females from this amazing land are fair-skinned. There are also mulattoes – but not widely presented. Their hair is usually thick and curly; the dominant color is brown. The eyes of local girls are almost as impressive as they are – all shades of green could be noticed there.

According to the Costa Rican life philosophy, a lady living in wealth shouldn’t be slender. The magnificent curves distinguish her. This body type is very much appreciated by local men, by the way.

Looking at women in Costa Rica gives the impression that they are constantly happy. The snow-white smile just does not leave their faces. And, perhaps, they really are?

Why are Costa Rican women so beautiful?

When you meet women from Costa Rica, you don’t have a chance to resist their charm. Their good-lookingness is not in doubt.

The beauty rituals of Central American ladies are very effective. These routines help them achieve the level of attractiveness females from other parts of the world can only dream of. For example, strong hair and smooth skin are typical of them. But how do they manage that? Is it all thanks to the nourishing power of aloe discovered by Maya centuries ago? Or the echinacea? For you, we have created a list of treatments that help Costa Ricans to look so stunning – check it!


In many Latin American countries, coffee is the number one product. However, in Costa Rica, its beans are used not only for morning drinks.

The fight against cellulite is on the agenda for all local ladies, so the green coffee wrapping procedure is very popular in this country. Thanks to caffeine – the skin becomes smooth and soft. It also has a lifting effect.

First, a cleansing scrub is applied to the body, then an activator gel is rubbed with massage movements. The next stage is an oil with green coffee concentrate and another massage session. The effect is outstanding!

Face fitness

Many Costa Rican hotties regularly visit gyms and do sports. Although, they never neglect facial gymnastics.

What does it involve? It’s a sort of facial massage that allows keeping its youthfulness for many years without radical manipulations. The point here is steadiness. These simple procedures help tighten the muscular frame of the face, which inevitably weakens over the years. Therefore, you can hardly find Costa Ricans with so-called “bulldog” cheeks. Only the laziest ones, maybe.


The nourishing, strengthening effect of the avocado oil is not only good for the skin – but also for the hair. Women in Costa Rica use shampoos and masks with the avocado extract. Its abilities boost their hair and ensure its natural glance. So that it appears strong and beautifully shiny every day.

Why are Costa Rican women the best wives?

Experts are sure – that Costa Rican single women make great wives. There actually are many reasons for it.

In marriage, a girl from this country will not try to become a leader. She will most likely obey her husband in everything without exception. Such a lady will always strive to give him compliments in front of others and make others respect him. Thus if you prefer the traditional gender division of roles – a partner from Costa Rica is what you need.

In the meantime, she definitely wants to get married. Family is one of the most important things in her life. Thus, an average Costa Rican woman grows into an excellent housewife. She never allows her house to be messy – her loved one will daily be fed deliciously. Creating a cozy atmosphere is what this female strives for. It’s crucial to her that everyone in the house is happy.

Generally, ladies from Costa Rica simply become excellent mothers. They do an incredible job of bringing their children up. These hotties know what children need and how to educate them correctly – the maximum amount of attention and care belongs to the must-do list. The inborn commitment and reliability play an important role here.

Pros and Cons of dating Costa Rican women

There are plenty of Costa Rican dating sites on the Internet nowadays. Perhaps, after reading the beginning of our article, you already want to join one. Don’t rush, though. We think this decision ought to be well-informed.

Pros and Cons of dating Costa Rican women

If you read what various experts write about Costa Rican ladies – the impression you get is probably indefinite. Some claim that these females are ideal life partners, while others warn about the attempt to search for love there. So who is right? In fact – both. The characteristics of women from Costa Rica are different for everyone. Anyway, certain points always stand out. Below we have summarized all the advantages and disadvantages they usually have. Read them to figure out whether a lady from this land can give you what you need.

Pros of dating Costa Rican women for marriage

#1. Their stunning appearance

In Costa Rica, ladies for marriage are blessed with natural beauty. In particular, their curvy bodies drive Western guys crazy! Their appealing body proportions make these girls look feminine and seductive.

As mentioned before, Costa Rican beauties have suntanned skin and, for the most part, emerald eyes. Their wavy brown hair could be compared to a lion’s mane! Thanks to mother nature, they are able to look fabulous with little or absolutely no makeup.

Due to historical and geographic conditions, females from Costa Rica combine the best facial features of European and Latino nations. So, it’s pretty apparent that such a girl can easily steal your heart.

#2. Their ability to show love

When you meet girls in Costa Rica, you immediately notice how sweet they are towards the people they love. This attitude ideally reflects their inner world. So, they indeed feel like that – it’s not a game. These ladies have a big heart and always choose to help others. And in contrast to Western females, they are not afraid to demonstrate their love.

We’ll give a small example in this regard. If you come to this sunny country, you will hear that locals call themselves Ticos. What does it mean? In Spanish, the suffix “-tico” they adore is used to express the insignificance of something – but it also has a soft or cute meaning. Through it, Costa Ricans show their fondness.

#3. Their intelligence

It’s no secret that many women consider their good-lookingness alone more than enough to succeed in relationships. Beautiful women of Costa Rica believe that there must be something else to make men fall in love with them.

In fact, we need to mention that girls from this country are among the smartest you will find anywhere in Central America. They all have a secondary education behind them. Also, the majority of them choose self-development and a university degree thereby. Thus, you can be sure that your Costa Rican girlfriend will be a great conversationalist. The one – always able to give a bit of good advice when you need it.

#4. Their purposefulness

Single women in Costa Rica have inner strength, self-confidence, and invincible willpower. This definitely causes respect and admiration from those they know. In everyday life, these qualities manifest themselves through their energetic and humorous manner of communication.

However, it doesn’t seem easy for an average lady from Costa Rica to make a final decision. But, as soon as it is done, she demonstrates outstanding determination. Her goal is to win – and it must be accomplished. She typically follows a wise tactic – first think and then act. That’s what ensures such a girl’s triumph in all undertakings.

#5. Their ability to evade conflicts

We have already mentioned that Costa Ricans are very kind and attentive to loved ones. They always do their best to avoid fiery arguments as long as possible. And yet, if a conflict arises, each of them starts seeking opportunities to eliminate it as quickly as possible. In their opinion, quarrels are absolutely no-goes.

You may notice it even when chatting with the ladies on a Costa Rican dating site. No matter how difficult the problem might seem initially – singles from this country – don’t let it become an insurmountable obstacle in your relationships. Remember: they love harmony and comfort and unwillingly let them disappear.

Cons of dating sexy Costa Rican brides

#1. Their spending habits

In everyday life: Costa Rica brides love to spend money on a whim. They, actually, pay more attention to brands than to the quality of the product. And therefore, such a buying habit makes them spend more money than the thing is really worth.

Sometimes Costa Ricans manage to make rational purchases, but, in general, be ready that it won’t be so. It might be a problem for frugal men.

However, don’t think your girlfriend from this land will take all your money and blow it all on useless stuff. She cannot ignore one of the defining needs of life – the need for security and confidence in the future, and that’s connected with finances for sure.

#2. Their excessive cautions

Notwithstanding the fact local girls want to fall in love and get married, they take things very slowly. You already know that Costa Rican dating is solely about serious intentions – but, at this point, we say that this effort has a significant drawback.

A woman from this country needs much time to experience the romantic sensations and make sure that she has found the right partner. Her rich imagination and liveliness of the character attract many guys to such a lady – and she wants to play it safe. The ideal boyfriend is the one who shares her sense of humor – but at the same time realizes how sensitive her soul is. You must agree: it takes a while to figure out whether a guy fits this description.

#3. Their naivete

You need to know that an average pretty woman in Costa Rica is very naive and vulnerable. She, unfortunately, effortlessly allows herself to be fooled…

Why does it happen? Well, such a lady usually builds her relationships on trust. She counts on the same attitude from the loved one, which is not always the case. Sometimes, people take advantage of her naivety.

Still, when deciding on a Costa Rican girlfriend – you need to keep in mind that she learns from her mistakes. No matter what – she can pull herself together and start from the beginning. And that’s what makes her so special.

#4. Their anxiety

Costa Rica females are emotional – that’s the feature they have inherited from their Latina forefathers. Although, this character trait has a disadvantage as well. It is sometimes expressed in their anxiety.

Women from this exotic land experience so many emotions per minute that they don’t want to share with anyone. They constantly worry about something or someone. Most often, the stress is caused by job problems and family issues. What is even worse – these girls don’t ask for help. They try to cope with all troubles on their own and don’t take loved ones out of their comfort zone.

#5. Their jealousy

This negative characteristic is typical for men and women of Costa Rica. Jealousy is an integral part of their souls.

Still, it is actively demonstrated by young ladies from this country. The older they become – the rarely they show it. With time, Costa Ricans start to realize how foolish it is and feel ashamed of the scenes of jealousy. So, basically, what you need to do is – be patient and wait.

#6. Their materialism

You already know that single ladies in Costa Rica are kind and warm-hearted. They genuinely want to get married to guys they love. The better mothers could hardly be found! Without a doubt, each of them brings harmony and happiness into the lives of special people.

On the other hand, we can’t say they are altruistic and not interested in material things. Rather the opposite – they try to surround themselves with luxury staff. Such a girlfriend won’t be glad to get a single rose as a present on a date. Thus, think it over: is your salary good enough for such demands?

Dating Costa Rican women: what should you know?

In Costa Rica, dating women and, in particular, making acquaintances is integrally connected with compliments. Moreover, the words of admiration are a kind of national sport in this land! Local guys, for instance, score extra points with piropos – that is what wise flattery is called in Spanish.

Dating Costa Rican women: what should you know?

In the search for the ultimate fondness, the imagination of Costa Ricans knows no bounds. Thus, piropos come in a wide variety of forms. It could be poetic, gallant, funny, ambiguous, or even piquant! The places where it’s allowed are also diverse: weekly market, bus stop, bar, etc. Actually, every opportunity is good. The point of the whole thing is to catch a girl’s attention and maybe start flirting, if possible.

Why do we tell it, you wonder? Well, that’s what you need to do too! Most Costa Rican hotties can’t live without endless compliments! They are happy to be compared to an angel fallen from heaven. And, it’s advisable you learn a few phrases. For example, this one: pareces miel de abeja, porque quien te prueba no te deja. Translated into English, it means: you are like honey – whoever tries you once can no longer get enough of you.

You can also use the Internet as a source of inspiration. By the way, the expression, “Let’s play chess! You the queen and I the king” – will work either. Furthermore, one of the country’s telephone companies offers a piropos service! Anyone who calls 6611 will immediately receive working flattery words right on the cell phone.

Hot Costa Rican women: rules and basic tips

You already know that meeting a woman in Costa Rica doesn’t seem hard. However, there are a few things you need to know about dating her.

Above all, it must be mentioned that an average female from this land cannot accept people the way they are. She tends to idealize those around her, including potential boyfriends. So you, indeed, don’t need to do anything special to charm such a lady. You can make her fall in love with you with empty words! Well, a little attentiveness, kindness, and pleasant communication are, of course, needed. A bouquet of flowers will help to show yourself on the positive side. But be careful that your Costa Rican crush in her fantasies won’t endow you with non-existing features…

When in love, this Central American lady will always give her best. She is willing to share everything she has with her beloved man. Literally after the very first date – such a woman may agree to get married if you spontaneously propose! Sure, she may change her mind overnight – but initially, she won’t even think about denying it!

A Costa Rica bride will never decide to test you or your feelings in a relationship. This, however, is not always beneficial for her… The lies and betrayal – that’s what such a girl often suffers from. Thus, as a result, love and idealization of a partner are repeatedly followed by disappointment, bitterness, and depression.

If you are lucky enough to have a female from this country as your girlfriend – we can only congratulate you. She will love you to the fullest, and this won’t change. A Costa Rican woman will be kind to you, and she will do everything to make your life better. Just don’t get used to her constant compliments and words of consideration! All this will last precisely as long as she feels the feelings are mutual. In case you start ignoring her or leave her attempts neglected, everything will change.

Without a doubt: it is easy to win the heart and fall in love with this lady. You just need to come up with an exciting date (think it over to the smallest detail and show maximum romanticism). The rest will depend only on communication. Make sure – you can give her everything she needs long before asking a female from Costa Rica out.

Cultural differences when dating Costa Rican women

Costa Rica has a rich culture full of traditions and customs. It has its roots deep inside colonial times. However, you shouldn’t think that the indigenous people of this region don’t have their own practices! In this part of our article, we are going to present to your attention some of the most interesting ones. Since you will definitely notice it during Costa Rica dating.

Cultural differences when dating Costa Rican women


It’s the best celebration ever, according to Costa Ricans. What does it imply? During the masquerades, groups of people dressed up and with handmade masks walk the streets, have fun, and dance all night long.

So you could realize the importance of this festival, we need to mention it has a special day of the year – October 31st! Therefore, you can hardly find a woman who wouldn’t want to join it.

The history of this custom is uncertain as it mixes some indigenous traditions with the Festival of Giants and Big Heads held in some parts of Spain. Anyway, the characters represented with the masks are loved even in this day and age.


The national dance of Costa Rica is called El Guanacasteco. Thus, if you want to start a romance with a local woman, you need to know a few facts about it.

El Guanacasteco ought to be danced in pairs. The rhythm of the music is pretty fast. It should be considered a kind of flirt, where a man chases a woman. And at the end of the dance, the dancers usually kiss. Although, the lady’s outfit is, as a rule, modest. It includes a white blouse and a long skirt.


There is an interesting tradition connected with the night before a wedding ceremony. In Costa Rica, dating and marriage should always be taken seriously. The custom before the celebration is no exception. For instance, it is customary for the groom to take the bride through the city streets to express his love for her. So, if you decide to get married to a Costa Rican girl one day – be aware you will need to do this.

Costa Rican women stereotypes

Different strokes for different folks. Have you already heard this proverb? And, yes – even the clock ticks differently in Central America. Perhaps, that’s what makes people from Western countries create all these stereotypes about Costa Rica and its citizens! But are at least a few of them truthful? Today, we’ll take a closer look at the five most common cliches in this respect. We hope this new knowledge will help you preserve the friendly and welcoming nature of the Ticas towards foreigners.

#1. All Costa Ricans have similar appearance traits.

Just think about it: over two million people live in Costa Rica. How can they all look alike?

Sure, most of the country’s population consists of children of Spanish immigrants. But, in 94 percent of cases – they are mestizo (representatives of the mixed blood of Spaniards and indigenous peoples of the continent). Still, if you look, you find out that 3% of the residents are black-skinned, and 2% have Asian roots!

Thus, a girl in Costa Rica who lives on the Caribbean coast differs from the one from the country’s capital.

#2. All Costa Ricans are lazy.

Oh no, Costa Rica hot girls are definitely not lazy! But we already know what makes you think so…

Let’s see: if there is one Spanish phrase you should learn before traveling to Costa Rica – it’s Pura Vida. Literally translated, it means pure life. But, we think the translation “nothing but happiness” probably is more suitable. Why do we say it all? It’s simple, the Pura Vida philosophy also refers to the attitude and personalities of the locals in this land. They try to have fun and enjoy the moment. In their opinion, it’s better to focus on what is really important – and it’s not always a career. By the way, modern psychologists find this approach healthy.

#3. All Costa Ricans are hostile to representatives of other religions.

Notwithstanding that women from Costa Rica, in their majority, are parishioners of the Roman Catholic Church, they have nothing against other faiths. If you visit this land, you see females who are not religious at all!

Anyway, there is freedom of religion in their country, so whether you are Orthodox or Muslim, a Costa Rican lady will accept you regardless of your beliefs. But keep in mind, Catholicism is the official religion that influences the laws. For example, it prohibits abortions – that is why local women are serious about dating.

#4. All Costa Ricans are bad-educated.

Ladies of Costa Rica can’t say that they suffer from a lack of education. In general, the situation is exactly the opposite. The majority of local girls have at least one university degree. The explanation for this phenomenon is pretty apparent. Costa Rica is a perfect location for many foreign companies to set up their branches! Political stability and security of this Central American land are highly motivating too.

The fact Costa Ricans are genuinely intelligent confirms their leisure activities. These girls love fine arts and generally demonstrate many-sided academic interests. Thanks to this, their lives are filled with harmony, beauty, and peace commonly missed in Western routines.

#5. All Costa Ricans want to leave their homeland.

No, Costa Rica girls really love their country! Walking the streets of San José, every now and then, you will hear Que Lindo ser Tica (it’s great to be a Tica).

The symbols of the state are sacred to them. With touching sincerity and dignity, children and adults sing the anthem on all holidays, hand on heart. All houses are decorated with flags and lanterns of the same colors as the country’s flag (5 wide horizontal stripes: blue, white, red, white, blue) for the holidays, and in some yards, the flags flutter constantly. Do you really think such patriots dream of leaving their homeland?

How to meet and marry Costa Rican women?

If you want to get to know a Costa Rican woman, you can hypothetically do it anywhere in the world. Of course, there are places where the probability of finding your Tica love increases – they will be named later. Nevertheless, it’s also possible in the country you live in! You will need to keep your eyes open to the usual places you visit every day. Be particularly attentive if you hear the melodic Spanish language.

How to meet and marry Costa Rican women?

However, if you are now planning your vacation, it’s your chance. There, all females you encounter are potential girlfriends! Just don’t be shy and approach those you like most. Remember: they are open and engage in conversations relatively quickly. Below you can find the best locations to meet women in Costa Rica.

San Jose

San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica. It is located in the Valle Central region between the Talamanca mountain range on the south and volcanoes on the north. The buildings in the Spanish colonial style are the highlight of the city that fascinates tourists. This includes, for example, the classicist Costa Rican National Theater on the Plaza de la Cultura, a popular central meeting point. Near them, the Museo del Oro Precolombino displays hundreds of gleaming gold artifacts from pre-Columbian times. Why don’t you want to see these beautiful places with your own eyes? Local women love to visit them in their free time.

Puerto Viejo and Cahuita

The southern Caribbean coast around Puerto Viejo and Cahuita is gorgeous! It enchants foreigners with a relaxed atmosphere. Jamaican immigrants make these locations really unique. So if you adore the Rastafarians and reggae music – it’s your ideal region. In the evening, live bands play in bars and restaurants almost daily. Thus, many single women come to listen to it, so you can just start a conversation with your favorites.

Manuel Antonio

This region is undoubtedly popular among Western people! Nevertheless, Manuel Antonio is exciting and worth a visit. You should also always remember that where there are many tourists, there are also many locals. It is, therefore, much easier to get to know someone in such an area. There are beautiful public beaches there with breathtaking sunsets – as well as snorkeling and surfing opportunities. So many ideas for the first date, don’t you agree?

If you don’t want to travel at present, the best option you have is – to join one of the dating sites in Costa Rica. Online matchmaking platforms are trendy in the Central American region. Almost always, there you can register for free and then start searching for local singles. Still, the most reputable websites and apps require paid membership.

Benefits of Costa Rican girls for marriage

We guess, after reading this article, your opinion about Costa Ricans has changed. At least, you already realize why these girls are so popular with Western guys.

Thanks to their open character and talkativeness – it’s not hard to get to know them. They make loyal partners and perfect housewives. But wait – we’ll give you five more reasons to get married to a woman from Costa Rica.

#1. She is polite

Oh yes, women from this land are not only well-educated – they are polite. You can notice it while chatting on a Costa Rican dating service, just like in real-life communication.

Let us give you a few examples. When entering a friend’s house or getting up from lunch, a Tica always says Con Permiso – she needs permission. A Por Favor (please) or a Gracias (thank you) should never be missing.

Elderly people are respectfully helped to enter the bus, and the seat ought to be immediately offered. The preferential attitude toward the mature, people with small children, and the disabled in various institutions such as a bank can’t be overlooked. You will be addressed as Caballero (gentleman) or Señor.

So, as you can see – you will never be ashamed of your Costa Rican partner’s behavior.

#2. She is a perfect mother

Every Costa Rica sexy woman could become a perfect choice if you plan to have children one day soon. There is almost no one in the world more assertive and caring!

Also, to give birth and raise kids is a dream of such a lady! Sometimes, it seems that all Costa Ricans are born with the strongest maternal instinct, which only grows stronger over time.

You don’t need to worry: no matter how busy a Costa Rican female gets, she will always make her family her top priority. She knows how to find the right balance between career and loved ones that creates a happy and peaceful atmosphere at home.

#3. She is a great housewife

A home is a special place for a girl from Costa Rica. She doesn’t merely see housework as a duty – she enjoys doing it. Keeping the house clean and cozy, just like cooking a tasty family dinner every day – that’s how a Costa Rican woman takes care of her loved ones.

The life of an average lady from this land can be very busy. Raising children, caring for the household chores, and having an admirable career… She can combine all these aspects of life. At the same time, this girl will never give up her love for you and her desire to make you happy every day.

#4. She is able to cook delicious dishes

If you marry a Costa Rica woman, you will be starting your day not only with a cup of coffee. Gallo pinto – a traditional dish made of rice, beans, and rooster meat will be cooked by your sweetheart. It is usually accompanied by white bread, eggs, plantains, or sour cream. So yummy, trust us!

For lunch and dinner, a spouse from this country will pamper you with a Casado. It is a solid meal consisting of rice, beans, a piece of meat (chicken, fish, pork, or beef), salad, and sweet plantains. You will also enjoy the traditional dish Picadillo, which contains chopped and mixed vegetables such as potatoes, green plantains, or squash. Be ready to try your personal chef’s dishes at home once you are married!

#5. She is a sports fan

Yes, you understood right – Costa Rican wives become sports buddies for their husbands!

For instance, American football is popular there. You will be asked about it almost everywhere! “What are you?” – this question is intended to find out which team is your favorite one. Thus, when having such a spouse, you won’t be offered to watch a new episode of “The Bachelor” instead of the football game.

Costa Rican brides FAQ

Why are there so many single women in Costa Rica?

Why are there so many single women in Costa Rica? Hate to break it to you, but it’s just another cliche concerning this country. Officially, there are 99.84 males per 100 females there. As you can see – the gender ratio seems to be more than well-balanced. Still, you can anyway join a dating service in Costa Rica. The fact that local girls don’t experience a lack of attention from Tikos doesn’t mean anything. They are more than open to falling in love with foreigners.

How much does a Costa Rican bride cost?

All cases are very personal, so we can give you only an approximate amount. Let’s imagine – you decided to look for a hot Costa Rican bride online. The average cost of communication is $300-$800 per month. It includes chats, phone calls, etc. The usual duration of the Internet stage of a relationship with such a girl is up to one year. Next – you will need to arrange a trip to Costa Rica. One night in a hotel in San Jose is priced from $100-$150. We talked about the three-star hotel, by the way. To this amount you will spend on accommodation must be added to the price of the flight tickets and other overhead costs. The wedding ceremony won’t be cheap either…

Why do Costa Rican women marry Americans?

If you are trying to say that these ladies are looking for a better life and financial well-being in the USA – you are wrong. Compared to other Latin American countries, Costa Rica is indeed doing quite well. It has an advanced economy, a booming job market, and great universities. Thus, a girl you will get to know there probably has a great post at work. So a Costa Rican lady is looking for love among American guys – not a source of money. If you are not an interesting person – you don’t have a chance of winning her heart.

How can I marry a girl in Costa Rica?

If you want to get married to one of the Costa Rica ladies – you will need to do a lot of paperwork. The final list of required documents should be checked right before going to the registry office. For today, the following documents are asked to be provided: your passport with a valid visa, certified copies of your birth certificate, and divorce decree or spouse’s death certificate (if applicable). From your partner’s side will be needed the ID card and a certificado de soltería del Registro Civil.

Are Costa Rican brides a real thing?

Yes, without a doubt – Costa Rican brides are a real thing.