Argentinian Brides: How To Meet Argentina Women For Marriage


Hot Argentinian brides: love in the rhythm of the tango

What are Argentinian brides like today? More and more of our readers keep sending us emails with this only question for a while already.

Honestly, we weren’t sure about writing this article since the lack of sufficient knowledge in this regard was obvious. But everything has changed after our team has found experts specializing in dating in this exotic country for Western guys. So we can finally fulfill the key condition for all our columns to be as objective as possible.

In the first instance, we like to start with a few basic facts about this South American land. Apparently, it’s not the most popular tourist destination – thus, it is absolutely okay that you don’t know much about it.

Argentina should officially be called the Argentine Republic. By the way, this is the largest Spanish-speaking nation in Latin America. But we can’t say it’s typical for this mighty continental land. One of the main differences between Argentina and the rest of the South American countries is the well-presented middle class of the society. Yes, locals are not as needy as Venezuelans or Ecuadorians. Perhaps, the ground for it could be strong connections with European culture. For the Argentine population, Spain and Italy are the most common origins. Bear these points in mind – they will help you understand Argentinian ladies better.

So without further ado, we welcome those interested in winning the heart of a hot woman of this Latin American land to read our article. You will find everything you need right here, in this text.

Hot Argentinian brides

Argentinian brides: who are they?

Elegant and sloppy, calm and hysterical, polite and rude, reserved and open-minded. All these attributes are commonly noticed by Argentinians. As you can see, they are rather controversial and perfectly highlight the main idea all experts have. It is pretty hard to get the general portrayal of women belonging to this nation. The reason for it is simple – around 94 percent of female citizens of it are descendants of immigrants from around the globe.

But let us make the impossible possible and describe one of the sexy Argentine women. How do Western men define her?

In their opinion, such a girl has at least three lovers in three different cities – but no serious boyfriend until she is 27. At the same time, she dreams of getting married and living happily ever after, like her parents. When you talk to this lady, most likely, she would avoid speaking of relationships. Her favorite topics are the latest projects at work and encounters with interesting people. If you ask a single Argentinian female to tell you what love is – she will become frustrated first. “El Amor?” – she will repeat surprisingly. And, when she says that, you will definitely see in her dark eyes the neon light of a tango bar. After a long pause, be ready to hear something like, “I’m not sure if I know what love is. But I’m looking forward to it.”

So, do you already feel captivated by this magnificent lady? We bet you do! And you haven’t even seen her yet! Just trust us when you compare your imagination to the true image of an Argentinian woman – you are going to understand one thing. Sometimes reality is even better than a dream.

What are Argentinian women like in 2022?

There are a lot of stunning women in Argentina. Take a look at local celebrities, such as Luisana Lopilato, Soledad Fandiño, and María Del Cerro, to make sure we are right. Men from this country have an opinion in this regard. They are sure all Argentinian females have a mirror of the evil queen from the Snow White fairy tale – and the girls ask it every morning who is the fairest of them all. It’s up to you to believe it or not, though.

Anyway, what are hot Argentine women look like? They usually have big dark eyes, luxuriant black or brown hair, and skin of chocolate shade. These ladies simply exude sexuality – no wonder Western men can’t resist their charm!

What are Argentinian women like in 2022?

Typically, a woman’s appearance plays a significant role in her life. Beauty contests, visits to hairdressers, beauticians, and manicurists become part of daily routine already in childhood. So don’t be surprised to see eight-year-old girls styled following the latest fashion trends and with the manicure like her mother’s. A bit later, when a woman grows up – she usually spends hours making herself look even more pretty.

However, not only facial features are crucial beauty aspects for Argentinians. They like to be slender, so all clothes sizes except for XS are considered inappropriate in this land.

Why are Argentinian women so beautiful?

What do you see if you open one of the Argentinian dating sites? Exactly: countless profiles of extraordinarily gorgeous ladies! Is it merely because they overdo it with Photoshop?

Of course, not! Their real-life beauty is no less incredible. But, in fact, it’s not surprising that Argentinians cause admiration in men worldwide. Shiny hair, sexy bodies, smooth skin – how can this all not attract attention?

But what is the secret of the good-lookingness of women from Argentina? Do they have the luxury of doing nothing special and remaining lovely? Well: yes and no. In the case of Argentinians, the final result is the perfect combination of natural attractiveness and hard work. Right below, you can find three main components of their appeal.


It is unlikely that all women in Argentina know what antioxidants are. But the overwhelming majority of such girls drink Mate regularly. It is a traditional drink of local Indians – a toning tea made from the crushed leaves of the Yerba tree. This must be brewed in a special vessel, most often made of pumpkin, and drunk through a straw with the filter. Mate contains up to 1.8% caffeine, vitamins A, B, C, citric acid, and many more beneficial substances. Women begin to drink Mate in Argentina at a young age.


Caring for their own health and body and, in particular, following a diet is an absolute must for Argentineans. It is emphasized in many ways: most representatives of the middle and upper classes of society are happy to go to the gym or yoga studio, do pilates or jogging, and ride a bike. They are trying so hard to keep themselves in shape, so you can hardly find a chubby lady in Argentina.


For Argentinian girls, it is very important to constantly protect the skin from sunlight – this helps to avoid early aging.

The best solution, in the opinion of these females, is aloe. Its leaves contain 99% of water and no less than 20 minerals. It makes the plant more effective than expensive face moisturizers! Also, it’s enough just to cut one leaf and put its flesh on the face – and the ideal organic anti-aging serum is ready! Cheap and practical: what could be better?

Why do Argentinian women make the best wives?

Why do you need to start dating an Argentina girl and even marry her, maybe?

Let’s face it: as soon as you have such a fiery lady in your arms – you can’t let her go anymore! She is beautiful both inside and outside. In combination with her unique cultural background and amazing sense of humor – a woman from Argentina turns out to be a perfect life partner. Some experts even call an average representative of this nation the best marriage choice ever.

Why do Argentinian women make the best wives?

There are also additional reasons that explain why Argentinians are wonderful girlfriends and wives for Western men. They are much more open-minded in comparison with conservative females from your country. This positively affects all areas of their lives. Ladies from Argentina demonstrate straightforwardness, cordiality, and hospitality. Even in communication with complete strangers, it doesn’t change.

You can hardly find a girl from another country who would be more warm and friendly than an Argentinian one. This fascinates many Western guys so that they feel magically attracted to them. But you should be careful at this point: some Argentinian females are a kind of gold diggers. So, no matter how sincere and sweet your conversationalist seems – check carefully whether this is the case.

Before making an affair something more serious, a girl from this land usually tries to confirm her partner has the same desires. If this is the case, she gladly starts a committed relationship or even begins to arrange the wedding ceremony. If not – she would never press on her boyfriend.

Pros and Cons of dating Argentinian women

Winning the heart of one of the single women in Argentina – often becomes the most desired dating goal for many guys from all over the world. At the same time, many of them say: once you have experienced a relationship with such a girl – there is no way back. But does really living together with an Argentinian lady bring merely benefits? Is there something you need to keep in mind prior to deciding on it?

We, like always, try to be objective as much as we can. Therefore – no, you will definitely face problems and misunderstandings when dating such a girl. To find out whether this romantic adventure is worth your attention – check our lists of pros and cons it might carry with. Take your time – each of them has five points.

Pros of dating Argentinian women for marriage

#1. Their exoticism

No matter what other men say about Brazil, Mexico, or Puerto Rico – the most exotic ladies live in Argentina. Moreover, if you check the recent statistics – you see exciting research. According to it – the number of females who consider themselves pretty in this country is off the scale!

The explanation for it is still the same. European roots do wonders! For example, in Buenos Aires, the majority of women represent the fascinating combination of Italian origin and South American temperament. We bet you are already captivated and want to know such a hotty better!

The last thought in this regard. Psychologists consider exoticism could be called the main driving force for keeping passion between partners. Promising prospects for the future, aren’t they?

#2. Their energy

The energy Argentinian mail-order brides have is simply incomparable. They are like perpetual motion machines – no more and no less.

If you wonder how this is expressed – the answer is simple. Through dances, of course! In Argentina, it’s part of the mentality and lifestyle. Each one of the local ladies demonstrates her passion and emotions through her hips moves.

Without a doubt, tango is the most popular in the country. But it doesn’t mean your Argentinian girlfriend wouldn’t dance when she watches videos on MTV.

Do you want to know how it could be beneficial for you? Just ask your loved one to show you some moves. While doing it, you will enjoy her sensuality and certain intimacy. Experience this, and you will never be able to forget it…

#3. Their ability to speak foreign languages

It’s no secret that Spanish is the official language of Argentina. But females of this country usually speak at least one foreign language fluently. This could be English, German, Italian, Portuguese or French.

For Western guys looking for love there – this is just a jackpot! For you, it means that you won’t face problems with the language barrier when being together with an Argentinian girl.

At the same time, experience has shown – an average woman from Argentina has no problem learning her man’s mother tongue! This is particularly beneficial compared to the attitude of the ladies from other Latin American countries.

#4. Their good sense of humor

For those who already know what Argentina women dating is, this aspect seems particularly beneficial. Why? Because it’s never boring with these cuties!

Not a single day of communication with a girl from this country passes without a lot of laughter and fun. But don’t think it’s simply fooling around – because it’s far from being true.

A good sense of humor and a bright smile: that’s what you are going to fall in love with. The jokes an Argentinian girl makes are always sophisticated and elegant.

#5. Their ability to cook delicious dishes

The subject of food (its purchase, preparation, and consumption) is one of the most important for every Argentinian female. Don’t worry: your girlfriend will teach you to act the same way pretty quickly.

This woman prefers to have dinner after 8pm – the perfect time for all workaholics. For sure, she can cook her traditional dishes for you, such as Humita, Choripán, Locro, or Asado. But your own favorite food won’t be forgotten because she also loves pasta, pizza, and steaks.

For breakfast, your Argentinian partner will undoubtedly make toasts or bake croissants. At lunch, however, it’s customarily empanadas time. These are pies with beef or chicken.

Does this all sound appetizing? Well, don’t forget you will be invited to join your loved one in doing sports after eating so much.

Cons of dating sexy Argentinian brides

Cons of dating sexy Argentinian brides

#1. Their obsession with their weight

Yes, Argentina ladies are kind of obsessed with being slim. It’s not only our opinion – this is official information. The local government states – 35% of Argentinian girls are constantly on a diet. While 47% of the entire female population of the country consumes solely low-carb foods.

We have a really revealing example for you in this regard. A few years ago, a young woman from Argentina committed suicide because she couldn’t lose weight. However, according to the doctors who examined her, this patient could never be called overweight. Moreover, her shapes were absolutely ordinary.

As you can understand from the illustration mentioned above, the diet fetish often evolves into borderline psychotic. You must be ready to face something like that when dating an Argentinian female.

#2. Their love for plastic surgeries

After realizing how women from Argentina worry about their imperfections – a famous Brazilian plastic surgeon could not hold back his shock. He even called this some sort of mania! And he wasn’t out of touch with reality. But if you check the number of breast augmentations or liposuctions in this country annually… You find out that Argentina leads among South American lands. Actually, it’s in the top five of the world in this regard – right after the USA, Great Britain, Canada, and Thailand.

If you are a representative of this profession, you probably need to consider joining your Argentinian colleagues. In this case, you would never have to think about the global economic crisis. Notwithstanding what is going on in the world – you will be performing up to a hundred surgeries per month.

Is it a big problem in a relationship with a girl from this country? Perhaps, it doesn’t seem so yet. But when your wife decides to have the sixth procedure on the same part of her body, you will understand what we mean.

#3. Their herd instinct

Unfortunately, the so-called herd instinct is very typical for beautiful Argentine women. The ground for it is difficult to understand, but it is so. Western people can hardly believe that in the era of globalization – a woman cannot have her own opinion. It’s definitely possible to follow any trend she likes (regardless of the geographical location). But she doesn’t want it.

How can this nuance be noticed in daily life? In the style of the locals, of course! If you look more carefully, you see how all ladies follow the same tendency. For instance, as long as dyeing the ends of the hair is cool – everyone, without exception, will be doing it. In case – leopard print belongs to current fashion trends, you won’t be able to find a store that sells something else. And Argentinians don’t complain because they’re used to it and don’t demand variety.

#4. Their attitude toward time

Nobody in Argentina takes punctuality seriously. And on the contrary, if you always come on time, make sure you take a good book with you so you would have something to do while you are waiting.

Even on dates, nobody expects you to show up at the given time. One, two, even three hours late is absolutely okay, and your woman wouldn’t expect you to blame her for it.

The only exception in this respect is business relations. There, punctuality is expected and respected.

#5. Their attachment to drama

Dating Argentinian women can be genuinely dramatic!

You already know that becoming such a lady’s boyfriend (novios) could take a few months or even years. However, when this happens – you will not have time to relax. Once you are officially in a relationship with a girl from Argentina, prepare yourself for drama on a regular basis. Especially when you argue, your beloved one will become hotheaded and fiery right away. When seeing it with your own eyes, you will have a chance to understand what the Spanish word “histerico” means. Burning rows, jealousy, and mistrust belong to the course, so get ready!

Dating Argentinian women: what should you know?

What do you need to know before joining a dating site in Argentina? Is there something different compared to what you’ve got used to?

The answer is definite – yes. First and foremost, the personality of the average Argentinian lady exudes exactingness not only towards herself but also concerning her partner. She finds this aspect essential for achieving happiness.

We can say with confidence: Argentinians do not leave their fate to chance. This could be noticed in their controlling approach towards husbands and boyfriends. So when falling in love with one of them, bear in mind, she might be very jealous sometimes. The best thing you can do here is not to disappoint her. Your goal is to become the complete opposite of what local guys usually do. It is no secret – they are machos for the most part and like to play love games with several girlfriends at once. Thus, if you demonstrate your loyalty and devotion – your Argentinian lady will be the happiest person ever.

There are a few more behavioral nuances in a relationship with a girl from Argentina that you should know. This concerns the etiquette rules. Like you better don’t eat in public places, such as public transportation. Also, if you drive a car – don’t close its door too loudly (it’s perceived as annoying). In addition, typical for the Western world, OK and thumbs-up signs are believed to be vulgar.

Last but not least: Argentinian females are very fond of flirting. Still, it’s not always what it seems at first glance. Therefore, avoid having high hopes for the new acquaintances you make before the ladies’ intentions aren’t clear.

Hot Argentinian women: rules and basic tips

Those Western guys interested in dating Argentina women are advised to read the tips placed in this section of our article. Is this your goal too? Take into account the expert knowledge we share to achieve the best possible results.

The first thing you should always keep in mind is that Argentinians prefer the indirect communication style. So be ready to see your girlfriend be meaningfully silent if something has happened. In case – she decides to give you a hint on what is going on – be attentive to the context.

Hot Argentinian women: rules and basic tips

Also, in Argentina, personal space doesn’t mean as much as in Western countries. Men and women may touch each other when talking or simply stand very close to each other – this won’t bother anyone. But be careful with the way you look! Direct eye contact can be interpreted as conflict intentions – so don’t stare.

Don’t be surprised if your Argentinian lady suddenly becomes emotional when you chat. Also, she might ask plenty of personal questions, and you better answer them honestly. Otherwise – you will be considered rude. Get used to the fact your girl will constantly interrupt you – it’s common in Argentina.

Let’s imagine the initial part of your romance with a woman from this land went well. Next – you will definitely be invited to her place. But how to act in such a situation? What is allowed? Above all, come 35-40 minutes too late. You must be well-dressed and generally neat. Bring a small sign of attention, such as a bottle of nice wine or a box of delicious chocolate. It’s necessary to wait until your Argentinian bride shows you where to sit. After that, keep your elbows off the table since it’s very impolite there. When dinner is over, you can leave the rests you couldn’t eat on your plate – it won’t be offensive to your special lady.

In conclusion, we need to say one thing. A relationship with a girl from Argentina won’t be the simplest task ever. Although, if you remain kind, sincere, and tolerant of her culture – the results will be fantastic! So don’t miss your chance for a better future with a hot wife.

Cultural differences when dating Argentinian women

How do you communicate with single Argentina women? Can you flirt with them just like with your local ones? What are the main cultural differences you are going to face? In this part of our article, we have put together the most curious facts in this regard, so you would react appropriately in every untypical situation.

Like the vast majority of South American countries, Argentina was colonized by the Spaniards in the past centuries. It is not merely noticeable through the country’s official language. The behavior and traditions were influenced too! Some might even say that Argentinians have a traditional Mediterranean lifestyle.

Cultural differences when dating Argentinian women

However, one of the principal differences between Argentinian and European women is apparent. For instance, as mentioned before, they are not afraid of physical contact. Notwithstanding the Corona rules, you will regularly see people hugging, grabbing each other’s shoulders, and kissing. And you undoubtedly ought to be able to keep up with this principle. Although – understand the girls right – kisses on the cheek are only an expression of a friendly attitude. It’s not some kind of flirt – so take it easy.

Night clubs certainly belong to Argentinian culture. On the one hand, there are some typical ones, just like in your hometown. On the other hand, locals prefer those discos with salsa and tango. Thus, when dating such a lady, be ready to dance to reggaeton and cumbia. If you don’t like loud parties – Buenos Aires has plenty of alternatives to suggest. For example, restaurants with live music, red wine, and a romantic atmosphere. The point is – at least, eating out from time to time is crucial for an Argentinian female.

The last matter we need to mention is Argentinian wives attach great importance to the well-groomed appearance of their partners. So if you want to be in a couple with one of them – leave the comfortable loose pants in your wardrobe. Put on something more elegant instead. But that’s not all that they require. To win the heart of an Argentinian girl, give enough attention to body care and hygiene. In particular, the smell of sweat is an absolute taboo. That’s why men in Argentina change their T-shirts and take a shower several times a day in summer. But could this really be called the cultural difference? We bet women in your country don’t like stinky guys in strange outfits…

Argentinian women stereotypes

Life is no picnic, especially if you only start your way on the international dating market. When you take a closer look, a relationship with a foreign bride continuously faces misunderstandings and other complications. The ground for it is clear: language barrier and cultural differences. So, the desire to try your luck with an Argentinian mail-order wife itself is not enough.

To live happily ever after with such a woman, you will definitely need to broaden your horizons to be able to understand her better. The first step you certainly need to do in this regard is to fight the stereotypes you have in your mind about Argentina and its people! By the way, just below are the five most typical of them.

#1. Argentinians are lazy.

It’s sad, but this is a common stereotype about representatives of Latin American countries. But, as confirmed by many men who personally know ladies from Argentina – that’s not true. Rather the opposite – they are obviously very hard-working.

But if it’s only a myth, why do Western people think so? Like in many South American lands, the typical Argentinian citizens’ daily routine may differ from what you got used to. The reason for it is climate. In such hot regions, siestas at lunchtime are absolutely okay. But don’t forget – this schedule makes locals finish the working day later. Thus, how can they be called lazy?

#2. Argentinians force their foreign boyfriends to learn Spanish.

If you have carefully read our article, you already know it’s fiction. The majority of modern Argentinian girls can speak many foreign languages, such as English, French, German, or Portuguese. So this aspect could hardly be called a real problem.

On the other hand, as in many countries worldwide, Argentinians welcome you if you try to speak a few sentences in their mother tongue. Your pronunciation or grammar is not critical since the point is in the gesture itself.

Therefore, it will be much easier for you to melt the heart of your favorite lady if you can say some romantic words in her language. But it’s not necessary if you can’t do this.

#3. Argentinians always want expensive gifts from their foreign boyfriends.

Argentinian singles usually start dating Western guys because they want to settle down. We don’t take into account the small number of gold diggers among them.

Representatives of the first category are definitely not interested in getting expensive gifts from their foreign boyfriends. In their opinion, such matters as attention, care, and support get the priority. Thus, when dating one of them, choose inexpensive presents, like flowers or perfumes. Or, even better, something from your homeland. Anyway, before you and your Argentinian woman don’t know each other well enough – it’s better not to bring any gifts.

#4. Argentinians are egoistic.

Absolutely not – Argentinian females are many things, but they are not egoistic. You notice it as soon as you get to know them better.

Moreover, family and family values are significant in Argentina. This attitude can be traced back to the political situation in the country’s past. Many years ago, no one could trust the local government. So relatives were considered the best advisors and supporters. Even nowadays, family in Argentina is associated with security both in financial and social aspects.

Also, women from this land gladly help older people. That’s how they show respect for their age and life experience.

#5. Argentinians are bad-mannered.

This stereotype could be formulated only by someone who doesn’t know what Argentina girls dating is. These ladies can’t be bad-mannered since their society requires following many etiquette rules. We want to be more concrete. So – here are a few of the points particularly important to them.

Yawning is considered rude in public. Eating and drinking on the go are totally unacceptable, either. Meals are viewed as social events in Argentina and not as filling the stomach. Putting your hands on the hips can be seen as an offensive gesture. At the same time, you should only sit on seating furniture and not on other objects such as tables, cars, cupboards, or anything similar.

There are many other etiquette rules your Argentinian woman will willingly share with you. So don’t think people in her country are bad-mannered.

How to meet and marry Argentinian women?

Those guys, who want to try Argentine dating but don’t know where to get to know such beautiful girls, have three options.

The first one suggests you buy plane tickets and fly directly to Argentina. For sure, this opportunity offers the largest selection of potential girlfriends. But among the disadvantages of it are the price and travel dangers.

How to meet and marry Argentinian women?

The second option advises you to search for your soulmate right in your country. There are many immigrants from Argentina, almost in every Western land. For example, you can try your luck in a small Argentinian restaurant, where such ladies often work. You shouldn’t be shy to talk to a girl if you like her. According to her culture, flirting at work is not something uncommon. After all, experience has shown, it often happens that a woman and a man in such circumstances fall in love and start a family. Why should your situation be an exception, then?

The third alternative is an Argentina dating site. This one proves to be the best in most aspects. Furthermore, you shouldn’t forget that online matchmaking platforms have become pretty ordinary for today’s singles worldwide. That’s why more and more Argentinian ladies become members of these Internet agencies.

It’s clear that trustworthy websites charge communication fees. And you will need to pay a pretty penny for it because Argentinians are very talkative. In parallel – they are looking for much closeness, even in online relationships. Regular good morning and good night texts are therefore absolutely necessary. Otherwise – you won’t be able to keep your girlfriend from Argentina interested.

As you can see, all three options mentioned here – are good and, with a bit of luck, can bring you excellent results.

Benefits of Argentinian girls for marriage

Women from Argentina are often considered one of the most seductive and captivating around the globe. For this reason, getting to know one of them indeed turns out to be a dream for many Western guys.

However, they can offer much more than just their good-lookingness. Their spirit is full of fire – Argentinians simply radiate a lot of joie de vivre. In addition, they are very well known for their pronounced family values.

We know you already realize having an Argentinian wife is like winning a lottery. But let the five more benefits of a relationship and marriage with such a girl take the rest of your doubts away.

#1. Their versatility

It might seem, Argentina women for marriage combine two opposite personalities. In their everyday life, these ladies are humble and look natural. The bright clothes for no reason are not typical to them. They are genuine – and this simplicity is wildly attractive.

Still, when being in a relationship with one of these girls – you will certainly discover another side of her personality. She knows how to stand out of the crowd – and you are going to love it about her. The fancy looks of an Argentinian female can leave nobody indifferent.

#2. Their self-confidence

The level of self-confidence Argentinian girls have is astonishing. They don’t need someone to support their actions or approve of their behavior. The dignity of Argentinians doesn’t let them suffer from a lack of self-esteem.

This quality is, for sure, beneficial in committed relationships. It allows such a woman to solve many ongoing issues by herself and become an equal partner for an average Western man. At the same time, high self-presentation skills allow her to achieve career success.

#3. Their inner freedom

Argentina brides never feel bound to something, so much inner freedom they have. Their open-mindedness lets them feel at home almost everywhere: in their home city, in a different region of their country, and abroad.

The fact, Argentinian ladies don’t really care what other people think of them helps to live a serene life. Isn’t it amazing to have such a partner next to you? Trust us, she will teach you how to feel relaxed no matter what. But don’t think a woman from this country allows herself to cross the line of morality – her manners are too good.

#4. Their talkativeness

You already know that Argentinians are always open to new acquaintances. It’s definitely part of their open-minded attitude. Therefore, you shouldn’t see finding a common language with a girl from this Latin American country as a challenge.

As soon as you get to know your favorite lady better, you can see in your own eyes how talkative she is. This female likes to chat on any topic that could come to your mind. Thus, spending time with her will never be boring. Even if you are the calmest person in the world – she will find a topic to discuss with you.

#5. Their interest in everything new

An average Argentinian female is open to new things. This involves all aspects of life: communication, participation in exciting events, traveling to countries she has never been to before. While conservative Western girls face changes with depression and stress – Argentinians do all such things with pleasure.

Moreover, even in the most difficult times, a lady from this country will smile. Nothing can destroy her optimism and belief that the future is bright.

Argentinian brides FAQ

Why are there so many single women in Argentina?

According to official statistics, there are around 23 million women in Argentina. Dating one of them, therefore, won’t be a problem. But, to be honest, we can’t say that the percentage ratio of single females and males is disproportional. Neither of the gender groups is over-represented.

How much does an Argentinian bride cost?

Let’s count an approximate amount you are going to spend on online dating and marriage to an Argentinian lady. The price of the communication services is around $100-$200 per month. We don’t count gifts and other signs of attention here. If you decide to travel to Argentina to see your Internet girlfriend in person – be ready to spend around $3000 for a two-week trip.
In general, guys married to women from this country spend from $7000 to $15000 in total.

Why do Argentinian women marry Americans?

The main reason why an average Argentine bride prefers Americans is local men. Even if they seem incredibly kind and friendly at first glance, their machismo can’t go unnoticed. The way Argentinian guys communicate with women differs from the typical Western approach. There, whistling, honking, and behaving aggressively – is absolutely okay. They are arrogant and don’t expect a girl to say no.
So, consequently, Argentinian ladies prefer foreigners because they show the necessary respect.

How can I marry a girl in Argentina?

If you want to get married to an Argentinian girl, you need to visit the local registry office in person. It’s required to choose the date of the ceremony in advance.
The mandated documents must be collected a maximum of ten working days before the wedding day. The Argentinian citizen who wants to marry proves her marital status by entering it in his Argentine identity papers. While you ought to submit an affidavit of marital status. A health check-up must be carried out seven days before the marriage. In the case of a previous marriage and divorce abroad, the divorce decree must first be recognized by the office in Buenos Aires. The conclusion must be provided with an apostille, translated, and certified. And – that’s all. Marriage registered in Argentina is equally legal in all Western countries.

Are Argentinian brides a real thing?

The answer is certain – Argentinian brides are a real thing.