Jump4Love review

  • The Jump4Love website is easy to find on the Internet and register to.
  • Even before registration, you can get access to the Ladies Gallery and watch short videos of female members.
  • As soon as your profile on J4L is filled out – you get 20 bonus credits you can spend on communication.
  • Thanks to the referral program, if your friend becomes a member of Jump4Love and buys credits – you get the benefit equivalent to 20% of his first purchase.
  • All letters are free to open.
  • The primitive design mentioned in our Jump4Love’s review makes a bad impression.
  • The lack of app.
  • An almost total absence of free dating opportunities.
  • The security holes in the website make the biggest drawback of Jump4Love.com.
  • The quality-to-price ratio is insufficient.
  • Customer support service doesn’t work appropriately.


Searching for a life partner on Jump4love.com: is it a good idea?

Searching for a life partner on Jump4love.com The Jump4Love.com website is a dating service that specializes in providing matchmaking services for Western men and Eastern European women. The company’s legal name is J-PROFIT OPERATIONS LIMITED, and its head office is in Cyprus. These guys prefer to call themselves nothing short of an international singles community which sounds really promising. However, is there something they differ from the other marriage brokers who operate in this field? Does becoming a member of this service really can change your life forever? Is it indeed possible to find the love of your life with their help, or is it just another fraud? Well, due to the fact this dating platform was created in 2009 – there are many controversial reviews on it. Today we’ll try to find out what’s true and what’s false there. Just keep reading to learn if choosing a Jump4Love to connect with women from Eastern Europe is a good idea or a mistake a priori.

First impression

We want to start our Jump4Love review with the impression its main page gives. So what can we see right after opening it? Well, without any doubt, the very first thing that can’t go unnoticed is its really out-of-date design. Either the site owners are genuinely conservative, or they simply don’t want to invest an extra penny in the appearance of their service. Still, no matter what they are guided by – any modern Internet user can’t be positively impressed by how J4L looks. Moreover: their logo, in connection with the background image, might appear a bit confusing. We mean, a picture of the Maidan Nezalezhnosty of the capital of Ukraine is ideally suited to a travel agency, but not a dating site. But why not take it further? Let’s take a look at the Jump4Love features available from its main page for unregistered users. It’s rather surprising, but non-members can look through the Ladies Gallery and even get access to the profiles of female users! Of course, it’s impossible to view all photos or initiate chat – but what they give is still pretty much. Simply said, choosing J4L, you don’t need to go through the registration process to find out whether among its pretty girls are those you are interested in or not. By the way, watching short videos from the VideoClips section is also available without signing in. Another free content from this dating service that is pretty useful at the same time is – Blog. There, singles can find different articles on the subject of relationships and marriage. All texts are divided into four categories: Dating Tips, Ukrainian brides, Relationship Tips, and Bedroom Tips. It’s a pity the last article was posted on December 2, 2020. It should be mentioned that the Jump4Love dating site is suitable only for hetero men and women. Unfortunately, gays and lesbians can’t find any dating opportunities there. By the way: for all straight guys who still believe in fairytales, we highly recommend scrolling down the main page of J4L and watching their commercial. When the video is over, the desire to create an account there becomes overwhelming. More realistic people may find it a bit too sweet, though.

Jump4Love women – where are they from?

When talking about the Jump4Love girls, we can say that, for the most part, there are presented women from Eastern Europe. To be more specific: from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. At the same time, we can suggest that the site owners want to expand the geography of their members. Why do we think so? There can also be found profiles of ladies from the Czech Republic, Georgia, Latvia, and Moldova. Unexpectedly, Asians are presented in the catalog too! Namely women from China and Kazakhstan! Not many – but still worth paying attention to. If you wonder what Jump4Love ladies are looking for – we are ready to give the official answer to this question. The site representatives claim their goal is to bring singles from different parts of the world under one roof and enable communication between them. It, therefore, means that their female members are open to new relationships and don’t mind finding love abroad after all.

How do you sign up?

How do you sign up to Jump4love.com For those who want to sign up to Jump4Love, that’s not going to be a problem at all. As soon as you open the home page, the registration form can’t be overlooked. You have, however, a few extra registration options. Namely – log in with a Google or Facebook account. It’s pretty convenient since you don’t have to waste time giving the website basic information about you. On the other hand, they don’t ask much from men who want to become members of Jump4Love. To be exact – your name, email address, and password are enough. Immediately after providing the mentioned above information, your account is created. Although verification of your email address is required. If you have time, it would be nice to fill in your user profile too. These simple actions will bring 20 free credits for communication. Jump4love.com login options Women can’t sign in that easily – without the assistance of the local representative of J4L, registration is not possible.


31, ⚐ Zaporizhia, Ukraine

27, ⚐ Moscow, Russia

31, ⚐ Dnipro, Ukraine

24, ⚐ Kyiv, Ukraine

How do you set up your profile?

Like you already know, the Jump4Love dating site reviews don’t lie. The administration of this site indeed gives free credits for making your profile look good. With each step, you can see how the profile completion rate changes. At first, they offered their new users to upload up to five profile pictures. But be careful: nudity and any kind of indecency, as well as photos of animals, other people, drawings, and landscapes – won’t be approved. What kind of personal information do you need to provide? Well, it looks pretty standard. They want you to share your name, date of birth, country, state, and city you live in. Also, J4L offers to add your ethnicity, religion, and education level. Next: come questions about your professional life (occupation, annual income), marital status, presence of children. Notwithstanding the fact you have already uploaded pictures to your profile – information about your appearance should be written in account information. It includes body type, height, weight, hair, and eye color. Of course, dating websites like their users to add a few words about their hobbies and habits. Jump4Love is pretty meticulous and wants you to work a little for those free credits, asking for even more details. For example, they like to hear about your music preferences, favorite kinds of sports, and pets. Don’t forget to add a small essay about yourself and your ideal partner – and only after that click on the “Save Changes” button. Yes, setting up a profile on Jump4Love takes at least 30 minutes. At the same time – they didn’t lie. As soon as we made the last changes – the promised bonus credits were added to the account balance.

What does a free membership offer?

Our Jump4Love’s review of the website can’t be objective without taking their pricing into account. It means we would like to build our opinion about the platform based on its price/quality ratio. Let’s, of course, start with the online dating opportunities you get at no cost. So, like in the majority of cases, the J4L membership is free. Good news for all users who register on dating websites just to look through profiles of cute ladies – on this platform, you can do it. Unfortunately, not much you can do without paying for it. In particular, only reading letters (without seeing attached photos) and watching videos of female members remains free of charge. The rest will cost you a pretty penny. What does a free membership offer on Jump4love

What does a paid membership offer?

It’s time to talk about prices on Jump4Love. Before falling in love with someone there, ask yourself: can you really afford the total cost? But first things first, though. We’ll try to put together amounts of all services so you could figure the general calculation in your head. Let’s start with the fact you need to convert the real-life money into credits to communicate on the site. In this case, the larger package you buy – the better discount you get. For example, 20 credits would cost you about $12 while 750 – $299. Therefore, if you are a talkative person – it would be wise not to buy small credit packages. We have found some Jump4Love dating reviews that warn people from the website’s Automatic Charge service. This so-called Auto-Refill charges your credit card each time your account balance falls below 10 credits. Stop them from doing it – you can only send a cancellation request to the customer support team. We’ve checked this information and should note with regret that it’s true. So if you want to avoid extra charges from your credit card – make sure you haven’t accidentally turned the Automatic Charge on. Dating site Jump4Love takes money from its users for the services on a per-event basis, as well as a per-minute basis. To the first category belong: send a letter (7 credits each), watch a video presentation (10 credits each), request for getting contact information (20 credits each). The second category includes text chat (1 credit per minute), webcam viewing (1 credit per minute), webcam broadcast (1 credit per minute). The price of the Gift delivery service may vary depending on the item you choose.

Main features

At this point in our Jump4Love.com review, we would like to concentrate on the platform’s features available for its users. Once your email address is confirmed, you get full access to the site services. What can you see, opening your user page, then? Right on the top of the page is situated the so-called quick access panel. There you can see the following buttons: Video Chat, Ladies Gallery, VideoClips, and Search. As you can see, they all remain the same as those available for non-members from the site homepage. Clicking on three dots, you can get the list of additional services – such as Blog, Romance Tours, Legal, FAQ, Support. In fact, only two extra buttons become available solely for registered users. Namely, the button, shaped like an envelope, enables instant access to your email box. There you can read letters other users have sent and write replies. It doesn’t seem to be super convenient, but mails from the administrator of the dating platform Jump4Love go there too. Near the above mentioned envelope-shaped button, there is a small picture of the user on the quick access bar. Clicking on it, you can see your user ID number, current account balance, and a few extra options. When hitting the My account button, you will be redirected to the page with other website features. The one from them that deserves our attention is the Referral Program. What does it mean? You can generate your personal link to this dating platform, send it to your single friends, and as soon as they have joined Jump4Love and bought paid membership – get a 20% bonus on their first purchase. In other words, having enough non-married buddies, you can use the site services for free for a while. We wanted to find out the details of the Romance tours service since it could be one of the advantages described in our Jump4Love site review. However, from the information written there, it’s impossible to understand how it exactly works. Reading the list of the matters usually included in the order, we had to laugh, to be honest. Who nowadays can seriously talk about providing a car with an air conditioner and comfortable apartment as a reason to choose them? Sorry guys, but why does someone need to pay your fee when car rental and booking.com exist? Also, singles buy romance tours not because they want to visit a Russian sauna or try traditional dishes – they want to find love. Well, from what they offer – it looks more like a usual trip to Eastern Europe. Due to the fact, even the approximate price is not mentioned – we can’t recommend members using the Jump4Love Romance tours service.

How do you search and sort the ladies?

The Jump4Love search may be customized to your idea of how the ideal partner should look. Beginning with the appearance (height, weight, body shape, eye, and hair color) and continuing with when a user was last time online. For those who worry about the language barrier, a special search criteria was developed – Level of English. So you can, for example, filter profiles only of the Jump4Love brides who can speak it fluently. How do you search and sort the ladies on Jump4love.com

How do you communicate?

Once again, members on Jump4Love.com can communicate with other users only if they have bought some credits. But what about the option they have, then? A bit less expensive one is, of course, communication through letters. After all, reading incoming mail is free – so you need to pay only for those you send. Still, it’s not as fast as chatting since writing a big email takes time. Talking about the Jump4Love messaging in real-time, we need to admit that there are a few options in this regard. You can choose simple text chatting and save some money or turn on your camera and pay a bit more. All right, that’s all Jump4Love offers to its users. So we can advise you to request a lady’s contact information as soon as possible to move your online communication somewhere you can get more.

Does Jump4Love have a mobile app?

Regrettably, we weren’t able to find a Jump4Love app. That indeed is a pity because modern people don’t limit themselves to sitting near the laptop all the time. The site owners should therefore consider developing an application that would satisfy their members’ needs.

Customer support

Right after you write your email and password on the Jump4Love login page, the big green Live Support button appears on your screen. You might think that by clicking on it, you will be redirected to a kind of chat with a site administrator and get an immediate answer to your question. So were we. But you better get ready to be disappointed because no live support in reality exists. They simply send you to a page where you can write a letter about your issues. Oh, and if you expect to get the reply soon – forget about it. We, for example, have got the answer only in 26 hours. They also give the false impression that if something really urgent happens – you can reach them through the phone. Have fun calling the Jump4Love dating website – no one is going to answer. For this reason, we can only advise you to search for solutions in the FAQ section. The information written there can hardly be called comprehensive, but it’s still better than nothing. Customer support Jump4love.com

Security and safety

Writing a review on the Jump4Love dating site, we, of course, have checked its security level. And, traditionally, we want to start with good news. J4L is a TrustedSite member. It is to say this platform is successfully certified by TrustedSite.com (former McAfee Secure Certification). This fact confirms Jump4Love is free from malicious software and links, as well as phishing. PSI security certificate ensures the safety of your bank details. And… that’s all. All joking aside, we were a bit shocked to read certain matters from the Terms of Use of this website. For example, in paragraph 7.2, it is noticed that information provided by any user in her profile or during a private conversation might be false or misleading. Okay, we can understand why they don’t give any guarantees about chats – remember Dr. House and his famous everybody lies quote. But the remark about profile information is really outrageous! Just think about it: they don’t let ladies register for their service without the assistance of the local agency. It makes sense only in one case – if their job is to check the identities and help with creating profiles of new female members. Obviously, their main task is something else… Well, no wonder that there are so many reports about the Jump4Love scam on the Internet. Oh, by the way, according to the Terms of Use – J4L won’t be helping you with resolving all kinds of disputes with other members. Clicking on the “I agree” button, you agreed not to involve them in any conflicts. Simply said – if a Jump4Love woman turns out to be a completely different person compared to the information placed in her profile – you can’t send your complaints to the site administrator. And due to the fact they currently don’t conduct a background check – your security is really in question.

Jump4Love FAQ

Is Jump4Love free?

The Jump4Love online dating site is not absolutely free to use. However, you can become a member without paying any subscription fee. As well as look through the profiles of Ladies Gallery and watch short videos that women post. Everything else, unfortunately, has its price.

How to create a profile on Jump4Love?

Like we mentioned in the J4L dating site review – creating a profile there won’t be hard. You can either make it from zero, following our instructions or save yourself time and log in with Google or Facebook. Don’t forget that filling out your profile won’t only help you to be more successful in your search. At the same time, it will bring you 20 bonus credits for communication.

How do Jump4Love credits work?

To explain to you how the credits of Jump4Love work, we need to mention what it generally is. So, credits are standard units: an equivalent of the real-life currency of this website. In other words: to pay for its services, you need to exchange your money for credits. The point is the larger package you buy – the better price you get.

How can I delete my Jump4Love profile?

Unluckily, Jump4Love profiles are not that easy to delete then to create. To deactivate it, you need to contact the customer support service of the site. Don’t expect to get a reply earlier than in 26 hours, though. And better spend all the credits you have on your account balance since a refund, in this case, is impossible to get.

How many members does Jump4Love have?

According to the official data and Jump4Love reviews of other people, we can say with confidence. This dating platform has over 500 000 users (males and females).

Is Jump4Love safe?

Telling the truth about Jump4Love, we, unfortunately, can’t say this website is safe to use. We can’t advise our readers to choose it for one simple reason: they don’t take responsibility for what their members do. It means ladies can post everything they want and tell fairy tales during chats, and no one really cares about it.

Can I use Jump4Love anonymously?

Well, yes and no. You can use the services that Jump4Love provides without writing a word of truth in your profile. No one checks if the picture you post is yours or not. The same goes for your name, age, etc. So, at some point, you can really use it anonymously.

How can I know that the profiles are real?

Most likely, it’s a matter of belief. According to the Terms of Use, the way you communicate with the Jump4Love women is solely your responsibility. Just like complaints, if you are not happy with something, by the way. So the only way you can check the lady you communicate with is real – offer her a video chat. Or, even better, transfer your communication outside J4L.

Is messaging free?

When talking about the Jump4Love communication opportunities – we need to say neither one of them is free. Messaging is no exception.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

When you visit Jump4Love, create a profile there – the only thing that remains is your email address confirmation. As soon as you get the corresponding link, clicking on it, you get your profile approved.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

If you want to keep your account safe, Jump4Love recommends making a really complicated password, above all. Also, never forget to log out from your account each time you end the session. It is advisable not to use J4L from public computers since someone can steal your bank data in this case. Communicating with the female members, don’t give any kind of your personal information too (we are talking about your social security number, for example).

In conclusion, we want to answer the most essential question. Is Jump4Love worth it? Honestly - not really. We can't advise you to use this website with a clear conscience. The reason for it is the disadvantages are much more weighty than the advantages, in our opinion. Still, we hope that the site owners will try to change something after reading this review. At least - show more willingness to work on the improvement of their services.

Safe & Secure
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9.3 Overall Rating