Armenian Brides: How To Meet Armenia Women For Marriage


When you are hunting for info about Armenian brides, here is the right spot for you! Armenian women are indeed amazing looking, being the perfect mix of Asian and Caucasian traits. They are characterized by their long dark brown/black hair, dark brown/black eyes, and long black eyelashes. This kind of woman is mystifying. We will find out some intriguing facts about them in this article. The article will certainly help you understand their characteristics and likes better, so read on!

PROs & CONs of Dating Armenian Women

Despite a variety of ladies around the world, many men still prefer to meet ladies from Armenia. But before that, it is recommended to discover all the advantages and disadvantages of dating these ladies.

PROs of Dating Armenian Women



brides from Armenia have a reputation for being one of the most fascinating women in the world. Their lovely, fit bodies, deep-set eyes, and glossy hair make men mad.


Owing to cultural characteristics, these women stay innocent and maintain their honor for their husbands.

They pay respect to their husbands

In contrast to women of foreign nations, Armenian women have familiar stereotypes. Parents bring up girls to believe that the father and husband is the leader in the family. Girls have to be respectful of men and obey them. That is what they carry over into their own families.

Good manners

Armenian women are highly moral. Raising girls well is a top priority in Armenian families. They understand proper manners and are able to handle other people with respect in a courteous society.

Strong communication skills

These women make engaging conversational partners. Although a woman may appear shy at first sight, she will certainly get chattier once she knows you more.

Armenian women are good at housekeeping

One more advantage of dating an Armenian woman is the fact that your place will never be dirty again since they usually have a habit of keeping the house in order. Be careful not to overuse their kindness, though, or they may feel that you are only treating them as your maid, which may turn out poorly for you and result in an argument.

Dating Armenian woman is enjoyable, they are quite active.

Although Armenian girls may be very shy in the beginning, once they fully relax, they will give you the time of your life, not just in the bedroom, but in every other activity too. They really enjoy going out, hanging out, and having some fun activities, along with having romantic walks in the evening before heading to nightclubs where they love to dance to prove how hot they are.


They do not like the idea of “open relationships”

If you prefer dating several women at the same time, then you’d better avoid marrying an Armenian woman, because for them family is above everything. They will not cheat on you and expect the same in return.

It is difficult to get to know them

Armenian girls come from very conservative families who strictly control all dating. So you will have to make a lot of effort to meet the women from Armenia you are interested in.

Relationships will not develop quickly

Do not expect anything to happen right away at the first meeting. Armenian ladies require a special approach, so you should learn some tips for dating them.

Armenian women are status conscious

Since this is a “southern” nation with heavy patriarchal roots, it is quite normal that women are highly status-conscious and to some extent materialistic.

They do not rush to marriage

In terms of wedding planning, it is difficult to claim that Armenian women are genuinely family-oriented, despite the fact that they originate from traditional upbringings. Tendencies are changing and with them the priorities of Armenian women. The marriage rate in Armenia has been declining continuously. There were more than 6 marriages per 1K residents in 2009, whereas by 2020 the number was only around 4.

Dating Armenian women might be complicated

While it may appear stunning, dating Armenian girls can sometimes be quite demanding, since they normally prefer you to behave just like them, meaning that you should offer them the same loyalty and respect that they desire.

Armenian girls practically never do one-night stands

Armenian dating culture commonly precludes one-night stands, and this can be frustrating for anyone who is just looking for casual hookups. As a result, you have to work hard to get Armenian girls into bed and this can sometimes be pretty complex due to their shyness.

Armenian women are highly conservative and traditiona

Armenian families are rather strict, and Armenian girls are as a result very conservative, which means that if you really wish to thrill Armenian girls and make them love you, you will have to put a real effort into your relationship, so you can get their endless loyalty and passion.

Armenian Brides – Myths and Facts

Armenian Brides - Myths and Facts

Fact 1: Armenian women become overpowered by their families, and this means that many are rather pampered

You have to realize the contrast between a regularly pampered Armenian woman and one who is unusually pampered.

A normally spoiled Armenian woman would like you to behave like a gentleman and behave to her the way you behave to her family – opening the car door for her, taking her presents, and paying the check. On the other hand, an abnormally spoiled Armenian woman would like you to kiss her feet and shoes – it is better to avoid this sort of Armenian woman.

Fact 2: A lot of Armenian women are great cooks, and this will go in your favor

Whereas some younger Armenian ladies are unlikely to be good cooks, lots of Armenian girls are actually great chefs. Plus, Armenian food is extremely tasty (harissa and khash, for example). As a rule, having a pro-Armenian girlfriend usually means adding on extra pounds! However, it implies that she will take care of you and your future children anyway.

Fact 3: Armenian women will not be your sex partners

If are you in search of a sex partner among Armenian women, then you are at the wrong address. Armenian women just will not do such a thing – such a thing is not a part of their culture. In fact, Armenian women obey traditions and their families do a great effort to protect them.

Fact 4: You need to evaluate her willingness to go out on a date with anyone not Armenian

Even if this Armenian hottie is open to dating someone who is not Armenian, chances are that her family will not be supportive of the idea. So find out in advance what her family’s thoughts are on the matter to avoid getting caught off guard later. The reason for this is that most Armenians only prefer to date Armenians, which is perfectly reasonable – there are just around 3 million Armenians on the planet, meaning that if they mix with other races, the amount of Armenians will get even smaller.

Myth 1: Armenian women are Asian women

In theory, Armenia is in Southwest Asia. But in reality, a number of Armenian women describe themselves as Caucasian since they don’t actually resemble Asians.

To be honest, I believe that’s the reason why Armenians are so appealing looking – they are a great blend of Asian and Caucasian traits. It is no surprise that the TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” has become so beloved and Kim Kardashian is a celebrity because she is famous.

Myth 2: Since Armenian women are hot, then they also have to be great in bed

Ummmm. This isn’t actually the case. In fact, at least two-thirds of Armenian women aren’t all that good in bed, based on a massive survey. That is why you have to check out her skills in bed before you start a serious long-term relationship with her. But from what we know, if she is pleased in bed, then she will take very good care of you for having worked hard.

Myth 3: Since she is highly spoiled, she must be the dominant one in the relationship

The truth is that it’s exactly the opposite. She is the princess, but she is not the leading character in the relationship. She is actually the submissive character in the relationship! Remember Anastasia in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ – this is likely how you are going to be in the relationship if you are with a typical Armenian woman, meaning you can anticipate something intriguing and thrilling in the bedroom too!

Thus, if you propose that the two of you should watch this movie, she will be like ” okay”. And if you propose that the two of you have dinner at that restaurant, she’ll say “okay”. If you suggest that you both stay home this weekend, she will say “okay”. Perhaps it’s not as sexy to not have an opinion? But we do not believe that all Armenian beauties are like this (a lot of them are though).

Dating a Woman from Armenia: Rules & Basic Tips

Dating a Woman from Armenia: Rules & Basic Tips

Dating an Armenian woman is quite close to dating Southern European women, with a blend of Eastern European culture. Women in the big capital city of Yerevan are more cosmopolitan and not as traditional as you probably think you would find in any big city in any big country. But the usual dating rules still apply.

The common meeting places for dating are walks in the park, going to a cafe, and regular bars and restaurants.

Usually, Armenian women like to be looked after and to have meals and drinks together. Meaning, if you invite her out on an evening date, do not simply go for a walk with her in a park, but rather expect to go with her to a pleasant bar or lounge for a drink. Alternatively, if you’re just “hanging out” in the daytime – like on a Sunday or so – you might choose to spend time at a coffee shop or simply go for a walk in the park.

But the ideal thing is to go to a nice bar lounge for some drinks and afterward hang out and dance in one of the city’s clubs.

Armenian women get used to aggressive and bossy men. They like it when a man chases after the woman in no uncertain manner and shows his desire right from the start. Therefore, if you are overly oblique, she could see this as a cue that you are either not interested or possibly gay, and this might be a turn-off for her.

Be aggressive – since that is what women look for – though try not to be overly aggressive in making her do things she is not interested in doing. When she says “no,” quit and continue if she feels fine about it. Never put an Armenian woman on the spot, because native men would never do that.

Tips for dating an Armenian woman

Get a grip on things yourself

Armenian women may not be used to being the lead in a couple and may hesitate to make the first step even, but this does not signify that they aren’t keen on seeing you and dating you – you simply have to take the first step.

Always check if she is comfortable with you

As a rule, Armenian girls lack dating experience and don’t exactly understand the way they should react to certain things in a relationship. Keep asking her if she is at ease with the way things work!

Act as her knight in shining armor

Armenian women are accustomed to being hard and standing up for themselves, yet at the end of the day, they like to be protected, spoiled, and get the attention they have earned.

You need to demonstrate to her that you are a family person

Starting from a very young age, Armenian girls already know what they desire, as well as their desire to have a family. Therefore, in order to open up to you, an Armenian lady must see that you are serious about the long haul.

Be generous

An Armenian woman is not one to offer to split the check on the first or tenth date. She prefers to be handled like a princess, and that means restaurant outings, kind presents, and the occasional unexpected outing.

Armenian families have to be respected

If you are going to marry an Armenian woman, you need to behave differently towards her parents. Armenians are welcoming and gentle, but sometimes they can be reticent. While Armenian women in their 20s and 30s don’t mind dating foreigners, their parents may have a different opinion. They might not be friendly enough with you to let their daughter move to a different country.

Dress in suitable clothing for appropriate occasions

Armenia maintains a continental climate, having mild summers and bitterly cold winters. The positive news is that the country is rather dry, which means you will not break a sweat in the heat. You can wear casual clothes, though avoid shorts and sleeveless shirts. To leave a good impression, you should keep opting for a mix of comfort and originality. Pick minimalist, classic sets which will never be out of fashion.

Armenian Wedding Traditions

Armenian Wedding Traditions

Armenia, neighboring Georgia, and Turkey is a nation with a culture rich in history and traditions. As 93% of Armenians are members of the Armenian Apostolic Church, most of the wedding ceremonies are devoted to God and the Church. If you would like to take part in an Armenian wedding or get married into an Armenian family, you have to be aware of some of the main beloved traditions and customs:

1. The Khosk-Kap

The groom is believed to properly propose to the bride’s family before proposing to her. This ” proposing ” is known as the Khosk-Kap and includes a ceremonial dinner hosted by the bride’s and groom’s families. It generally takes place at the bride’s home and family members are asked to come with floral decorations, candies, and Armenian cognac. At the start, tea is commonly proposed, though it can only be drunk after the bride’s family approves the marriage. As soon as the approval comes, both sides of the family discuss it with each other and begin to schedule the wedding.

2. The engagement ceremony

Engagement ceremonies typically aren’t a necessity, however, in Armenian culture, they are! A ring, bracelet, earrings, red dress, and veil set on a tray in front of the groom are given to his bride as part of the engagement ceremony. Every article signifies a pledge that the bride will make. The bracelet on her wrist stands for being devoted to her husband, and the red dress and veil stand for a pledge to become a loyal wife to the man she is marrying.

3. Sharing the pillow

One frequently quoted Armenian saying is “May you age on a pillow.” This is used to signify the wish that the bride and groom will be together forever, so it is traditional in Armenian culture to have this saying stitched on a pillow as a wedding gift.

4. The red dress

Historically, Armenian brides have a red silk dress with a crown made of red and green cardboard. This crown is in the form of wings and is topped with feathers signifying a dove. Doves are a key part of an Armenian wedding since these birds are set free at the reception to show the couple’s love and happiness during the years of marriage. The color scheme of red and green is a representation of the groom’s life and devotion, thus creating the ideal color scheme for the future bride.

5. The brother pays

When the bride is getting ready, her brother secretly puts some money in her shoes as a symbol of happiness. Before the wedding, another Armenian tradition is that the bride writes the names of her bridesmaids on the soles of her shoes and then crosses out the name when every bridesmaid gets married.

6. Coin toss

After the ceremony, as the bride and groom are walking back down the hallway, their guests throw coins to the couple representing prosperity and success.

7. Emergency kit of the Armenian bride

Before the bride prepares for her great day, the best man sings and dances his way to the bride’s house wearing a sinis. This is a typical Armenian gift basket packed with items for the wedding day, among them perfume, flowers, chocolates, liquor, and shoes.

Top Cities to Meet Armenian Women

Armenia is a stunning, unexplored country for tourists. Its towns, villages, and mountains will offer you some of the most unforgettable travel adventures. A tour to Armenia is also a splendid chance to meet single women from Armenia, and below are the top three cities where you can do that.

When traveling to find an Armenian bride, you need to consider picking a big city that has the widest variety of women to meet. However, there aren’t a lot of them in this country. Actually, the only city with a big population is Yerevan, the capital. Over 1 million people are living there.

Other cities have populations of approximately 100 thousand people and under. However, even if not very big, some very nice and attractive cities are still worth visiting. The most popular city among tourists who have already been to the capital is Gyumri. It is known for its picturesque nature.


The greatest spot to visit and meet hot Armenian girls is, for sure, the capital city of Armenia, Yerevan. Yerevan itself is a very nice city, with a lot of historical significance for Armenia and many historical sights to check out. The main point to remember about Armenia is that the population is quite small in comparison to most countries. Even in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia and the biggest city in the country, live just about 1 million people. Still, beautiful Armenia single girls form a major part of the population. Along with the lovely streets of Yerevan, check out the restaurants Tavern Yerevan Riverside, Minour, and Sakurada or the nightclubs Omega, Prince, and Paparazzi.

Yerevan has quite nice clubs and bars where you can meet some sexy Armenian girls, and we will mention a couple of them here:

  • Hemingway Bar – the atmosphere in this bar is nicely done and the music is rather nice, making this a great spot for you to take your Armenian girlfriend out on a first date.
  • Calumet – this bar is made in Asian style and has a wide range of music, exquisite food, and drinks. During weekends this bar is considered among the most crowded spots.
  • Bourbon Street – this bar is not for everybody, it is rather lush and if you are not a foreigner, you cannot get in unless you present a membership card, which you won’t have, of course. But you can normally try to speak to the security staff so that they allow you in if you come from a different country. In addition, make sure that you are dressed suitably since this is one of the posher bars.

However, not every fine girl from a respectable family, who is best for a serious relationship, goes to nightclubs. Thus, you can try to find smart and educated girls in local museums and parks.

The main points of interesting cultural places in this city are:

  • Yerevan Museum of Modern Art
  • The Historical Museum of Armenia
  • The National Gallery of Armenia

The most attractive parks are:

  • English Park
  • Park of Lovers
  • Park of the 2800th anniversary of Yerevan
  • Tumanyan Garden
  • Botanical Garden

Actually, you can find two types of girls in Yerevan.

The ones who are happy to hang out and enjoy themselves, yet expect you to pay for everything from drinks and food to lodging and cab rides.

These girls are sure to mess up your time in Yerevan and kill your fun, so the best thing you can do is just stay away from them.

However, on the other hand, there are well-educated and sophisticated girls who are the real deal and will let you definitely enjoy all the pleasures of a pretty woman from Armenia.


With just over 100,000 residents and barely any high buildings, Gyumri is a city that takes you back to the former days of Armenia. It is worth noting too that most of the Armenian girls living in Gyumri haven’t met a foreigner before, which means you will be completely enveloped by their interest. Head to Cherkezi Dzor, Florence, and Chechil restaurants or Montecristo and Diamond Club if you are looking for action-packed fun.

There are some nightclubs where you will probably run into hot Armenian girls:

Diamond; Marrakesh; Montecristo; Lucky.

Being a rather small city, the number of parks here is not very high. Only a couple of them is:

  • Central Park
  • Victory Park


Vanadzor is another Armenian city that has a small population, yet a lot of historical sights and nice landscapes. Like other Armenian cities, there are not a lot of foreign tourists in Vanadzor, so you certainly become the focus of the attention of single girls from Armenia. There are not many posh restaurants in Vanadzor, though local girls adore Tashir Pizza, Lori, and Barbeque House restaurants. Solenoid Nightclub and ReFresh Bar are another two favored meeting places.


Echmiadzin is the religious center of Armenia with a high percentage of the young population. Although the city can hardly be called a business center, it attracts thousands of tourists.


It is another incredible place in Armenia, also famous as a resort in the country, and is a great place if you would like to spend a fun winter and meet hot Armenian girls on their vacation. The city provides its guests with some exciting winter sports opportunities, like skiing.

Where to Meet Armenian Brides When You’re a Foreigner

Meeting women in Armenia is absolutely possible. Particularly if you head to a bigger city. The girls around there are kind and eager to talk to you. You can find clubs where local women love to party.

Girls you run into on the street can also simply be nice and talk to you since they are polite. However, that doesn’t signify that they would like to have a date with you.

And hot Armenian girls in clubs as a rule are just out to flirt. They are not there in search of a relationship. So it is complicated to get Armenian women to marry there.

That is why the Internet is still the greatest spot to search for a bride. The times when parents were trying to find husbands for their daughters are gone. Nowadays, a lot of women use the Internet to find a possible husband or wife. That is why you can easily find an Armenian mail bride through the Internet.

So you can easily find out more about Armenian dating culture and get ready for the serious case when you decide to travel to Armenia and meet some hot Armenian women.

Probably one of the best online dating sites for that is

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  3. It is a fairly new dating website created specifically for foreigners who are looking to meet Armenian women. Armenian Passion started operating in 2018 and is regarded as rather new, however since its launch, the site has experienced constant growth in traffic, making it highly popular. The site has many free functions, with a few particular features available, like the 3Dcity function, allowing you to wander around and connect with other people in real-time. All in all, the site is quite decent and has a lot of helpful and entertaining functions so that it will assist you in dating some hot Armenian girls.

All you want to know about Armenian Brides

Why are there so Many Single Women in Armenia?

Why are there so Many Single Women in Armenia?

According to the statistics, there are fewer men than women in Armenia. There are 639101 men aged 25-54, while there are 661421 women of this age. It looks like the gap is not that big, yet it makes the search for a suitable groom among the locals significantly harder. Therefore, a lot of Armenian single ladies are considering foreign men.

Moreover, there are girls who think that quiet and settled Western men are preferable to hot-tempered native men.

How much does an Armenian bride cost?

Armenian mail-order brides may not be as common as other girls, but it is definitely worth searching for them anyway. The total expenses for an Armenian mail-order bride are about 5,000 dollars over the entire period of your dating. For online dating services, you will just spend from $40 to $80. To figure out other things you will need to pay to attract an Armenian woman, keep reading below.

What is the cost to attract an Armenian woman: real-life costs

  • Trip to Armenia. The cost is between $700 and $900 for a one-way plane ticket.
  • Gifts and flowers. Flowers and gifts don’t really cost so much. 300 dollars would cover two weeks.
  • Hotel and accommodation. 50-70 dollars per night.
  • Wedding. Usually, prices for an Armenian mail-order bride start at $5,000-10,000 and can hit $40,000-50,000 for glamorous ceremonies.
  • Why Do Armenian Women Marry Americans?

When you hear about the numerous benefits of Armenian women for marriage, you might think that these women could easily get a proper husband in their home country. But this is quite far from reality for a lot of Armenian girls. Many Armenian men are old-fashioned, and definitely not in a positive sense: they want their wives to do the cleaning, cooking, and raising kids, rather than enjoying their lives to the fullest.

This is a key factor in why there are so many mail-order Armenian brides who seek foreign husbands. One more factor is that women in Armenia are searching for better opportunities for themselves and their future children and think that the only way they can get them is through marriage with a foreigner.

Armenian women think that American men are the best marriage candidate for them. They also think that American men are more modern and not as demanding as Armenian men. But the needed condition is the approval of the bride’s family.

Are Armenian brides a real thing?

Armenian women look unique and eye-catching. They have olive skin tone, big, deep, and catching eyes, and black, curly, and lush hair. Armenian girls have amazing bone structures and are formed perfectly. They realize that family is the main priority in life, and that is why they always prioritize family and everything else comes second. Armenian women are completely loyal to the core. They ask for absolute faithfulness from their partners, yet they are also willing to show the ultimate loyalty and devotion to the person they love.

How to get an Armenian girlfriend?

It is obvious that the most effective way to meet sexy Armenian women is to travel to Armenia. This way you can get to know the traditions of the country, better understand their values and decide if their lifestyle is suitable for you. But if the distance is not so critical, you can use the services of purpose-built agencies. They are focused on bringing Armenian women and their suitors together. The chances of meeting a woman from Armenia are higher on dedicated websites than in bars or clubs. If you use the sophisticated features and state-of-the-art technologies of virtual dating communities, you will definitely find the person of your dreams.

How can I marry a girl in Armenia?

Armenia is a secular country; therefore, the act of marriage needs government registration. It is not obligatory to register the marriage in the church or in other religious establishments. The registration procedure is different from the option where the two marriage partners are Armenian citizens, but it can be done with no significant difficulties.

State registration of the marriage involves a mutual application by both parties.

Where one spouse is a foreign national, the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia admits applications and issues permits for the couple to register the marriage between a local spouse and a foreigner. If a party is unable to attend the registry office, the declaration of will of the other party can be expressed with separate declarations and has to be verified with signatures in the way required by the law.

The following policies apply to all marriages in Armenia.

  • Mutual agreement of the husband and wife and attainment of the majority by them is mandatory.
  • It is prohibited to marry with a person who is already married, according to the law
  • Between relatives, like parents and children; grandparents, grandmothers, and grandchildren; with or between stepbrothers and stepsisters; cousins.
  • Between adoptive parents and the adopted child.
  • If one of the spouses is found by the court to be legally incompetent.
  • Registration of marriage with Armenian brides by proxy or agent, i.e. durante absentia, is prohibited.