Puerto Rican Brides: How To Meet Puerto Rico Women For Marriage

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican brides: a fantastic combination of Latin-American hotness and the US-mentality

Do you know what tourists usually say when visiting the homeland of hot Puerto Rican brides? It’s the land where US flags can be seen almost everywhere but with the typical Caribbean atmosphere.

Oh yes, this country represents an absolutely different world! It offers its visitors a wealth of breathtaking landscapes, mouthwatering flavor combinations, and exciting experiences. If you take the round trip through Puerto Rico – you won’t be disappointed. From bustling San Juan with its fascinating old town (the legacy of the Spanish conquistadors) to the paradise of nature with untouched beaches and hidden islands. A lot of thrilling adventures await you there.

Puerto Rican brides

By the way, the famous piña colada cocktail comes from Puerto Rico. It is not a widely known fact, but the local Hilton hotel claims this drink was created by its bartender in 1954! However, the poster on the front door of the restaurant Barrachina states it is their masterpiece. Anyway, it’s worth coming to both places and deciding which tastes better, isn’t it?

Another tip in this regard – you can make from piña colada degustation a great rendezvous with a gorgeous local lady. We bet you will be enthusiastic to hear that Puerto Rican girls should definitely be named among the most good-looking around the globe. Did you know that this small Caribbean island has more than five victories in such prominent beauty contests as Miss Universe? Impressive!

Okay, we hope that we’ve stimulated your interest in Puerto Rican singles dating. There is no sense in waiting, then. Let us share with you everything you need to know in this regard.

Puerto Rican brides: who are they?

We don’t want to offend you, but with a high probability – you do not know much about Puerto Rican females. Don’t take it personally – it’s a general tendency. Thus, initially, we like to describe these hotties’ mentality and typical character traits through the prism of the history of their exotic homeland.

If you know some Spanish, the translation of Puerto Rico into English is no secret to you. It was called a “rich port” because of the enormous natural wealth. Therefore, be sure that the ladies from the country of gold mining never lower themselves.

The land is situated on the smallest island of the Greater Antilles. As early as the 16th century, the Spaniards discovered it and realized its strategic value. By the way, Puerto Rico was earlier called the gateway to the new world. But even in this day and age, the Spanish influence prevails there. It could be seen in every tiny detail: from language to the manners of the local women.

An interesting study was conducted by the University of Florida concerning the happiness rate of different nations. According to its results – more than four million Puerto Ricans are the leaders in it. This explains the cheerfulness of the females from this land.

The beautiful women of Puerto Rico are proud of their Spanish roots and US citizenship. Yes, you understood it right – anyone born there is considered an American citizen. That, for sure, brings many benefits. It is even their own representative in the US Congress! The only two disadvantages are: that they cannot participate in the legislative process and in the president’s elections.

Okay, what should you expect when letting such a lady become part of your life? We can assure you – most pleasant things. When the American way of thinking meets a Caribbean joie de vivre – the result is always amazing!

What are Puerto Rican women like in 2022?

According to a study conducted by a famous biologist at the University of California (Berkeley), an average girl from Puerto Rico can be considered genetically perfect. Why did he decide so? The answer is simple: females in this country have multi-ethnic roots. They have African, Spanish, and Taino Indians’ blood in their veins. And, trust us – it’s a fascinating heritage! Let us name you some representatives of this excellence: Jennifer Lopez, Monica Pastrana, Joan Smalls, and Cynthia Olavarria – they all are Puerto Ricans!

As you can see, it’s hard to say these beauties all look similar. We’ll try to say a few words in this respect, though.

Local ladies have marvelous bodies – their sexy curves can leave nobody indifferent. Large hips and big breasts are pretty typical to them. At the same time, Puerto Ricans have captivating appearance traits. Their eyes are usually green or brown, while their hair is dark and wavy. Black eyelashes and brows help these girls look stunning even without makeup. So, be honest now, how can you resist such a woman?

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Why are Puerto Rican women so beautiful?

Why are Puerto Rican girls hot? Is good-lookingness only the result of the so-called genetic ideality mentioned above? No, of course not! Each of them has many secrets that help her to maintain her beauty. But don’t be troubled – we are willing to reveal some of these mysteries.

First and foremost – the majority of females in Puerto Rico have no bad habits. They don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke, and don’t drink coffee! These ladies know for sure – in this way, they can postpone premature aging.

When talking about eating habits – junk food is completely prohibited. Puerto Rican women prefer healthy dishes. Green vegetables (such as asparagus, broccoli, and collard greens) are their favorites. Together with a regular workout routine and dedication to the process – the results are impossible to be overlooked.

Notwithstanding they live on a Caribbean island, Puerto Rican singles try to avoid the sunlight. And, in case they go to a beach – they use cremes with a high SPF. Such an approach helps to look young even at an advanced age.

The last one of the Puerto Rican beauty secrets lies in calmness and sleep patterns. For peace of mind, locals try to meditate for at least 20 minutes a day and get enough rest. For instance, 7-8 hours of sleep are an absolute must. Otherwise – it’s hard to bypass emotional swings and don’t feel tired all the time.

Why do Puerto Rican women make the best wives?

Those Western guys who choose Puerto Rico women for marriage become extremely happy. In this part of our article – we’ll explain why they feel this way.

Before anything else, we need to mention that ladies from this country are excellent life partners for outgoing men. So, if you want something more than peace and quiet at home – a wife from Puerto Rico is a perfect choice. You will enjoy an active social life and various events, full of new impressions with her. Such a girl also loves doing sports and dancing – it’s never dull when she is somewhere near.

Why do Puerto Rican women make the best wives?

A Puerto Rico bride, in family life, devotes much of her free time to creating coziness and comfort in the house. However, she doesn’t like to bother herself with household chores and prefers hiring someone who would be able to manage that. In the list of her priorities are loved ones, hobbies, and career – not cleaning. But, if necessary, this woman can give up her initial desires for the sake of family.

If you are lucky enough to make a Puerto Rican female fall in love with you – congratulations! You can indeed consider yourself a lottery winner. She will try her best to turn your ordinary life into paradise on Earth! Her sincere desire is to make your days happy. What more could you want?

Pros and Cons of dating Puerto Rican women

We guess you already realize the way people live on a sunny Caribbean island differs significantly from the pace of life in the United States or any other Western country. This, for sure, has an impact on local ladies’ mentality.

Without a doubt, dating a Puerto girl will be an absolutely incomparable experience. Since her character is just as bright and cheerful as the facades of the houses in this land. Her deeds are as passionate and confident as salsa. Her appearance is as outstanding as the nature in Puerto Rico. And even if she cries – it could be compared with warm tropical rain. But wait a minute, is a relationship with a local lady really as perfect as it seems? What about the disadvantages, then? Let’s figure it out together!

Pros of starting relationships with Puerto Rican women for marriage

#1. Their stunning appearance

When you meet women in Puerto Rico, you become immediately captivated by their attractiveness.

The first thing that will win your attention is the sexy body such a girl usually has. She is definitely not skinny – her curves with a naturally thin waist do the magic! The same goes for breasts – they are almost always large.

Still, Puerto Rican beauty is not only about the hot body. The facial traits of a lady from this land are no less gorgeous. They are symmetrical with big stunning eyes, full lips, and a small nose.

Oh yes, nature has given Puerto Ricans everything they need to attract men. But they know how to emphasize what they have through long nails, eyelash extensions, and many more.

#2. Their fashion sense

Puerto Rican single ladies have remarkable fashion sense. They love to go ferreting around for new glamorous outfits. These hotties always do their best to look stylish. And therefore, they willingly follow the latest trends.

If possible, Puerto Ricans prefer haute couture clothes. This is usually complemented by elegant and expensive jewelry. Even the fact their makeup is often bright doesn’t irritate men. The females from this land never overdo it.

Do you know why they try so hard? This is a typical approach for locals: by all means, the lady must look brilliant! For this reason, her spouse’s financial well-being is estimated by her outfits.

#3. Their ability to see fun sides everywhere

Women from Puerto Rico love to have fun. Their presence alone is more than enough to bring even the most boring gathering an atmosphere of joy.

Also, there is nothing better for each one of these ladies than being the center of everyone’s attention. And, in fact, female representatives of this nation know how to entertain. For instance, they love to dance and do it very well! They think it’s the best way to show the magnificence and plasticity of their curvy bodies. Just like to express the most hidden sensations, though.

#4. Their great social skills

High sociability is very typical for single Puerto Rican females. You can hardly find an introverted girl in this exotic country. Rather the opposite since women who live there adore communication in all its forms.

They, as a rule, have good relations with all their relatives (there are indeed fairly large families there). At the same time, it doesn’t mean these hotties have no friends. They love to gather in large companies, play board games, and chat! Having lots of social connections helps them cope with all sorts of life’s challenges and always stay positive. Sounds promising, isn’t it?

#5. Their fiery passion

Single ladies in Puerto Rico can show you what Latin temperament means! They are very fiery and vivid – nothing can stop them from demonstrating the whole scale of the emotions they experience. Thus, if you like temperamental women, then the girl from this land can be a perfect match for you.

The Puerto Ricans are not afraid to show their sexuality and physical desires. They express their wishes in matters of intimacy openly – to get the brightest possible orgasms. And don’t worry – these females don’t lose their passion with age.

Cons of dating sexy Puerto Rican brides

#1. Their mercantile spirit

Beautiful women from Puerto Rico are certainly caring and loving girlfriends. Although, no matter how much such a lady adores you – she won’t be with you if you are a loser. Simply said, we have bad news for the guys who play Playstation all day long and enjoy the benefits of the social policy of their country. They have absolutely no chance of winning the heart of a Puerto Rican hottie.

You definitely need to be aware of the mercantile spirit a female from this land has before starting a romance with her. Since the main thing is – you need to be able to offer your beloved one financial stability. She is not interested in gloomy and weak-willed men with an income level below her own. A Puerto Rican bride can build a serious relationship only with a reliable partner.

#2. Their selfishness

Unfortunately, hot Puerto Rican women are real egoists. The saying, “Charity begins at home,” was probably thought up by them. It is to say, their own interests and problems have the highest priority. And better not try to say you have something more important to do than help your girlfriend from Puerto Rico by resolving her issues.

However, all people are different, and among the female representatives of this nation are the absolutely opposite types. These girls are then very noble and generous, always ready to sacrifice everything in the name of love. But, it could be rarely seen nowadays…

#3. Their controversial nature

An average woman of Puerto Rico can boldly and very confidently discourage her competitors and haters. These character traits help such a lady to achieve success in the field of politics or similar ones. The speechmaking talent will be used not only in job matters, though. Her ability to manipulate and control the conversationalist is outstanding! It might even seem that she can read your thoughts, deciding in advance – whether to approve them or refute them.

Still, it sometimes happens that a Puerto Rican female accidentally loses her self-confidence and inner strength. At these moments, she might start doubting herself – that is pretty destructive. Anyway, when dating her, be ready to face both sides of this girl’s controversial nature.

#4. Their love for freedom

Puerto Rican hotties are very independent. From a young age, they rarely listen to the advice of others. Since, in their opinion, it’s always better to be guided by their own decisions.

Notwithstanding their sociability, Puerto Ricans try to move out of the parental house as soon as possible. Because the constant presence of mother and father weighs on them. These women always choose personal freedom and independence. For them, life is a call to travel in an unknown direction. Curiosity and a thirst for risk often push them to adventure.

But you shouldn’t feel challenged now – the creation of their own families changes everything.

#5. Their unwillingness to compromise

The Puerto Rico lady’s love is limitless. She can both cheer and protect her special people. This woman can always lend a helping hand to those in trouble and never betrays.

Nevertheless, girls who live in this land often quarrel with friends and relatives – they simply do not know how to compromise. Their mood is constantly changing during the argument. And, when dating one of them, be ready to hear what your Puerto Rican girlfriend thinks in a rude form. Most likely – a bit later, she will bitterly regret what was said…

Still, no matter what, a female from this country won’t give up in the conflict. So she will fight till the end, even if she realizes she is wrong.

Dating Puerto Rican women: what should you know?

Sexy women of Puerto Rico are usually influenced by their desires and emotions. This explains why they are so passionate. It’s not hard for them to fall in love either – since it’s almost impossible for such girls to control their feelings. However, the fondness can disappear equally quickly. They often lose the initial interest right after a few weeks of relationships and start ghosting the frustrated guys out.

Dating Puerto Rican women: what should you know

An average Puerto Rican lady is sentimental and impatient. Her goal is to become a winner of men’s hearts – she doesn’t want to be conquered. But, on the other hand, she is capable of falling in love at first sight. In her opinion, this feeling can be compared to a bolt of lightning shooting across the sky. Thus, one adorable smile and a little gentleman charm can help you to get the attention of a Puerto Rican female.

Once in love, a girl from this country is capable of various cute stupidities. The idea of sacrificing something for the sake of the beloved one belongs to it. We guess you already admit how romantic she is! A hotty from Puerto Rico can’t get enough of her partner and doesn’t need any rest. When the passion grows, she won’t recognize any barriers. The same goes for matters of sexuality. It means unlimited creativity without any restrictions.

Do you remember that single women in Puerto Rico are pretty selfish? When the feelings are sincere – they forget about this inborn egocentrism. Don’t think it will remain so throughout the years, though. To keep the romance alive – you need movement in everything. Your Puerto Rican girlfriend will highly appreciate it if you help her escape the routine. Gifts are not as important as adventures – bear this fact in mind once and for all.

Hot Puerto Rican women: rules and basic tips

In Puerto Rico, dating and marriage have their peculiarities. If you want to do everything right, check out the tips from this article – we have collected only the most useful ones.

  • Improve your flirting skills. Do you remember how talkative the Puerto Ricans are? Thus, the ability to make playful and cheerful communication is essential to them. For sure, serious relationships can’t exist without deep conversations. Still, without a certain lightness, they won’t do any good.
  • Be self-confident. The males in this country have no problem with self-esteem – neither should you. Otherwise, there is no chance you will be noticed.
  • Be courageous. Once again, if you don’t take the initiative – don’t stand in awe if some Puerto Rican macho steals the lady of your heart. The risks of such development of the events are too high.
  • Be creative. Do you want to captivate a girl from this land? Do something unusual! Without a doubt, it should be something pleasant. Your goal is to evoke strong emotions in your beauty queen.
  • Turn on the gentleman’s behavior. Although Puerto Rico brides don’t like nerds – you shouldn’t be a bad guy either.
  • Compliments are always welcome. Female representatives of this nationality are truly good-looking, and they know this. They, therefore, gladly accept compliments since it means their attractiveness is noticed and appreciated.
  • Actions speak louder than words. As mentioned before, compliments are an absolute must with Puerto Ricans. But if you only talk, your words mean nothing. And that’s definitely not what you need.
  • Make your woman’s family adore you. This advice is relevant to all Latina senoritas, by the way. These hotties honor their relatives. And if you are not nice enough to them, sooner or later – a relationship with your Puerto Rican girlfriend will end up with a breakup.

Cultural differences when dating Puerto Rican women

If you want to meet girls in Puerto Rico and genuinely understand them – there is one thing you must do in advance. You need to become aware of the cultural differences between you and your potential girlfriends. This knowledge includes even the most fundamental things, such as what to say and what to keep to yourself.

So, do you want to make pleasant acquaintances instead of facing misunderstandings during your trip to Puerto Rico? Just keep reading, then.

Cultural differences when dating Puerto Rican women

Friends are more like family members to them.

Many Puerto Ricans value friendship so much that they treat close friends as relatives. They then listen to everything these people say and demonstrate absolute trust. In fact, for young ladies from this country, time with mates is more important than dates! They often consider romance something like a secondary concept in life. Therefore, make yourself ready to see such an attitude.

Their peculiar style of celebrations.

When going to a party with a Puertorican woman, be prepared to hear shoots into the air. That’s how locals usually have fun.

Be particularly careful during the New Year’s celebrations. For example, people in this Caribbean land often throw buckets full of water out of their windows to ward off evil spirits. That’s why it’s better to stay away from houses when walking on the street. Another intriguing tradition is to sprinkle sills and porches with sugar to attract good luck. Anyway, trust us, you will notice many more typical Purto Rican superstitions when being there.

The most important week of the year, in their opinion.

Before Easter, the residents of this exotic island celebrate Holy Week. They find these are the most important seven days of the year, during which everyone needs to fast and pray. On the Friday before Easter, many shops are closed. Thus, another tradition was created for people to go on picnics and enjoy the sunny weather.

For Puerto Ricans, Easter Sunday is not only a holy day but also the start of the bathing season. So they go to church but later surf, swim and engage in other water sports. In the evening of the same day, it is customary for the whole family to meet and have dinner.

Puerto Rican women stereotypes

Every Western guy who has ever visited this sunny Caribbean country has been captivated by Puerto Rican beauties. However, many of them decide not to try their luck… The reason for it is the thousands of stereotypes about the female representatives of this nationality.

Therefore, in this part of our article, we will take a closer look at five of the most common cliches about Puerto Ricans. Let’s figure out what is the real state of things!

#1. All Puerto Ricans look similarly.

Do you remember we have mentioned that women in Puerto Rico represent a unique mix of different races and nationalities? For instance, they all have Hispanic, Afro-Caribbean, and Taíno roots. Namely, for this reason, you shouldn’t think that Puerto Ricans look similar. They, in fact, in many shapes, clothes sizes, and skin colors. How else could it be?

Also, if you think the phrase, “You don’t look like you come from Puerto Rico!” is a compliment – you are wrong. That’s generally not okay to have such an opinion about any nation. So keep it in mind before you offend someone.

#2. Puerto Ricans don’t want to work – they prefer being full-time moms.

Even though this country is characterized by fairly conservative views on gender roles in a relationship – it’s just a stereotype. In this day and age, many Puerto Rican wives work in such fields as politics, sports, and law.

Moreover, people from this land slowly realize the idea of moderate feminism. Because of it, Puerto Rican females rarely take their husband’s surname. But it doesn’t mean gentlemanly behavior is not expected. Local men know this and keep the doors open for women when they go and free up their seats on public transportation.

#3. Puerto Ricans are not tolerant.

It’s no secret that in Puerto Rico, hot women are pretty religious. Over 80% of them are Catholics, while others are adherents of Protestantism, Spiritism, Judaism, etc. At the same time, around 3% of all females of this nationality consider themselves not affiliated with any religion. As you can see, the Constitutional right (freedom of belief) works there.

Still, homosexuality remains a taboo subject because of the faith. But young people are generally tolerant. And there are places in the capital of Puerto Rico where homosexuals can express themselves openly without fear of judgment. So don’t worry about this part.

#4. Puerto Ricans prefer machos.

No, even the hottest Puerto Ricans try to avoid men with typical macho behavior. The reason for it – is the increasing violence against women from their partners’ side. Actually, the country has now declared a state of emergency in this respect! Statistics demonstrate it best of all, though. In 2022 alone, more than 70 ladies were murdered by their boyfriends or husbands.

The females, therefore, see the reason for this violence problem in the widespread machismo culture. This phenomenon is common in many Latin American countries, though. The Corona crisis has definitely made things worse.

#5. Puerto Ricans live in a dangerous country.

Although Puerto Rican girls are very kind and friendly, you shouldn’t forget that they live in a country with a high crime rate – especially in big cities. Thus, when being there, you need to look like locals. Do not act extravagantly – if you don’t want to attract the attention of robbers, fraudsters, or kidnappers.

It’s a good idea not to go out alone after the sun goes down and to hang out with a group of friends during the day. Those who love loneliness are advised to stay in crowded places. The greatest danger in the capital is the drug dealers, more precisely their customers, who are capable of anything under the influence of drugs.

How to meet and marry Puerto Rican women?

How to get to know a gorgeous lady from Puerto Rico? This question is pretty common among single Western guys. There are two ways that experts recommend in this regard – you can choose which you like more.

How to meet and marry Puerto Rican women

The first opportunity to meet such a girl is to visit her homeland as a tourist. You already know that locals are talkative and always ready for new acquaintances. So, this part won’t be a problem.

Without a doubt, looking for love directly there can become a great adventure! Since the best chance to get what you want is during various celebrations. There are a lot of them in Puerto Rico, by the way. From the Festival of the Holy Kings to New Year’s Eve, the country’s schedule is packed with street processions, festivities, and parades. February is Carnival, May is when La Campechada takes place, and June is given to Pineapple Paradise, a food festival with live bands in the southern part of the island. Jump backwards three times to expel negative influences at the Noche de San Juan on June 23rd, and learn about the land’s Taíno origins at the Festival Nacional Indígena in November.

Still, once again, during such events, you should remain cautious. The fact you come together with a local lady may provoke hooligans. Some of these men can be really dangerous because some of them have guns.

For sure, it is much safer to choose free online dating in Puerto Rico. Luckily, there are thousands of websites where you can meet such females. But you should choose the platform wisely: read the reviews, weigh up the pros and cons, etc.

Benefits of Puerto Rican girls for marriage

Those tourists who have visited Puerto Rico affectionately call it Isla del Encanto. Translated from Spanish, it means the Island of Enchantment. This country, located in the Caribbean Sea, has much to offer! The same goes for the matters of dating. You must agree – that Puerto Rican mail brides are no less impressive than nature in this fascinating land!

These women tend to be very loving and passionate. They are looking for lasting relationships that bring stability and happiness. When it comes to falling in love with one of them, you can expect a deep connection rooted in strong family values. If that’s what you want – a better life partner could hardly be found! But we understand – you still have your own doubts. Let us dispel them – read five advantages of marrying a Puerto Rican girl.

#1. Their attitude towards the family.

Family always comes first for an average Puerto Rican bride. This attitude perfectly demonstrates the caring side of her character.

Since there are usually a lot of relatives in the life of such a girl, she simply can’t imagine how to live without them! In addition to parents and siblings, the clan includes grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. Godparents are considered equally close as mother and father.

How is this beneficial to you? You can effortlessly become part of the cheerful Puerto Rican family. Thanks to their support and attention, you won’t ever feel lonely again! While your woman, in turn, will do her best to make you feel as pleased as possible.

#2. Their ability to make perfect wives and mothers.

Pretty Puerto Ricans, as a rule, become wonderful mothers and wives. They can combine professional and personal success. Since these hotties are very ambitious and active, everything will be exactly like they plan.

Particularly noteworthy is how much ladies from Puerto Rico love children. By the way, they generally have nothing against adoption or raising kids of the partner’s former relationships. You must agree – that it is not common in Western countries for women to think and act this way.

#3. Their culinary talent

Once married to a Puerto Rico female – you won’t ever have to buy yourself ready meals in a supermarket for dinner. Your loved one will be happy to spoil you with delicious homemade dishes!

Generally, the name of the Puerto Rican national cuisine is Cocina Criolla. It represents a mix of Spanish and African impacts on the traditional Taino recipes. The main ingredients of it are fresh fish and seafood – as well as deep-fried pieces of dough, rice pots, and bananas in all possible variations. The Mofongo dumplings, made from ground plantains or the fried banana sticks (Tostones) – are the favorite dishes of Puerto Ricans. And, trust us, you are going to love them too!

#4. Their great dancing skills.

Puerto Rican cuties have outstanding dancing skills. Some experts say their hearts beat to the rhythm of Latin-American music. Their sexy curves perfectly embody every note…

Their absolute favorite, however, is salsa. Did you know it was created in Puerto Rico? No wonder locals can feel its beat so ideally! Another good news for reggaeton fans – this island is where it has become so popular! So – when being married to a woman from this land – be ready for evenings full of sensual moves.

#5. Their skillfulness in matters of physical pleasure.

A Puerto Rican wife is a kind of jackpot in sex. Her seductive appearance seems extremely promising. And, as a rule, reality doesn’t differ much from what you have imagined. Moreover, she doesn’t even have to make special efforts – she is a natural-born sex goddess!

In their youth, Puerto Ricans tend to quickly experience everything possible sexually. It makes them experienced lovers with time. They are also inventive and tireless. These women are considered the best sexual partners – because they can easily adapt to any preferences and are ready to fulfill almost any desire of their husbands.

Puerto Rican brides FAQ

Why are there so many single women in Puerto Rico?

There are, in fact, more Puerto women than men. According to the latest statistics – one out of ten females in this country remains single. That’s what inspires them to the only logical solution – try international dating. At the same time, many divorced Puerto Ricans don’t want to waste time with locals anymore. Do you remember what we have said about machismo culture? If yes – their decision can easily be understood.

How much does a Puerto Rican bride cost?

Before giving you the answer to this question, we need to mention that the costs we will mention here are merely approximate. The final price depends on you. Okay, your search for a Puerto Rico bride will, most likely, begin on the Internet. Without a doubt, we advise joining platforms that are not free to use since they provide their members with the highest level of security. In this case, the average amount you will be asked to pay for the communication will be around $200-250 per month. The next step here would be transferring your online romance to real life. It brings certain expenses, of course. The flight tickets usually cost around $300 ($150 if you live in the USA). The accommodation for two weeks is, as a rule, priced at $2000. Transportation, food, and entertainment should be counted separately. If you decide to get married – be ready to pay $150 for the marriage license.

Why do Puerto Rican women marry Americans?

You already know what Puerto Rico females don’t like about the local guys. It’s their macho side, of course. However, when traveling to this country, you shouldn’t say bad words about them – these ladies won’t appreciate it. It’s better you demonstrate your nobility and don’t judge – that’s what will be more impressive. But communication on the international dating sites and their rules differ from what we have mentioned before. There – are presented single girls who are eager to meet foreign husbands and willing to do everything to get noticed! There are two reasons why they explain this desire. The first one – is the adoration of the typical Western lifestyle. The second explanation is loyalty. Too many unfaithful men live in Puerto Rico, so some women of this land decide not to take this risk.

How can I marry a girl in Puerto Rico?

To get married to a woman in Puerto Rico, you need to prepare the following documents:

  • your and your bride’s passports or ID cards (with a photo);
  • the valid health certificate, which is a maximum of 10 days old. It must be issued by your homeland and demonstrate that you meet the medical requirements for marriage;
  • birth certificates of both partners;
  • the divorce decree, translated into Spanish (if this is the case);
  • the former wife’s death certificate, translated into Spanish (if this is the case);
  • the «stamp fee» of $150.

Men and women under the age of 21 must be accompanied by both parents.

Are Puerto Rican brides a real thing?

Oh yes! You shouldn’t worry about it because Puerto Rican brides and a relationship with one of them is a real thing!