Jordanian Brides: How To Meet Jordan Women For Marriage


Jordanian brides – Who They Are and why they so attractive

Jordanian brides may be found in Jordan – a fascinating Arab country located in the southwest of Asia. It is known for its beautiful Red Sea coast beaches and its old monuments. This country is a great choice for tourists who are in search of new, undiscovered goals.

And an additional benefit of Jordan is the marvelous beauty of the native women. Single men searching for women for a sincere relationship are delighted by the women from this country. This guide will tell you why Jordanian women are so appealing, where to meet Jordanian women, and ways to date them.

PROs & CONs of Dating Jordanian Women

PROs & CONs of Dating Jordanian Women

When you first meet Jordanian girls, you are likely to be blown away by their numerous appealing features, and these are the most striking ones.


1. They look like fairy tale princesses

A typical Jordanian woman looks just like you picture a pretty Arab woman. They feature dark hair, caramel skin, and firm facial features with dark eyebrows and plump lips. Jordanian women usually don't use a lot of makeup to emphasize their best features, and they are usually limited in their fashion options, but they need none of it to show off their captivating beauty immediately.

2. They are modest

You are unlikely to ever meet a Jordanian woman who constantly gives her husband outrageous requests or gives a man who asks her out a rough time. Jordanian women are aware of their self-worth, but they are also brought up to be modest, reserved women who can be very easy to date. You realize this right away when you first meet them, but these qualities become even more apparent the more time you spend together.

3. They are hardworking

It is very unusual for Jordanian girls to sit at home the whole day and do nothing, although they are not usually married or do not go out to work. Jordanian women always manage to do something beneficial, be it studying, cooking, or cleaning their closets. They also keep busy in a serious relationship and work hard in marriage, meaning that you won't see your Jordanian woman just lounging around.

4. They are captivating

The difference in education, cultural background, and upbringing between you and your Jordanian woman means that you have a lot to study, but it also signifies that you will never be dull in the company of a Jordanian woman. These women are well-educated and have a wide range of activities and hobbies, so you can talk to them for hours and not even realize how time is passing by.

5. Jordanian wives are welcoming

Wives from this country are glad anytime they can greet guests at their homes. And they do all that is needed to make the guests enjoy themselves and feel at home. When a man is used to lead an active social life, he will not have to miss out on contact with his friends after marriage. He will be ready to take his friends out for dinner or a BBQ whenever he wants.


1. They are silent

Jordanian women don't like to talk too much unless there is something important to say. They are not chatterboxes; sometimes you have to have the whole conversation with them. On the other hand, they are good listeners and take in everything that is said to them, and that is a good thing.

2. They are outspoken

Jordanian women believe that honesty is the key to good relationships with others. Therefore, they don't like to pretend and lie. Their fairness makes them perfect girlfriends and wives for men who are looking for a good, trusting relationship.

3. They can be closed off to people

Because of their traditions, these women are not so comfortable with the public display of affection. But there are young and modern women who have a much more open attitude. So your future babe might be comfortable with that too.

4. Marriage is a must

As mentioned earlier, single Jordanian women are eager to start a family when they grow up. They take marriage seriously and don't let anything stop them from sticking to it. They know that a suitable home requires the work of both husband and wife, and they are willing to do their part. Marriage-minded women from Jordania also do everything they can to ensure that their husbands do their part to make the marriage work.

5. They are yielding

Quite a few modern women from the USA and Western Europe share this character trait. On the contrary, they are prone to be domineering. But Jordanian women are not like this at all. They are never looking to rule over their life partners. They see the male as the leader in a relationship and thus respect his views and choices and usually approve of them. This is why many Western men choose Jordanian women over their countrywomen for serious relationships and marriage.

Jordanian Brides – Myths and Facts

Jordanian Brides - Myths and Facts

These women charm men from all over the world with their numerous attractive physical features and virtues. Here are the most important and appreciated assets of these women.

Fact 1. They are good-natured

The first thing that men see is the beautiful appearance that makes them fall in love with these charming women. However, being physically attractive is not enough to capture a man's heart and make him enter into a serious relationship with a woman. Jordanian women, however, have many positive traits that attract foreign men who want to have a serious relationship with them.

The first of these is friendliness. Few modern women have retained this trait. But Jordanian women are among those who can still boast of it. They are benevolent and compassionate. These women are always ready to cheer others up when they are sad and to help others when they are in need.

Fact 2. They are the best mothers

A Jordanian woman does not consider her family complete until she has at least two children. From the moment she becomes an adult, she waits for the day she gives birth to the child of her beloved husband. Jordanian women are capable and caring mothers, and they have everything it takes to make their children the happiest children in the world, who then become successful adults.

Fact 3. They will never sacrifice family for anything

Many Jordanian wives are willing to go to work even after marriage, but only on the condition that their work and other commitments do not interfere with their family life. As soon as they feel that their family's well-being is at risk, Jordanian wives are very quick to make the right decisions and eliminate any distractions that prevent them from devoting themselves fully to the family.

Myth 1. Jordanian women depend financially on men

This was the situation in the past since women were considered typical housewives, while the men were the providers. However, this is not the case anymore, as more and more women are working, although they are married and have kids. Moreover, there are lots of amazing women entrepreneurs who start their businesses and are in a position to make their own money. So saying that they are financially dependent on men is kind of nonsense.

Myth 2. Jordanian women dislike Westerners and other religions.

We think that this misunderstanding is due to the mass media's false portrayal of the Middle East in films and on television, and that "all Middle Easterners are Muslims." This is absolute nonsense. Many Christians and Jews are living in Jordan, and many Westerners are peacefully living in Dubai and Qatar. Middle Eastern women are so busy that they have no time at all to hate other religions and Westerners. So by and large, people in the Middle East are pretty tolerant.

Myth 3. Women in Jordania have no fun

Fair enough. Westerners need to know that their dictionary definition of "fun" is not universal. Just because most of them don't drink or go to clubs doesn't mean they can't have fun. They have plenty of fun in their way, different from you, but just as fun. They host parties and get-togethers just for girls with fun games, dancing, and lots of yummy party food. They have nice independent cafes, restaurants, gyms, malls, and even a covered Winterland (since they don't get real snow, they make their own and still have fun!).

Dating a Woman from Jordan: Rules & Basic Tips

Dating a Woman from Jordan: Rules & Basic Tips

Jordan is a land of many unique customs and rules, and needless to say, many of these concern the dating and romance world. While there are no set written dating rules, if you want your relationship with a Jordanian woman to be prosperous, following any of these tips can be helpful.

Let her handle the decisions. Jordanian women aren't treated as equals by their local men. So if you agree to hear what they have to offer and consider their views, you'll set yourself apart from them in no time.

Go on classically romantic dates with her. Jordanian women have a more old-fashioned way of defining a perfect romance, relying heavily on old books and movies. Classic restaurant dates or strolls on the beach are just the thing for her.

Allow her to determine the tempo of the relationship. A Jordanian woman may not be ready to go through the different stages of the relationship as quickly as a Western woman, so all you can do is maintain a respectful attitude to her opinions.

Show that you have sincere intentions. In Jordan, senseless dating is strongly discouraged. Therefore, it is worth entering into a relationship with a Jordanian woman only if you approach the family. If you honestly communicate your intentions to the girl you like, you can win her heart. With few exceptions, Jordanian women are not looking for foreign men for a brief fling. They are looking to marry and build a family and must understand that you want to do the same.

Meet the people in their social circle. By volunteering to date your Jordanian girlfriend's family and friends, you can kill two birds with one stone. One, you can learn more about your Jordanian friend than you ever knew before. Two, you can get to see the Jordanian way of living and communicating.

Take an interest in their native culture. The people of Jordan are extremely proud of the cultural heritage of their native country. And it flatters the natives when strangers show an interest in it. So this makes a terrific subject to initiate an intriguing discussion.

Prove that you are a kind person. Jordanian women appreciate positive character qualities more than financial status or appearance. So rather than highlighting your wealth or beauty, you should show your best character qualities. Jordanian women appreciate sincerity, politeness, and a high educational level the most.

Get along with their parents. Dating is impossible for Jordanian girls unless they have the blessing of their parents. So you need to leave a positive impact on her parents so that they will regard you as a suitable match for their daughter.

Jordanian Wedding Traditions

Jordanian Wedding Traditions

Jordanians are noisy, proud, and extremely friendly, and when they have a wedding, they have a wedding. In contrast to traditional weddings in the West, a Jordanian wedding often lasts more than a week. So if you are invited to a wedding, be prepared for it to last a long time. Expect (very loud) traditional music, dancing dabke, and tons of food. Here is an introduction and sort of guide to Jordanian weddings and how to survive them.

Engagement traditions

Engagement traditions in Jordan are unique and special. The rituals of asking for marriage include the groom's family paying a visit to the bride's family and asking for her hand in marriage. This is usually accompanied by a formal proposal, with gifts like jewelry or money. Once the proposal is accepted, an engagement party is thrown where both families gather to party and share gifts.

Rituals of the marriage proposal

One of the typical rituals of a marriage proposal is that the groom's family comes to the bride's family to ask for her hand in marriage. The groom's father states his son's plans and offers jewelry or cash present as part of the proposal process. It is common for both families to be present for the ritual so that they can see their children tie the knot.

Engagement Ceremonies

Engagement ceremonies are usually celebrated soon after both families have agreed to the proposal. At these parties, food and drinks are served while music plays in the background, setting a party atmosphere for all parties present. Gifts are often also shared between the two families, including items like furniture or household items that will be used to decorate the new home they will share after marriage.

1. Behold the Zaghrouta

The signing of the marriage certificate is one of the most important emotional moments of a Jordanian marriage.

Ladies and gentlemen, please hold your breath. It is the moment when the Sheikh pronounces your dear couple husband and wife, and the gunshot that declares the start of the Zaghrouta (Ululate) ceremony.

There are no prohibitions at the Zaghrouta. Just do it and go join the flock; don't be concerned, it will be the way it is.

2. Never mess with the Ngoot

Ngoot is the money given to newlyweds as a simple gift to begin their new life by having some cash in the bank account. 

Do you remember when you got married six years ago and your uncle gave you an envelope with 20 JOD ($28)? Now you need to recalculate and pay your uncle's son back the corresponding amount.

You do not want to be the family's next penny pusher.

If you don't have an exchange relationship with the new couple yet, you should not increase your Ngoot cap. Finally, you are Jordanian with at least 20 cousins.

3. The bride swing

Ladies, there is no chance that the bride will not make it to the wedding.

Do not wear white under any circumstances. It's bad luck. You will have your moment of glory someday, but not tonight.

4. Hunger Games… Mansaf Edition

You don't just attend a Jordanian wedding without overdosing on mansaf – the most coveted food on such occasions.

When it comes to mansaf, you have to know the don'ts first and then the dos:

  • Don't sit down at the table if the elders haven't taken their seats yet.
  • If you're eating "mansaf" for the first time, don't bother asking what it's made of, how it's prepared, or what the ingredients are all about.
  • Spoons are not allowed. Don't even think about bringing your own.
  • Grab a homemade ball of mansaf with only three fingers. Make sure the food doesn't touch your palm, beard, chin, and especially your forearm.
  • Don't make a mess on the plate, table, or seat.
  • Last but not least, don't risk your health. Seriously, mansaf can be addictive. If you eat more than enough of it, it can cause severe nausea, dizziness, and stomach pain.

5. Fardeh… Jordanian wedding car parade

Jordanian car parades make great fun. Everyone gets on the horn when the cars head toward the bride's house.

Even absolute strangers driving cars get in on the action by turning up the volume on their radios full blast and waving to the newlyweds.

At the Fardeh there are no rules, simply sound the horn and enjoy the show.

6. Here comes the couple

The entrance of the bride and groom into the ballroom is highly emotional and solemn. To welcome the couple, the women stand on the left side and the men on the right side.

Please do not glare at the people searching for a future partner. Your mother in the background will do this job for you.

7. Zaffeh is your thing

In a Jordanian zaffeh, the families of the bride and groom join in singing to each other, praising the marriage and the new kinship they have formed.

It is commonly performed with darbuka and rebec accompaniment and usually lasts sometimes up to half an hour.

If you are not a close family member or friend, do not stand near the zaffeh or you will feel like an outsider.

8. Get your napkin and perform the dabkeh.

People love to play any type of Arabic music at weddings, but the last hour of the evening is always devoted to native Jordanian music, the dabkeh, and the deheyeh.

If you don't know Jordanian dabkeh, you can follow your friends and try to catch their steps. Just don't assume the position of the "dabbeek" – who leads the dabkeh – and don't try to interrupt the chain.

To be sure you don't break anyone, you might want to keep your place at the end of the chain and simply follow along with the others. If you are the champion dabbeekeh type, feel free to pick up your napkin and lead the night.

Top Cities to Meet Jordanian Women

Top Cities to Meet Jordanian Women

At this point, you already want a Jordanian woman, don't you? If you plan to meet Jordanian women in their country, there are many places where you can find them.

You can meet many beautiful Jordanian girls in their home country. Jordan is a great option for tourists who like to explore Arab culture and relax on the beach. Besides, this country offers the possibility to combine a great rest with meeting pretty women.

The best places to meet Jordanian women are beaches and parks. Many beautiful women meet there with their friends to have fun and relax outdoors.

The best beaches in Aqaba, the most popular resort in Jordan, are South Beach, Berenice Beach, and City Beach. The best parks in this city are Aqaba Park, Princess Salma Park, and Al Darb Park. The best parks in Amman, the capital of Jordan, are Al Hussein Public Parks, Millennium Park, and Amman Martyrs Park.

1. Amman

The city is the capital of Jordan. It has to offer multiple attractions and fun activities for couples. Lots of clubs, hotels, museums, theaters, and much more make it a great spot to meet lovely Jordanian single women.


Al Hussein, Millenium, Martyrs, Prince Hashem Bird Garden, Amman National Park.


City Mall, Abdali, Taj LifeStyle Center, Galleria, Mecca, Amman Mall, The Plaza Outlets, Golden Gate, Baraka.

Tourist Sites

Mount Nebo, Roman Theater, Citadel hill, Rainbow street, Umayyad place, Wild Jordan Center.

Tourist Markets

Souk Jara, Friday Market, Lumi Market, Souk El-Khodra.


Cafe de Paris, Maestro, Copas central, La Calle, Canvas, Dubliners, Cube, Sekrab, Ghoroub sunset bar.

2. Zarqa

Zarqa is the second biggest city after Amman. It has some thrilling tourist spots. Some examples are the Arzaq Reserve, Quseir Amara, and the Shaumari Reserve. If you go to the city to find local Jordanian women, you can enjoy sports, parties, tours, and day trips, as well as other activities. There are so many sights in Jordan that the entire country might be included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and no one would mind. You can meet Jordanian women going up and down these tourist spots, and if you press a little for a chat, they can tell you about the sites and become your friend. Below are some tourist sites.

Tourist Markets

Sami Zawahra Market

Tourist Sites

Shaumari Nature Reserve, Azraq Wetland Reserve, Qsar Al-Azraq.

3. Irbid

The area is known for its great amount of internet cafes, a perfect way to meet serious women. Other areas with an enhanced number of Jordanian women for dating in the city are museums, markets, mosques, restaurants, and universities. The tourist markets are ideal for watching young Jordanian girls shopping. You can give a flower to one of them in the market to start a conversation with her.

Tourist Markets

Al Kstas Market


Karamish Silver

4. Ar-Rusaifa

This city gives tourists a mix of charming and fashionable adventures. There are lots of outstanding hotels to meet Jordanian women in. Additional places worth visiting include museums and swimming pools. These are great spots to meet and chat with people you are planning to marry.

5. Aqaba

Aqaba, Jordan's sole coastal city, is an ideal base for diving into the coral reefs of the Red Sea or for excursions into the Star Wars-like landscape of rocky Wadi Rum. The city's landmarks – from ancient ruins to an impressive mosque – illuminate fascinating elements of Islamic culture and Middle Eastern history. Find out what to do in Aqaba here.


City Beach, Aqaba South Beach, Al-Yamania Beach, Berenice Beach Club, Tala Bay Beach Club.


Aqaba Park, Princess Salma Park, Al Hafayer Park, Al Darb Park, Aqaba Bird Observatory.


Aqaba City Center Shopping Mall, Dream, Shweikh.

Where to Meet Jordanian Brides When You’re a Foreigner

Where to Meet Jordanian Brides When You’re a Foreigner

Online dating can be even more efficient and enjoyable than offline dating if you know the right places to meet women on the internet. If you want to find a Jordanian woman for a serious relationship, the best places to do that are mail-order bride websites. They do everything they can to help Western men and Arab women meet and build a relationship online:

They only allow genuine users by verifying each new person who wants to sign up.

They offer a wide range of features for finding a partner and keeping in touch.

Offer professional translations, virtual gifts, real gift delivery, and help in organizing face-to-face meetings.

1. UaDates

When looking for the best online dating site, there are certain factors to consider. These include affordability, ease of use, reliability, and others. You can set your requirements, but be sure that UaDates meets them all!

UaDates is the best international dating website you can find. It offers convenience, privacy, ease of use, and an incredible experience. The introductory procedure takes no more than 5-10 minutes, and the search function is phenomenal. If you use it properly, the results page will become your dream, with all the people you could match with.

2. claims to offer its customers a trustworthy, high-quality experience that is delivered openly and honestly. They say that the women on their site are real and have been vetted before being listed.

The site tries to use the latest innovative tools in the industry. Especially live and video chat, introduction videos, and sending likes and gifts. They also promise that more features will follow. Most importantly, the girls' accounts are always confirmed to ensure their authenticity.

Moreover, hundreds of women participate in the live video chat every week, so they can check each of them instantly via live video streams. Moreover, Goldenbride offers an excellent state-of-the-art service on the market called Dual Video Streaming (this is an advantage for both male and female users of this site).

3. Jump4love

The website looks updated and trustworthy. The service is international and has enabled men to find young Jordanian women online for well over a decade.

As soon as you load the website, you will instantly understand how to match with a partner. It has a highly detailed gallery of women. To connect with them, you have to sign up. All the profiles have a professional look. The site is perfect for women who are looking to marry foreign men.

The Jordanian women's site homage has also a video that demonstrates how life will be once you meet your partner. But don't be tricked by the image that any woman can be perfect for you. Make sure you do a careful background check. Speak to as many women as you can until you meet the one who matches you the best.


Most features of Jordan singles dating sites are not available for non-paying customers. The site uses credits. Writing letters costs seven credits. A one-minute conversation costs one credit. A one-minute video broadcast costs one credit. A video presentation costs ten credits.

All you want to know about Jordanian Brides

All you want to know about Jordanian Brides

Why are there so Many Single Women in Jordan?

According to the report, there are about one million single women, 1.7 million married women, 44,000 divorced women, and 247,000 widows in Jordan. About 87,000 Jordanian women over the age of 30 are still single. According to a report by The Media Line, the average age of marriage for women has increased by five years over the past three decades (from 21 to 26.4 years).

The report is based on a 2018 survey of marital status by the Statistics Institute.

Despite the Institute's public relations efforts and persistent objections to the age of marriage in Jordan, individuals aged 15 and older are still considered "marriageable" under Jordanian law.

Of the 2.7 million single people, about 1.1 million were women and 1.6 million were men.

Balqa had the highest number of single men and women, according to the report: about 36% of women and 48% of men were single.

Jerash, on the other hand, had the lowest percentage of single women, while Aqaba had the lowest rate of single men.

How much does a Jordanian bride cost?

The average cost of a Jordanian is around $500 per month, while the average cost of marriage in Jordan starts at $14,000; some couples spend as much as $20,000. A lot of younger couples have to delay their marriage due to the high cost. The overall cost of a marriage in Jordan lands on the shoulders of the man; he is in charge of paying for everything from the dowry to the actual wedding ceremony. The couple's expectations for their wedding day dictate the amount of money spent on the actual ceremony.

For 100 guests, a minimum of 20-100 Jordanian dinars will be spent per guest. Hotel wedding sites range in cost from 1500 dinars to 8000 dinars. Couples must plan and prepare their wedding budget well; some may also use the services of a wedding coordinator to take the stress out of planning a wedding. Everything in the wedding budget, from the couple's clothing to the food and drinks, has to be taken into account appropriately.

Why Do Jordanian Women Marry Americans?

Long ago, most Jordanian women didn't even think about dating foreign men, let alone seriously considering them as marriage candidates. But it looks like a recent trend for Jordanian women to marry foreign men, and there are two reasons for this. First, Jordanian women are romantics at their core and feel that they stand a greater opportunity for a fabulous romance with a foreign man.

Second, not all Jordanian women are happy with the limitations that their religion and society impose on the country's female citizens. While they have more freedoms now than they did in the past, there are still a lot of things that Jordanian women are forbidden or restricted from doing. They believe, rightly, that by becoming married to a foreigner and relocating to the foreigner's home country, they can have a better standard of living and escape the constraints of their home country.

Are Jordanian brides a real thing?

Single Jordanian women are some of the best women to date because they are great mothers and appreciate loyalty. Several other characteristics distinguish them, and it is simple to meet them online if you are unable to visit their country. The women are kind, but you have to spend time when you are trying to attract them. If you succeed in catching a Jordanian woman, you may be sure that you will live happily ever after.

How to get a Jordanian girlfriend?

Below are the methods to build a good and lasting relationship with a woman of this nationality:

  • State your intentions. Jordanian women only consider serious relationships and do not want to waste their time with men who are not ready for a family.
  • Be polite. Never show aggression, don't yell, and avoid profanity if you want a Jordanian woman to like you.
  • Show initiative. Jordanian women never take the lead in relationships with men. They expect the man to make the first move.
  • Discuss future family life. To find out if you can look each other in the eye and make each other happy, you should talk about some important issues, such as where you will live together, how you will manage the family budget, share your chores, spend time together, how many children you want to have, etc.
  • Be reliable support for a girlfriend. To show that you are the right candidate for the role of husband and are ready to take the role of the head of the family, help a girl solve her problems when she needs it, support her and give her gifts to make her happier.

How can I marry a girl in Jordan?

Those who wish to marry in Jordan must do so following Jordanian law.

Only Muslim and Christian marriages can be performed in Jordan.  Jordanian law does not permit civil marriages or marriages of other faiths.  Jordanian law allows Muslim men to marry non-Muslim women but does not allow Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men.  Muslim marriages must be performed by a sheik according to the laws of the Sharia court.  Christian marriages must be performed by an appropriate church official according to the laws of the church court.  The U.S. Embassy cannot perform marriages.

Proof of Eligibility for Marriage

Proof of Eligibility for Marriage

Jordanian authorities may require U.S. citizens marrying in Jordan to prove their marital status at the Embassy. The Embassy cannot issue such a document because the U.S. government does not have a central registry of marriages and divorces. The Embassy can send a letter indicating that it does not provide proof of eligibility for marriage, which can be presented to the marriage officer.

Immigration based on marriage

Citizens are aware that it is illegal to enter into marriage contracts to encourage immigration from abroad and that both citizens and foreigners can be subject to severe penalties such as fines and imprisonment.

Polygamy is legal for Muslim men.  However, second and additional spouses are generally not recognized by the U.S. government.

If you wish to marry in Jordan, you must provide proof of marital status before your wedding.  You should begin this process at least two weeks before your wedding, otherwise, there may be delays.  The Embassy can assist you with this requirement.

U.S. Marriages and Divorces

For information on legalizing your U.S. marriage certificate or divorce decree for use in Jordan, see Notary Services and Legalization of a U.S.  The U.S. Embassy cannot assist you until you have the document legalized by the U.S. state that issued it and the U.S. Department of State in Washington, DC.