Bulgarian Brides: How To Meet Bulgaria Women For Marriage


What do you know about the homeland of pretty Bulgarian brides? We don’t want to offend you, but with the highest probability, your bits of knowledge in this regard is near zero. There are, however, many facts you can find curious.

Let’s start with the basics. Bulgaria is the only European country whose official name has remained immutable since it was founded in 681. Also, no matter how surprising it sounds – this country occupies third place in the international rate by the number of archaeological excavations. More treasures can be discovered solely in Greece and Italy.

Izlel ye Delyo Haydutin is a famous Bulgarian song sent into space under the Voyager program. This example of traditional village music became part of a vast collection of human achievements destined for other worlds. It is considered a masterpiece, notwithstanding that the language of this land has just seven original words – the rest are borrowed.

There is a kind of phenomenon in Bulgaria called “всяко чудо за три дни.” It can be translated into English as “every miracle loses its relevance in three days.” This is emphasized by the fact that every trend in the country remains popular only for a short time – the general excitement disappears incredibly quickly.

The same can’t be said about coffee, though. Bulgarians drink it every day before going to work. At many companies, the working day officially begins with this ceremony, accompanied by a discussion of the latest news, funny gossip, and activity plans. Such an event can take two hours, and at the same time, no one cares about the burning deadlines for the delivery of projects.

Okay, no more general info. We bet you are excited enough to move to the subject that brought you to this article – hot Bulgarian singles.

With the help of experts from this Southeastern European land, we can provide you with every detail you need to know regarding dating such a lady. So, let’s start, shall we?

Bulgarian brides: who are they and why are they so attractive?

Bulgarian brides: who are they and why are they so attractive?

Before trying international dating with a Bulgarian girl, you need to know who such a lady is and what is typical for her. Nevertheless, female representatives of this nation are desired by guys from the Western world – but their mentality and character traits are still unclear. In most cases, the awareness ends up with the knowledge that they are genuinely good-looking. Thus, in this part of our article, we’ll try to share details about these beauties so you can finally understand what makes them different from others.

We don’t want to appear sourpuss – but it’s necessary to start with a few words about the history of Bulgaria. This country was under Turkish control for over 500 years. This has, of course, greatly influenced the mentality and culture of its people. Even today the eating habits, music preferences, and customs of Bulgarians are partly Turkish!

Maybe that’s why women from this European land love traditions so much. They often grow up in large families with many brothers and sisters. Therefore these cuties, right from a young age, realize how essential these bonds are.

Such a way of upbringing cultivates in Bulgarian girls friendliness and sensitivity. They are usually very open-minded concerning their partners’ wishes and are not afraid to show their love. On the other hand, Bulgarians are sincerely willing to help everyone in need. They shouldn’t be asked for support – it just comes without words.

Yes, females from Bulgaria are tender and sensual. Still, it doesn’t mean they don’t know what passion is. Their temperament may even be extensive, especially in the bedroom…

Single women from Bulgaria can easily be mistaken for Southerners, particularly in summer. Because having tanned and smooth skin is crucial to them. However, big and sparkling eyes are a distinctive feature of Bulgarian ladies. They, as a rule, have a small nose, pronounced cheekbones, and a pointed chin. Most typical by them is dark brown or black hair – the exceptions can be easily found, though.

Their slim bodies with remarkably long legs drive men crazy. Bulgarians look like top models in their bright bikinis, mini-skirts, and tight T-shirts! Basically, it can be said that these females follow fashion trends and always try to look attractive. Perhaps, that’s one of the reasons why they are so enormously popular. Foreign guys simply can’t resist their feminine charisma. Ask anyone who has ever talked to a lady of this nation or just looked at her – he knows what we mean.

Pros and Cons of dating Bulgarian women

Pros and Cons of dating Bulgarian women

Without a doubt, Bulgaria is not only a well-known holiday destination for Europeans but also the country with the most attractive women around the globe. Tourists eagerly look at these hotties when sunbathing on the golden sands. After getting to know Bulgarians better, Western singles usually notice a burning temper with wild inner fire inside their slender bodies. The time they spend together will be anything but boring – indeed unforgettable! Although these initial impressions are not enough to decide whether a relationship and marriage with a female of this nation is a good idea…

We guess you can’t determine the best option here. For this reason, we want to present to your attention the list of advantages and disadvantages these girls have. Read it carefully before creating a profile on one of the Bulgarian online dating sites. What if reality differs from your fantasies?


#1. Their prettiness

Experts say that attractiveness of single Bulgarian ladies is determined, for the most part, by the favorable climate in which they live. The sea air and the sun’s rays on a daily basis make their hair, nails, and body look healthier. The typical nutrition of these hotties has a direct impact on their good-lookingness too. We talk about the national cuisine of Bulgaria, which contains vitamin-rich fruit and vegetable dishes as well as fish.

It is also said that women from this European country have a unique sparkle in their eyes – and not solely because of the sunny climate. As we have already mentioned, they combine Turkish and Slavic appearance traits. Without a doubt, this mixture is truly exciting! Are there many lands around the globe where you can meet girls with naturally blonde hair and blue eyes, just like brown-eyed and black-haired cuties?

But enough words, google the names of these Bulgarian celebrities instead: Svetoslava (Svetle) Simeonova, Alice Panikian, and Iliana Chernakova…

#2. Their femininity

Women from Bulgaria are undoubtedly feminine. Their gestures are delicate and subtle. In contrast to Western females, they like to wear sexy dresses and high heel shoes not only for special occasions but also in everyday life. It must also be said that modern Bulgarian girls follow the latest fashion trends and are on top of things in this regard.

No lady of this Southeastern European land appears on the street without make-up and styling. However, thanks to the favorable climate she lives in – her natural look is stunning, either.

#3. Their optimism

Women of Bulgaria for marriage are optimistic about almost everything that crosses their way. Even if the situation seems difficult to overcome – it changes nothing. Taking life easy is just a typical feature of the local mentality. In this, Bulgarians are very similar to other Slavic nations, by the way.

Therefore, it is hardly possible for you to see such a female in a bad mood. The same goes for complaining about her problems. Thus, you shouldn’t worry – rendezvous with a cheerful Bulgarian lady will bring only joy. She will definitely delight you with her positive mood once and for all. Moreover, having a full-of-hope partner by your side can make your routine a bit brighter.

#4. Their talent for managing household chores

Bulgarian females make perfect household managers in the family. It must also be mentioned that women from this sunny land have outstanding cooking skills. Especially those from small towns – when marrying one of them, the better housewife couldn’t be found.

At the same time, Bulgarians genuinely like to see guests in their houses. When someone comes to visit, the table is always full of delicious national dishes, which are finger-licking good. The reason for such behavior is simple. These ladies believe that friends and relatives at their homes bring luck and happiness.

#5. Their serenity and good manners

In Bulgaria, single girls are characterized by calm and serene nature. So even in the big cities of this country, you won’t see vulgarity or unnecessary haste. This inborn stillness is omnipresent in all its female citizens and helps to balance work, leisure, and family life. For instance, these hard-working ladies never skip their lunch breaks because they understand the importance of relaxation.

In parallel, women of this nationality usually have good manners. Being polite and gentle is just typical of the local culture. Therefore, it will be a pleasure for you to spend time with each of them. No matter what goes around – your Bulgarian girlfriend won’t embarrass you.

On the other hand, as a rule, they do nothing to improve their lives. This passivity concerns both personal and social matters. Let us give you an example. In other European countries, where people are more active, they would have cleaned up the dirty streets themselves. Or they would have secured the allocation of appropriate funds from the local government. In Bulgaria, locals prefer discussing with friends and family that someone did not fulfill his duties – but nothing concrete to fix the problem. There is even a name for such an attitude toward everything – непукизм. Since they usually answer, “А на мен не пука от това!” (I don’t care, this doesn’t affect me personally!).

#1. Their bad habits

Stream Girl Bulgaria Nature Water Woman River

When you meet women from Bulgaria, they appear almost saints. Unfortunately, it is not true. They, like everyone else around the world, have bad habits.

Okay, we can feel you are getting a heavy vibe at this point. But don’t worry – we don’t talk about alcohol or drugs. Bulgarian ladies simply smoke a lot.

In this country, people, as a rule, begin very early with smoking. Almost all teenagers have this small sin. No less popular among youth are hookahs and electronic cigarettes. Thus, in a relationship with a Bulgarian woman, be prepared that she will smoke a lot. Without opening the windows in the car, with children, without leaving the table…

#2. Their careless attitude toward finances

According to experts, Bulgarians are an ideal example of consumerism. They should constantly buy something: the latest models of cell phones, other popular gadgets, branded outfits… If there isn’t enough money in the bank account – the credit card comes into play.

In Bulgaria, a person can get a consumer loan even with a poor credit score. The principle is simple: the worse the situation, the higher the bank’s interest rate. But that doesn’t stop those eager to buy new things. Maybe that’s why the favorite pastime activity of Bulgarian girls is shopping. By the way, it’s better not to visit the shopping centers of the land’s capital on weekends. Not only citizens of Sofia can be found there, but people of the entire Sofia region!

#3. Their low self-esteem

When dating single girls from Bulgaria, many foreign guys point out that these cuties have low self-esteem. Although they love to talk about world-famous Bulgarians, it doesn’t mean they flaunt their national heroes. And, there is, in fact, the topic to brag about! Cyril and Methodius, the creators of Slavic writing, came from this land. As well as Stoichkov – a famous football player. The same goes for John Atanasov – the creator of the first computer.

No one can tell why Bulgarian ladies have such self-depreciation. Some can even say that they consider their nation, in general, worse than other Europeans. Therefore, regardless of who your girlfriend is (a Miss Universe contest winner or a holder of a degree from Harvard) – she will always feel insecure.

#4. Their passivity

In Bulgaria, brides often complain about the president and local or state authorities. Everyone with whom, for one reason to another, their life has brought them together becomes the reason to grumble too.

On the other hand, as a rule, they do nothing to improve their lives. This passivity concerns both personal and social matters. Let us give you an example. In other European countries, where people are more active, they would have cleaned up the dirty streets themselves. Or they would have secured the allocation of appropriate funds from the local government. In Bulgaria, locals prefer discussing with friends and family that someone did not fulfill his duties – but nothing concrete to fix the problem. There is even a name for such an attitude toward everything – непукизм. Since they usually answer, “А на мен не пука от това!” (I don’t care, this doesn’t affect me personally!).

#5. Their unfaithfulness

Bulgarian men can be called admirers of the beauty of their women. They are always ready to give a compliment to a stranger or just show their interest to a girl passing by on the street.

Perhaps, that’s the explanation why Bulgarian mail brides are generally open to love affairs, even when they are in relationships. However, being unfaithful is typical for representatives of both genders of this nation. Of course, family scandals may happen on this basis. But nevertheless, the desire to experience the thrill is stronger…

On the other hand, as a rule, they do nothing to improve their lives. This passivity concerns both personal and social matters. Let us give you an example. In other European countries, where people are more active, they would have cleaned up the dirty streets themselves. Or they would have secured the allocation of appropriate funds from the local government. In Bulgaria, locals prefer discussing with friends and family that someone did not fulfill his duties – but nothing concrete to fix the problem. There is even a name for such an attitude toward everything – непукизм. Since they usually answer, “А на мен не пука от това!” (I don’t care, this doesn’t affect me personally!).

What comes into your mind when you think of Bulgaria? First and foremost, it is, of course, an amazing holiday destination. At the same time, stereotypically, many foreigners consider prices in this country cheaper than in many other European lands. So no wonder that many tourists decide to travel namely there. However, what they read on the Internet before buying a ticket and what they get in reality sometimes differ…

Does this tendency have an impact on romance? It’s a good question that is frequently left neglected. Not in this case, though. In this part of our article, we’ll highlight the most commonly heard cliches about single ladies from Bulgaria. Spoiler: many of them are myths.

#1. All Bulgarians are gypsies.

No, it’s a myth that the majority of single Bulgarian women find insulting.

If you check the ethnic composition of this land, you will realize it’s pretty diverse. Bulgarians, Turks, The Roma-Sinti, Armenians, Jews, Macedonians, Serbs, Bessarabians, and representatives of the former USSR can be met there. All with their own traits, traditions, mentality, and religion.

There is something more we can say in addition to the already-mentioned dissimilarities. The habits and outlooks on the life of ladies in Bulgaria change from region to region. By illustration, those from the Rhodopes are unique because of their history, full of suffering and grief.

#2. Bulgarians are hard to understand.

Well, yes and no. To be more specific, we know why foreigners think so.

One of the most intriguing features of guys and ladies from Bulgaria is how they agree. While practically the whole world (except for a few countries) accepts nodding a head as a sign of consent, Bulgarians do exactly the opposite. They, on the contrary, turn their heads left and right when they want to say yes. The negation in this country – as you might guess – is accompanied by the opposite gesture.

Such an unusual feature causes difficulties when dealing with foreigners, that’s why representatives of this nation are considered hard to understand. But getting used to this species is quite easy.

There is a legend that explains this phenomenon. In ancient times, the Turks forced the Bulgarians to change their faith, holding knives at their throats. If the victim’s answer was negative, he wasn’t allowed to live. So the locals had to be a little inventive and change the gesture system.

#3. Bulgarians live in a patriarchal society.

In Bulgaria, dating and marriage are viewed as a great responsibility. Families are made for life. The major part of this commitment (according to traditions) should be given to a man. Although we can’t say that this country has a patriarchal society.

Sure, the head of an average Bulgarian union is, as a rule, a male partner. But it doesn’t mean that the woman’s opinion remains neglected. Guys in this land are pretty immature and tend to shuffle off resolving crucial issues to their wives. So the leadership is questionable…

#4. Bulgarians do not tolerate vegetarians.

It definitely is a bad idea to look for a wife in Bulgaria if you are a vegetarian. People of this country are very fond of meat and won’t even consider refusing to eat it.

At the same time, when plant-eating doesn’t suit you – marrying a Bulgarian girl will be a great decision. Let’s take a closer look at the yummy prospects of such a marriage.

One of the most popular dishes in Bulgaria is kebab. It’s meat roasted over an open fire. No less delicious is chaverme – lamb on a spit. Fans of dried meat must certainly try pastarma. No less tasty is lukanka – the traditional sausages made from beef or pork. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

#5. All Bulgarians want to move to one of the more prosperous countries.

Every young and pretty woman from Bulgaria loves and cherishes the ancient traditions of her country. Also, she is perfectly aware of the details of its rich and complicated history. Such a lady is not only proud of her homeland – but of the city she lives in too. Just ask, and she will gladly become your personal guide during your trip.

The mentality of these people is reflected in their traditions and culture. Loyalty to their past and peculiar conservatism allowed the Bulgarians to preserve the ancient customs that came to us from the depths of thousands of years. Do you still think girls with such an attitude want to leave their land no matter what?

On the other hand, as a rule, they do nothing to improve their lives. This passivity concerns both personal and social matters. Let us give you an example. In other European countries, where people are more active, they would have cleaned up the dirty streets themselves. Or they would have secured the allocation of appropriate funds from the local government. In Bulgaria, locals prefer discussing with friends and family that someone did not fulfill his duties – but nothing concrete to fix the problem. There is even a name for such an attitude toward everything – непукизм. Since they usually answer, “А на мен не пука от това!” (I don’t care, this doesn’t affect me personally!).

Before creating a profile on a free online dating site in Bulgaria, you need to find out what women from this country want. Otherwise, building a successful relationship with one of them may appear truly challenging.

What should you do, then?

First and foremost, Bulgarian ladies want a loving and caring partner by their side. This is much more important to them than status in society and wealth. For Bulgarians, immaterial things are more crucial. So making each of them happy can be achieved only through showing how special she is.

When deciding on international dating – girls from this Southeastern European land look for commitment. They love Western guys because they are associated with seriousness and security. Thus, you are already in the winning situation. Follow the tips from this section of our article for even better results.

#1. Treat her like a queen

Single ladies in Bulgaria like to be treated like queens. It doesn’t mean that you should call your girlfriend anything else but Your Majesty, though. Being the center of your attention will be enough for such a girl.

Therefore, to make your beloved one happy – don’t forget to give her compliments a few times a day or just show your affection in every possible way. An ideal option here is gifts. Bulgarian women generally love surprises, so this gesture will always have the desired effect. You don’t have to be super-creative, either. Merely going to an interesting place, having a romantic dinner in a restaurant, or buying something will be enough.

#2. Discuss with her your shared future

Once you have decided to start a serious relationship with a Bulgarian female, don’t be afraid to manifest the depth of your feelings. Many foreigners worry about the language barrier that might cause difficulties in understanding and ruin the romantic atmosphere of your confession. But calm yourself down – modern Bulgarians, in their majority, speak English well enough to figure out what you mean.

Moreover, we can assure you that a guy willing to discuss his plans for the shared future automatically gets some “bonus points” from a Bulgarian woman. Because, in this case, he appears as a person who knows what he wants and won’t hesitate to put his plans into action. And that’s, namely, what she expects to see.

#3. Help her to escape the routine

Keep in mind this suggestion if you want to find a Bulgarian bride. Monotony quickly makes women from this country sick to the back teeth. So, when dating one of them, don’t let your lady of the heart get bored – always offer her something new! Adding something new to your relationship will never hurt, don’t you think so?

Quite helpful in this regard may be common interests. Some experts even call it a prerequisite for success in a union. Thus, for example, if you like photography – tell your Bulgarian girlfriend about it or ask her to become your model. In this way – you two can find more topics for conversation and get closer to each other.

#4. Dream together

All people, notwithstanding their nationality, have certain dreams they would like to fulfill in the next few years. You and your girlfriend from Bulgaria are no exception. Therefore, if you share your ideas in this regard – it will win her trust. She will see it as proof of the seriousness of your intentions.

It’s essential to be optimistic during such a conversation. Use your sense of humor – make your chat livelier with jokes and funny stories from your life.

Anyway, after discussing things you have on your bucket list, you can slowly move to the next step – think up new (shared ones). Dream together with your Bulgarian female – this simple action will bring you a lot.

#5. Meet her family

Single girls in Bulgaria are genuinely attached to their families. The numerous relatives mean a lot to all of them. So, in a couple with a lady from this land – getting to know her mother, father, and siblings is essential. The best occasion for it is one of the countless holidays in the country.

Be prepared for the celebration with great pomp and observance of all the customs kept from ancient times. It will definitely be a feast with lots of food and national delicacies: starting with the famous Shopi salad and cheese and continuing with the traditional sarmi and a variety of meat dishes – absolutely delicious! You will be impressed by the warmth and friendliness of your woman’s family members – just show your open-mindedness.

Bulgarian wedding traditions

Bulgarian wedding traditions

Bulgarians are cheerful people. So the wedding in this country is usually celebrated in the same manner, with endless rites and rituals. White shirts and dresses with red embroidery, wine, good jokes, and funny round dances…

Anyway, until less than a century ago, men and women in Bulgaria married for life since the divorce was not allowed. Maybe, for this reason, these lively individuals even nowadays treat this step with full responsibility. At the same time, modern singles take all customs and traditions as assurance for happy family life. Therefore, to get a Bulgarian wife, you must be perfectly aware of all the nuances of the future ceremony. Luckily, you can find everything you need right here.

#1. Marriage proposal

As in many countries, in this European country, the wedding is preceded by a marriage proposal. In Bulgaria, single ladies (even today) unwillingly skip it.

The matchmakers come to the girl’s house late in the evening. Since one cannot know what the potential bride’s parents will answer, the whole ritual is usually kept secret. After the moment when the positive answer is given, the day of the engagement must be appointed.

If the answer was negative many years ago, unsuccessful matchmakers tried to return home unnoticed. That’s where the cover of night was pretty practical.

#2. Engagement

The engagement in Bulgaria, as a rule, is celebrated loudly – on a grand scale.

Traditionally, future relatives give each other symbolic gifts that indicate mutual respect and welcome to the family. A bit later, they discuss the details of the upcoming wedding and calculate the expenses.

In the old days, during the engagement party, the groom’s parents gave the bride a monisto (necklace) consisting of gold coins. The girl had to wear this jewelry until the big day. It was considered a demonstration that she was engaged and would soon become someone’s wife.

#3. Season and day do matter

If you have a Bulgarian bride, bear in mind two things. Your wedding should be celebrated at a particular time of the year and the day of the week. But let us be more specific.

The ceremony must be held in autumn or winter. That’s an ancient tradition that is followed even in this day and age. Its explanation is pretty simple, though. In spring and summer (many years ago), predominantly rural Bulgaria people were busy with fieldwork. And therefore, during this busy period, major events weren’t celebrated.

The day of the week matters too – it ought to be Sunday. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any explanation in this respect.

#4. Wedding ceremony

When the big day comes – the Bulgarian groom puts on the festive outfit. From what other guys at the celebration wear, he is distinguished by a towel embroidered in the folk style. This cloth is given to the future son-in-law by the parents of his beloved one during the engagement party. Surrounded by relatives and friends, he goes to his woman’s house.

Upon arrival, the bride personally greets them. She must be dressed in something casual first. Only when the initial rituals are left behind – the lady is finally allowed to put her wedding dress on. As soon as she is ready, lovebirds receive blessings from their guests and may go to the church. Earlier, brides from Bulgaria preferred festive outfits in ethnic style. Today more popular are standard white dresses.

After the wedding ceremony in the church, the newlyweds go to the groom’s house, where his mother is waiting for them. They must be treated with bread, sweets, and wine.

#5. Party

After the official part, the party can begin.

Parents of the newlyweds should be given special honor and respect. It is believed that without their help, the ceremony wouldn’t have taken place. Therefore, mothers and fathers of both get the best places at the festive table.

At the end of the banquet, parents prepare the bed for the first wedding night. There the male strength of the groom and the bride’s chastity ought to be tested. The next day, according to ancient traditions, the young wife should bring water and pour it on the hands of her husband’s relatives. A headscarf must be on her head, symbolizing her new marital status.

Top cities to meet Bulgarian women

What have you actually heard about Bulgaria? Have you ever visited this country? If not, then you definitely should do it!

In fact, Bulgaria is an ideal tourist destination, notwithstanding the season. In winter, you can go skiing or snowboarding; in summer – have fun at music festivals and swim in the Black Sea. In spring, you may enjoy walking the streets of ancient cities, while in fall – experts suggest taking a break from the hustle and bustle in the healing mineral waters.

One can say that towns in this land are similar in their narrow stone streets, but it’s not true. Each has its own charm that definitely deserves a visit. Still, what are the best places to meet Bulgarian singles? Where should you go for this purpose? Check our rate to find out!

#1. Sofia

Sofia is the capital of this fascinating European land. Therefore, if you want to find a Bulgarian wife who is gorgeous, chic, glamorous, and intelligent – that’s where you should go.

Some experts claim that the best singles in this country live in Sofia! The explanation here is simple. Many young ladies from all regions of Bulgaria go there to study at the university and, potentially, for better job prospects.

What are the best locations to meet your soulmate, then?

If you like to hang out, Sofia has plenty to offer you. There are dozens of nightclubs where you can enjoy great music and tasty drinks. And, of course, you will meet the most fashionable, cheerful, and confident Bulgarian women there. Although in case you prefer a quieter way of dating: enjoy fabulous nature and make new acquaintances in one of the local parks.

#2. Burgas

Burgas is a small Bulgarian town that attracts foreigners with its romantic and cozy atmosphere. It’s a perfect holiday destination. Burgas predisposes people to make new friends or start a passionate affair. For this reason, international matchmakers suggest this place as an ideal option for those who want to begin a relationship with a local woman.

This town offers outstanding opportunities for both nightlife fans and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts.

There are many picturesque places in Burgas where you can make a promenade with your Bulgarian girlfriend. Then – invite her to continue the evening in one of the many nice cafes and restaurants.

#3. Varna

Next to Sofia, Varna is the second big city in Bulgaria. It is also called the country’s summer capital.

Varna is situated on the seaside. That’s why, in this beautiful place, you can find great restaurants with fresh seafood and delicious local wine. Consider one of them a perfect location for a rendezvous with a Bulgarian woman.

Anyway, there is always something to do in Varna! Although not large like NYC, it has plenty of attractions for all tastes. You will never get bored there, as the city’s atmosphere is filled with adventures and a party mood!

Since this is not the land’s main city, girls are more modest there. If you don’t like posh chicks, this is your best bet.

#4. Plovdiv

Plovdiv is one of the largest cities in the country, and Bulgarians love it with all their hearts. It is among the oldest metropolia in Europe, older than Rome and Istanbul. Therefore, Plovdiv is full of ancient streets and historical architectural monuments.

The city is built on seven hills, and any of them opens up a breathtaking panorama. To arrange the most romantic date ever – climb to its highest point (Nebet Tepe) at sunset. Or, if this idea involves too much sport – take your Bulgarian girlfriend to the Kapan district. There are many restaurants, cafes, and other pastime activities for every taste. Don’t forget to try traditional Bulgarian pastries!

By the way, the Kapana festival is held in Plovdiv twice a year. It’s a must-visit event for creative people all over the country. Use this occasion to meet your soulmate.

#5. Bansko

If you come to Bansko, then search for love and skiing. Trust us, it’s better to visit this place once than choose one of the Bulgarian dating sites!

If you check any ski guides to European resorts – you will definitely discover Bansko there. The season is open from mid-December to mid-April, though. In the remaining months, you can admire the scenery around the city and enjoy pleasant communication with local singles.

Where should you look for love, then? Go to the restaurants and bars! Also, after a day in the fresh air, you can rest in one of the nightclubs.

One of the best locations for the romantic rendezvous is the Victoria restaurant. This is a Bulgarian restaurant with live music and traditional dishes.

Where to meet Bulgarian brides when you are a foreigner

After reading such a long article, you already know a lot about the advantages of women from Bulgaria as life partners. And perhaps, the knowledge we have shared convinced you that it is worth looking for your soulmate in this country.

However, the awareness of details on Bulgarian bride dating is not enough here. You must find out where a Western guy like you can meet a lady of this nation. Spoiler: it won’t be as complicated as it seems since many Bulgarian girls are looking for a boyfriend abroad. And, who knows: maybe your love is somewhere near?

#1. Bulgaria

In this day and age, when the boundaries are only in our heads, it’s not hard to arrange a tour to any country around the globe. Bulgaria is not as exotic as China or Kenya, so buying plane tickets to Sofia won’t cost you a fortune. Especially if you live in Europe – many low-cost flight operators fly there.

If you have read our article carefully, you are perfectly aware of the top cities and locations where you can meet single Bulgarian ladies. Follow our tips to make your search more successful and easy.

#2. City you live in

In principle, it is possible to meet a Bulgarian woman anywhere around the globe. Although if you live in a big city – the probability is even higher since foreigners rarely move to villages.

On the other hand, if you know a restaurant of national Bulgarian cuisine or culture clubs – these places should undoubtedly be visited. Of course, social media portals such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Co. are also good ways to get to know migrants from this South European country. Speed-dating events are also definitely worth a try.

#3. Internet

Not all singles are willing to go abroad to meet potential girlfriends. Some of them lack free time, while others don’t have enough energy. Don’t worry if you are one of them because there is a way out. You can try online Bulgarian dating!

There are specialized websites and mobile apps for finding foreign partners. Such matchmaking platforms are very popular among Bulgarian women. Hundreds of new girls join such services every day. So there are enough conversationalists to choose from.

Specialized sites and apps offer a convenient environment for communication right on your smartphone or PC. So it is possible to find a future wife in Bulgaria even without leaving home!

All you want to know about Bulgarian brides

Why are there so many single women in Bulgaria?

That’s a million-dollar question since there aren’t many of them. But we guess you want to find out why Bulgarian females become mail-order brides.
Surprisingly, neither living conditions nor gender ratio in the country can be named an explanation for it. However, there are a few reasons to consider:

  • They strive to discover new cultures. Marrying a foreigner would help a Bulgarian woman satisfy her curiosity.
  • Willing to get better career prospects, Bulgarians see more opportunities outside of the country that they can take advantage of.
  • They want to be treated like princesses, and local men aren’t always ready to behave like that.

How much does a Bulgarian bride cost?

In Bulgaria, women for marriage can’t be just bought. So we’ll tell you the approximate cost of the whole process: from online dating to marriage.
Becoming a member of an international matchmaking platform won’t be free, especially if you want to avoid scammers. Therefore, the communication on such a service is usually priced from $200 per month. Next, come the expenses for the trip to your online girlfriend’s country. Luckily, Bulgaria isn’t an expensive land – flight tickets, accommodation, transportation, meals, and entertainment are priced at $2000. The wedding ceremony cost is around $5000 (if you don’t mind the traditional one). A simple calculation gives us the final amount of $7200.

Why do Bulgarian women marry Americans?

According to prejudices, Bulgarian women are only after money, and that’s why they marry Americans. This is not true, though.
In fact, they want a loving and loyal partner who shows them that they are special. A Western guy, as it is widely believed, fits this description. Also, most women from this country look for long-term relationships. And that’s the reason why Americans usually decide on international dating.
Security is an essential point for Bulgarian ladies – isn’t it what is associated with US boyfriends? We hope you understand females from this European land better now.

How to get a Bulgarian girlfriend?

Nowadays – in Bulgaria, dating a woman for a foreigner shouldn’t appear challenging. If you are serious about this decision, you ought to become a member of the matchmaking platform. The one where you can find a lot of beautiful singles in the catalog.
But be careful! The agency that services you want to use to find your life partner should have a good reputation and plenty of success stories! You can see all this on Internet forums and review websites like ours. The grateful customers often write testimonials and post their personal stories with photos, telling about their happiness on specialized platforms. Don’t forget to check them too.

How can I marry a girl in Bulgaria?

The wedding in Bulgaria usually takes place in the church – as well as in the town hall. Although the ceremony itself does not last very long. The rings are exchanged at the end. After that comes the traditional wedding kiss. The couple is finally married with the signing of the wedding papers.
Bulgaria is a European country, so the union created there will be automatically valid worldwide.

Are Bulgarian brides a real thing?

Yes. Bulgarian brides are undoubtedly a real thing!