SecretBenefits review
  • You can create your Secret Benefits profile and set it up for free.
  • Its male and female members are allowed to upload not only public photos – but also private ones.
  • The platform specializes in sugar dating, so the intentions of all users are apparent by default.
  • The SB design is simple, and the interface could be called user-friendly.
  • The online dating Secret Benefits is not for serious relationships and marriage.
  • There is no app for this platform.
  • Communication on SB is pretty expensive, and there is a chance your message will be left unanswered.
  • Your dating opportunities are limited to emails: no chats, no phone, and video calls.
  • Not all female members are verified.
  • The safety of the usage of SecretBenefits is rather questionable.
  • To get quick replies from customer support service – you need to buy a subscription.


Are there any hidden drawbacks to

Are there any hidden drawbacks to Oh, how times change! The world we live in right now is not the same as in the youth of our parents and grandparents. Many things which were absolutely unacceptable twenty years ago – are perfectly okay in this day and age. Among such matters are, for example, relationships between young, gorgeous ladies and mature, wealthy men. We are talking about the 20-year age difference and more, by the way. We are sure you have already heard or read the terms “sugar dating” and “sugar daddy/baby.” Such word combinations have been used a lot lately. What does it mean, then? This is a form of romance in which an older and prosperous partner takes care of an immature match in financial aspects. In return, this person receives attention and physical closeness. So, do you fit the profile of a typical sugar daddy? Are you a well-experienced guy who has both feet on the ground? Are you willing to pamper your sugar baby with luxurious gifts, dinners in Michelin restaurants, and exotic vacations, getting conversations, time together, and sex in return? If yes – our review of Secret Benefits will come in handy. Since this platform specializes exactly in this kind of dating. So let’s get down to business, shall we?

First impression

What do we know about the Secret Benefits website? Not much, in fact. The service was created in 2015 by a team of entrepreneurs from New Zealand. However, the fact SB was founded seven years ago doesn’t mean its design is not up-to-date. The color scheme is made in light colors with contrasting fonts. We would, actually, call the platform’s style eye-pleasing and generally minimalistic. The slogan of SecretBenefits is, “Where experienced and attractive people meet.” It definitely gives a hint on the site’s main purpose – but not you won’t find it explicitly stated. First impression about If you scroll the website’s homepage down, you can see its way of working in three simple steps. According to it – you need to join the service and tell other users what exactly you have to offer. Then, you may start with communication. SB advises discussing relationships you seek openly and honestly. Next – you are suggested to proceed with offline meetings with a partner you deserve. SB advises discussing relationships you seek openly and honestly. Also, before becoming a member, you might be interested in reading the testimonials of the former SecretBenefits users. They all are, of course, fine. But is there a difference between what you expect and the reality? After reading such an amount of compliments towards the service, the hopes are really high. That’s what we are going to find out next.


31, ⚐ Zaporizhia, Ukraine

27, ⚐ Moscow, Russia

31, ⚐ Dnipro, Ukraine

24, ⚐ Kyiv, Ukraine

SecretBenefits women: where are they from? is a platform that operates, for the most part, on the Western dating market. So don’t take it as a typical international matchmaking platform. It’s rather about finding the girl of your desires in your own country and quickly moving to an offline relationship. So, what do we know about the SB female users? First of all, more than 100,000 of them are active weekly. It presumes you will have a wide selection of potential girlfriends. Also, as reported by the SecretBenefits staff, the majority of the women from their catalog live in the USA (over 50%). The second place occupies Canada with 36%. The United Kingdom comes third with 13%. You might be surprised, but 0,5% of the SB girls come from Iraq! Thus, as they say, this service has singles for every taste.

How do you sign up?

The Secret Benefits sign-up process doesn’t seem to be complicated. But, first of all, you need to make sure that the website operates in your country. For instance, our team members from Germany couldn’t get access to it. How do you sign up to Secret Benefits Anyway, we are glad our staff is international – otherwise, the trustworthiness of this review would well be questionable. So let’s take a closer look at the registration process. You need to click the I’m a Man button on the Secret Benefits homepage to proceed with it. Then, the corresponding form will be opened. registration process on the Secret Benefits As you can see, only basic information is required at this stage – such as your age, ethnicity, and location. Remember that your username shouldn’t definitely be real – SB members use nicknames. Also, as usual, you will need to enter your valid email address and think up a strong password. After that – hit the Next button.

How do you set up your profile? suggests you set up your profile right after the registration. Still, if you don’t have time at that very moment, you can save it for later, skipping the offered steps. Okay, what do you need to do? How do you set up your profile on Secret Benefits It is advised that you start by adding your personal pictures. The site administration thinks this will give you the best chance of success. So why not? add your personal pictures to Secret Benefits Then, you ought to specify your sugar dating needs. To be more concrete, you need to write what you are looking for. Is it just fun or something serious? Maybe you just want to find a travel partner? Share it there! write what you are looking fo on Secret Benefits It’s quite logical that you should also say a few words about yourself. The Your Tagline field must be filled out with tempting hashtags that could attract potential matches to view your profile. At the same time, you need to clearly describe what you have to offer to SB sugar babies. The most crucial is the information concerning your financial well-being, of course. few words about yourself The final step involves uploading Secret Photos. Pictures from your private album aren’t available to all users – but only to those – you give access to. The final step involves uploading Secret Photos To edit your profile later, you need to click the corresponding button on the top of your user page. There you will also be able to see the percentage of the profile completion – this is pretty practical.

Main features

The majority of the Secret Benefits website reviews state the same thing – that this platform doesn’t have many features. That’s why we’ll consider them all in more detail below. Above all, we like to mention that all SB site attributes are available at the top of the user page. Namely, these are Search, Messages, Matches, Access, and Profile. Behind the Access button – are hidden the requests for viewing your private pictures. There are three subcategories there: Approved, Pending, and Declined. We guess there is no need to explain what is placed in each one. Also, in the My Access folder are put all your requests for access to the Secret Albums of your favorite members. We have already mentioned that the Profile button redirects you to the page where you can edit the information about you visible to other users. In the messages folder – are complied the SB communication features. While the click on the Search button enables you to explore the catalog for the potential conversationalists. More about them – later in our review. As you might assume, the most interesting service of Secret Benefits is Matches. It, in fact, doesn’t offer you automatically formed matches based on your preferences. In this section, you can find two lists: Admirers and Favorites. The first one unites those ladies who have viewed your profile and/or added it to their favorite. The second one is made for those girls you like most. Of course, it makes sense to look for chat partners there.

How do you search and sort the ladies?

As mentioned in our SecretBenefits review: automated matching is unavailable on this site. Thus, you will certainly need to use its manual Search. How does it work, then? How do you search and sort the ladies on Secret Benefits Above all, you are offered to search by the city. Also, if you like, the maximal radius could be specified either. Naturally, additional filters are available. They include ethnicity, age, body type, height, hair color, and relationship status. In the event it’s important to you – you can set the attitude towards drinking and smoking by your potential matches’ side. Tattoo lovers also have a related filter. By the way, the presence of photos in the profile is one of the criteria. Do you want to see some profile of your search results a little closer? Just click on it! search filters for girls on Secret Benefits search filters for girls on Secret Benefits

How do you communicate?

The Secret Benefits communication opportunities are pretty limited. For example, you don’t have a common, for such services, chat room. The same goes for calls and video conference options. What do you have, then? How do you communicate on Secret Benefits It’s a kind of mix of emails and instant messages. As far as we understand, your conversationalist doesn’t have to be online, so you could contact her. There are three folders: Inbox, Sent, and Archive. It’s more than concise – you aren’t even able to create drafts! Perhaps – the SB site administration, through limited communication features, wants to motivate you to move to the offline meetings as soon as possible. Anyway, in our opinion, it’s not enough for a modern dating service.

Does SecretBenefits have a mobile app?

No, unfortunately not. The official Secret Benefits app is presented neither in AppStore nor in GooglePlay. Some users say that they simply use the mobile version of the site. We, on our part, find it a little inconvenient.

What does a free membership offer?

We think you remember that there are, generally, not many features available to users on Secret Benefits. At this point, we are going to consider those which are free to use. First and foremost, you can create your account for free. Setting up your profile and uploading pictures (both public and private) won’t cost you a cent. Searching for potential conversationalists and looking through the ladies’ profiles, you can even without buying a subscription. The Matches service is free of charge too. However, we can’t say you won’t need to spend money on this platform on the whole. All communication services require your payments. Yes, we know what you think – sugar babies need your money at all dating stages.

What does a paid membership offer?

Once again, we need to agree with the writers of reviews of Secret Benefits – the price/quality ratio of this website is not good. Let us show you what we are talking about. What does a paid membership offer? Notwithstanding the SB platform specializes in sugar dating, the way its payments work doesn’t differ from typical to international matchmakers. You still need to convert your real-life dollars to credits. There are three packages you can choose from. The first one – Best Value – suggests you buy 1000 credits for $289 ($0,29 each). The second one – Elite – presents the proposal of 500 credits for $169 ($0,34 each). The third one – Introductory – offers to purchase 100 credits for $59 ($0,59 each). Okay, how can you spend these credits, then? You will need to pay 10 of these virtual units to unlock a conversation. With the same amount, you will be charged for getting access to a Secret Album of an SB lady. More benefits, such as getting priority support and appearing higher in search results, are available for additional payments.

Customer support

The Secret Benefits dating site has, in fact, only one way how you can get in touch with the customer support service. You are asked to write them an email. Customer support Secret Benefits As you can see from the screenshot, it is suggested you check the FAQ section of the site. For our part, we need to say that there are literally seven of them. And this is, obviously, not all frequently asked questions such a platform usually has. That is to say, you will definitely have to speak directly to the SB team. To do this, you need to select the subject of your message. Your username and email address will be added automatically. In the field below, you will need to describe your problems with the site in detail. Keep in mind that the abuse should be reported through another form! The link to it is highlighted in pink color.

Security and safety

What kind of security level does SecretBenefits offer? We are not sure that it’s sufficient enough to feel safe using it. In this section of our article, we’ll try to explain what we mean. First of all, not all female users of this website are verified. The reason for it is simple – this is not necessary. Only if a woman wants it – she may provide the documents which confirm her identity. And when scrolling through the girls’ profiles in the catalog, it’s easy to see not many of them choose to go through the verification process… Of course, such an approach leaves room for maneuver for scammers. It seems that the site administration is aware of it, though. If you carefully read the Terms of Service – you may find clear proof for it. For example, these guys say they are not responsible for what the users post or write – just like all your losses and damages will remain solely your problems. Also, no less surprising was to hear and read the Secret Benefit reviews of former users. For instance, ex-customers state that the platform’s administration is willing to do everything possible to prevent them from writing bad comments about the service. Or, if such a review is somewhere published – they suggest the full refund in exchange for deletion. We believe it’s hard to trust a platform with this customer policy, don’t you think so too?


Is SecretBenefits free to use?

No, notwithstanding some features are available for free – you can’t use SecretBenefits without buying a subscription. By way of illustration, it is required for correspondence service and for getting access to private photos of your favorite ladies.

How to create a profile on SecretBenefits?

The complete instructions are given in our review, but we’ll repeat the basic steps one more time. So, to join this sugar dating platform, you need to provide the following information: your ethnicity, age, location, and valid email address. Also, you will need to think up the username, visible by all members, and the password. And – that’s it! P.S. The sign-up process won’t cost you a cent.

How do SecretBenefits credits work?

We need to admit, it was pretty surprising to realize that credits by SecretBenefits work just like by international marriage brokers. So basically, you ought to choose the package you want to buy and get the corresponding amount of these virtual units. Then, you can spend them on the SB services.

Is SecretBenefits safe?

While writing this SecretBenefits review, we were able to dig up some information about these guys. And, unfortunately, we can’t say that the facts we are aware of now – let us call it safe. Moreover, we think the site administration does almost nothing to improve the situation. Actually, they could start with verifying the identities of all female users, and this aspect alone would change much.

How can I delete my SecretBenefits profile?

There are simple instructions in this regard. Open the SecretBenefits login page and enter your username and password. Next, you need to go to the Account Settings on the homepage. Choose the Membership button and, after that, the Delete Account one. You will be asked to enter your password once again to confirm the profile’s deactivation. Click the Continue Cancellation button to finish.

How many members does SecretBenefits have?

According to the official sources, there are around 82000 members of SecretBenefits. However, how actively they communicate – just like the gender ratio isn’t clear.

Can I use SecretBenefits anonymously?

Yes, it’s possible to use Secret Benefits anonymously. You don’t need to use your real name there – just the nickname instead. And, without public photos, such a profile could be used incognito.

How can I know that the SB profiles are real?

Well, you can do this only if your life motto is – hearing is believing. As mentioned before, not all female members let the SecretBenefits staff verify their identities. So in such a case – there is only one solution. We can merely advise you to move the communication outside the website as soon as possible. Since, through social networks, it is much easier to realize who you are chatting with.

Is SB messaging free?

The SecretBenefits website doesn’t have any free communication options. There is, in fact, just one they have.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

Your SecretBenefits profile information shouldn’t get approved – but your photos. There are certain requirements you need to follow. For example, you shouldn’t upload your naked pictures – the same goes for offensive hand gestures and all sorts of illegal activities. Texts and other copywriting content are prohibited too. And, if you do everything right, the photo verification process shouldn’t take more than 48 hours.

What can I do to keep my SecretBenefits account safe?

The rules are pretty standard here. But still, no one else but you is responsible for what is written on your behalf. So make sure only you personally use your profile – not your assistant or relative. Otherwise, it could be deleted without a refund.

The Special Benefits dating site is pretty unusual to us. Because we primarily write reviews on ordinary matchmaking platforms. Anyway, all members of our team are sure - such services have the right to exist. But we don't think our typical assessment criteria are applicable to it. So, what kind of a final verdict do we have, then? Don't laugh - we want you to decide. If you are a risky person and don't mind facing the security problems mentioned in our article - why not? Although if you like to play it safe - choose some other platform.

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