GoldenBride review

Best dating site for looking woman for marriage
  • It’s easy to find on the Internet and sign up to Goldenbride.
  • No matter which device you have – there is an app available for you.
  • Goldenbride brides come from different countries. You can meet Asians, Latinas, and Slavic girls there.
  • The high level of customer support service.
  • The variety of free content, such as blog, Sweet or hot, etc.
  • No technical issues were noticed while using it.
  • Like it was mentioned in our review, you can’t send your private pictures during chatting.
  • You will have to go through the IMBRA process before the first real-life meeting with your online girlfriend.
  • The FAQ section almost does not exist and doesn’t give answers to the questions. You will need to write a message to customer support each time you have questions.


Is really the best place to find your love abroad?

Is really the best place to find your love abroad? The website is one of the most well-known representatives of the modern international dating industry. Founded in 2013 – this platform successfully operates on the market. Each year with the help of these matchmakers – hundreds of Western men find their love and get married to foreign women. According to the official information, this site, at its initial stages, was oriented strictly on guys interested in getting acquainted with ladies from Eastern Europe. With time, however, by reading the users’ feedback, it becomes clear that the geography of members of the Goldenbride service has significantly expanded. As dating experts, long before writing this review, we found ourselves looking forward to testing it. Since, like with the majority of international matchmaking platforms, the customers’ opinions in its regard are fundamentally different. But where is the truth? Is GB, in fact, trustworthy, or is it better to stay away from it? Let’s figure it out together!

First impression

As befits, we want to start our Goldenbride dating service review with the first impression it makes on us – as potential users. Undoubtedly, the very first thing we have noticed is the website’s main page design. One could say that the black and white background image is a bit dark. We, although, find it aesthetically pleasing, especially together with fonts and other small details. Pink, gray, and jade create a patina of romance. And, you must agree, due to the site’s goal, it is the right feeling. The point that tells about Goldenbride a lot is the abundance of content that explains how the platform works, available before joining it. To be more specific, you can find the descriptions of live chat, video chat, flowers and presents, etc. – right on the main page. It really helps to decide whether the services meet your expectations. And also demonstrates the customer-orientated approach of its owners. Extra attention ought to be paid to GB’s blog. There are plenty of articles on various topics there that you can read absolutely free of charge. We find it a pity they didn’t make any articles’ categories which help to filter the information you are interested in. If you scroll the main website’s page a bit down, you can see the promises dating platform Goldenbride gives. So, they guarantee 100% verification of female members’ identities, strong anti-scam protection, various ways of communication, and adaptivity to any device. Sounds good, but does it really work this way? It’s probably time to sign up to find out.


31, ⚐ Zaporizhia, Ukraine

27, ⚐ Moscow, Russia

31, ⚐ Dnipro, Ukraine

24, ⚐ Kyiv, Ukraine

Goldenbride women – where are they from?

Goldenbride women - where are they from? Oh wait, there is a matter you need to be aware of before creating an account on GB. We are talking about the ladies you can meet there, of course. You can read in the old Goldenbride dating reviews that there are only Slavic females on this platform. Still, as we have already mentioned, this information is not up-to-date. Today you can get to know pretty girls from Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Romania, etc.), as well as Asians and Latinas on GB! What is even more surprising: during testing, we have found Goldenbride women who live in European countries (Sweden, Spain, Italy, Germany, etc.) and even the United Arab Emirates! As you can see, there are tons of options for every taste there.

How do you sign up?

How do you sign up to As other people have already written in different Goldenbride reviews – it takes just a few minutes to sign up to this website. Basically, you have two ways of how you can join it. The first and fastest one is to use your Facebook account. In this case, you don’t need to do anything special since you enable GB to use your Facebook data. The second and a little slower one is to make it anew. You only need to write your name and email address. After that – think up a secure password and hit the Find your matches button. And, that’s all indeed. Right after making these simple steps, you get full access to your account. login options

How do you set up your profile?

When writing an honest Goldenbride’s review of the website, it’s essential to fill out the profile information to compare the female members’ activity with and without telling them anything about our character. So, you are signed up – how to change your profile details, then? It’s pretty simple: you just need to click on your name on the upper left side of the screen. After that – choose the Edit profile button on the right side of the screen. Golden Bride offers to start with basic account settings. For example, you can change your password, email address, add a phone number, and connect your GB account with Facebook. By checking the Get mailing box, you subscribe to the newsletter of this platform. When scrolling the page down, you can finally start making changes to your profile information. It includes your first and last names, date of birth, country you live in, weight, height, eyes, and hair color. If you want, you can mention your marital status, presence of children, religion, education level, job, and the language you speak. If you are a creative personality, make your profile on Goldenbride more attractive for the ladies by telling further facts about your character, hobbies, desired lady’s age and giving the dream partner’s description. Write as much as possible – it increases your chances of finding a true soulmate. It wouldn’t hurt to upload personal photos too. You are allowed to post up to 15, by the way. As soon as you are ready – click on the Save changes button. How do you set up your profile on - first step How do you set up your profile on - second step How do you set up your profile on - step three

What does a free membership offer?

Pricing is one of the most important criteria when choosing a dating website. We, however, think that it’s not less significant to know what each specific platform can offer its users without asking money for it. Since namely that kind of thing manifests the attitude of the site’s owners towards their customers. So, let’s talk about the services that Goldenbride provides free of charge. First and foremost, we need to say that once your account is created – GB’s system sends you an automatic message that explains which site features are free and which need to be bought. And, to be honest, it makes everything simpler. We can advise other dating platforms to adopt this policy as a more effective one. Okay, what can a member of Goldenbride do without buying any coins? In contrast to another famous international dating platform, you don’t need to buy a subscription within 30 days after the registration because the GB membership costs nothing. The same goes for all first letters from the ladies. You can also attach pictures to the letters you send without extra charges. If you turn on the camera during chatting – it’s free too. You can make changes to your profile information and look through women’s profiles without paying a penny. By the way: feed with the latest updates of Goldenbride girls (similar to social networks), just like the Sweet or hot service – helps in the search a lot. Once you are in love and want to order a gift – no additional shipping costs will come.

What does a paid membership offer?

Writing a Goldenbride site review, we, as experts, find prices essential to the overall rating. We have already mentioned that a great number of services are absolutely free on GB, and membership itself is no exception. But what do you need to pay for and how much does it cost? Once again, we received all information right after the registration from an official email from the site administrator and only confirmed it during testing. The first paid service we want to talk about is letters exchange. 10 coins for opening and 10 for sending (starting with the second one). Live chat is not free either. It costs 1 coin per minute for text messages and 1 extra for each minute when your conversationalist has a camera on. Phone calls are also available on the Goldenbride dating website. For using this service, you will be charged 10 coins per minute (the minimum conversation time is 10 minutes). Watching a woman’s profile video costs 10 coins. The final price of the Gift delivery service is totally up to you and the present you choose. The prices on Goldenbride are closely linked to the package of coins you buy. The larger it is – the cheaper price one coin is. For example, 25 coins cost $15, while 201 – $75. All new users can buy the so-called test membership and get 20 coins for $4,99. What does a free membership offer on

Main features

Main features Goldenbride site Keeping in mind the prices, we can take a closer look at Goldenbride’s features. On the upper left side of the screen of your user page (right below the site logo) – you can see your profile picture and information about the current account balance. Clicking on your name, you get access to additional options. Among them are my profile (enables you to see it from the other users’ point of view and make changes), recharge history, and black list. Emails from customer support service go in there too. Under your profile picture is situated the Goldenbride messaging – live chat. Near it, you can find another communication opportunity – letters. Just hit on the Mailbox button to be redirected to your emails. Clicking on the Latest updates, you can see what ladies have recently posted on GB. The phone calls button lets you trace the reservations you have already made or order further calls. How the site Goldenbride .net works and its features Sweet or hot service is a perfect addition to the Goldenbride search. If you are a newcomer on the site and don’t know with whom to talk – use it. Once you open this page, random pictures of the ladies appear on the screen. The cross means you don’t like this particular one, while the heart means exactly the opposite. By hitting on the star, you add the girl’s picture into your favorites’ folder. By the way, the website’s system analyzes your answers and tries to make new suggestions in accordance with your taste. Addition to the Goldenbride search Your contact list and list of the favorites are available on the sidebar. Right below them, you can order and track the gifts to those ladies you like most of all. Of course, it all costs money, and by clicking the Purchase coins button, you can convert your real-life dollars into virtual site units of the Goldenbride website.

How do you search and sort the ladies?

Dating site Goldenbride offers to choose from various search criteria when you start looking for potential conversationalists. If you purposefully want to find a user you know the ID number of – there is a corresponding field for it. But, in case you don’t know anyone on GB yet – just pick what is important to you. What can you choose from, by the way? It’s pretty standard first: age, height, weight, eyes, and hair color. But if you want to be more specific, notice your dream woman’s zodiac sign, religion, English speaking skills, attitude towards smoking, and alcohol. If you visit Goldenbride just before a trip to some country or city – filter the profiles of the ladies who live precisely there. Additionally, you can use advanced options and search for the female members who have a birthday soon, are online now, have intro videos or have cameras on. The newest users and women of the GB’s top-1000 can also be filtered there. How do you search and sort the ladies on Filter the profiles Goldenbride

How do you communicate?

The Goldenbride dating site reviews sometimes report about certain technical issues while using it. We have tested all ways of communication they offer except for the phone calls, and no significant problems were noticed. Above all, we want to tell you that it’s really convenient to see the letters you sent and received with each particular woman in the dialogue format. Ladies often get offended by their boyfriends because they can’t remember all the small details of what they say. Apparently, GB programmers wanted to help all those noble sufferers by creating this feature. It is also nice you can search through all the letters you have in your mailbox. Goldenbride recommends its users use chats to build a stronger connection. From our experience, it was nice to use it. You can send emojis without paying anything extra. Still, in our opinion, it’s a pity you can’t send pictures right while talking. Why do you need to write a letter to attach a photo of your son or daughter? Doesn’t make much sense, we think. So we advise GB to consider adding this option to the text chat (without additional price, of course).

Does Goldenbride have a mobile app?

Good news! The official Goldenbride app is available for both Android and iOS operated devices. You can download it for free, log in to your account and communicate on the way to work or during the lunch break.

Customer support

When we write a dating site review, the natural part of it always is the level of customer support service. Since it’s nice to get assistance as soon as possible, especially when it comes to technical issues or billing troubles. In this regard, we need to say that customer support can in no way be called a drawback of Right after signing up, you feel genuinely cared for. Starting with the welcome message that explains how the site works, continuing with the speed these guys reply. We were really impressed to get the answer to our question from the site administrator just a few minutes after sending it! Good job, guys! You should try to keep it that way. How do you communicate on Goldenbride

Security and safety

Our review on the Goldenbride dating site wouldn’t be comprehensive without talking and its security level. So, is it safe to use GB? Let’s start with data protection. These people use SSL encryption to ensure your very personal information is safe. Their SSL certificate is in force. For all who are curious about technical details – we advise checking this subject more carefully to become aware of the servers and chains’ nuances. All payments are also protected by Visa and Mastercard. Okay, but you use Goldenbride to connect with women. What about them? According to the official anti-scam policy, they use local representatives to verify female members’ personalities. The steps they make, at the first sign, are pretty standard. However, it sounds encouraging that GB staff offer to contact them immediately in case of any untrustworthy activities by a woman’s side. Taking into account how quickly they reply – your problem ought to be resolved pretty fast. They also offer a full refund if a Goldenbride woman you talk to would be discredited. Almost forgot! All American men must be ready to go through the IMBRA process before meeting with a GB lady for the first time. It means your name will be checked in the National Sex Offenders’ Registry. They may deny your request – in the event, it would be any criminal record there.

Goldenbride dating site FAQ

Is Goldenbride free to use?

In fact, Goldenbride offers plenty of free-of-charge services. But we, unfortunately, can’t say that this website is absolutely costless. How to create a profile on Goldenbride? The Goldenbride profiles are easy to create and set up. You don’t need anything special: just your first name and email address. GB wants you to think up the password that would be between six and twelve symbols, and it’s probably the hardest part. Still, you don’t need to make all these steps if you have a Facebook account. You can simply log in with its help. And that’s all – even no email address confirmation is required.

How do Goldenbride credits work?

Well, as we said in the Goldenbride review – these guys don’t have credits at all. Their site currency is coins. The only matter that differs is the name, though. If you want to use GB – your Dollars or Euros couldn’t be useful there. So before contacting ladies, you will need to buy a package of coins. We advise you to start with the test membership for $4,99. In this case, you get 20 coins to try the things out and decide about further site usage.

Is Goldenbride safe?

Using Goldenbride, we didn’t have a feeling that thousands of the ladies wanted to make our character talking with them. The maximum number of chat invitations after setting up the profile was 10. So, in our opinion, it looks plausible. The safety of the purchases you make on this platform is also secured by different methods. Therefore – yes, we can call this website safe to use.

How can I delete my Goldenbride profile?

Unfortunately, all people who have joined Goldenbride can’t delete their profiles with a click of the mouse. Like many other international dating services – GB wants to be notified about it. What you need to do to deactivate your account is – write an email to the site administrator.

How many members does Goldenbride have?

According to the official information, Goldenbride online dating site has over 500000 members. More than 60% of them are women.

Can I use Goldenbride anonymously?

At some point – yes. Male members on, in contrast with females, don’t need to provide any documents that confirm their personalities. On the other hand, when registering, you just need to write your first name. Due to the fact, the site doesn’t have your ID card – you can call yourself any name you like.

How can I know that the profiles are real?

GB assures its representatives become acquainted with the ladies in person while adding their profiles to the website’s database. They also ask women to provide all kinds of personal documents to enable registration. Also, the fact Goldenbride ladies are looking for men abroad for relationships and marriage confirms the absence of suspicious activity by their side. As we have already mentioned – the maximum number of chat invitations after setting up a profile was only 10. Compared to hundreds of similar messages our character has got on the other dating platforms – it really seems to be okay.

Is messaging free there?

The way Goldenbride works doesn’t involve free messaging. You, however, can subscribe to the site’s newsletter to become aware of all its promotions to make communication as inexpensive as possible.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

Actually, as soon as the Goldenbride login page is left behind – your account is approved. You don’t need to confirm your email address either.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

The rules are pretty ordinary here. Above all, don’t use GB from public computers – download the official app instead. Don’t give your account’s password to other people, and don’t let them use it without your knowledge. On Goldenbride, scam attempts should be immediately reported to the site administration. On your side – don’t let fraudsters have your personal information, such as your home address or social security number (no matter which site you use, though). Never send money to the ladies – it’s strictly prohibited.

Today we have told you all the truth about Goldenbride. Since the users' feedback is quite controversial - we wanted to figure it all out by ourselves. So, what can we say after testing it? Well, this platform, like any other one, has its advantages and disadvantages. But, in our opinion, the drawbacks are insignificant and don't outweigh the huge number of benefits. Therefore, answering our traditional question is Goldenbride worth it - we can say - yes.

Safe & Secure
Communication Options
Detailed Profiles
Customer Support
8.5 Overall Rating