Albanian Brides: How To Meet Albania Women For Marriage


Are you looking for a loving, caring, hardworking, domestic, and faithful woman to be your wife? Albanian brides are exactly what you need. Do not search any further. You probably feel that they are not so popular, yet you might be amazed to discover that there is quite a handful of them around the world. The singer Dua Lipa is an excellent case in point. Also, there are some others who have Albanian origins, like Rita Ora. These women are a perfect example of Albanian beauty.

Besides, you may be pleased to note that the chances of having a virgin bride – if you wish – are quite great when it concerns Albanian girls. For this reason, they are in great demand among men not only in Albania but also abroad. Ladies from Albania are also quite interested in relationships with men from other countries. Let’s find out more details about why men are choosing them as brides.

PROs & CONs of Dating Albanian Women

Here are some of the features they possess that can help you figure out whether or not they are right for you.


1. They are modest and unassuming

Be it for genetic purposes or due to family background or culture, this characteristic just needs to be on the top of the list. Their humility is unsurpassed. They are modest and humble. They are not fussy about attention, as one would think beautiful women would be.

Albanian women understand how to walk the line between humility and softness. They are welcoming and strive to ensure that their guests feel at home. You might even feel that they are naive on first contact with them, but do not be fooled by that. It’s part of what makes them adorable. It’s no surprise that they warm the hearts of strangers meeting them for the first time!

PROs & CONs of Dating Albanian Women

2. They are loyal

A pretty woman from Albania cherishes her connections. She wants to be there for you through thick and thin, ready to do whatever it takes to keep the relationship running. This isn’t a surprise, because it’s due to the values that Albanian family life teaches. It keeps a proper balance between loyalty to their family and loyalty to their spouse, ensuring that everyone feels their love and care. They are trained to be there for one another in any situation. Family unity and loyalty are important and shape the mindset of an Albanian girl.

3. They are attractive

Of course, Albanian girls look very attractive. One look at one of these Balkan beauties will convince you. Most of them have medium-sized bodies, are not too thin and not overweight, good curves. They seem to know how to take good care of their bodies. Their skin is lightly tanned, with noticeable dark body hair. Their eyebrows and eyelashes are no different. One cannot help but notice their sharp, piercing eyes with pupils of various shades of brown. In general, the girls look well-groomed and neat, without the need for makeup or beautification. Albanian girls are simply beautiful by nature.

4. They have great culinary skills

Most Albanian girls spend a lot of time with their mothers in the kitchen, which makes them very skilled cooks. This means that they are always ready to cook at home, as this is a normal way of life for them. Even if they live in the city and have a very busy life, a typical Albanian girl still wants to cook at home. They can prepare many dishes and are willing to try new things with you. This is part of the bonding and uniting process for them. Men love this trait of these beauties.

5. They like being independent

Among the many values transmitted between childhood and young adulthood is the capacity to care for oneself. While a typical Albanian woman is devoted and well-versed in housekeeping, you certainly shouldn’t assume that she’s satisfied with that. Albanian females like to investigate. They are goal-oriented and wish to realize their dreams as far as they can. Their energy and self-confidence draw men to them. Having an Albanian wife, you have a lovely combination of beauty and strength.

6. Albanian women love children

For Albanian women, children are the most important thing in the family. That is why they usually dream of a big family with 3 or more children. And they can handle them perfectly. They love all their children equally, take very good care of them and do everything to make sure they are happy.

7. Albanian wives do not tend to dominate and respect their husbands

Although Albania is a fairly progressive secular country, some parts of the old Muslim traditions and mentality have been preserved. Among these is respect for the husband.

Wives of this nationality believe that the husband is the head of the family. Therefore, they do not try to lead their husband and make them a miser. Albanian wives expect their husbands to make their own decisions. And, of course, they respect their spouses’ points of view.


Albanian women love children

1. “Two sides of the moon”

In the morning, Albanian women are delicate and sensitive. Yet in the evening, a husband can find his wife a little tense. And if it is the sweet husband’s fault, Albanian women can quarrel well in such a mood. But then they accuse themselves of hurting the lover with their words.

2. Albanian girls are slightly jealous

They are inherently possessive. And the moment you betray them, affection changes at once into deep hate. The moment an Albanian girl stops trusting you, you may easily forget the smooth and tender romance story.

3. Fearlessness

Albanian women are real amazons who are not afraid of any tests. But guys have to remember that girls also experience weakness when they need help.

4. Discipline

It is indeed not simple to notice an Albanian girl in a crowd, because she is not dressed in a leopard outfit. Moreover, she cannot put on the jewelry she is wearing at once. Naive men are commonly attracted to slim forms of girls. But the conventional Albanian lady is trying to pick up a handsome guy and holds back.

5. Differences in the culture

There are some patterns to learn if you want to seduce beautiful women from Albania. The realities are so different that a simple kiss on the cheek from a stranger is shocking and rude for a girl from Albania. Learn to master your hunting ground. For example, a must is to know your zodiac sign. They are indeed superstitious and zodiac sign compatibility is very important for them.

6. Language

You may both encounter language barriers. Usually, this is not a problem as people in Albania speak basic English, but be prepared and use some online translators.

Albanian Brides – Myths and Facts

People will always disagree about brides from Albania. But it is crucial to distinguish facts from untruthful claims. Along these respects, below are the facts about gorgeous Albanian women.

  1. Albanian brides pay a lot of emphasis on their reputation. These ladies always spend time wondering what people might think about them, their family, and even their partners in marriage. They spend a significant amount of time taking care of themselves and their family duties.
  2. Family is the most important thing for Albanian girls. If you want to date an Albanian woman for marriage, you should dedicate time to realize her love and value for the family. They keep this approach in marriage as a consequence of their domestic upbringing. This means that their preference will be for the family that you both will create.
  3. Albanian women are very picky about their appearance. Yes, they try their best to appeal to men from various edges of the world, and they manage to do that more effectively if they look prettier. They are attractive by nature, but they do not care to make their beauty even better by maintaining their skin and hair well and staying fit.
  4. Albanian women are courteous. These women are taught from childhood how to welcome people to their homes, making it easier for them to deal with foreign men. They are receptive to strangers, and this is a praiseworthy characteristic that draws them in.
  5. Albanian women set a great value on education. Albanian women greatly love and respect their culture, and there is a desire to study it and become educated. They put a lot of emphasis on education, which helps them easily hold their own in discussions with foreign men. There is nothing to be scared of when speaking with Albanian women, as they update themselves regularly with the most recent information and current events. Even if they have little or no idea about the subject you are discussing, they will gladly listen in order to learn.
  6. Hardworking and ambitious. Most foreign brides in Albania prefer to stay active. They hardly ever sit around and do nothing. Nice domestic brides usually prefer to be occupied with doing some work. It may be studying, doing research, building their career, etc. They succeed in caring for the budget and having a regular business at the same time! These women are astonishing and decisive.
  7. Positive and optimistic. Being positive is something that most men adore about Albanian online women. Gorgeous women from the mentioned country are prone to look at the world in vibrant colors, and they have all the reasons to do that. Most of the women in this country think that if you are fit and well, you have nothing to worry about. They spread their positivity, and this positive vibe is highly contagious! In the company of a pretty woman, you will always have a smile on your lips.

Albanian Brides - Myths and Facts

If you have realized that an Albanian mail-order bride could be your perfect partner, it is time to check some myths about her. Below you will find some of them:

  1. Impoliteness. Are Albanian wives rude? No, they aren’t. On the contrary, Albanian wives are often described as warm and pleasant. They are usually very open because they are honest.
  2. Swearing. It is unusual to hear women swearing in this country. This cannot be said of local men, who tend to do so. It is unacceptable for a local woman to curse. This is another myth about Albanian women.
  3. Communism. Do you think they are communists? In fact, they spent a very long time under the regime of communism. But now Albania is a more open country where people don’t dictate what to do. So Albanian brides are not communists.

The easiest way to get to know Albanian brides is to see them.

Dating a Woman from Albania: Rules & Basic Tips

While there are lots of online services to assist in finding Albanian brides for Western men, there are some that are not yet available. The following are ideas on ways to boost your online experience:

  • Become acquainted with the local culture. An Albanian bride would highly appreciate your interest in her native customs.
  • Be sure not to poke fun at her hot temper. When establishing a bond with an Albanian woman, you have to be ready to face her hot temper. If you dislike their kind, it is perhaps more secure to keep away from the local beauties.
  • You must not instruct them what to do. You can’t tamper with your Albanian woman by dictating what she must do and how she has to do it. This relationship has to be based on confidence and understanding.
  • Be on good terms with her family. The opinions of your Albanian bride’s family are crucial to the health of your relationship. If you succeed in convincing her parents that you are a proper person with honest intentions, you can be certain that the union will be successful.
  • Behave like a gentleman. All women like men with manners who know how to show them in public. The main thing is to show your interest in her!
  • Don’t rush her. They usually need time to adjust to a new environment. Organize the first date in a place where she feels comfortable. You can contact a bridal agency service to help you with this.
  • Treat her like a queen. If you are from the US or Europe, it doesn’t mean that local women will always come after you. They know what they deserve and how to get it. Therefore, you need to demonstrate your serious intentions by treating them better than native men. In other words, you should act like a gentleman.
  • Show respect for their family and background. Whether you like your Albanian bride’s parents and relatives or not, you need to get along with them. Also, Albanian women are very patriotic, so you should respect their country.

Dating a Woman from Albania: Rules & Basic Tips

Dating Albanian mail order brides: 3 mistakes to avoid

When you first meet a woman from Albania to marry, following these 3 mistakes can put your entire relationship at risk:

  • Making fun of their country. Albanian women will not stand for anyone making fun of their land and culture.
  • Disappearing for a long time. While you may not be able to meet as often as you would like, you need to still find some ways to keep in touch.
  • Don’t give her enough compliments. Albanian girls are happy to get honest compliments from men, so find new words to adore them.

Albanian Wedding Traditions

Albanian weddings are hilarious affairs. A lot of traditional characteristics are found in them, which in the last few years have mixed with modern Northern European sentiments. These days we will put a closer inspection on some of these features and discover all about weddings and love in Albania.

What are some Albanian wedding customs?

The wedding ceremony covers a lot of complicated traditions reaching back thousands of years. Previously, the wedding party was split, but nowadays Albanians are much more in tune with the times, including when not living in the capital city of Tirana.

A celebration of marriage

The number one thing to mention about Albanian weddings is that they are exceedingly long-lasting! They are not linked to a single wedding day. Weddings might begin up to seven days in advance of the wedding ceremony. The whole family of the groom and the bride participates, and basically, the entire village is there!

Gold and sweets

An Albanian bride gets a gold coin and sugared almonds along with the engagement ring from her groom.


A further tradition is that the youngest boy in the family, the groom, offers the bride a bouquet of flowers. The flowers may vary, though they are usually poppies (the national flower of Albania).


These are significant aspects of the Albanian wedding ceremony tradition. This tradition is based on the Albanian folk culture, which was heavily marked by warriors. The guns, often automatic rifles, are fired once the bride enters the groom’s place. A genuine fireworks show!

Groomsmen (krushqit)

This concept of krushqit is also rather tribal and traditional. The whole groom’s party arrives at the bride’s place and joins the bride to get married. It is an opportunity for all affluent guests to show off their customized cars! The bride and groom drive in the first car, which is followed by a car with an Albanian flag.

The honeymoon starts immediately

Brides and grooms don’t have to wait to start their romantic honeymoon. As soon as they are married and seal their love with the first dance, the bride and groom are off on their honeymoon.

Traditional dances are the norm

There is a lot of traditional dancing at Albanian weddings. The most important dance involves a lot of money, and guests are expected to shower the bride and groom with banknotes as they dance.

Generally, the guests also participate in these traditional dances. Even if there is a lot of money on the floor, do not pick it up. It is all for the bride and groom.

There is a dowry

Dowry is not uncommon and refers to the custom of the groom’s family paying the bride’s family a sum of money for the hand of their daughter. Sometimes money is actually exchanged, but nowadays it is less about the money and more about the gifts.

The groom’s family gives the bride’s family clothing, household goods, or fabrics. The idea behind this is to give the bride many things to start her new life with. In Western culture, we would consider this custom as a kind of bridal shower.

Dating Albanian mail order brides: 3 mistakes to avoid

Top Cities to Meet Albanian Women

When there is no lawful barrier to getting women from Albania, it is time to get them. Feel free to travel around the country to see single girls from Albania personally. If you do not find out where to begin, below are the top 5 cities to meet Albanian singles:

Tirana. This is the capital city. As it is placed in the mountains, it is well known for its nature. There are a lot of interesting spots in the city for you to meet single girls in Albania. When you are interested in modern and smart women from Albania, this is a brilliant spot where you can begin your romantic fling.


  • Discobox;
  • Nightclub Mexico;
  • Venue Dance Club;
  • Cinco Cavalli Night Club;
  • Lollipop Club;
  • 4 Elements;
  • Amsterdam;
  • Tunnel Club;
  • Folie Terrace;
  • Cavaliero Club.


  • The Grand Park of Tirana;
  • Rinia Park;
  • The Botanical Park of Tirana;
  • Park of Farka Artificial Lake;
  • Dajti Mountain National Park;
  • Tirana Luna Park.

Durrës. This is one more great city near Tirana. It is famous as one of the most ancient cities in Albania. The unique fact about Durrës is that it is a harbor city. That is why the women here are eager to meet tourists. Here you can find an Albanian bride.

Vlorë. It is also a port city. It is considered an ancient city founded by the Greeks. It not only offers historical sights for tourists, but you can also learn about the traditional women of Albania. This is a great place to meet a faithful and devoted woman.


  • Show Palace;
  • Marina Club.


  • Lulishte Marina;
  • Llogara National Park;
  • Aulona Luna Park.

Elbasan. It is a big city. Unlike other areas of Albania, you will find more Christian women here than Muslim women. This is a great city to check out if you are looking for a traditional and Christian woman.


  • Nightclubs:
  • Havanna;
  • Glow;
  • Ping.


  • Sheshi Valmi;
  • Joli Park.

Shkodër. It is the commercial and cultural center of Albania. Its proximity to the Italian ports adds to its importance. Besides, this is the place where you can find a wife in Albania. You will also discover amazing pubs and clubs to enrich your nightlife even more.

Albania has, even more, to offer when it comes to places where you can meet single Albanian ladies who are looking for your attention. But are you planning to travel to this country yourself?

Where to Meet Albanian Brides When You’re a Foreigner

When you are short on time, you can’t afford to go overseas to meet girls. It takes a lot of time and does not give always the anticipated effects.

That is why it is preferable notion to use dedicated Albanian mail-order brides’ services. They were established to support Western men and Albanian women in meeting each other and building an international family.

They feature a huge range of verified profiles of Albanian brides that everyone can select to their liking. Moreover, there are all the needed tools to keep in touch with a lady you love in a comfortable and safe way.

Connect to one of the websites or apps to meet Albanian women and become closer to a happy family without the need to go out of the house!


VictoriaBrides is a pretty expensive dating platform, but the ride is worth your time and money because the Albanian mail brides here are the hottest and really know how to treat a man. However, keep in mind that they are interested in how much you earn and what your profession is because they want to marry someone who has done very well in life.


This platform is not only fun but also very popular. It brings together people from all over the world and helps them date online so that the result is a relationship or marriage. The profiles here are verified, so if a girl says she is from Albania, she is from there and she is not lying. You can trust JollyRomance with your money.

Goldenbride is a top-rated international dating website offering a broad range of services in numerous countries worldwide. Goldenbride is the number one international dating agency in Eastern Europe and has brought together hundreds of single men and women. This international dating site for singles gives you the opportunity to find an Albanian wife.

Ua. Dates

If you are on the lookout for a great international dating service, you may want to check out UaDates. It is simple to operate, all profiles are verified, and lots of people have met their love here already. International online dating services are the successors of the older matchmaking services, where you would have to take an introduction video and see if anyone might like it.

It’s faster and simpler here, and you have more opportunities to find a great date.

All you want to know about Albanian Brides

Why are there so Many Single Women in Albania?

For Albanian girls, family is the number one priority. If you plan to meet an Albanian woman for marriage, you must spend time appreciating how much she cares for and emphasizes family. As a consequence of their domestic education, they hold on to this attitude in the marriage too. This signifies that they will place priority on the family that the two of you are going to start.

Albanian women seek out foreign men to move away from abusive Albanian men. In Albania, there is a higher-than-usual rate of sexual violence against women. Through the years, this has reduced their attraction to local men as they think that foreign men are more civilized, humane, and romantic, and treat them in a better way. As a rule, it is stated that foreigners put more importance on women than local men do. Previously, women were forced to obey their husbands and act in accordance with their wishes, facilitating the ability of some Albanian men to establish their dominance over women.

How much does an Albanian bride cost?

To find and date a woman from Albania, you have two options. First, there are online Albanian dating services that can provide you with affordable and compelling experiences. Or you can look for your girl in real life, which is more interactive than a mail-order bride service. Let’s look at the cost of Albanian brides online and offline!

Real-life dating

  • Tickets. A one-way ticket to Albania will cost you $500-700.
  • Hotel or apartment. The average hotel price in Albania for a couple is $38 per night.
  • Food. For $15-20 per day, you can eat in good restaurants.
  • Transportation. $11 per day would be enough to use local transport. Car rental would cost you about $50 per day.
  • Entertainment. It is relatively cheap to have fun in Albania. Around $50 per day would be more than enough.

Online dating

  • Credit-based websites. These are sites that sell you credits which can be used for different tools offered on the site. Messaging, video chat, e-mails, and all the rest can be purchased with credits. About $80 a month is the average to spend on credit packs.
  • Subscription-based websites. This is where you buy once and get all you want. On average, memberships are priced from $10 to $40 per month.

Note that even if you are searching for a bride online, you must still meet her in the real life if you are going to be sincere about it. So as you can see, if you would like to meet an Albanian mail-order bride, you would have to pay about $2,200 to cover all you need.

Why Do Albanian Women Marry Americans?

Besides their dazzling natural beauty, Albanian women are excellent cooks and careful mothers. Still, most native women are prone to committing themselves to foreign men when it concerns marriage. Yet what is the reason for this?

There might be a lot of factors why Albanian women seek a partner for marriage abroad. However, the primary cause is the negligence of local men. Usually, they are occupied with their careers, so they have no time to devote to serious relationships.

Still, Albanian brides, just like any other girls, want to marry a trustworthy and supportive man. So, almost all of them find foreign husbands who are loyal and caring. Moreover, European men, as well as Americans, know how to attract girls. Being romantic, gallant, and tempting, they are able to do it. Therefore, Albanian women would rather marry foreign men than native ones.

Besides the bad attitude of Albanian men, local girls are moving to other countries due to poor career options in their homeland. Albania, while being a well-developed country, suffers from restricted career options in some sectors. As a result, girls are moving to other European countries or to the United States in search of a brighter life. Therefore, you will be happy if you meet one of these cuties on the job. And perhaps one day she will become yours.

Are Albanian brides a real thing?

All Albanian ladies are highly appealing and lovely. When you consider these amazing women, you can’t avoid noticing their amazing and exotic beauty. Their faces are flawless, they got astonishing bodies with all those curves.

Most Albanian mail-order brides are inherently dark-haired, meaning that their hair is exceptionally nice and thick. Their whole look shouts beauty. Let alone the fact that these adorable ladies pay attention to their appearance.

Albanian women are loyal and devoted partners who support their men through thick and thin. Besides, they are excellent cooks and housekeepers and care a lot about having a neat and welcoming home. But above all, they are nurturing mothers who do all in their power to guarantee the happiness of their children.

Albanian brides will become thoughtful and affectionate wives in the future. If you would like to know a woman who has always had dreams of becoming a bride, then a mom and a flawless wife, Albanian women will be a great fit for you.

How to get an Albanian girlfriend?

The easiest way to get sexy Albanian brides is to use the services of an Albanian bridal agency. Registration is fast and shouldn’t cost you anything. These agencies facilitate your contact with Albanian women, eliminating the need for you to travel to Albania yourself. After you sign up, you can start searching for Albanian brides to marry. The search for the ideal match can take some time, so be sure not to become frustrated if it’s slow going in the beginning.

When you have found the woman you love, you need to check out her profile and determine if she shares the same passions. Then you are ready to start chatting. It is wise to spend time meeting the woman before you visit her. If you would like to take your international dating Albanian girl to the next level, your agency will handle the necessary paperwork and visa for you.

Before doing this, you need to confirm that the website you are choosing to use is legitimate. There are lots of websites that say they provide Albanian brides for sale, but few of them will really assist you in meeting your lovely Albanian mail-order bride. The safest way to tell if an Albanian women’s dating site is serious is to review third-party sites. These sites will tell you what a dating site provides, and other users can leave comments on the reviews too. By doing this, you are able to get an idea of what a dating website really has to offer.

Dating Albanian women are a delight for a lot of men. Dating sites allow men to meet Albanian brides online in no time, and the entire process is 100% legal.

How can I marry a girl in Albania?

Nonresident citizens may marry in Albania in a civil ceremony, religiously, or both. The marriage has to be registered with the Office of Civil Status (Zyra e Gjendjes Civile) in order to be recognized as lawful in Albania and in the United States.

Birth Certificate:

If you were born outside of Albania, you must provide a certified copy of your birth certificate dated within the last three months. In the United States, the state that issued your birth certificate will also provide the apostille.

Divorce Decree or Certificate (if required):

If you have been previously married, the local government may ask for a verified copy of your divorce decree or certificate with an apostille.

Your U.S. passport and a copy of the biographical page;

If your future spouse is an Albanian citizen, his/her identity card and Albanian passport or identity card;

Two witnesses to the marriage:

The witnesses must be present at the registration of the marriage and must not be related to you or to your new spouse.

Affidavit of Marriage Ability:

Albanian authorities require proof of legal capacity to enter into a marriage contract in the form of a certificate from the competent authority that nothing stands in the way of the marriage.

More details

Marriage is possible between a man and a woman who are 18 years of age or older. Judicial authorization is needed for the marriage of a person below 18 years of age.

No less than 11 days before the scheduled marriage, the couple-to-be should show up at the civil registration office of the municipality where the marriage will be registered. If a spouse is an Albanian citizen, it is the municipality where he or she is legally domiciled. If none of the spouses is an Albanian citizen, the marriage may be performed at the civil registry office responsible for the usual place of residence.

A marriage performed in Albania is completely legal in the United States too. There is no need to “register” the marriage with the Embassy.