VictoriaBrides review
  • You can join VB for free.
  • The profiles on online dating Victoria Brides are very detailed. You can find out about the person you like a lot, long before contacting her.
  • If you are bored – you can scroll the Newsfeed – it works like any other popular social network.
  • Through the free feature People, you can find potential conversationalists.
  • The high price of the services is the main drawback of
  • There is no official VB app.
  • Customer support service doesn’t work properly.
  • There is no video chat on this dating platform.
  • According to many former users, the probability you are talking with a woman from the profile photos is really low. is it really the best dating platform for those who want to meet dynamic personalities? is it really the best dating platform for those who want to meet dynamic personalities? Open your Internet browser and enter by typing it directly in the browser address field. What do you see there? Exactly, one more international dating platform on the most fast-growing market. But what differentiates VB from the thousands of competitors? And, in particular, from the pioneers of the industry? Well, the first thing that jumps out at you if you search for more information about this website – is uncertainty regarding the company address. According to some sources, the headquarters of VictoriaBrides is situated in Ukraine. While others claim it’s in the UK or the USA, the company owners incidentally mention it’s in Cyprus. And actually, it is only the beginning of the long list of contradictions we managed to dig up when preparing the VictoriaBrides review. Are you already excited to find it all out? Just keep reading, then!

First impression

As is customary around here, we like to start our review by expressing the initial impression of the VB service. Let’s figure out how these guys encourage their potential members to register. Traditionally, we want to say a few words about the website’s design. Although it’s a little bit bland for our taste, VictoriaBrides doesn’t seem too out-of-date compared to many other providers. What we actually like about their theme is minimalism since it helps to avoid information overload. First impression about Find matches on If you scroll the Victoria Brides dating site’s homepage down, you can find the welcome message. It gives an idea of how the administration positions its corporate philosophy and users’ goals. For instance, this makes clear that VB strives to be a kind of social network for those singles who are willing to meet dynamic personalities. And, officially, they are doing their best to help find matches whose company you would genuinely enjoy. Sounds promising, isn’t it? Below the welcome note is placed the short instructions on how the things inside the VB platform are going. Namely, the explanations are focused on three essential components – registration, search, and messaging. In the end, it’s, of course, offered to sign up to VictoriaBrides. So what are we waiting for?


31, ⚐ Zaporizhia, Ukraine

27, ⚐ Moscow, Russia

31, ⚐ Dnipro, Ukraine

24, ⚐ Kyiv, Ukraine

How do you sign up?

If you want to become a member of this international dating website, it doesn’t seem complicated. You simply need to fill out the corresponding VictoriaBrides sign-up form right on the homepage. The same result will bring a click on the Join For Free or Create My Account buttons. Let us be more specific, though. How do you sign up to The registration form is relatively short – you need to enter only basic information to continue. What does the VB site administration need to know, then? Your gender, above all, because, as far as we know, female members can’t sign up just like this. Next – your name and date of birth. The final steps include sharing your valid email address and creating a strong password. It should be at least 8 characters long, by the way. When you are ready – hit the big green Sign Up button. After that, you will be suggested to complete your user profile. And that’s, in fact, what we are about to be doing.

How do you set up your profile?

If you don’t want to lose your precious time and prefer to attract a lot of attention from members of the VictoriaBrides platform – there is one thing you must do. It’s apparent that you need to set up your profile right after the registration, isn’t it? How do you set up your profile on To proceed with this crucial task, you need to agree to take the VB quiz by hitting the Let’s Do It button. To proceed with this crucial task, you need to agree to take the VB quiz by hitting the Let's Do It button. The first question is simple. You need to answer whether you already have experience in online dating. Notwithstanding, we can’t be called newcomers – for the purity of the experiment, it has been decided to say we don’t know how it works. You need to answer whether you already have experience in online dating In the following step, you must indicate your goal for joining Victoria Brides dating service. Keep in mind that up to three options could be chosen here. In the following step, you must indicate your goal for joining Victoria Brides dating service Next, you will be asked to specify your field of work. Only one answer in this regard is available. Next, you will be asked to specify your field of work. Only one answer in this regard is available. Your marital status is asked in the next question of the quiz. Your marital status is asked in the next question of the quiz. Your marital status is asked in the next question of the quiz. What is your level of English? Write your answer right there. However, the knowledge of other languages shouldn’t be mentioned there. You have a separate page for this purpose. What is your level of English? It’s time to describe your character. Although, you will have to select the three qualities that define you best of all. describe your character on The next question can’t be called standard. But, perhaps, it’s also significant in a relationship. If you believe early birds can’t be happy in love with night owls – don’t forget to specify your preferences. what are your hobbies? do you like reading? What is your favorite genre of music? your go-to guilty pleasure? what makes you laught out long? What about your hobbies and favorite movie genres? What is your attitude towards reading? What kind of music is your preferred music style? Do you have any guilty pleasures? Is there something that can make you laugh out loud? Take your time to give all these answers.  Take your time to give all these answers. If you believe in soul mates – it’s a good excuse to share this view. Just like to say a few words about yourself to make VictoriaBrides ladies captivated by you. After that, the first stage of setting up your profile should be completed, and you will be offered to proceed with the further one. Completing registration at During completing it, you must describe your wishes concerning your ideal girlfriend as detailed as possible. It includes such attributes as the desired age, personality type, beauty vs. brains approach, etc. Choose the desired age of your ideal girl Choose the personality type of your ideal girl Choose the personality type of your ideal girl Choose the personality type of your ideal girl Finally, after that, you will be invited to upload the profile pictures and get started with the communication. upload the profile pictures on

VictoriaBrides women: where are they from?

To be honest, we were badly surprised that dating platform VictoriaBrides doesn’t let potential members look through the profiles of their ladies before registration. As a rule, all similar websites allow it because this obviously is an additional way of motivation to join the service. You must agree: if you notice someone you want to know better – you don’t think twice – you just sign up. Anyway, it will take time until you see the female members of VictoriaBrides. VictoriaBrides women: where are they from? These girls are beautiful, for sure. But what are they all from? As far as we understand, VB is specialized in bringing together Western men and Eastern-European women. It means the majority of its ladies are Slavic beauties. Some of them, however, already live abroad in such countries as Mexico or the UK.

How do you search and sort the ladies?

As soon as your VictoriaBrides account is successfully created and the profile is set up – you can start searching for potential conversationalists. How can you do this, then? Let’s start with the basic search offered by VB. How do you search and sort the ladies on VictoriaBrides? To get access to it, you need to select the Search tab at the top of your user page. The simple version has only one criterion – the age diapason of your potential partner. Also, you can sort the results by online/offline status. Therefore, you will probably need an advanced interpretation of it. So click the Extend Search button. Extend Search on Actually, compared to what the competitors offer, it is not much, of course. You can use ten parameters, in this case. Namely: gender, country, and city your lady should live in; her marital status and religion. As well as her education level, presence of children, and attitude towards drinking/smoking. If you already know the ID number of the member of VictoriaBrides you want to chat with – you can use the corresponding field in the Search.

Main features

The Victoria Brides reviews we have examined were united in the opinion – there are not many dating opportunities on this platform. Still, we are not in the habit of trusting the words of someone else – we prefer to see the reality in our own eyes. The feature we want to start with is the Newsfeed. Main features There you can see the latest updates in the profiles of the VB users. It actually looks like the regular feed you routinely see on Instagram or any other social network. You can even follow the ladies you like most! The service is undoubtedly good, but what about its suitability in dating matters? At the moment, we see it solely as the solution to boredom. The next feature we are going to discuss is People. The next feature we are going to discuss is People. This service is intended to help members on to discover each other. It was created as a kind of dating game, where you get a random photo of the female site user. You can either press the Like or Skip button, then. Or, if your interest in a woman is really strong – you can select the Chat Now one. Anyway, even if this service won’t bring you much it’s okay – you don’t need to pay for it. service is intended to help members on to discover each other. There is a sort of a gift delivery service at VB. Using it, you can surprise your favorite lady with an elegant perfume, SPA certificate, or even various devices. However, as you can see, the prices these guys offer couldn’t be called reasonable… There is a sort of a gift delivery service at VB The last feature of Victorian Brides we want to talk about is – Contact Request. Simply said, you may ask a woman to share her personal information such as cell phone number or email address with you. Still, before starting this process, you will have to verify your identity. Such an attitude is definitely advantageous for the ladies. It makes them feel more secure about Internet acquaintances.

How do you communicate?

We bet – you can’t wait to find out more about the services that Victoria Brides provides in the context of communication. In fact, these features are the most crucial ones when talking about dating platforms. So, what does VB offer? Actually, not much, and both available communication ways are pretty standard. But first things first – we’ll take a closer look at each of them. How do you communicate on Let’s start with letters. The access to them you get when clicking on the Mailbox button (at the top of your user account). It looks pretty ordinary: like any other email box. So, we guess you won’t experience any difficulties using it. Let's start with letters on The second option VB singles have – is live chat. Hit the Messages button to open the corresponding window. As far as we understand, it is only about texting – not about video conferences. It’s a pity, though – nowadays, all trustworthy international dating sites offer such a service. There is the only good thing we have noticed about Messages. If you don’t know what to say – you can use templates. Simply select the Let’s Talk button on the left of the screen.

Does VictoriaBrides have a mobile app?

If you have a profile on VictoriaBrides – be ready to experience certain inconveniences. For instance, you won’t be able to communicate with the ladies on the go since there is no official app available to download. Also, we haven’t found anything concerning the work in this respect is being carried out.

What does a free membership offer?

The online dating platform Victoria Brides is a typical international matchmaker. Experience has shown – such websites usually don’t have much to offer at no-cost terms. For this reason, we didn’t expect anything special – and this approach was the right one. You can, of course, create your profile at no charge – Victoria Brides sign-in doesn’t assume any fees. Searching for potential conversationalists – as well as the People service will cost you nothing. The news feed can be scrolled for free too. And that’s practically all you can do without buying a membership.

What does a paid membership offer?

As already mentioned in our review on the VictoriaBrides dating site – buying credits is unavoidable if you want to look for love with their help. When jumping ahead – we need to say using VB will cost you a lot. But let us be more concrete. In the chat room, for each minute of communication – you will be charged with 2 credits. Stickers are not free either – 5 credits each. Sending a photo or video during the conversation costs 10 and 50 credits accordingly. The policy with mailing is a bit strange. The first letter you send is priced at 10 credits, while each following – 30. This approach, in fact, couldn’t be called customer-oriented. The incoming ones are a little cheaper, but all attachments cost the same amount as in chat. You can also watch the videos posted in profiles of the ladies – you will be charged with 50 credits for this service. The gift delivery fee is 100 credits. The most expensive feature is requesting a meeting – 625 credits.

Customer support

The essential section of each dating site review we write is the assessment of the customer support service there. The majority of modern international matchmakers offer many ways – of how members can contact them. That is, unfortunately, not the case with VictoriaBrides. When using it, you can hardly find the only available option of contacting the customer care department. One gets the feeling that the VB administration doesn’t want to get in touch with those who have questions… Do we need to mention that there is still no reply to the email we sent them?

Security and safety

The truth about VictoriaBrides we are going to share at this point won’t be pleasant. Due to the vast number of negative feedback and scam reports on this service: we decided to change our own rules. Today we won’t focus on the Terms and Conditions agreement. Instead, we gave our best to communicate with some of the former VB customers and find out what went wrong. The first person who agreed to talk with us was a man whose account was deactivated by the site administration. He was banned because he wanted to get the truth. According to his vision of the situation – VictoriaBrides ladies never communicate themselves (this explains why the platform doesn’t have a video chat). The so-called translators send letters and go into the chat room instead of real singles. He found it out during the real-life date. The girl he had been chatting with for more than a year didn’t know the basic details of their communication… A similar problem experienced the other two ex-VB members we had a chance to talk to. If you think these guys just were rejected by the ladies and the rest is their creative imagination – no. All of them are consulting with the lawyers to take legal action in a court against the dating site VictoriaBrides. We don’t think this sad story could sound encouraging for those not sure about joining VB.

CharmDate dating site FAQ

Is VictoriaBrides free?

The Victoria dating website’s services are not free. For instance – everything connected to the communication will cost you an arm and a leg. So, before buying a membership – we advise you not to rush. Take your time and look around: is there a woman worth so much money, VB asks for its features?

How to create a profile on VictoriaBrides?

To create a profile of this international dating platform, you need to provide basic information about yourself. It includes your gender, name, date of birth, and valid email address. Unfortunately, the VictoriaBrides login with Facebook or Google account is not available.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

Do you remember you need to enter your valid email address on VictoriaBrides sign-up page? It’s crucial because you will need to confirm it as soon as initial registration steps are left behind. On the other hand, if you want – you can verify your identity. After that, you will get the corresponding badge in your VB profile. To do this, you will need to provide them a copy of your ID card and fill out the Confirmation Form. We, however, can’t tell how long the whole process will take.

How do VictoriaBrides credits work?

As soon as you enter your email and password on the VictoriaBrides login page, you can’t use real-life money. To be more specific, you need to convert your Dollars or Euros into credits. Credits are virtual units that enable you to pay for the VB services you use.

How can I delete my VictoriaBrides profile?

Unfortunately, your VictoriaBrides account can’t be deactivated just on click. You need to contact the site administration and let them know about this desire. Or, you can start asking uncomfortable questions, and the VB customer support manager will ban you automatically.

How many members does VictoriaBrides have?

According to the official data, there are around twenty-two thousand singles who are actively using VictoriaBrides. We can’t confirm or deny it because it’s impossible to see how many members are online there at a particular moment.

Can I use VictoriaBrides anonymously?

Each time you open Victoria Brides log-in page, you are asked to enter your first name. For sure – if you don’t want to verify your profile, you can use a fake one. But what does it bring? Sooner or later, you will decide to set up a real-life date with a woman or request her contact information. These two actions couldn’t be done anonymously at VictoriaBrides.

Is VB messaging free?

No, regrettably, it is not free. Moreover, chat and letters prices on VictoriaBrides can’t be called reasonable. They are, actually, much higher than by pioneers of the industry.

How can I know that the profiles are real?

Purely theoretically, all VictoriaBride women with green badges Validated must be real. However, if you communicate with former users, you get the impression it doesn’t change anything. VB lets translators chat instead of the girls from the profile photos.

Is VictoriaBrides safe?

In our opinion, Victoria Brides dating can’t be called safe. The numerous reports of the former users, together with neglect of customer support service – take the desire of using this website away.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

The safety rules for Victoria dating websites’ users are ultimately the same as for all similar websites. We, however, want to attract your attention to VB’s Anti-Scam Policy. There are placed all reasonable rules in this regard. It’s advisable for you to study this document carefully before starting communication with VB women.

We need to sum up at this point and make the final verdict. After testing VB, we were generally satisfied with its services. Although, after reports of ex-members, the impression has dramatically changed. It now seems the platform is more like a wolf in a sheep's clothing... If you have already joined VictoriaBrides - be as careful as you can. Don't let the fraudsters fool you.

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