Cuban Brides: How To Meet Cuba Women For Marriage


Cuban brides: how to date stunning daughters of the Revolution?

Is there something else, except for Cuban brides, that attract male tourists to this sunny Caribbean island? We guess it’s the vast array of fascinating factors: excellent cigars, delicious rum, breathtaking landscapes, vintage cars, etc. However, there are plenty of other lesser-known things about Cuba you might be interested to learn. But be careful: they beckon foreigners to come and see everything with their own eyes.

Above all, this country is one of the few that still lives under socialism. So locals, even in 2022, can get only the rationed norm of certain goods. Such a system of purchases with a huge discount through cards is called Liberta.

This fact might be genuinely shocking for people from the Western world. Cuba doesn’t have a central hot water system. Thus, Cubans can’t enjoy taking a warm shower in the morning. And, actually, they mostly bathe in cold water. We assume that after discovering this fact, you won’t be surprised to hear that there is no high-speed internet line on this island. Only expensive satellite communications can be used there.

A penny for your thoughts: what do the United Arab Emirates and Cuba share in common? Unexpectedly, there is also oil in this Caribbean country. However, due to the unfortunate location of the reserves (for example, in the touristic area of Varadero beach) – it is practically not mined.

Okay, you already know some interesting facts about this paradise island. What about its people?

We bet you will be impressed by the fact that the Cuban ballet school is one of the most respected in the world. Experts say that the Russian dance style strikes with skill, the French one – is emotional and spiritually rich, and Cuban has embodied both.

No less pronounced is the love of locals for dominoes. They gather with friends and play this game right on the street! All neighbors will definitely come to watch it. By the way, in 2003, the capital of the country, Havana, hosted the first World Domino Championship, which was won by a Cuban duet.

Well-well-well… We hope you are now intrigued enough and ready to absorb the rest of the essential knowledge regarding Cuba and its rebellious daughters. Don’t stop yourself and explore their exotic world with our help!

Cuban brides: who are they and why are they so attractive?

The bright sun, white sand, and Caribbean sea make this island one of the top travel destinations for tourists. For single guys, however, women of Cuba for marriage are the primary focus. Full of temperament and passion, they enjoy life in the exotic paradise, exuding rest and relaxation. These ladies are also naturally attractive and sexy. No wonder: the country’s society consists of many racial mixes. Dark- and fair-skinned; Asians and Indians – representatives of all these ethnicities live together peacefully there. For this reason, Cubans are considered very open-minded and tolerant. Since, otherwise, how would 11 million people live on the largest Antilles island without a hint of racism?

Anyway, if you want to start dating a Cuban girl, then, for sure, you want to know what you can expect from her. So let’s concentrate on the mentality and character traits typical for such a female.

An average woman from Cuba is very outgoing, sociable, and cheerful. She is more extroverted than introverted, of course. This explains why ladies from this country are usually so open to new acquaintances and hardly have prejudices. It’s generally easy to strike up a conversation with them.

In addition, Cuban mail brides are generous, warm-hearted, and willing to help. The majority of them grew up in a loving and tradition-conscious environment. Therefore, family is important to these hotties. Cubans love their children madly, but not just their own. They communicate with little ones with a lot of patience, understanding, and consideration.

But it doesn’t mean they agreed to everything not to be lonely. There are certain criteria a potential partner should meet to be in a relationship with one of them. We will talk about them later – don’t worry. The one thing is clear, though – if you do everything right, this romance (and later marriage) will be passionate and happy.

Pros and Cons of dating Cuban women

Pros and Cons of dating Cuban women

There is no doubt that single ladies from Cuba have a unique charm. Experts think that’s all because of their homeland’s tropical vibe. And, in fact, it’s really hard to be depressed when the sun shines daily – and there is no autumn’s sweater weather. The beautiful landscapes and amazing beaches serve as an inspiration for locals.

But is this knowledge enough to say that you are ready to start dating one of these pretty females? Of course not! Actually, figuring out what their typical character traits are must be helpful at the beginning. We decided to create a list of pros and cons. For you to have an overview of the qualities of the girls of this nation. Just keep on reading to discover more!


#1. Their stunning appearance

Single girls from Cuba attach great importance to their appearance. They, therefore, usually look well-groomed and a kind of glamorous.

Many Cubans are naturally attractive, slim, and petite. The gradations in the context of hair and skin color are also fabulous: ranging from blonde to alluring shades of brown and jet black. Simply said, there is a perfect match for every taste!

As a rule, Cuban ladies are not wealthy. Their living conditions are modest, but it doesn’t mean they don’t dress fashionably and elegantly. Especially at festivities, the outfit selection is made very consciously. However, the standard evening dress is sheer and just covers the buttocks. We guess you have already heard that these cuties generally like figure-hugging clothes, and it’s not a myth. What can we say? They know how to use their bodies and their charms.

#2. Their cheerfulness

Cuban females try to remain cheerful and optimistic no matter what. They cannot imagine their life without partying. Thus, if you are bored with the routine, a girlfriend from this country will make your days bright, fulfilling them with various events. You will be pleasantly surprised by their talent for organizing noisy and fun celebrations at every opportunity.

And Cubans indeed don’t lose their thirst for life as they get older. Mature women and elders love parties as much as young girls do! So you can be sure: even after ten years of marriage, your lovely crush won’t turn into a dull mood killer.

#3. Their self-belief

It is very hard to explain in simple words how self-confident single ladies in Cuba are. On closer inspection, you will definitely notice how unparalleled the inner power of each of them is. You shouldn’t be surprised by this fact, though. Cuban females are the daughters of the Revolution – and it gives a perfect explanation for everything!

These hotties never give up and remain optimistic no matter what. So, even in difficult situations, you won’t see your partner complaining and moaning. Rather the opposite – your Cuban girlfriend will be the one who gives you encouragement to deal with all challenges with a smile on your face. Anyway – a better match for a guy with a strong personality can hardly be found.

#4. Their friendliness

Cubans are generally friendly people. They are always happy to make new acquaintances and are willing to become friends with representatives of all nations.

Thus, it won’t be a problem for you to be alone with a girl from Cuba. However, you must be ready to discuss some interesting topics with her… But don’t consider it a problem – it’s an ideal chance to demonstrate your open-mindedness.

#5. Their culinary skills

National Cuban cuisine is an exciting mixture of Spanish, African, and Creole national dishes. The final result is unique since it overlaps with the regional set of products and traditions of locals. Trust us, starting a relationship with a Cuban woman is worthwhile for its yummy prospects alone!

So you begin to look forward to the future romance, we’ll tell you more about what to expect from you. For sure – names Ropa Vieja, Lechon Asado, Picadillo a la Habanera, or Tamal Cubano don’t tell you anything. So, basically, gastronomy in Cuba includes diverse mixes of pork, poultry, a variety of seafood, black beans, and all kinds of seasonings. In addition, you can try crocodile meat and turtle eggs there! Fruits are served almost with every dish on this sunny island. Foodies will love fried pineapples and bananas.


#1. Their talkativeness

Oh yes, these hotties indeed talk a lot! There is even a jest among foreigners that it’s better to use free online dating in Cuba because otherwise – you will be faced with significant bills for communication.

Okay, all joking aside, when dating a Cuban cutie, be prepared – lots of discussions, chats, and gossip will be presented in your couple. Words will be coming from her mouth like a waterfall.

No less annoying, regarding conversations, are diminutives. Cafecito, roncito, bonito, rojito (“redhead”), Miguelito… Cubans give pet names almost to everything and everyone! Well, they live on a small island: maybe that’s why they do so?

#2. Their dependence on public opinion

The word “lusir” can be translated from Spanish to English as “to shine.” And that’s probably what single women from Cuba (especially young) strive for. On this tropical island, the packaging is more important than the content.

But what does dependence on public opinion preciously mean? Well, it involves wearing fake clothes from brands like Prada or Gucci, buying drinks for strangers in a bar, having loud parties at home… Simply said, doing everything possible to make people talk about them. Getting the approval of others is at the forefront for Cubans – their reaction is, therefore, carefully monitored. In some cases, it develops into fanaticism since this process never stops.

What do they think about me? Is my behavior appropriate? Do they find my outfit seductive? And what about my boyfriend? Is he good enough? – these are the common thoughts of a Cuban girl. Would you be able to cope with all these concerns?

#3. Their inability to make long-term plans

It’s hard to say whether this is a distinctive feature of single Cuban ladies or, in principle, of all Latina beauties – but still. When deciding on starting a relationship with a woman from this country, you must be prepared to face her inability to make long-term plans. For such a female, there is one time – today, and she is happy with it. In her opinion, everything she can do, everything that matters – happens right now. Tomorrow is a term from a parallel dimension in Cuba.

By the way, you shouldn’t forget about this approach, not in romance alone. So if you hear in the store that they promise to deliver the goods tomorrow or finish the project on the next working day – this is disappointing information. Because this sacred moment either does not come at all or occurs suddenly, on any God-pleasing date and hour.

#4. Their constant gossiping

If you want to find a wife in Cuba, be aware that she definitely loves gossiping. This phenomenon has an explanation, though.

According to various statistics – about 2.5 million people live in its capital Havana. And everyone is connected with all the other citizens’ thin threads. To earn extra money or get goods that are hard to get – locals need to have connections in all structures and at all levels. From a seller in a butcher’s shop to a government employee – they must have acquaintances everywhere. Therefore, remembering who changes jobs or goes abroad, who dates and breaks up, who has problems with the law, etc. – is really important.

You shouldn’t worry: gossiping in Cuba is not used in its bad sense. If a lady from this island wants to tell a dirty fact about someone – she gets embarrassed. She covers her mouth with her hand and looks around when talking. Anyway, some guys find it cute.

#5. Their conservativeness

When you meet women from Cuba, you immediately notice how conservative they usually are. The rules and norms of behavior accepted in society are indestructible and holy for them. Sure – in youth, everyone is curious about trying new things and gaining experiences, but it doesn’t change the general tendency. Marriage, home, children – every single girl from this country wants to create a family similar to her parents’ and grandparents’.

As you already know, social approval is crucial for females from Cuba. According to experts, it’s a fertile ground for such pronounced conservativeness. Let us give you the simplest example of how far this strive can go, so you can realize whether you can handle this.

An ordinary side dish for a Cuban lady is rice or congri (rice with beans). So, if you take her to the fanciest buffet, where she has a choice: fried-boiled-mashed potatoes, pasta, grilled vegetables, seaweed, pancakes – from the million options, she will take her standard one. The same approach applies to every situation with alternatives.

Cuban brides: myths and facts

Cuban brides: myths and facts

International dating, Cuba, girl – these four words used in one sentence make the hearts of Western guys beat faster. Of course: everyone wants to have such a hot and family-oriented girlfriend as an average female representative of this country is! However, just like about ladies from other cultures – there are too many stereotypes about Cuban beauties, which are disconcerting…

Similar but different – that’s how experienced matchmakers describe women from this paradise island and their mentality. When traveling directly there, some contrasts will be noticed right away. Still, while the sun shines brightly, vintage cars drive the streets with palm trees along the roadsides, and people speak sexy Spanish – it’s hard to distinguish between fantasies and reality. Thus, let’s take a closer look at five cliches about Cubans and find out which of them are true.

#1. Cubans are uneducated and, therefore, have no job prospects.

Great news: it’s just a myth. In Cuba, brides indeed have a high level of education. These are not merely empty words of us – this fact is confirmed by various UNESCO studies. According to them, schools and universities on this island are open to everyone because it’s absolutely free for locals. At the same time, Cuban education is top quality – it has recently made good progress in its development. For instance, medicine and veterinary science are now at their best level.

Also, ladies in Cuba do have excellent career prospects. Their position in society has changed fundamentally over the last few years. So today, around half of the female residents of this country are employed. Which is, actually, a matter of course for the younger generation. It doesn’t mean they neglect their families, though.

#2. Cubans are excellent dancers.

If you use Cuban online dating sites to make new acquaintances, you can’t know whether this statement is a fact or a myth. But once you meet one of your online girlfriends in real life, you will definitely be captivated by her inborn talent for dancing. In fact, she will be doing it whenever possible, notwithstanding the age. Rumba, salsa, son, reggaeton, tango, and ballet: she is fabulous in everything.

Dancing is part of everyday reality in Cuba, while music is live. Walking the streets of its towns, you will certainly see people practicing their choreography skills. The performance usually starts from nothing: someone starts, and the others gladly embrace such an initiative. We can advise you not to be shy and show what your body can do. Take it as flirting if you like.

#3. Cubans dream of leaving their homeland.

We bet everyone has already heard about the notorious American dream. But what is the greatest goal of an average pretty woman from Cuba? This, of course, concerns the desire to leave her homeland. The destination doesn’t matter because all alternatives seem better than what she actually has. Unfortunately, the government made her think so.

Put yourself in this lady’s shoes. What would you feel after seeing crowds of tourists in branded clothes (with iPads and cameras), spending hundreds of dollars on vacation – while you can’t buy sausages for breakfast?

It is heartbreaking to watch Cubans face pitfalls when their dream comes true. When they realize how challenging the life of the immigrant is. When these cuties have to work hard (sometimes until midnight and on weekends) in an alien and cold city. Without an ocean and dancing but with many unfriendly people around…

#4. Cubans are Catholics.

Yes and no. From Colonial times, Catholicism has been present on this island. Although Santería (a mixed Afro-American faith) brought by slaves is no less popular. In fact, permeated with traditions and the worship of nature spirits, these two religions were mixed up.

What does it mean? Even when officially they are Catholics, many single Cuban women turn to the Santeros or Babalaos (Santería priests) for advice and help. Don’t get emotional: locals see no contradiction in their actions. Indeed, they find the unity of Catholic saints with aspects of the gods of Santería the only answer. Thus, Cuba’s patron saint is the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, in the Santeria corresponds to Ochún, the goddess of rivers and love.

#5. Cubans are patriots.

No matter how illogical this statement may seem after the mentioned above information – but it’s true. In Cuba, single girls are very patriotic. This, although, is demonstrated in a pretty peculiar way. Locals constantly say bad things about the government and authorities but, at the same time, admire their island’s nature and history. Just like Russians, Cubans can spend hours convincing a foreigner that their homeland is a horrible place and punch him in the face when he agrees.

Separately, it must be said about the national identity, which fits into the canonical phrase orgulloso de ser Cubano (proud to be a Cuban). Therefore, if a girl says that you dance, talk, dress, or act “like a real Cuban guy -” this is the best compliment she can make.

Dating a woman from Cuba: rules and basic tips

Dating a woman from Cuba: rules and basic tips

The majority of single girls in Cuba grew up in a loving and conservative environment. Thus, creating their own families and finding future husbands are priorities for them. Each of these hot ladies wants to meet someone who can take good care of her and give all his devotion. In addition, he should have mental strength, a lot of understanding, and patience. Without these criteria, no one can tell whether this relationship will work or not.

Yes – for a Western man, dating a Cuban woman can be challenging due to the difference in mentality and lifestyle. But if you can compromise and genuinely demonstrate your affection – congratulations. The final result will, most likely, be successful, then. Below you can find five more recommendations in this regard:

#1. Show your sense of humor

Do you remember that Cubans are generally optimistic people? Namely, for this reason, they expect to see the same attitude from the potential partners. So don’t be shy to reveal everything your sense of humor is capable of!

If creativity is not your strong suit – it’s okay to search for some new and funny jokes on the Internet. Trust us, a witty person can easily win the heart of beauty from Cuba. Well, at least – your crush’s attention will definitely be captivated with a good laugh.

#2. Help her to escape the routine

One of the best things you can do for your Cuban girlfriend is to give her lots of new impressions. She cannot stand it when all days are similar: help her to escape the routine!

Your special lady will be genuinely thankful if you go even further and come up with an idea for a fascinating shared hobby. Simply said, don’t let her emotionally suffocate with monotony – and she will always love you.

#3. Don’t be jealous

In Cuba, dating a woman can’t go hand in hand with jealousy. Without a doubt, your girl is sexy and good-looking, but don’t try to limit her freedom. Let her go to parties with friends or spend a weekend with relatives in the village where there is no connection. Anyway, it won’t bring any good results if you prohibit something. Such behavior of yours will make your hottie offended. So, when possible: join her and have fun together (as a couple).

#4. Be honest

In the opinion of a Cuban lady, lying is the greatest sin. Even adultery is better than not being sincere. Therefore, telling fake facts about your personality and life is never a good idea. Also, in case you’ve done something awful – don’t be dishonest. You must tell her the truth right away and unadorned. Because if she finds out the real state of things from someone else, she won’t forgive you.

#5. Find common ground with her mates

It’s crucial for you to find a common language with your Cuban girlfriend’s mates. Since she is very sociable and talkative, public opinion in your regard can change everything. If they start hating you for some reason, it’s hardly imaginable you two can continue the romance…

Cuban wedding traditions

Cuba is known around the world as an island of fun and joy. People who live there are uniquely optimistic and kind. These qualities enable them to create an outstanding atmosphere of lightness and happiness on every corner. Maybe that’s why foreigners consider this tropical paradise a perfect place for a wedding ceremony or honeymoon.

But what if your goal is to find a Cuban bride and marry her right there, in her homeland? Then, it will be held not just in a beautiful place – but also in accordance with local traditions. Spoiler: what you will experience is an unparalleled mixture of Spanish, Caribbean, and African cultures. Below you can read the most exciting nuances of such a celebration.

#1. Preparation for the celebration

You can call yourself lucky if you have met your future wife through an online Cuban dating platform since you won’t have to manage all preparations. Ladies from this country usually pay special attention to the event’s organization and begin with it well in advance.

Locals are mostly not wealthy, so they don’t dream of Michelin restaurants, luxury cars, and famous bands for the ceremony. These cuties spend the budget wisely, arranging the necessary points: festive menu, decor, and outfits.

Pre-wedding traditions in Cuba involve individual tailoring of clothes for the bride and groom. Locals believe that such things shouldn’t be bought. Despite the hot climate, the Cuban bride’s dress is made of dense material. The more magnificent it is, the better. However, there is also a popular beach alternative. It requires a loose and simple wedding dress made of linen or cotton with embroidery.

#2. Guests

Even though grooms and brides from Cuba usually have a tight budget for the celebration, they somehow manage to create an extravaganza. Foreigners often compare a traditional wedding in this country to a carnival. For this reason, newlyweds joke that being a guest at this event is even better than getting married.

A wedding cortege of their limousines or something similar is an unaffordable luxury for most residents of Cuba. Thus, the couple, together with guests, typically walk along the city streets, dance, play musical instruments, and sing. And the whole procession slowly moves to the nearest Catholic church for the ceremony. During it, they must stop each time a passerby wishes to congratulate them. And it can be both familiar people and strangers.

#3. The church wedding

In Cuba, dating and marriage are closely linked to religion. Notwithstanding the influence of Santería is strong, a wedding in this country is not complete without a ceremony in the Catholic church. How it is held, as a rule, doesn’t differ from the typical European manner. Photos of this touching moment are then given as a keepsake to all guests.

Still, there is something unique here too. We talk about the tradition of wrapping the newlyweds in a black shawl. This ritual symbolizes the protection of the freshly married couple from evil forces and unkind looks. In addition, the tying of the bride and groom represents the union of their souls.

#4. The banquet

Every Cuban wife likes to have fun. That’s what she can do after the official part of the event because a big fest will come next.

It is usually held at the bride’s or groom’s parents’ house. Most often, tables for guests and a dance floor are located right in the courtyard. Particular attention is paid to the menu: it must be rich, diverse, and tasty – so that none of the guests leaves the party hungry. National dishes such as rice, beans, meat, and seafood with hot spices (as well as Cuban rum) should be presented.

And what is a wedding in this country without a cake? This dessert ought to be big so that each guest gets a piece. It must also contain chocolate in the form of cream or icing and fresh fruits with berries.

#5. The party

There are a few more things you should know about the wedding party.

The first curious tradition is called money dance. Everyone who wishes can invite a Cuban bride to dance. And, during it, this person has to put some banknotes into her corset. Locals see this ritual as an original way of presenting gifts to newlyweds. Although, there is an alternative option of how the money dance can be performed. For instance, love birds can do it together. In this case, friends and relatives place money in the bride’s dress and the groom’s shirt.

Secondly – in Cuba, just like in Western countries, it is customary to present small gift-compliments to guests. But locals prefer to give things made by them. Gifts usually bear the initials of the couple. And if the newlyweds’ families are prosperous – they give guests more expensive and pleasant little things. For example, Cuban cigars.

Top cities to meet Cuban women

Colorful houses, vintage cars, colonial magic, joie de vivre, dream beaches – all this is combined in the magic of the exotic island of Cuba. Diverse and unique – these words probably describe the hustle and bustle in its cities best. Here the Caribbean flair accompanies a journey into the past.

But what are the best places to meet Cuban singles? Experts have summarized everything they know about this country and created a list of its most captivating and eventful cities. Follow our tips to have an unforgettable romantic trip. Have fun discovering!

#1. Havana

Havana girls

Colorful oldtimers, Hemingway bars, and plenty of shabby charm – that’s how many Europeans imagine the island’s capital. However, the best place to find a Cuban wife can hardly be determined.

The almost 500-year-old metropolis scores with great date locations. On the other hand, it offers anyone who has a bit of time a look behind the scenes and facades of the old buildings – which is fascinating.

Just before sunset, we advise you to take your crush to the Malecón. It’s the seven-kilometer-long promenade, highlighted by buildings from different eras. There you can go to the world-famous revue of the “Tropicana”, to “La Bodeguita del Medio.” That’s where Hemingway drank his mojito and created his masterpieces. Or, the elegant “El Floridita” and try its special daiquiri.

#2. Trinidad

When you visit Trinidad, this town makes you feel it’s not real. Walking its streets gives the impression you are in a huge open-air museum. With its colorful colonial architecture embedded in the green mountain landscape of the Sierra del Escambray, this place is one of the absolute highlights of every trip to Cuba.

Trinidad is much smaller than Havana and has around 36,000 inhabitants. Even the clocks tick differently there! Shops, restaurants, and hotels are barely present in this town. Why do we advise you to visit it for dating purposes? Because in Trinidad, you can spend hours wandering through the narrow, cobbled streets of the almost 500-year-old sugar aristocratic city with your sweet girl. If you adore antique pieces of furniture and works of art from the colonial era – you will be impressed there.

#3. Santiago de Cuba

Some people think that Santiago de Cuba is even more exciting than Havana! It is the provincial capital at the foothills of the Sierra Maestra, situated at a natural Caribbean port. The city has around 500,000 inhabitants, so trying a Cuban bride dating there has a high probability of success. Moreover, its ethnic diversity and eventful history are simply incomparable!

For the best possible results, you should take a lot of time to discover Santiago de Cuba’s art, culture, and gastronomy. You will be able to admire the magnificent colonial buildings in the company of a hot local lady. Parque Céspedes, Plaza de Marte, and Plaza Dolores – don’t forget to visit them all.

#4. Gibara

This small town, founded in 1817, is definitely worth a visit! It is situated 33 kilometers from Holguín and is often neglected by tourists. It’s good news, though – you will get the attention of all single local girls.

The fantastic location on a picturesque bay, surrounded by the Maniabón hills, makes the city quite attractive. The central park “Calixto García” with its colonial flair and the more than 150-year-old church “Iglesia de San Fulgencio” as well as the ruins of the old Spanish bastion “El Cuartelón” with a great view of Gibara should not be missed too.

You can take your date to one of the three interesting museums in Gibara. Museo de Arte Colonial, Museo de Historia Natural, or Museo Municipal – choose what you like more and spend your rendezvous unforgettably.

#5. Baracoa

Few tourists make their way to this remote colonial town on Cuba’s eastern end, accessible only by sea until the revolution. During this journey, you will see the fascinating tropical mountains with plantations of coffee, cocoa, coconut, and bananas. So the effort is definitely worth it!

You will be captivated by the Cuban single ladies from Baracoa. You can start looking for a potential soulmate on the Bahía de Miel. Plaza Martí is the best location for dates. There – you can find most of the sights, restaurants, shops, and nightclubs. Delicious ice cream and chocolate can be bought in the “Casa de Chocolate.”

Where to meet Cuban brides when you are a foreigner?

We have already mentioned the typical characteristics of Cuban ladies. Their preferences and desires are not a secret to you anymore. It’s crucial you keep all this knowledge in mind if your intentions about dating one of them are serious.

There is one question left unanswered till this very moment. How can you meet such a woman? What are the best options in 2022? The three best alternatives are placed below. They all promise the best possible results – just choose what you like more.

#1. Travel to Cuba

It is possible to find a wife in Cuba during your trip to this fabulous island. Plenty of gorgeous women walk the streets of Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Trinidad, and many other towns and villages.

Still, you can never know the genuine intentions of your new acquaintance. Due to the differences in mentality and views on life, you will definitely need some time to figure out what is expected in each situation. At the same time, Cuban girls are often skeptical about dating tourists. So the women who flirt with foreigners right on the street often just want to get money from them. Some of those may even already be married.

Therefore, don’t push your luck. It is better to find locations recommended for getting acquainted with single locals in advance.

#2. Look around you

Especially if you live in the United States, the probability of meeting pretty Cuban ladies in your country is high. For sure: the bigger the city you live in, the better the prospects.

What are the best places to meet Cubans, then? You must attentively look around when visiting Latino discos, salsa classes, and other special parties. Restaurants and bars shouldn’t remain neglected. Also, you can check the communities on Facebook and Instagram.

#3. Matchmaking platforms

The whole world knows about the Internet problems on this sunny island. How can we advise you to use dating sites in Cuba, then?

Yes, the World Wide Web was banned for a long time there. But luckily, those times are over. However, locals do still experience certain difficulties. Such as its price and speed. So don’t be alarmed if your online girlfriend answers you slowly and infrequently – this happens not because she isn’t interested in you.

But the difficulties in connecting to the web in this country have some benefits. Since it is expensive, only the girls with serious intentions will use it as a way to find their future husbands. Also, you won’t waste your time on empty chats.

All you want to know about Cuban brides

Why are there so many single women in Cuba?

If you check the official statistics, you will find out that the gender ratio among the residents of Cuba is pretty well-balanced (98 males per 100 females).
Okay, why are there so many Cuban ladies on international dating sites, then? There are many reasons for it, but the main one sounds like – Western guys are more loyal. While local guys are just attractive and funny, they don’t really know what being faithful is. The same couldn’t be said about men from America, Canada, or Europe.

How much does a Cuban bride cost?

In Cuba, women for marriage have a pretty high price – around $8500. What does this number consist of? If you join a paid dating website, its membership will cost you from $100 to $300 per month. Tickets to Cuba (for example, from the USA) are priced at $350 on average. The travel expenses (transportation, food, and entertainment) are up to you. The K-1 visa your woman will need after the wedding isn’t cheap, too – $2200.

How do you get a Cuban girlfriend?

As mentioned in our article, we suggest three ways you can get yourself a Cuban girlfriend. You can travel to her homeland, be more attentive in your own country, or join an international dating site. All options are equally good.

Why do Cuban women marry Americans?

There are three more reasons for it (except for the unfaithfulness of local guys):
Love toward Western culture.
Many women of this nationality love the culture of modern developed countries. Every young Cuban girl wants to be a part of it.
The lack of job prospects and a low standard of living.
It is difficult to find a good job in Cuba. Since unqualified workers are most in-demand – salaries are low there. And everyone wants a better future for themselves and their children. So, a foreign husband is a chance to finally achieve a higher standard of living. Also, moving to another country can offer a Cuban lady better career opportunities.
The complicated political situation.
A lot of things are forbidden in this country. For example, it is impossible to legally buy a wide range of imported clothing or cosmetics. So it takes a lot of effort to look stylish. Young ladies from Cuba who always want to be trendy find ways to leave their homeland.

How can I marry a girl in Cuba?

If you want to get married on this dream island, you must take care of the formalities in advance. Marriage in Cuba is legally valid in many Western countries if the relevant formal requirements are met. The following documents will be needed:

  • Passport or ID card
  • The certificate with your current marital status.
  • If applicable, divorce documents or the death certificate of the deceased partner.
  • Your birth certificate.
  • Visa.
  • Similar information concerning your future wife.

All documents must be translated into Spanish and notarized. The papers shouldn’t be older than 6 months (except for the divorce certificate). Except for the divorce decree, which may be a certified copy, all other documents must be submitted in the original.

Are Cuban brides a real thing?

You shouldn’t worry: Cuban brides are indeed a real thing.