Ecuadorian Brides: How To Meet Ecuador Women For Marriage


Ecuadorian women for marriage: facts you should know

What do we, Western people, know about Ecuador and Ecuadorian brides? Unfortunately, the most common answer is – not much. It is hardly surprising, though. This country is the second smallest Spanish-speaking land in South America and has only a sixteen million population. Yes, the state of Texas in 2022 has more residents – namely, almost thirty-million.

Is there something that attracts tourists and love seekers to this Latin American land? And, once again – yes. The equator, which runs through Ecuador, makes people want to see it in their own eyes. On the other hand, notwithstanding the relatively small country area, it consists of four climatic and cultural regions, so everyone could find what he is looking for.

Are we trying to say the idea of searching for your soulmate in Ecuador is right? Sure, there is no reason you shouldn’t avoid using this chance! But, at the same time, such an attempt requires special knowledge…

You can call yourself lucky since all facts you should know before buying yourself a plane ticket and asking your favorite Ecuadorian lady out. So take your time, make yourself a nice cup of coffee, and read this article wisely.

Ecuadorian women for marriage

Ecuadorian brides: who are they?

As we have mentioned above, there are four main regions in Ecuador. This includes Galapagos Islands, Amazon lowlands, Andes, and the coastal plain. For sure, locals from different parts of the country have plenty of distinctions. Keep it in mind when joining one of the Ecuadorian dating websites.

You probably understand, at this point, that it’s hard to make a general portrayal of a woman from this South American country. That’s why we’ll try to describe typical for ladies from the different regions’ character traits for getting a better picture.

Let’s start with the majority of Ecuadorians who live either on the coast or in the highlands. It’s around 94 percent of all female citizens of the country. In fact, the principal controversies could be noticed even when comparing two main cities of these regions – Quito and Guayaquíl. The first one is a metropolis in colonial style, while the second one is urban and cosmopolitan. The mentality of the ladies who live there could be described in the same way. Girls from Ecuadorian Sierra tend to be more reserved and conservative. Although, there is a common belief among locals: the closer a woman lives to the hot seaside, the more relaxed, tolerant, and open-minded she is.

Compared to their Latin American neighbors, Ecuador females are calmer. This could be easily noticed during conversations online as well as offline. Girls from Amazon lowlands, in particular, try to avoid gesticulation so as not to seem too emotional. However, for females in Galapagos Islands, this is never the case.

Do not expect women from Ecuador to act as your local girls. To their culture, a greater degree of politeness is an absolute must. They don’t feel equal with men, which ensures the pronounced gender-specific distribution of roles in society. But it doesn’t mean you allow yourself the typical Latino macho behavior – that’s definitely not what these beauties want to see.

Still, the following applies everywhere: the better you know a lady, the closer you get to each other. As soon as you see your Ecuadorian conversationalist sitting close to you and touching your arm while chatting – consider this a sign of trust.

What are Ecuadorian women look like in 2022?

The concept of beauty is genuinely subjective, but the fact Latin American ladies are gorgeous cannot be disputed. Check Ecuadorian singles dating sites – do you notice this tendency too? When you look at their profile pictures, you quickly realize one thing. They are indeed extremely attractive. But what do they exactly look like?

In Ecuador, Europeans and indigenous peoples are historically mixed up. So when walking the streets of the cities of this country, you can meet females with different kinds of appearance. Some may have a chocolate skin tone and dark eyes, while others – have snow-white skin and light eyes. However, even representatives of the second category tan easily and quickly. The local girls usually have long and straight hair of dark shades.

What about the body shapes of Ecuadorians? Well, they don’t like slender Hollywood celebrities. Sexy curves – that’s what they prefer to have. For example, big booties are significant to them. This nuance, in their opinion, can make an average girl an outstanding one. And, if possible, it should be emphasized by short shorts and mini skirts.

The large breasts are also a special point of attention to Ecuadorian women. But this doesn’t mean plastic surgeries are popular in this country. There: women prefer the naturalness of form and size – and avoid everything man-made.

Without a doubt, Ecuador has its own standards of beauty. They do not contradict what Western people like, though. What is surely great – these girls fully accept their bodies, including extra pounds and imperfections. They thoughtfully care for their skin, watch what they eat and cherish the main secret element of success – self-confidence.

Why are Ecuadorian women so beautiful?

You already know that the beautiful women of Ecuador are the object of desire for many men around the globe. This is not surprising after all – the hotter ladies are hardly known! But what makes them so good-looking? Do they have any beauty secrets? Yes, and we are willing to share five of them.

Nayeli Zurita from Ecuador is Miss Teen Intercontinental 2021

Bright colors

Ecuadorians just love everything bright – look at their traditional clothes! Also, they are not afraid of experimenting with colors – and often use even the brightest ones in daily life: both in outfits and makeup. So it could be something like purple eye shadows and neon green eyeliner or bright lipstick. Nude shades are definitely not for them! It is, of course, a benefit – you won’t be able to oversee such a beauty.


Smooth and voluminous hairstyles are typical for Ecuador ladies. They do everything possible to make it look thick and shiny. It includes the usage of coconut oil and various herbs. As you can see, even in this respect, Ecuadorians prefer everything natural. The explanation for it is not only in price but also in the outcome.


Ecuadorian women in their majority have dark skin, and they do not hide it from the sun. And even on the contrary – they actively sunbathe.


The primary condition for girls from Ecuador to take care of themselves is skin hydration. They use a lot of moisturizers – lotions, creams, and oils, and in the evenings – they make calming masks.


Another face care secret of Ecuadorian brides is facial gymnastics and massage. This helps to disperse the blood, get rid of edema, and tone the facial muscles.

Why do Ecuadorian women make the best wives?

Most commonly, Western men who are dating Ecuadorian women say they are modest and kind. They behave quietly and try to avoid conflicts in every possible way. These ladies are not afraid of solitude and like to relax in a calm atmosphere. This also means they respect the personal space of their loved ones.

At the same time, Ecuadorians are incredibly demanding of themselves. They don’t like to give up on emotions and crush the already made plans. The determination of such a girl makes her a perfect partner in the long run. A reliable friend and fiery lover – who could be better?

A girl from this Latin American country is naturally very careful. She doesn’t take unjustified risks because she strives towards a peaceful life. Although, you don’t need to think it’s boring to be in a relationship with her. When you are close enough, her temperamental side opens up to you. And it will be impressive!

From her life partner, an Ecuadorian lady seeks support. She can be happy only when having a strong partner next to her. The ground for it is her way of thinking – she is too critical of herself. The genuine care in the face of her partner means a lot. It helps overcome difficulties and opens new opportunities.

Why do Ecuadorian women make the best wives?

An Ecuadorian mail-order bride is truly attached to her loved ones. She loves children and her home. However, this girl won’t be happy with the role of the housewife. She simply needs to have her own goals and activities outside the household chores. Even on maternity leave, a woman from

Ecuador will look for a part-time job in addition to an exciting hobby. Otherwise – the monotonous life will drive her mad.

Another character trait that makes an Ecuadorian girl a great wife – is her selflessness. This hotty is willing to give everything she has to those she loves. So when being married to such a woman – don’t worry, your wishes will always be taken into account!

Pros and Cons of dating Ecuadorian women

Have you heard something about Ecuadorian ladies in love? Above all, we need to mention they want to be adored with their heart and, therefore, readily look for a suitable partner from a young age. But what happens next?

There are, of course, advantages and disadvantages of a relationship with a girl from Ecuador. She is not always able to delight her boyfriend with unusual surprises. Fighting her inborn sentimentality could also be a problem. However, you shouldn’t think she is cheerless and cold. As you can see, there are always two sides to every story…

Why do you need to join one of the Ecuadorian free dating sites or use paid matchmaking services in this country then? We have prepared for you two lists with five points each. After reading them, you can decide which matters outweigh (in your opinion).

Pros of dating Ecuadorian women for marriage

#1. Their commitment

The experts of Ecuadorian dating sites in the USA call commitment the main strength of these ladies. They try to bring each undertaking to a logical conclusion no matter what. Their actions are usually efficient because of their ability to pay attention to details.

In a relationship, an average girl from Ecuador is pretty self-critical – but not because of the lack of self-confidence. She just looks for ideal solutions and strives for harmony in communication with her man.

You should never question the loyalty of your Ecuadorian girlfriend. Since she will neither think nor flirt with someone else as long as you are together.

#2. Their sexuality

A stunning and seductive girl is kind of synonymous when talking about Latinas. Without a doubt, Ecuadorian ladies belong to the brightest representatives of the females of the continent.

What is the reason for it? These women simply do not think it’s possible to be too sexy. They have hot curves and in no way want to hide those shapes. Actually, the opposite – Ecuadorians gladly emphasize their strengths. It includes, for example, the usage of bright lipstick to highlight plump lips.

You must agree, women from Ecuador can give lessons to your local females! The subject would be – how to love their bodies and never be shy about a few extra pounds.

#3. Their love towards changes

Those Western guys who date Ecuadorian women adore their love towards changes. Sharing life with a girl from such a country could never be boring or monotonous. And that’s an absolute benefit in the long run!

Above all, this concerns the appearance of these ladies. They try not to stay in the same look and change it from time to time. Some men even say that their Ecuadorian girlfriends change their style no later than once every three or four months. This includes modifying hairstyle, hair color, makeup, outfits, etc. Thus, you will never grow tired of a partner from Ecuador.

#4. Their generosity

You already know that Ecuadorian girls are reliable – they don’t like to make false promises. This point suggests the next beneficial character trait of these ladies. We talk about their generosity, of course.

If something happens to the loved ones, a woman from Ecuador doesn’t think twice – she comes to the rescue. She can give the person she cares about everything: starting with money and finishing with her attention. This female is not capable of betrayal or greediness. No one could ever drag her into intrigues against the interests of others. Fair and honest formulation of her opinion belongs to this attitude too.

#5. Their culinary skills

Ecuador women dating, at more serious stages, involves living together. During this time, you will be able to experience your girlfriend’s culinary skills – and, trust us, you will be pleasantly impressed! You will have a kind of restaurant with a professional chef-cock in your house!

The gastronomy of Ecuador is very diverse. Depending on which region of the country your woman comes from – the way she prepares food and drinks vary. However, there are some most famous traditional dishes you will definitely have a chance to taste. It is Ceviche, Fanesca, Sancocho de Pescado, and Churrasco.

If you are not a fan of exotic dishes – without a doubt, your lady will readily learn to cook what you love.

Cons of dating sexy Ecuadorian brides

Cons of dating sexy Ecuadorian brides

#1. They have a tendency towards corpulence.

Yes, we have already mentioned that Ecuadorian brides for marriage are curvy. So if you are fond of slender girls – it would be a problem anyway.

However, no matter how unexpected this information could be – women from Ecuador have a general tendency towards corpulence. It’s rather uncommon for low-income countries, but this is so. Around 25% of local females officially are overweight. In case – you don’t think it’s a problem – bear in mind one thing. Obesity is one of the main risk factors for many chronic diseases. This includes illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Thus, there is really something to worry about…

#2. They are insecure.

Typically, a woman from Ecuador is insecure and self-critical. Her problem is that she focuses on the little things which are not worth any attention.

In daily life, an Ecuadorian girl carefully analyzes her every step – she looks for mistakes that could be avoided. If this lady can’t achieve something solely with the help of honest work – she can’t stop worrying about it. Such disappointment can lead even to depressive states. Which makes the situation increasingly difficult, and finding the way out of it becomes almost impossible. Simply said, it turns out to be a waste of time. Oh yes – that’s all because of her insecurity, not something else.

#3. They are very sensitive to criticism.

To understand why Ecuadorian women for dating overreact to constructive criticism, we need to say a few words about their society rules in this regard.

In Ecuador, criticism is much less common and definitely more subtle than in the Western world. In fact, when locals are unhappy with someone – we often don’t even notice it! It’s so nicely packaged, so you won’t have an idea something went wrong. Therefore, the standard Western manner of criticism usually meets a lack of understanding in this South American country. Then, even when arguing – be careful what you say.

#4. They are touchy.

Some experts might think – Ecuadorians are excessively touchy. This nuance, without a doubt, could be a great example of the poison in the honey – especially when talking about the relationship with one of them.

If a woman from Ecuador is your girlfriend, you need to know that she passes everything you say through her own prism of perception. And, in case your words were offensive, be ready to face an aloof and reserved reaction.

Because of this, an Ecuadorian lady watches a person’s behavior before letting him into her life. Quite rarely, her intuition gives her false signals. She is not pessimistic – her goal is to save her heart from being broken.

#5. They worry too much about everything.

Let us give you a concrete example, though. You communicate with a lady on an Ecuadorian dating site. You just chat – nothing special. And, without warning, you had to disappear for a few days. So, when you log in to your user profile – be ready to see dozens of emails in your mailbox. She was simply too worried to sleep well all the nights you were gone…

Why do Ecuadorians do this, you ask? No one knows, in fact. Showing increased concern for others is in their blood. Most often, from this – suffer family members of these girls. For instance – children, when their Ecuadorian mothers care about their marks, but not about mental health and hobbies.

Dating Ecuadorian women: what should you know?

Before trying Ecuadorian-American dating – there are certain aspects you should know. They concern your potential girlfriend’s character traits and preferences you will face. What is it, then?

You already know that a girl from this country is pretty, kind, sexy, and warm-hearted. From a young age, she knows what she needs from life – that’s why she is demanding of herself. The same attitude is expected from you, by the way. Not enough ambition is an absolute no-go for a lady like this in a man.

For sure, deep in her heart, an Ecuadorian female worries about those she loves. That’s why she opens up completely to these people only. But, once again, don’t see her as a pessimist. Just trust us: without natural optimism, it’s impossible to live in a land like Ecuador. The full of challenges daily routine exhausts – remember that when talking with her.

An average Ecuadorian lady is looking for a husband because she needs someone to rule her life. She doesn’t want to be in charge: your dominant position won’t ever be questioned. This girl appreciates simple pleasures like comfort and coziness when you hug her. That’s actually enough to feel absolutely happy. You understood it right: to become the ideal man in her eyes merely allows your girlfriend to relax. In the best case – relieve her of some household duties, and her thankfulness will know no bounds.

It sounds surprising, but a woman from Ecuador doesn’t like loud parties. She is much more interested in being involved in various volunteer programs. This hotty willingly helps those in need in her free time. Even if the girl’s own financial situation is unstable, she knows that there are people in the world who don’t have a few dollars for bread and clean water.

No less than charity, an Ecuadorian female loves to spend time outdoors. She walks, talks, and has fun with her special ones. With family members, she is devoted, faithful, and loving.

Hot Ecuadorian women: rules and basic tips

Those Western guys who date Ecuadorian women speak as one voice – winning the heart of such a girl is not easy. As we have already told you, her constant insecurity is to blame. She is shy about many things and can’t stop thinking about how other people will perceive her. Because of this, it will be difficult to get her trust – so don’t expect quick results. In fact, you must be ready – it will take a lot of effort just to ensure your favorite lady starts opening her soul to you. But the fact she agrees to go out with you and communicates not only about the weather demonstrates you are on the right way.

Hot Ecuadorian women

When your romance with an Ecuadorian female has started – don’t rush with celebrating your win. The beginning of your relationship will be equally problematic. On the other hand, you don’t need to worry if your lady is not willing to settle down. She definitely dreams of getting married and beginning her own family life. But, yet again, no matter how crazy in love she is – don’t try to steal her personal space. Your girlfriend simply needs all this time she spends all alone.

Never forget: Ecuadorian ladies are dating exclusively men they believe there is a great future with. Otherwise – they don’t waste their precious time on losers. Each of them will first analyze everything about you to the smallest details. So try to show your best sides in particular – your gentlemanly manners. Give her all the information she needs to make sure you are a worthy candidate and that your romance has a chance to grow up into something serious.

If you want to buy the love of a woman from Ecuador – we have bad news. It will be almost impossible to do this, even if you are a billionaire. What she is looking for in love is a unique approach, not what other girls lose their heads of. Thus, the lady from this country may not be fascinated by bouquets of flowers and chic gifts. She would rather appreciate the time you spend together while watching a movie or walking in a park. Sincere interest and exciting conversation topics – that’s what charms her. As you can see: with an Ecuadorian female, it is always about platonic intimacy. So better spend your money on singles from other countries of Latin America.

Cultural differences when dating Ecuadorian women

When in Rome, do as the Romans do! Ecuador differs greatly from the majority of countries of the Western world. Their traffic is as wild as the Amazon rainforest, and guinea pigs end up on the grill as someone’s dinner. There are many other cultural differences you will notice when dating Ecuadorian girls. Do you want us to be more concrete? Just keep reading!


Indubitably, Ecuador is a very conservative country. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for young people to live with their parents as long as possible, even if they already work. When starting a relationship with an Ecuadorian lady, be prepared – she will be asking permission to go on a date with you. Sometimes, even 30 years-old women get house arrest if they come too late! The explanation for this super conservative attitude is, of course, Catholicism.

Strange names

Oh yes! Many people in this country have pretty strange names that confuse foreigners every time. You will definitely notice it during Ecuador girls dating. There are men and women named Stalin, Lenin, or even Michael Jordans! What do you need to do when meeting such a person? Don’t laugh, of course!


We can say with confidence – you will need something like two weeks in Quito to understand what we mean. Since you will experience the level of hospitality – you have never faced before. It’s really touching!

Ecuadorians enjoy introducing foreigners to their country, culture, and national dishes. Rarely somewhere in the world – you could be invited to dinner so often. This unusual friendliness is captivating. It is almost impossible not to fall in love with locals after all!

Ecuadorian women stereotypes

Haven’t you dreamed of seeing this mysterious South American country? We bet Ecuador has attracted your interest in many aspects. After all, the majority of people all over the world eat bananas brought from there. And not only this – a lot of amazingly delicious local fruits, coffee, and even chocolate are loved in Western lands.

However, if you think Ecuador is a typical banana republic – you are wrong. It’s just a stereotype, like many others, about this fascinating country. Although, for those who want to start relationships with Ecuadorian mail-order brides – such prejudices can play a dirty trick. The most common of them are placed in the list below.

#1. Ecuadorians drink a lot of alcohol.

It’s a pretty common stereotype about Ecuadorian women. However, this has nothing to do with reality since alcohol is not part of the lifestyle to the same extent as in Europe or the USA. Simply said, you can hardly meet a girl in Ecuador who comes home after a long working day and pours herself a glass of wine. Also, they generally tend to drink less often with meals.

Even at parties or other celebrations, alcohol is consumed rarely. It won’t be a sparkling wine, though – rather beer or sugar cane schnapps with cola.

#2. Ecuadorians are impolite.

No, it’s not true. You will quickly notice how polite these ladies are when using Ecuadorian dating services. Moreover, you will need to master your own knightly behavior to the level of locals! But always remember, you will be met warmly – only if you show a gallant attitude from the very beginning.

What kind of polite forms of address could serve as door openers for all further contacts with Ecuadorians, then? Simple words, such as por favor (please), gracias (thank you), buenos dias (good day), hasta luego/adiós (good bye). A woman you don’t know well enough should be addressed as Señora or Señorita.

#3. Ecuadorians are poor and have no jobs.

Without a doubt, poverty is presented in Ecuador. When you visit this country, it becomes apparent: dozens of shoeshine boys, beggars, and homeless people. Many locals panhandle around expensive hotels or tourist attractions. This is, of course, a tragedy of a slowly developing country’s economy…

However, we can say with confidence – an average Ecuadorian mail-order bride registers on a matchmaking platform because she wants to escape the poor life. No – her goal is love, for sure. Also, those who want it can find a job in Ecuador. Females in this South American land don’t really complain too much about discrimination in the labor market. The only fact in this regard is: some jobs are traditionally oriented on men, while others – are on women.

#4. Ecuadorians know nothing about time management.

Yes and no. Ecuadorians live more in the here and now. They plan little for the future and don’t worry about it. Therefore, all appointments – are rarely made in advance (for a few weeks or months). Rather for tomorrow or for the day after tomorrow. But thanks to a high level of flexibility, men and women from this country find time at the last minute.

What are we trying to say here? Do not consider it disrespectful if your girlfriend shows up a little late for your rendezvous. In Ecuadorian dating (marriage) – it’s absolutely okay. Perhaps she has overlooked you and agreed to meet last week. To avoid such unpleasant situations – make a quick call on the day before your date.

#5. Ecuadorians are greedy.

No, they are not. But because of the large gap between the Western and Ecuadorian average income, the ground of this statement becomes clear.

For example, when you go out with Ecuadorians, situations could arise – a little uncomfortable to them. These situations demonstrate how limited the financial possibilities of most of them are.

Most payments in this country are made in US dollars. So it won’t be hard for you to compare the capacities locals have and your own.

How to meet and marry Ecuadorian women?

How to find an Ecuadorian wife? Probably you ask yourself this question right now, after reading our article.

To be honest, there are not many dating opportunities you have in this regard. The first one involves many risks as well as much time and money. We talk about arranging a trip to Ecuador and deciding what to do next right there. However, no one in his right mind could advise you to do so. The reason is simple – dangers outweigh the chances of success.

Okay, if traveling is highly unrecommended, what to do then?

How to meet and marry Ecuadorian women?

Take a look at the Internet. Have you heard that many Ecuadorian women register on a dating site to look for a life partner? If yes, why don’t you join such a platform?

Online dating websites indeed have rewritten and redefined the traditional rules of making acquaintances. Those thinking about true love but afraid to approach others can count on help through the uncomplicated use of digital matchmaking agencies. Websites of this type enable more flexible and modern science-based partner suggestions. In this way, singles similar in interests, preferences, and character traits can be brought together.

While local dating apps have long been common in everyday life – international matchmaking agencies are only gaining popularity. Young and mature lonely hearts from around the globe decide to trust professional matchmakers.

There are countless opportunities on the Internet: from an Ecuadorian free dating site to a premium platform with an individual approach and membership fee. They all have millions of users – so you will have a wide selection of potential partners. We understand that in times of pandemic – not all of us have enough money for paid dating services. But think twice before becoming a member of a charge-free website. Unfortunately, these guys are not always able to provide the highest level of security for their users.

Benefits of Ecuadorian girls for marriage

How can we sum up everything we said about women from Ecuador? First of all, at this point, we need to notice that these hotties are unique personalities. All experts are united in their opinion – they are able to achieve a lot in their lives without breaking any rules. Yes, Ecuadorians always prefer to act correctly. It means – following the basic moral rules and principles.

You already know that these ladies are devoted and faithful, friendly and kind-hearted. With one of them, you can definitely be happy and spend your whole life together. But if you still have doubts in this regard – read the five main benefits of an Ecuadorian girl as a life partner. Spoiler: you won’t regret starting a relationship with her!

#1. Their wisdom

Some people say: there is no perfect relationship – there are women who do not notice the imperfections of their men. When dating an Ecuadorian girl, you will quickly see that this phrase reflects their life philosophy.

For sure, such a lady knows – her natural wisdom causes admiration. At the same time, she realizes – a genuinely smart person doesn’t only rely on the gained experience – but also on constant work on herself.

A female from Ecuador won’t ever boast of such skills her husband doesn’t have. In her opinion, this could humiliate him. Showing off is absolutely foreign for her – moreover, she thinks it’s worth being a little weaker. A pleasant contrast to feministic Western ladies, isn’t it?

#2. Their good-lookingness

Not all qualities of an ideal life partner are hidden inside the girl. You don’t need to say it out loud – the appearance of your potential girlfriend plays a significant role too.

Do you want to know what Ecuadorian women dating in this context means? This lady will wake up one hour earlier than you. She does that to make herself presentable and cook a delicious breakfast. You won’t ever see her galloping around the apartment with unkempt hair and sleepy eyes.

Even the most practical females from Ecuador, who usually wear sporty outfits – have at least a few pairs of high heels in their wardrobe. Skinny jeans, sexy T-shirts: that’s what these hotties wear even when they go shopping. Oh yes, they simply radiate sexuality no one can resist!

#3. Their housekeeping skills

Since ancient times, a woman’s role in the family has been associated with coziness and warmth. Many things have changed… But even in this day and age, a girlfriend who knows how to cook and manage household chores is valued by men.

Ecuadorian ladies for marriage know how to please their husbands in these simple pleasures. They perfectly understand it’s unnecessary to surprise them with Mediterranean delights every evening. These females have enough culinary talents to make you forget about frozen dinners.

Just imagine: you come home after a long working day. You can smell your wife baking a cake right from the doorway. Your house is clean and welcoming. You can make this dream come true after marrying a lady from Ecuador.

#4. Their ability to support a spouse

Men who are dating Ecuadorian women usually say one thing. Their ability to support a partner in difficult situations is sensational. Each of them is aware of how her warmth and hugs can cheer up. She knows she needs to understand her boyfriend’s feelings, be there for him, and give compliments.

A girlfriend from Ecuador realizes: to become an ideal wife – being a good lover is not enough. Therefore, she strives to be everything for him. This lady is not afraid to thank her man, talk about how brave, smart he is and what right decisions he makes.

#5. Their sense of humor

Ecuadorian women for marriage when they are in love never demonstrate depression, bad mood, or lack of sense of humor. They understand: a man wants to see a cheerful, open-minded, and humorous girl next to him.

Thus, as soon as a lady from Ecuador has opened her heart to you – you will laugh, have fun, and sometimes be reckless with your loved one. Doing crazy things hand in hand with your sweet woman will fascinate you.

Ecuadorian brides FAQ

Why are there so many single women in Ecuador?

We guess this question comes into your mind after visiting an Ecuadorian dating website. There, you have probably seen thousands of profiles of beautiful and single women from this country. Mature and young – they all look for love abroad. However, we can’t say there are generally too many female citizens in Ecuador. According to official statistics, there are around 5,5 million single ladies and more than 10 million single men! As you can see – absolutely different motives lead them.

How much does an Ecuadorian bride cost?

Oh well, it won’t be cheap, dear friend. Let’s consider the most typical costs in this regard.
Dating an Ecuadorian girl typically consists of two phases. The first one is online romance. As a rule, the price of services of an international matchmaking platform lies in the range of $3000 to $7000. The second stage involves traveling to Ecuador. Accommodation, flight tickets, and other expenses would be around $4000. At the final step – don’t forget to count the cost of marriage (it depends on the country you live in).

Why do Ecuadorian women marry Americans?

In Ecuador, girls usually look for love in the USA because this country is associated with wealthy life. Many of them want to escape the problems their homeland nowadays has.
But don’t think it’s about money and career prospects. Trust us, an Ecuadorian lady would never marry a guy without loving him. You can’t buy her feelings – no matter how hard you try.

How can I marry a girl in Ecuador?

We estimate, dating in Ecuador is a bit clearer now. So, it’s pretty logical you want to find out more about marriage in this country.
According to official sources, if you want to get married to an Ecuadorian woman – you are advised to review the requirements of the Civil Registry Office. Since it often changes, we can provide you only a tentative list of the documents you will need. These are your birth certificate, previous marriage certificates (if any), certificate of current marital status – all apostilled and translated.

Are Ecuadorian brides a real thing?

We have no right to tell you something else except for the truth. So yes, of course – Ecuadorian brides are a real thing.