Asian Brides: How To Meet Asian Women For Marriage


Real Asian brides and everything you need to know about them

A quick look is enough to understand that Asia may be far away from the country you live in, but Asian brides shouldn’t be neglected. And really, these women are famous for their beauty and excellent personal qualities. Anyone who, as a tourist, has already been to Thailand or Vietnam can confirm the mentioned above fact.

However, no matter which Asian country you prefer for dating – the ladies you are going to meet there will differ from your local ones. Notwithstanding, many of them don’t mind starting a relationship with a Western man – you still need to learn a lot about Asians before making such a significant step in your life. In this article, we’ll go into detail and explain to you how dating representatives of these nations work.

Who Asian brides are?

Asian ladies, in contrast with Western girls, exude calmness and peace. They take life as it is and also appreciate every tiny present it gives. These women know how to enjoy the silence. If you want a very temperamental woman as your partner – then you may be a little disappointed in Asians. They, as a rule, are not quick-tempered and loud. Their views are determined by religion and, according to them, the best quality a person can have is inner balance.

When you try to get to know Asian females, they often act shy and want their love to be won. Asians like to let the other person approach them a little and learn more about him during the communication process. As soon as you have gained trust, they open up and tell more about themselves and their past.

Single Asian women do not necessarily strive to start a family. At the same time, they do enjoy living in committed relationships and are usually loyal to their partners. But these girls commonly dream of having children from a very young age. They don’t like to hide such wishes and talk openly about the ideas of motherhood as soon as they have confidence in the potential husband.

Fun shouldn’t be underestimated in the life of Asian ladies. They are not as innocent as you might think! Asians love to travel, enjoy visiting beautiful places. Many of them enjoy taking long walks or hikes and doing sports too. If you are a person who prefers to spend his pastime actively – getting married to an Asian woman would be a good choice. In this case, you become a tender lover and devoted companion (all in one person) for the rest of your life.

What do typical Asian women look like?

What makes Asian women so attractive? Many researchers from all over the world try to comprehend the secret of the unique power of these ladies nobody can resist. There is still a lot of guesswork in this regard, though. Today we’ll try to describe to you what they generally look like.

Most commonly, Asians are slender and petite. Experts think that exactly this combination arouses in men the desire to be gentlemen: to protect them and offer a shoulder to cry on.

Asian brides exude femininity and exoticism. This is expressed through their facial features, first of all. The eyes of these girls are usually almond-shaped and dark-colored. They often have long, straight, black, and shiny hair. But, on the other hand, short haircuts make them look even cuter. The light skin they have reacts quickly to the sun’s rays. Asians, however, don’t like to be tanned.

Women from Asia generally look younger than their age. They love to take care of themselves and prefer to use only high-quality cosmetics. Not less important for the typical Asian good-lookingness is the fact they love to eat healthy food. Vitamins and other dietary supplements are usually a part of their nutrition.

When talking about the appearance of Asian women, their style shouldn’t be left without attention. The outfits these ladies wear are always fabulous. They follow the latest fashion trends but give preferences to clothing that makes them look amazing.

Why do Asian women become mail-order brides?

If you wonder why women become Asian mail-order brides, it should, above all, be induced by their attitude towards Western culture in general. Simply said, the rules of the society you grew up in is one of your main advantages in their eyes.

Also, Asians think that Western men are, as a rule, tall and powerful. They enjoy sports and are healthy. The attention such guys pay to their appearance is also essential (especially clothing and hairstyle).

An Asian mail-order bride expects you (as a person from the Western world) to have a good sense of romance and be a passionate, fantastic lover. According to the common in Asia stereotypes, you should also be well-educated, easygoing, humorous, polite, and self-confident. There you are considered an individual who attaches great importance to women’s rights and respects the privacy of others.

A researcher from Beijing said that Chinese women who prefer foreign men (in particular European and American) reflect a mentality typical for people from a “weak” country. They honor the national strength of Western lands and believe that all Western men are more wealthy than local males. However, it doesn’t mean you can buy an Asian wife no matter how rich you are.

Some girls from Asia only start dating guys like you because they want someone out of the ordinary. The others, although – just want to improve their English knowledge. But the majority of such ladies are impressed by Western men’s values and want to create families with them. Namely, these females become mail-order brides and don’t mind moving abroad to their husbands’ countries.

By the way, Western males usually couldn’t care less about the women’s past. It means they can without difficulty get married to a divorced lady or the one who is just not a virgin anymore. You might laugh, but such girls have pretty low chances for family happiness in their homeland since Asian men don’t want to marry them.

What makes men interested in Asian girls?

Women are like an open book: easy to read but difficult to fully understand. Do you agree with this statement? Well, if yes – then dating Asian ladies may seem even more challenging to you. But is that onion worth peeling at all? For sure, dear reader! Keep on reading to find out the top-five reasons that explain what drives Western men like Asians.

Asian girls belong to the most gorgeous females in the world.

Of course, many ladies from these countries are naturally stunning. However, in contrast to Slavic beauties, they have nothing against plastic surgeries. Such procedures are popular not only in Korea or China but also in Vietnam or Thailand. On average, women in Asia spend hundreds of dollars on cosmetics and especially on cosmetologists’ services. It automatically means a high concentration of beauties over there! It can be proved by the fact that Asians remain highly ranked in international beauty contests and ratings.

Asian mail-order brides are generally loyal.

Yes, it’s not a myth – ladies from Asia are generally very loyal. Not just in a relationship, but in many other aspects of life as well. They can be very attached to their families, friends, and pets.

At work, these females are very responsible for what they do: particularly when they work as teachers. In love, we need to admit that Asians are extremely devoted to their sweethearts and always want to give their special ones love and care.

Asians are very hardworking.

If we want to determine the most typical Asian women characteristic – it would be their diligence.

These ladies are, in fact, very hardworking both at work and at home. Many things have changed in the world, but not the major attitude of Asians. In English, it would sound like – women make the family happy. Simply said, in addition to job responsibilities, their task is to cook for their loved ones, look after the children and clean the house. This way of thinking has been the norm for Asian girls to this day.

Beautiful Asian women have outstanding cooking skills.

The excellent Asian cuisine includes a large selection of spices and ingredients. The most loved by Western people dishes of this culinary art are spring rolls, pho (rice noodle with beef), bun cha (noodle with BQQ and fish sauce), and many more.

If you still wonder why Asian beauties are very good at cooking – then we have a simple explanation for you. Since household chores in this culture are usually done by women – every Vietnamese or Thai lady is taught by her mother or grandmother how to cook. In this way, they try to impress a girl’s potential husband’s family and demonstrate their talents in looking after the family in the future.

Asian singles have traditional values.

When it comes to chatting to or even flirting with Asian women, their traditional values can’t be unnoticed. These females are taught by their parents to be elegant and kind at a young age. There is a rule for girls from such countries that says, “Walk lightly, speak softly, and smile gracefully.” Isn’t it captivating?

So when talking to Chinese or Japanese ladies, try not to be rude and too open-minded. It is always best to take things slow and show respect for the person you are communicating with.

Advantages of beautiful Asian women

Day by day, more and more Western men start dating Asian women online. You already know what motivates them on such a decision. We, however, at this point, want to talk about the advantages relationships with these girls bring. Are you already excited to learn more?

Asian wives don’t require much attention.

Generally, compared to Western women, Asian women do not ask much from their men. They believe that if you work hard and care for your loved ones – you are already a great guy. Therefore, if you want to focus on your career – find a mail-order bride from Asia. She will understand your goals and support you in all undertakings. Even if your career success means you won’t be present at family dinners every evening.

Asians are very purposeful.

Many Asian women are ambitious, so they set short and long-term goals for themselves and those around them.

A gorgeous and tender Asian wife will constantly motivate you for new achievements. And really: how can you spend days sitting on the couch while your special one works hard and gets promotions? Exactly: you need to comply with such a woman!

Asian girlfriend or wife’s skills in financial management.

It’s a well-known fact – Asians are good at managing finances. According to their culture, money should always be handled with care. As a result, most of these girls won’t throw money down the drain – they prefer to make and save it.

Simply said, the chances of improving your financial situation by marrying an Asian lady are pretty high.

Ladies from Asia are intelligent.

For years, the opinion that men are afraid of intelligent women has taken root in society. This is not true, though.

If you and your girlfriend have nothing to talk about – then you will quickly get bored with your partner. Do we need to mention that you won’t have to face it in Asian women dating? In addition, in a relationship with such a girl, the opportunity to receive advice in a difficult situation will also take place. Therefore, in the struggle for attractiveness, you should not forget about the intellectual development of your lady. In this context, Asians will be the best choice for you.

Asian women for marriage are feminine.

We bet: you can hardly find rude girls attractive. As you might guess, when talking about the femininity of ladies from Asia, we don’t mean they wear only dresses and skirts. It’s rather about the way they act. You won’t ever see such women behave aggressively or disrespectfully.

At the same time, their feminine attitude includes the ability to give care. We don’t want to say that Asians overdo it. Still, sometimes it’s enough to hear the sincere question, “How was your day?” to feel loved and needed. And that’s what these females do.

Disadvantages of Asian brides

Many Western men dream of finding an Asian wife. You, obviously, share their interest.

However, we can’t say that relationships with Asians bring only advantages. Arguments and disagreements invariably arise between two loving people, especially if they have different mentalities. Not all misunderstandings call for radical action in the form of a breakup. The majority of the difficulties can be solved if you are ready to face them. So let’s talk about the five most frequently noticed cons of dating an Asian woman.

Something gets lost in the translation

When the passions subside, the language skills your Asian girlfriend has will play a crucial role in strengthening the relationship. It’s, of course, great if she can speak English fluently or both of you speak one of the most widespread languages (Chinese, Spanish, German, French). Otherwise – the lack of such knowledge will significantly affect your romance, and not in a good way.

In fact, Western men who look for Asian partners for life often mention this factor as the most problematic one. It turns out to be difficult to express your feelings, share a detailed opinion about something important, talk on a grand scale, or joke in a foreign language. So be ready that it will take time and effort to understand each other completely.

Lifestyle differences

Even with the couples where partners come from the same land, such problems arise: someone is a stay-at-home type, while the other one is a party-goer; she enjoys visiting exhibitions, while he wants to go hiking all weekend long … A person who grew up in another country, has different ideas about work, free time and hobbies – it’s just axiomatic. So when you start searching for good Asian mail-order bride sites – keep this nuance in mind. Take, for example, Japanese ladies: it is usual for them to constantly be at work. And the later the husband returns home, the more proud his wife feels. The expectations of each partner should, therefore, be discussed long before marriage itself. You will need to find compromises so that you won’t have to face misunderstandings in the relationship in the future.

Money issues

Financial issues are another stumbling block in any relationship. Asia is big, so we can’t give you any general rules in this regard. The questions remain, though. Who will pay at restaurants? How will the family budget be built? Do both partners have to work in a family? Will you help relatives of your wife financially? Yes, you can say that these issues should be discussed in any couple. But in a relationship with a foreign woman, it takes particular importance.

Still, don’t think that an average Asian girl is looking for a wealthy man only. It doesn’t matter where exactly your lady spends money, in a Prada store or on AliExpress – the fact remains, conflicts can arise.

Tasty or nasty?

Yes, Asian cuisine is an advantage and disadvantage at the same time. This, at first glance, trifle – can rain on your parade.

Hot Asian girls love spicy food. At the same time, many of them are vegetarian or even vegan. It might be a problem for all men who adore big fat steaks to get the prohibition on eating them in the future.

On the other hand, certain dishes typical of Asia might seem disgusting to Western people. We talk, at first instance, about Balut (fertilized duck eggs), grilled silkworms, and Pi Da (century eggs). However, having an Asian wife means compromises even in regard to food.

Long-distance love

Those who have found the love of their lives in the city they live in can really call themselves lucky. Keeping a long-distance relationship is a big problem, and both should be prepared for it. So, as you can see – to find an Asian bride is only half your problem. To build a relationship online – that’s the issue.

In addition, not every Western man is financially able to arrange offline meetings with his Asian girlfriend once a month. If you can’t afford such frequent trips – be ready to work on your romance even harder.

Facts and myths about marriages with Asian girls

Let’s talk about the most widespread stereotypes about Asian mail-order brides to make clear: which of them are facts and which – myths.

Women from Asia are very jealous.

Well, unluckily for all Western males, we have to answer yes to this question. Even an ideal Asian wife will be jealous, no matter how her husband acts. Especially if she suspects her partner has an affair. But understand such a girl right: there are simply far too many beautiful females on the streets of her home city, searching for men. The fact a guy has a girlfriend is not an obstacle for many of them, by the way.

So, as you can see now, ladies from Asia have every reason to be jealous!

A typical wife from Asia is very submissive.

Unfortunately, it’s a myth. Once again, there are fifty independent countries in Asia. Education, as well as culture, differ significantly in each of them. Let’s consider a few examples.

In Japanese upbringing, submission comes first. Serenity and discipline are not less important. Women are taught to suppress their feelings and put a smile on their faces even when it really hurts deep inside. Interesting fact: suffering is considered heroic in countries like Japan. At the same time, in Korea, ladies are more open since they were raised in a society similar to Western.

Sex with Asians is always the same.

Many men start looking for Asian ladies because they want to find an exotic woman for marriage. Of course, it has to do with their sexual fantasies.

Although, this statement is neither myth or fact. It all depends solely on the partners. The most important thing in sex, as in relationships in general, is not to keep quiet about the matters you are not satisfied with. Your partner can’t figure out what is best for you until you say something. Be bolder in your own desires. At the same time, give your partner space for her wishes and fantasies as well. That’s the key to long and happy family life.

The best advice on dating Asian women every man needs to know

You, for sure, want to meet some Asian women online. But how to build such a relationship? We, as experts in the international dating industry, can help you! There are quite a few points that you should be aware of to be successful with Asians. This includes the following tips:

Keep the feet on the ground

Of course, you can dream. But the more unrealistic your wishes and expectations about dating Asian women are, the more difficult it will be to find a partner and have a happy relationship with her.

Remember: your Asian girlfriend is not a fulfiller of your needs, not a reader of your thoughts. A committed relationship requires open conversations, setting priorities, and making compromises from both. You should start with yourself…

Don’t try to hide your feelings and needs

As we have mentioned before, nobody can read minds. Open yourself to your Asian girl: share your feelings, your fears, your needs. Do not wait for disappointments and frustration to build up. If you don’t even give your woman a chance to understand you – the relationship you have is doomed to break up.

By the way, it’s absolutely okay if your dreams and priorities change with time. Don’t be shy to talk about it with your Asian girlfriend.

Respect the differences

Understanding doesn’t mean always agreeing to one another – keep it in mind when searching for the best Asian dating sites.

No matter how much in common you and your lady have – you remain two different, separate individuals, especially in the context of mentality and mindset. Still, having a relationship with an Asian girl does not mean giving up yourself for the other person or asking the partner to do so. Enjoy similarities and closeness, but also respect and appreciate differences. Perhaps through this, you can learn something from each other and develop yourselves further.

Do not compare your relationship to other couples

Some men are looking for Asian brides online because they want to brag about having such a gorgeous wife. But it doesn’t always go that smoothly as they want it – and these guys start comparing their relationships to the others.

So, do you really think your friends have more fun together, your neighbors have better sex, and your colleagues understand each other better? Just stop doing it! Your partner and your romance are unique! And, for sure, every couple has its difficulties. From the outside, things often look different than they feel from the inside.

Take responsibility

Instead of thinking about what your partner could do to make your relationship better – start being a more reliable partner yourself.

In fact, the charm of Asian ladies is in their immaturity. So don’t try to make your girlfriend from Asia take the initiative all the time. Find out how to please her and how she wants to be loved.

We often tend to take the most important people in our lives for granted. Often in the course of a relationship, we lose our rose-tinted glasses and criticize our partner rather than praise her. It, however, doesn’t help with creating a pleasant atmosphere in relationships. Never forget about this little trick.

American lady VS Asian woman: who to choose?

The question of why so many Western men actually search for an Asian mail-order bride is not easy to answer. Why do all these singles stop dating local ladies and decide for those who live really far away? In fact, not less fascinating are the results of the recent research: such unions have been shown to be a recipe for happiness with an average success rate of over 50%! At this point, we’ll try to compare Asian and American women to make the grounds of their decision clear.

All experts are united in their belief: it is all because of the character traits differences of female representatives of these nationalities. The secret of any long-lasting relationship is in the way of how partners complement each other. So, when talking about relationships with Asian women – they all want to see a strong partner near them. The one who will be loyal and calm; a shoulder to cry one. American ladies, in contrast, need something more. They like to be equal with their boyfriends and often try not to demonstrate their weaknesses.

Girls from Asia, right from childhood, learn that family is the most important matter in life. They know how to run the household, cook, and take care of kids. On the other hand, Western women prefer to delegate such responsibilities to people trained to help. So, as you can see – in both cases your house won’t be messy or children hungry. The only thing that changes is the approach of your wife.

A typical Asian mail-order wife comes from a family with a difficult financial situation. In most cases, such a lady did not have an opportunity to dress nice, eat in fancy restaurants, or travel. However, a childhood like this teaches a woman to be happy with the little pleasures of life. She doesn’t need a Tiffany ring or Louis Vuitton bag to feel joy. This, unfortunately, could not always be the same for Americans.

Dating an Asian woman: FAQ

Do Asian women really make the best wives?

Before searching for an Asian bride site that meets your requirements, you need to understand what exactly makes Asians the best wives for Western men.

First of all, these women, especially those from Vietnam, are very loving and family-oriented. Their attitude is similar to the one females from Slavic countries usually have. They also attach great importance to a strong family bond. With an Asian woman by your side, you can be very sure that your marriage will last forever.

Marrying such a girl, you can be sure that you have a partner who will gladly take care of the household. Since she learned to run the household and take care of children from a very young age – it is never a problem.

Another characteristic that makes Asian ladies great wives is that they keep plenty of private things to themselves. So no secret will leak out of the family circle. This is a very positive quality that not all women in this world have.

Dating an Asian woman: FAQ

Do Asian women really make the best wives?

Before searching for an Asian bride site that meets your requirements, you need to understand what exactly makes Asians the best wives for Western men.
First of all, these women, especially those from Vietnam, are very loving and family-oriented. Their attitude is similar to the one females from Slavic countries usually have. They also attach great importance to a strong family bond. With an Asian woman by your side, you can be very sure that your marriage will last forever.
Marrying such a girl, you can be sure that you have a partner who will gladly take care of the household. Since she learned to run the household and take care of children from a very young age – it is never a problem.
Another characteristic that makes Asian ladies great wives is that they keep plenty of private things to themselves. So no secret will leak out of the family circle. This is a very positive quality that not all women in this world have.

What do Asian women for marriage look like?

The look of Asian women is one of the reasons why so many men from the Western world want to date them. Such guys usually adore that many of these ladies are rather petite and attach great importance to their appearance.
Asians often have light or olive-colored skin that is slightly tanned in the sun. Their hair is dark and straight. Only a few of these females try to change their hair color. Instead, they prefer to maintain it and enjoy trying out new hairstyles over and over again. Their beauty is natural, and that’s what men like in Asian women most of all.
Ladies from Asia are, as a rule, slim. They often have a small breast size and not quite as pronounced feminine shape as women from Latin countries.
When it comes to make-up, Asians can be confidently called experts in this field. They don’t like to use very bright colors but are still able to emphasize their advantages with natural tones.

What is the reason why men prefer Asian women for marriage over others?

It’s hard to tell you exactly why so many men want to meet Asian women and, with time, get married to them. There are plenty of factors that explain their desire, though. Among these factors are, of course, good-lookingness, friendliness, and modesty of Asians. They are also devoted and intelligent. As a rule, the availability of these character traits, in combination with the stunning appearance, is more than enough for Western guys to fall in love once and for all.

How much does an Asian mail-order bride cost?/How much does it cost to get yourself an Asian mail-order bride?

Let’s be honest: good Asian dating site services aren’t always completely free of charge. The exact costs of them, however, depend on which platform you choose.
As a rule, you can register there and take a look around the service for free. Sometimes it is even possible to send a few introductory messages without spending a penny. When you are sure that this site meets your requirements, it is advisable to buy a premium membership, and it costs money.
How high the final price usually depends on what type of subscription you are using. Short-term subscriptions are a little more expensive than long-term ones. The average costs, therefore, are from 50 to 250 USD per month. On the other hand, you can choose a platform where you pay only for the services you have, in fact, used. In this case, the cost may differ.

What do Asian women like in men?

Hot Asian women, no matter how exotic their appearance and homeland might seem at first glance, are just ordinary females. The qualities they expect to see in a man are reliability, sincerity, kindheartedness, strong will, and faithfulness.

How do Asian brides see traditions and family?

As a rule, an average Asian beauty grew up with many siblings. Also, in her culture, traditions and family play an essential role. To understand what we are talking about, you need to experience it. After spending a holiday with family members of your Asian girlfriend, you won’t ask such a question anymore. Their generosity and warmth can’t leave no one indifferent!

What are the best countries to search for an Asian wife?

If you want to start looking for an Asian woman, pay special attention to the following countries: Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, and Japan.

Can you really buy yourself an Asian wife?

There are many single women that you can find in the catalog of a typical Asian bride website. However, this does not mean that you can buy yourself a girlfriend over there.
An average Asian girl is aware of her advantages. And, therefore, she will not get into bed with a man without having feelings for him. So don’t even think of offering a wealthy life in exchange for a little fake love.

Why do these women want to become Asian mail-order brides?

There are many reasons for Asian ladies to make such a decision. The most common of them is the desire to get married and create a family, ensure future children a better future, and get pleasanter opportunities for self-development.

Where to find an attractive Asian bride?

Nowadays, the majority of singles meet through the Internet. When talking about getting to know girls from Asia, international dating services remain the best option for those who are serious in their search. However, before thinking of marrying an Asian woman, we advise you to travel to her country and make an acquaintance with her family members.

How to be sure that an Asian girl likes you?

Western men usually say that Asian girls tend to be more shy and modest than their local women. You, therefore, shouldn’t expect a lady from Asia to come and make a love confession. Instead, pay attention to the subtle signs of attraction she gives. For example, eye contact, accidental touching, warm smile, desire to take care.
Remember: understanding Asian brides is not that complicated as that initially seems.