Filipino Brides: How To Meet Philippines Women For Marriage


The complete guide to finding a girlfriend in the Philippines

What do you know about the homeland of Filipino brides? Almost certainly, your knowledge is limited to the most basic facts. For instance, you probably know that the Philippine islands are considered a popular beach rest destination. No wonder, though – the archipelago has beautiful nature, many fascinating historical sights, and wonderful ancient buildings. But what else?

There are a lot of interesting points that can help you understand the locals better. Above all, these cheerful people gained independence for their country just in 1946! The Philippines were a Spanish colony and, initially, received this name in honor of King Philip II. By the way, it was the first Southeast Asian country that got freedom after World War II. Impressive, isn’t it?

The state symbol of this land deserves our attention too. It’s the only flag in the world that is hung differently under the current situation. In peacetime, the blue side is demonstrated, while in war – the red one.

Filipino brides

What about the personal space? Filipinos don’t know what it is! In 2018, the population of this country reached 150 million. Can you imagine – so many people living on the almost 350,000 square meter archipelago? And the general number continues to rise, with an annual growth rate of two percent.

Is one of your neighbors, friends, or work colleagues Filipino? No big surprise here. Since eleven percent of the inhabitants of the Philippines – almost eleven million people – live abroad. In fact, this land is also one of the top source countries for nurses. Don’t wonder why – they are just the best.

We guess, at this point, you want to start searching “international dating Philippines girl” on Google. But do you really think you know enough to succeed in this sort of interracial relationship? Well, you are not the only person who makes such a mistake.

Many men worldwide would like to meet Filipino women. Because they are not only beautiful but are also known to be devoted, family-oriented, reliable, and hardworking. But what features and characteristics are also typical for such ladies? What is there to consider when getting to know each other with one of them? What are the keys to a successful marriage? All these questions and much more are answered below in our article.

Filipino brides: who are they and why are they so attractive?

Filipino females are desirable mates for many men around the globe. They are not only exotically attractive but also have many positive character traits. Thus, let’s consider their personal characteristics first.

Ladies who grow up in the Philippines – usually receive much love and attention from their parents. It makes them, with time, very loyal adults who appreciate being treated well. At the same time, they are good-natured and persistent. So don’t think these hotties are capricious bitches always looking for one-night stands with foreigners.

Rather the opposite – loving and trustworthy nature of single Philippines women turns them into perfect life partners. Moreover, creating a family is one of their dreams. Girls from this land love kids and willingly spend time with the little ones. Filipinas also enjoy taking care of the house and garden. They do have high standards in this regard!

If you ask guys married to these exotic beauties, they will gladly share how devoted Filipinas are. They are genuinely warm-hearted and caring – the better mothers and wives can hardly be found. An average woman from the Philippines is looking for security and stability in the relationship – that is why Filipinas are so interested in marrying a Western man. But in this case, the interest is, of course, mutual.

Dating a woman from the Philippines

Okay, what about their appearance, then?

Most women from the Philippines have different skin colors, but very few of them are fair-skinned. Their majority is either rather dark or black-skinned – hence the exotic look. Filipino ladies are usually characterized by big brown eyes, a small nose, and smooth skin. In addition, most of them have black hair. Their petite bodies drive guys crazy!

The unusual and refined facial traits of women from the Philippines make every man’s heart melt. In fact, they also know how to deal with their charm and exude a lot of sex appeal.

However, Filipino females also know how to dress and follow fashion trends. They like to look feminine and attach particular importance to their personal hygiene and a well-groomed appearance. So most Filipinas use numerous cosmetic products, lotions, and fragrances to improve their imperfections. But are there any?

Pros and Cons of dating Filipino women

Why do Western guys choose free online dating in the Philippines? Isn’t it easier to search for a life partner in the homeland?

If you take a closer look, you can see that girls from this country have many advantages. By way of illustration – it should be said that they are very faithful and supportive. They can help the loved ones in the hardest times and make things look better. These beauties are talkative and active. Such character traits make them good conversationalists – motivating and energizing special people throughout the day. Their culinary talents are outstanding!

But wait, are there certain disadvantages the ladies from the Philippines have? Sure! And you need to be aware of them either since this knowledge helps to understand what your dating experience will be like.

That’s what we are going to do in this section of our article. Still, before we tell you the pros and cons of relationships with Filipinas – you should know one thing. Bear in mind that not every woman is the same, and each one has her own unique traits. So, here will be listed only general facts.


#1. Their stunning beauty

When foreign men meet women from the Philippines, they usually become captivated by their good-lookingness. Their beauty is recognized worldwide since these ladies often win various beauty contests. A good example in this regard is the former Miss Philippines Hillarie Parungao.

And indeed, how can a guy not be enchanted by a hottie with long black hair, almond-shaped eyes, and velvet skin? If you are not tall, we have great news for you. Filipinas are mostly smaller than Western girls. Only some of them get taller than 5′4 feet (1.65 cm). The fact that they are usually slender till old age is genetically determined, but the dishes of Asian cuisine are also low in calories.

Pros and Cons of dating Filipino women

Filipino women also want to be perceived as women and behave accordingly. This attitude is pretty rare nowadays, isn’t it?

#2. Their heartfelt devotion

Marriage is sacred even to the most seductive Filipinas. It is said on this sunny Asian island – a woman falls in love only once in her life. So the typical Western females’ approach to never-ending marriages and divorces is absolutely unacceptable there.

Basically, the explanation of this phenomenon lies in religion. Thanks to the Spanish conquistadors – people who live in the Philippines are Catholic. And the majority of them were raised strictly following the laws of faith. Therefore, Filipinas genuinely believe in the sanctity of marriage. “Til death do us part” is taken seriously by them. It means you won’t ever have to worry about your partner’s devotion in a relationship with such a woman.

#3. Their approach toward family and children

It is no secret that single women from the Philippines are very family-oriented. They are not focused on making a career or graduating with a doctorate status. Instead of longing for the mentioned above things – they all want to meet a reliable and loving man to start a family with him. In the dreams of these ladies, such a guy should be able to protect and support his loved ones. As soon as such a person is found – they don’t turn side to side.

If you wish to have kids, an average Filipino lady will be a perfect and caring mother for them. You must agree that this role suits not all females.

#4. Their acceptance of the traditional distribution of roles among the partners

Yes, you understood it right – in a relationship with a girl from this Asian land, you won’t have to fight for leadership. Rather the opposite – she will willingly accept your dominance in the couple.

Simply put, a Filipino woman does not have feminist values. And, for sure, that’s pretty rare to see in this day and age. So if you have the same views, you will have no problems with your future wife regarding family roles. Also, Filipinas are known for being submissive wives, which is another bonus for, tired of equality, Western men.

#5. Their inner fire

In the Philippines, brides often seem shy in public. However, everything changes when you stay alone with one of them without attendants.

Trust us, this baby has inner fire! Your nights will be full of passion and desire – be ready for the best orgasms in your life! It’s one of the secrets of Filipina, by the way. She is perfectly aware that an ideal wife is not limited to being good at cleaning and cooking. This is also what distinguishes her from the rest of the mail-order brides.


#1. Their materialism

Unfortunately, not all single ladies in the Philippines want long-lasting and pure love. Some of them see Western guys as wallets that can walk and talk.

Beautiful Filipino woman

This shouldn’t disturb you or throw you off cause when it comes to meeting a Filipino woman, you will be able to understand her intentions. The only thing you need is your attention! The materialism becomes noticeable when more and more unscheduled special payments are asked for by your girlfriend. For instance, the roof of her house is broken, her little sister can’t go to school and needs a new bike, she needs to visit the doctor, but it’s expensive, etc. These don’t have to be lies, though. From experience, anyway, these can already be the first warning signals. Just think about how your lady’s family survived for decades without having you.

#2. Their extremely complex identity

Do not even try to define your Filipino girlfriend – there is no way out of this process. This is a great problem for this nation because they all are “something in between.” As a person from the Western world, you don’t understand what it means. Although we’ll try to explain to you.

The Filipinos can’t describe their identity. On the outside, they are almost Americanized and try to present themselves accordingly. Their soul is Asian, though. And that’s what makes things so complicated.

This nation also has a deep-seated inferiority complex – first – the Spaniards, then the Americans. Their own culture got lost for a while. These people merely begin to rediscover it now and, above all, appreciate their history, their language, and their literature. So don’t judge your Filipino lady if she seems uncertain about herself.

#3. Their exposure to the public interests

If you want to find a wife in the Philippines, you need to understand the way of thinking of such a lady. Simply said – in this country, the family’s interests can’t be ignored.

This could be explained by the range of the factors. But, you must agree, in a society without unemployment insurance, health, and pension plans – family members have to help each other. In fact, children in the Philippines are often seen as a sort of social security. At a young age, they learn that one day they will have to care for their parents and, if necessary, for siblings and other relatives.

Also, it is common for several generations to live under one roof. This also explains why public interests come first.

#4. Their veggie life

When walking the streets of the cities and towns in the Philippines, it’s pretty difficult to meet ladies with acne. What is their secret, you ask? Above all, they, for sure, take care of their appearance. With the help of face masks, tonics, and creams – they get incredible results. But beauty comes from inside, these cuties think.

At this point, all meat-eaters should be warned. Filipinos practically do not eat animal products and especially meat. They sincerely believe that all this is very dangerous to the skin. So since they want to have the most beautiful and radiant skin by the age of 70 – sausages, meatballs, and even steaks can’t be found in their houses. And, most likely, even your personal meat reserves will be secretly given to the neighbor’s dog.

#5. Their addiction to TV shows and series

Television plays an important role in the Philippines. Shows and heart-breaking dramas demonstrate the life of rich and famous people to the poorest citizens of this country. In the slums, where hardly anyone can afford a TV, there is usually a family that does have one. It is not uncommon for 50 or more viewers to gather around this magical device and spend evenings watching it.

Filipino mail brides often follow the stereotypical and clichéd behavior of the main female characters of these series. Namely, they want to meet a rich man and live a life of luxury. Perhaps that’s what helps machismo to flourish in the Philippines?

Filipino brides: myths and facts

Without a doubt, the mentality of single Filipino ladies cannot be compared to the typical Western one. For example, girls from this sunny island are not emancipated – and therefore long for security and harmony in relationships. For this reason, for the majority of them, jobs and careers go by the wayside, giving way to family, kids, and pets.

Filipino brides: myths and facts

However, we can’t say that everything people from your country know about Filipinos is true. Furthermore, there are dozens of stereotypes about them! Just admit it: most likely, you are guilty yourself since you have in mind at least a few characteristics about these girls.

But it is crucial to be careful with such cliches, realizing that not everything your friends and relatives say concerning female representatives of this nation is absolute truth. But what can you do right now? We suggest you keep reading to meet the five most common myths in this regard.

#1. Filipinas don’t speak English.

“Wow! Your English is almost perfect!” That’s what single girls from the Philippines usually hear from foreigners. And, just so you know, it is really annoying.

When trying to captivate such a woman, don’t show her how positively surprised you are, hearing her speaking your mother tongue. Because many of the beautiful Filipinas learn it as their first language, too.

Sure, there are about 200 local dialects in this country – and a lot of the Philippines’ residents speak Tagalog with family members. Still, practically everyone studies English there. That is due to the influence of American media, of course. So notwithstanding a slight accent, you won’t have to face the language barrier when communicating with them.

#2. Filipinas eat dogs.

Do you remember we said that many Filipino ladies are vegetarians? Okay, not all of them. Although, in the Philippines, you won’t see dog meat alongside pork, beef, and chicken among the standard supermarket goods. And when trying to ask some of your local friends about it – be ready to get not answers but horrified looks.

Bear in mind: eating dogs in this Asian land is generally taboo. It’s just a myth based on the fact that thousands of years ago, people ate it (in the mountainous province of the country). But don’t expect to find such dishes on a restaurant menu today. Filipinos adore their puppies and don’t see them as a meal.

#3. Filipinas are bad educated.

We don’t want to offend you if this is your opinion, but it’s a myth. In fact, psychologists think this stereotype is generally accepted by those who consider people of a certain nationality good enough.

When having this prejudice, even if you realize that Filipinas go to school and learn almost the same subjects – you assume that the country has lower standards than your homeland.

While there is a ton of room for improvement in the education system on this island, an average pretty woman from the Philippines can’t be called uneducated. In addition, as a rule, she can speak multiple languages or even has a college degree! Still, it’s a pity Western guys often don’t consider these factors.

#4. Filipinas are unreliable.

We guess this myth relies on the fact that Filipinos are always late. Nevertheless, locals don’t like to hear it – they simply can’t appear early enough.

A pretty accurate joke among the people who live in this land is that they are their own time. It is also called the Philippine pace. This assumes that the agreed time for a meeting or event is more often than 10-30 minutes earlier than when it actually happens. This nuance is generally understood by Filipinos, by the way. So while it’s not the best habit ever, especially in matters of love, it’s an unwritten national rule that must be recognized.

#5. Filipinas live in a dangerous country.

Those who choose online Filipino dating usually avoid traveling directly to this island because they think it’s dangerous. But you need to understand that most of the things told in the news are a bit exaggerated. It’s just a general tendency – mass media is focused on tragedies and misfortune worldwide.

But the decision to visit the Philippines is not as risky as you think. You simply need to be careful, like everywhere in the world.

There are also some areas in the country that even most Filipinos will avoid traveling to. We talk about the southern part of Mindanao due to repeated terrorist attacks. But otherwise, you have nothing to worry about.

Dating a woman from the Philippines: rules and basic tips

If you ask single ladies from the Philippines what their biggest dream is, the answer would be finding the right partner, getting married, and having kids. It is to say, they don’t wait for a perfect time to settle down.

Filipino brides: who are they and why are they so attractive?

If a Filipino woman loves her partner and it comes to the wedding, he can be sure there is a loyal and faithful wife at his side. These ladies are not only hardworking but also devoted and loving mothers. If that’s what you want – great, you will be happy together with such a woman. But first, you need to make sure that the chemistry between you two is right.

Anyway, how do you make a Filipino girl fall in love with you? What do you need to do to start a serious relationship with her? Notwithstanding that every female from this Asian land is different – we have some general recommendations for you. They are placed right below.

#1. Be ready to support your lady both morally and financially.

We assume, at this point, not the moral – the financial part should be explained. Since the most crucial thing is to distinguish between gold diggers and decent ladies.

Even if your Filipino woman is serious about dating, sooner or later, the question of money will arise. It shouldn’t be misunderstood under any circumstances because that is absolutely okay for her. The only difference is that a sincere girl doesn’t want to take advantage of you.

Do not forget that in the Philippines, there are no social programs, such as health insurance or retiree benefits. So don’t expect your beloved one to leave her parents high and dry.

#2. Harmony in a relationship above all.

Filipinos recognize potential conflicts right away. They anticipate arguments and are considered the world’s champions in avoiding quarrels. As a result, everything said by Filipino ladies seems thoroughly controlled. For this reason, many Western guys wish their girlfriends from this country to be more spontaneous in choosing words.

But the Filipino does not have to constantly prevent herself from saying something – she is used to it from an early age. Therefore her feelings and words are automatically reviewed by the inner editor.

If you are a drama king or a typical know-it-all person, you won’t be able to attract a woman from the Philippines.

#3. Your woman’s yes may have many definitions.

If single girls in the Philippines say yes – it doesn’t mean anything. These three simple letters also indicate uncertainty and even denial! Ladies from this country want to please a conversationalist and, therefore, avoid saying no.

Let us give you an example. You want to invite the woman you are fond of to a restaurant, and she actually doesn’t want to go. So her answer to your invitation would sound like, ” Sorry, I can’t go – my sister comes to visit me.” Then, you probably suggest, “Not a problem! Bring your sister to the restaurant too. I can’t wait to get to know her!” A Western female in such a situation would continue to invent the details of the original story. But the Filipina won’t refuse again and say, “Great, I’ll call you tomorrow.” Do we need to say it won’t happen? Don’t take it as dishonesty, though – Filipinas merely don’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings.

#4. Pay attention to body signals.

Filipinos greet each other with eye contact and a brief raising and lowering of the eyebrows, combined with a friendly smile, which means a cordial “hello” without words. Also, people from this Asian land point to an object by pursuing the mouth in a certain direction or conspicuously turning their eyes to it. A short raising and lowering of the shoulders mean something like, “I don’t know, I can’t say that.”

When going out with the ladies from the Philippines, don’t point the finger at something you want to show her – it’s considered very impolite. The locals use the flat, outstretched hand with the palm facing down for this purpose. While doing so, they tap their fingers slightly upwards. A sign that we would rather understand as “go away” means there: “Come please!”

#5. Be sincere and loyal.

When it comes to personal communication, the Filipinos are very open and friendly. They want to get the same attitude from the potential partner for sure. A good mood and politeness are very welcome in this country for dating. Still, no less important are loyalty and honesty. They don’t like being lied to at all. So don’t play a role – show your true face, and success is inevitable.

Filipino wedding traditions

The information about the culture and traditions of the Philippines is pretty controversial. It is all caused by the country’s history.

Notwithstanding – indigenous peoples (the Visayas, Tagalogs, Cebuanos, Ilocanos, Binisayas, and Hiligaynons) make up the majority of the population – not everything is clear. For example, many locals still have Spanish first and last names. Also, the Philippines is the third country in the world in terms of the followers of Catholicism. We guess there is no need to explain this phenomenon further.

But what about the wedding traditions? Are they equally Hispanic? Let’s take a closer look at the five most unusual of them!

#1. Celebration of the engagement

Formal courtship and engagement were historically the first official steps for those who have chosen women of the Philippines for marriage. However, in modern Filipino weddings, such a celebration is less ceremonial – and it serves more as a festivity of the upcoming wedlock.

Couples of the 21st century are oriented toward the United States lifestyle and strive to modernize local traditions under this influence. Still, throwing a loud party at the house of the bride or groom should be seen as the perfect occasion for the parents of the lovebirds to get to know each other.

#2. Blessing of the parents

Following this tradition is essential even to the most modern Philippines single ladies. Therefore, paying tributes to the wisdom of the elder relatives and parents shouldn’t be forgotten.

Receiving blessings usually takes place at the beginning of the wedding ceremony. They need to show the acceptance of who their children decide to marry and indicate mutual respect. How should it be demonstrated, then? Most often, with the simple move of the hand or when the father puts a hand on his child’s forehead. Although in this day and age, hugs and kisses are no less common.

#3. The Cord and Veil tradition

The Cord and Veil are two of the most visually recognizable elements of the typical Filipino wedding ceremony. Like hundreds of years ago, it remains popular.

During this ritual, newlyweds must be draped in a lace veil and white cord. The first attribute symbolizes unity and protection for their marriage, while the second thing symbolizes eternity and unity. This is usually part of the celebration when the ninongs and ninangs (godfathers and godmothers) attend. As a rule, those people who are themselves happily married are chosen.

#4. The 13 coins tradition

There is another tradition everyone who wants to find a Filipino wife should be aware of. We talk about the ritual of exchanging 13 coins.

It is considered the symbol of the seriousness of intentions. Since the coins are usually given by the groom to his bride. In this way, he demonstrates that he is ready to take care of her and resolve financial issues. If a woman wants – she can give her beloved one something she associates with him.

By the way, the coins are usually drawn up by a coin bearer. It is a person with a similar job as a ring bearer.

#5. The Candle of the Unity

At the end of the wedding ceremony, a newly minted husband, together with his Filipino wife, lights the Candle of the Unity.

This attribute symbolizes that, from this point, their hearts will be beating in unison. This can also be considered as the coming together of two families. The ritual starts when the mothers of the bride and groom set fire to two separate candles, which serve as a source for the main one.

The top-cities to meet Filipino women

Do you want to meet Filipino singles? Then it would be a great idea to travel to this amazing island.

In addition to the classic image of a holiday paradise, which you will definitely find there, you can find many exciting activities there. For example, you and your lady can walk through lush green rice terraces, climb volcanoes, meet unique sea creatures or experience fantastic sunsets! There are more than 7000 Philippines islands, by the way. Each of them has its own charm, fabulous places of relaxation, and promises exotic adventures and unforgettable moments of happiness. But wait, where exactly can you find your soulmate in the Philippines? Since it’s impossible to visit all cities of this country – concentrate your attempts on the places on our list.

#1. Manila

Manila is not only the capital of this country – but also its cultural center. At the same time, it’s a huge metropolis with many sights. Maybe that is why Manila is one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines for dating and marriage for foreigners.

Unfortunately, many Western guys visit this city only for a few nights. Mostly – because the long-haul flights land there. But in this case, they don’t have a chance to experience its stark contrast. Although if you stay in noisy and chaotic Manila for a week, with a bit of success, you can easily find your love there.

#2. Vigan

We guess you haven’t heard about this city much, just like the majority of Western people. It’s a pity, though, especially if you like places with history.

The old town of Vigan was built in the 16th century. It’s the former Spanish colonial city and, therefore, delights tourists with its Hispanic charm. So why don’t you want to search for love in one of the oldest cities in the Philippines? Beautiful architecture, ancient culture, and the fusion of past and present will ensure your dates will be unforgettable!

#3. Tagaytay

Tagaytay is located near Manila, so it’s easy to get there. As a rule, foreigners visit this city because of the fascinating views of Taal Volcano – the smallest volcano in the world. A better place to admire its famous peak could hardly be found!

Tagaytay is also a great spot to try Filipino bride dating. There are a lot of experiences that await you and your crush there. For example, you can take a boat trip across a lake or hike up the volcano for a closer look. Horseback riding, biking, and picnics are popular rendezvous options there too.

#4. Baguio

Baguio is called the summer capital of the Philippines. It was conceived as one of the favorite vacation destinations of Americans at the beginning of the 20th century.

Baguio is significantly better than most of the touristic areas of the country. Not only foreigners but also locals love it. Thus, if you choose the Philippines for dating a woman – it’s the best place you can go to.

The city has pretty parks and historic buildings and is a lovely place for horseback riding and hiking. It’s also an excellent shopping spot, with dozens of inexpensive stores (called ukay-ukay). You will adore it!

#5. Banaue

This city is usually associated with rice terraces that surround it on all sides. By the way, this place is also recognized by UNESCO. So it makes sense to drive a long way north from Manila to the Ifugao Province and its beautiful Cordillera.

Ancient rice terraces are relatively common in Asia, but Ifugaos are unique because of their location. The terraces, which follow the natural curvature of the mountains, were introduced by the Chinese more than 2,000 years ago. Framed by adobe walls, the highest of these impressive terraces is more than 4,900 feet above sea level! Don’t you think looking for a girlfriend there is better than chatting on the Philippines dating sites?

Where to meet Filipino brides when you are a foreigner

It was a long article, and, most likely, you have no remaining doubts. But wait, we guess one remains! How to find a Filipino bride if you are a foreigner and don’t feel like traveling to her motherland yet?

Don’t worry: the situation is not as hopeless as it probably seems. You have three options available – just pick your favorite one.

#1. Internet

It’s the most apparent option, we guess. Internet matchmaking is extremely popular nowadays, so why don’t you want to try your luck at Filipino online dating sites?

You don’t need to start investing your money in your search right away. Plenty of platforms allow new users to look around for free. Also, the ladies’ profiles give you really detailed information about them. What are their interests and preferences? Do they want children? Which man do they want to find? From the pictures, you can see whether your conversationalist looks pretty enough.

Through an international dating service, you also can search for the woman of your dreams specifically according to your ideas. If you use filters – you can receive dozens or hundreds of suitable contact suggestions.

#2. Through your friends or relatives

Without a doubt, there is at least one guy in your social circle who has found his wife in the Philippines. If she has some time and desire, you can talk to her directly. And express a wish that you want to build a committed relationship with a girl from her country.

Anyway, there are 2 possibilities here. Either your conversationalist knows a friend who has been divorced but wants to find a man again. Or your friend’s loved one has a sister, cousin, or schoolmate in the Philippines who is looking for a foreign partner.

You can even ask your relatives! Filipinas often work as nurses or give care services. What if one of your special people has a nanny or maid from this Asian land?

#3. Accidentally in your homeland

There are a lot of Philippines single girls who live in Western countries. The correct number is unknown since many of them have moved illegally.

Therefore, if you live in a big city, you will surely see some beautiful Filipino ladies while walking in a park or sitting in a restaurant. However, it is not always easy to chat with them. Also, you never know whether someone is single or not.

A sign that she is interested in getting to know you could be constant eye contact. If you keep glancing at a beautiful Filipina in the Starbucks around the corner or at the swimming pool: it doesn’t take long for her to notice. She’ll either look back or not just once. Or she will ignore you.

Maybe there is a public karaoke event in your town. This is the passion of Filipino women! Anyway, you just have to keep your eyes open in everyday life.

All you want to know about Filipino brides

Why are there so many single women in the Philippines?

In fact, if you take a closer look, you see that the gender ratio in this country is surprisingly well-balanced. There are 100 females per 100 males. So, as you can see, the brides from the Philippines immigrate or choose foreign partners not because they are afraid of loneliness.

Why do Filipino women marry Americans?

As we have already mentioned, a Filipino lady attaches great importance to moral and financial security. She wants her husband to take care of her and her children, and for him – family is the top priority.

This woman wants a powerful, self-confident, reliable, loving, and friendly partner. Harmony is crucial to her too. If the man ensures a harmonious coexistence, he can have a happy and successful relationship with a Filipina.

Unfortunately, not many local guys can give it all to her. Therefore, she decides to try her luck with Americans or representatives of the other Western nations.

How much does a Filipino bride cost?

The money you will need to spend on your Filipino bride could be divided into three groups. The first one – is communication through the site since it’s not always free to use. Usually, men pay from $100 to $350 per month for communication. The next group includes the expenses for the offline meeting. Buying tickets, booking a hotel, and arranging some entertainment are also pretty expensive – around $3000 for the trip. The last group represents the bureaucratic fees to bring your Filipina to your country. Be ready to pay for it at least $250. The final amount is up to you, of course.

How to get a Filipino girlfriend?

You have four options in this regard. The first one is Internet dating, and the second one is a trip to the Philippines. The third one – ask your friends whether they know someone from this country, and the last one – is always keeping your eyes open since many women from this country already live abroad.

How can I marry a girl in the Philippines?

If you want to become a husband for one of the Philippines women for marriage – you need to provide certain documents to the local civil registrar. It includes your and your bride’s birth certificates, passports, and certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage. However, we advise you to check the current requirements right before starting the process.

Are Filipino brides a real thing?

Yes, you shouldn’t worry about it since Filipino brides are indeed a real thing.