Japanese Brides: How To Meet Japan Women For Marriage


Sushi, Manga, Origami, robots, and charming Japanese brides – that’s what usually springs to mind when you think of this island country, doesn’t it? Still, if you think you already know enough about Japan and its culture – you are wrong. The Land of the Rising Sun has many unwritten rules, especially concerning manners and behavior in dating…

We are not, actually, surprised you believe a Japanese woman could be your special one. The representatives of this nation are certainly among the most attractive females in the world! No less engaging are their mentality and caring nature. The calm and relaxed communication manners of ladies from Japan promise lots of love and understanding. But what do you need to do to make one of them interested in you?

Above all, take it easy! It is not uncommon nowadays – for men and women from two different countries to date and marry. So there is no reason it doesn’t work out for you. However, it would certainly not be incorrect to take a closer look at the characteristics and mindset of Japanese girls in advance. And that’s what we are going to do today. Time for a Japan dating etiquette, dear reader!

Japanese brides: who are they?

Japanese brides: who are they?

Do you have certain ideas about what character traits a lady from Japan should typically have? We, of course, don’t want to use the one-size-fits-all approach here. But some similarities could easily be noticed among the representatives of the same nation. The explanation for this cultural phenomenon is relatively simple – they all are taught the same values from an early age. Thus, let’s figure out who modern girls from Japan are!

First and foremost, Japanese mail-order brides love to keep order in everything. From the cleanliness at home to deadlines at work – all aspects of their lives work perfectly. Oh, apropos home, they appreciate when rooms are designed and furnished in the spirit of minimalism. You must agree: it’s hard to make your environment look tidy if you have too many unnecessary elements.

As you probably guess, ladies from Japan are very punctual. If this belongs to your life philosophy – you will definitely find your match in this Asian country. But, you shouldn’t forget what comes out from this quality – the outstanding level of self-control.

As a person from the Western world, you, perhaps, don’t see anything exceptional in sharing your feelings and emotions with other people. For Japanese females, this is believed to be the weakness of the character. That’s why they are reserved and usually avoid such conversations. So you must be ready to face and accept it – since for some guys, this mentality difference seems too challenging.

The Land of the Rising Sun is famous for the politeness of its people. It is a pearl of conventional wisdom there that good manners are more important than a sweet appearance. Especially for women, friendliness and modesty are considered the essential virtues.

Western men find particularly appealing how faithful and loyal Japanese are. They highly appreciate that there is no need to worry about the partner’s reliability in such a relationship. Moreover, it’s not uncommon for girls from Japan to idolize their husbands. You must agree – having a devoted wife free of emotional outbursts brings certain security in life, doesn’t it?

What are Japanese women look like in 2022?

The appearance of the potential girlfriend is no less essential in matters of love than character traits, don’t you agree? For sure, females of Asian countries are considered extremely pretty. But what do Japanese ladies look like, then?

We like to start with a curious expert tip. If you want to get a general idea of the appearance of these cuties, do this one thing. Simply scroll through the profiles of the female members of a Japanese dating site for foreigners! Who knows, maybe the reality does not match your expectations. On our part, we’ll try to describe them with words right below.

Girls from Japan are, as a rule, very petite and slender. Still, don’t kid yourself: this fact doesn’t apply to all women from this land.

The hair color of the Japanese is commonly dark. Just like the eyes, which have an almond shape. The great contrast to it makes the skin light and smooth. Although it should be mentioned – solely ladies from the big cities of The Land of the Rising Sun have fair skin, those from rural areas are, in fact, a little darker.

Japanese brides can’t live without cosmetics and various beauty rituals. They like to take care of themselves and use very high-quality products.

Their style of clothing clearly differs from what Western girls prefer. For instance, it has been shown that beauties from Japan like to wear tight-fitting outfits and high heels. Normally, they tend to look even smaller than they really are. But, anyway, whether casual, sporty, nerdy, or elegant – the Japanese know how to dress!

Also, the famous cosplayers come from Japan, so many local ladies dress up as the characters from the Manga. So be ready: colorful hair and crazy fashion styles are not uncommon there.

Why are Japanese women so beautiful?

Why are Japanese women so beautiful?

The beauty of Japanese women is undeniable. They are like graceful glass figurines without age. At 30, you can give them no more than 20, and when they turn 50, you might think that they are celebrating their 30th milestone birthday. If you have followed our advice and checked Japanese dating sites – you made sure of that yourself.

But what is the secret of their eternal youth and good-lookingness?

1. The Japanese always do their best to look stunning.

These ladies think their appearance deserves daily care – so they carefully work on it. In fact, each of them might have her own motivation: someone imitates the ideal image from her head, while the other one only wants to please her husband. But whatever the ground is, Japanese women spare no time and effort to look prettier and younger day by day. Through these actions, they feel gorgeous and self-confident, and this confidence in their attractiveness is usually transferred to others.

2. The Japanese try to comprehend and explore themselves.

Without stretching a point, they look to the future. These girls are perfectly aware of what they will look like in ten years! The Japanese study their skin and its reaction to the environment and cosmetics. They comprehend and accept their weaknesses to actively confront them one day. Females from Japan are sure that more than wrinkles – a gloomy facial expression and lifeless skin color make people look older.

3. The Japanese properly “feed” their skin.

They drink more than 1.5 liters of water a day and regularly take vitamins. They treat food with care and clearly understand why they eat this or that product. The nutrition of Japanese women is based on seafood and vegetables. Unhealthy sweets, smoked meats, and starchy foods are rare guests on the table of modern geisha.

Why do Japanese women make the best wives?

Japanese singles enchant men with their natural calmness, magnetic charisma, and exotic appearance. Thanks to their friendly character and lovely smile, the hearts of Western guys melt. Best it works, of course, in combination with a bit of childlike behavior – which, in their case, is really sweet.

In all modesty, women from Japan consider themselves dream wives – although many males have the same opinion. But where does the desire to marry an adorable and intelligent Japanese lady come from?

Above all, for such a girl, family always comes first. Therefore, she makes a loving, sincere, understanding, and faithful partner. If a Japanese female finds a caring and reliable partner – she starts dreaming of sharing her future with him. Many children belong to the portrayal of a perfect family in the eyes of a Japanese person.

Those guys who have serious intentions from the very beginning will definitely be happy in a relationship with a bride from Japan. Since the more loyal and devoted wife could hardly be found.

Pros and Cons of dating Japanese women

It seems you’ve been thinking for a while about which woman might be a good match for you. Obviously, you’ve decided not to limit your search to your own country and try your luck with Asian beauties.

Everyone knows that Japan is one of the most developed countries in that part of the world. And, just as you probably guessed, you will find many stunning hotties who look just like the dolls you see on TV there. But are romantic relationships with them as complicated as many Western males think?

Below you can find several good reasons why a woman from Japan might be the person you want to share life with. And, a bit later, the reasons why you should avoid Japanese dating services.

Pros of dating Japanese women for marriage

Pros of dating Japanese women for marriage

#1. They are faithful.

Japanese women are exceptionally loyal because cheating is against the culture they grew up in. Monogamy is the absolute must and is also incredibly strict. For example, the majority of modern females from the Land of the Rising Sun would never even consider flirting with someone else except for their boyfriends. Just so you know: in Japan, when a conversation between a guy and a girl is a bit too warm and friendly – it is equated with an affair! So, as you can see, there is clearly nothing to worry about in this respect.

#2. They like to make loved ones happy.

An average Japanese lady is very pleasant in communication matters. However, you will have a chance to experience it only when both of you will get to know each other well enough. Particularly cordial is she with the loved ones since their happiness is her main goal. It is demonstrated in fundamentals, as well as in everyday subjects. For example, a girl from Japan will watch your favorite movie with you even if she hates the storyline and the genre in general.

#3. They are caring.

Pretty mail-order Japanese brides are known for this quality. Each one of them will gladly cook, wash your clothes, clean the house you live in… But don’t think she is forced to act so – she just enjoys giving her care. For the same reason, if you have children, such a woman will take care of them and make sure that they get the best education. You can trust a Japanese wife in this regard and relax with her, knowing that your household is in good hands while you focus on a career.

#4. Their sincerity.

Everything is different in Japan compared to Eastern European or Latin American countries. You probably know why: this land is rich and well-developed in many aspects. Simply put, cute Japanese women will date a foreigner because they find him attractive and worthy of attention, not because of his financial situation. Each of such female members of international dating sites is curious about Western culture. Their desire is to start a family – not to escape complications of life.

#5. Their intelligence.

It is no secret that Japan is a country where the latest technology, scientific developments, and constant economic growth have the highest priority. And all this progress is ensured not only by men but also by women. It means local females are really intelligent and usually have a particularly good education level. Communicating with them is a lot of fun, and you will enjoy it – trust us!

Cons of dating sexy Japanese brides

Cons of dating sexy Japanese brides

#1. It is sometimes difficult to communicate with them.

If you want to get yourself a Japanese mail-order wife, you must be ready to face the language barrier.

Men and women are different anyway – even when they speak the same language. As you might guess, with beauties from Japan – communication becomes more difficult. Everything is different in their mother tongue: grammar, wording, alphabet… Certain phrases and expressions might be offensive in their language. So you will, for sure, experience complications in expressing yourself fully. How do you get over this problem? Easy! Date a Japanese girl who can speak English well. Or you learn more about her culture and language too.

#2. They are passive-aggressive at times.

Japanese society tends to avoid conflicts. As a direct result, some women from this country might be passive-aggressive and let you down when it’s least expected. For example, beautiful Japanese singles will be nice to you even if they secretly think you’re a fool. They will smile at you when you approach them, even if you don’t have a chance of success at all.

In the Western world, this is called manipulation. In Japan, this is absolutely ordinary. So remember: even if a lady is already your girlfriend, she might try to avoid conflict through manipulation too.

#3. Their modesty.

As a rule, Japanese women on a dating site seem to be shy and reserved. They don’t take the initiative and expect a man will make the first step. But don’t think they are old-fashioned. Modesty is one of the most significant characteristics of a decent lady in modern Japanese society. So, if you don’t mind having a partner who is humble and a bit introverted – a romance with a girl from the Land of the Rising Sun won’t be challenging.

#4. Their indifference towards their favorite Western holidays.

Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and many other holidays loved by Western people mean nothing in Japan. Locals are just indifferent towards these fasts and don’t celebrate them as you do. Therefore, Christmas fans will have a hard time with Japanese females. Expert tip for those who decide to go through it: there are also a few curious national Japanese holidays – try to enjoy them.

#5. Their dislike of discussions.

Discussions are loved in the Western world – whether serious or funny ones. You can absolutely disagree with your friends and are willing to stand up for what you believe in. This culture of discussion often seems strange to the Japanese. Thus, it is better not to speak your mind loud until you learn how this subject is seen in Japan. Or – until your Asian girlfriend will get used to such a communication manner.

Dating Japanese women: what should you know?

Dating Japanese women: what should you know?

A renowned Japanese interracial dating agency from Tokyo has conducted in-depth research regarding the qualities a perfect man in the eyes of local ladies should undoubtedly have. As a result, they got 42 mandatory criteria a potential Western boyfriend ought to meet. Are you ready to find out how desirable you are on the Japanese dating market?

It’s to be expected that these Asian beauties want Prince Charming to have short black hair. He also has a light skin color and nice facial features. The dream man of an average girl from Japan is at least 1.75 meters (5′8 feet) tall and has a slim body, but can also be a little athletic.

The style of the ideal boyfriend plays an important role too. Hoodies, in particular, are okay at present because they underline the casual look that is appropriate for a real man. The colors of the outfits should be rather muted: navy blue and white are perfect in this respect.

If you were born in August – you have luck on your side. It would be really great if your blood group is O. The presence of younger siblings makes you sexy in the opinion of the Japanese. Just like the fact that you have a university degree – although currently attending college is also sufficient. In addition, membership in a sports club is obligatory if you want to seem appealing to the singles from Japan.

Ladies from this country are very sociable. So, of course, their dream guy needs to have a lot of friends. Don’t forget about the gentle and friendly attitude towards other people and often say “thank you” – it is wildly attractive to Japanese females.

Do we need to mention – that without stable work, you won’t be able to captivate a hard-working Japanese woman? However, there should be enough free time or probably an opportunity to do your job from home a few times a week.

Cell phone communication is essential in Japan. Thus, the perfect man for these women should send his girlfriend regular emails or text messages asking how she’s doing. Even if he plays on a softball team, the Japanese dream guy still has time for such romantic gestures. By the way, everyone who is sporty needs proper nutrition that, for sure, includes meat. Cola does not necessarily fit into a healthy lifestyle – therefore, soft drinks lovers and vegetarians have ground to think things over.

Pets are not in such high demand by the Japanese. Watching the right TV show becomes more significant instead. Whereby not smoking and not drinking are self-evident.

And, that’s actually all with the expectations you should meet. Can you manage that?

Hot Japanese women: rules and basic tips

Hot Japanese women: rules and basic tips

If you want to try Japanese dating, above all, you should be aware of the challenges that expect you. The problems are usually caused by differences in mentality since this influences the way of thinking and other behavioral patterns. It means you and your girlfriend from Japan can simply don’t understand each other in certain situations: misunderstandings arise…

Although, in tricky situations, it’s crucial to stay calm and self-confident. Because all misconceptions may be cleared up peacefully and serenely. Possible escalations are always out of place – so do everything possible to avoid them.

When it comes to flirting, ladies from Japan are much more reserved than light-minded Latinas or warm-hearted Slavs. It may, therefore, take a little longer before you can get to know the Japanese woman you like well enough. Thus, no matter how much you hate it – patience is required. However, once the spark has jumped over and the girl feels free alone with you – she will demonstrate all her love and passion.

The Japanese are generally very conservative in respect to relationships. For example, all sorts of physical contact (such as kissing) are absolutely unacceptable there. So, to show your fondness – you need to become a gentleman. Holding the door open, letting the lady enter the room first, and paying the bill seem natural to a woman from Japan. Also, if you visit your Japanese girl at her home, you should definitely bring a small gift, such as sweets or beautiful flowers. Bear in mind: a wrapped gift can never be unwrapped in front of the giver because this is simply not the right thing to do. And don’t forget to take off your shoes before entering the apartment because guest slippers are usually worn in Japan.

For Japanese women, honesty, modesty, love, loyalty, and tenderness are the most significant factors for a happy, harmonious marriage. Most females in this country long for men, able to protect them and take good care of them and their families. Therefore, you, as a partner of a Japanese girl, should be: open-minded, self-confident, spiritually strong, and willing to give all your love and care. Western men are so adored by the ladies from Japan because they meet exactly these requirements.

Cultural differences when dating Japanese women

Cultural differences when dating Japanese women

As you already know, women from Japan are very popular with many Western men because they are considered modest, caring, and devoted. These ladies usually go to great lengths to please their partners in every possible way. But every day is not Sunday… There are certain cultural differences, notable in relationships with Japanese mail brides you need to be aware of.

Showing feelings is inappropriate.

Humans are endowed with a large spectrum of emotions. In the USA and many other Western countries, people tend to show their inner sensations to the external world. In Japan, on the other hand, it is considered the highest virtue to hide feelings and never reveal how you really feel.

A person who acts particularly emotionally or expresses anger, fear, or other feelings in public loses face. This, in its turn, makes others who cannot handle the emotional outbursts from the outside lose face. Understand us right: this does not refer to the appearance in the physical sense but to the social status instead.

Basically, Japanese upbringing involves self-restraint, mastery, and discipline. Moreover: according to the experts, enduring suffering in Japan is considered heroic! But only people who know how to put their personal feelings aside and who can come up with a smile even in the face of the most catastrophic crises find the most recognition in this society.

The necessity to respect hierarchy.

The Japanese organized themselves as a hierarchical nation over several centuries. Even today, hierarchies remain very important in both private and professional life. Every person has a certain position in this society – and this position has to be fulfilled in the best possible way.

Only in this way – an individual’s success will turn to overall triumph, believe Japanese women for marriage. As you can see, In Japan, in contrast to many Western countries, the focus is not on self-realization.

Japanese education is therefore based on selflessness and the willingness to serve society. For instance – in the face of a crisis, the well-mannered locals do not primarily have to think about their own losses or their own fate.

The complete acceptance of the global temporality.

The attitude of the Japanese towards death and global temporality is unique. In Buddhism, one of the most popular religions in Japan, everything is concentrated on an eternal cycle of death and rebirth. Loss and transience are considered natural components of this cycle – and of all life.

Therefore, many Japanese ladies see temporality – as a necessary, unavoidable part of their existence. Local culture is actually shaped by the belief that nothing is created for eternity, which is manifested, among other things, in the annual cherry blossom festival. Herewith you can enjoy the short flowering period of the cherry tree in the knowledge that it will be overall too soon.

Japanese women stereotypes

Japanese women stereotypes

Basically, come to think of it, there are plenty of stereotypes about every country and its citizens. While some have the right to exist, others have nothing to do with reality. You, of course, can’t figure out the truth without the years of close communication with the representatives of a certain nation. But you don’t have so much time – you want to start a relationship with a Japanese woman right now.

There is no need to worry, though – we’ll help you to get rid of the five most widespread cliches about ladies from Japan and their homeland.

#1. Japanese girls are feminists.

Generally, Japanese society encourages patriarchy. Even in public transportation, it is not customary to give way to women since men have priority. But in families, the main role takes a Japanese girl for marriage. She fully assumes the responsibilities of everyday life and caring for children. Japanese wives are generous, loving, and obedient. A man in a Japanese family rarely helps even with the kids’ housework.

To keep up with everything, women often do not work. There are comparatively more families where only a man earns money than those where both parents have a job. But remember: the husband must give his wife every penny of his entire salary. The woman is responsible for the family budget – and she decides how much to allocate to her husband for gatherings with friends and personal expenses.

#2. Japanese ladies and high technology are one.

Well, you shouldn’t expect your Japanese girl to be an engineer or brilliant programmer. Just so you know: there are many women in Japan at the age of forty and older who don’t know how to use a computer at all! Even in this day and age, some offices use fax. And the electronic document management system has not been established there yet – everything is on paper.

In the Western world, we are used to paying by card, phone, and watch. Japan is lagging behind in this sense: even in big cities, not all restaurants accept cashless payments.

#3. Japanese women prefer traditional clothing.

It is believed that women from Japan at every opportunity wear their kimonos. But it definitely doesn’t happen as often as it seems!

Open any Japanese dating site – what do you see there? We bet – not all singles have traditional outfits on their profile pictures! In fact, kimonos are worn for holidays, important events, and religious occasions. It is not something casual – it is formal attire.

A simplified version of the kimono is the yukata. It is more convenient, lighter, and cheaper, so it is more often used in everyday life.

#4. Japanese females can’t drink alcohol.

This stereotype has nothing to do with reality. Drinking for the Japanese is a way to relax, de-stress and calm down. The Japanese are known for their restraint, but they need to let themselves go sometimes.

Going to a bar with friends is a common thing. With colleagues – it is generally a mandatory ritual, something like team building, a way to get closer and learn each other better outside of work. Therefore, contrary to this cliche, the girls from Japan love and know how to drink.

For instance, the Japanese enjoy drinking imported wine. From local spirits, they prefer plum liqueurs. It might also be whiskey, gin, sometimes vodka. Strong drinks are usually diluted with water or soda. Among low-alcohol drinks, the most popular is beer.

#5. The Japanese love kawaii.

Let us explain first: kawaii means cute, fine. Some Japanese women, in fact, prefer this style in clothes, behavior, and speech. Kawaii girls look like anime characters. They are cutely dressed and talk in a childish manner – giggle shyly, covering their lips with their palms. Mimicry in everything: the more, the better.

Of course, kawaii is a subculture and not a mass phenomenon, as many people think. But, for sure, not all ladies act this way. For the most part, Japanese women dress, talk and behave like ordinary people.

How to meet and marry Japanese women

How to meet and marry Japanese women

We have good news for those who want to find a Japanese wife.

Many of these women already live in Western countries. Either they work, or they have started studying there. But there are also exchange students interested in romance with foreign men. However, most of them will go back to Japan after their exchange year abroad. On the other hand, this does not mean they will never return to your country. In this respect, you can already take the initiative and build a relationship so that the favorite girl can come to you after completing her studies.

Also, you can meet a Japanese woman in a sushi restaurant or at various public events. Of course, it is ideal if these events have a strong connection to Japan. Then the probability of meeting your dream woman there is even higher.

In addition, you can go to Japan on your own and start the search for love directly there. However, this approach is not recommended because the expenses can be really lofty. But if you still want to do this, we have a few tips in this regard.

First and foremost: it is best if you arrange a date or two before buying your tickets to Japan. In this way, you can increase the probability of success of your undertaking. If the first contact has been made online, you can later exchange contact details. This way, you have more flexibility in the conversation and don’t always have to go back to the dating site. To reduce the risk of disappointment, you should not fixate too much on one lady but ideally flirt with a few potential girlfriends at the same time. That’s how you appear less needy and at the same time increase your attractiveness.

If you have managed to organize a few dates before your next trip to Japan, you should make sure when choosing the right place that the environment is quiet and you can talk in peace. You should also have in mind a few questions to ask your crush and dress appropriately. After all, only the first impression counts, and it must be as positive as possible. During the conversation, you should not talk too much about yourself – let your woman speak instead. Your job is to listen carefully to what she says. Through this behavior, you appear mysterious and captivating to the lady of your heart.

Anyway, it’s better to choose a Japanese dating site (a free one, for instance). There you will find a large selection of beautiful single women from Japan who are already looking for a relationship.

Benefits of Japanese women for marriage

You already know a lot about Japanese women. All advantages and disadvantages of relationships with them are no secret to you anymore. It is, after all, no wonder that both guys and girls in interracial couples have to face particular difficulties. But the number of benefits speaks for itself: try it! Let’s consider five more pros of getting married to a lady from Japan, then.

#1. Her obedience.

Right from childhood, cute Japanese girls learn what obedience is. At first, they follow the rules of their parents and grandparents, then – comes the husband’s turn. During it, these ladies comprehend how essential the ability to listen in the modern world is.

If you think this quality is not essential for a happy relationship – you are wrong. Such an attitude of your wife will, for sure, will save you thousands of nerve cells.

#2. Her dedication.

When a Japanese woman is in love, she will do anything for her man. She will help him with her words and deeds. This includes preparing delicious dishes or other things to show her sincere affection. These are not our fantasies. These facts have been confirmed by many guys: foreigners as well as local Japanese men.

#3. Her punctuality.

This trait is, probably, what differentiates Japanese ladies from Western females the most. For example, an American woman is quite often late for her date because she takes too long to get ready for it. While a woman from a Japanese marriage agency is always there on time because she doesn’t want to waste someone’s precious time. This approach concerns all aspects of life, and you are going to love it!

#4. Her mindset.

Japanese women may seem shy, and they are, but that’s not bad. Usually, they don’t talk too much because they respect you and let you take the initiative in the conversation. These girls are also non-confrontational – they absolutely hate conflicts and have a natural ability to avoid them.

#5. Her kindness.

This statement is based on the real-life experience of many men, once again. Japanese brides are more compassionate and sweeter than all other women in the world. If an American woman always says whatever is on her mind. The Japanese beauty will think twice before speaking her accusations out loud. Hurting your feelings is the last thing she wants to do.

Japanese brides FAQ

Why are there so many single women in Japan?

Research conducted in 2022 shows that 61% of Japanese men and 49% of local women aged 18-34 are single. Not only that, though: about a half of 20- and 30-year-old Japanese have never been on a date yet.
Why does it happen? Japan pays special attention to corporate culture, which involves working late in the evenings and spending a lot of time with colleagues. Japanese ladies who decide on this lifestyle do not have time for children, and the prospect of becoming a single mom does not delight them at all. In addition, Japanese society still has a negative attitude towards kids brought to life by unmarried parents. According to official data, in Japan – only 1,5% of children are born by women without husbands. For comparison, in the UK it is almost 53%.

Why do Japanese women marry Americans?

You probably ask yourself this question when joining a Japanese dating site in the USA. The answer is simple, though.
Women from Japan want tender and empathetic men – just like Americans are. This is in contrast to the role played by Japanese men, for whom a pronounced macho image is more typical, which is even more appealing. US guys, at the same time, have a reputation for being sweet and understanding but also self-confident. The Japanese like that, without a doubt!
Most of such women long for a man who can take good care of them and their families. He should be self-confident, smart, open-minded, warm-hearted, reliable, and loyal. His ability to give his girlfriend support and be interested in harmonious life together is what they need.

How much does a Japanese bride cost?

Generally, if you choose a reliable international dating website, your Japanese bride will cost you approximately $2000 – $6000. This, however, includes only communication charges. All additional travel expenses (for instance, offline rendezvous) ought to be counted separately.

How can I marry a girl in Japan?

If the foreign man wants to marry a Japanese lady – he needs to go through all sorts of bureaucracy. Above all, it is usually asked to provide a marital status certificate (this is issued by the home municipality). The following documents are also required: passport, certificate of residence, Japanese extract from the family register if divorced, the decree of divorce or the data from the family register showing the date of divorce, if widowed, the death certificate of the ex-spouse.
If you are a resident of Japan, your passport, certificate of residence, and civil registration card are required. All documents must be no more than six months old and must be translated and certified.

Are Japanese brides a real thing?

Definitely yes. You have no reason to doubt that Japanese brides are a real thing.