Colombian Brides: How To Meet Colombia Women For Marriage


Colombian brides: all secrets of relationships with these hot and bold women

What do you know about Colombian brides? Probably, the fact is these stunning women live in no less fascinating country. In fact, its amazing landscapes attract tourists from all over the world. And, when they already are in Colombia – each one understands this land has much more to offer! Especially for single men who are searching for true love.

Yes, Colombian ladies are, in fact, extremely seductive. You can lightly lose your head over such a female simply passing nearby her. If the phrase “joie de vivre” sounds unfamiliar to you – she will find a way to explain it. Well, you won’t have a chance to help yourself – so catching her optimism is.

Another point that makes women from Colombia absolutely irresistible – is their exoticism. They are perfectly aware of it and use this special feature as a trademark. The fire their blood consists of belongs to this characteristic either. Dancing, flirting – what could bring more fun in life?

Still, not everything is that uncomplicated in relationships with these females. When it comes to Colombian dating – they could suddenly become demanding and even treacherous! It is, therefore, crucial that you find out how to deal with a girlfriend of this nationality early enough. Trust us, it’s better to consider whether a romance like this is what you want before beginning it. And, actually, that is why we have written this article. We hope you will find answers to all your questions here.

>Colombian brides: all secrets of relationships with these hot and bold women

Colombian brides: who are they and why are they so attractive?

Colombians are the sexiest women in the world. They are followed by Brazilians and Russians in second and third place accordingly. But don’t think it’s our personal rate – this is the result of a survey conducted by US researchers, in which 43,000 Western men were asked.

In the study, the participants had to define the particularity of the opposite sex that was most attractive to them. And the feminine curves of Colombian brides are their secret weapon – guys think. On the other hand, their sexy Spanish accent couldn’t be avoided, especially in British English. But, for sure, there are a few secrets of their outstanding beauty we are willing to reveal today.

Colombian orchid

Did you know that Colombia is where the greatest number of orchid species grow? Moreover – it is the land’s national flower. But local girls see it not only as a beautiful bloom – the orchid’s antioxidant, moisturizing, and anti-wrinkle effects are known by them. Better than any expensive lotion, isn’t it?


Delightful in taste and aroma, every morning – an average modern person begins with this drink. But not many of us share the knowledge of Colombians since coffee is one of the most popular ingredients in cosmetics in their country. Its purifying and anti-inflammatory properties are almost incomparable.

Panela sugar

Throughout the centuries, it has been a prime cosmetic ingredient for Colombians. Cane sugar (panela) is an amazing natural scrub and antibacterial product. So, its place is not only in delicious Colombian cuisine.

Panela sugar prime cosmetic ingredient for Colombians

But enough about the appearance – you can figure out how these ladies look simply by looking through the profiles on Colombian dating sites. Their character is what we are going to highlight next.

Ladies from Colombia are usually very polite, kind, optimistic, generous, faithful, and passionate. But don’t think they are not romantic since it’s not true. The mentality of these females makes you expect that there can be heated arguments on various topics from time to time. Remember: Colombians are strong women and do not always give up immediately (even if they couldn’t be more wrong). If something doesn’t suit each of them, she says it straight away. You, on your part, shouldn’t be a man who always agrees. Don’t be afraid to have serious conversations – no matter how unpleasant the subject is.

Another characteristic of an average Colombian girl is that she is much more likely to express her emotions out loud. We guess that you already understood it, though. Still, such a woman’s high emotionality level is not only about negative matters. Sure, when you fight – she will definitely use foul language. But if everything is fine – you will feel a completely different (fine) side of her character.

Colombian ladies for marriage make great wives. They are warm-hearted and, as a rule, love children. More devoted mothers could hardly be found! Since their little ones are usually surrounded with care and generally pampered.

In fact, for the typical Colombian female – the family is the whole world. Maybe that’s why youth live with their parents until they are at least 35 years old. It’s understandable, though – how can you move out from the place: where tasty dishes are served – and loud parties are celebrated? Oh, almost forgotten – never say anything bad about a Colombian woman’s relatives. Otherwise – most likely, your relationship will end at this point.

Advantages and disadvantages of dating Colombian women

Advantages and disadvantages of dating Colombian women

When you meet Colombian women for the first time – you get astonished by their charm. It is not surprising: they are optimistic, cordial, and tireless. An average lady from this country is constantly on the move, and you can rarely find her spending evenings at home. She is always busy with various pastime activities. A girl from Colombia usually dreams of traveling, discovering new cultures, and all kinds of self-development; the strong desire for freedom lives in her heart.

If you seriously consider starting dating such a female or even marrying her – you are right here. To be happy in love – beforehand, you should be aware of the pros and cons her character has.


Her optimism

Colombian single ladies are always in a good mood. They basically have an eye for everything positive! Maybe that’s why Western men get so fascinated by them right after the single conversation. But what is even better – Colombians do not lose sight of reality and never go chase rainbows. They are just too clever for that.

Together with such a woman, you have the confidence no matter how bad the situation is – it will be fine in the end. Do you remember the saying about the glass that is always half full? Well, it was definitely said about the Colombian girl’s life attitude. Oh, and after a while of a relationship – you will certainly start turning as enthusiastic as she is.

Her determination

Mail-order brides from Colombia always have a clear goal in mind and do everything in their power to achieve it as soon as possible. One could think they sometimes go a little too far in this desire – but we call it the perfect mix of motivation and determination. By the way, the symbol of Colombia is a condor. It stands for perseverance and unbroken will.

Actually, it is caused by their fiery temper, which is also reflected in great ambitions. You must agree, though – having such a girlfriend makes you want more from your ordinary life.

Her curiosity and open-mindedness

It’s hard not to fall in love with the open-minded nature of a Colombian bride. Her inborn curiosity makes such a woman interested in everything: from quantum physics to religion. It’s guaranteed you can’t ever get bored with her!

What is even better – she is usually open to self-reflection. This lady loves communicating with others because it’s another chance to broaden her horizons. So, when talking about the typical rendezvous with a girl from Colombia – be creative. Life is full of adventure and new places to explore – offer it to her! Still, if you are too tired to go somewhere – philosophical conversations over a glass of wine are also good.

Her sincerity

Colombian mail-order wives are famous for their honesty. Furthermore – no one of them is afraid to express her sincere opinion. No matter how painful (or even dangerous) it is – they always say exactly what they think. Their best friends are blunt words.

Perhaps, it’s impossible to find females who hate lies more than Colombians do. When they feel betrayed – they distance themselves from the cheater and never say a word to him anymore.

A girlfriend from Colombia could be your soulmate if you are a big fan of justice. Still, what you will need to do is to teach your loved one to be more diplomatic.

Her tolerance

We have asked the representatives of the best Colombian dating sites to name one character trait typical for these ladies. Guess what they said – tolerance, of course! It goes together with open-mindedness for sure. But what does it mean?

An average woman from Colombia is totally free from prejudice and gladly gives everyone a chance first. She is, in fact, attracted to everything unusual, and many people appreciate it. On the other hand, it implies that this girl doesn’t think much of the rules. But what could be better than absolute tolerance in matters of love?


She is often as carefree as a child.

When you meet Colombian girls, you probably get excited about their level of optimism. There is the other side of that coin, though. As an adult, you likely understand that a too optimistic person is as carefree as a child. Because of this attitude, an ordinary woman from Colombia doesn’t bother herself with “what if” thoughts. She just waits and hopes for the best.

This lady definitely doesn’t live in the past – only here and now instead. That also explains her love for action-packed activities. So, if the thrill is your middle name – a Colombian female is your perfect partner ever.

Her endless strive for freedom.

If one day you join one of the Colombian mail-order bride tours – you notice how spontaneous these ladies are. The best friend calls and invites such a girl to go to the nightclub on the weekend? Sure, she is in! But your date may be canceled because of something unexpected – remember that. Flexibility in everyday life is essential to her – it gives the feeling of being free. So, as a boyfriend, you have to get used to the fact your Colombian girlfriend doesn’t call back for days. The point is that you don’t bombard her with calls and messages – it could scare her off.

Without any doubt – a relationship with a woman with this character is a little difficult. However, you don’t need to give up right away – your romance may be the most exciting experience in your life.

Her impulsiveness.

Do you remember how honest Colombian singles are? The ability to speak their mind very openly, accompanied by impulsiveness, causes conflicts. They, unfortunately, often don’t think about the consequences when they let their tongues speak.

And you better be careful with the dark secrets – entrust them to a woman from Colombia cautiously. She is too impulsive and might blab them quickly. Although it’s unthinkable, you could be mad at your Colombian girlfriend for a long time. Her communicative skills and natural charm will help to correct all mistakes.

She is chaotic.

Do you want to know another, typical Colombian mail-order bride negative character trait? She is really chaotic. Sure – this lady is highly enthusiastic and is always full of new ideas. But how to turn them all into real projects? Sadly, often, because of the disorganized approach, they remain only thoughts.

She is rebellious.

There is not just a little rebel in the mail-order brides from Colombia spirit. As mentioned before – rules are not their favorite things. Pretty often, they stick to what they consider logical.

For example, such a girl loves to be the last person that comes to a party. In this way, she can immediately be in the middle of everyone’s attention. If the celebration is boring – she can leave without saying goodbye. Typically, this woman is emotion-driven. And, as a life partner, you will need to figure out how to deal with such nuance.

Colombia brides: myths and facts

Colombia brides: myths and facts

We bet once you said that you might like to try Colombian women dating – your friends and relatives weren’t pleasantly surprised. No wonder: even in the 21st century – too many stereotypes about this nationality exist. But which of them are facts and which – merely fantasies of silly people? Let’s consider five of the most widespread ones together!

Single Colombian women see getting flowers as an integral part of courtship.

It’s great you have found this article early enough because it’s more than just a myth. It could ruin your romance, in fact.

So, Colombia differs from Russia in this regard. In this country, flowers as attributes of courtship are absolutely not welcome. Moreover – such a gesture could be perceived as an insult! Bouquets are very cheap there and are sold solely as home decorations. Simply said, even the most beautiful bunch of flowers, in the opinion of Colombians, means that a man is very greedy.

Colombian ladies are all poor.

And it’s another myth in our collection. We know, many people think that these hotties become clients of an international Colombian marriage agency only because they want to escape their poor life. However, many families in Colombia are rich, even from the Western men’s point of view.

How can you know the social status of your online girlfriend, then? Easily – it could be judged by her utility bills. Each city in Colombia is divided into districts – estrato. Only the 4 estrato pays 100% of the amounts of the bills. While the first (the poorest) one – pays a symbolic price. Estrato 5 and 6 get bills highly above the real cost of services. This is how they cover the expenses of estrato 1, 2, and 3.

Colombian brides can’t live without coffee and tasty food.

Colombian brides can't live without coffee and tasty food

And, finally, we can tell that it’s true! Colombians drink about four hundred billion cups of coffee every year! When we consider that the entire population of this country is only about fifty-million people – the amount becomes even more impressive. It’s the second favorite drink for these guys ever – the first one is water.

Tasty food is another passion of women in Colombia. For example, they cannot live without arepa (cornmeal cakes). They serve it with cheese or eggs for breakfast, use as bread for lunch, stuffed with meat and vegetables for dinner. Also, there is a sweet topping to make from arepa dessert.

The craziest snack in Colombia is hot chocolate. You understood right – they don’t drink it but add cheese instead and eat.

Colombians are lazy.

No, they are not. For sure, when you meet Colombian ladies, you notice they are much more relaxed than Western females. They appear too late on a date; walk slowly down the streets, take a nap when possible. Even in a restaurant, to get the meal you ordered takes a little longer. But it all doesn’t mean they are lazy. Quite on the contrary: Colombian women are considered hard-working and creative. You just need to get used to it and accept this nuance of Colombians. Take all delays with serenity and enjoy little things – just like them.

Colombian females have typical for Latinas appearance.

If you join one of the dating sites of Colombia, you notice their appearance differs.

The population of this country is very diverse due to its history. Officially, there are more than 80 ethnic groups there. Their origins lie with the Europeans, Indians, and African slaves. Only 49% are typical Latinas, by the way. The mix of these cultures and ethnicities created a completely new and wonderfully colorful nationality.

Dating a woman from Colombia: rules and basic tips

Dating a woman from Colombia: rules and basic tips

You already know a lot about women from Colombia by now. Most likely, you don’t have doubts anymore – you are sure your soulmate comes from this hot Latin-American country. But winning the heart of such a lady is not an easy task to do. Without expert tips, the whole process seems impossible for many Western guys. So what are you waiting for? All advice you need is right here, in this article.

Be witty and spontaneous

In Colombia, dating is primarily about having fun. Therefore, for many, a good sense of humor of a potential partner is one of the most significant character traits. On the one hand, an average Colombian girl loves it when a man laughs at her jokes. On the other hand – no less, she enjoys it when her boyfriend is the one who makes her smile.

Like you already know, Colombians value spontaneity. It means each one of them would agree to travel the world with you without asking many questions. The point is – to constantly experience new adventures as a couple. These females get quickly bored with the daily routine. So, if you want to have such a girlfriend in your life – show that you are open to everything new either.

Be perfectly honest

It’s a well-known fact – honesty is the best foundation for a relationship. In contrast to passion, it always lasts long. Since these ladies hate being lied to, it is most reasonable to be sincere right from the start. Even if you and your girlfriend have got to know each other through one of Colombia’s dating sites.

In addition, if you lie to a Colombian lady or try to betray her – she will figure it out anyway. And, as soon as she knows it for sure – the confidence in you disappears. Obviously, without it, you can’t be a happy couple.

Give her the desired level of privacy

Do you remember how freedom-loving Colombian mail brides are? Keep this knowledge in mind and always give your girlfriend from Colombia the level of privacy she needs.

Such a woman doesn’t like it when a man starts speaking about his feelings too soon. He becomes annoyed because of it. The best thing you can do is to wake up her hunting instinct. In this way, she would not feel under pressure anymore – so could set the pace herself. And better hold back with your jealousy – that will only scare her off.

Be a bit secretive

When you meet a Colombian woman – do not directly reveal all secrets about yourself. Instead, try to seem a bit secretive – she will be happy to figure out who you are.

From nature curious – a lady from Colombia can’t resist the temptation to resolve a mystery of your soul. So the best thing to do is to make sure that there is always something she doesn’t know about you and that she will always be surprised by you.

Be as optimistic as she is

Yes, only this approach could work for you two. Dating a Colombian woman can a man who himself is just as cheerful and happy as she is. This female wants to have someone equal near her – no more and no less.

If you like to complain and are merely focused on the negative things in life – it will certainly not be easy for you to win the heart of a girl from Colombia.

Colombian wedding traditions

Colombian wedding traditions

All Colombian single women, despite their freedom-loving nature – dream of getting married from a young age. A traditional wedding in this country is a lavish celebration with plenty of food, various drinks, and loud music. It usually consists of many steps – they are all carried out with dedication and passion, as a rule. In Colombian culture, respect for the family is the be-all and end-all. Thus, many wedding ceremonies are arranged by the bride’s father, who pays half the costs.

But it was only the beginning. In this part of our article, we are going to highlight the most essential elements of weddings in Colombia. So you could imagine what expects you if you get married to such a lady.


First of all, no matter how old-fashioned it seems – a man needs to ask his girlfriend’s family for her hand in marriage. It is essential – otherwise, he can’t just marry her.

For many modern Colombians, this is not an obligation, though. But for the sake of respect, this tradition is maintained even in this day and age.


Colombian women for marriage never skip the engagement party – that takes place before the wedding ceremony. For this occasion, the families and friends of the future married couple come together.

All sorts of gifts could be given to the bride and groom-to-be. Mostly, however, presents are various things for their new shared home. But this is not why the party is important – the presence of relatives from both sides is the point.

Before the wedding, it is also customary for the engaged couple to celebrate the last night as singles. The bride has fun with her bridesmaids and the groom with his best man and closest friends.


On the day of the wedding, all roles must be assigned. The best man and friends of the groom, the bridesmaid, the child who brings the rings to the altar – they all must know their duties very well. The top priority at the wedding is that the couple looks beautiful and doesn’t worry about anything.

It is customary for the mail-order bride in Colombia to wear a white dress. She must be led to the altar by her father, having a beautiful bouquet in her hands.

At the end of the ceremony in a church – newlyweds are usually showered with a rain of rose petals. The guests congratulate them and relocate to a restaurant then.


Several hundred guests are usually invited to the wedding celebration in the restaurant. It means the bride and groom do not have a quiet minute to be alone. They must take pictures with all visitors, have a toast to luck with each one, eat, and dance.

At 12 o’clock is the hora loca. Translated from Spanish, it means “the crazy hour.” It’s the favorite part of the evening for all Colombian brides for marriage. It could be compared to a typical Latin American carnival. Guests wear traditional masks, hats, and other attributes. A live band usually accompanies this part of the celebration. It’s also time to drink aguardiente – the famous local liquor.


The traditional wedding celebration in Colombia often does not end before 6-7 o’clock in the morning. The wild dances and songs of different bands only stop when the father of the bride says, “End!“

Top cities to meet Colombian women in their homeland

If searching for Colombian women on a dating site doesn’t suit you – we can suggest a good alternative. Why don’t you want to travel to the homeland of the ladies you find so hot?

Cities in Colombia inspire foreigners not only with their colonial architecture and the warmth they exude. But also with a wide range of sightseeing, cafes, bars, and various pastime activities. We bet each region will fascinate you in its own way. But which cities do you need to visit to meet your future life partner? Below is the list of places you shouldn’t miss.


Bogotá: Best city to meet Colombian women

Bogotá is the city where tradition meets modernity! It is surrounded by frosty Andean peaks and steeped in urban coolness. Colombia’s capital is the beating heart of the country. So you definitely need to begin your trip with it!

By the way, this metropolis is considered the fastest growing city in South America and has something to offer for everyone. From cultural adventures such as visiting numerous museums or historical buildings in the old town of La Candelaria – to cool bars, restaurants, and shopping in the hip Zona Rosa to climbing the local mountain Cerro Monserrate.

Meeting a Colombian woman of your dreams in Bogotá is most possible in Carrera Séptima. There you can enjoy the cosmopolitan flair with live music and good food, as well as the most beautiful females in the city.


Unfortunately, this city gained its tragic fame mainly through the name of Pablo Escobar. Notwithstanding, he is a long time dead – the reputation of the drug capital of Colombia lives in the minds of Western people. But you shouldn’t be afraid to visit Medellín since these are only stereotypes now.

Over the past fifteen years, it has been known for its sunny and warm climate. Moreover, nowadays – it is one of the most innovative cities in the whole world! Well, if you trust the opinion of the Wall Street Journal in this regard.

In Medellín, you will surely experience the best nightlife in the country: stylish restaurants and turbulent discos will keep you in suspense until the early hours of the morning. Apropos, you can use them as your own Colombian wife finder. In addition, the city offers the perfect starting point for excursions into the beautiful, surrounding nature. So, why not?

Cartagena de Indias

We bet you have never heard about this Colombian city! But, just so you know, it is called The Pearl of the Caribbean and undoubtedly lives up to its reputation as one of the most beautiful cities in South America. So why don’t you change your preferences and visit Cartagena de Indias instead of Cancun this time?

Once you say yes – you will be definitely amazed by the city’s unique, Caribbean flair. In addition, you get the old town, protected by UNESCO. It is especially enchanting with its numerous historical buildings in colonial style.

We recommend you relax at Playa Blanca and experience local Colombian online dating. Hope you were hard-working enough when learning Spanish at school.


If you are a true coffee lover, you should definitely go to Salento. This small town in the middle of the famous coffee zone of Colombia has a lot of coffee plantations, which are just waiting to be visited by you. But also the unique, white houses with their colorful roofs, balconies, and doors. The delightful little shops and local restaurants along the main street Calle Real will let you feel the romantic charm of the town.

Don’t forget to play Tejo (South American skill game) with the locals. It’s the best way to find a Colombian wife in Salento.


Halfway along the Chocó coast is situated the small town of Nuquí with its wide beach. This city is one of the most beautiful in Colombia not because of its urban glamour – but rather because of its breathtaking landscapes. Also, Nuquí is best known for its excellent whale-watching opportunities.

How to meet your love in this place? Create a profile on a Colombian dating site, choose where you currently are, and enjoy dates with locals! An ideal place for a date is the hidden rainforest waterfall.

Where to meet Colombian brides when you are a foreigner?

If you want to find a Colombian wife, you don’t definitely have to travel to her motherland. There are plenty of chances to get to know her in your country!

Sure, the probability is not exactly high, but that doesn’t mean you can do this. Furthermore – this method has many advantages and should, therefore, be considered. At this point, we want to summarize our knowledge and give you the list of top-three places where you can meet a woman from Colombia without going abroad.

Colombian dating sites (free and paid)

The decisive factor here is that you choose the right platform. Since only then can you achieve the desired result.

Should you experience difficulties at the beginning – it’s absolutely okay. But don’t give up right away! Rather consider these circumstances as opportunities to correct your path and approach. For example, at first – you will not know what kind of conversation starters you will be successful with.

However, some formulas can certainly help you find your soulmate from Colombia. It is crucial that when you contact such a lady, you don’t tell so much about yourself straight away. A few lines would be enough to arouse the curiosity of your conversationalist and even captivate her.

Colombian restaurants

Exactly: becoming a member of a Colombian dating website is not the only option you have. All over the world, Latin-American culture and traditions tend to be more and more popular. So no wonder – almost in every city of the Western world could be found Colombian restaurants. Search for the one near you and treat yourself to a delicious dinner. Even if you don’t get to know the woman of your dreams – your stomach will still be thankful.


For those who want to start dating Colombian women – nightclubs should surely become the places you often visit. There is never a guarantee for this when talking about ordinary clubs. Choose Latin discos, instead. The list of those in your city could also be found on the Web.

Nightclubs: best place to meet Colombian girls

All you want to know about Colombia brides

Why are there so many single women in Colombia?

The question is not really correct. Since the average rate of single women doesn’t differ from any other country in Latin America. You might have got the false impression because of the relatively big number of Colombian mail-order brides on dating sites. The reason for it is simple: they want a better life than Colombia can offer. They can’t be judged for this decision because true love knows no boundaries.

How much does a Colombian mail-order bride cost?

Unfortunately, many Western men believe they could simply buy a girlfriend from Colombia. That is, of course, not true.

You also need to understand that these women choose their future husbands very carefully. In addition, it should not be forgotten that these women look gorgeous, and for this reason, they are desired by many men in the world. So don’t try to attract the attention of Colombian mail-order brides with your money – demonstrate the best sides of your character instead.

Why do Colombian women marry Americans?

Because they fall in love with each other, of course! Due to the fact, Colombian wives are ideally suited for Americans and the opposite. Open-minded and adventure-loving Colombians easily integrate into the lifestyle people in the USA have. Perfect matches, don’t you think so?

How can I marry a girl in Colombia?

Marriage in Colombia could be recognized in your homeland if it meets the substantive legal requirements of your country. However, often newlyweds from this Latin-American country need to go through additional procedures in this regard. In addition, the authorities and courts require a translation of the foreign language documents.

For more relevant information, please contact your marriage registry office beforehand.

Are Colombian brides a real thing?

Definitely – yes! Our professional experience tells us that Colombian brides are a real thing.