Moroccan Brides: How To Meet Morocco Women For Marriage


Moroccan brides – Who They Are and why they so attractive

If you want a woman who is hardworking, submissive, and straightforward, consider Moroccan brides. They are amazingly gorgeous and have excellent housekeeping skills. They are also outstanding cooks and can make any challenging dish. Although they have a tough work ethic, Moroccan women have a soft, friendly heart, making them a perfect match for men who want a woman who can look after the house and children and have a good sense of humor to top it all off.

Weddings in Morocco can be lavish or modest affairs. The bride's family as well as the groom's family are involved in the ceremony. Marriage is a significant event in Moroccan culture. The bride is the focus of the wedding, and her neggafa comes with her special wedding attire and accessories. The groom's family is present to celebrate the wedding. The groom usually dresses in a suit and later changes into a tunic and trousers called a jabador or "djellaba".

PROs & CONs of Dating Moroccan Women

PROs & CONs of Dating Moroccan Women

The first fact you should learn about them is that they are from traditional families. Morocco is a highly religious country where Islam is the prevailing religion. You need to know that these women start a relationship thinking about marriage. Be ready for that. So what else is unique about them? There are a few things to mention here:


1. Every Moroccan woman is a superb chef

In Morocco, it is traditional for a woman to start learning how to prepare food at an early age. And when she reaches her 20s, she has already learned to cook every recipe her mother made. So don't be amazed if you run into a mayor who knows how to cook.

2. No expectation before marriage

Moroccans adhere to Islamic teachings, which most women respect and follow. It is commonly accepted that traditional Moroccan women are virgins and are only interested in serious dating relationships that result in marriage before sex.

Her husband is her number one preference: The Moroccan woman has been taught by her mother and grandmother to put her husband in the first place in her life. It is uncommon for a Moroccan woman to go shopping or meet friends while her husband stays home unless he is insistent that she do so.

A Moroccan woman is a queen in her home: she is always able to find time to look after her beauty, mostly using natural beauty remedies that she learned from her mother. She does not depend on maids or babysitters and is always willing to leave her work for her family.

3. Her husband is the top priority

The Moroccan woman has learned from her mom and grandmother that her husband is supposed to be the number one priority in her life. It is uncommon for a Moroccan woman to go shopping or meet friends while her husband is at home unless he insists that she do so.

4. A Moroccan woman is the queen in her house

She is always finding time to look after her beauty, mainly using natural beauty blends that she got from her mother. She doesn't count on maids or babysitters, and she is always happy to quit her job for her family.

5. They are traditional but outgoing and social

These women are quite chatty, as we already said – and that's since Moroccan women are extremely self-confident. They are not introverts, so if you are searching for a shy and submissive girl, they are not the greatest pick for you.

6. They are very independent

Moroccan marriage candidates are very independent, so they don't always expect the man to pay for everything. If they don't have too much money with them, they may accept a drink or two, but you can be sure that after that they will be the next to pay.


1. They are often deeply religious

Not all, of course – we are talking mainly about Muslim Moroccans, but there are also many Christians and atheists in this country.

2. Cultural differences

Significant cultural differences can sometimes lead to misunderstandings in the relationship.

3. Language barriers

Although many Moroccan women speak several languages, language can still be an obstacle.

4. Distance

Long-distance relationships can be challenging, and you may have to spend a lot of time and money traveling back and forth.

5. Education of women

The education rate of Moroccan women was low in the past but has risen to as high as 43% in recent years. The government has improved and women have access to education, showing that they do not live in an oppressed society and have a choice in what education they want to receive.

Moroccan Brides – Myths and Facts

Moroccan Brides - Myths and Facts

Moroccan women share a distinctive blend of cultures, traditions, and values that make them tempting to men worldwide. The following are some distinguishing characteristics of Moroccan wives:

Fact 1. They are extremely beautiful

Morocco is quite commonly referred to as the country with the prettiest girls in Africa, and this is not far from the truth. A traditional Moroccan girl for marriage has olive skin, big dark brown eyes, silky hair, and an hourglass figure. These women are simply flawless.

Fact 2. They speak more than one language (Moroccan Arabic)

Most of them also know French, Spanish, and English, so you can overcome the issue of language barrier.

Fact 3. Educated and intelligent

A significant proportion of Moroccan women are educated and fluent in several languages, including Arabic, French, and often English. This level of education allows them to have stimulating conversations and maintain intellectual compatibility with their partners.

Myth 1: Their religion makes it difficult to approach them

Although the majority of Moroccan women are Muslim, there is a wide variety of religious beliefs and practices, so they are open to other cultures and religions.

Myth 2: Moroccan girls are too submissive

Moroccan girls are not overly submissive, but neither are they submissive. Moroccan girls are fond of fashion and care about the quality of their clothes. Although they are not very sophisticated, they are always pleased when they are treated well. Moroccan brides have amazing body types and can be thin, average, or a combination of all three. Their attractive hips and slim waists are a certain route to winning the hearts of the men in your life.

Myth 3: They have no right to express their opinion

Officially, women in Morocco have had equal rights since 2004. They can divorce and no longer have to accept polygamy.

Polygamy is still allowed. But the first wife must agree to it, and the husband must prove that he has enough money to support another wife and more children. So it has become rather uncommon.

In the big cities, women seem to be very independent. They study, have good jobs, and the younger ones often wear modern clothes. But if you go to the rural areas, you will find few, if any, women who do not cover their hair.

The concept of Moroccan brides and mail-order brides might seem strange to some, but it is vital to keep in mind that these women are individuals who are looking for love and happiness, just like anyone else. Moroccan women have so much to offer, and meeting them can be a worthwhile and rewarding experience.

Dating a Woman from Morocco: Rules & Basic Tips

Dating a Woman from Morocco: Rules & Basic Tips

The very first thing to realize: Moroccan mail-order brides are just like all girls all over the world in the sense that they are not all alike. Every woman is one of a kind, every woman is different, plus it is quite impossible to say that they are all like that. Still, we hope you will allow us to give you this gross generalization – we have done our best and collected here the top features of the most common Moroccan women.

  1. Don't call them Arabs! This is the most important thing you have to know, because if you call a Berber (North African) woman an Arab, most probably she will be insulted. They are (most) Berbers or Amazigh, but not Arab women.
  2. Be careful with the open display of affection, because, for some Moroccan women, it is not an option at all. If someone walks up to a Moroccan woman and asks her to go out with him, it may be regarded as harassment. Moroccan women usually like it when men are subtle in expressing that they are interested. This does not mean that 100% of them will never hold your hand, hug you or kiss you on the street – only those who grew up in a very religious family.
  3. Be generous – these women love generous men. But you don't necessarily have to buy her something extremely expensive, and of course, it has nothing to do with gold-digging. Moroccan marriage candidates like it when their men give them small gifts. But don't just buy her something without having a relationship with her – that might look a bit strange.
  4. Dress well. By this, we mean wearing neat, new clothing and, of course, avoiding spending $5,000 on a three-piece suit.
  5. Interrogate her and pay attention to her answers. In addition, Moroccan women are frequently highly communicative, so you may get to know your girlfriend a lot better by demonstrating your interest in her in this way. By the way, a nice approach to get over the awkward science on the first date is to ask questions.
  6. Avoid making sexist remarks. Such jokes may work with certain ladies from other nations, but not with a Moroccan mail-order bride. Keep in mind that these females are extremely sensitive to sexist remarks.
  7. Don't play games – Moroccan mail-order brides are quite clear and direct, and they dislike it when men don't directly express their thoughts. Most likely, your Moroccan bride will be honest, so let her know if you want to meet up.
  8. Do not anticipate being laid after the first date. These ladies are contemporary (by African standards), yet they still don't have the same sex freedoms as their counterparts in Europe or America. Don't expect to have sex after the first date, even if your date has genuine intentions.

Moroccan Wedding Traditions

Moroccan Wedding Traditions

Knowing what to anticipate might be very beneficial whether you are getting married in Morocco or traveling to attend a wedding there.

The procedures in Morocco for getting married

The marriage contract is often signed by the bride and husband before the ceremony. Contrary to the West, fewer individuals attend the wedding ceremony itself. Typically, just the couple and the bride's guardian (wali) are present. The procedure for getting the documents and marriage certificates starts a few days before the ceremony. Depending on whether both of the couples are Moroccan or if one is a foreigner, this will seem different.

The bride, groom, wali, and witnesses visit an imam to fill out the marriage contract and sign the paperwork to conclude the wedding when the paperwork is finished. The couple and their family decided on the specifics of the marriage contract in advance, so this section is only a formality that doesn't take much time.

Although the marriage is frequently not deemed "final" until after the wedding ceremony, the pair is legally and spiritually wedded when the documents are signed.

A three-day celebration

Traditional Moroccan weddings in the old days took seven days. The bride and groom's families threw parties in their own houses before the day the bride met the groom. Needless to say, all family members were invited, so the celebrations continued for some days. Today, however, it is no longer practical to do this and it is performed only rarely. Nowadays there are usually only one or two big parties (one in the bride's house, one in the groom's house) or just one huge party for both of them. There are also other nights to celebrate.

The Hammam Day

The wedding celebrations start with the hammam day for the women. The bride gets together all the female family members, friends, and neighbors and goes to the hammam (public bath) with them. Sometimes the hammam is hired for the wedding festivities. The bride washes her hair with ghassoul (a kind of clay), and her body is scrubbed, massaged, perfumed, waxed, and ready for the wedding night.

Henna party in Morocco

The henna ritual takes place the next day. The bride is getting henna tattoos on her hands and feet while the women huddle around her. Although the henna is temporary and eventually fades, it offers the bride a very attractive traditional look. Moroccans view henna as a symbol of beauty, fertility, and hope. To wish the bride luck in her marriage, henna is applied as a "fal" on her body. Everyone dances and sings for the bride during a wonderful reception after everyone is tattooed, including the bride's friends and family.

Sometimes during the henna party, the men gather for their party. This is much more civilized. Usually, they come together to eat, recite the Koran, and celebrate the man's upcoming marriage.

Wedding Party

The bride relaxes all day on the day of the wedding celebration before getting ready with hair and cosmetics in the late afternoon. Before the bride enters the wedding location, the wedding guests gather there. Everyone is waiting for the bride as the groom and his family arrive. The Moroccan ceremony places a lot of emphasis on the bride's looks. often, she is placed in an "Amaria," a decorated covered platform carried by four to six men (they often travel with the Neggafa). The Amaria bearers follow the groom down the aisle.

After that, the bride climbs down from the Amaria and sits next to the groom on a raised and decorated couch. During the evening, people come to sit next to the two of them and take photos.

The bride dresses for a second time, and then dinner is served. The couple eats at a family table with their parents and close relatives. Sometimes the couple takes the time at the end of the dinner to make a tour of the tables and welcome the guests. During the evening, the couple also dances once or twice with all of the guests gathered around them.

Then the bride goes again to dress. It is known as the "labssa fassia." It is gorgeous but heavy as it covers almost every part of the bride's body except the face. This kind of outfit is special for the tour in the "mida", yet one more platform (but this time with no roof). At this point, the groom also switches his suit for a more traditional jabador and djellaba outfit. Usually, there are two Midas (one for the bride and one for the groom) that are both raised at the same time.

The bride and groom dress one last time and go back to eat the wedding cake. The groom changes back into his suit and the bride wears a normal western white wedding dress or white Takshita. The bride and groom dance one last time, eat the cake and then go to the wedding night.

Top Cities to Meet Moroccan Women

Top Cities to Meet Moroccan Women

There are lots of places to meet Moroccan women face-to-face – in restaurants and shopping malls – or online – on the best online dating sites. But if you are thinking of marrying a Moroccan woman, you need to meet her in person.


Casablanca is among the biggest cities and the main city in Morocco. It is a fashionable city facing the sea and is the departure point for tourists traveling to Morocco. Casablanca is one of the key commercial centers with a population of approximately 3.3 million people. Casablanca is an attraction for tourists due to its rich history and the lovely Moroccan women you can find here.

Since it is a Muslim country, most Moroccan marriage candidates are more likely to meet foreigners in shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes. Some of the spots where you can meet Moroccan women are:

  • Morocco Shopping Mall
  • Raja Store Official and
  • Tachfine Center.


Marrakech is the fourth busiest city in Morocco and a major city for Morocco's commerce and culture. This city also has a lot of tourists, and Moroccan women are constantly learning foreign. In Marrakech, Casablanca, and other cities in Morocco, women are mostly covered with veils, so it is hard to identify their beautiful faces.

The women here have pretty much the greatest facial symmetry we've ever seen.

By conventional beauty standards, facial symmetry is actually what makes women "so" beautiful.

They also have very nice, long, pointed noses. There are rumors that you can only find religious women in Morocco. This is not true. There are many tourists here and of course, people who are not so religious. Find one for yourself.

But, some Moroccan women are very outspoken and easy to spot. Try to see these ladies during the day in shopping malls, cafes, and restaurants, like:

  • Comptor Darna
  • Menara Mall and
  • The Red House – a fancy restaurant.


Tangier is the arrival point for most visitors coming to Morocco by ferry from Spain. The city has a mysterious charm and a rich history that has drawn famous artists, politicians, writers, and musicians. To see lovely Moroccan women, check out historical sites, cafes, and shopping malls.


This city is located south of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.  It is certainly a very beautiful city where there are many beautiful women. The women here are some of the most beautiful we have seen in this country: We think that has something to do with the topography.

El Jadida

Even if you are not looking for beautiful women, El Jadida is a city in Morocco that you should include in your list of cities to visit.

The city is a port city, which means that many people, both tourists, and residents, come here to spend their free time.

Guess what that means? You can meet many beautiful women in Morocco who are just as travel and leisure-oriented as you are.

Many of the women here are "locals" and often act like it. That means they are nice and very welcoming and can give you an interesting stay.

They are also very beautiful. And we mean the kind of beauty that makes you turn your head back to stare at them again. The city has a beach! A little more free time, you know?


Despite the cultural and religious restrictions, the best places to meet hot Moroccan women at night are nightclubs. The best clubs to meet the hottest and most beautiful Moroccan women are located in Casablanca and Marrakech. The nightclubs include:

  • BAO Night Club in the Miami Beach complex
  • Maison B
  • W Club and,
  • Pacha Marrakech.


Daygame in Morocco to meet Moroccan women could be difficult as not all women are liberal. Due to their strong religious beliefs, most of them would not talk to a foreigner on the street. Casablanca, Marrakech, and Tangier, however, are more liberal. Ain Diab Beach in Casablanca is another great place where some sexy Moroccan ladies bask in the sun.

You can also check out the pool parties at Flamingo Beach Club in Casablanca, where you can meet and hook up with hot Moroccan girls. Other places to check out are popular shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, and tourist attractions in the bigger cities.

Where to Meet Moroccan Brides When You’re a Foreigner

Where to Meet Moroccan Brides When You’re a Foreigner

Online dating is among the greatest options to learn something new about dating if you are planning to marry a Moroccan woman. The best way is to look for an international dating website where you can find beautiful Moroccan women.

1. UaDates

UaDates is a great international dating website for you to use. It offers convenience, privacy, ease of use, and a great experience. The onboarding process takes no more than 5-10 minutes, and the search feature is phenomenal. If you use it properly, the search results page will be like a dream and show you all the people who are suitable partners for you.

Here you get thousands of opportunities to talk to women, an option for live international chat and video chat, a translator if needed, an easy-to-use app for iOS and Android, and a real international dating site you won't want to leave.


Goldenbride has a very intuitive interface that allows you to efficiently browse the profiles of beautiful single women and get in touch with your first choice. The registration process is quick, easy, and completely free. All you have to do is sign up, fill in the required personal information, and choose the right criteria for your potential partners. The quality of services comes at a price, so there are a few services that users have to pay for.

Goldenbride offers its users a variety of features to make communication as convenient as possible. You can talk to her via video chat or live chat, or even meet her in person during special dating tours.


The website is free, and you can start chatting with pretty Moroccan women and meet them after all. The site has a stable increase in new users and thrilling functions, and some members have found Moroccan women to date and marry.

4. MatchTruly

MatchTruly is aimed at those who would like a rather minimalist layout to navigate the interface and interact with the ladies more easily and quickly. If you plan to spend more time browsing through profiles online, then you should pick a site that is more appealing in design and doesn't use any special features to make things easier for you.

All you want to know about Moroccan Brides

All you want to know about Moroccan Brides

Why are there so Many Single Women in Morocco?

Although life is tough for marriageable single women in the Arab world at large, the rate of "single independent women" is growing fast in Morocco, to the point where this phenomenon is becoming the norm in Moroccan cities, especially in Casablanca and Rabat.

Over eight million Moroccan women live single lives, Ouest-France has reported, stating that educational level is the key driver behind the marked growth in the number of unmarried women.

How much does a Moroccan bride cost?

When looking for Moroccan mail-order brides, you must consider the costs involved. Even if you can't buy a bride – it's all about building a sincere relationship – you will invest in various services to make the process easier. Moroccan girls are not very popular in the online dating world, although they are pretty darn hot! Dating these girls online is not expensive – your expenses will probably not exceed $100 per month. For real-life costs, we have a detailed section below!

How much does a Moroccan woman cost: real-life costs.

  • Travel to Morocco. The cost is about $500 for an outbound ticket.
  • Gifts and flowers. You can get a beautiful bouquet for about $50. Gifts cost between $10 and $100.
  • Hotel and accommodations. If you want to impress your date, a nice hotel room costs about $200 per night. However, there are also hotels in a price range of $80-150.
  • Wedding. The average cost of a Moroccan mail-order bride's wedding is $20,000.

It's important to realize that while these costs can add up, they are an investment in your future. You are paying for a platform that connects you with potential Moroccan mail-order brides, provides safe and effective means of communication, and supports you every step of the way. The reward is the chance to build a loving relationship with a Moroccan woman, which is ultimately priceless.

Why Do Moroccan Women Marry Americans?

Morocco is not a perfect country for women. Gender inequality is still a problem here (although Morocco has passed laws to address this), and sexual harassment is also a problem (which is also often socially accepted by Moroccan men). However, this is not the main reason why a Moroccan mail-order woman would want to leave her country. The main reason is that these women simply love foreign men – so if you are a foreigner who wants to date a Moroccan girl, your chances of success are quite high!

Why do they want foreign boyfriends and husbands? Simply because a certain percentage of Muslim men can be very domineering and the girls only find out how good or bad their man is after the arranged marriage.

Dating a Western man means that they see him as an equal and not a second-class citizen.

Are Moroccan brides a real thing?

Beautiful Moroccan brides are perfect wives because they want to be by their husband's side throughout their life. They do not waste their time with people who are not into anything other than a relationship. That is, they want to date and don't make mistakes when it comes to judging men's character. If they are interested in someone, they will invite them out for coffee. This means that if you interact with Moroccan mail brides online, you will have to wait to be invited by them for coffee. What might help you is to start a conversation about religion. Ask them about their faith and make sure you are well enough informed to give some answers. The more you respond with real-life answers, the more you will pique their interest.

Your Moroccan mail-order bride will know how to impress you with her thinking because she is a real philosopher. Do not think for a moment that if she says something interesting, she is the woman who wants to be with you. Maybe she is just saying it to give you an idea. If she is not having fun with you

How to get a Moroccan girlfriend?

  • If you are interested in finding a hot Moroccan woman to be your wife, you can follow these five steps:
  • Choose the right platform: choose a reputable online dating site that matches Western men with Moroccan mail-order brides.
  • Create an attractive profile: Your profile should be appealing and authentic, showing your interests, lifestyle, and what you want in a partner.
  • Get in touch with Moroccan women: Start interacting with Moroccan women on the platform. Be respectful, show genuine interest, and take the time to get to know them.
  • Understand her culture: learning about Moroccan culture will help you better understand your Moroccan woman and show her that you respect her heritage.
  • Schedule a meeting: After producing a connection online, plan a trip to meet her in person. This way you can deepen your relationship and find out if you are a good match in real life.

How can I marry a girl in Moroccan?

Mixed marriages in Morocco are becoming increasingly common in today's globalized world. Unfortunately, the procedure can be quite complicated, frustrating, and stressful.

Each country has its specific procedures for its citizens who wish to marry Moroccans, but Western countries generally follow the same guidelines. The following steps relate specifically to Americans who wish to marry a Moroccan citizen in Morocco.    

Keep in mind that under Moroccan law, your prospective Moroccan spouse will need many documents of his or her own. Some of these documents can only be issued in the city where he or she was born.

Women do not have to be Muslim to marry a Moroccan man, but men must be Muslim to marry a Moroccan woman. If you are not Muslim and want to marry a Moroccan woman, you must convert or marry outside the country. According to the Koran, Muslim men can marry Christians and Jewish women.

Religion Information

Religion Information

A Muslim man (who is not from a Muslim country) who wishes to marry a Muslim Moroccan woman needs a notarized statement of religious belief.

A non-Muslim man who wishes to marry a Muslim Moroccan woman must convert to Islam to marry in Morocco.

He needs a certified and notarized copy of his conversion certificate from a religious/court notary, also called an adoul. This can be obtained from the Ministry of Justice in Rabat. Otherwise, the couple must marry in another country where this law does not apply. France is a good option. 

A Christian or Jewish woman does not have to convert to Islam to marry a Muslim Moroccan man. An Islamic marriage ceremony does not change religious affiliation.

The word "apostille" is the French word for certification. An Apostille is used to verify the authenticity of government-issued documents or to authenticate authentic copies of these documents so that they can be recognized by foreign governments.

Documents that need an apostille include birth, death, and marriage certificates. Court documents, administrative documents, and notarial deeds may also require an apostille. You do not need an apostille for every document you wish to present to the Moroccan government.

Some foreign governments require that American apostilles be issued by the U.S. Department of State. This is not required in Morocco, and apostilles issued by the state are sufficient. 

Apostilles can be requested by mail for a fee of $15 per document.

You will need to bring your passport to the US Consulate. You may also need proof that you are eligible to marry (singleness certificate, divorce certificate, or death certificate). You will be given a form to fill out and then pay at the counter. Return the receipt to the counter where you received the form and wait for your name to be called.

If you've made it this far, the fun begins! You can enjoy your wedding and honeymoon stress-free knowing that you and your spouse can do anything if you make it this far.

All of this may seem daunting, but don't let it deter you. The biggest part of the process is going back and forth between buildings and waiting.

If you come to Morocco well-prepared, you should have no problems. All you need is enough time and patience, and you will find happiness with the Moroccan brides – and it's a great story to tell your friends and family!