Chinese Brides: How To Meet China Women For Marriage


What do you know about Chinese brides? Their motherland is strongly associated with mysteriousness and ancient traditions interlocking modernity. Its name is also connected with communists, Shaolin Kung Fu, and pandas. But is their culture really so different compared to the Western one? Definitely yes! Does it mean your soulmate doesn’t come from China? Of course not!

In fact, many men from the Western world are already captivated by these Oriental beauties. Sooner or later, they start dealing with Chinese colleagues at work or become friends with fellow students from this Asian land. In most cases, however, it becomes for them a discovery of how charming and courageous these ladies can be. We guess this sounds familiar to you, though…

You probably question yourself now: do I really need to invest my time in a relationship with such a woman? Wouldn’t it be too complicated? True love is a special and, at the same time, challenging feeling – no matter where your girlfriend comes from. You surely shouldn’t forget about the cultural differences between China and your country. But there are enough international couples who prove – these marriages are mostly successful. And this article was written to assuage your doubts: use it as your personal advisor in a relationship with a Chinese girl.

Chinese brides: who are they?

Chinese brides: who are they?

Ladies from the People’s Republic of China don’t quite fit the description of typical Asians. One thing should be said here right away. You need to know that these cuties never chase after men. No matter how in love they are – don’t expect such a female to send you messages day and night just to get a bit of your attention.

Also, before searching for Chinese dating sites on the Internet, bear in mind – Oriental girls have very high demands, especially when choosing a partner. So if you want to score extra points with a pretty and exotic single from China – be ready to demonstrate the best sides of your character. But due to the fact, Western men are usually very demanding either – you could be perfect matches from the very beginning.

Without a doubt, having a relationship with an attractive Chinese woman is the dream of many guys from your country. Even though these females are educated – they are also reliable, faithful, and family-oriented. Unlike the majority of Western ladies, the Chinese manage to combine triumph at work and a happy family without therapy sessions.

It is no secret that women from China are considered extremely feminine. In addition, they take great care of their appearance and bodies to always look well-groomed. They are believed to be extraordinarily stylish. Their natural talent for dressing elegantly – was repeatedly marked by fashion experts from all over the world.

As a rule, an average Chinese mail-order bride is looking for a wealthy boyfriend. The one who is successful in his job. His level of education should also be high. Since she wants her man to be able to have conversations on an equal footing with her. Of course, it is best if the potential spouse has his own apartment or house. But don’t think she is materialistic – such a woman is always honest in her statements.

What are Chinese women look like in 2022?

What are Chinese women look like in 2022?

The way women from China look seems truly appealing to Western men. So no wonder you took the bait! For sure – each lady is unique. But let us describe features that fit the general portrait of a girl with Chinese roots.

Above all, we need to mention that some appearance-related attributes vary depending on which region the woman comes from. Thus, you shouldn’t be surprised if your crush differs from our description.

Basically, Chinese brides for marriage have a light skin color, notwithstanding the natural pigmentation. Their facial traits are sophisticated and a bit child-like. Eyes are typical for Asians. However, you shouldn’t think they are just narrow – rather rounder and a little smaller than the average European. When talking about the color – it is often presented by all dark shades – from brown to black.

Hair could definitely be called the main highlight of ladies from China. It is usually very long and straight. They don’t like to dye it and prefer natural black color. For sure – Chinese beauties emphasize their femininity through their shiny and healthy hair! They generally prefer to leave it down or do it in a pin-up style, which creates a special charm.

An average lady from this land is petite. According to statistics, her height is 5′ 1 feet (155 centimeters), and her weight is 126 pounds (57 kilograms). As you can see, it makes the ideal proportion of body parameters. These physical characteristics too often lead to the underestimation of her strength…

As mentioned, Chinese females like to look elegant. They never neglect personal hygiene and use numerous care products. Putting on makeup is one of the daily beauty rituals among Chinese girls. When it comes to choosing outfits, wearing trendy and cozy stuff becomes particularly important. They hate tight and short clothing. In contrast to Slavic and Latina hotties, the Chinese emphasize their curves in other ways. Still, since they are not tall, high heels remain popular in their country.

Why are Chinese women so beautiful?

Why are Chinese women so beautiful?

The main thing is to die young but as old as possible. This philosophy might sound strange to Western people – not for Chinese brides, though. They follow this ancient wisdom for thousands of years and carry many other secrets of eternal beauty through generations.

You must agree, women in China generally look much younger than their age. However, they didn’t develop the elixir of never-ending youth and good-lookingness. Flawless skin, shiny hair, no excess weight, and wrinkles-free face – all this is achieved thanks to the traditional way of life in this Asian country. The art of self-care is harmoniously combined with the spiritual calmness there.

But what exactly makes Chinese girls so beautiful? Here are three main principles of these females.


This is no secret, women in China adore their pale skin. They think nutrition has a big impact on it. In this country, light-colored food is considered beneficial for white skin. It includes milk, white fish, poultry, and egg noodles. At the same time, beef, chocolate, coffee, and other dark-colored dishes should be excluded from the daily menu.

For sure, the development of the cosmetic industry affects Asia, just like the rest of the world. Still, local ladies are convinced that their traditional care methods work better. For instance, they love rice not only for its taste. The beauty effect of face masks, compresses, and potions based on it is simply amazing.


You already know Chinese women for marriage are, for the most part, slender. They are sure – that excess weight, like many other unpleasant symptoms, indicates an imbalance in the Yin-Yang energy. It also creates metaphorical fire in the body. The only way the fire could be extinguished is explained in traditional Chinese medicine. Although, it is better to protect the body with preventive actions.

To make Yin and Yang coexist in harmony, ladies in China eat cucumbers, algae, root vegetables, tofu cheese, and bamboo shoots. Their favorite drinks are, of course, a variety of herbal teas. Spicy and fried foods, as well as alcohol, can cause a fire in the body. Cold drinks and ice cream are prohibited as well.

As you can see, this approach to nutrition helps Chinese women to keep not only their yin and yang well-balanced but also their body weight under control.

Daily regime

Following the daily regime, according to experts, also helps to look young longer. In this regard, Western people can learn from Chinese citizens. They are quite disciplined – and throughout their lives, they live under the rules, known from childhood. Namely, they get up early, find time for a nap at lunch, eat according to a schedule, etc. All this helps the body to recuperate at night and generously produce energy during the day. Therefore, a person gets rid of stress, and her aging process slows down.

Why do Chinese women make the best wives?

Why do Chinese women make the best wives?

If you wonder why Chinese dating services became so popular nowadays – here are a few basic facts that explain this phenomenon.

First and foremost, women from China are very hardworking. But this doesn’t mean they care only about their career prospects. The truth is the opposite – they have learned since childhood that family always has priority. For this reason, most Chinese girls wish to start their own families as soon as possible. But they never forget about their parents and do their best to make their lives easier.

If you decide to marry such a lady, you can be sure your union will last, and your children will grow up healthy and happy. But you will definitely need to watch out for your diet. As everyone knows, Chinese food is simply delicious, so it’s hard to resist the temptation to get an extra portion.

However, a woman from this country isn’t only interested in cooking for her husband and keeping the house clean. In her mindset, a man is the center of the universe. With the care this female gives, you can achieve top positions at work and provide your family well enough.

Pros and Cons of dating Chinese women

An average mail-order Chinese bride is cute, friendly, but … reserved. She knows how to enjoy life in all its manifestations – still remains a loyal partner for her loved one no matter what.

We know what you are thinking now: everything people say about Chinese girls is too good to be true. But is that really so? We have summarized the most essential knowledge about them to determine accurate lists of their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see what will outweigh!

Pros of starting a relationship with one of the Chinese women for marriage


We have already said it, but it’s hard to stop mentioning this advantage of Chinese ladies. Without a doubt, they are impressively beautiful. And it’s not only our opinion: world experts obviously think so too, praising Chinese hotties in various beauty contests.

They are tender and delicate, always have a very well-groomed appearance, and never forget to put on make-up. In China, girls also attach great importance to personal hygiene.

But their beauty is not just a gift from mother nature. These females also know many style life hacks. For example, they rarely wear dark clothing. Such outfits cast a shadow on the face and emphasize the slightest skin impurities. Therefore, to look pretty – Chinese women prefer pastel colors.

Great sense of family

Have you ever looked through profiles on Chinese dating websites? If yes, have you noticed the general tendency? Exactly: female members are never looking for fun or one-night stands there. They all want to start serious relationships that grow into marriage one day.

For sure, when looking for a perfect partner, you need to determine your own wishes. Are you looking for a woman who is gorgeous, loyal, and caring? Does your ideal partner dream of having children? Then your soulmate certainly was born in China! The sense of family she has – is great – and taking care of kids is nothing but pleasure.


Many Western men think Chinese women are shy. It’s true at some point, but not completely. Historically, they are more concentrated on the feelings of those around them – not on their own. Probably this ensures their general friendliness and inborn empathy.

To experience it, you definitely need to have a private conversation with a lady from China. Trust us – you will enjoy it. Moreover, criticism will never be expressed during your chat. And, if your conversationalist will be unhappy with something, her emotions will be presented in a very warm manner.


When Western men start dating Chinese women, they notice this as their character trait above all. We talk about calmness, of course.

This, however, could be seen on their faces. Western ladies suffer from wrinkles from a relatively young age. You can’t say the same about the Chinese, though. But it’s not because of botox and collagen – their method is much cheaper. They just don’t worry so much!

The main secret of their young and smooth skin is absolute peace of mind. Since ancient times, Chinese girls have been taught to control emotions and, in no case, demonstrate on their faces what is happening inside. So, as you can see, this feature is beneficial for both: your relationship and her appearance.


You might be surprised, but various studies have shown that Chinese women are generally clever and creative. They can hardly be called superficial since the appearance of the potential partners doesn’t play an essential role there. It means your Chinese girlfriend can become your advisor and best friend. Your conversations will always be exciting, like on the first day.

If you belong to the category of men who want something more than a pretty face as a partner – one of the Chinese brides can become your perfect match.

Cons of relationships with sexy Chinese brides

Cons of relationships with sexy Chinese brides

Always in touch

Why don’t you call me three times a day? Where are you? What are you doing? Be ready to constantly hear these questions when dating a Chinese girl. This particularly concerns young ladies, by the way.

Women from China typically want to keep in touch with their boyfriends throughout the day. They expect men to show how they care by calling or texting them at least three times a day. The more – the better, though. That’s not going to change, so if you want a long-term relationship – you have to put up with it.

Your free time = our time

If you don’t hang out with your Chinese girlfriend often enough – you are in trouble. In such a case, she will think you are selfish. And that’s what you, actually, will be called if you don’t do what she wants. A woman from China will never miss an opportunity to compare you to Narcissus if you give your free time to someone else. Since, according to her mindset, you need to spend all your leisure time together!

Sometimes young Chinese girls complain that they don’t like their boyfriend’s friends, but that’s not entirely true: they just want their boyfriends to spend less time with their friends and more time with loved ones.

Fashion tips

Chinese mail-order brides are very stylish and good-looking. However, their fashion talent doesn’t end with their own outfits.

An average girl from China wants her boyfriend to choose clothes following the latest trends or, at least, her own tastes. If he doesn’t want to dress the way his lady wants – arguments are unavoidable. It must be mentioned – preferences in the clothing of Chinese people usually differ from what Western guys like. So, sometimes, it becomes quite difficult to follow their fashion tips.

Culture differences

A foreign man will often hear this phrase from his Chinese wife, “You need to learn more about my culture!” This certainly includes knowledge about traditions, habits, and other cultural nuances. But don’t forget about the language. For sure, a woman from China will try to comprehend your lifestyle, as well. However, it’s better not to provoke arguments neglecting her roots.

Let us give you a small example. It sounds strange, but it’s true: Chinese girls will suggest to their boyfriends double-size their portions. The more you eat, the healthier you become – this is a Chinese proverb, and local females follow it gladly.

No privacy

Women from China, most likely, will not understand why you care about your privacy and personal space so much. They simply got used to the fact it doesn’t exist in their country.

Due to the overpopulation of their country, you can hardly find a place for a moment alone with your thoughts. So don’t wonder why your woman is talking too loudly or constantly glancing over your shoulder when you chat with friends.

Dating Chinese women: what should you know?

Dating Chinese women: what should you know?

Is there something you need to know before searching for Chinese singles’ dating sites on the Web? Clearly – yes!

The People’s Republic of China is developing rapidly in all directions. The society in this country is also experiencing significant changes. Today, all females who live there could be divided into three dating categories: the 80s generation, the 90s age group, and the 2000s class. Representatives of these groups grew up in very different social environments. Particularly this factor has the greatest impact on their mindset.

The 90s and 2000s generations are the most modern and sophisticated. The way they think and the actions they do are more Western-like. In fact, these are the initial categories of people who were born in high-tech China. For them, eating in McDonald’s and buying goods in supermarkets is something completely normal. They exchange their ideas and thoughts very openly and extensively on the Internet. The same couldn’t be said about the older generation, though.

Okay, but how do modern Chinese women date in their homeland? The love relationship between guys and girls in this country is regulated by the rules of morality. Although, ancient traditions shouldn’t be forgotten too. It is common in China to marry quickly and get a child right away. Singles also don’t mind if parents look for the right partner for them.

It’s funny how fast Chinese cities change, with all their skyscrapers and towers – but people remain very conservative. Especially when it comes to flirting and physical contact. For instance, kissing in public is still largely taboo – and could be rarely seen even in big cities like Shanghai and Beijing.

At the same time, more and more singles want to run away from traditions and morality. They want to be free and therefore do not limit their search to their own villages or even China in general. And, with the highest probability, you will be dealing with them. More detailed information about them you can find below in this article.

Hot Chinese women: rules and basic tips

An average Chinese lady is looking for a husband who could be described as strong, above all. This refers not only or rather less to his physical attributes, though. It is primarily about the mental strength, independence, and inner balance of a person.

When talking about the typical couple, consisting of a Western guy and a Chinese girl – there can often appear disagreements. Most frequently, these are mentally and culturally-related misunderstandings. Especially in such situations, a man must demonstrate his calmness and self-control. Remember: only the one who communicates gently and openly with his Chinese girlfriend will be able to resolve critical issues quickly and confidently.

A Western man in the fantasies of Chinese women is not only romantic. But he is also humorous and clever – you should try to live up to this idea to win the heart of one of them. That doesn’t mean that you should become a Stand-Up funny guy for her. In concrete terms, you must now and then arrange various romantic moments and make your girlfriend from China laugh.

In addition, it is essential to go on trips with such a lady more often and spend a lot of time together, since Chinese women like to do things with their boyfriends or spouses.

Actually, Chinese free dating sites are overwhelmed by experienced girls who look for their love abroad. Do you want to know why? The answer is simple: the expectations of many of these women are very high. So they consider it difficult to find a suitable partner only among locals. You must be particularly careful with such ladies. We talk about never-married females over 30 – they are also called Sheng Nu – leftover women. If you are not sure you want to keep up with endless demands from your girlfriend’s side – stay away from them.

Cultural differences when dating Chinese women

If you want to date Chinese women, you should, first of all, say goodbye to Western values. You need to understand what the thousands of years old culture of this Asian country brings. Numerous traditions have survived to this day, even if there were great upheavals under Mao Zedong and his communist government. Thus, ladies from

China grew up in a contradiction between custom and modernity, which they mastered with chic.

Another essential aspect you need to be aware of is birth control rules in this exotic land. Because of the population growth in China, girls for a long time were unwanted children. This tendency slowly changes nowadays, but the subordinate role in society should still be played by them.

One more interesting thing we like to draw to your attention. The word sajiao is strongly associated with Chinese dating and marriage. To be more specific, it describes the behavior of an adult woman who acts completely childish in public. Her actions are usually intended for the eyes and ears of her man. Don’t be shocked, but such manners are not only widely practiced – but actually approved in society. If a woman does not perform sajiao from time to time – she may be considered not feminine enough. The point is to look cute, charming, and get the kind of care that usually obtains a child. Embarrassing or humiliating a partner is not meant.

Here is a classic sajiao situation: a couple is shopping on the weekend, on a crowded street filled with various stores. Such a location could be found in almost every city of China. She sees a luxurious dress and begs her boyfriend or husband to buy it. He refuses, and she makes a scene: pouting, raising her voice, screeching, stomping her feet, and perhaps even hitting the man playfully! She acts like a little princess —a spoiled only child in a family, a product of a planned birth policy. After that, most likely, the dress should be bought. So before joining a Chinese free dating site – think this situation over. Can you handle it?

In fact, deep inside Chinese psychology, the idea is that a man must take care of his women in a way that many Western guys consider excessive. It is about satisfying even the slightest needs and showing blind devotion in routine situations. It could mean anything from buying expensive gifts to insisting on carrying her purse!

The Chinese are convinced that men are made for spoiling their chosen ones. Sajiao practice makes them feel more masculine and courageous. Moreover, a good Sajiao session only confirms the seriousness of the relationship.

Chinese women stereotypes

Let’s face it: the Chinese are generally not really loved in the whole world. This attitude worked out largely due to the bad-mannered, from a Western point of view, behavior of tourists from China. This prejudicial image is carefully supported by mass media and social networks…

However, representatives of Chinese-American dating confirm – the first impression, which is not always positive, means nothing. You just need to brush aside all stereotypes to fight the unwillingness to see pleasant details. We, therefore, decided to present to your attention the most common cliches about these Asian beauties. We hope this knowledge will help you to comprehend the truth.

Chinese ladies have absolutely no manners.

They slurp, squish when drinking tea, spit and talk too loud. We guess you are right at these points! Still, these all things just refer to our understanding of manners and etiquette!

From the point of view of the Chinese girls, a well-mannered person has completely different qualities, which, alas, many foreigners often do not have. Blowing your nose on a handkerchief, calling an older person by name, letting a friend pay for dinner, sitting in a place of honor in front of the door… The list of matters that violate social rules in China can continue. The fact is polite Chinese women will never tell you about it. To point out a person or his mistake means to force him to lose his face in this country. And no one will ever allow herself such a thing!

Whatever it may seem to foreigners, the Chinese above all think about the convenience of people around them. They simply try so hard to understand what others need that they simply don’t know how to formulate what they want, even in their own thoughts…

Chinese females are cruel – they eat cats and dogs.

Please, don’t ever say this to Chinese women on a dating site – never! We will try to explain more to this point now.

Photos of trucks full of poor animals have been taken many years ago but still roam from publication to publication on the Internet. Namely, these pictures are horrifying the cat-loving Internet audience all over the globe and causing the most negative attitude towards Chinese people. New ones actually don’t exist!

We don’t want to enter into a discussion – about why eating cows, pigs, and horses are considered okay. But you definitely shouldn’t think your Chinese girlfriend will cook a nice dog stew one day! Youth of this country has food preferences typical for us.

Some older people, of course, do this sometimes, but their number is negligible. And you should not judge them as a whole about the entire population of a great country.

All Chinese girls have similar facial traits.

Wait a minute, you were looking through user profiles on a Chinese dating website and still think so? Oh, dear… The answer is no, no, and one more time – no!

We don’t say a word that the Chinese who live in Malaysia or Singapore look absolutely differently. Although, when talking about mainland China – dissimilarities become apparent! You don’t need to be an expert to distinguish southerners from northerners – just a bit of attention.

Of course, when you come to China for the first time, the abundance of Asian beauties blends into one continuous blur. But after a couple of weeks, you begin to see how different they all are.

All Chinese women are small.

Well, we don’t want to say that it’s generally a stereotype. The tendency is obvious – many women in China are rather petite. But there are, of course, taller ones. The height of each particular woman is formed mainly by her diet. The more animal protein she eats, the taller she is. This trend becomes clear when comparing the growth of females from big and rich cities to those from poor villages.

It must be noted, over the past 20 years, due to the better financial status, the Chinese have grown up a lot.

Chinese ladies eat nothing else but rice.

When dating Chinese girls, you shouldn’t worry about this part.

It is no secret – Chinese cuisine is one of the most diverse in the world! Let’s start with the fact that the number of vegetables used there is much greater than in the Western one. Not to mention the methods of cooking and the assortment of spices. For example, there are more than 100 fillings for dumplings alone!

Rice is not eaten as a main dish in China – it serves as bread instead. Restaurants usually offer it to every meal to make the portion even bigger. So don’t worry: Chinese cuisine is about endless choices depending on the season and region – not rice and noodles, as many believe.

How to meet and marry Chinese women?

How to meet and marry Chinese women?

You can find a Chinese wife nowadays only if you actively search for her. It means you need to be ready to invest a bit more time in the search (compared to what you got used to). Of course, you don’t need to think you will have to give up your normal life and quiet job to do this.

Furthermore, you don’t definitely need to travel to China to meet the woman of your dreams! It has become much easier now since the Internet is developing rapidly. And searching for a potential soulmate from the other part of the world has become much more comfortable.

International dating agencies broadly presented on the market give all possible assistance in this regard. In addition, they are equipped with many practical features that make the process very pleasant. A monthly fee has to be paid in most cases, though. On the other hand, you can be sure you are reliably protected from scammers – the benefits are great.

With the help of a Chinese dating site, every Western man can find a girlfriend from this Asian country. However, with a bit of luck – you will meet the one who already lives in your city! There are, for sure, some women from China who come to the USA, Canada, Australia to study or work and are still single. In this case, of course, it will be easier to arrange a real-life rendezvous later. If you are not that lucky, whether you like it or not – you will have to travel directly to the country of your beloved one. So that you can meet the lady of your heart and then bring her to your motherland.

There is a good tip from representatives of Chinese dating sites in the USA. These girls are very shy. And it is, therefore, better for a man to initiate contact with them. This also shows that he possesses masculine qualities, which are so welcome by Oriental beauties.

As a potential boyfriend, you should also be able to lead the conversation and ask lots of questions. This becomes important on the first chat and remains so later in offline dates. If you talk about yourself too much, you give the impression that you are too selfish and simply not curious about your conversationalist. Try to impress your girl with your modesty instead. Only then will the Chinese lady be attracted to you. Incidentally, this also works for all other women in this world.

Benefits of Chinese girls for marriage

Chinese ladies for marriage are considered independent and strong-minded. However, you do not see these qualities at first glance, only when you know them better.

Initially, these girls appear passive and reserved. They need to save face – it belongs to the Chinese life philosophy. Thus, every problem becomes a challenge when you only start a relationship… Still, with a bit of patience, a reliable man who works a lot will find a Chinese woman a perfect partner. A marvelous housewife – her positive approach is noticeable in everything she does. However, it is not for nothing that Asians are considered extraordinarily successful all over the world and almost always create a professionally profitable existence for themselves without any help.

You will have to get used to all cultural differences – but your efforts will not be in vain. See the list of the benefits having such a woman as your wife brings.

#1. Chinese women are the embodiment of purity. It doesn’t only concern personal hygiene, though – we talk rather about their moral compass. These girls are pure in thoughts, desires, and goals. Even preferences in food are no exception! People who are more careful in everything regarding their health couldn’t be found. This attitude helps them live a long and healthy life.

#2. Chinese women for dating, without a doubt, are very loyal partners. You can completely rely on such a girl. She only promises what she can keep – and that never changes.

The issues a Chinese wife said she solves – will be done diligently, without unnecessary noise, and, of course, on time. She doesn’t mind serving her family members and putting their needs first. Making loved ones happy is a kind of duty for a woman from China.

#3. In financial matters, Chinese ladies are also prudent. They cannot be accused of wasting money for nothing. These hotties got used to earning funds only by their own labor – and that is why they prefer saving for splurging.

Although, the Chinese are not greedy. To those who need financial assistance – these girls will always give help. But at the same time, they must know that the people they help are not lazy, idlers or beggars.

With the same generosity, women from China treat those who are weak and helpless, including animals.

#4. Western men who have tried Chinese women dating say they are genuinely sweet and subtle natures. Their character traits are grace, calmness, kindness; they are charming and attractive, too. These girls are always well-dressed, neatly combed: they are preoccupied with their appearance no less than with everything else!

Their manners and actions are modest and devoid of extravagance. Ladies from China are soft and calm in communication – they will never intentionally behave in such a way as to attract the attention of others.

#5. Ladies from China are endowed with commitment, exceptional logic, and the ability to anticipate events. And, of course, the ability to listen to themselves, to comprehend everything that occurs in their bodies. Thanks to the extensive knowledge of traditional (herbal) medicine, they know how to maintain mental and physical health.

Practical, with a sober view of the world, an average Chinese female has no illusions – she is certainly not a dreamer. Sounds like the best wife ever, isn’t it?

Chinese brides FAQ

Why are there so many single women in China?

To be honest, we can’t say that there are too many single women in China. Due to the strict policy concerning childbirth (one family = one kid), many families considered girls unwanted children. And, after the ultrasound, terminated a pregnancy if it wasn’t a boy. For this reason, in percentage terms, there are more single males than females in China. Therefore, international Chinese dating sites have become so popular nowadays for an absolutely different reason.

How much does a Chinese bride cost?

According to public sources, getting a wife from China costs, on average, from $2500 to $22000. It doesn’t mean you simply buy yourself a spouse like a T-shirt on AliExpress. In this case, here were calculated approximate expenses of communication through a dating platform, real-life meetings, and visa fees.

Why do Chinese women marry Americans?

Women from China prefer Western men (in particular, Americans) because they are considered self-confident and kind. It is also believed they are athletic and generally handsome. The fact these guys are family-oriented and fond of children gives extra points. Of course, the financial aspect also plays a significant role. Since, after all, a Chinese girl wants to be able to raise her kids without any worries.
So, if you are well-educated and triumphant in career man – your chances of success by Chinese ladies dating – are high.

How can I marry a girl in China?

If you want to marry a Chinese woman, you need to follow many different rules. After all, this is about an international marriage, which is associated with various challenges. But you don’t have to worry – other men have done this before, so it’s not impossible.
First of all, you should be aware that marrying such a girl involves a certain amount of time and money. For instance, you have to accept the higher costs for obtaining all the necessary papers. In addition, you need to wait a few months before you can arrange the ceremony with your loved one.
To be able to marry a Chinese lady in her country, you must meet the requirements of Chinese law in this respect. Since these often change, we won’t provide any exact information to avoid confusion. It is, therefore, advisable to obtain the list of required papers from all authorities that are directly related to the wedding.

Are Chinese brides a real thing?

If you choose a reliable dating platform, then sure – we can say with confidence – Chinese brides are a real thing.