Egyptian Brides: How To Meet Egypt Women For Marriage


Egyptian brides – Who They Are and why they so attractive

If you are on the lookout for a compelling and worthwhile relationship, then Egyptian brides are the perfect match for you.

She is famously attractive, smart, and proud of her cultural values – so what more could you possibly ask for? To get the most out of your relationship with this particular person, though, you must be aware of the unique customs that define her view of romance.

In this article, we examine all the issues needed to create a successful relationship with an Egyptian woman – from cultural standards to useful hints!

PROs & CONs of Dating Egyptian Women

PROs & CONs of Dating Egyptian Women

Given so many men chasing Egyptian women to marry them, you can only think: what makes them so desirable in the international dating arena? Below are just a few of the pros and cons of them.


1. They are the epitome of exotic beauty

If you think of Cleopatra as the perfect picture of an Egyptian woman, you're not too far off the mark. Most Egyptian women come with dark, silky hair and olive skin that is particularly beautiful in the sun. The defining traits of Egyptian women are their dark eyes and contrasting facial features, allowing them to stand out with minimal or no makeup. Egyptian women are not too tall or too thin, but their feminine figure is just what you would like to see every day.

2. They maintain traditional values

The worldview of Egyptian women hasn't changed over the past few centuries, and while millions of women in the world today want great careers and favor casual dating, Egyptian women are as focused on marriage and family as they were a hundred years ago. If you are looking for someone loyal and trustworthy, and who will keep you at the top of their list, you can never go far wrong with an Egyptian woman.

3. They are smart and well-read

Egyptian families emphasize education, and they spend a lot of time, money, and effort to ensure that their daughters get a quality education. Besides, Egyptian girls are naturally thirsty for learning and never miss an opportunity to study something new. When you speak with an Egyptian woman for the first time, it will be very revealing for you, and this feeling will not go away even after the 1000th conversation.

4. They will not compare you with other men

A typical Egyptian woman will not have a lot of experience in dating until marriage and will not have met many men outside her family circle. Because of this, she will never be compelled to compare you to other men, and she will be more than glad to have you by her side every day.

5. They can adapt easily to new conditions

Among the greatest traits of Egyptian women that make them so popular for international marriages is that they are highly adaptable and can adjust to any new challenges that life brings their way. Be it moving to a new country, going to work, leaving work altogether, bearing children, or transforming their whole life for marriage, there is nothing that can spoil the happy spirit of an Egyptian woman.


1. They have a reputation for being very jealous.

Most Egyptian women are regarded as jealous. When you have a big group of friends of the opposite sex, chances are that your Egyptian woman doesn't like them for no obvious reason.

They like their men to care as much as they do, and they see most young women as a potential threat to their relationship.

Your Egyptian woman will also want to know where you are staying and who you are seeing regularly. If they become too possessive, you should not even think of lying to them!

2. Gender norms dictate their lives

The terms that describe gender roles in Egypt are purely traditional. For Egyptian parents, the man is the breadwinner of the family and the woman is the provider. In recent years, Egyptian women have entered professions such as medicine and more conventional occupations such as journalism. Still, the way the man pays for all expenses in the relationship is appropriate.

Egyptian women are more likely to want a partner who can stand up for them because they grew up with this attitude. This has led many people to assume that Egyptian women are materialistic. However, you will find that this is not the case.

3. People will be watching you

When dating Egyptian women, you have to understand that they have a conservative tradition. Considering the strict religious views of Egyptians, sex before marriage is forbidden and highly frowned upon. They forbid a lot of activities that could promote a public display of affection. Since the neighborhoods are mostly rural, the older Egyptians keep a steady eye on the young people.

So you must be mindful of what affection you display in public, in particular when you are dating your Egyptian wife, as holding hands or kissing could be disapproved of by other natives, especially the older ones.

You need to make other solid reasons to be confident that the Egyptian woman you have picked is the right one for your marriage. And when the time comes to go and meet her parents, be ready to answer a few questions as to why you deserve her daughter's hand in marriage.

4. They are aloof

Egyptian women do not like relationships to develop quickly. They prefer to get to know each other quietly and build a relationship gradually.

But real men like challenges! The fact that they are so hard to have makes Egyptian women even more attractive.

5. They are quite conservative

If you have chosen a conservative woman, finding a partner will be quite difficult. You probably won't get beyond a long conversation, and your partner may want to hear romantic words all the time. You will not be able to go out together or have fun. Premarital relationships are restricted in Egypt. Your relationship might remain hidden or even be terminated as soon as her family finds out about it.

Egyptian Brides – Myths and Facts

Egyptian Brides - Myths and Facts

No matter if they are from the same nation, every woman is extraordinary. Meaning that Egyptian women are not all the same, but have specific traits that distinguish them from all other women around the world. For example, below are some of the advantages of dating Egyptian women:

Fact 1. They are helpful and sympathetic.

The gorgeous Egyptian women are powerful and trustworthy, and they are amazing mothers. Pouring nothing but affection and compassion on their husbands, they do all they can to make them happy.

In both favorable and unfavorable periods, these women are loyal to their partners. They bring up children with utmost devotion and care. If you get an Egyptian woman, you need not worry that she will subvert or leave you, because she is going to devote the rest of her life to loving and supporting you and your children.

Fact 2. They are modest

In Egypt, a woman can't get a job without a man's permission. Therefore, Egyptian women learn from early childhood to obey men and other higher authorities. They become wiser day by day and know the secrets of how to influence the men they love. This is not about manipulation or control, but a method of using their feminine power properly.

Fact 3. They are faithful

According to statistics, 90% of the Egyptian population is Muslim, and the rest of the population is Christian. This means that Egyptian women must pray at least a few hours a day and follow the principles of the Koran or the Bible.

The scriptures say that a woman must obey her husband and be faithful to him for the rest of her life. So Egyptian women are very shy and pay attention to these principles to keep peace in their homes.

Fact 4. They are powerful

It is common knowledge that the ancestors of modern Egyptian women were very powerful and influential. Women like Cleopatra were role models for all future female generations on how to govern and behave in a country. Therefore, it can be said that Egyptian women are very strong personalities and understand the power of female energy over men.

Myth 1. They are old fashioned

Some may be quick to label Egyptian women as meek and old-fashioned, but in reality, there are a variety of women who are educated on many topics and have individual ideas about gender roles.

Today, some Egyptian women are breaking with gender inequality and stereotypes. They are striving for equality in public life while holding on to their cultural beliefs. By entering the workforce and pursuing personal interests, they show that they can be self-determined without abandoning traditions.

Myth 2. They do not like to tidy the house

Egyptian wives are very concerned about saving the heart of the family. They do everything to make the home cozy and make every member of the family feel comfortable and happy.

But not all Egyptian women are ready to do the housework themselves. Girls from simple families have learned to master all household tasks since their early childhood, as they helped their mothers. But the women who have rich parents expect their husbands to hire a maid. But even in such cases, Egyptian women always control the quality of housekeeping and make sure that the house is cozy and neat.

Myth 3. They do not know how to treat their husbands

Egyptian women believe that the husband is the head of the family. Therefore, they always respect his decisions and opinions. Moreover, they always treat their husbands with courtesy, especially in public.

Myth 4: They are quiet and closed

Although they don't know what to do with men beyond their families, they have powerful energy. Spending all the time with themselves, they develop their feminine strengths and so they learn ways to weaken men when they meet them. When you meet an Egyptian woman for the first time, she is shy at first, but as soon as she gets over this initial shyness, you will experience intense energy from her. A lot of foreign men think this kind of self-confidence is sexy.

Dating a Woman from Egypt: Rules & Basic Tips

Dating a Woman from Egypt: Rules & Basic Tips

Finding a partner from Egypt can be a challenge because of a cultural barrier. But overcoming it is real if you consider the following suggestions:

1. Be serious about your intentions.

Do not start a relationship with an Egyptian woman if you are not seriously interested in her. The greatest and most important thing you could do is to be sincere with her as well as with yourself. If you do not like her, you shouldn't go out of your way to use her and push her into sex, because you might both end up regretting it in the aftermath.

2. Behave yourself

It is a must for every Western man to keep patience when going out with an Egyptian woman. Meaning that you should not even try to touch her, even with kisses and hugs. Egyptian women are highly religious. Consider this. You will be greatly blessed if you marry her, so be ready to wait until the end.

3. Say kind words

Politeness is also vital for all Egyptian women. For example, you can say to her how beautiful she is or how well her veil suits her. Egyptian women are extremely sensitive. They love compliments. The more compliments you give, the better, because most girls love men who listen to them.

4. Listen attentively

The skill of listening can greatly help you on a date. Psychologists state that it is vital for all girls to speak at least 20,000 words a day. So, you need to allow your stunning Egyptian lady to have her say. Perhaps she didn't have the opportunity to do so in the daytime. Be clever and offer her such a chance!

5. Make sure she comes home safely

It is crucial to look after the Egyptian girl. If you succeed in accompanying her home or calling a cab, her parents and closest relatives will appreciate it. It means you will be more quickly blessed by them.

6. Offer her presents

This is a further possibility to show your love. Also, this is a great opportunity for you to show that you are ready financially for a family. So don't be greedy about gifts for your Egyptian wife.

 7. Don't ever show disrespect to her family

Respecting older family members is part of the local mentality. So try your best to stay on good terms with your girl's parents. Also, do not make negative remarks about her relatives, even if she complains about misunderstandings with them.

Egyptian Wedding Traditions

Egyptian Wedding Traditions

Egyptian wedding traditions are as varied and original as the culture itself.

Starting from the engagement to the post-wedding festivities, each has its unique array of traditions that have been handed down through the generations.

No matter if you're searching for options to honor your heritage or if you want an exotic twist on a traditional wedding, discovering Egyptian wedding customs can help you add to the excitement of your special day.

Reading of the al-Fatiha

Once the two families are finally settled on the terms of the marriage, Al-Fatiha, the first surah of the Holy Quran, is quoted by the closest relatives to signify the blessing of the marriage. Reading Al Fatiha is regarded as the first step before the engagement. Certain people accomplish "Erayet al Fatiha" and the engagement on the same day.

The Engagement

The engagement ceremony is a period for the couple to become better known to each other and to get ready for the marriage. As a rule, the bride's family arranges the engagement party in their home, in an event room, or even in a hotel that is decorated for the festivities. The bride and groom wear the engagement rings on their right hands.

El Shabka

El Shabka is a piece of jewelry that the groom offers to his future bride and is commonly made of gold. Wealthier families make a gift of diamonds. Traditionally, the bride has to return el shabka to the groom if they separate.

The henna night

The bride hosts a party where she and her cousins and friends paint their hands with henna and have a party at her house. Some other cultures in Egypt throw a greater henna party for both men and women, like Upper Egypt, where the groom also paints his hands with henna (a different kind). The henna party is usually one or two days before the wedding.

Katb el-ketab

Meaning "the writing of the book" in Arabic, this is a reference to the document that the couple signs to formally state their marriage. A lot of Muslim families do this in the mosque or at home, calling in the "ma'zoun" or sheikh, who is empowered by the government to do the paperwork. Christian families, on the other hand, might go to church and get their marriage authenticated by the priest.

The wedding day

The wedding is the greatest ceremony of all. It normally happens in a wedding hall, but some Muslim religious families have their wedding in the mosque. Following the "Katb al-ketab", the guests wish the newlyweds good luck and then go home.

Other interesting traditions:

El Zaffa

Egyptians like to party the couple on their way to the wedding hall and on their way out. The families and friends join them in their cars and turn up the music and sound the horn loudly. Interesting.

The Zaghrouta

There is no wedding complete without a nice and noisy Zaghrouta, a sound made by women by moving their tongues very quickly sideways to show their pleasure. It is common in other Arab countries too.

The crazy loud music, "Mahraganat" and the belly dancer

Egyptian weddings are normally quite loud. It would be very unlucky to sit next to the loudspeakers at an Egyptian wedding. Mahraganat, Egyptian techno music, is a kind of music that lights the wedding on fire. Certain Egyptian families engage a belly dancer to amuse the guests and add more excitement, while others are more traditional and think she is out of place.

The wedding cake

The big wedding cake that you see beside the bride and groom is not served to the guests! Of course, the guests may eat, but another one!

Pinching the bride's knee

As weird as it sounds, it's true. It is thought that a girl who pinches the bride's knee is the next to get married.

The pyramid ring exchange

The bride and groom both join their hands in a form that looks like a pyramid, and the spouse passes the ring from the right hand to the left. This custom, however, is disappearing.

El 'Afsh

To celebrate and show off the bride's new furniture, some traditional families, especially in Upper Egypt, lead the new furniture in a singing and dancing parade in open floats to the husband's new home.

Finally, each culture has its customs and traditions that make it different and unique.

Top Cities to Meet Egyptian Women

Top Cities to Meet Egyptian Women

Egypt is a very inviting and tourist-friendly country. Thus, it looks like a great idea to go there to meet Egyptian girls. Which city to pick and which places to go to meet your destiny?

Cairo: the capital of Egypt

If you want to meet locals, you should stay away from the places popular with tourists. Go to a cozy cafe or lounge. Here are some places you might like:

  • ZEN Cafe & Lounge;
  • The Smokehouse;
  • Nairu Restaurant and Lounge;
  • Bar'Oro;
  • El Fishawy Cafe.

Tourist sites:

  • The Egyptian Museum
  • Al-Azhar Mosque
  • The great pyramids
  • The Great Sphinx

There is also the chance to meet local women at Khan el-Khalili, Cairo's central market.

Alexandria: a port city with a rich history.

Top Cities to Meet Egyptian Women: Alexandria

A place that is certainly worth a look is the Oceanarium. It is unlikely, however, that you are likely to meet many single women there, as the audience is mostly formed families with children. You can find much more singles in discos, cafes, or lounges. Here are the most popular of them:

  • Alegria;
  • Panda Lounge Egypt;
  • Lobby Lounge;
  • Falkon Night Club;
  • VIP Disco.

For a quieter vibe, check out the Montaza Palace Gardens. Some single girls go there for a walk with friends. So you might get to know them there.

Sharm-el-Sheikh: the favorite resort city

This is a very famous city where foreign tourists, as well as locals, come to enjoy their vacations.

If you like walking, visit the Il Mercato district, where there are a lot of restaurants and stores. You may also enjoy some entertaining events in the local amphitheater, which is located in this area.

Another place for walks is Soho Square. The bright lighting and nice design with fountains and statues invite you to be open and make new contacts.

For nightlife fans, the best places are:

  • Le Pasha Club;
  • The Smash Disco bar;
  • Hard Rock Cafe.


Luxor, which in ancient Egypt was originally called "Thebes" and governed by the pharaohs, is the best-known city in southern Egypt. This magnificent city is home to the majority of ancient Egyptian sites of historical interest. The city is the biggest open-air museum in the world.

Unlike Giza, Luxor has no pyramids, but the city hosts more intriguing and stunning ancient Egyptian ruins, tombs, temples, statues, and holy sculptures than any other place. Among the most popular sights in Luxor are the magnificent temples of Luxor and Karnak, the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings and Queens, the Luxor Museum, Medinet Habu, the tombs of the nobles, Rekhmire, Sennofer, and many more.

Do you think all this is great? Wait until you learn about the women in the city. The women in the city of Luxor are conservative and religious, but just as wonderful as the city they live in. These women have a natural elegance and an alpha nature that makes them natural seductresses without having to try hard. These qualities make them one of the best women to meet and build a relationship with.

Tourist sites:

  • The Temple of Karnak
  • Valley of the Kings
  • Medinet Habu


  • Lotus Bazar
  • Luxor market
  • Souq at Talaat
  • Caravanserai
  • Fair Trade Center


Aswan is found in the southern part of the country and is the capital of the Aswan Governorate.

The city of Aswan is a busy tourist center and market that is located on the east bank of the Nile River and north of the Aswan Dam. The modern city has grown to consist of a municipality on Elephantine Island, which was formerly separate.

The UNESCO Creative Cities Network has listed the city of Aswan in its folk arts and crafts category. The city of Aswan is an important tourist destination not only in Africa and the world but is also home to some of the most beautiful women in Africa and the world.

The city of Aswan is encompassed by some educational institutions. Also, most businesses and organizations in Aswan provide auxiliary services that support students and educational institutions. So if you are going to meet the girls of Aswan City, you better expect to meet many of them in the universities and other higher educational institutions, parks, libraries, shopping malls, and markets. These are the places where you can find most of the girls in this city during the day.

Tourist sites:

  • The Unfinished Obelisk
  • The Nubian museum
  • Elephantine


  • Nilo Beach
  • Nubian Beach

Where to Meet Egyptian Brides When You’re a Foreigner


Hawaya heads the list of the best free dating sites in Egypt. It is a marriage-oriented dating app for Muslims. So, you need to keep away from this site/app if you are not ready for a serious relationship. One key thing that distinguishes this site from others on our list is that it focuses on the privacy and security of its members.

When signing up, all new users are authenticated with a "selfie verification system" that works with a sophisticated technological infrastructure to avoid the possibility of creating fake profiles. It also offers female users the chance to show blurry profile pictures first.

Golden Bride is a dating website that allows anyone to find a partner without shame or prejudice. This is an open and friendly website, especially for heterosexuals. Golden Bride is a dating website for people who would like to meet a girl from all over the world. Unregistered users are not allowed to view their profile data. It is to maintain privacy and to make sure that only the people you like can see your details. Credits and Coins can be used on Golden Bride with a minimum balance of $15.00.

There is no user-blocking feature on Golden Bride. If you want to avoid unwanted or inappropriate correspondence, it is advisable not to reply to it. However, you can notify the site moderators' users if things are uncontrollable.

Online dating would not exist without chat and messaging. Golden Bride allows its users to send and accept chat invitations. The chat also includes other communication tools that you can use to exchange (e.g. emojis, virtual gifts, etc.).


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All you want to know about Egyptian Brides

Why are there so Many Single Women in Egypt?

By law, all Egyptian women have to live with their parents until they marry. They cannot have intimate relations with men before marriage. But this does not signify that they are not supposed to date at all. They can go online to date, for example, which is thought to be safer for them and their relatives.

Egyptian women are known to be very independent, highly educated, and have a strong sense of responsibility for their family and culture. They tend to be organized in their work and hardworking: These qualities often lead to successful relationships when it comes to marriage.

How much does an Egyptian bride cost?

There is no fixed price, as it is determined by many factors. These include the services of dating sites, gifts, the frequency of offline dates as well as the cost of traveling to Egypt if you choose to push your relationships to another level. But you can see the average costs below.

  • Travel costs from $100 to $1,500
  • Lodging from $50 to $100 per night
  • Meals from $50 to $500
  • Entertainment and gifts from $100 to $5,000 and more
  • Interpreter $100 per day
  • Visa $1,000

Why Do Egyptian Women Marry Americans?

Several key factors cause such women to turn into mail-order brides. First, they are tired of patriarchy and are looking to meet a partner with whom they can live together as equals. Second, they are in search of a better and more steady life in a sophisticated country. They need a wealthy and mature man.

In the modern age of computer technologies, Egyptian girls are no longer restricted by geographical borders. To be exact, they choose online dating, and a lot of families have been formed thanks to the services of Mail Order Brides. More and more Egyptian girls are choosing foreigners as their perfect partners. If you want to marry a beautiful Egyptian girl, you should first look for her on dating websites.

Are Egyptian brides a real thing?

If you are looking for an Asian woman for a long time and dream about a stable marriage, then charming Egyptian brides will be your best choice! They are beautiful women with whom relationships will be easy and interesting. You can meet single girls from Egypt in big cities as well as on trustworthy dating sites.

How to get an Egyptian girlfriend?

Dating an Egyptian woman can be challenging due to a cultural barrier. But overcoming it is possible if you follow the recommendations below:

  • Never forget to compliment her. Giving compliments is a national specialty of local men. Beautiful words are the main way to show your attention and passion to a beloved woman. If you forget to compliment a girl you like, she will not feel that you love her and will think that you are too cold toward her.
  • Take care of her. Egyptian women are not emancipated and independent. They expect their husbands to solve their problems. So if you take care of a woman, show that you can be a good husband.
  • Never leave her alone for a long time. Egyptian girls need a lot of attention. If you don't contact her even for a day, she will miss you a lot. Therefore, stay in touch all the time, even if thousands of miles separate you. Fortunately, text chats and video calls can always help you stay close despite the distance.

In relationships and dating, men are expected to take the lead and make decisions for their partners.

Generally, most people date in groups so that interactions can be monitored and kept under control.

Before deciding on a relationship with an Egyptian girl, it is important to get approval from her family as this sets the tone for future expectations.

The family may have different ideas about who might be a better match, so you should be prepared to accept their decision regardless of the outcome.

When dating Egyptian women, always keep certain cultural taboos in mind, such as showing affection in public or overt sexual acts.

Respect her boundaries and let her do what is comfortable for her. If she is not laughing or enjoying herself, it is probably better to stop the evening than to continue and possibly cause offense or discomfort.

You should also be aware that it is not customary here to express your love openly. So don't expect too much verbal affirmation unless she also communicates with other close friends or family members in this way.

Overall, dealing with an Egyptian woman requires patience and understanding on both sides, as there are often communication problems due to the cultural differences between you and your partner.

How can I marry a girl in Egypt?

How can I marry a girl in Egypt?

If you are a foreigner and want to get married in Egypt, here are the necessary steps and documents to get married officially in Egypt.

  1. The notarization of marriage contracts between Egyptians and foreigners takes place at the personal status office of the Ministry of Justice (Lazoghli). However, the following documents must be presented for notarization:
    • A certificate issued by the relevant embassy stating the social and professional status of the foreigner, his residential address, income, age, and religion. The certificate must prove religious affiliation (Christian or Jewish, as the law prohibits marriage to an atheist) and state that the state has no objection to the marriage;
    • Certificate of medical examination issued by any health office for the husband and wife;
    • 5 recent personal photographs.
  2. The age difference between the spouses must be such that the age of the husband or wife is not less than 18 years and the age difference between them is not more than 25 years.
  3. Two notarial witnesses must be present, with a translator from the notary's office if the foreigner does not speak Arabic.
  4. The residence of the foreigner must not be for tourist purposes or temporary stay, by stamping the passport at the Passport and Immigration Office in Abbasiya.
  5. After the completion of the notarization, the remaining procedures are to be completed at the Embassy to which the foreigner is subject. However, the conditions and requirements of the respective embassy for the completion of the marriage procedures must be followed for the husband or Egyptian bride to travel legally.