Jamaican Brides: How To Meet Jamaica Women For Marriage


Jamaican Brides – Who They Are and why they so attractive

It is quite natural to fall in love with a Jamaican bride. These ladies deserve your attention, as they are great partners in life and powerful individuals.

Jamaican women are smart, pretty, and full of life. If you are a man, you might also like the fact that they can talk several languages. They may be a nice option for a foreign-born groom as they can comprehend the culture of the country in which they choose to live.

Jamaican Brides

Check out what other things make ladies from Jamaica wonderful wives.

PROs & CONs of Dating Jamaican Women

Compared to other Latin mail-order brides, Jamaican women are a bit more obscure, but that’s only because there are fewer Jamaican brides than other Latin brides. Nevertheless, Jamaican mail-order brides are just as attractive and are great for dating or marriage, and below are some facts to prove it.


1. Local brides are very creative

When you date brides from Jamaica, you will discover how a lot can be made out of very little. That’s because local Jamaican brides are experts at it. Whether it’s whipping up a delicious meal from scratch or organizing a memorable date in a mid-range pub. Creativity will accompany every single aspect of your relationship with a local lady.

2. Sophisticated and witty

Expect that communication with Jamaican mail-order ladies will not bring any obstacles. These ladies are educated, amusing, and can keep the flow of conversation going. In addition, these brides have an excellent command of English. This is not surprising, because Jamaica belongs to the United Kingdom, and English is the official language of the island.

3. They make great travel companions

Though the local culture is lively, gorgeous single Jamaican ladies are extremely keen to experience anything completely new. They are sociable, making them awesome travel partners. With all the wonderful attractions to check out in Jamaica, local women sometimes even feel like tourists in their own country.

4. Always cheerful

The island boasts a reputation for its stunning countryside and – more than that – for its joyful people. The locals are completely enchanting and welcoming. They add their joyful spirit to every situation. Their kindness, charisma, and unwavering spirit of optimism are sure to keep you going throughout the day. Be ready to laugh until your stomach hurts when you meet women from Jamaica.

5. The life and spirit of any party

A common belief about Jamaican women looking for marriage is that they can brighten up any event. They know they can have fun anytime they are straight. There is no bad weather for partying. There is no such thing as a bad party if there is a local.

6. Family-centered way of thinking

When they are young, local brides are fans of loud parties and festivities. As they become settled, their preferences shift. These sweethearts turn into soft caregivers, nurturing mothers, and skilled guardians of their family nest. The family is essential to them. It is a delight, an instant source of inspiration, and a fountain of refreshment. There is nothing that matches the deep feelings that these girls feel for their families.


1. These girls are jealous

The women in this beautiful Caribbean country are known for their jealous and possessive behavior toward their husbands. Although the divorce rate is not high in this country, infidelity in marriage is very common. This makes women vigilant about who their husbands meet and spend time with. But you can’t blame these women. They do everything they can to protect their families, even if it means exhibiting possessive behavior.

2. They are independent

Pretty Jamaican women are modest, but not submissive. These women expect equality in their relationships and do not tolerate abusive behavior. When they are with someone, they respect them and want to be treated with mutual respect. They will start a big fight if you do something wrong or disrespect them or their family. And equality is the key to avoiding those big fights where the chances of winning are zero.

3. Marriage is not so important for them

For Western women, being married is highly significant, and they often don’t view their couple as exclusive or monogamous until they wear a wedding ring on their finger. That’s not so for Jamaican mail-order brides. Marriage is important to them as well, but not as essential as trust and fidelity in a relationship. Many Jamaican girls remain in a couple for years but are not married, and they stay loyal to a guy with no doubts.

4. They might be a bit too conservative

This kind of woman is quite traditional and still maintains an innate sense of modesty. For this reason, you should never bring up the subject of nudity when dating a Jamaican woman.

5. Living in the moment

Jamaica’s atmosphere and overall mood mean that it is needless to think about stuff or be too busy to enjoy life. Jamaican women aren’t the kind who are always planning their decisions several steps ahead, thinking about the future. Rather, they are taught from a young age to enjoy life and this ability is not lost. If you are with a Jamaican bride, you will soon learn to chill out and be thankful for whatever happens, and then you will know that you have mastered the Jamaican lifestyle.

Jamaican Brides – Myths and Facts

Jamaica is an exotic tourist spot that is annually visited by over 1 million tourists. There is no secret that a lot of single tourists are searching for attractive women. Below are a few of the reasons why Jamaican women are so sought after.

Jamaican Brides - Myths and Facts

Fact 1. Jamaican brides are passionate lovers who turn into loyal wives

Since they appreciate family values, they are likely to do their best to maintain their family in good health. Your Jamaican wife will establish a comfortable environment in your family. These girls are going to respect you and allow you to govern the family. Your wife will be supportive if there are any issues. She is sympathetic and will be there to assist you in dealing with any problems you may encounter.

Fact 2. They are skillful chefs

Traditional Jamaican cooking is known for its delicious meals and multiple tastes. And you know what? Jamaican girls look and borrow from their moms and aunts how to cook traditional food. They become part of the cooking process at a young age when they help their moms make meals for the big family. And while Jamaican wives are very adept at cooking, they also like it when their husbands help cook from time to time.

Fact 3. They love the order

A love of neatness is in the Jamaicans’ DNA. They love to dress in clean and ironed clothes and keep perfect body hygiene, regardless of the weather. Plus, it’s nice to see these kinds of personality traits among both men and women.

Fact 4. Guardians of the heart

Probably the world’s greatest caring and faithful wives live in Jamaica. They can be considered excellent homemakers and handle thousands of activities in a single moment. Kids adore their resourceful moms, who help them with learning and free time activities.

Fact 5. They are divines in dancing

Reggae music and dances are the most important things connected with Jamaica. Just about everyone listens to the tunes and learns to dance from childhood. Grown-up Jamaican women display their dancing skills, passion as well as individuality.

Fact 6. They are often late

Jamaican girls are late all the time. So when you go on a date with a local woman, you should have a little more patience and time. Schedule your trips thinking about that minute imperfection in your sweetheart.

Myth 1. Jamaican girls are open-minded

Since Jamaica shares some cultural resemblances with Latin American nations, there is the myth that Jamaican girls are as open-minded as, for instance, gorgeous Cuban women. In reality, however, women in this exotic Caribbean nation are quite modest. For example, you will never meet a Jamaican woman on a nudist beach or completely topless. They’re not shy. But they do consider it improper to display their nude bodies to absolute strangers.

Myth 2. They don’t look as good when they get older

A Jamaican woman might be 40 or 50 years old and yet look and feel as though she’s not a day older than 30. Jamaican women stay young-looking no matter what age they are, and their blend of genes and sound lifestyles allows them to stay looking that way for decades into the future. More significantly, Jamaican women understand the concept of enjoying themselves and living life to the fullest. A Jamaican woman is going to have you loving activities you never did before, like dancing and tanning, and your life is just going to get improved from there.

Myth 3. They are usually not so happy about having children.

Most Jamaicans are raised in huge houses with many generations under one roof. That is why a typical Jamaican mail-order bride, although she is just beginning her 20s, already knew about taking care of young children. Furthermore, Jamaican women are caring and affectionate by nature. They intuitively get the proper balance between nurturing and being free, resulting in their children not only growing up happily but being confident and self-sufficient too.

Jamaican women

Myth 4. They are more interested in native men

Single Jamaican women have a strong preference for men from Europe and North America. They are searching for foreigners who will give them better living conditions. A lot of them are finding men on dating websites. Moreover, they are very outgoing due to their natural welcoming nature and enjoy meeting new people. They are eager to learn more about other cultures and traditions. The Jamaican economy, which is oriented towards tourism, adds to the welcoming nature of the people too.

Myth 5. Jamaican women are passionate and freely express their emotions and affection

On the whole, this is true. Having tempting, lush bodies, they look extremely sexy to the public. Though, any girl can be sleepy, in a foul mood, or a fine mood. So see if you can figure out the personality of your Jamaican girl.

Dating a Woman from Jamaica: Rules & Basic Tips

  • Take care of your appearance. Your Jamaican girlfriend is going to devote hours of effort to keep herself looking good for you. The minimum you can do is to dress in clean, stylish clothes, have a well-groomed hairstyle, and wear a pleasant perfume.
  • Leave outdated views. Jamaican women are very future-oriented and will instantly become uninterested in a man who holds old-fashioned beliefs about a woman’s place in society.
  • Share their way of life and their interests. If there is a huge gap between your lifestyle and that of your Jamaican bride, you won’t be successful in establishing a strong base for your relationship. At least try to check out some of the things she loves to do.
  • Look at her in her native surroundings. If you wish to form a full image of your Jamaican woman’s character, you need to try to meet her not only during romantic dates but also in her home or among the group of her friends.
  • Demonstrate that chivalry is still standing. Despite their modern way of thinking, Jamaican women still like to feel special in a relationship. Sending little presents, carrying the check, and offering her your coat when she is cold are some of the ways to do this.
  • Make your dating profile attractive. A lot of people undervalue the meaning of a full, nice-looking dating profile. You need to consider all the descriptions and questionnaires and complete them thoroughly. Don’t delay in indicating your physical characteristics, family status, etc. Attach high-quality photos of yourself and pay attention to the content suggestions of the given website.
  • Give compliments to your woman. Your lady ought to feel that she is a bright star. Highlight her beauty whenever you see her. When she gets a new hairdo, try to notice it (yes, it’s crazy difficult) and give her compliments. Value her achievements and her character. She needs to feel that you love her not just for her appearance and body, but also for the kind of person she is. This way, she will feel more desirable.
  • Be respectful of her parents. Jamaican dating and marriage traditions concentrate on welcoming and respecting family values. So pay a visit to her parents. Family meals are key. Getting on with her family will greatly ease the process of attracting your girl from Jamaica.

Jamaican Wedding Traditions

Jamaican wedding traditions and rituals are one of the funniest!

Whereas some cultures concentrate on stopping misfortune and maintaining beliefs of superstition, Jamaican weddings are mostly about celebrating!

A range of Jamaican wedding traditions and rituals are supposed to ward off evil spirits as well as bring happiness, but most often it’s about the celebration of the new couple’s love and engagement with yummy dishes and sweet rum.

The following is a rundown of the top traditions and rituals at Jamaican weddings.

1. Lucky Dime

To attract fortune and prosperity to the wedding, Jamaican brides commonly place a dime or other coin at the bottom of their shoe. Although this tradition can be somewhat discomforting as they feel the cold metal on the bottom of their feet, it is among the simplest traditions to carry out.

Sometimes brides also place bills in their shoes, but most often a dime is opted for. Some people mistakenly interpret this ritual as being all about money and wealth, but it does add luck and vitality to the marriage for many years ahead.

2. Goat meat is on the menu

When considering a Jamaican wedding, you should include the age-old flavors of the island, like a curried goat.

Jamaican girl

In the past, couples would pick the goat for the welcome together, and it would be simmered for hours to make it delicate. Nowadays, wedding caterers like to perform the savory slow cooking of the curry goat and cook the tangy jerk chicken on the grill with no need for the couple to go to the farm before the wedding!

The guests are treated to a welcome reception with a rum punch as they arrive and possibly rum shots to kick things off.

3. Everything revolves around the cake

Every good wedding deserves a spectacular cake, and nothing sets the mood for the reception more than a Jamaican black rum cake.

Traditional Jamaican wedding cakes are drenched in rum, moist and bursting with flavor, and made with a lovely mix of aromatic spices. Quite often, the dried fruits in the cake are steeped in rum from the time of the engagement, so you can guess just how packed with flavor it is!

And the cake doesn’t just wait to be cut either. By tradition, the wedding cake has an entrance and is kept beneath a veil until it’s cut. It’s a perfect moment to capture on camera.

4. Both parents walk the bride to the altar

In Western culture, the bride’s dad passes her down the aisle. But in Jamaica, the giving of the bride is more of a family matter. The bride’s mom and dad lead their daughter down the aisle to hand her off to her new husband.

This was always a Jamaican wedding tradition, but some Western brides have taken over this particular ritual. Finally, both the mother and father brought up their daughter, so it feels great to see both of them leading her to the altar to start her new life as a wife.

5. Be gentle with the bouquet

Just like with the wedding cake, you must be careful with the bridal bouquet. This tradition is rather serious as it is said that if you drop your bouquet and the flowers fall off or break, your husband will betray you during the whole marriage and you will be miserable.

That is a motivating reason for brides to raise their bridal bouquet high. This is why brides do not toss the bouquet away thoughtlessly. Rather, they pick a special person to toss it to. This way, they ensure that the bouquet won’t ever hit the ground. Hopefully, then, the bridesmaids will be quick with their hands.

6. Dancing into the night

While some wedding celebrations can continue late into the night when everyone is enjoying themselves, Jamaican weddings are the height of a party late into the night. Jamaican wedding parties often last for hours before the sun is up the next day.

Even if the wedding ceremony is performed in the morning, guests celebrate and dance till the sun comes up. The bride and groom also remain for the celebrations, unlike other cultures where they go before other guests so they can depart on their honeymoon.

Jamaican weddings are far from short and sweet, but stretch out the festivities as far as they can!

7. Reception at the groom’s home

Immediately after the wedding, all go to the groom’s house for the reception. Usually, grooms arrange for a special stage to be set up on their estate for the event. Before the guests arrive, the groom’s family sets up a gorgeous bouquet for the guests to delight in. There is usually lots of food, rum, and cake for this festive event. Guests usually tend to dance, sing, and have games at least until late in the afternoon.

8. Tun T’anks Sunday

Among the most exciting Jamaican wedding traditions is Tun T’anks Sunday. This is held on the Sunday following the wedding ceremony. Once the Sunday ceremony is finished, the wedding guests visit the bride’s family home for a second reception. It is interesting to note that this ceremony is usually greater and even more ceremonial than the first one.

The top slice of the cake is given to the priest who performed the wedding ceremony, and the next two slices go to the bride and groom. Live musicians perform Jamaican folk music with banjos and guitars while the guests perform quadrilles.

At the end of Tun T’anks Sunday, the bride and groom normally depart for their new home. Back in the day, when Jamaica was a more agricultural society, the newlyweds did not need to work in the fields for a week at least.

Top Cities to Meet Jamaican Women

The island country surrounded by golden beaches and gentle waves of the Caribbean Sea arouses tenderness and intense feelings. If you are not already in love with a beautiful Jamaican girl, come here and meet the girl you love. You will find a true romantic paradise here.


Kingston is the most important city in Jamaica. The most important city in the country houses government offices, trade centers, and international companies. This is the right place to court smart Jamaican women if you don’t already have a lover.

Top Cities to Meet Jamaican Women

In addition to cafes, restaurants, and nightclubs that offer a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, you should also arrange with your Jamaican girl to visit the local attractions. Historic sites and parks include Emancipation Park, Devon House, St. William Grant Park, and Hope Gardens.

The city parks are important to the cultural life of the city. They provide space for numerous exhibitions, festivals, and special events. Hope Gardens is an amazing zoo with native species of animals and plants, a place of interest for foreign tourists, and a popular romantic place to go out with Jamaican girls.


The second busiest city in Jamaica, Portmore is a bedroom suburb for the nearby cities of Kingston and Spanish Town. While it has no major commercial or political operations, it is home to people who work in the neighboring cities.

It also has many beaches, hotels, and spots to have fun, eat, and simply chill out among the exuberant parties that do not attract tourists on vacation. So the opportunities to meet and woo Jamaican women who are seeking a sincere relationship are great here.

Spanish Town

Spanish Town is somewhat off the beaten path. But we suggest it to those traveling grooms who would like to experience new sensations of the country’s historical and cultural places while on their romantic trip.

Being a country of industrial sugar manufacturing, Jamaica is host to sugar estates and facilities for sugar processing. Rice and dairy factories, and a salt factory in Spanish Town, mixing modern technologies with historical attractions, are worth seeing with a Jamaican girl. The city was the capital of the country in the 16th-19th centuries. It has many cathedrals, churches, and even a mosque.

Montego Bay

It is a city in the North of Jamaica. It is a renowned port for cruise liners with famous beaches and entertainment parks. The city is flourishing due to the great inflow of tourists.

Ocho Rios

It is a tiny harbor town in the North of Jamaica. It is difficult to imagine how a tiny fishing community became a vacation resort with thick forests, cascading waterfalls, and a vibrant beachfront bay.


This is a city in the West of Jamaica. It is the preferred spot for tourists who like white sandy beaches with quiet waters and high cliffs. This place is a true paradise; it is no surprise that so many tourists love to stay here for their vacations.

Where to Meet Jamaican Brides When You’re a Foreigner

Some people like the traditional way of dating and don’t realize how it is possible to be in a long-term relationship. Luckily, most young men are more open-minded and unprejudiced. They agree that it is natural to get to meet Jamaican women online, fall in love with them, and date from a distance for a while till they get the chance and resources to meet in person. Lots of online dating services have been established to match marriage-minded men with single women. Consider the following services for meeting single women from Jamaica.


La-Date is an online dating service that targets mostly Latin American women and boasts a great number of Jamaican users. Registration is straightforward, but it does take 10 to 15 minutes to fill in all the necessary details. Besides the common age and residence questions, users are supposed to share a bit about their hobbies and routines. It is also needed to fill in a bio and a brief essay about the characteristics that a perfect partner is supposed to have. It is necessary to fill in all these boxes to keep the profiles informative looking, for one thing. For another, it should avoid scams and filter out fake profiles. Sadly, it is quite difficult to get rid of spam from the platform, despite the vigilance of the anti-spam system.


The website looks modern and appealing, with a nice color theme and easy-to-read fonts. The navigation is quite intuitive and takes no time to get used to. Goldenbride stated that their overall goal is to do everything they can to improve the user experience. For this reason, they have developed tools for a comfortable browsing experience and smooth communication.

Meet Jamaican Brides

The website tries to use the most advanced tools in the industry. The most important of them are life and video chat, introduction videos, and the possibility to give likes and gifts. It is also promised that more features will follow. The most important thing is that the girls’ accounts are verified at all times to guarantee their validity.

Moreover, hundreds of women participate in the live video chat every week, which allows checking each one instantly through live video streams. Moreover, Goldenbride has a super innovative feature on the market called Dual Video Streaming (this is a benefit for both male and female users of this site).

Ua. Dates

The team of UaDates.com has based its work and services on the reviews of customers and successful cooperation with respectful partners. This dating site is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It has a large number of single girls in Jamaica profiles and provides quality services. So why should you choose UaDates.com?

Free registration. This allows you to read your emails, browse women’s profiles and add your favorites for free.

Ladies gallery. All the ladies registered on UaDates.com have come to the site to find their man abroad. To secure the customers, there is only verified online registration for the ladies, to avoid possible dating scams, all women are verified individually by providing copies of their identification documents.

Website Options. There is the usual mailing and live chat, as well as live video chat. In this case, a man can always check if a beautiful girl in the photos looks like that in real life. Another advantage of UaDates.com is its fast and high-quality gift delivery service.

Anti-scam policy. UaDates.com keeps an eye on any scam attempts on the site.

All you want to know about Jamaican Brides

Why are there so Many Single Women in Jamaica?

The family in Jamaica is a key ideal, but the rate marriage-especially among the poor-is a cause for social anxiety among Jamaicans. For a long time, marriage was regarded as a marker of middle-class status, but middle-class interviewees were concerned that marriage was happening too infrequently there. Over the past few years, almost 85% of births in Jamaica have been to single mothers.
Among the paradoxes of Jamaican society is that dominant Christian moral principles still encourage a stronger commitment to family life in marriage, yet Jamaican culture can be heavily sexualized and never-married households can be the standard. The marriage rate has fallen over the last decade, but the divorce rate is up.

How much does a Jamaican bride cost?

Monthly expenses are usually around $30 to $50. However, to the total cost of getting married to a foreign bride, you will have to add other expenses such as travel, translation, or visa costs. Thus, your actual expenses will be up to $10,000. So if you want to marry a Jamaican woman, you should budget between $4,000 and $20,000 depending on your financial capabilities.

Why Do Jamaican Women Marry Americans?

Jamaica is a relatively small country where there are many beautiful girls. If you are a resident of the United States or Europe, then you have a great chance to meet such a girl and have a romantic relationship. This is mainly because Jamaican girls are ready to move and dedicate their whole life to their families and children.
The girls know that local men are not very suitable to build a reliable family and have long-term relationships. Therefore, they are easy to communicate with foreigners and are ready for different forms of relationships.
Often the girls themselves choose a partner they like. He does not necessarily have to be handsome or a millionaire. As a rule, girls pay attention to cheerful and fun-loving men who are self-confident.

Are Jamaican brides a real thing?

Finding a Jamaican bride might look like a daunting job, however, if you understand the things to look out for, you will have absolutely no issues in getting married to a Jamaican bride. Jamaican women are smart, gorgeous, and fun-loving. If you are a man, you will also appreciate the fact that they can speak several languages. They may be a great match for a foreign-born groom as they can grasp the culture of the country in which they have decided to live.

How to get a Jamaican girlfriend?

Jamaican dating culture is very different from that in European countries and the USA. In Jamaica, people don’t date to get to know each other, but when they are already in a relationship. There is no term for Jamaican dating culture, but the wedding customs are worth telling.
If you are serious about finding a Jamaican bride for yourself, our experts advise you to find out about the traditions of her country, respect and love a woman with all your heart and never humiliate her. For the search, dating platforms are ideal for you, they will help you find a wife in Jamaica who suits you according to various parameters faster, without traveling. You can also easily meet Jamaican mail brides in the places listed in this overview.

How can I marry a girl in Jamaica?

Jamaica is a memorable spot to have your wedding. To make sure that planning this very special event runs smoothly, the below details are recommended to lead you through the process.
Visitors can get married within 24 hours of arriving in Jamaica, provided they have already applied for a marriage license beforehand. A license costs four thousand Jamaican dollars (approximately $75-US$80).
Unlike many other countries, Jamaica does not ask for a blood test before marriage. It does, however, ask for the following documents:
Evidence of citizenship – certified copy of the birth certificate.
Written parental permission if you are below 18 years of age.
Evidence of divorce, if any (original divorce certificate).
Certified copy of the death certificate for the widow or widower.
Right after the wedding ceremony, you will get a copy of the Marriage Register, which includes the evidence of the marriage. This is signed by the Marriage Officer, you, and your witnesses. (Keep in mind that the copy of the Marriage Register is NOT a legal document and thus cannot be used for doing business! You will need to get a certified copy of your marriage certificate.
The Marriage Certificate can be applied for by the Marriage Officer and needs from 7 working days to a month to complete processing by the Registrar Generals Department. You can also request it yourself, and there is an express service. You and your Jamaican bride should consult your Marriage Officer or the hotel’s wedding coordinator when you first make contact and submit your payments.