Polish Brides: How To Meet Poland Women For Marriage


All questions about Polish women for marriage honestly responded

Lovely Polish brides live in no less beautiful country. Unfortunately, most tourists from the Western world, once in Europe, prefer spending their holidays in the south of the continent. We talk about such lands as Spain or Italy. In winter, the Alps become the coolest destination, with its excellent ski areas. It’s a pity they don’t know that Poland, with its 13 UNESCO World Heritage spots, historic cities, and vast landscapes – is worth visiting too.

We bet you haven’t heard much about this Eastern-European country. For example, one of the surprising facts in this regard for all foreigners is – bagel was created in Poland. Yes, we mean the ring-shaped pastry with a hole in the middle you love to eat for breakfast. And no – it is not American. This fact was proven by historical sources. The first documents where donuts were mentioned date back to 1610, and they were found in Kraków!

Polish women for marriage

But when you visit a foreign country, you not only see the sights or eat national dishes, you also get to know the people who live there. And in fact, single women from Poland often become the major motivation for why Western guys come to their motherland.

Generally, when men talk about the most good-looking females in the world, the Polish-born are usually noted. Together with representatives of other Slavic nations, they have become the most desired wives. On the one hand, of course, their attractive appearance combined with the typical accent captivates males at first sight. But these ladies’ positive character traits can’t be ignored when looking a bit closer.

But what exactly distinguishes Polish women from other Europeans? What mentality, character traits, and qualities do women from this land have? What should you pay attention to when flirting with a Polish girl? Are there any tips that can help to get to know each other?

In our article, we would like to go into detail. Today we are going to explain why you should look for a wife in Poland and how to make your search successful.

Polish brides: who they are and why they are so attractive

Ladies from Poland belong to the ethnic group of West Slavs and, therefore, have a typical Slavic appearance. They impress men from around the globe with their natural beauty, sexy bodies, and stylish outfits. A look is enough to get captivated by such a woman once and for all.

The hair color of girls from this country is, as a rule, rather light than dark. The same goes for eyes since they are more likely to have grey, green or blue – brown eyes are rare. These facts could be explained by Polish history and inheritance.

Like all Slavic ladies, Polish hotties try to follow the latest fashion trends. Their strategy could be called “dress to impress.” So when walking the streets of Warsaw or Lódz, you will notice many girls of different ages in trendy dresses and high-heel shoes.

Polish women are genuinely feminine – their behavior emphasizes it for sure. They want to seem as seductive as possible to the representatives of the opposite sex. And, of course, you can meet different females in Poland, but one thing is certain – they are charming.

If you communicate with girls through Polish online dating sites, you will immediately notice how cheerful and kind they are. However, you need to understand something about these beauties. Many women from this Eastern-European land don’t have it easy. They grow up in poor economic circumstances. Still, as you can see, it has no impact on their optimistic mindset.

Poles always feel supported by their families. Communications with parents and other relatives play a crucial role in their lives.

The upbringing in this country is usually based on faith. As a result, Polish females are given such traditional values as restraints and modesty from childhood. Also, for this reason, they seem very down-to-earth and willing to do hard work for the sake of their loved ones. Although they are also very talented and always looking for opportunities to learn new things.

In their hearts, Poles carry a great desire for a happy family. So, if you are ready to settle down – a better choice can hardly be discovered.

Pros and Cons of dating Polish women

We can’t say that Poland is a tourist magnet. It doesn’t have skyscrapers like New York or the Grand Canal like Venice. But, without a doubt, single Polish ladies are better than any landmark.

Men who are enchanted by Eastern-European women are often particularly attracted to representatives of this nation. The reason is – they find Poles exceptionally sexy and clever. But how do you know whether their opinion is more than just a cliche? Are you now wondering what mentality and characteristics girls from Poland actually have?

Pros and Cons of dating Polish women

It is challenging to distinguish between rumors and the real state of things – especially if you have never been to this country yet. We also understand that it’s hard to use the one-size-fits-all approach to an entire nation. But don’t worry – some mentality highlights help formulate the general tendencies. And before you plan to marry a woman from Poland, you need to be aware of these facts. We decided to frame them in a pros and cons format.


#1. Their attractiveness

Due to the fact you want to find a wife in Poland, we guess you already know some female representatives of this nation. So, be honest now: you definitely are captivated by their beauty! But what distinguishes Polish attractiveness from the looks of other Slavic women?

Above all, Poles are very sporty since they pay much attention to keeping their bodies in good shape. Many of these ladies regularly go to the gym, visit yoga classes, swim, jog, or dance. Thanks to this approach, you can hardly find a girl with obesity in this land.

Also, Polish brides, as a rule, have a well-groomed appearance. They prefer not to leave the house without having makeup on. Even if their route is limited to the shop around the corner – the rules don’t change. Why is that? Well, they learn it from their mothers.

Thus, if you want to get a sporty, well-groomed, and generally beautiful girl as a life partner – look for her in Poland!

#2. Their femininity

Another attribute that distinguishes Polish females from Western women is their pronounced femininity. It is emphasized both in their outfits and in their behavior.

Although it is not easy to always wear high heels, women from Poland strive for elegance and seductiveness in every situation. Yes, it would be strange to see them wearing pumps in a gym or on the beach – and that won’t happen, for sure. So don’t worry, if you invite your crush to play tennis – she will have speakers on. The point remains, though – the ensemble will be chosen with sophistication.

In other words, those who want to have elegant and seductive wives should get married to Poles.

#3. Their outstanding skills in household and cooking

It is no secret that an average Polish woman can become an excellent homemaker. She doesn’t only clean – she creates a special cheerful atmosphere. Her soul-warmth and kindness are loved by guests, who simply don’t want to leave once they are in such a girl’s home!

Poles typically cook a lot. For instance, it would be embarrassing for a female from this country to have merely two dishes on the table for dinner. Do we need to mention that she always cooks by herself and never uses catering?

Let us give you a few examples of dishes of traditional Polish cuisine you are going to love. The first one is Pierogis. These are small pies filled with meat, mushrooms, potatoes, aged or even cottage cheese! Versions for the sweet tooth, with berries or vanilla, are also available. The second one is Gołąbki. A typical Polish dish based on cabbage leaves cooked with meat, tomato sauce, and rice. Do you see the yummy prospects? We bet you do – and these were only two dishes…

#4. Their desire to work hard

When talking about Polish ladies and their character, we shouldn’t forget to mention that their interests aren’t connected only to household chores. Women from this land are hardworking, and that’s an undeniable advantage.

In fact, it can be said that young Poles are career-oriented and often achieve great success in the professional field. They constantly strive for self-development and nurture their talents and capacities.

Especially when moving to Western countries, Polish girls prefer working a lot and earning good money. But in doing so, they don’t forget about their husbands and children. Finding the perfect balance between all spheres of life belongs to their priorities. Therefore, if you have a wife from Poland, you can be sure that in dark times she will support you morally and financially.

#5. Their loyalty

Many guys who want to search for love in this Eastern-European country – often have certain doubts. They know that single ladies in Poland are stunning, but are they also devoted? And we can say with confidence – yes, of course.

This is not just a stereotype, though. The loyalty of Poles has to do with their mentality. People from this land are very religious. To believe in God belongs to their national traditions. Thus, their faith makes family and relationships almost sacred. For this reason, betrayal turns into one of the greatest sins. So you shouldn’t worry – once married to a Polish girl, you shouldn’t check whether she texts with other men on Facebook.


#1. Their arrogance

Single girls in Poland are not just self-confident – but, actually, arrogant. As a way of illustration, 85% of the female residents of this country consider themselves extremely attractive. Apparently, the genes of their golden-haired, clever, and playful great-grandmothers, who effortlessly captivated kings and emperors, speak in them.

Polish girls are ambitious, sometimes overly. You can often hear them talking about themselves using the standard wording: jestem mioda, ambitna, przybojowa, lubie podruїe. For an English-speaking person, it sounds pretty funny. It’s like a lady says about herself: “I’m impudent and stubborn, I’ll use all available methods (not only decent ones) to achieve the goal.” But in Polish, like in English, the word “ambitna” may have a positive connotation – to a certain extent, though.

#2. Their excessive religiousness

When we talk about the excessive religiousness of Poles, we mean not only mature people. You can often see young boys and girls praying in churches or going to confession to a priest. Walking the streets of Warsaw, you can see advertising posters with the image of a young lady with the inscription, “Listen to God.” Moreover, if someone is not religious enough, neighbors of this person – may say it to the priest. Which will definitely lead to problems at school or work.

So, if you start a relationship with a Polish female, be prepared that she will go to church 2-3 times a day, pray, kneel, and sing in the choir. Also, don’t hope to get physical with your crush soon – as a rule, it takes at least 1 month.

#3. Their emotionality

When you meet Polish singles, they seem calm and sweet. However, everything changes if these cuties get angry with something. For example, if a woman wants to go to a nightclub on Friday evening and her boyfriend prefers to stay home. Yes, such a trifle – is more than enough to face her burning temper! Some experts think that in terms of mentality – Poles are similar to Italians, not to other Slavs.

On the other hand, once irreconcilable differences are encountered – the romance can often no longer be saved. In Poland, the conflicts in a couple are viewed very emotionally. It makes insignificant misunderstandings look like personal tragedies. And that’s what Western guys usually hate.

#4. Their unwillingness to talk openly about problems

Nie ma problemu (no problem)! Unfortunately, it often means that something is wrong. So don’t think everything is fine between you and your Polish girlfriend if she says so. And, trust us, you will hear this phrase pretty often.

It is the typical statement for a lady if she is offended by your behavior or words. Most likely, what exactly happened is overlooked by you. It, therefore, makes sense to try to get a precise picture of what is going on. In particular – at the beginning of the relationship – this aspect shouldn’t be neglected. You ought to take the initiative in this regard since Poles commonly demonstrate the unwillingness to talk openly about the things that bother them.

#5. Their strive for a better life

Single girls from Poland live in a country that belongs to the European Union. It is to say, unlike some other Slavic lands, their homeland has something to offer. In this day and age, Poland presents its citizens with fairly good living and working conditions. This involves medical insurance, affordable accommodations, and increasing social standards. Yes, there are more wealthy countries in the EU, such as Germany or France, but still.

So, if you want a Polish female to become interested in relocation – hmmm. Your way of living should be much better than just an average then. Remember: she is picky and demanding because she knows what she loses.

Polish brides: myths and facts

Would you like to know the truth about the Polish mentality? If yes – you are in pole position.

Foreigners usually have many theories of what single ladies from Poland are like. But to discover the real state of things, you should put aside all prejudices and clichés you have ever heard about them. Since the country they live in represents the genuine diversity of traditions and customs. And, if you open your mind not only to its untouched nature and historical buildings but also to people – you will see how kind and hospitable they are.

Polish brides: myths and facts

So, are you sure that awareness of how pretty Poles are is not enough for you? Do you really think you want to understand these women’s souls and mentality? Then, read the top 5 myths and facts we put together for you.

#1. Poles don’t speak foreign languages.

You shouldn’t worry – it’s just a stereotype. Experienced users of dating sites of Poland know that for sure. If you don’t belong to this category, we’ll clarify. Representatives of the young generation of this country can speak English at least on the upper-intermediate level.

At the same time, it is considered cool to study exotic foreign languages there. For example, Japanese or Icelandic gain their popularity nowadays.

Furthermore, scientists have interesting research in this respect. According to it, Poles are considered to achieve better results in learning foreign languages than representatives of other European nations! Italians and Spaniards were called the outsiders there.

#2. Poles are grumpy and complain all the time.

Well, Poles do not try to hide the fact that, in general, they like to complain. In their defense, it should be mentioned that their living conditions in not-so-distant gave them many reasons for being unhappy. In particular, during the period of the socialist system, men and women in Poland suffered from the lack of basic goods. And, it’s hard to argue the fact that the unavailability of sugar or toilet paper mustn’t make one upset.

But what is surely good, Poles have always been able (and still can) to laugh about themselves. At the same time, the tendency to complain is rare among the young generation. They prefer looking to the future with optimism and are open to new challenges.

#3. Poles are nationalists and hostile to other nations.

Of course not! It is nothing else but prejudice!

Brides from Poland are proud of their heritage and what their forefathers have achieved. The females of this nation, in general, have a high level of education and can speak several languages. They are good at cooking and managing household chores – at the same time, they are not afraid to move abroad with their loved ones.

Sure, many famous people were born in Poland, and locals are delighted because of it. Chopin, Maria Curie-Sklodowska, Nobel Prize winner Czeslaw Milosz or Henryk Sienkiewicz should be mentioned here. Today, regardless of political, moral, and religious views, Lech Walesa, Roman Polanski, and Pope John Paul II are one of the most valuable figures in Poland. But really, do these facts make them nationalists? Definitely – not!

#4. Poles drink a lot of alcohol.

Without a doubt, the custom of drinking alcohol on numerous occasions among the Poles is firmly rooted. This custom dates back to time immemorial and is confirmed by the old Polish proverb: eat, drink and loosen the belt. But wait a minute, don’t you like to drink a bottle of cold beer on a hot summer day? Having a glass of champagne at the New Year party is also okay. Still, that’s exactly what Poles do! Hense they are obviously not binge drinkers and hearty eaters. This rumor is, therefore, far from being the truth.

#5. Poles are lazy.

You already know that in Poland, single ladies are genuinely hard-working. The same attitude goes for their leisure. Just lying on the beach is no longer cool there. Today’s trend is active pastime activities. It has even created an excellent infrastructure for this purpose, with special offers for every taste!

The experts say that the most popular hobbies among Polish women are skiing, climbing, hiking, and sailing. By the way, all of them can be tried without leaving the country!

We sincerely hope that the next time you hear Poles are lazy – you mention this fact so the haters would have no chance to spread such rumors.

Dating a woman from Poland: rules and basic tips

There is something single Poland women have that females of all other nations don’t. What is that, then?

Dating a woman from Poland

When we try to put everything we know about Poles into words, it becomes clear how complicated the task is. Their striking, feminine features go through our minds first. Secondly – the way they move (so elegant!). The sweet and slightly awkward laugh, typical for these ladies, shouldn’t be neglected either.

There are, for sure, many more qualities of Polish girls you adore. Especially if you have already been to their motherland. The fact remains – they are extraordinary! Still, when it comes to dating – you must remember that they are just women! It is to say that nearly the same principles of seduction apply there too. But almost doesn’t mean all… These insignificant differences are emphasized in the tips below.

#1. Learn some Polish

A Polish bride dating is an ideal opportunity to learn her mother tongue.

In general, this language is considered to be complicated and illogical. In addition, the pronunciation alone is pretty problematic for foreigners. These factors, unfortunately, make many guys give up learning Polish even before they face serious challenges. Therefore, only some know that it’s a fun and simple language in reality.

The feeling of being in love and happiness causes motivation and a positive attitude to increase; in this way, the assimilation of the foreign language is easier and more pleasant. At the same time, this gesture will make your lady pleasantly surprised. Or, when talking about the long-term prospects, you won’t have to suffer from misunderstandings provoked by the language barrier.

#2. Make sure you look neat

In Poland, brides pay a lot of attention to their partners’ appearance. You should, therefore, always look neat and be nicely styled.

What do you need to wear when going on a date with a Polish girl?

The main rule is that the simplest combination is always the safest option. For example, you can pick a sky-blue, gray, or dark-blue shirt with jeans. If you add matching shoes in an elegant, sporty style and a watch to your outfit – even better. That’s how you can make a good impression on your crush.

A shirt can also be combined with a sports jacket. Or, in case the weather is warm enough, you can wear a good quality T-shirt.

The first option is ideal for a rendezvous at a fancy restaurant. While the second one – is perfect for a pub or cinema date. It is, however, essential that the clothes you choose match your character and social status.

#3. Don’t forget about gifts

Unfortunately, men often experience a lack of creativity when it comes to choosing gifts for their girlfriends. This could be a problem because in Poland, dating a woman can’t be imagined without small signs of attention.

The first idea that comes into your mind is to buy your Polish girlfriend flowers. There’s nothing wrong with this thought, but she will hardly be impressed in this way. Especially if you bring her something banal like red roses. At the same time, when meaning date in a cinema, theater, or swimming pool, what should your lady do with the bouquet all the time? We guess you got the point.

Another no less crucial thing in this regard. Both of you are adults, so teddy bears and heart-shaped balloons aren’t okay for rational Poles. Also, such a gift can give your sweet girl the feeling you are not serious about her.

What actually plays a decisive role when buying a gift? It is often said that money alone does not buy happiness. And that’s what you need to bear in mind! Presents are always in the background. Thus, you should opt for a small but well-thought-out alternative.

#4. The Name day is sacred

If you want to try international dating with a girl from Poland – this advice is probably one of the fundamentals. The Name day of your lady should never be forgotten! Don’t laugh, since this holiday is more important for the Poles than for representatives of any other nations. Hence it must be celebrated in a special way. As a rule, reserving a table in a restaurant or arranging a surprise party is expected. If you are not near your Polish girlfriend on her Name day – making a phone call is absolutely enough. You can also send your congratulations by SMS – she will appreciate that.

To avoid embarrassing situations in the future, you should grab the calendar and mark this day – google can help you find out which one.

#5. Be a gentleman

As soon as online Polish dating is left behind, you will need to adapt your behavior to the real-life expectations of your girlfriend. Simply said – you must be a true gentleman. Let us give you a few examples.

Every well-behaved Pole will let a lady go first. He usually holds the door at this moment. If you are afraid of being understood wrong, it is definitely not possible here. In this way, you can show your respect to your beloved one. Even the most radical advocates of gender equality will not protest here. Compliments such as “What a beautiful hairstyle!”, “Your dress is very elegant!” are similarly pleasant.

Poland is a country where good manners are essential. There, men are happy to take care of women. They suggest females take a seat on the tram, help them carry heavy bags, and invite them to coffee. That’s what you ought to do too.

Polish wedding traditions

Every country and every culture celebrates the wedding in its own way. Some prefer calm secular ceremonies somewhere on the seaside. At the same time, others choose loud parties with plenty of guests to invite and traditions to follow. Poland surely belongs to the second category!

Polish wedding traditions

We asked for expert assistance to help you comprehend this land’s wedding customs. With their knowledge, you can figure out how it usually works there. Spoiler: it’s touchingly affectionate and merrily memorable.

#1. The engagement

In Poland, single girls dream of the engagement day from childhood. No wonder: it’s the first celebration of the upcoming wedding!

This is usually a small and intimate celebration at the home of the bride’s or groom’s parents. Also, it’s a great opportunity for mothers and fathers of the lovebirds to get to know each other. The closest family friends may be invited as well.

A buffet with various alcoholic drinks is usually served for this occasion. The ladies like to drink cocktails made of vodka and juices suitable for the wedding season.

In religious families, the best man arranges the engagement party. He also places a cross, a bowl of holy water, and the engagement ring on a table covered with a white tablecloth. When the future husband and wife arrive, this guy asks: Are you here of your own will? Do you have the blessing of the parents? If they answer positively to these two questions – the engagement is official.

#2. The bachelor/bachelorette party

In Poland, dating and marriage rules are often similar to Western ones. In particular, the bachelor/bachelorette party is celebrated before the wedding. It is called Wieczory kawalerskie there.

The groom, as a rule, spends his party with friends in a pub or restaurant. As you might guess, it includes hearty food, alcohol, and card games. The bride traditionally stays home and invites her girls to join. There they get canapes and cocktails. Some wedding preparations, such as making table decorations, may take place either.

In this country, the last evening of freedom means for the lovebirds a symbolic end of independence. The next comes a romantic future together.

#3. The wedding ceremony (part one)

Polish bride and groom usually make both (civil and church) weddings on the same day. By the way, Catholics in this country are allowed to get married to non-Catholics. In such a case, the person of another faith doesn’t get the sacrament of marriage.

Weddings in Poland often last a whole weekend, definitely all Saturday and Sunday. That’s why these days are the best time for the ceremony. In large Polish cities, the festivities are not as long and extensive as in the villages, where a wedding is always a big event.

The most popular months for weddings are when people celebrate Easter and Christmas. The church traditionally prohibits weddings during Lent and the weeks of Advent. The summer months of June and July are also pretty popular among lovebirds. However, locals believe that the marriage month should have to be a month with the letter R. So June (Czerwiec), August (Sierpień), and December (Grudzień) fit very well.

#4. The wedding ceremony (part two)

Traditionally, the groom (pan młody) comes with his parents to the bride’s house shortly before the wedding celebration. The wedding band often follows him, playing folklore songs. There, the couple receives a blessing from their parents. After that, they all drive together to the registry office and directly afterward to the church.

The groom, as a rule, walks down the aisle hand in hand with his future Polish wife. They are followed by groomsmen, parents, and the rest of the family. Customarily, all men walk on the groom’s side and all women on the bride’s side. There are no bridesmaids in Poland!

Immediately after the wedding ceremony, it is time for the guests to express their best wishes to the newlyweds. The first person is the priest, of course. The couple then steps out of the church while the wedding band plays Mendelssohn’s Ave Maria, or Wedding March.

During it, small coins are thrown at the bride and groom. They can pick up this money – this is an ancient ritual that is still very popular. The saying goes: whoever has collected the most coins will be in charge in the house. In the past, grain or rice was spread on the heads of the couple. That was supposed to symbolize a good and happy future.

#5. The party

The newly minted husband and wife in Poland traditionally make a big party in a restaurant or hotel, just like in the countries of the Western world.

When the family members travel from far away to attend the celebration, a place to sleep is always organized by newlyweds. In this country, it would be beyond rude for out-of-town family or friends to pay for accommodation in such a context.

As already mentioned, a Polish village wedding is usually much bigger than a city one. Many people in the countryside live in large houses, and they can accommodate many guests at home and maybe celebrate there as well. In this case, celebrations usually last three days and three nights. Such weddings are very lavish and often involve several hundred guests.

Top cities to meet Polish women

Do you want to travel to Poland to search for a girlfriend there? It’s a brilliant idea, you won’t regret it! But where should you go, then?

Top cities to meet Polish women

The majority of holidaymakers are drawn to nature in this land. That is not surprising because the picturesque dunes of the Baltic Sea coast, the untouched Tatra Mountains, and scenic regions such as the Masuria are worth a trip! Still, we won’t lie – the dating opportunities are limited there…

We recommend you pay attention to the cities of Poland. They represent a perfect gem of architectural art, modern culture, and exciting history. Check our rate and find out the most promising destinations.

#1. Warszawa

The capital of this country has a unique mix of architectural styles. Gothic churches, fantastic museums, and modern buildings… There you can definitely find a Polish bride!

You can have picnics with your woman in the Warszawa’s parks. Then – you can visit the old town, which was almost completely destroyed in the Second World War and then carefully reconstructed. Plenty of entertainment opportunities await you in the evening: restaurants, bars, and nightclubs with affordable prices.

The Royal Route in Warszawa is a boulevard south of the old town that impresses with its castles, palaces, and churches. A great view of the city can be had from the Palace of Culture and Science, which towers over the city’s tiny buildings.

#2. Szczecin

This is a small town not far from the Baltic Sea coast. In Szczecin, you can meet the best women of Poland for marriage and observe an eclectic mix of architectural styles. There you will see old Art Nouveau villas and Renaissance buildings next to modern glazed shopping malls.

Szczecin was horribly damaged during the war, but the historical buildings were rebuilt. So you can ask a local girl to share a dinner in the old town. A highlight, however, is Hakenstrasse – a magnificent boulevard constructed at the beginning of the 19th century. If you want to immerse yourself there, you will always find a picturesque spot right near the water.

#3. Zakopane

At the foot of the fabulous Tatra Mountains lies Poland’s famous resort town – Zakopane. Everyone who loves hiking and skiing will fall in love with this place.

Beautiful wooden holiday villas can be found throughout the city, which, together with the picturesque surroundings, belong to its special charm. The scenic beauty of the Tatras attracts artists, writers, and painters, among others, who seek inspiration. So, a pretty woman from Poland you can meet there will be a really unusual personality!

By the way, Zakopane’s cuisine offers many delicacies. During a visit, you should try the smoked cheese Oscypek – it tastes delicious.

#4. Kraków

One of the most famous cities in Poland is Kraków, also known as the Polish Florence.

The elegant buildings testify that the city was the center of political events in the country, especially in the Middle Ages. A more beautiful old town in Eastern Europe can hardly be found!

The heart of public life is Kraków’s Main Market Square. It is an ideal place to meet gorgeous Polish ladies (thanks to its bars and cafes). After dinner, you can take a romantic walk right there. If you haven’t seen enough, you can look for inspiration in the artistic district of Kazimierz on the banks of the Vistula.

#5. Gdańsk

Gdańsk is the Polish pearl on the Baltic. Its turbulent history has given it a unique identity and look. For instance, wealthy merchants who came to trade in this great harbor have left their marks.

The strategic location ensured that the city was repeatedly fought over by Germans and Poles throughout its history. So it reflects both cultures. The historic cobbled streets are lined with charming old churches and elegant buildings such as museums, restaurants, and cafes. It won’t be hard to find a Polish wife there.

Where to meet Polish wives when you are a foreigner?

Experts are sure that a relationship between a Polish girl and a Western guy promises to be long-lasting and happy. A woman from this country strives for harmony and genuinely appreciates small gestures of affection. In her free time, she prefers walking in the woods instead of going shopping in the mall.

Do you want to have a lady from Poland as your life partner? Great! There are three places you can start your search and get closer to making your dream come true.

#1. Travel to Poland

Where to meet women from Poland, you ask? In their motherland, of course! There are many cities and towns you can choose from. Let us give you a few examples.

Kraków is the city of universities – it’s around 30 institutes there! If you want – you can become a student and become acquaintanced with your soulmate through your alma mater.

Where to meet Polish wives

Warszawa is a quieter city, although it is considered the capital of the business. Many men there are stuck in office jobs. So, most likely, your competitors will be too busy to steal your matches.

Wroclaw is a smaller version of Kraków but definitely worth a visit. The rest is up to you.

#2. Take a look around

Obviously, you can meet Polish women for marriage just on the street. If you live in a big city – then chances increase enormously.

It is also a very high probability you get to know such a girl in a restaurant. We mean the one that specializes in Polish national cuisine. Many of these females work there as waitresses only as a side job. Then there are the ladies who help their parents.

No matter where you are and what you are doing, if you open your eyes, you can suddenly notice a lot of pretty Polish women around you. And, it should never be forgotten that many of these women are also actively looking for a partner.

#3. Paid or free online dating in Poland

Nowadays, the Internet offers countless possibilities for singles worldwide. We talk about dating sites and apps, which could have a free or paid membership.

Perhaps, the best option is the matchmaking agency. In the catalogs, these guys place the profiles of the Polish single ladies ready for a relationship and marriage. The professional staff gives high-quality advice, which is certainly needed in international dating.

All you want to know about Polish brides

Why are there so many single women in Poland?

This is true – we need to admit it. But if you read the history of Poland, you realize that people from this country (in particular, men) have been through a lot. Both World Wars, the USSR’s oppression, and many other events made the gender rate there – bad-balanced. The lack of decent men makes Poles look for love abroad.

How much does a Polish bride cost?

Price Western males pay for their Polish mail brides varies between $2000 and $7000. Let’s take a closer look at each part of the final amount. The membership on a paid dating site costs around $250 per month. Travel expenses that include plane tickets, entertainment, food, and accommodation are priced at $1500 (on average). Visas and other necessary documentation fees depend on the country you come from.

Why do Polish women marry Americans?

Polish women want security, closeness, and a harmonious family from their partners. They will do everything for their loved ones and expect the same attitude in return. That’s why they love Americans so much. Openness and honesty are also important. Self-confidence, good manners, and an excellent sense of humor. Almost all ladies from this land look more at the potential boyfriends’ character and not at their financial means or appearance.

How to get a Polish girlfriend?

It is generally customary in Poland to say nice words to each other. That’s why sweet compliments will help you to captivate such a girl. In addition, nice manners and small gestures of attention such as holding the door or kissing the cheek as a greeting are also required. It is critical to appear self-confident because Polish females love bold men who know what they want. We are not talking about “machos” here – rather about being gentlemen.

As you can see – nothing special. You can do this!

How can I marry a girl in Poland?

If you want the ceremony to take place in Poland, a translation into Polish of all necessary documents is needed. For the wedding, you need to hire an interpreter if your knowledge of the country’s language isn’t sufficient. The same applies to a wedding in your land, by the way. The rights and obligations of Poland concerning the marriage apply to the couple automatically. There are few exceptions where a choice between your or Polish law is possible, for example, in the case of joint marital property. A concordat marriage is possible solely if you are a Catholic.

Are Polish brides a real thing?

If you search for a soulmate through a reliable matchmaking platform – yes. Polish brides are a real thing.