Lithuanian Brides: How To Meet Lithuania Women For Marriage


Lithuanian brides are very different from all other women, both in appearance and character. The cool, reserved, aristocratic beauty of Lithuanian brides has always lit a fire in many hearts. Their sunny, calm Baltic beauty does not always conform to the common norms. But clear eyes, strong character, well-groomed appearance, and sophistication, combined with self-confidence, attract men and often arouse the envy of brides. In this article, we will talk in detail about the image of Lithuanian brides.

PROs & CONs of Dating Lithuanian Women

PROs & CONs of Dating Lithuanian Women

Lithuanian Women advantages 

1. Appearance

Lithuanian women have a great sense of style and know exactly how to look good and impress their men. Besides, it is impossible not to mention their beautiful hair. Their hairstyles are so impeccable that it seems that all Lithuanian women advertise shampoo. Besides, they have very beautiful, harmonious faces and great figures. Most young women are not overweight.

It is not so easy to seduce a Lithuanian woman and you have to do your best to make it. But be sure, it is worth it. You will not find such beautiful women in any other country.

2. They maintain a healthy lifestyle

Lithuanian women believe rightly that health is considered among the most precious things in life. The Lithuanian lifestyle emphasizes health, and Lithuanian girls also care for it from a young age. You rarely see them eating junk food or drinking a lot of alcohol. They are fond of physical activity and often go jogging, hiking, or taking bicycle tours. Of course, a Lithuanian woman wants her partner to join her in these aspects of her life.

3. They are respectful and appreciative

A relationship with a Lithuanian woman always feels like one between two peers, not just because Lithuania is a European country that values equality, but because they are just as invested in a relationship as you are. Lithuanian women not only enjoy being the object of a man's attention – they actively treasure everything you do for them. Moreover, they treat everyone around them with respect and sympathy.

4. You take the best of both worlds

Lithuania has a unique geographical location and history. On the one hand, it is located in Northern Europe, is a member of the European Union, and its women share many views and values with European women. On the other hand, Lithuania was part of the USSR and has long been associated with the Slavic world. These two facts have made the personalities of Lithuanian girls complex and helped them to adopt the best qualities from the two regions.

5. They are friendly

Lithuanian women are very open-minded when it comes to making new friends. Most importantly, they know who to be good friends with and how to appreciate the friends they already have.

Making friends with a Lithuanian woman first is a good strategy on the way to winning her heart. Try it and you will not lose!

Lithuanian Women disadvantages

1. They are not smiling too much

We can safely say that a lot about women from all post-Soviet countries, and hot Lithuanian mail-order women are no exception. This is the way "coconut cultures" function – as opposed to Americans and Japanese, people from Eastern Europe can seem somewhat cold and unkind when they first meet you, but when you establish relationships with them, they become kind.

2. Not everyone can speak English well

Unfortunately, this is the main issue – only 30.4% of Lithuanians speak English, based on statistics. But this is not so bad, as when it concerns the youth, this number grows to about 80%.

3. Some beautiful Lithuanian women are too demanding

Now this is not a surprising thing – if you are going to date or marry an exceptionally beautiful, smart, hardworking, and well-mannered woman, you need to conform. It's not that they only want to date millionaires – the fact that you are financially stable is usually enough to satisfy their needs.

4. Brides from Lithuania do not share their secrets with strangers

Lithuanian women are sincere and open-minded, but they are reserved and hard to crack. This does not mean that a girl from the Baltic country will never open her heart to you. On the contrary, if you manage to get her to tell sweet stories from her childhood or something personal about her youth, it's a sign that she likes you a lot. Spend some time getting to know the Lithuanian bride and you will be surprised how wonderful and unique her soul is.

5. Lithuanian brides are close to their families

Women from this country are family-oriented. They do not waste their time on a meaningless relationship and rather look for a partner for life. The Lithuanian bride knows what is important to her – husband and children, so she will not be interested in cheating and infidelity.

Lithuanian Brides – Myths and Facts

Lithuanian Brides - Myths and Facts

About every nation you can hear a certain stereotypical opinion or idea. Think about the prejudices that exist about Lithuanian girls.

Fact 1. They are cultural

Lithuanian women have a particular sophisticated glamour that lends them an aura of aristocracy. It looks like they are taught etiquette from childhood, but it is in their blood. Lithuanian women are as polite and friendly as possible, they respect and accept every person.

Fact 2. They are smart

Lithuanian women are characterized not only by their manners but also by their high intelligence. They are as a rule real professional in their field, never get bored of learning, and are always eager to learn something new. There are a lot of Lithuanian women who know several languages.

Fact 3. They are family-oriented

After marriage, Lithuanian women are willing to do anything for the family to be happy. Family is one of the most important things for native women, so they are ready to sacrifice everything for the family. Lithuanian girls are usually very close to their parents; their opinion is important. So try to make them like you.

Besides, Lithuanian women know very well how to run the household; they cook deliciously and like it. Such a woman is a real gift, isn't it?

Myth 1. Slow, ponderous

You can hear a stereotypical opinion about the inhabitants of the northern countries, especially the Baltic countries, about their slowness. This impression is created by their calm character and balanced manners, which include a minimum of gestures and a leisurely pace of conversation. When it comes to performing a certain action quickly, doing this or that, Lithuanian women do it at an optimal pace. But they do it carefully and, above all, qualitatively.

Myth 2. Cold and distant

Another stereotype that has developed due to a quiet character is the opinion that Lithuanian women are usually indifferent and not too hot. At least, this is not true when it comes to their passion and openness. Calm and balanced manners do not prevent Lithuanian women from being warm and friendly interlocutors but only help them.

Myth 3: They are lazy or idle.

Another interpretation of Lithuania is that people there could be more active. This could not be further from the truth! Lithuanian citizens strive for excellence like any other person in this world, and they will do anything to achieve their goals.

Dating a Woman from Lithuania: Rules & Basic Tips

Dating a Woman from Lithuania: Rules & Basic Tips

In our reality, where there are almost twice as many brides as grooms, just the fact that this man has chosen you is flattering. Of course, this alone is not enough to get Lithuanian mail-order brides, and in most cases, a man has to make certain efforts to attract a woman's attention. Flowers, gifts, compliments, and admiration are an all-round package. However, sincere love is not based on material values, contrary to the belief of some men who claim that the bigger the wallet, the hotter the love of a bride.

As we know, Lithuanian women are gentle and romantic, so how their chosen one treats them is extremely important to them. Men often mistakenly assume that courtship should be limited to flowers and gifts. For girls, a compliment and a little surprise are very important, thanks to which they feel beautiful and loved. The main task of courtship is to arouse the bride's interest in a man. And we'll tell you how to do it.

1. Show your intelligence

Lithuanian brides are crazy about intelligent men. At the same time, almost every Lithuanian bride puts her understanding in this definition. A man's intelligence is a symbiosis of intelligence, emotional serenity, and the ability to cope in any situation alone, without a woman, as well as a certain material wealth from a certain age with certain life values.

Many Lithuanian brides are ready to turn a blind eye to anything if a man talks to her for hours on philosophical subjects, teasing her with arguments about the axiom of syllogism and substantial accidents. Another part of Lithuanian woman believes that intelligence means the presence of higher education, the ability to earn money, and many other things. We conclude that the mind of a man is a versatile and very sexual substance.

2. Showing the absence of infantilism

Infantilism is the inability to react maturely to events. The main sign of infantilism in a man is his inability and unwillingness to take responsibility for his actions. Chronic alimony cheats, bitter drunkards, and other marginal existences are the most typical representatives of this strain. But socially well-off men in white shirts and ties are also infected with the virus of irresponsibility. It is very convenient to take what you want from life without giving anything back, to get what you want by any means, and to blame only yourself for your misfortune.

3. Be old-fashioned and respect traditions

Nobody forces you to climb up a rope to the 24th floor, as gentlemen used to do. By old-fashioned, Lithuanian women mean that they adhere to the unwritten code of men, according to which a woman is perceived as a woman with a capital letter. Giving right of way, lending a hand, getting out of the car to open the door for a woman, not letting her carry heavy things, and so on. Hardly any of the modern men can say that about themselves. Granting the right of way in the subway on March 8 doesn't count. An act for a random bride could lead to you finding a Lithuanian mail-order bride.

4. Avoid any rudeness

A man being rude to a woman is a diagnosis. Even though Lithuanian women find it difficult to express themselves, a man who speaks disparagingly about a woman quickly loses his reputation. On the contrary, whoever interrupts the arrogant bully with a word or a fist, who allows himself to insult a Lithuanian woman, will reach the highest level of the pedestal in her eyes. If you order a Lithuanian bride, it does not mean that you can do whatever you want.

5. Underline your self-confidence

It turns you on, it delights you, it conquers you. A man who knows his worth transfers his calmness and self-confidence to his Lithuanian mail-order brides as well. The feeling of security around such a man is indescribable. You should not confuse self-confidence with arrogance – you should not evaluate yourself, but know it.

6. Never lie

Lithuanian brides always feel when you lie to them. Lying always catches up with them afterward. In general, the reasons why men tend to lie are quite different from those of women. Women lie to hide their insecurity, while men have their roots in immaturity and infantile behavior.

Lying is not only telling the untruth but also hiding the truth. Cheating is a typical expression of a lying nature. A man who cheats on his wife shows his loyalty to her in 99% of cases and will cowardly wag his tail and cover his tracks if there is even the slightest opportunity to bring the ugly truth to light. Lithuanians do not tolerate such tail-wagging men.

7. Pamper your wife with flowers and gifts

Nothing emphasizes the value of a Lithuanian woman to a man like his desire to do something good for her.

They will be pleased when men shower them with jewelry and champagne baths. Lithuanian women's esteem does not depend on the price of pearl rings! Even if it is costume jewelry from the Internet store and not real diamonds, the main thing is that the man wants to please her. This is a meticulous process to buy a Lithuanian woman.

8. Be tactful

Local Lithuanian marriage candidates especially like to talk heart to heart, but they appreciate restraint and silence in men. Actions are much more important to them than words. Do you want to find a Lithuanian bride? Her devotion will conquer her heart.

9. Show nobility

Yes, Lithuanian wives online love and admire it when a man does! Lithuanian mail-order wives love it when a man helps disadvantaged animals and orphans and provides food to a lonely old neighbor. By doing this, a man awakens the age-old instinct of needing protection from a Lithuanian mail-order bride. This is the perfect way to intuitively gain the trust of a Lithuanian bride.

Lithuanian Wedding Traditions

Lithuanian Wedding Traditions

Lithuania is an ancient country with wedding traditions dating back hundreds of years. Over the centuries, wedding traditions and customs in Lithuania have evolved very slowly, with one thing remaining constant: the paramount importance of the family. Many of the traditions practiced today have deep roots that can easily be traced back to customs and traditions from long ago.

The Baltic States, consisting of Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia, have very rich wedding customs and historical traditions. Traditionally, marriage was divided into three central parts. The first phase of the wedding consisted of working with a municipal matchmaker who brought the couple together and provided the dowry. Then there was the wedding ceremony proper, which included several very specific customs, and finally the atgriztai, the "return," in which the newlyweds returned to the bride's family home as guests. Although much has changed since then, there are still fun and festive Lithuanian wedding traditions such as bachelorette parties, giving away the veil, and festive dances that are still practiced at modern Lithuanian weddings.

Arrival at the groom's house

On the day of the wedding ceremony, the bride symbolically leaves her family home early in the morning and goes to the house of her future husband. Upon entering the house, the bride places a red towel on the stove next to the oven to gain the goodwill of the spirits of the house. She then gives towels and sashes to the groom's parents.

Clothing of the bride and groom

Traditional Lithuanian wedding ceremonies often take place in a church, with brides wearing a classic white wedding dress. At the ceremony, brides wear a wreath of rhombus flowers, the Lithuanian national flower, which is soon replaced by a veil or headdress. The groom wears a classic black suit or tuxedo, sometimes with a top hat, but it is not mandatory.

Canopies for wedding ceremonies

Traditionally, couples sit throughout a Lithuanian wedding ceremony while bridesmaids and groomsmen keep a red or white canopy over their heads. Today's couples are prone to using bows or structures featuring these colors to allow their arms a rest!

The wreath of the diamond

Once the bride steps down the aisle, the Lithuanian wedding ceremony often starts with the maid of honor or the bride's married wife taking off the diamond wreath and changing it to a headdress. This is supposed to signify the bride's transformation from a young girl to a mature woman.

Traditions of the Lithuanian Wedding Reception

During a traditional Lithuanian wedding reception, there is generally a great deal of dancing and there is even a singular play that takes place.

The dance of the bride

Following the couple's first dance, the best man, groomsmen, and single men are invited to dance with the bride – a Lithuanian wedding custom, though it comes with a catch! In return for the dance, the men are asked to offer money to the couple, which is usually used for their new life together and the honeymoon.

Prediction of the groom and gift of the veil.

Once the clock hits midnight on the wedding day, the bride does not need her veil. She usually offers it to a bridesmaid, her sister, or a young woman who is soon to be married. After that, the groom is surrounded by all the subtle men. He is twirled around a few times by his best man and then sets his top hat on the next man to be married.

Tradition of bread and salt

As they enter the wedding party, the bride and groom drink wine and eat bread and salt, signifying the three elements of life they will now share: Joy, Tears, and Work. Right after that, the couples are doused with grain and water and wrapped in skins to represent abundant harvests and a successful life together.

Seimos and Zidinys

It is traditional for the Seimos Zidinys, a small ceramic piece with a lit candle inside, to be passed as part of the wedding ceremony. This is one of the most poignant and meaningful elements of the ceremony. It is presented to the newlyweds by their parents as a symbol of the warm fire of love that burns in their family.

Haggling with the impostors

In some weddings, when the bride and groom first appear at their seats at the wedding dinner, they are greeted by impersonators dressed like the bride and groom who take their seats to have a good time. It is the bride and groom's responsibility to negotiate with the impostors to secure their seats.

Lithuanian wedding cake

The traditional dessert served at a Lithuanian wedding is a cake made of butter, eggs, flour, sugar, and cream baked on a rotating spit in an oven or over an open fire. As the cake spins and cooks, more batter is slowly added. As the cake spins, characteristic peaks form during cooking.

The Atgriztai

The atgriztai or "coming back" is a bittersweet tradition in which the couple returns to their parents' home after their honeymoon. However, they are now welcomed as guests rather than immediate family members, symbolizing the transition from the family home to their own.

Ritual of childbearing

In Lithuanian culture, the day after the wedding and before leaving for the honeymoon, a small child is placed in the bride's womb. According to Lithuanian culture, this is to promote fertility and encourage the newlywed couple to strive to have a family of their own.

Top Cities to Meet Lithuanian Women

Top Cities to Meet Lithuanian Women

Lithuania is a highly appealing country that draws tourists from the whole world thanks to its nature and architecture. Women in this country are appealing to foreigners too. As always, the chances for a successful acquaintance are greatest in the big cities.


The capital of Lithuania is known for its beautiful baroque and gothic buildings, a pleasant old town with paved streets crowded with nice cafes and restaurants. As the capital and largest city of Lithuania, Vilnius offers you the most opportunities to meet Lithuanian singles. The women there are not only very attractive but also interested in meeting foreign men and familiar with Western culture. To increase your chances of meeting the woman of your dreams, visit the restaurants Lokys, Amandus, and Anayor or the nightclubs Salento, Materialist, and Mojo Lounge. Native beauties love hanging out there, chilling out, and taking selfies. Vilnius at night looks no less impressive, with beautiful lights and nightclubs where you can hang out in an extremely relaxed atmosphere.

  • Cafes in Vilnius: Cat Cafe Kačių Kavinė, Italala Caffè, Coffee1.
  • Bars in Vilnius: Alchemikas, Piano Man Bar, Local Pub.
  • Night clubs in Vilnius: Salento Night Club, Mirage Night Club, Opium Club.


Klaipeda is a port city on the Baltic Sea and the scenic Dana River. Thus, it does not lack parks, waterfront walks, and great spots for strolls and photos. Klaipėda is a Lithuanian city where you can do everything: visit the historical sights, admire the Baltic Sea, or experience the local lifestyle in the parks and streets of the city. Klaipėda is also home to some of the most sought-after universities in Lithuania, which means that there is a large number of young and intelligent Lithuanian women here. Lithuanian girls who like to have a good time enjoy walking in such places. Getting to know them on the street, in a pub or nightclub is a question of choice.

  • Cafes in Klaipeda: Cafe Klaipėda, Coffee King, Max Coffee.
  • Bars in Klaipeda: Herkus Kantas, Bardakas. Klaipėda, Irish Nese Pub.
  • Night clubs in Klaipeda: Crystal Show Club, Loki Club, Pakhauz.


Palanga is a famous seaside resort in Lithuania on the Baltic Sea, where the waters warm up to +20 degrees in summer. The city provides great opportunities for a beach vacation and meeting the beauties of Lithuania.

  • Cafes in Palanga: Caffeine, Cafe bandukė, French bakery.
  • Night clubs in Palanga: Exit Club, Basanova, Judesis Palanga.


Kaunas has an intriguing, complex history, stunning medieval monuments, and a lovely city center where it's easy to come across beautiful Lithuanian towns while roaming the streets. If not, you can always try the Uoksas, Talutti, and Al Cantuccio restaurants. Kaunas also boasts a good nightlife, with Taboo, DejaVu Party Bar, and Basement nightclubs being the most popular.


Siauliai, the fourth largest city in Lithuania, is a lively place to discover and enjoy. With its diverse cultural attractions, an abundance of outdoor activities, and fantastic restaurants, Siauliai has something to offer every traveler. From exploring historical sites to natural wonders, there are many reasons why tourists should visit this charming destination. Siauliai is a small, cozy town in the northern part of Lithuania with numerous historical and cultural sights, museums, and cafes serving traditional Lithuanian dishes. There is entertainment for everyone here: families with children, outdoor enthusiasts, and couples who want to spend a romantic weekend.

Where to Meet Lithuanian Brides When You’re A Foreigner

Where to Meet Lithuanian Brides When You’re A Foreigner

Lithuanian women like online dating, especially when it comes to international online dating. Many of them feel that the dating pool in their country is quite small, which is why many Lithuanian singles turn to the internet when they feel it's time to meet someone new. You won't find many of them on traditional dating services or social media.

An international dating site is the perfect place to go if you want to meet Lithuanian women for a serious relationship. There are many of them, but they are all united by the fact that there are thousands of attractive and intelligent Lithuanian singles to meet. You can go from first contact to a full-fledged relationship without ever leaving your home, meeting in person only when you are ready.

Goldenbride is a leading international dating website offering a wide range of services in numerous countries worldwide. Goldenbride is the number one international dating agency in Eastern Europe and has already brought hundreds of single men and women together. This international dating agency for singles allows you to find an Albanian woman.

Main features

Here are the free features of the site:

  • Create profile
  • Browse the member profiles
  • Using the app on your device

Here are the paid services:

  • Use the 'Find your partner' feature.
  • Messages to every member on the website
  • Chat in real time
  • Video calls
  • Gift delivery services

Generation Love is a dating website that has been in operation since 2006. It has women from all over the world, including Lithuania. As the name suggests, it attracts members between the ages of 25 and 34. The dating site works via a membership model. People looking for love create profiles and get in touch with potential partners. You can join by creating a free profile on the platform.

The ratio of men to women on the site is 2:3, and since the site has over 600,000 members, there's a good chance you'll find true love. However, Lithuanian brides only make up part of the total. This means that the chance of finding love is less than 20%.


If you are looking for a great international dating service, you should check out UaDates. It's easy to use, all profiles are verified and many people have already found love here. International online dating agencies are the successors of the older dating agencies where you had to record an introduction video and see if someone might like it.

It's quicker and easier here and you have more opportunities to find a great date.

All you want to know about Lithuanian Brides

All you want to know about Lithuanian Brides

Why are there so Many Single Women in Lithuania?

The proportion of women in the total population was 54%, i.e. there were 1171 women for every 1000 men. Women aged 65 and over made up 22% of all women, men – 14% of all men.

Lithuanian women are well-educated and often work in banking, finance, or other high-level jobs. They therefore prefer a job to finding a partner. They are elegant and beautiful and are not put off by childish men. Lithuanian dating culture is based on old-fashioned traditions. Lithuanian women are smart, intelligent, entertaining, and among the most beautiful women in the world.

Many Lithuanians believe in family values and traditional values. Lithuanian women can be very feminine and old-fashioned and are looking for a serious relationship rather than a one-night stand. They will always wear their best dress to date, no matter how casual it is. Lithuanian women expect their partner to ask them to marry them.

Lithuanian women are expected to be even more conservative than they may be used to on dates in other countries, while men are expected to be chivalrous and open doors for them or carry their bags.

How much does a Lithuanian bride cost?

The joy of meeting Lithuanian women for marriage comes at a price, but that doesn't mean you can buy a Lithuanian woman. Rather, the cost of a Lithuanian bride is the sum of all the expenses you will have to incur in finding your life partner. These costs can be divided into two main groups

Costs for online dating

Most dating sites allow you to sign up and browse profiles for free, but communication always costs money. Some sites charge a monthly membership, others prefer to charge you every time you use a paid service such as chat or email.

Also, most sites offer the option of sending gifts and flowers to the woman you are communicating with, and this also costs money. Depending on how often you talk to Lithuanian brides, a month of online dating can cost you between 50 and 300 dollars.

Costs for offline dating

You can't find a Lithuanian woman for marriage if you don't meet her at least once in person, and 99 times out of 100, the man is the one who makes that trip. Lithuania is a fairly inexpensive destination, but since you probably want to make the best impression possible, you'll have to cover all the costs yourself. On average, a two-week trip to Lithuania where you spend time with your bride costs from 3,000 dollars.

Why Do Lithuanian Women Marry Americans?

This is one of the most common questions American men ask – if these Lithuanian chicks are so great, why are they looking for foreigners? Why can't all these hot and pretty Lithuanian women just find a decent man in their country?

The answer is pretty simple: Lithuanian men just aren't as good as men from the United States! Americans are more financially stable – and let's face it, that's very important for any modern woman, even if she's not a gold digger. American men are often more respectful and usually treat their women better than men from Lithuania. Finally, men from the United States are (often, but not always!) more attractive and stylish than men from Lithuania – and this is of course also very important.

Every Lithuanian woman who wants to marry an American man has her reasons for wanting a lifelong partnership with an American man. On a broader level, there are prevailing trends among these women that determine their motivations for marrying men from the United States.

Lithuanian beauties are mesmerized by the appeal of American men's looks and self-care. They admire both the physical attributes and self-care practices of these men. In addition, beautiful Lithuanian women appreciate the relaxed demeanor and public behavior of Western men.

Are Lithuanian brides a real thing?

A Lithuanian woman is often characterized by her strong and self-confident will, enchanting beauty, and exceptional style. This unique charm sets local women apart from other women, which is why many men see them as perfect partners with whom they can share their values. In this day and age, it is easy for any man to strike up a conversation with a Lithuanian woman and marry her. These women use the online world to make new acquaintances and start a romance. So, take the opportunity to meet your love on a reputable online platform.

How to get a Lithuanian girlfriend?

Lithuanian women love online dating, especially when it comes to international online dating. Many of them feel that there is a very limited supply of partnerships in their country, which is why many Lithuanian singles go online when they think it's time to meet someone new. However, you won't find many of them on the usual dating sites or social media.

If your goal is to meet Lithuanian women for a serious relationship, you should a reputable dating site. The choice is vast, but they are all united by the fact that there are thousands of beautiful and intelligent Lithuanian singles to meet. You can go from first contact to full-blown romance without leaving your home and only meet in person if you feel comfortable doing so.

How can I marry a girl in Lithuania?

Persons wishing to marry in Lithuania must complete the necessary forms and submit them to the Registry Office (Marriage Palace) together with their passport, birth certificate, and the required documents (see below).

The following documents must be submitted:

  • Documents certifying the identity of the person;
  • Birth certificate (not required in some cases, but it is recommended to bring it);
  • If the person wishing to marry is a foreign national, a document issued by the competent authorities of his/her country stating that there are no obstacles to the marriage (i.e. a certificate stating that the person has not entered into another marriage that is still valid at the time of the marriage). If a foreign national is divorced or widowed, a certificate of divorce or death of the former spouse issued by the competent authorities of his/her country must be presented.
  • The documents of a foreign citizen (except the passport) must be legalized or apostilled (except documents issued in Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Latvia, and Estonia) and translated into Lithuanian.

An interpreter with personal identification must be present at the ceremony. If the documents were submitted online, the originals of all submitted documents with translations into Lithuanian must be submitted on the day of the marriage. In addition, a foreign national (except for nationals of the Member States of the European Union and the European Free Trade Association) must present a document confirming legal residence in Lithuania (visa, etc.). If a person resides in Lithuania illegally or the residence permit has expired, the marriage with the Lithuanian bride cannot be registered.