ElenasModels.com Review

  • Easy to sign up
  • You can write your Blog there
  • Many success stories – it’s a good motivation
  • You can buy the Platinum subscription plan and enjoy unlimited communication
  • The unclear situation with the owners and personality of the founder is the main drawback of Elena’s Models.com
  • Not all profiles of the ladies are verified. Moreover – you need to pay for this service
  • The average women’s reply rate is really low
  • You can’t call or order a gift through the site
  • The old-fashioned design of the site
  • Customer support service doesn’t reply to your request within 24 hours as promised


ElenasModels.com: is the website created by a dating coach worth your attention?

What comes to your mind when you hear “dating platform Elena’s Models”? Most likely – this question just made you smile and shrug. Well, it’s okay that you have never heard about this website since it doesn’t belong to the world’s most famous international matchmakers. But do only well-known providers deserve your attention? Of course, not! After all, EM was established in the distant 1999. Thus far, it already has more than 20 years of professional experience! Sounds promising, isn’t it? Another aspect that attracted our interest to this service is its owner. According to the official information, it was created by an online dating coach Elena Petrova. But this good-looking woman doesn’t work all by herself – there are 32 employees in her company at present. Okay, then, enough general facts about ElenasModels. At this point, we would like to start talking more specifically. Because representatives of our team have tested this platform for a while and are ready to give comprehensive answers to all frequently asked questions. Let’s figure out together: is EM worth your time and money, or not?

First impression

We want to start our Elena’s Models dating service review with the initial impression this service makes. The first thing that catches the eye is the disproportionally large font size of the main page. Especially compared to the background image – that is almost hidden behind all the lettering. Unfortunately, the EM’s site design could hardly be called modern. It includes the logo itself, so, please, guys, if you read this article now – do something! Sure, we understand you developed all these details a long time ago – still, the help of a specialist would give your platform a fresh coat of paint. Big orange words “Russian dating” and “Sign up for free” lure new potential users. It’s certainly understandable: more than two million profiles and 22000 communications every day make people have high expectations! As you can see, we love numbers and, therefore, were glad to find another one right on the main page. They say: there are over 140 thousand Elena’s Models girls and men online daily! But let’s not be gullible – it’s wiser to see what happens after the registration before saying wow. If you scroll the home page of EM a bit down, you can see the random profiles of its female members. They are divided into two categories: new and popular. The gallery search by various criteria is also available. It includes searches by country of residence, profession, etc. We think this feature is really good – because it gives you a chance to find out if there are ladies you find captivating. Another thing we like about Elena’s Models online dating site is they offer an app for cell phones. You must agree: it is simply essential nowadays. More about it you can read further in the article. What could motivate you to become a member of the matchmaking service better than the success stories of its former customers? On the EM’s start page – you can see the brightest ones. They all are clickable, so you can open each one to get perfectly inspired on your search. Fact Elena Petrova is a certified life coach and book writer is beneficial for her platform. You can read all tips and suggestions of this lady for free in her blog, which is regularly updated with new posts. So, dear friend, do you already want to sign up to ElenasModels? Are you excited about it? Hold your horses for now – keep reading first.


31, ⚐ Zaporizhia, Ukraine

27, ⚐ Moscow, Russia

31, ⚐ Dnipro, Ukraine

24, ⚐ Kyiv, Ukraine

Elena’s Models women: where are they from?

It’s clear that every user wants to use Elena’s Models to connect with women from its catalog. But before joining this website, it is reasonable to find out where their female members come from. So, we need to mention once again – EM belongs to the international matchmakers’ category. It means you won’t meet Western ladies there, but those from Eastern Europe and partially Asia instead. It implies such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania, Kazakhstan, etc. Also, you shouldn’t forget that the Slavic diaspora is well presented in the USA, Canada, Australia, and many other countries worldwide. Therefore, the probability of meeting your soulmate from the former USSR without going abroad is pretty high. On ElenasModels website, profiles of these ladies could be displayed separately.

How do you sign up?

As remarked in various Elena’s Models reviews, you won’t experience difficulties becoming a member of this platform. The Sign Up buttons are scattered throughout its home page. So, obviously, to start the registration process – you need to click on one of them. After that, the pop-up window will appear. Like the site’s administration says from this point – only a few steps separate you and your match. Okay, what exactly do you need to do? Enter your first and last name, don’t forget to indicate your gender just below. The next – write your date of birth. The rest of the fields ask you to note your country and city of residence, as well as your email address. End the first registration step by thinking up the secure password. You, however, can skip all mentioned above actions since Elenas Models offers to sign up with Facebook or Google accounts. They promise not to post to your social network page or share any information if you do. The next step involves sharing certain details about your appearance. These are your height, weight, eyes color, hair color, hair length, and ethnicity. After this – choose your marital status and the presence of children from a previous marriage. Then, tell a little about a woman you want to get to know through Elena’s Models dating website. But bad news – you can’t leave this part for later. The further action is uploading a profile picture. It could also be transferred from your Facebook or Google+ account. There are listed rules and suggestions in this regard. For example, no nakedness, advertising, or other people (especially kids) in your photos. Fortunately, you can skip it for now. If you complete the next step – you can contact twenty ElenasModels women for free. So, why not? It doesn’t seem to take much time, though. You only need to write a few words about who you are looking for. After that – choose from the activities from the list – those that match yours. To finish the registration: you need to verify your email address.

Main features

When writing a review on Elena’s Models dating site, it’s impossible to avoid its main features. So, what do you expect as soon as the login page is left behind? Right on the top of your user page, you can see such buttons as inbox messages, alerts, your contacts, settings, and logout. Near them is the one named My Home Page. Actually, it exactly duplicates the features of the sidebar (below right). Let’s take a closer look at them since there are a few interesting ones there. Membership account details indicate your current membership plan and enable you to buy the upgrades. My profile button lets you get the idea of how female members on Elena’s Models.com see your profile. Are you ready to discover a really unexpected service for an average dating site? On EM, you can have your personal blog! If you have always wanted to become a writer – it’s your chance! On the other hand, you can consider this option an extra opportunity to attract the attention of potential girlfriends. The My Contacts tab allows following the blog updates of your conversationalists on the platform. The next of Elena’s Models features we want to talk about – is editing. You can anytime make changes to your profile, photos, videos, and contact list. More about it – in the next section of the article. If you will find your love through EM – the site administration wants you to share your positive experience with them. The button Tell Us Your Relationship Story invites you to do this. By the way, new members of the platform aren’t able to use it – at least, till the moment their profiles are approved. When you start looking carefully at the sidebar, one thing appears a bit strange. The EM’s membership has an expiration date. We haven’t found anything in this regard in other Elena’s Models dating site reviews, so the point remains unclear until now. But do the site administration, together with Elena Petrova, really think a person needs a maximum of one month to find the special one? We don’t believe that rush could be beneficial for a future relationship…

How do you set up your profile?

Elena’s Models recommends setting up your profile to enjoy more attention by the women’s side. But how to do this? You have two options. Either you choose the button Edit My Profile on the sidebar or pop-up list of My Home Page – you will be redirected to the same page. If English is not your mother tongue – it’s advisable to use the inbuilt online translator (big green button at the left side of the screen). To the first and last name – you can add your middle one. Next, you can tell the members of Elena’s Models which languages and how well you speak. The most widespread tongues are listed extra (English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian). Below these fields, you can describe your personality in free form. Don’t ignore the About Me section if you want to meet your future wife as soon as possible. Since, for example, Slavic girls find it essential to know the education level of the potential boyfriend. The same goes for your occupation and profession. Religion and attitude towards smoking and drinking are not that necessary to specify, though. According to Elena’s Models reviews, male profiles without pictures don’t get many responses from the ladies. But no panic: you can do this at this stage – simply choose the Edit my Gallery tab. So, it’s allowed to upload up to 20 pictures, 7168 KB Max. Although, only one video could be uploaded to your user page (48 MB Max). If you are shy or want that only defined women would be able to see your photos – there is a solution for you. Make certain pictures private! Provide the females you are fond of the password and enjoy your level of intimacy! The last thing you can edit on Elena’s Models dating site is your contact information. To the email address, could also be added your postal address, cell phone, SkypeID, etc. The question is, do you really need to do this? We never advise your customers to reveal their contact details if it could be avoided. Remember: you cannot know what these people will do with such information.

How do you search and sort the ladies?

ElenasModels search is organized in two versions: basic and advanced. That is pretty typical for international dating platforms. Let’s consider both, then. The basic one presents only two criteria: age and ID number. As you can see, it’s really not much. So you actually can use it either if you exactly know the ID of the lady you want to talk to; or if you don’t have any other preferences except for the age of the future girlfriend. For the rest of the male members, the advanced search of EM will definitely be more effective. There you can set plenty of criteria, for example, much more than what Asian Date offers. Generally, it is divided into seven categories. It includes basic requirements (height, weight, country), characteristics (hair and eyes color, zodiac sign), marital status and children, languages, education, and profession. The Other Requirements field enables you to filter only the profiles of users whose expectations you meet. The Key Word search is intended to make the results of your search even more precise because of the usage of strategic words.

How do you communicate?

Our Elena’s Models review of the website couldn’t be comprehensive without this part. Examining the ways of communication the platform offers is one of the essential stages for us. So, how can you get to know and stay in touch with the females on EM? Let’s start with the Live Chat. In fact, it doesn’t differ from any other instant message system. As usual, it is not expected that you write long texts there – only short ones instead. You can have up to three chats at the same time. So don’t miss this chance – especially in the beginning. It’s good that you can keep and reread your chat history for a whole year! It brings a lot if you want to marry an EM woman and move her to your country one day. And, ta-da: it’s absolutely unlimited! Yes, you understood right: Elena’s Models messaging has no per-minute or per-message price. But it’s not absolutely free, though – you need to be a Gold, Platinum, or Ultimate member to enjoy it all. The next communication option on EM is video chat. Well, it’s similar to the mentioned above alternative but with the turned-on camera. You don’t need to download any extra software either. Among the communication services that Elena’s Models provide is letters exchange. But it works a bit differently. So first, you need to send an expression of interest (EOI) to the girl you like – it helps to find out if your attraction is mutual. Only in case the lady is interested to know you better it makes sense to write a letter.

Does Elena’s Models have a mobile app?

Yes, and – the official Elena’s Models app is available for iOS and Android devices. It doesn’t require additional registration, just use your log-in data from the desktop version of the site. The services you can get through the app are text chat, voice and video calling, photo sharing, etc. The keyboard with unique emojis is also available.

What does a free membership offer?

We bet, for many men, this section of our Elena’s Models.com review is the most interesting one. Since it’s pretty logical – not many are ready to pay for the services they weren’t able to test for free. Okay, what do you get on EM without spending a penny on it? Well, in this case, your dating opportunities are limited. You can make changes to your profile on Elena’s Models. It includes posting photos and a video, of course. Also, you can see who has viewed your user page and add this person to your favorites if you like. Still, you won’t be able to see all photos of the potential conversationalist – this option is available only for paid members. Like many other providers, EM doesn’t let men communicate with their ladies for free. To use each of the communication ways – you need to pay.

What does a paid membership offer?

As soon as Elena’s Models login page is left behind – be ready to pay. Free membership doesn’t make much sense because you can only look but never talk. So, what does EM offer? There you don’t pay for the de facto used service – you buy membership instead. This website has three subscription plans: gold, platinum, and ultimate. The most basic one (gold) costs around $19 per month. It enables you to send an unlimited number of expressions of interest and letters (50 contacts). Also, you could view all photos of Elena’s Models brides, watch their videos and send instant chat messages (50 contacts, again). The Platinum plan is priced from $58 per month and offers absolutely unlimited communication opportunities. To the mentioned above services – are added live video chats and contact detail exchange. The Ultimate subscription plan is the most expensive one. When choosing it, you will be charged around $100 per month. But, in this case, you get not only limitless communication – some extra benefits are included too. Namely, site administration can verify 5 profiles of the ladies per your request. It is, however, strange because, as a rule, trustworthy platforms do it for free with all female users. The other features are provided by Elena Petrova – her 8-Hour Coaching Audio and Coaching Manual with 2 Workbooks. Well, we don’t want to sound rude but, really? They must be kidding us since these things aren’t really worth almost the double price. We don’t think a person after a long working day would want to do exercises in a workbook. In our opinion, online dating is about the relaxed atmosphere and fun – the scientific approach doesn’t always work. But the subject of prices on Elena’s Models is not over. There are additional features you can buy if you want. For example, the VIP coaching program by Miss Petrova for $299. But don’t rush spending your funds on it – the competence of this woman is questionable for many experts.

Customer support

Every dating site review we write highlights this aspect because we find the sufficient level of customer support significant for each modern platform. Let’s find out how it works on EM. If you need to connect with the platform’s administration – choose the Contact Help Desk button on the right side of the screen. Then, you will be redirected to the special form. First, you need to pick the reason why you write to them. It could be a success story, compliment, comment, complaint, suggestion, etc. The subject can’t be changed. Then, type your message in the field below. But don’t expect you will hear from these guys soon – we are already waiting for more than 36 hours. A member of ElenasModels, eventually, can call the site administration. They also have two addresses if you want to send a letter or just visit them.

Security and safety

Writing Elena’s Models site review, we couldn’t avoid the topic of the personal safety of the platform’s users. And, to be honest, the impression we have now is pretty controversial. So, above all, it looks like Elena Petrova either doesn’t exist or has nothing to do with the website that uses her name. Why do we think so? Well, it’s just on the surface. If you open the Terms of Use agreement – the very first sentence makes things apparent. According to it, the platform belongs to Great Media Limited, located in Hong Kong. Ms. Petrova, unfortunately, is not listed among the employees of the company. Therefore, there is room for doubt – do those who pay $300 for the VIP coaching of this lady really get what they want? Unfortunately, it looks like not Elena, but copywriters write her Blog and give those tips. The other point that makes us seriously worry – is that all ElenasModels scam reports posted on the Web magically disappear. They simply delete the negative experiences of their customers! Well, no wonder if they ask for extra money for verifying profiles. Actually, the more you read the User Agreement or Privacy Policy – the more questions come into your mind. So you need to be really careful if you decide to join EM.

Pros and cons

The Elena’s Models review we have written, as usual – was pretty long and comprehensive. But we also understand that you might not have enough time to read it all. For this reason, we have created lists of the pros and cons of EM. So it would help you to decide whether joining this platform is a good idea or not.

Elena’s Models dating site FAQ

Is dating site Elena’s Models free to use?

Unfortunately – no. EM only lets you try the basic features of the site without buying a subscription. Apparently, you can’t use any communication services for free.

How to create a profile on Elena’s Models?

As we have mentioned in our Elena’s Models review – it won’t be hard to create a profile on this platform. You just need to click the Sign-Up button on the homepage of the EM site. After that, you will be redirected to the registration form. Fill all the fields out to receive more attention from the ladies.

How do Elena’s Models credits work?

If you want to talk to Elena’s Models’ woman – you don’t need to convert the real-life money into credits, coins, or units. You simply buy the subscription in accordance with what you want to get for your money. And that’s all – enjoy the services of the platform.

How can I delete Elena’s Models profile?

Elena’s Models’ profiles could be hidden or deleted. For using both options – you need to have a reason. They are various: from the desire to correspond with someone exclusively to the fact you are married now. To get access to these two features – you need to choose Settings on the top right side of the screen.

How many members does Elena’s Models have?

According to the official information, Elena’s Models.com website currently has more than two million profiles. Still, the average reply rate is pretty low there.

Can I use Elena’s Models anonymously?

The truth about Elena’s Models is they don’t check the identities of their users. Men, of course, can buy the verification of certain girls if they pick the Ultimate subscription plan. So, simply said, you can use a nickname or lie about anything else – no one will know.

How can I know that EM profiles are real?

It’s sad, but you can’t. When using Elena’s Models, you shouldn’t trust women by default. To be sure – you need to buy it as an extra service.

Is EM messaging free?

Men with free membership can’t use messaging at all. Although, the way ElenasModels work enables users with Gold, Platinum, or Ultimate subscription – can use it as much as they want.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

From our experience, after you have joined Elena’s Models, it shouldn’t take more than 24 hours to have your profile approved. But you can use this time to set up your profile with photos and additional information.

Is Elena’s Models safe?

When you visit Elena’s Models for the first time – it gives an impression of being absolutely safe. But, in our opinion, it’s not true. The things we have found out during the testing of the EM website are controversial. In fact, it leaves more questions than answers. So, please be very careful with this dating platform!

What can I do to keep my account safe?

The safety rules are similar for all matchmaking platforms. For example, don’t share your personal information with strangers, especially when it comes to your social security number! Also, no matter what ElenasModels ladies say they are looking for – don’t be gullible. Don’t be afraid to ask too many questions or simply google your conversationalist. Such an approach will save you from being hurt and scammed.

It's time for a final verdict and our typical question. So, is Elena's Models worth it? To be absolutely honest - no. The approach this website has doesn't promise a high level of security. Also, the female members don't seem very talkative. What is the point of having unlimited chat minutes if you have no one to talk to?

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