Croatian Brides: How To Meet Croatia Women For Marriage


Croatian brides are very attractive looking, but they may appear too cold and unapproachable. But this is not the case. A lady of this nationality can be a very hot, affectionate, and loyal girlfriend and wife if a man takes the proper approach to her.

If you dream of going out on a date with a lovely Croatian woman, find out more about the qualities of girls of this nationality and get to know the rules of wooing them.

If you have already seen pictures of Croatian women, you already know that they are very attractive looking. But what else makes them so appealing to men? Below are all the characteristics of Croatian women that make them so desirable to the opposite sex.

PROs & CONs of Dating Croatian Women

PROs & CONs of Dating Croatian Women


1. They are the perfect example of Balkan beauty.

Some may consider it shallow to place a woman’s beauty first, but we find it completely justified. You’re marrying a woman whose face you will see every day for decades, so it’s only natural that you would like to cherish it. Luckily, Croatian women are the quintessence of Balkan beauty. Their olive skin is flawlessly outlined by their smooth, dark hair. Croatian brides have distinct facial lines, which they emphasize even more with makeup. They often dress a little slinky, though only until they meet the man they plan to marry.

2.  They have great dignity and self-respect

When you are with a Croatian woman, you will never feel that she is willing to do anything just to be with you. Croatian brides know their self-worth and will never be in a relationship where they don’t feel respected and appreciated. If you are looking for a bride who is completely submissive and compliant, a Croatian mail-order bride is not for you. However, if you are looking for an equal partner who understands you and with whom you want to have a steady relationship, you should choose a Croatian mail-order bride.

3. They are quiet

Croatian women favor a moderate rhythm of life. Vanity and haste are not their cups of tea. And most likely, this is probably one of the reasons why women of this nationality maintain their beauty and freshness at any age. Simply because they never get tired of living too fast.

A lot of men love Croatian women just because of their peaceful nature. Since women of this nationality are never in a rush, they also keep the people surrounding them feeling more at ease.

4. They are reserved

Loud laughter and naughty behavior are not characteristic of Croatian women. They always act in a restrained way. This helps make them even more appealing to the other gender. Men see Croatian women as well-mannered ladies who are deserving of their attention.

5. They are intelligent

Curiosity and a broad spectrum of thinking are typical national features of Croatian girls. They rarely pass up an occasion to get to know something new. A lot of women of this nationality like reading and traveling, which helps them expand their minds. Education also has a significant place in the lives of Croatian women. Most of them aim to go to university or technical college.

It is not just a beautiful look that draws men to Croatian women, but also high intellect and a wide mind. Women of this ethnicity are extremely pleasant to talk to. Guys they chat with do not become bored even after talking for hours. So, good communication skills help Croatian women to attract men very quickly.

PROs of Dating Croatian Women


1. They are waiting for a man to step up and take charge

Croatian women don’t have a lot of demands on their prospective husbands, but they certainly have to be ready to take the lead in the family. One might think that Croatian brides’ wish for a man to be the leader contradicts their wish for respect and equality in a relationship, but there is an easy reason for this. There can be only one leader in the family, and Croatian girls think that men have more resources to cope with the role of the head of the household.

2. They show high dignity and self-respect

When dating a Croatian woman, you will never feel that she is going to agree to anything simply to be with you. Croatian brides understand their self-value and will never stay in a relationship where they do not feel respected and appreciated. If you are searching for a bride who will be fully obedient and submissive, a Croatian mail-order bride is not meant for you. However, if you aim to meet an equal partner who understands you and would like to establish a sound relationship, you certainly should opt for a Croatian mail-order bride.

3. Outgoing

All Balkan brides like going out and celebrating the whole night. The girls in Croatia are no exception. A Croatian bride is a common nightclub goer, which is perfect for men who are on the lookout for a flirt. These brides are quite laid back and you can chat with them pretty easily. They are friendly to foreigners. This frankness will serve you to create a stronger approach strategy and plan your dates more effectively. A date with a Croatian girl will be filled with fun and enjoyable moments.

4. They are boisterous

Pride and self-confidence characterize Croatian girls. But this fact leads many men to try to gain their hearts. Moreover, these traits are highly overstated in the eyes of many. It is more like a protective mask that covers a passionate, love-starved woman.

5. They are careless

Given their joyful spirit, sociability, and light-hearted nature, Croatian women often are considered frivolous. But they understand the difference between pleasure and serious matters, like work and family responsibilities.

Croatian Brides – Myths and Facts

Croatian Brides - Myths and Facts

Apart from the personal traits of these women, Croatian mail-order brides have a particular mindset regarding the sanctity of marriage and family. They are meant to become perfect wives and below is a checklist of myths and facts that prove this.

Fact 1. They are helpful

Single Croatian women are well aware of surviving in the modern world and are prepared for almost any circumstance. Whatever they face, they accept the challenge and emerge as winners in any situation. In marriage, these women may be the sole source of support that sustains you. Also, their wise advice may be the sole answer you’ve come looking for.

Fact 2. They are always changing

Probably one of the scariest things in a marriage is to be bored with each other. The urge for new experiences and emotions may be a great motivator that results in bad choices. Hot Croatian girls are quite aware of this challenge. That is why they are constantly working on themselves. To put it simply: With such a woman next to you, you have no idea of what to expect next, and this gives more flavor to the relationship than anything else. Moreover, these Slavic mail-order brides hardly ever go over the top.

Fact 3. They are great cooks

If you like good food, it is not a waste to have a personal chef in the kitchen. Most Croatian mail-order brides are well-trained in the national cuisine. They also adapt to new culinary traditions with ease and become experts in almost every field. And besides their culinary skills, they also have a special beauty.

Croatian women are always changing

Myth 1. They are not the greatest mothers

These alluring brides were raised in traditional families. A Croatian bride is accustomed to staying with her parents and siblings and places a strong focus on family values. Women in Croatia stay in the family home until they get married or are self-sufficient financially. Pretty Croatian girls learn every day about being good mothers. Local brides commonly adopt their mothers as the etalon of mothers and carry this mother-child pattern with them into their families.

Myth 2. They are rude

If you visit Croatia, you will realize that people there are much more open about their thoughts. Croatian women never conceal their feelings, and thus you will always know their feelings for you. This might seem impolite at first, but in fact, it is a big plus. Your wife will always tell you the truth. Rather than keeping quiet and slamming doors, she would rather discuss any issue and reach a common ground.

Myth 3. They are mostly vegetarians

When in Croatia, it is almost impossible to try dishes with meat or fish, which are very popular in this country. They say that this is not a place for vegans. This is true for Croatian women because they love to cook and eat dishes like black risotto, brodetto, peek, and so on.

Dating a Woman from Croatia: Rules & Basic Tips

Dating a Woman from Croatia: Rules & Basic Tips

Dating a Croatian girl will be easier and more efficient if you follow these suggestions:

  1. Show a sincere interest in her personality. This is the most important point in a plan to win the heart of a Croatian lady. Girls of this nationality are not used to being seen by men only as beautiful creatures. They like it when men see them as independent personalities.
  2. Share their interests and hobbies. This will help you get closer emotionally. And according to a typical Croatian woman, this is the first step to falling in love.
  3. Don’t rush her. Starting a relationship too quickly is not for women of this nationality. They want to get to know each other better before entering into a relationship. If you rush her, she will find out that you are not serious and only interested in sex.
  4. Always be polite. If a man shows bad manners, a Croatian lady will be more likely to cut off communication with him. So, if you don’t want to lose your girlfriend, be polite not only on the first date but during the whole time.
  5. Do not test her kindness and patience. Croatian women are extremely friendly and always ready to compromise. However, this does not mean that you should abuse them. If a woman realizes that you are taking advantage of her kindness to get a favor, she will distance herself from you.
  6. Always be the real you. It may be natural for you to try to look younger, more successful, and more sociable than you are, but a Croatian bride will always recognize that you are faking. Instead, she wants to see the real you.
  7.  Ask lots of questions. Croatian brides are very good listeners and you can talk to them for hours without noticing how time passes. However, your communication must be two-way and she will be happy if you show genuine interest in her.
  8. Be confident, but value her opinion. Croatian women are perfectly fine with the man taking the reins in the relationship, but they hate it when the man makes the decisions without asking them first. Don’t make this rookie mistake!
  9. Be creative with dating. A typical Croatian woman has gone on some dates by the point she meets her future husband, so she might not be as enthusiastic about a classic restaurant or movie date as your relationship develops.
  10. Be clear about your intentions. Croatian mail-order brides only date foreigners they can marry. Even if you’re not willing to pop the question immediately, you should let her know that this is a long-term relationship and not just a fleeting affair.

Croatian Wedding Traditions

Croatian Wedding Traditions

Thinking of having a wedding and would like to make sure it’s one of a kind? Croatian weddings are filled with intriguing traditions that add an authentic feel to your special day.

From the engagement ceremony to the post-wedding customs, Croatian wedding traditions can contribute to making your day a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Explore the different components of these traditional customs and figure out ways to include them in your ceremony.

1. Buying the bride

A unique Croatian wedding tradition that is common is the custom of “buying the bride”. There are different ways in which this custom goes, and it is also commonly known as the tradition of the fake bride.

The groom arrives at the bride’s house on the day of the wedding to pick her up. He yells and explains his intention to get married to the bride-to-be. The bride’s relatives (as a rule, the men) normally open the door and verify the bride’s presence in the house, but they don’t just give her away. A “fake bride” may appear, as a rule, as a male family member dressed up or even a robust doll in a wedding dress.

There are different customs for how the groom gets his real bride, based on the region in Croatia. Sometimes the groom proposes to pay for his bride, yet the family declines to sell her, considering his offer too low. Ultimately, the family may choose to sell the bride away with no payment if the groom promises to fully love her.

2.  Rosemary buttonholes

As wedding guests walk into the reception hall, they receive a rosemary stem tied with ribbon. The bridesmaids tack this to the left side of the guests’ garments. This tradition originates from ancient times. It is a sign of welcome and is supposed to repel evil spirits.

Guests usually left a monetary donation for their rosemary branch and wished the couple good luck.

Rosemary is another very common herb for the bride’s bouquet. It grows abundantly on the Croatian coast and symbolizes faithfulness and happiness.

3. Apple throwing

This tradition can be performed either before or after the wedding itself. The bride gets an apple, mostly with a coin in it, and must throw it over her house.

When she throws it, it is a symbolic sign of being strong and being a fine housewife.

4. Kolo dance

The Kolo dance is a traditional dance commonly done at weddings and other ceremonies. Usually performed in a circle, the dancers hold hands and dance in sync with the beat of the music.

Kolo dancing is vibrant and full of energy and is frequently headed by a skilled dancer or musician who dictates the tempo and rhythm of the dance. The Kolo dance is quite often included in wedding receptions, with guests of all ages coming out onto the dance floor.

5. Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue

A lot of brides in Croatia continue following this custom even today on their wedding day. These four things are said to give good luck and protect the couple’s future life together.

6. The bride has to wear a veil

According to an ancient Croatian tradition, the bride must have a veil during the wedding ceremony, which is meant to guard her against evil spirits.

7. A doll for good luck

It is common for the bride to carry a tiny, handmade doll with her during the entire wedding festivities. It is thought that this doll will add fortune and blessing to the new marriage.

8. Tossing Coins

After the ceremony, friends or family members throw coins at the newlyweds to signify good luck and blessings for the marriage.

9. Waving handkerchiefs

During the retreat, guests wave white handkerchiefs in front of the newlywed couple as they exit the church or hall after the ceremony. This act is a symbol that everyone wishes the couple happiness and joy on their shared path to marriage.

Top Cities to Meet Croatian Women

Top Cities to Meet Croatian Women

If you would like to get to know Croatian girls in their homeland and have sufficient time to visit foreign countries looking for a future wife, you need to head to one of the biggest cities:


Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and one of the most beautiful cities with Austro-Hungarian architecture from the 18th and 19th centuries. The capital of Croatia is a huge and noisy city. More than 700 000 people live there. Zagreb attracts with its colorful shows, numerous restaurants, nightclubs, and festivals. A foreign single has a chance to meet a dream woman everywhere.

  • The bars in Zagreb: Booze and Blues, Swanky Monkey Garden, and Rock&beer Club Alcatraz.
  • The cafes in Zagreb: Caffe Bar Finjak, Velvet, Botaničar.
  • The nightclubs in Zagreb: Maraschino, BP Club, and Purgeraj.


The second largest city in Croatia is a popular cultural center, full of museums, galleries, architectural monuments, and buildings. The city of Split in the Dalmatian vacation region attracts sea and beach lovers as well as architecture connoisseurs. We know you are a lover of female beauty, and there is something to see here for such people as well. Let a local Croatian bride guide you around the city and end your trip with a daring swim in the depths of the sea. You will never get bored with your girlfriend and spend a useful time together.

  • Bars in Split: ShotGun Shooters Bar, Charlie’s Bar, NOOR Fine Spirits & Cocktails.
  • Cafes in Split: Kavana Procaffe, Teak, D16 Coffee.
  • Nightclubs in Split: Disco Club 305 A.D., Judas Tree, Kocka.


Top Cities to Meet Croatian Women: Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a city located in the south of the country, on the Adriatic Sea shore. It has an amazing old town, surrounded by solid stone walls from the 16th century.  Enjoying the beauty of historical assets is always more fun in the company of a lovely Croatian girl. You can meet her, for example, on the limestone-paved pedestrian street Stradun, where there are restaurants and stores, or find a venue with a cozier atmosphere, like cozy nightclubs with perfect music.

  • Bars in Dubrovnik: Pub Dubrovnik, Buzz Bar, NoneNina Bar.
  • Night clubs in Dubrovnik: Club Lazareti, Culture Club Revelin, Elyx Night Club.
  • Cafe in Dubrovnik: Solitudo, Café Festival, Caffe Bar MaBelle.


For the people of Korčula, it is indisputable: Marco Polo is a native of the island. There is even a house in which the famous traveler was born. Whether legend or reality, the fact is that Korčula was always an island of sailors and traders who tried to turn their capital into a rival of Dubrovnik. It is still an appealing medieval town in the east of an island with many attractions, so much so that it became a favorite destination of the French.


Among tiny streets and Roman ruins, among small churches and beautiful squares, among bright white and orange tiles, you will certainly be charmed! Zadar is famous for two jewels it holds the Sea Organ and the Sun Salutation. It is also the starting point for numerous hiking tours.


For lovers of Baroque architecture, Rovinj is a beloved spot. Come and visit the old town and the Cathedral of St. Euphemia. Refresh yourself in the crystal-clear water afterward! The Old Town of Rovinj is located in the same area as Pula and is distinguished by narrow, paved streets that are perfect for lingering. You will be pleased to explore the Church of St. Euphemia (the main attraction of the town), which overlooks the old town and was built by the Venetians.

Where to Meet Croatian Brides When You’re A Foreigner

Where to Meet Croatian Brides When You’re A Foreigner

Finding a Croatian woman in Croatia can be too time-consuming and prove to become not as effective as you expected. You never know if a girl from a club is going to make a serious relationship and it can cost a lot of time to figure it out.

To avoid time wasting, consider a different way of dating: Meet Croatian girls online. But common dating sites aren’t the greatest spots to discover women of this nationality. You will find a lot more Croatian women on dedicated online platforms for looking for foreign husbands. They are quite popular among local women. After you sign up with such a service, you can pick from hundreds of hot Croatian women.

Goldenbride comes with a highly intuitive user interface that lets you search through the profiles of gorgeous single women efficiently and initiate contact with your top choice. The registration process is quick, simple, and completely free. All you have to do is sign up, provide the required personal information, and choose the right criteria for your potential partners. The quality of services comes at a price, so there are a few services that users have to pay for.

Goldenbride offers its users a variety of features to make communication as convenient as possible. You can talk to her via video chat or live chat, or even meet her in person during special dating tours.


UaDates is a terrific international dating website for you to use. It offers convenience, privacy, ease of use, and a great experience. The onboarding process takes no more than 5-10 minutes, and the search feature is phenomenal. If you use it properly, the search results page will be like a dream and show you all the people who are suitable partners for you.

Here you get thousands of opportunities to talk to women, an option for live international chat and video chat, a translator if needed, an easy-to-use app for iOS and Android, and a real international dating site you won’t want to leave.

International Cupid

This is a premium website and while it is international and not Croatian-specific (you still don’t have any real choices here), you are going to meet a lot of women who will be interested in dating new men.

And since it’s a paid service, you’ll face much lower competition, and you can also rest assured that the ladies you meet will speak English.

But if you’re looking to struggle and keep trying, you also have Tinder. This free mobile app is growing in popularity in Croatia, and while the competition there is tough and the average age here is very young (so you may not be so lucky if you’re a bit older). You can try it out anyway.

All you want to know about Croatian Brides

All you want to know about Croatian Brides

Croatian women are very attractive looking, but they may seem too cold and unapproachable. But this is not true. A lady of this nationality can become a very hot, loving, and faithful girlfriend and wife if a man finds the right approach to her.

If you dream of dating a beautiful Croatian woman, learn more about the qualities of girls of this nationality and get to know the rules of how to woo them.

Why are there so Many Single Women in Croatia?

To give you an idea of the sheer size and scale, there are 6 million female citizens in Croatia alone. Things are not as bad for women in Croatia as in some other countries, which means that young Croatian women don’t attempt to flee their homeland by marrying a man from abroad. However, Croatian girls are highly ambitious, and since there is always space for improvement, they will use every chance to better their living conditions.

At the same time, the reasons for Croatian women to become mail-order brides are only partly practical. Croatian brides keep a romantic image of Western men in their heads and think that a Western husband will treat them well. Therefore, a Croatian mail-order bride is interested not so much in your money, but in your personality and attitude.

How much does a Croatian bride cost?

Looking for Croatian women for marriage, men realize that there is also a financial side to this process. Reliable platforms provide chargeable services, while the need to meet the bride may result in the need to visit Croatia. How much may it cost, and how much is the price of a bride from Croatia? The following are the most common expenses:

Website services: a reliable and secure platform can cost from $50 per month.

Website services: a reliable and secure platform can cost from $50 per month

Impressing a lady: men should not forget how much ladies like flowers and surprises, so the average amount spent on courting is around $1,500 and, of course, depends on women’s preferences.

Visit Croatia: The cost of living in Croatia is almost 40% lower than in the U.S., but a two-week trip is still expensive enough for an average monthly budget. You’ll need to buy airline tickets (starting at $800), book a hotel room (starting at $70 per night), pay for meals (starting at $40 at a good restaurant), and invent something fun to do together (starting at $40 per day).

Registration of marriage: the cheapest ceremony in the registry office costs $50 plus translation costs (from $80 to $300), while the desire to celebrate a wedding can significantly affect the budget, as the average wedding in this country with 50 guests costs from $20,000.

Moving from Croatia: If you decide to move in with your Croatian wife, you should pay for her plane tickets (from $600) and prepare all the documents for her arrival (from $250).

– Why Do Croatian Women Marry Americans?

Why do Croatian women become mail-order brides? It is a big mistake to think that hot Croatian girls dream about an American man and citizenship. Nevertheless, due to their origin, most girls are open to Western men and willing to date them. Croatian women who are looking for love consider Americans for the role of a future spouse. But don’t think that local singles will run into your arms just because of your origin.

Many Croatian brides are open to meeting foreign men. They look for the best partners through online dating, as it is the easiest way to meet a future husband. The dating statistics are impressive. Both men and women have more chances to meet a foreign man online than on the street. Statistically, online dating leads to healthier relationships because you have enough time to learn from each other.

– Are Croatian brides a real thing?

Croatian women are sensible, thoughtful wives and caring mothers. They are not scared of domestic chores, but they are also ready to work away from home to earn a decent living on an equal basis with their husbands. If it is needed to be at home and look after the family and the children, the Croatian wife will gladly do so.

Like any woman, the Croatian wife strives to be a diligent housewife and an impeccable mistress to her husband. She readily establishes an atmosphere of love, warmth, coziness, and safety in the house. Quite often Croatian wives add a creative element and a piece of their personality to the interior and atmosphere of the house, making the home extra welcoming.

– How to get a Croatian girlfriend?

It is quite important to send the right first message, as it is rather hard to modify the first impression over time. If the first message is not catching and effective, you can lose your chance to get a Croatian girlfriend, as she will not respond to you even once.

So how do you initiate a conversation with a Croatian woman in the right way? A lot of men opt for the complimenting strategy. But that is not the best idea. Many local womanizers give a lot of compliments in the first few seconds of the meeting. Therefore, Croatian women are skeptical about compliments and sometimes even disregard them.

A way more successful approach is to find something in common at once. Check out the interests listed in her profile and try to start a conversation about these subjects. This way you will show her that you share some things in common and can become close friends shortly.

As soon as you meet in real life, you should visit different interesting places together. Try to come up with something new for each date so that your girlfriend doesn’t get bored. This way you will get closer emotionally and she will soon fall in love with you.

How can I marry a girl in Croatia?

How can I marry a girl in Croatia?

Croatia is one of the ideal places for weddings. Beautiful weather, historical white stone buildings, azure sea, green mountains. For all these reasons Croatia offers the perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony.

Foreigners are allowed to get married in Croatia, regardless of whether they have their permanent residence in Croatia or not. However, getting married in Croatia can involve a lot of paperwork. The amount of paperwork depends on the citizenship of the spouses. A wedding in Croatia should be planned well in advance, as it may take some time to gather all the documents necessary for a legal marriage.

#1 Determine where and when

Decide when and where you want to get married. You can get married at any registrar’s office or a location outside the registrar’s office.

The location, date, and time will determine the cost of the registrar, as he or she must be on-site to perform your ceremony.

The cost is determined by:

  • Day of the week – Sunday marriages are more expensive.
  • Time of day – The fee is higher after working hours than during working hours.
  • Distance to the registrar – If the registrar must travel to the location of the marriage, a fee per mile will be charged.

#2 Find out what is required

If one of you is not Croatian, getting married in Croatia can be a little (or a lot) more complicated.

It all depends on your citizenship. Each nationality has different requirements for documentation, depending on the treaties with your home country.

Some countries have treaties that regulate the equal exchange of documents, others do not. Two future spouses may need to provide different documents if they are from different countries.

To find out which documents are required for your nationality, you must contact the registrar of the country where you wish to marry. These documents are needed to make your marriage legally binding and valid when you return to the country where you live.

#3 Prepare your documents

After you have checked with the registrar, prepare all the necessary documents. In addition to the documents required for your citizenship, anyone getting married in Croatia must provide the following documents:

  • Certificate of Free Civil Status – This is a document that proves that you are not married in your home country. It must be translated into Croatian and apostilled/legalized depending on the treaties in place between Croatia and your home country.
  • Certificate of No Objection – This is a document stating that there are no legal obstacles to the marriage and that the marriage will be valid in your home country. It can be included as part of a Certificate of Free Civil Status. In the U.S., it is called a “License to Marry.” For US citizens, both spouses must be present at the US Embassy in Zagreb to apply for this license. It must be translated into Croatian and apostilled/legalized, depending on the applicable treaties between Croatia and your home country.
  • Birth Certificates – Both spouses must present international birth certificates or birth certificates with official Croatian translation and apostille/legalization, depending on the applicable treaties.
  • Certificate or final judgment for widows/divorces – If one spouse is widowed or divorced, they must provide official proof of that status. Of course, it must be translated and apostilled/legalized depending on the agreement.
  • Copy of Passport – Both spouses must provide a copy of their passports. It does not need to be translated or apostilled/legalized. However, British citizens must have their copy certified by a public official or attorney.
  • Identity document – This can be your national identity document if the Croatian bride is from an EU/EEA country.