8.5/10 review
  • The registration to the dating site RoseBrides is free.
  • The subscription plans are not expensive.
  • Premium members can show their interest through the “Say Hello” service for free.
  • The scarcity of communication opportunities is the main drawback of
  • There is no mobile app for RB.
  • The design of the site is outdated and inconvenient – you realize it while using RoseBrides.
  • The platform’s administration doesn’t make the identity checks by their female users.
  • RB customer support service doesn’t work properly.
  • Most of the former RB users had a negative experience with the website.

The international dating industry is booming, so no wonder new platforms appear on the market almost every day. Just an ordinary single simply can’t keep up with all the offers the Internet nowadays suggests. Therefore, don’t be surprised if doesn’t ring a bell to you. This matchmaking website is relatively green, compared to such pioneers as AnastasiaDate or AmoLatina. And, it’s actually not much the general public knows about them. In fact, the only thing we have found out about them without difficulty – is the company is registered in Europe (Lithuania) and always pays their taxes on time. But, unfortunately, this information is not somehow helpful for those who decide whether they can really build their chance of a lifetime there. For this reason, we agreed to test it and write a RoseBrides dating service review afterward. Are you ready to discover the truth, then? If yes – gear up, and let’s get it started!

First impression

As you already know, in our reviews – we usually say what we see, giving our readers the unvarnished truth. It won’t be an exception this time. So, the initial impression concerning the RoseBrides dating site was clear right away. When you open it for the very first time – you get a feeling, it was made quick-and-dirty in someone’s garage. The developers were, obviously, using whatever was available. And it all, in addition to a strictly limited budget. The platform’s color scheme – black and red – is associated with sadness and tragic events instead of love and new happy beginnings. Thus, naturally, it doesn’t, even a little, awaken the desire to join this highly optimistic website. The rest of the design is no less disappointing… The RoseBrides login page is full of texts. This makes it look like the site of the university library rather than a flirt platform for communication. The main difference is – students have to use the archives to get good marks. Apparently, the majority of singles would prefer more eye-pleasing dating sites, especially when it comes to a paid membership. But we don’t scare easily, you know. If you want to get the portion of motivation – it’s advisable to scroll the start page down. There you will see the pictures of the new – as well as top-rated RoseBrides brides. You can click on the photos of those you like most and get access to their profiles. For further action, registration is necessary, of course. Also, you can look through the user pages of other men to score out the competitors. It is really seldom on international matchmaking platforms – most often, guys can’t see each other’s profiles. If you like, there are a few useful articles in the bottom part of the RB homepage that might be helpful to all newcomers. For instance, the Getting Started and Safe Dating guides are worth reading.

RoseBrides women: where are they from?

When it comes to RoseBrides, all countries their female members come from could hardly be named. In fact, this website positions itself as a platform where Western men can get to know Slavic women. This, however, is not all they have. RB ladies are from all over the world: Western and Northern Europe (in addition to its Eastern part), Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, the Caribbean, and even Africa! According to the official data, it has 57000 active members in total.


31, ⚐ Zaporizhia, Ukraine

27, ⚐ Moscow, Russia

31, ⚐ Dnipro, Ukraine

24, ⚐ Kyiv, Ukraine

How do you sign up?

If you want to sign up to RoseBrides, you need to click on the small button Join for Free, placed on the top right side of the homepage. Or – the Sign-Up one just below the site logo. Then, you will be invited to fill out the registration form. First of all, you need to indicate that you are a man seeking a woman. Then – you will be asked to specify the desired age diapason for potential girlfriends. Then, come standard information such as your first and last name, date of birth, and email address. Don’t forget to mention the country, state, and city you live in. Members on use nicknames instead of real ones. So, during the registration, you will need to think up a username that would seem appealing to the ladies. As soon as you are ready – hit the Join now button.

How do you set up your profile?

Right after completing the previous step, you will be suggested to set up your profile on RoseBrides. So, you don’t need to do anything special – simply follow the clues. You will need to start by uploading your pictures. RoseBrides recommends you browse at least one portrait photo, but – the more, the better, of course. It’s nice RB lets you know what kind of images are prohibited by the site rules. We are going to mention it too: no to sunglasses, group or made from distance photos. Low-quality (blurry) pictures won’t be accepted either. The whole list of limitations is available at the bottom of the page. Read it carefully since your membership could be terminated if you cause multiple violations. The next step involves you sharing personal details. The first section concerns your physical info. From your height/weight to ethnicity – all points are significant. Then, you will finally be able to turn your creativity on and appeal to all RoseBrides girls. We talk about the sections where you describe yourself and the person you would like to meet. Also, you will need to find the languages you speak among those suggested by RB and state how good your skills are. The closing section of your public portrayal includes information about your education, occupation, religion, marital status, presence of children, smoking, and drinking habits. After that, you will need to give plenty of extra facts about your personality and interests. According to RoseBrides dating site reviews, it’s important to devote your time to this part when setting up your profile because it helps potential matches find you. And ultimately, your RoseBrides user page is full of personal information. The very last step required at this moment is – confirming your email address. As soon as you are done with it – nothing more stops you from searching for your dream woman! P.S. If you don’t have enough time for all these steps right away – don’t worry. You can skip all of them and do this when you feel ready.

Main features

Actually, there are not many RoseBrides features that are noteworthy. But don’t worry, we will examine them for you. The first one is My Matches. These are the Rose Brides members who meet the age criteria you specified when setting up your profile. You can change them anytime, selecting the Edit My Match, though. There are a few subcategories there. The first one – Reverse Matches. In this tab, you can find the profiles of the girls who are interested in meeting a man your age. The second one – Mutual Matches – combines the function of both mentioned above. Okay, with that sorted out, we want to draw your attention to the sidebar every male member of RoseBrides has on his user page. Namely, to the section named Hotlist. There, RoseBrides women interested in you – are divided into three categories. The first one – members who have emailed you – is the equivalent of the mailbox, but only letters. Under Hot-Listed-You subcategory are placed the ladies who have added you to their favorites. The third one – is girls who have viewed your profiles. It is, of course, prudent to begin your communication with one of them since they are already attracted to you. And, actually, that’s all. We really need to agree with other expert RoseBrides dating reviews – ask yourself: would it be enough for you?

Does RoseBrides have a mobile app?

Unfortunately, a RoseBrides app for iOS and Android devices doesn’t exist. It is hardly surprising, though… Obviously, the owners don’t like to invest money in this dating website.

How do you search and sort the ladies?

The most basic version of the RoseBrides search may be found right on the sidebar of your user page. However, we can’t say it would be adequate to use only this one. The reason for it is simple: only two criteria (age diapason and country your potential matches come from) are never sufficient. Therefore, don’t waste your time and move on to the advanced version of the RB search. As reported by many other users in their RoseBrides reviews – it’s much better. As you can see, there are plenty of search criteria there, so you could get very accurate results. In addition to basic requirements, you can specify the desired appearance and personal characteristics of your ideal RoseBrides woman. The most attentive of our readers have noticed that the features in advanced search fully coincide with the fields you were asked to fill out when setting up your profile. If you already know the username of your favorite girl or her ID number on RoseBrides’ online dating site – you can use them to find her. You will need to do it through the Member Lookup search option.

How do you communicate?

When writing this review on the RoseBrides dating site and its features, we couldn’t help wondering how few communication opportunities this platform offers. It seems, nowadays, the availability of a chat for exchanging instant messages is a matter of course for all matchmaking services and even casual dating apps. At the same time, in this day and age – all people casually make video and phone calls. No matter how far the conversationalists are from each other – they can see one another and hear each other’s voices. Have you already guessed RoseBrides offers nothing from this list? And, we don’t say a word about such attributes as gift delivery or anything similar. Okay, then – enough of complaining. Let’s focus on what is available there – namely, RoseBrides messaging. Yes, we perfectly understand your frustration. It is, basically, the paid version of the email box you can create on many sites for free. We haven’t found anything special in this service because it’s absolutely mediocre… Still, we don’t want to close this section of RoseBrides’s review on such a negative note. There is one thing we actually liked as a communication opportunity (or rather an expression of interest) there – the Say Hello feature. This allows you to greet a woman you are fond of – without paying a penny for it. The corresponding button is placed right under the avatar photo of each lady.

What does a free membership offer?

Every time we examine a matchmaking platform, we compare the dating opportunities it offers its free and paid members – review bar none. Notwithstanding this service, obviously, has not much to offer – we are going to do this anyway. So, what do members of the RoseBrides get without buying a subscription? Ta-da, you can sign up and set up your user profile. And, of course, enjoy looking through the profiles of the ladies. The usage of the advanced search is included in the free membership as well. Is it enough to meet your love on RB? Definitely – not. In fact, you can’t even use the “free” Say Hello feature before giving these guys your money.

What does a paid membership offer?

As already mentioned in our RoseBrides’s review of the website – you will need to buy its subscription to have a chance to talk with your favorites. Let us, therefore, figure out how much it costs and what you get for your money. Actually – the wording RC uses on their page with membership types sounds laughable. Their offer to immediately gain access to all communication features of the site is simply absurd. Since there is only one opportunity to stay in touch with the ladies there! Okay, we should better save our righteous anger and focus on the prices on RoseBrides. There are three premium membership plans: for one month ($49), three months ($90), and six months ($150). Be careful when choosing one because the first and the second options involve automatic renewal. What do you get for your funds, then? The opportunity to exchange letters with the girls. Oh, almost forgot – you will be able to make your user page invisible for the RB women, so they would not see you viewed their profiles. It seems the RoseBrides cost is affordable. Yes, it is so – still, we would reformulate the statement at this point. Is there a need to pay for such a poor quality of the services?

Customer support

Dating platform RoseBrides suggests a few ways of how you can contact them. To do this, you will need to click the Help button on the top right corner of your user page. The first one is the Frequently Asked Questions section of the RoseBrides dating site. It is really well made, and you can find answers concerning many matters right there. The second option you have is writing an email to We’ve tried to do this, but, perhaps because it was a weekend – there was no reply for more than two days. The third opportunity available is submitting a ticket. You will need to specify the subject of your issue, pick the category, and then describe your problem in the corresponding field. According to some RoseBrides reviews, it will take approximately 24 hours to get the answer.

Security and safety

For those who regularly read our articles, it won’t be unexpected what we are going to say next. Namely, in each dating site review we write, it’s persistently suggested to always read the Terms of Use agreement between you and your matchmaking platform. Trust us: there are plenty of things you will be surprised to find there. So, what do all people who have joined RoseBrides agree to? The matter that makes us worry most – these guys don’t conduct identity checks. It means you can never be sure who you are talking to right now: with a woman from the photos in her profile or a beardy man. In fact, the way services of RoseBrides work make scammers’ business go without any obstacles. Just think about it: you communicate with the ladies only through letters. You can’t invite your favorites to make a video chat with you or, at least, a phone call! No less dangerous would be transferring your communication away from the site to the social networks of messengers. If you want to make sure our conclusions and warnings are not meaningless – read hundreds of RoseBrides scam reports on the Web. FAQ

Is the RoseBrides website free to use?

No, this dating platform is not completely free to use. You, however, can get certain services without paying a penny for them. Namely: membership itself, setting up your profile, and searching for potential soulmates.

How to create a profile on RoseBrides?

RoseBrides profiles of the users are very detailed, so you will need to allocate sufficient time to set your own up. It’s possible to do all the required steps right after the registration or get back to them later. The full instructions can be found in our article.

How do RoseBrides credits work?

As you already know from our RoseBrides review – there are no credits or any other virtual currency on this site. All three subscription plans could be bought only for real-life money.

How can I delete my RoseBrides profile?

To remove your profile from the website – you need to click the Account button at the top of your user page. There will be two options available. The first one, named Delete Account – will cancel your membership once and for all. While the second one – Deactivate Account – will solely hide your profile and pictures from other users for as long as you wish.

How many members does RoseBrides have?

About 57000 RoseBrides ladies are looking for love with their help. How many of them are real – that’s another matter.

Can I use RoseBrides anonymously?

What you already know about RoseBrides is – these guys don’t make their users go through the verification process. At the same time, members are required to use nicknames. Therefore, if you want, you can communicate on RB anonymously (at some point).

Is RoseBrides messaging free?

No, unfortunately – RB letters exchange is not free. You need a Premium membership to use it. And, actually, that’s the only communication way available there…

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

When you visit RoseBrides for the first time – you need to provide the site administrator with your valid email address. As soon as the registration process is over, you will be required to verify it by entering a confirmation code. In our case, it took not more than a few minutes.

How can I know that RB profiles are real?

The ugly truth about RoseBrides is – you can’t know that ladies there are real. Sorry for disappointing you! But it’s better you find such conclusions here – than if you join the scammed former RB users on famous customer review sites.

Is RoseBrides safe?

No, this platform is obviously not safe. Moreover, the services that RoseBrides provides encourage fraudsters to start operating there! No verification process for female users, together with the absence of video chat as a communication way, makes the best possible conditions for swindlers.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

Well, in the best case, you don’t join this website at all… Still, if you want to become a member of RB despite everything – be very cautious. In addition to all standard safety rules on the Internet, make sure you avoid dubious members. We know that you want to use RoseBrides to connect with women and find your love. But don’t be too gullible, especially at the beginning of communication.

It's time to sum up everything we have said. And, of course, answer the main question you probably have in mind. Is RoseBrides worth it, then? Notwithstanding the fact we usually refrain from categorical statements and suggest people decide themselves - it's not the case here. We honestly can't recommend RoseBrides for those who want to find love abroad. The reason for it is apparent: too many risks, too few benefits.

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