Serbian Brides: How To Meet Serbia Women For Marriage


Serbian Brides – Who They Are and Why They So Attractive

Dating Serbian brides is a thrilling and worthwhile trip that can reveal a world of opportunities to you! From their stunning culture to their powerful values and magnetic personalities, there is much to adore about these lovely women.

They are also known for being extremely passionate about their country, culture, and traditions; dating one of them will show you a completely new side of Serbia that you didn't know about before.

Besides, Serbian ladies are hardworking and smart – they won't ever leave you in the dust when it concerns important life decisions. Finally, these ladies possess unique taste in fashion, which will draw your attention!

PROs & CONs of Dating Serbian Women

PROs & CONs of Dating Serbian Women

When searching for a foreign bride, men often look for Serbian women. They are correctly classified as women of the heart and have a lot of qualities that inspire men to form a family with one of them.


1. The Beauty of Serbian Women

Serbian girls are strikingly beautiful and exude an undeniable confidence that attracts the attention of people from all over the world. These ladies have strong facial features, stunning hairstyles, and a unique sense of style that makes them truly unforgettable.

Serbian women are trendsetters and their fashion flatters their figure, while their lush hair attracts attention. All in all, the look of Serbian girls is unique!

2. They look feminine

Serbian women prefer to highlight their attractions through their clothes, opting for plunging necklines, waisted cuts, and short skirts. They consider it important to show their feminine appeal using clothing and accessories. Serbian women also like high heels and wear them even in bad weather.

3. They are open

Serbian women are open to new meetings and enjoy interacting with different people. They generally find it quite easy to share a common language with people, no matter what age, sex, or nationality they are. Serbian girls are the focus of attention in any company and are comfortable with other people.

4. They are emotional

Serbian women enjoy having fun; it is easy to get them to smile and cheer them up. Serbian women are emotional in the best meaning of the word. They are not afraid to reveal their true feelings.

5. They are true friends

Serbian women are true friends

Serbian women appreciate how to make friends and always have people they would like to call friends. Serbian women are the people you can depend on in tough situations and who are glad to see you succeed. If you are searching for a standard of female friendship, Serbian girls are it.


1. They are impressive

No matter where you go, rest assured that a Serbian bride will look stunning there. In daily life, the outfits of the natives can be too sexy, as it was already stated. But when you go to the restaurant or meet with your parents, the girl dresses right. There is no issue with that.

2. They are frivolous

Based on the looks of Serbian women, you often have the impression that these girls are pretty frivolous and willing to flirt with anyone. It is not so – Serbian women are humble at heart, always devoted to their second half, and they wear revealing clothes only for beauty or their husbands.

3. They are invincible

Based on the overly flawless appearance of Serbian women, some people may have the idea that these beauties have too high expectations of others – being so perfect. Serbian girls have high expectations only for themselves. On the contrary, Serbian women are kind and warm-hearted to others.

4. They have a fondness for foreign men

It is a much better feeling to get into a relationship with a woman who loves you in the same way. Serbian brides are just as keen on entering into a relationship with a man from the West. This is because they tend to find men from other countries more acceptable in terms of who they are and the way they act. Native grooms are a bit domineering and less appreciative.

5. Old-fashioned views

Serbia is an old-school country, but this is particularly noticeable when it concerns Serbian women's views on life and the family. While feminist notions are growing in popularity in most European countries, Serbian women are in no hurry to accept these views as their own.

Marriage and family are still top priorities for girls in Serbia. Many of them are even willing to give up their jobs once they become wives, although some women continue to work. Moreover, most women there are big fans of chivalry. If you take off her coat and open the door for her, she will be impressed.

In return for your chivalrous behavior, a Serbian bride will treat you like her own Prince Charming. Your family life will be exactly as you have always imagined, and soon you will not be able to imagine any other way of life!

Serbian Brides – Myths and Facts

Serbian Brides - Myths and Facts

Serbian women have a reputation for their resolute character, blunt appearance, and traditional ideals.

From limitless independence to thoughtful mothers and wives, these women always show a singular characteristic that distinguishes them from the mainstream.

Fact 1. They are religious

75% of Serbs confess to one religion, and Eastern Orthodox Christianity has a large and significant role in Serbian society.

Fact 2: Unlike some other Slavs, Serbs do not marry early

The average age of Serbian women at first marriage is 28.6 years, and this is the same age that American women usually get their first marriage – in the U.S. the age for women is also 28.6 years.

Fact 3. They also don't have children early

The average age of birth of the first child is 28.1 years, which is rather high in comparison to other Slavic countries. However, it is not so high in comparison to other European countries where women prefer to have children in their 30s.

Fact 4. Women in Serbia are faithful to one man

The divorce rate in Serbia is 1.4 divorces per 1,000 inhabitants. This is one of the lowest divorce rates in Europe – only Italy, Bosnia and Poland have a lower rate.

Myth 1: The powerful, bossy woman.

Among the favorite stereotypes assigned to Serbian women is that of the tough, strong-minded woman who speaks up for the things she stands up for and believes in.

Serbian women are famous for being extremely bossy; often these views are followed by heated disputes and debates! Moreover, Serbian women are prone to great determination – they aim for success and are not afraid of any challenge.

Myth 2: Loving mothers and wives

An additional stereotype attributed to Serbian women is that of the devoted mother and wife. Serbian women are well known for their caring skills and readiness to exceed themselves in caring for family members.

They recognize the need to establish a warm home atmosphere where everyone feels confident and loved – something they aim to achieve day in and day out.

Myth 2: Traditional values

Serbian women are commended for their adherence to traditional values; in particular, a lot of girls favor marriage at a young age or faithfulness in relationships.

While this is not always the case, since many younger women prefer getting an education over having a family, these conservative values remain widely adored all over Serbia, making it easier for individuals to conform to specific customs while not feeling alienated.

Myth 4: They want to have a big family

There is a stereotype about large Serbian families and Serbian women wanting to have many children. However, this is not true – the average household size in this country is only 2.8 persons per household, and the TFR (total fertility rate) is one of the lowest in Europe (1.421 births per woman).

Dating a Woman from Serbia: Rules & Basic Tips

Dating a Woman from Serbia: Rules & Basic Tips

As you have noticed from the traits of a Serbian woman, such ladies deserve your attention. So here are the suggestions for dating a Serbian woman.

  1. Be yourself and be honest. Don't overdo it and demonstrate apathy or bossiness. Just express a real interest in the Serbian woman. After all, she attracted you with something, right? Genuine interest and participation are always significant. If a Serbian woman calls you, answer the phone and respond to her text message. Be generally polite and act the way you would with any Serbian woman, only as a polite man. Show respect for your girl's interests, lifestyle, and surroundings. The only way to become closer is by being respectful.
  2. Be self-conscious. A woman is always unaware of how self-confident a man is. Your attitude is supposed to demonstrate to her that you plan to conquer her. And even if you have an idea that a woman stays out of reach for you, don't let yourself go with this attitude. There will always be someone who, according to you, is more successful and handsome than you. But if the Serbian girl is interested in you, your chances are quite high. And something as pointless as looking for potential competitors will only decrease your self-esteem and rob you of your self-confidence.
  3. Be impulsive. The older a person becomes, the more organized his or her life turns out to be. House, work, the regular weekend outing. Do you plan to get a girl? Be creative. Take a picnic or a ski trip, and see the sunrise in the countryside. According to psychologists, the relationships between a man and a woman are best when there is some adrenaline. Thus, if you would like to win over a woman, you should surprise her with something. If you met on a quick date, that is itself very uncommon and inventive. Carry it on by maintaining the same spirit!
  4. Express Respect. The basic rules of politeness are still valid. Sure, in this age of gender equality, women are often treated like men. But for a romantic relationship, acting gallantly is key. It is not just a show of respect, it is also a moving demonstration of care and endearment. Be certain that the Serbian woman will appreciate this.
  5. Be someone interesting. As the proverb says, the sexiest male organ is the mind. To get a Serbian woman hooked, you should not overlook your brainpower. It is always nice to talk to a person who is a professional in a specific area, who is passionate about his work, and who has a hobby. This usually works every time with no exceptions.
  6. Be patient. Show that you are interested in the woman as a person and not as a sex object. When you are patient, you show the bride that you respect her. But it is important to feel the moment. Being "patient" for too long can be misinterpreted by a bride. A Serbian woman may think that she is not attractive to you as a sexual partner.
  7. Show the woman that she is special. And never stop trying to conquer her. This is the hardest part of everything described above. When the relationship becomes stable, you get used to the fact that the person is always with you. The man believes that he has already answered the question "how to conquer a Serbian woman" and has done his best. As a result, the routine makes the woman stop feeling special and unique with you. Do not stop trying to conquer your woman.

Serbian Wedding Traditions

Serbian Wedding Traditions

Going to get married and need some inspiration from Serbian wedding customs for your special day? Search no further.

Serbia is famous for its deep-rooted culture and unique traditions that are passed down through the generations, and that includes weddings. Below, we will have a look at the main Serbian wedding traditions that you need to follow, no matter if you have Serbian ancestry or not.

1. Best man and maid of honor

As in every wedding, the bride and groom need to pick the best man and maid of honor. In Serbian culture, it is a huge honor to be picked for these roles. 'Kum' and 'Kuma' are significant figures in the couple's lives – they perform the role of best man or spiritual advisor to keep the marriage safe, and often become godparents to the couple's children.

2. A check of worthiness

At the bride's house, an archway adorned with flowers is set up at the front gate. From the top of the arch hangs an apple. The concept is that the groom should shoot the apple to prove that he is dignified to marry the bride. If he can't do that, he won't be let through the gate.

3. Decorations

Decorations are an essential part of the Serbian wedding custom, cherished by younger as well as older generations. The house of the bride and groom will be decorated with flowers and balloons up to the front gate.

4. Buklia

The buklia is a nicely adorned bottle that is filled with a traditional homemade wine that the locals call rakija. The buklia is usually offered to the wedding guests and is sometimes used as a special invitation to the wedding.

5. Traditional gowns

In the old days, brides and grooms used to dress up in traditional gowns on their special day. Today, many newlyweds choose to wear old-fashioned outfits rather than fashionable wedding gowns and tuxedos.

6. Svatovi

Svatovi are the wedding guests who arrive at the groom's house at the beginning of the wedding celebrations in the early morning. They then all travel together to the bride's house.

7. Wedding cake

The bride's mother buys the wedding cake. After slicing the cake, the bride takes the first bite to the groom and vice versa. Then they are supposed to kiss each other and wipe their mouths with kisses afterwards.

8. Wedding season

Traditionally, weddings are arranged mostly in the fall. This tradition was developed at a time when their culture was based on agricultural activities. In autumn, the fieldwork is over, and after the harvest, most people can have wedding celebrations.

9. Mirror and garlic

In the old custom, brides used to wear small mirrors on their wedding day. This is a profound custom that is meant to ward off demons. To prevent bad fortune, some brides may also carry a clove of garlic.

10. Coin tossing

After the ceremony, the kum and maid of honor stand beside the flag bearer, and the godfather carries a bag of coins. The crowd then shouts in anticipation that "his bag is on fire," after which the godfather tosses the coins.

11. The breaking of the bread

The couple breaks a loaf of bread to identify who will be the dominant partner in the marriage.

12. Dance of the Kolo

A traditional Serbian dance in which participants join together in a circle around the waist to mark the union of family and friends.

13. Three kisses

It is common for the couple to kiss each other three times during the Orthodox wedding ceremony to signify the Holy Trinity.

Top Cities to Meet Serbian Women

It's difficult to find single girls in Serbia. However, due to the vibrant dating scene, the majority of young women are committed and content in relationships.

The most crowded cities are where you'll find the loveliest girls, and Belgrade is Serbia's largest city. Girls are easy to meet in bars and restaurants, where you may strike up a discussion by noting their preferred cuisine. One of the things that draws tourists and residents to Serbia is its food. Locals adore the food and are well-known for the national brand of slivovitz, Rajika.

The unis, colleges, and shopping centers are the best venues to meet gorgeous, seductive, and mainly single females throughout the day. These stunning women may be spotted at night at pubs, dance clubs, and bars. Girls enjoy shopping and you may often see groups of females in and around these stores.

These are the locations where you can meet your girlfriend for a quick romantic getaway romance that will make your trip absolutely dripping with passion. Girls and women have a habit of leaving their homes late at night since the nation is safe for women and has a low crime rate. Serbian beauty is difficult to capture and forget, nevertheless. Therefore, make sure she exhibits interest.

Serbia is not leading in terms of tourist visits. But if you are seriously planning to meet a Serbian woman, you can start with the below cities.


Top Cities to Meet Serbian Women: Belgrade

The capital of Serbia is quite often underrated by tourists, yet it has much to show: interesting architecture with a rich history, delicious traditional dishes, and of course Serbian women, who are worth a trip to Serbia. They are open to meeting people both on the street and in establishments.

  • Cafés in Belgrade: Time Café and more, Kafeterija Dorćol, Coffee, Tea, and Sympathy.
  • Bars in Belgrade: Gunners Pub, Passengers Bar, Riddle Bar.
  • Night Clubs in Belgrade: Hype, Concrete Club, Freestyler Belgrade Night Club.

Novi Sad

It is a tiny city in Serbia, yet it is known as the capital of entertainment and nightlife. Serbian singles in Novi Sad like to have fun and know the best places to do so. In the local bars and nightclubs, it is possible to meet lots of Serbian singles who come here to have fun and meet someone.

  • Cafe in Novi Sad: Kafeterija Kafa & Kafa, Cafe Porta, Modena Caffe Restaurant.
  • Bars in Novi Sad: Škripa Pub, Shamrock Bar, Gerila Bar.
  • Night clubs in Novi Sad: Paradiso Club, Amor Night Club, Club Pllacebo.


A little student town and simultaneously the economic center of Serbia. On the other hand, it is a key economic and educational center with thousands of ambitious, intelligent, and hardworking women. There are reasonable prices and a lot of young, chic girls and women to be seen in parks, alleys restaurants, and nightclubs.

  • Cafe in Niš: Kafeterija Biro, Dijalog business cafe, Square Caffe.
  • Bars in Niš: Irish Pub Crazy Horse, MINISTARSTVO Beer Bar, Labeerint.
  • Night clubs in Niš: Club Troy, Sunset Club Niš, and Club Amnesia.


Vranje is a town in southern Serbia and the administrative center of the Pčinja district. Vranje offers many attractions and places to visit. Here are the most important of them: White Bridge, Museum houses of Bora Stankovic, Narodni muzej, Kazandjol. Below you will find a full list of places worth visiting. Places of interest near Vranje include Đavolja Varoš, Lake Vlasina, and Poganovo Monastery.


As one of the most noticeable niches of Serbia, Subotica is famous for its tremendous significance for the country's work. Beginning with monetary niceties, agriculture, printing and media industries, and sports, the city made its mark and reputation throughout the world. But one of the most important factors that have made the city unique worldwide is the women of the city. The young ladies of Subotica are known for being extraordinarily pretty.

The following shopping opportunities are the best places to meet girls during the day:

  • Buvljak flea market
  • Mlečna Pijaca
  • mondo butik
  • La Bouteille wine and cigar
  • Samo Pivo Subotica – The best bar in the area, with an outstanding choice of beers, bourbon, and non-alcoholic drinks. North of 80 brews specialties from around the world are waiting for you. Each brew has its own story, which you can learn about when you arrive.
  • Cafe Grunf – Subotica is a city whose nightlife is not exactly thriving, so if you want to go out, especially if you think you should do as the locals do, Cafe Grunf is the place for you. This diverse little bar may not look like much from the outside, but don't let that deter you. Inside, you'll find a wonderful mix of rock and roll, vintage comics, and a wide array of mostly random crafts that make up Cafe Grunf.
  • Boss Caffe – The name might conjure up images of a Mafia-like organization, but such concerns are immediately put to rest when you show up at Subotica's main eatery. There is no shortage of space, and the scene covers a vast and varied culinary terrain.

Where to Meet Serbian Brides When You’re a Foreigner

Where to Meet Serbian Brides When You’re a Foreigner


It is no secret that in our fast-paced world, it is very difficult to find a partner for life. The Internet saves us time and offers us unlimited possibilities. It only takes a few minutes to create a profile and complete registration on a dating site, and the search can begin. However, it is much more difficult to find a dating website that will help you in your search and lead you to your future partner. In this case, the dating agency Ua. Dates dating agency can be a good choice!


Goldenbride is one of the leading international dating websites with a wide range of services in many countries worldwide.  It has already matched hundreds of single men and women. The team is committed to ensuring the safety of every user on the site. This international dating site for singles allows you to meet the most compatible girlfriends and wives.

3. CharmDate

When it comes to delivering online dating services to men and women worldwide, Charm Date has made its mark. The website's team works hard to keep customers feeling welcome and comfortable while offering worthwhile and reasonably priced services. Because of this, CharmDate got great feedback, and many happy couples came to the website to share their stories of how they found love on CharmDate. This is a great start to establishing trust.

For those who want to meet a Serbian woman, CharmDate could be an attractive option. It is possible to meet your potential partner on the site and remember that paying for membership increases your options.

4. GoDateNow

GoDateNow allows you to experience the site for a while before registering an account, to help you feel more familiar as a new user. Thankfully, the whole process will only take you a couple of minutes. But if you are planning to meet a Serbian bride, we suggest you create an account.

On the GoDateNow homepage, you will find several additional services that you may want to check out. Also, there are several GoDateNow reviews from men who have found love on the site if you go down the page a little further.

There is also a gallery of online ladies waiting to talk. However, the pictures of the women all seem to have been professionally taken, which suggests that some of the women's profiles on this site are fake.

All you want to know about Serbian Brides

All you want to know about Serbian Brides

Why are there so Many Single Women in Serbia?

Since family is so highly valued in Serbian culture, this could be one explanation for the concentration on dating extending to many aspects of Serbian dating culture – from the commitment to always present oneself impeccably to the speed with getting things done becoming a serious matter. The pressure is unquestionably even more intense for women when the biological clock is taken into account.

In the demographic picture of Serbia, women dominate! According to 2014 data, there were 200,000 more women than men. The fair sex was numerically more represented in Medijana, where there are 1.1 women for every man. If we exclude Vracar, a municipality in Belgrade, this is the Serbian municipality with the largest number of women.

How much does a Serbian bride cost?

A face-to-face meeting with your Serbian bride needs thorough financial planning. When we talk about the "cost of a Serbian bride", it is a metaphorical expression that specifies the costs related to your trip to Serbia.

Below are the costs for a Serbian bride based on three different cost tiers:

  • Low Budget: About $900-$1600, this includes basic usage of a dating website, an economy flight, a budget hotel, meals for yourself or street food, local sightseeing, and public transportation.
  • Medium Budget: About $2050-$3700, this includes premium features of the dating site, a premium economy flight, a middle-class hotel, dining at middle-class restaurants, going to cultural events or bars, and a rental car.
  • High budget: about $3900-$7500. This includes VIP dating website features, business class flights, luxury hotels, top-end brand restaurants, luxury experiences, and cab services.

Also, consider that extra costs may be incurred based on your other plans:

  • Traditional Serbian wedding: These costs can range from $5,000 to $30,000, based on the scale and luxury.
  • Paperwork and marriage registration in Serbia: Anticipate costs in the range of $200 to $400.
  • Round-trip tickets to the U.S. for two: $800-$6000, depending on air class.
  • Visa processing for a Serbian bride: Varies, but usually costs between $200 and $500.

Why Do Serbian Women Marry Americans?

Surprisingly, statistics show that every third marriage performed in Serbia is an international marriage, and countrywide the number of such marriages has already hit twenty percent!

The most important thing to know about the Serbian dating scene is that there is a real shortage of eligible bachelors in the country. Many men are either unemployed, have only low-paying part-time jobs, or even work abroad.

Even if the man is single and has a steady job, his attitude towards women often leaves much to be desired. Serbian women often complain that local men do not appreciate their beauty, personality, and efforts to establish a relationship.

This is one of the reasons why so many Serbian brides are so motivated to find a foreign husband. They know that a Western man will appreciate them for who they are. Also, getting married and moving abroad is seen as a solution to their financial and professional problems, so Serbian women will make a special effort to impress you.

Are Serbian brides a real thing?

Serbian women are praised for their beauty, intelligence, and willpower. They not only exude patriotism but also have a sincere devotion to their culture, which is deeply rooted in them.

Serbian women are hardworking and value family ties, which makes them exemplary partners and mothers. They are committed to keeping an immaculate home, raising their children with love, and preparing tasty meals for the family – all while upholding great values.

Serbian women have an innate sense of fashion and often prefer designer pieces that accentuate their elegant silhouette. When it comes to relationships, they are unconditionally loyal and loving – you can count on them through thick and thin!

What more could you ask for in a partner? Unwavering devotion coupled with strong values and kindness of heart makes Serbian ladies ideal companions.

How to get a Serbian girlfriend?

How to get a Serbian girlfriend?

Let's say you want to meet Serbian women online. In this case, this is a good choice – building a lasting relationship with a Serbian woman online is easier than approaching her in shopping malls or parks. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to meet Serbian women on a dating website.

1. Choose a Serbian dating website

This is the number 1 thing to do if you want to meet Serbian chicks. Serbia is not on the list of the most popular European countries when it comes to international dating, but there are still many websites where you can meet a Serbian woman. However, not all of these dating websites are good: you need to read the reviews and test the websites yourself to choose a reputable and trustworthy platform with local girls.

2. Upload your best pictures and write a profile description

To date Serbian beauties, you need to attract them. On a dating site, the sole thing that can help you attract a Serbian girl is your beautiful, shiny profile that stands out from the crowd. To make your profile shine, you need to do two things: Upload your latest pictures (selfies, full body photos, no group pictures) and write an interesting profile description (must be catchy, short, and describe your character traits, relationship goals, etc.).

3. Use welcome bonuses and buy credits/premium subscriptions

Most dating websites where you can meet a Serbian lady are not 100% free, which means that you will have to pay to access the messaging tools on these websites. The good news is that most dating platforms offer some kind of welcome bonus for new members, so you can test some premium features of these sites for free. However, after that, you will have to buy credits or a premium subscription.

4. Chat with Serbian brides

Use all available messaging tools – when it comes to long-distance dating, it is always better to have more messaging features than just live chat. Be respectful, ask questions, be a good listener, and send her gifts (if a dating site offers such an option).

5. Meet Serbian girls in person

It is important to show your best side on a date. Serbian singles, like all Southern Slavs and Slavs in general, put a lot of effort into their beauty, and they expect you to look good too. Remember that it is always a man who pays for the date, and a man always has to make sure that his girlfriend gets home safely. And please, read more guides about Serbian culture (including their dating culture), etiquette, and dos/don'ts – not all rules are covered in this guide, so you will have to do a little research.

How can I marry a girl in Serbia?

To have your marriage registered in Serbia, you have to know the legal framework. A foreigner marrying a Serbian citizen has to follow the law. The civil registration is done at the local registry office (Maticar Office). In Belgrade, for example, this office is located at 27 Makedonska Street, Belgrade, and is open weekdays from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.

The required documents include:

  • a valid passport
  • birth certificate
  • certificate of free marital status
  • If you were previously married, a document proving the dissolution of the previous marriage.

Fees vary, but you should budget around 3000 RSD. It is advisable to check with the authority as fees may change. The entire procedure can take several weeks, so it is important to start well in advance of the wedding date. Consultation with a Serbian legal advisor can provide valuable insight to ensure a smooth process of marriage with Serbian brides.