Malaysian Brides: How To Meet Malaysia Women For Marriage


Malaysian Brides – Who They Are and why they so attractive

Malaysian brides are the darlings of Western men. They look pretty, they are romantic and mature, and they were born to be the best wives. What impresses men about these women is that they are quiet, shy, and reserved. They are the complete opposite of Western women, who often seem arrogant. They have many positive qualities that make them a perfect choice for dating and marriage.

Malaysian mail-order brides look stunning. There are not many men who can walk past them without turning around. South Asian brides have clear skin, slim bodies, petite figures, dark eyes, and thick hair. Thanks to their good genes, diet, and lifestyle, they always look younger than their Western peers.

Malaysian women for marriage would be the perfect choice for a man who wants to marry a sweet, patient, respectful, and caring woman. Local brides are excellent wives who dedicate their lives to their loved ones. They are great mothers as they have a caring nature. So read on in our guide to dating and marrying South Asian women.

PROs & CONs of Dating Malaysian Women

PROs & CONs of Dating Malaysian Women

Before you start looking for a wife abroad, you may wonder what makes women of different nationalities so popular with Western men who are willing to marry. A mail-order bride from Malaysia has a lot to offer you as a life partner, lover, and wife.

1. Irresistible Asian beauty

Among Asian women, Malaysian ones are among the most beautiful. This is because Malaysian natives have mixed with other Asian ethnicities and developed unique features that make them so attractive. Malaysian women have distinct Chinese features, but they are much softer, which makes them cute and childlike, similar to Japanese girls. Thanks to Asian genetics, local women rarely gain weight and therefore remain slim and fit even in their 40s. However, the fact that the girls are so fit is not only due to genes but also to a healthy diet and active leisure activities. Fortunately, many people in Malaysia prefer a balanced diet saturated with nutrients necessary for a fast metabolism. In addition, these women remain feminine due to cultural values.

2. High moral values

Wearing a hijab and other garments that cover the body is common among Malaysian women. There are many reasons for this, but many girls wear a hijab to preserve their beauty for their husbands. Islam teaches its followers to maintain high morals, patience, tolerance, and mutual respect. The Quran teaches that you should sacrifice your needs for the people you love. This is why Western men are so enthusiastic about women who have grown up in an Islamic environment. If you manage to marry a Malaysian woman, you will probably consider your relationship ideal.

3. Traditional Values

Although the feminist movement is actively influencing and shaping Malaysian society, traditional values still prevail. In general, young Malaysian girls are taught to value and respect male family members. Boys are taught to become future heads of families and to take full responsibility for the welfare of their wives. Men become breadwinners while their wives take care of the household. Most Malaysian families follow this pattern, and both men and women are willing to do their share of the work.

4. Domestic skills

In traditional education, ladies from Malaysia are taught to do all household chores perfectly. Unlike Western women, Malaysian women are eager to prepare delicious meals, bear children and clean the house. Therefore, if you visit Malaysia for dating, you are likely to meet women who can do the housework. Of course, you should not expect the local woman to be your servant, but she will do most of the domestic tasks.

5. Malaysian women are devoted

According to recent statistics, 96% of Malaysian women believe that they must obey their husbands. Most girls would never cheat on their partners because infidelity is unacceptable in Malaysian culture. If you date a local woman, you can be sure that she will give herself to you without hesitation – choosing between different men is taboo for her.

Malaysian women are devoted


1. Consider parents

A Malaysian mail-order bride may talk to her parents about you once you add her to your friend list. Malaysians are very authoritarian when it comes to their children, so you will have to get along with your girlfriend’s parents.

2. Don’t expect intimacy anytime soon

Malaysians may seem too conservative. In fact, premarital sex is very uncommon for them. Most of the time, the act of love only takes place after marriage or when your girlfriend finally trusts you. Sex is incredibly intimate for Malaysians. It is the culmination of true love rather than lust. Therefore, you will have to work very hard to get your girl into bed.

3. Gallantry is key

Splitting the bills may insult a Malaysian girl. She will regard you as a dependable guy if you will pay for her. A dating tradition demands this, and Malaysian men usually pay for a date. So it is not important how long you already know each other because you need to pay for your woman anyway.

4. Get on the Internet

Both Malaysian men and women usually prefer to text online before meeting in person in real life. When you hit on a woman on the street or in a club, she will probably consider your pick-up lines offensive. Over 35% of women turn down strangers on the street. Thus, getting to know a girl online and texting her for some time until she is at ease with you is a sure thing. Malaysian women build a relationship much slower than Americans, so you might chat with a girl for a couple of weeks before she will date you.

5. Some Malaysian women are demanding

They like being pampered and spoiled. They are living in a world of fantasy. They prefer to have a man who will take care of them and give them the life they only see in movies, rather than work for themselves.

Malaysian Brides – Myths and Facts

You most likely have very little information about the Malays, their culture, and their habits. Below are quite a few intriguing things to know.

Fact 1. They are addicted to food

When you are a foodie, you will make a perfect match with a Malaysian. Because who doesn’t love great, tasty food? There are stalls all over the country for exactly this purpose. So what do Malaysians love? A lot of food like “apam balik” (a pancake-like snack), “nasi kerabu” (blue rice), and “Ayam percik” (chicken with sauce) among many others. And they are sincere about this passion. Indeed, they usually eat 5 times a day. Though, you can’t see it on their face, as they are in good shape and not excessively overweight at all.

Fact 2. They often repeat “lah”

Did you ever talk to a Malaysian woman? Or listened to her speak in a movie? Or gone to the country and heard locals talking? This “lah” term is commonly used by Malaysians every day in nearly every phrase. So what is its meaning? First of all, it can be used to say something to underline or point out something. For example, she could say to you, “No lah, I told you I had not done that!”. You might also hear it when she is agreeing or disagreeing with you about something. For example, “Yes, lah!” or “No, lah!”. So do not be surprised if you keep hearing this from your Malaysian girlfriend.

Fact 3. They are diverse

The country can be compared to some big cities like New York or London. And why? Because there are people living there from many diverse cultures and nationalities. Did you realize that Malaysia is the strongest diversified community in Asia? It follows that the local girls are extremely permissive. They accept other people and they don’t evaluate them based on where they are from, what they might look like, or how much they earn.

Malaysian Brides - Myths and Facts

Fact 4. Malaysian women are friendly and modest

These qualities are essential for a Malaysian girl. She is extremely friendly and helpful and always ready to help anyone in need. Moreover, she is modest in doing so. Both religious and cultural backgrounds have taught these women the importance of kindness and modesty in this world.

Myth 1. Malaysian girls are feminists

Unlike women in the West, Malaysian girls accept their role as providers and bearers. They do not fight for their rights. They are not feminists. They like men to take the lead and make serious decisions. They follow their nature, which means they devote themselves to their life partner and take care of their family. Western men are easily attracted to Asian women because they do not deny their nature and live in harmony.

Myth 2. They are too shy to express their feelings

When dating these women, they can be reserved, but this happens in the beginning. After some time, Malaysian women become more open to their lovers. So give your lady time and you will get to know her from a different side.

Myth 3. They are too conservative

Religion is an inseparable part of Malaysian women that influences their lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean that these ladies are not open to new things. Whether in social or personal life, these women are open-minded.

Myth 4. They are too ironic

The irony is common among Malaysian women. But it’s not really true. Actually, they love to make jokes, but it should not be considered too ironic. Being funny is just a way to cope with difficulties, and it actually works.

Dating a Woman from Malaysia: Rules & Basic Tips

When looking to get a Malaysian wife, you have to consider that most brides here are Muslim. Meaning that the local women are religious and thus have conservative beliefs about dating and marriage. The dating scene is not very cultured, since most women have arranged marriages before they are 18. Marriage is treated seriously, so people rarely get divorced in Malaysia.

This info should be useful in guiding you to the proper approach to dating Malaysian women. As we found out earlier, brides from Malaysia are the complete opposite of American women, so dating them needs some skills.

Have serious intentions

When you want to get a Malaysian bride, you need to wish for a sincere connection. South Asian girls go for online dating as they want to meet a match. They are not searching for a casual hookup or a one-night stand. They are willing to commit and marry if they find a trustworthy, loving, and sincere man.

Treat your date with honor

If American men are looking to find Malaysian mail-order brides, they have to keep in mind the cultural differences. Malaysian brides are religious, focused on family, and respectful of men. It will not be fair to mistreat them and break their heart. You should be polite, respectful, and sympathetic as this is what international relationships demand.

No public display of affection

We have no doubt that you will fall in love with a Malaysian bride as soon as you start dating her. However, you should keep in mind that public displays of affection are considered rude and inappropriate in this country. Holding hands in public – yes, but kissing – no.

Be prepared to meet your family and friends

In Malaysia, women rarely spend time alone, so their interests are protected by their flock. If you want to meet Malaysian singles at a bar, cafe, park, or movie theater, she is likely to be with her friends. Try to make a good impression and invite her friends for a drink. If your date wants you to meet her family, you should do so, as this will help you learn more about the locals, family dynamics, and traditions. You will be amazed at how friendly and generous the people of Malaysia are.

Malaysian women are friendly and modest

Good listeners and talkers

To some people, Malaysian women seem too shy to talk, but they are smart women to talk to. So you need to be a good speaker and listener at the same time to gain their respect.

Interest in her country

If you show some interest in her country and culture, you will be one step ahead of your Malaysian lady when it comes to conquering her. You just need to show that you are interested in almost everything related to her to make her believe that she is important to you.

No taboo topics

There are not so many taboo topics when you meet women from Malaysia. Right now, it’s all about politics and intimacy, which should be avoided. This does not mean that these women are apolitical and have no interest in sex, but they avoid bringing up such topics openly.

Malaysian Wedding Traditions

Perhaps uninitiated, Malay weddings appear as grand ceremonies made up of a number of events that seem to continue into eternity, rooted in traditions that derive from a series of rich cultural sources, and featuring a bewildering range of regulations – in short, an entire cultural puzzle. Well, mystery or not, we are going to give you a step-by-step guide to the process of a Malay wedding.

Presents and dowry

Present from the groom to the bride’s family are standard in Malay culture. To signify that the husband pledges to his wife to look after her everyday needs presents from the groom to the bride are essential. But the marriage may also be completed with no gifts.

Akad nikah

The main part of the wedding ceremony is the Akad Nikah, the marriage ceremony. Certain couples decide to perform this ceremony in the mosque, while others prefer to have it during the wedding ceremony. The bride and groom must secure a guardian, usually the bride’s father, grandfather, or brother, along with two male witnesses, a dowry, and the master in charge of the ceremony.

The master of ceremonies directs the groom regarding the way he should treat his wife-to-be and affirms that the bride is happy to be married. When the groom is ready, he walks him through the ceremony with his bride and requests the groomsmen and others present to affirm their agreement with his proposal. In the end, the couple signs a marriage agreement.

Bersanding Ceremony

Bersanding is the Malaysian name for the wedding ceremony. This is a chance to let family and friends know about the wedding.

The groom sets off for the bride’s house.

The company, a drumming parade, follows him to the reunion with his wife. Palm blossoms made from tinsel on bamboo sticks, signifying health and wealth, are also worn by his friends and family members.

The gate clash

Before the groom meets his wife for the first time, he has to complete a number of exercises, like dancing or singing, as a part of the Malay tradition of hadang, meaning “gate clash.”

The pelamin is the sofa in the middle of the bersanding ceremony on which the bride is waiting for him. She welcomes the groom after he completes the hadang. After their first shared meal as husband and wife, the couple is treated like kings for the entire rest of the day. Guests are invited to walk up to the happily married couple and offer their blessings or take photos with them.

Tepung Tawar Ceremony

Originating in Hindu culture, during the Tepung Tawar ceremony, rice flour, white rice, yellow rice, and rose water are spread on the couple’s hands. The ceremony is meant to provide a blessing to the couple’s gifts and prayers, and to make them feel safe and secure. However, this ceremony is becoming less and less popular among Malays.

Top Cities to Meet Malaysian Women

It is not common for a Malaysian girl to hang out in nightclubs or pubs. If you are an avid club-goer, plan your night parties for later dates.

What are the usual places to meet and entertain local women? Take advantage of the opportunities that are available during the day. Single Malaysian women are diverse and have different interests. However, the most common places where they spend their time are cafes, shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas, and parks.


In terms of geographical location, you should start with Kuala Lumpur. This is the capital and one of the largest municipalities in Malaysia. The Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC) is the center of the city and offers numerous opportunities for business meetings.

KLCC Park is a romantic place that offers open-air places and picturesque sights. The best shopping malls and cozy places to snack include Suria KLCC, Sungei Wang, and Bukit Bintang.

Outstanding spots for night parties are Havana, Finnegan’s, Skybar, and Coliseum Café. Keep in mind, though, that it is forbidden for Muslims to go to these places. Besides, the non-Islamic ladies here may think you are searching for a hooker service and not for a sincere connection.

The sheer number of shopping malls in KL gives you plenty of opportunities to meet Malaysian women the “old-fashioned way” (i.e. walking up to them and approaching them).

Some of the most popular are:

  • Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
  • Suria KLCC
  • Mid Valley Megamall
  • The Gardens Shopping Mall


Seberang Perai is the second biggest city in Malaysia. Having one of the biggest harbors in the country, this community is also the hub of Malaysia’s business and economic activities. It is quite simple to find westernized and well-educated Malaysian women here who share your advanced opinions.

Concerning the dating venue, you can find a number of them: AEON BiG Bukit Minyak mall, Sunway Carnival Mall, Summit Bukit Mertajam Plaza, Econsave Chain Ferry, and a lot of others.


George Town, Penang, is the third biggest city in the country based on population. The beautiful picturesque scenes of the harbors and mountainous landscapes are lovely. But it also draws lots of tourists with its historical values and gastronomic treats.

There is no issue to arrange a date with your favorite Malaysian bride and host her here. Many street cafes serve delicious dishes of Malaysian, Indian, Thai, and Chinese cuisine that will melt in your mouth.

Dating a Woman from Malaysia: Rules & Basic Tips


Johor Bahru is the venue for various events and fairs. All this contributes to the city being a well-known tourist destination that attracts numerous women from all over the world. So, as a tourist, you have the opportunity to date foreign women as well as local Malaysian beauties. However, before you embark on a flirtation with these beauties, you should familiarize yourself with the local dating culture to ensure that you approach these women smoothly without offending them unknowingly.

Below are some places you should consider if you want to meet single women from Malaysia in Johor Baharu:

  • Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru
  • Johor Bahru City Square
  • Hutan Bandar MBJB
  • Merdeka Park
  • Bev C’afe
  • The Replacement – Lodge & Kitchen


Ipoh is known as the capital of the Malaysian state of Perak. The city has a population of almost 0.7 million people, making it the fourth-largest city in the country in terms of population.

The city is very popular among tourists because of the presence of many beautiful single girls in Malaysia who are stunningly beautiful and are a pleasure to date or form a relationship with.

The daily activities in such urban communities in Malaysia take place in the malls themselves. Crucial to this is the controlled environment, the security that women are guaranteed, and most importantly, the wide range of restaurants and bistros where men can push things along as the woman settles down for a cup of espresso. Below is a list of places where you can find Malaysia single girls in Ipoh:

  • Ipoh Parade
  • AEON Shopping Mall Kinta City
  • Gunung Lang Recreation Park
  • Aud’s Cafe
  • The Happy 8 Cafe & Retreat

Where to Meet Malaysian Brides When You’re a Foreigner

It’s no secret that online dating is one of the best ways to meet new people. Malaysia is over 9,000 miles away from North America. Flying back and forth will eat up your budget in a short time, and you probably won’t even meet a girl. So online dating can be a good solution to meet a Malaysian woman before you visit the country. You can register on niche websites to meet Malaysian mail-order brides. Usually, it only takes a few minutes to register on a dating website. Then you can search for and chat with hundreds of women.

  • UaDates

When searching for the best online dating site, here are specific factors to keep in mind. Among them are affordability, ease of use, reliability, and others. You can make your own specifications, but be sure that UaDates fulfills them all!

UaDates is the finest international dating website you are likely to discover. It gives comfort, privacy, user-friendliness, and an incredible experience. The onboarding procedure doesn’t last longer than 5-10 minutes, and the search feature is phenomenal. When you use it right, the results page becomes like your dream, featuring all the people you could match with.


AsiaCharm is the leader in the field of online Asian dating. It offers users a large database of stunning, family-oriented brides. With a minimalistic and pleasant design, you can easily browse through the profiles of pretty Malaysian women without getting distracted. A great advantage is the availability of a handy mobile app that simplifies your communication with a bride. You are welcome to enjoy the free services and are allowed to try advanced features absolutely for free. A security system has been very well developed by a team of professionals. The administration checks all profiles and operates an anti-fraud policy. Each user is provided with security with a reliable encryption system to protect data and payments.

  • claims to deliver a trusted, high-quality experience for its clients, delivered in an open and honest manner. They say that the women on their site are real and have been checked before they were listed.

The site attempts to use the latest innovative tools in the business. Mainly live and video chat, introduction videos, sending likes, and presents. Plus, they promise that more functions are coming. Above all, they always carry out a confirmation of the girls’ accounts to be sure of their authenticity.

Besides, hundreds of ladies participate in the live video chat service weekly, allowing them to check each of them instantly through live video streams. In addition, Goldenbride provides an excellent super cutting-edge service on the market called Dual Video Streaming (this is a benefit for both the male and female users of this site).

All you want to know about Malaysian Brides

How much does a Malaysian bride cost?

The cost of mail-order brides from Malaysia depends on several factors. However, when it comes to online dating costs, you can expect to pay $40 to $60 per month for most websites with Malaysian women.

Four flights – up to $4,000

A romantic trip to your bride’s country provided by your platform – up to $3,000

Hotel – up to $1,500 for two weeks.

Be prepared to spend up to $30,000 on average to meet your perfect partner for life when dealing with single ladies in Malaysia.

Why Do Malaysian Women Marry Americans?

Although the government has enacted several laws to protect women’s rights and provide them with equal access to healthcare, education, and social services, there are still many obstacles. For example, thousands of women still suffer from sexual harassment. They are abused physically, verbally, financially, or mentally. This happens all the time, both at home and at work. Statistically, about 40% of women have been physically abused by their partners. That is why they are looking for a reliable Western man to marry.

Another obvious problem faced by almost every woman in Malaysia is hardships and deprivation. Even though women are naturally cheerful and have a sunny disposition, they need basic things for a happy life. People have to work hard every day, often looking for odd jobs, and still have no means to make ends meet. Women refuse to marry a local man because they know they are in constant need and cannot even afford to take their family out once in a while. On average, a man can earn $200-500 a month.

Are Malaysian brides a real thing?

Single Malaysian ladies are characterized by their beauty, honesty, faithfulness, and modesty. They are clever, and smart and put their all into making the relationship work. They highly regard their partners and prefer to believe in true love instead of one-night stands and fringe benefits friendships.

Despite old-fashioned dating traditions, Malaysian women are the best wives. They are some of the purest, most loyal women you will ever know. The majority of them give preference to long-term relationships and view their husbands as family leaders. These women are dedicated and submissive, which is great for a sound marriage. That is why, if you consider that a pretty woman from Malaysia can bring you happiness, you need to go in search of your love with no delay.

How to get a Malaysian girlfriend?

To begin with, Malaysia is a Muslim nation, and thus the girls obey strict regulations regarding their behavior. The religion forbids premarital sex, meaning that you are solely for your Malaysian bride. Moreover, they eschew any hint of romantic feelings. Most Malaysian singles are virgins and they are searching for a sincere and lasting relationship having a decent, reliable, and sincere man.

Usually, Malaysians keep to the traditional gender roles, where a delicate woman looks after the children, brings them up, and makes sure they have a cozy home, while a strong man brings in money, protects his family, and loves them. So if you love this approach, be ready to date a Malaysian bride. Gorgeous Malaysian women are not quick to fall in love, a man has to be patient enough to deserve their love and commitment. Be certain that these girls are worth your time, attention, and spending as brides from Malaysia turn into faithful and respectful wives.

Malaysian women prefer a romantic and peaceful date rather than visiting noisy clubs or any other overcrowded venues. Home is the comfiest spot for them. If you want to find a partner who is ready to stay at home with you for the whole evening, a Malaysian single woman is a perfect match for you.

How can I marry a girl in Malaysia?

Getting married in Malaysia is quite easy if you two have not been married before. There are only a few steps required to handle the administrative part of getting married. How you approach the formal part (the actual wedding ceremony) is entirely up to the future couple.

Below is a brief checklist of the requirements and necessary steps for getting married in Malaysia, based on the circumstances under which a foreign couple officially marries:

  • The first step is to visit your embassy and obtain an official ‘Single Status Declaration’ (or Letter of Confirmation of Marital Status). If you have already received this document in English, you are good to go.
  • Once you have two official declarations of marital status, go to the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Putrajaya to notarize (authenticate and legalize) the papers.
  • The next stage is the registration of the marriage. To do this, you will have to bring the documents listed above, as well as the official form from the National Registration Department: JPN.KC02. This document is done in Bahasa Malayu, but you may ask for assistance from the National Registration Department (there is a completed example) or have one of your local friends help you. Take care to have a color photo (32 mm x 38 mm) for every person on a blue background.
  • To register your marriage, you also need to have your original passport with you, along with photocopies of the main pages;
  • Tourists wanting to get married in Malaysia need to be in the marriage district for a minimum of 7 days before applying for marriage registration at the National Registration Department.
  • When registering your marriage, you may be asked for the actual date on which you will be married. This date is usually three weeks or more after the application is filed. Keep in mind that you will need two witnesses (native or foreign persons at least 21 years of age, who must both bring their passports).
  • On this day, all four have to take their passports with them. The couple also needs to take the official form they were given when they registered to marry. The wedding couple has to wear suitable clothes, semi-formal and non-casual (no jeans, short-sleeved shirts and such).
  • On the day of the marriage, come in the morning. The process is done on a first-come, first-served principle. The earlier you come, the better chance you have of being one of the first to get married that day. At 11 a.m., the NRD registrar’s office closes. All persons coming before that time are married on the same day. If you are late, you will have to re-arrange an appointment.
  • After the wedding, you and your Malaysian bride will get the official marriage certificate.

Why are there so Many Single Women in Malaysia?

Malaysian Muslim women who want to marry are ideal candidates for starting a family, but the problem with the more conservative culture is that marriages tend to be arranged. Therefore, women living there do not choose their husbands themselves, as this is the privilege of their parents.

Another issue that drives Malaysian mail brides to find foreigners is the social pressure that drives them to marry early. While single girls from Malaysia are positive about marriage, the problem is when to marry, which is again decided by the parents of Malaysian women.

Being a Malaysian wife is hard work. Society demands that women forget their desires and devote themselves entirely to marriage. As a result, women suffer because they feel unhappy and have no choice. For this reason, many foreign brides in Malaysia look for love on the Internet.

South Asian women like Westerners a lot because they find them intelligent, good-looking, and incredibly romantic. Malaysian men are still stuck in the old tradition of their wives cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the children at home, but for modern Malaysian single ladies who crave self-development and fun, this is insane.