Ghana Brides: How To Meet Ghana Women For Marriage


Ghana brides – Who They Are and why they so attractive

Ghana brides - Who They Are and why they so attractive

Ghana brides are famous for their beauty and strength, both in looks and character. They are greatly appreciated for their self-confidence, intelligence, and resolve. In this article, we will look at the physical and personal traits that make Ghanaian women unique and beautiful. We are also going to discuss the beauty standards prevalent in Ghanaian culture.

PROs & CONs of Dating Ghana Women

When searching for a prospective date, people always consider several characteristics. The factors differ from person to person and also from one situation to another. Some of the usual factors include physique, appearance, grooming, social skills, and much more. Some of the attractive women you can date are women from Ghana. The following are some common reasons why it is worth dating a Ghanaian woman:


1. Curvaceous body type

Anyone who has met a Ghanaian woman can confirm that they are one of those women with shapely bodies. They take pride in maintaining a good bust size and a nicely endowed butt. Their great physical characteristics are among the top factors why many men choose to date Ghanaian women. This trait applies to women from almost every tribe in the region.

2. Attractive

Like many other men, you most likely care about the facial beauty of a woman. You may also prefer a woman with a very smooth skin texture. A fair number of Ghanaian women are extremely beautiful. Some of the tribes that particularly stand out are the Ewe and Hausa. Their women have fair complexions and breathtaking facial features.

3. Respectful

In comparison to women from other areas, Ghanaian women are usually highly respectful. They don't show off, they are great listeners, and they are not that greedy for money. They appreciate the relationship more than a thick bank account. Not all women have this trait, though. A usual cliché is that Ashanti and Krobo women are fond of money.

4. Cultured

If you are in search of a principled and cultured woman, you will enjoy dating a woman from Ghana. The women mainly from the northern area are deeply entrenched with their culture. They are taught to always show respect to their husbands. Women from tribes like Mole-Dagbon and Konkoba head the list of the most cultured women.

5. Supportive

One more great reason to date a Ghanaian woman is her helpful character. Many local women are still sticking to their traditional upbringing. They will always try to support their spouse anytime they can. Some even sacrifice just to keep the relationship going. Girls from the Kwahu and Konkoba tribes look to be supportive of their spouses.

These are general qualities seen in most Ghanaian women. Yet, each woman has her own distinct and unique characteristics. So, you must try to discover more about your date rather than following stereotypes. You could be missing out on a great opportunity to date a great woman just because of what you believe to be true.


Cons of Ghana Brides

1. Most Ghanaian women hunt for husbands

This would likely anger most women, but it's true. Once most single women meet a man, they hear wedding bells, visualize moving in with him, and try to become pregnant. With every man, they wonder: is he good for marriage? They look just at his financial performance, his stability, and his readiness to marry. We're not going to say those things are bad, of course, but their readiness and focus on the marriage instead of the man usually scare men and keep them at a distance. Most men may even think this is desperation, which is not attractive. They should know that it takes time for two people to get emotionally involved with each other and eventually feel connected enough to take that step.

Ghanaian women need to change that. Some of them even go so far as to propose when it seems that the man is just wasting time. They forget that men love to pursue them.

2. Their choice of men still does not exist

There are a lot of single Ghanaian women who cannot find a man who is good enough for them. They build a castle in their head and compare every man who crosses their way with their ideal man. Most disturbingly, they aren't ready to be realistic. They forget that they can be quite happy with someone who isn't in line with their preset idea of their perfect partner if only they try. The truth is that most Ghanaian women overestimate themselves; they want a man who is tall, dark, handsome, highly intelligent, cultured, and refined, but are let down because most of those they meet do not fulfill one or more of these characteristics. Those who do meet the desired qualities may not want them, but they choose to remain single instead of going for those who do want and appreciate them.

3. They are not willing to compromise.

Many Ghanaian women are single due to their wrong understanding of feminism. They mean that you can't compromise in any aspect of a woman's life, including her career. No one says you have to sacrifice everything you've ever wanted or that you have to submit to a man. But the "never be pleased or compromise" mindset that Ghanaian women have adopted in the name of self-determination has created a headache for women who are ready to get married.

Such people usually prefer to put more emphasis on their job than on their relationship, and they expect the man to do all the sacrificing. You could say that men adore busy women, but if they are stressed beyond a decent level, it can be an absolute turn-off for them.

So, if you want a perfect career and a flawless relationship, you'll have to make compromises and sacrifices, but that doesn't mean you'll stray from the right path. Things don't have to work out how you want them to, because you can't have it all. Your man also wants to feel as special as he makes you feel.

4. They write men off after the first date

Most single women in Ghana usually have the habit of writing men off after meeting them for the first time. They expect too much on the first date, and if things aren't working out the way they want, their perceptions change. Okay, first impressions count but don't judge a book by its cover. Most Ghanaian women don't ever try to figure out more; if it fails on the first date, you may not be successful in the future.

It could be the way you dress, the way you talk, or some other tiny detail that really shouldn't matter much. They boast about being choosy but guess what, men are pickier than you are. While you examine him, he also examines you, and more often than not, it's the ones you pick that reject you.

5. They love unavailable men

If they meet a man next to their dating choices and he is open to dating them, they wouldn't like to know if he is engaged or not, because they will immediately get swept off their feet and treated like princesses. And you guess what? Such men are usually almost always taken and are just in search of a distraction. He throws money all over you and he never seems to be in a hurry to move things to another level. Yet, women refuse real men's proposals for them. The troubles start when he ignores their calls, changes plans with them to go out with his friends or doesn't show up for a date. Then, when asked "what happened" and he doesn't respond substantively, they just let it go and hope it doesn't happen again, most likely because they're afraid of losing him.

Ghana Brides – Myths and Facts

Ghana Brides - Myths and Facts

Ghanaian women are distinctive African women; they embody passion, intelligence, and beauty. Ghanaian women are attractive not only because of their looks. In addition, some factors can make anyone want to marry these lovely women.

In this post, we will go into more detail about some of these qualities and tell you what to expect when you meet them. This description will help you figure out if they are right for you.

Fact 1. They take food extremely seriously

When you go out with a Ghanaian woman, you will never be hungry because they offer large portions of delicious food. Eating is a serious business, so expect to have less conversation and want to talk a lot during the meal. Ghanaians appreciate a full stomach, so don't be shy about jumping into your cooking.

Fact 2: They are amiable

This friendliness is something that virtually everyone who has visited Ghana has noticed, and if you go out with a Ghanaian, you will come into contact with even more warm and friendly people. Parties, weddings, and funerals are opportunities to meet new people and make new friends while holding your stomach from laughing.

Fact 3: Ghanaian women enjoy sharing time with friends and family

Ghanaian women emphasize social relationships and like to spend time with friends and family. They maintain a keen community spirit and are strongly committed to helping those around them. Social gatherings like weddings, funerals, and festivals are key events in Ghanaian culture, and women are central to arranging and attending these celebrations. Ghanaian women understand how to set up a warm and inviting environment that allows guests to feel at ease and connected.

Myth 1: Some believe that Ghanaian women have low levels of education

They see Ghanaian women as dropouts because they marry early, but we are in a new era where education is important. The level of education in Ghana has improved rapidly. The country has rapidly increased the number of girls in primary and secondary schools and universities in recent decades.

Myth 2: Some believe that Ghanaian women should stay at home because of their tradition

However, most want to improve their lives and pursue careers in various fields.

Myth 3: Some believe that they are weak

Do not mistake the seductive nature of a Ghanaian woman as a sign of weakness. The same hand that strokes and feeds you can and will give you a sharp slap in a split second if she is wronged. No matter how deep the pain left in her heart by society's injustice and her husband's multiple indiscretions, she wakes up every morning clothed like a goddess. Her skill to come out smiling at all times despite the storms blowing beneath her keeps her never down.

People think that Ghanaian women are flexible, humble, and compliant, but we think that the quality that most Ghanaian women have is ruggedness.

Dating a Woman from Ghana: Rules & Basic Tips

Dating a Woman from Ghana: Rules & Basic Tips

Ghanaian women are quite a unique breed, and as the saying goes, "love is not by mouth," meaning that words by themselves are not sufficient to show a woman that you love her.

Is this the first time you are dating? Are you going to get married soon and want to be a better husband to your wife? Or do you simply want to find out the right way to love a woman because you want to be ready for your future relationship?

So here are the things that Ghanaian women love.

Hype about her beauty

If she sends you 10 pictures, you have to comment on each one. Let her understand that she is the greatest thing you have ever met. Give her praise. If you do not, she will think that you do not love her. A break-up is right around the corner if she sends you pictures and you comment, "Nice picture."

Get rid of discomfort from her life

Her car is broken? Her phone has been stolen? Her renter demands that she pay rent. Does she need to pay school fees? Her parents are sick? Her troubles are now your troubles too, and what kind of friend or fiancé are you if you don't reach out to help her when she is at her lowest?

Make grand gestures

While she might not have a vase of flowers, you need to send her flowers to the office or home, buy her a period pack (gifts when she has her period), send her week-long lunches, buy her a trip to the Maldives or Dubai, and throw flower petals on your bedroom floor. The grander the better.

Spend money on her and buy her gifts

This is vital to show that you care for her, as nothing else matters unless you have this proof. A typical Ghanaian woman would like you to come and pick her up when you go on a date or pay for her transfer. Only very few are ready to share the bill.

She would like you to buy her the dress to wear on the date, have her nails done, get a wig, and send her cash. If you do this, you will advance up the list. She is a princess who wants to be spoiled, she doesn't want to be a so-called strong woman.

Actions will always speak more loudly than words

Regardless of how many times you declare your love for her, if you don't take action in a way that she interprets as love in her language, you're wasting your time.

So listen to what she needs from you, and do not believe that love letters are really what she needs (except if it is her love language).

Ways to make her fall in love with you

Ways to make her fall in love with you

From your dating ideas to the way you keep in touch, take these tips from experts to heed to make a woman love you. There's nothing worse than getting forced into the friend zone or being so edgy that you drive her off in the long term. To avoid that happening, we reached out to dating experts to figure out what works (and what doesn't) in attracting her attention. Below are surefire ways to push things forward to a second date.

1. Pay her a compliment.

While it may seem corny and insincere to give out compliments, your words can make a big difference. Sure, you should acknowledge her appearance, since many women take great pains to look their best for their date. But make complimentary comments as you meet her – including her sparkle and sense of humor, her presence, and more. If she thinks you're taking the trouble to get to know her and take note of her qualities, she'll feel good about being around you.

2. Tease her

Your first instinct may be to restrain yourself and be careful what you say while you're getting to know her, but this may backfire and make you seem boring. So don't hesitate to disagree with her when it comes to deciding who should have won the beauty pageant, or tease her about her taste in music. A spot of banter can serve to relieve some of your first-date tensions. If she's laughing and enjoying a conversation, she'll feel much more laid back and more likely to be drawn to you.

3. Surprise her in a subtle way

Everyone likes thoughtful actions and it's vital to surprise her now and then. Catch her off guard with that stylish coat she's had her eye on for a while, a message on her voicemail at work, or a note in her lunchbox. This will not just keep her on her toes, it will also brighten her day and make her think of you.

4. Don't be too serious

Okay, okay, being in love is all about connecting on a deeper level, sharing meaningful conversations, and sharing common values. But it's also about enjoying yourself when you're together! If you can't relax, joke around, do silly things, and relieve stress, she won't feel comfortable around you.

Ghana Wedding Traditions

Ghana, the second most populated country in West Africa, features a rich culture, multiple languages, and unique traditions. While it is a place full of diversity, weddings as a rule look the same, perhaps with a few new touches in the last few years. A traditional Ghanaian wedding is a really exciting event. Cultures all over the world come with their own set of unique customs for weddings, and Ghana is no exception. Let's have a look at how Ghanaian weddings add a distinctive touch to saying yes.

1. Opon-akyi bo

The "Opon-akyi bo" or "knocking on the door" ritual is probably the best known in Ghana and is more widely used in Nigeria, Cameroon, and other West African countries.

During this ceremony, the potential groom, along with high-ranking members of his family and community, goes to the bride's father's home to declare the future husband's intentions to marry.

This ceremony is often held a month or two before the traditional wedding. The "knocking ritual" (kookoo ko) dates back to the ancient custom of a visitor knocking on the host's door to indicate his arrival.

Knocking on the door with an "empty hand" is forbidden. For this reason, the groom and his family members need to bring some traditional items, which differ from tribe to tribe.

But some gifts are obligatory, no matter the tribe or culture. These include casks of palm wine, kola nuts, and money given to the bride's family.

2. Tiri Nsa

Ghana Wedding Traditions: Tiri Nsa

No Ghanaian wedding is complete without the presentation of drinks. Most guardians of Ghanaian culture will not accept a wedding where the groom does not provide drinks to highlight the meaning of this ritual.

In Africa, "respect" for elders is very important, and this applies even more to the wedding ceremony.

Tiri Nsa practice

The eldest member of the groom's family is in charge of handing out the drinks, also called "head drinks" or tiri nsa. He starts with a flowery speech explaining the reason for his visit.

For example, he might say, "Our dear son (pointing to the groom) was just walking by when he spotted the most beautiful flower in your lovely garden. "He asks for your permission to pick this flower."

The significance of this praising speech is that the groom is ready to do what is right according to custom, which is to ask the bride's family for her daughter's hand in marriage.

3. Aye-Yo-Dee

The Ghanaian wedding traditions of many ethnic groups – mainly in the Upper Regions and Northern Ghana – follow the same procedure. When a Ghanaian man is about to get married, he offers gifts to the bride's family.

These gifts are known as "aye-yo-dee" and can include sweet potatoes, tobacco, liquor, ogogoro, kola, and meat. The meaning of the gift-giving is that the bride's family acknowledges the future groom as a potential son-in-law.

The community decides the number of cows, which is often determined by the status of the bride's family. A bride from a wealthy family will get more cows than a bride from a less privileged home.

The bride's educational credentials also often influence how many gifts her family gets. For example, a bride who has studied at university will get more gifts than a bride who has only attended high school.

4. Acceptance

In some Ghanaian communities, the bride has to accept the marriage proposal. Once the groom has paid for the bride's pride, the bride is led into the arena and asked if she would like to marry the groom.

Certain tribes, like the Asante, ask three times, while others, like the Fante, ask just once. If she accepts the proposal, drinks and money are given to her and shared with her family.

After she accepts the proposal, the eldest of the bride's family (often the father's uncle) hands her over to the abusuapanyin (head of the groom's family).

He notifies the delegation that the bride needs to be taken care of. She, in turn, needs to look as beautiful in the future as she does today.

5. Bride Price

The bride price is on this list because it's the only ritual that concludes a Ghanaian wedding ceremony by itself. A man can leave out all the traditions, customs, and obligatory procedures.

But as long as he pays the bride price in full, the woman is legally his wife according to culture and law. The content of the bride price or dowry depends on the particular tribe and community.

While cash is dominant in many Ghanaian cultures, there are other types of dowries such as cattle (cows, goats, or sheep) or precious metals (gold).

6. Vofofo

Vofofo is an Ewe tradition where a man of marriageable age sends a pot of palm wine to the father of his bride-to-be.

Once the father gets this palm wine, he asks the groom's messengers to be back in a month to get his answer.

Top Cities to Meet Ghana Women

Top Cities to Meet Ghana Women

The Gold Coast in Ghana is known for its really beautiful and stunning women. While all women in Ghana are beautiful, some cities have a high density of extremely beautiful women. Ghana has a lot of attractive women with plump bodies, nice dark skin, and sweet, scented hair that is sure to make you nervous.

1. Kumasi

Kumasi is a highly urbanized city in the heart of Ghana. This is why you will find a dense population of lovely women here. They arrive from all over the country to become either students or entrepreneurs.

In Kumasi, women are extremely into fashion and art, so you won't meet women who don't mess around with their fashion sense. They are always dressed to kill and you will enjoy the beauty of African women.

Women from Kumasi are also fun and friendly. They express true interest in dating outdoors. This is not a secret for Ghanaians.

2. Accra

Accra is the capital of Ghana and certainly one of the most sophisticated areas of the country.

Accra women are what you would consider "soft. "Soft is a slang term that describes women who have accepted modernity, yet not in a way that makes them less African."

Accra women have relatively lighter skin than women from other regions of Ghana.

3. Tamale

Tamale is a huge city in the Northern Region of Ghana. While not as populated as Accra and Kumasi, it is a quickly developing city and could be one of the most attractive cities in Ghana in a few years.

The women here are of a kind that takes your breath away. Like their counterparts in Kumasi and Accra, they are highly dress-conscious and wear the latest fashionable materials.

They are also quite adventurous and don't mind meeting you better. They are also social media enthusiasts.

4. Sunyani

Sunyani is among the biggest cities in Ghana and is a spot where you can meet some of the prettiest women in the country. The women in Sunyani value arts and crafts; this is shown by how impeccably dressed they are. They are also fairly educated and understand how to blend a bit of formality with fun.

5. Cape Coast

This is a tiny town in the central region of Ghana.

The women here pay attention to look natural and adorn themselves with beautiful jewelry. Especially intriguing is the diversity of hairstyles they have. There is a special style called Ghana Braids. It makes their faces more striking by revealing the forehead and the chin to look higher.

You can have a lot of fun with Cape Coast women and they are extremely friendly, even to strangers.

Where to Meet Ghana Brides When You’re A Foreigner

Where to Meet Ghana Brides When You’re A Foreigner

Looking for the best dating sites in Ghana? Then you've found the perfect spot. There is a great selection of free dating sites in Ghana where you can find your soulmate. These sites allow you to talk to new faces and find a connection with someone who matches your personality.

If you are in Ghana and thinking of getting involved in a dating adventure, or perhaps you have had bad results with other websites, then this article is for you.

Goldenbride is a premier international dating website offering a wide range of services in numerous countries worldwide. Goldenbride is the number one international dating agency in Eastern Europe and has matched hundreds of single men and women. This international dating agency for singles allows you to find an Albanian woman.

If you are looking for a great international dating agency, you should check out UaDates. It's easy to use, all profiles are verified, and many people have already found love here. International online dating services are the successors of the older dating services where you had to record an introduction video and see if someone might like it.

Here it is faster and easier and you have more possibilities to find a great date.


It is among the most popular dating sites in Ghana. GhanaLove is a site that links Ghanaian singles worldwide. No matter if you are looking for a woman or a man, GhanaLove is the perfect place for you. It has been running for over a year and has more than 2 million users.

At GhanaLove, you can check out picture galleries of beautiful Ghanaian singles. It also has video chat, private messages, and even video calls.

How to get started with GhanaLove

Enter your information and submit it

Wait for a confirmation email

Confirm and update your information by uploading your photo and other relevant documents

GhanaLove is completely free for now. There are no hidden costs.

All you want to know about Ghana Brides

Why are there so Many Single Women in Ghana?

Some women are so lazy that they refuse to join in the housework. A lot of them are due to their parents who either spoiled them excessively or refused to let them join in the housework. Most women who wind up as old maids must have waited unsuccessfully for the perfect man, and although suitors kept coming, no man was ever quite good enough for them.

A lot of women usually have in mind that they want a career first to be independent, and don't have time to get married when their partners do.

They are more concerned with their careers and neglect their personal lives, but by the time they notice this, time is far advanced and they are racing from pillar to post in search of an available man.

How much does a Ghana bride cost?

Most websites provide credits that can be used for different communication devices. You can get some credits in one package to save money. A typical month of calls can range from $40 to $80, but it depends on your preferences. You can also ship her gifts like perfume, flowers, teddy bears, or perhaps jewelry. This can boost the average cost of a mail-order bride by a hundred dollars, but it is usually not necessary.

Accommodations can run anywhere from $30 to $65 per night. A low-cost hostel or even a single room in a hotel is fine, but you can also choose a 5-star sequence hotel or possibly an Airbnb if your lady always wants to be spoiled.

Why Do Ghana Women Marry Americans?

Some Ghanaians watch more Western movies than local movies. Some Ghanaians watch a lot of television, from music videos to American movies. Most Ghanaians have links to America, Britain, and the rest of the Western world. Many Ghanaians travel a lot to the West since most Ghanaians live there go to school there or have a brother, cousin, or uncle who lives there. Interacting with these people who love to emulate the Western countries they adore so much will affect you too, provided you don't get caught up in vanity or nice ideas. So, most Ghanaians are raised and influenced by television and nowadays social media, and they copy, and copy a lot. Most of the time they copy too much and end up making a mess of what they copy from other cultures.

Are Ghana brides a real thing?

Ghanaian women are a distinct and gorgeous group of women. They feature distinct physical features and develop strong personalities. They are self-confident, smart, and family-oriented. While Ghanaian beauty standards developed over time, the stress on natural beauty remains. Ghanaian women continue to be inspiring and setting an example for future generations.

How to get a Ghana girlfriend?

To win her over, just be yourself and write from your heart.

Never wait too long to reply

If you are online and she sends you a message, do not hesitate to reply. Some men wait on purpose to prove that they are not interested in you. Playing games by playing hard to get won't reach or impress her. More likely, you'll turn her off.

If she gets involved with you, then you owe her the same. No one wants to be rejected, and girls certainly don't want to be messed with. So don't intentionally ignore her text or call.

Be funny

If you want to win her over with your text, talk about things that make her laugh. Send her funny GIFs, pictures, or short funny clips. Women like to chat with men who bring a smile to their faces every day.

Don't use it as a resume

If you want to win her over, don't be a braggart. Just keep it real and don't talk about your wealth and your numerous certificates and degrees. Let them get to know the lighter side of you and your personality, not toot your own horn. If you want to impress them, stop trying to impress them.

How can I marry a girl in Ghana?

There are three types of valid marriages recognized by Ghanaian law: (1) customary marriage, (2) marriage under the Marriage Ordinance, and (3) Islamic marriage under the Marriage of Mohammedans Ordinance.

Customary marriage is the most common form of marriage in Ghana. The specific rituals followed vary from group to group, although in virtually all cases customary marriage involves a gathering in which the groom's family pays a bride price to the bride's family, followed by asking the bride if she will accept the groom as her husband.


After the families are satisfied with the required rituals, the couple can register at the KMA or other district where the couple will be accompanied by one witness each and pay a small amount of money. Please note that the couple must complete all required rituals before coming to the office.

The process of traditional marriage in Ghana generally includes the following steps:

  • Consent of the man and the woman to the marriage.
  • Consent of the man's family and the woman's family that the two should marry.
  • The man or a member of his family presents gifts to the woman's family and asks for her hand in marriage.
  • The woman's family accepts the gifts from the prospective groom.
  • A wedding celebration with a Ghana bride takes place.