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Various dating sites and flirting apps on the Internet have created an environment where modern singles can find a partner in a completely new way. Not only the search for potential matches – but also the communication and arrangements for the first offline date – have absolutely different rules in this day and age.

Anyway, the matchmaking industry doesn’t stand still even now. New providers keep appearing and strive to compete with already existing portals. In addition, new niches are constantly being discovered, as is currently the case with casual dating, for example. Keeping track of this variety of offers is, therefore, quite challenging. For these reasons, we created Get to know us!

Paul Lohrey

Paul is the founder and general director of meet-your-love. Since he started to operate in this sphere around 8 years ago, he and his team of reviewers and industry experts have tested and compared dating solutions from over 250 providers.

As a skilled content maker, Paul is primarily responsible for the selection and creation of reviews on dating sites and apps. His love for writing combined with his professional experience is highly appreciated by our customers.

Max Korf

Max is the co-founder and technical director of meet-your-love. His story began when he was looking for a perfect girlfriend for a committed relationship in 2010 – and couldn’t find a suitable website due to a lack of information sources. So Max just took matters into his own hands with his own comparison platform. Since then, he has managed to establish meet-your-love as a developer and supports the other team members with his experience and in-depth knowledge of the technical components of the tested platforms.

Tim Anderson

Tim has joined our crew mainly because of his enthusiasm. Whether it’s an international matchmaking platform, casual dating site, or flirting app: he wants to test them all!

Tim doesn’t even shy away from complicated topics such as sugar- or gamers’ dating apps. He enriches the editorial team with his curiosity and expertise. In addition, this extraordinary guy supports meet-your-love mainly by looking for all novelties in the industry and ensures that our reviews help as many singles as possible.

Julia Hoffmann

Julia is an editor at meet-your-love. The trustworthiness of international matchmakers is a big topic for this young and intelligent lady. She knows how important communication and acquaintances are in times of digitization.

Julia gained her experience with freelance-based projects on plenty of famous websites and other digital projects as an editor. Now meet-your-love supports singles worldwide with reviews in which complex things are explained simply and understandably.

Bill Steiner

Bill knows the modern dating market like no one else. As a researcher and content manager for meet-your-love, he constantly keeps his eyes open to new technologies and developments. Bill supports the editors with the latest facts and curious details. If there is a new product, a feature update, or a provider changes its pricing strategy, he will be the first who knows. In this way, this curious guy keeps our content up-to-date and helps us to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism. In addition, he uses many of the sites, tested by meet-your-love, himself in his search for love.

It’s no secret that the Internet is subject to constant change and is growing every day with numerous new dating opportunities for singles. To keep up with this fast pace and create even more expert content – our team is ideally complemented by trusted experts who cooperate with us on a freelance basis. These are professional editors, management consultants, reviewers, and creative people who support us with their professional opinion to better examine various matchmaking platforms and apps. Among them are – Alex Stannton, Timothy Prix, Markus Pronten, Daniela Goldstein, Ann-Mary Saah, Benjamin Tudor, and Jessika Loud.

Our philosophy lies in providing our content and services free of charge, independently, and transparently. Do you want to share your opinion with us, or do you have a specific review request? We are always available to answer your questions and comments! Let’s stay in touch!