9.0/10 Review

  • The Ukraine Brides Agency online dating site is the multiple winner of various industry awards.
  • This platform has unique services such as online Speed Dating.
  • If you set up your profile, you get a chance to have free five-minute chats with the ladies.
  • You can buy yourself a one-to-one session with a professional matchmaker.
  • Out-to-date design.
  • The interface of UBA is not really user-friendly. You will need time to get used to it.
  • There are many spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes in the platform’s text.
  • The main drawback of is its attitude towards the customer’s privacy. They can read your correspondence and do whatever they want with your personal information and photos.
  • Girls from customer support service reply with copy-paste messages. review website was founded in 2009 by Keith Gordon. As stated by the official site representatives, at that time, during his trip through Ukraine, Mr. Gordon was communicating with his friends from Western countries. All of them were truly disappointed by the matchmakers they were dealing with. They had got a feeling the only purpose of their work was defrauding desperate singles with their money – not the marriage (as a result itself). As you might already guess, Keith has turned out to be a good guy genuinely interested in helping his mates. Therefore, a few months later, this New Zealander created his own international dating platform. The one – where the idiomatic expression “mail-order bride” became the equivalent of a dirty word. The one – where only men and women with serious intentions were allowed to join. But does that correspond to the realities of UBA? Does this Keith Gordon really exist, or was his personality only invented in the Ukrainian city Mykolaiv for more solidity? Let’s figure it out together in our Ukraine Brides Agency’s review of the website!

First impression

As usual, we want to get started with the initial impression this dating site gives. So, what do all potential members of the Ukraine Brides Agency see when they visit this platform for the first time? Notwithstanding that the color scheme of the UBA homepage is made in quiet tones, there are a few disadvantages in its design. Above all, the white font blends with the background image – it makes some buttons almost unnoticeable. For example, have you found the five placed below the site logo right away? Exactly: we had the same feeling. Also, each time we write a dating site review – this is happening. We become unpleasantly surprised by how seldom modern international matchmakers invest their time and money in their platforms’ design. And, UBA is no exception. It seems – the way this website looks – no significant changes have ever been made since 2009. What does the Ukraine Brides Agency promise? First and foremost, these guys say all female members of the platform are verified manually. The fact they provide the anti-scam money-back guarantee – leads to believe they really do what is intended. The Live member support 24 hours/7 days a week – just like the opportunity to have a free video chat with every lady – will be examined a bit later. According to UBA, their services should work correctly on all devices. Well, we need to admit: it sounds encouraging! UkraineBridesAgency First impression< When you scroll through the homepage of this website down, you see that the dating site Ukraine Brides Agency and its work results had been publicized in the mass media. Such as the Miami Herald, Boston Herald,, etc. This(as well as happy couples pictures) – is pretty motivating for those who still have doubts about signing up to UBA. Also, we personally – like this platform offers free content about dating in its blog. It is available for all users: you don’t need to join to be able to read it. Ukraine Brides Agency First impression One more thing we definitely need to mention – dating platform Ukraine Brides Agency is a multiple award winner. Since 2016 it has been many times recognized by iDate Awards. What can we say: we’ve just reached a high point of our expectations concerning UBA and its services. Let’s join and see how this champion of the dating market actually works.


31, ⚐ Zaporizhia, Ukraine

27, ⚐ Moscow, Russia

31, ⚐ Dnipro, Ukraine

24, ⚐ Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukraine Brides Agency women: where are they from?

Ukraine Brides Agency women: where are they from? This is what we definitely should mention at the beginning of our Ukraine Brides Agency’s review. Namely, you need to know where its female members are from – before becoming a customer yourself. So, as you probably understand, the website is specialized in bringing together Western men and Slavic beauties. To be more specific: ladies with Ukrainian and Russian roots. However, they don’t necessarily live in the countries they were born in. It is to say that UBA girls are geographically dispersed and could be found in the United States as well as in Western Europe.

How do you sign up?

If you want to sign up to the Ukraine Brides Agency – you need to find the corresponding button first. From our experience, it’s not really typical for such websites since they all are interested in involving new clients. Anyway, to join UBA, you need to hit the small Register button on the top right side of the homepage. Then, you will be redirected to the form that must be filled out. How do you sign up? As you can see, you only need to enter your email address; think up your user name and strong password. Or, you can skip this step and join with your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account. signing up Then, you will be taken over to the next page – to your profile on Ukraine Brides Agency. You can edit it right away – or you can save it for later. We, on our part, recommend to, at least, verify your email address at this point.

How do you set up your profile?

Ukraine Brides Agency recommends its new members take the time and fill out their profiles. We certainly agree with their suggestion since this simple step significantly increases the probability of being noticed. How to do this, then? But beforehand, we can’t say the user menu is super-easy to deal with. All newcomers must be ready for it. We, however, hope that Ukraine Brides Agency reviews from the Internet (including ours) will be helpful in this regard. To start editing your profile, you need to move your mouse cursor over your user name (top right side of the screen) and select My Profile on the drop-down list. How do you set up your profile? You will be offered to begin with your first name, date of birth, country, region, and city of residence. Don’t forget that male users under 25 years old can’t become clients of UBA. Also, US citizens and residents need to mention this. Next – you will need to tell Ukraine Brides Agency brides details about your lifestyle. This concerns your drinking and smoking habits, above all. Just like the relationship type you are interested in and the presence of children. It’s time to write a small About me essay. Even if you have always hated it – compose a few sentences. Because if you don’t manage to set up your profile completely – other members won’t see it. To start communicating with the ladies, the changes you made to your profile information must be approved by the site administration.

Main features

We need to admit that various Ukraine Brides Agency dating reviews were right – this platform has plenty of appealing features. Let’s highlight the most useful ones. Our personal favorite is Speed Dating. If you think UBA arranges old-good quick meetings for singles in local pubs around the globe: this is an online event. Which is an undeniable benefit in our pandemic times. How does it work? Every week, each user has an opportunity to chat with as many members as possible since it’s absolutely free. This party of love lasts one hour, when joining it, you will have a chance to have a five-minute conversation with ladies you haven’t chatted with before. And, what is even better: it covers not only text messages! Audio/video conferences with Ukraine Brides Agency girls are available as well. We find it’s a great way to make new contacts without spending a penny on unsuccessful ones. The next one of Ukraine Brides Agency features we want to focus on is VIP Status. Initially, you can benefit from it after setting up your user profile and approval by the site administration. Following this, you will have twelve hours to enjoy free five-minute chats with women. Although, each time you buy credits – this feature will be reactivated. One more service we want to talk about is – personalized matchmaking. It is not charge-free, of course, but some people can’t progress in their search without professional assistance. What exactly does this involve? At first – one-to-one session through video call, that is intended to clarify what your dream-woman looks like. Then, you will get the links to the profiles of the five ladies who meet your search criteria. You will be able to make a thirty minutes video conference with each one. We have found a review that confirms – if all potential girlfriends weren’t good enough – the site gives you a refund. The last feature we want to talk about is named Travels and Tours. UBA has created its own travel agency specialized in trips to Eastern Europe. It might be helpful for inexperienced travelers, we guess.

Does the Ukraine Brides Agency have a mobile app?

Unfortunately, there is no Ukraine Brides Agency app. However, the site administration claims the live chatting system they developed works on all modern devices – from laptops to cell phones. In our opinion, the mobile version of the platform is better than absolutely nothing – but, at the same time, does not meet the needs of modern people.

How do you search and sort the ladies?

The interface of the user menu can’t be called intuitive. You need to try hard to find the Ukraine Brides Agency search since there is no self-titled button. To get access to it, you will need to choose View All Ladies in the drop-down list in the toolbar in your user menu. The small box on the right of the screen is the basic search. It doesn’t have many criteria, compared to what Ua Dates offers. You can only write the keywords that describe the person you want to find best of all. The potential partner’s age range and online or new status are available either. But you will definitely need to specify further details, so do not hesitate to hit the More Search Options button. As you can see, the advanced version of it is much better. There you can sort the profiles of Ukraine Brides Agency women by various standards. Appearance traits (height, weight, eyes and hair color, etc.) come first. You can even specify your preferences towards tattoos and the piercing of a potential girlfriend! Options concerning Lifestyle are pretty typical, such as willingness to relocate and occupation. The same goes for information regarding your background. After writing a review on the Ukraine Brides Agency dating site, we are sure that the most useful search criteria are placed in the Profile section. Because there you can, for example, choose only those UBA ladies with whom you can chat for free. Or, on the opposite, those girls you have already communicated with. If you say yes to ignoring the “interested in” age diapason – you definitely get plenty of pleasantly surprising results.

How do you communicate?

Many Ukraine Brides Agency dating site reviews are focused on the communication options this platform offers. We don’t want to repeat after them so will give a few words about each of its services. It will help you to get a general idea and determine your favorites. Let’s start with Nudges. This service doesn’t let you exchange messages, though. Using it, you can express your interest in the member of the Ukraine Bride Agency who is not online at the moment. It’s advisable to try it since you won’t have to pay a penny but can still find out whether your attraction is mutual. Next, we want to talk about Letters. The service works just like any email box outside the UBA, so you won’t have trouble understanding its nuances. The only difference is you can make the mails to be automatically translated into your mother tongue. There is, however, one thing about Ukraine Brides Agency messaging we don’t like. All letters you get from the ladies are translated into English with the assistance of professional translators. And vice-versa – UBA women get your messages reworded in Russian. In our opinion, this is hardly practical since strangers can read your correspondence that could get very romantic and private with time. Also, you can’t get to know the person when talking with her indirectly. Because you can never know when your online girlfriend ends and begins the translator’s fantasy… The last one of the communication services that Ukraine Brides Agency provides is chatting. It could be text messages or audio/video conferences. It is, for sure, better than emails because real-life conversations are always more personal.

What does a free membership offer?

In this section of our Ukraine Brides Agency site review, we’ll try to figure out whether the free services of this platform are enough to find love. As you already know, there is no registration fee on UBA. It’s good since you can get your bearings and decide if it is worth your money, after all. Then, you can look through the profiles of Ukraine Brides Agency ladies looking for love with their help. It includes the usage of advanced search, of course. All incoming letters from the UBA women are charge-free to open, just like the private photos they attach. You, however, can only send your Nudges to the users who are currently offline. And that’s actually all you can do. But don’t forget to enjoy free five minutes long chats for a few hours after setting up your profile. So, the conclusion is obvious – you will need to become a paid member to have a chance to meet your dream girl through UBA.

What does a paid membership offer?

So, if you want to use the Ukraine Brides Agency to connect with women not only to look through their profiles – you will need your credit card. The next question is: how expensive is it? Above all, we need to mention that all purchases inside the UBA platform should be made in credits. Like many other international dating agencies, these guys offer to convert your real-life fund into the virtual site’s currency. The welcome package is, for sure, the most beneficial one because it is available only for new users. For all further purchases, you can follow the rule, “more credits = better discount.” Although, let’s consider the prices on Ukraine Brides Agency in the context of the services expenses. Text chat costs 0,5 credits per minute, while audio/video conference has the double price. Letters, on the prospect from their cost, are divided into – short (150 characters or less) and long (up to 5000 characters) ones. For sending them, you will be charged 1,25 and 4 credits accordingly. If you want to order a gift for a lovely Ukraine Brides Agency woman, remember that delivery fees must be paid separately, notwithstanding the order amount. Buying contact details of your online girlfriend will cost 100 credits while arranging a meeting with her is priced 110 credits.

Customer support

Members on have three ways of contacting its customer support service. The first one will be advantageous for those who are in Ukraine at present. It is in Mykolaiv at 42 Moskovska Street. If you are in some other Ukrainian city – you can call them using the local phone number. The second and third options are intended to help those members who experience difficulties online. You can either write a long comprehensive letter to the representatives of the Ukraine Brides Agency dating website or initiate a chat with them. We have tested instant messaging when writing this review. We need to admit that the replies were quick. But, at the same time, we couldn’t shake the feeling the manager didn’t really want to help us. The messages she sent were clearly copied and pasted – without a hint of an individual approach.

Security and safety

The fact you have joined the Ukraine Brides Agency means you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions of the service. But have you actually read what is placed there? For those who didn’t have time, this section will be very valuable – since we have summarized the points that make us worry most. Above all, by becoming a member of UBA, you let them use all sorts of your personal information, including pictures. So don’t be surprised if the photos you have posted will show up somewhere on the Web under the testimonials. When reading the Terms and Conditions agreement further, you get to the list of requirements for all male customers. We definitely find it reasonable that the Ukraine Brides Agency website doesn’t want men that have been convicted of a violent or sexually related criminal offense in any country as their members. But the fact remains – no one has ever checked it. This certainly casts a shadow of a doubt concerning the female members too…

Ukraine Brides Agency FAQ

Is the Ukraine Brides Agency free to use?

As we have mentioned in our Ukraine Brides Agency dating service review, this platform is not free to use. You, however, will be able to get access to certain services without buying credits. For example, Nudges or Speed Dating.

How do credits on Ukraine Brides Agency work?

The UBA credits are the equivalent of real-life money inside the website. You need to buy the packages with this virtual currency to pay for the Ukraine Brides Agency services, such as chat or gift delivery.

How to create a profile on Ukraine Brides Agency?

Ukraine Brides Agency offers its potential users to register and set up their profiles for free. You don’t need to do anything special at the initial stages since only basic information is required. Still, you can demonstrate your creativity by thinking up your user name, which would be appealing to the ladies.

How many members does the Ukraine Brides Agency have?

There is no official information concerning how many active members the Ukraine Brides Agency dating site has. So we won’t make any assumptions in this regard. Our reviews are about honesty and validated data, remember? Although, the maximum number of female users online at the same time noticed by our team was around 350.

How can I delete my Ukraine Brides Agency profile?

All Ukraine Brides Agency profiles can’t be deactivated without the knowledge of the site administration. To notify them about your decision – you can either call (if you are in Ukraine) or send them an email.

Can I use the Ukraine Brides Agency anonymously?

Purely theoretically – yes. When using the Ukraine Brides Agency, you can introduce yourself with any name you like. Do you remember that all UBA members have nicknames? So, if you name yourself Brad Pitt from Minnesota and won’t upload any personal photos – no one is going to know who you really are.

Is UBA messaging free?

When you visit Ukraine Brides Agency for the first time, you become misled by the site’s ads. Unfortunately, what they say is not absolutely correct since you can use messaging for free only during Speed Dating – or as a few hours benefit after obtaining the VIP status.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

As mentioned in our Ukraine Brides Agency review, your user page ought to be approved to become visible to other users. To enable it, you need to fill out your profile info and confirm your email address. The approval itself takes just a few minutes.

How can I know that the profiles of the ladies are real?

As soon as you enter your user name and password on the Ukraine Brides Agency login page – you see hundreds of profiles of gorgeous women. Your doubts are clear – it’s hard to believe they all are single. To be perfectly honest, we share your mistrust. Because our profile with basic information and without pictures was bombarded by letters and chat requests from the girls. The only advice we can give you here is to initiate a video chat with your favorites at the earliest opportunity. It will help you to ensure that you are, in fact, chatting with the woman from the profile pictures.

Is the Ukraine Brides Agency safe?

We have shared our concerns about the Ukraine Brides Agency’s level of safety in the review. Thus, if you still want to join it – keep your eyes open for what you post there and whom you are corresponding with.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

The rules regarding your safety on UBA are, actually, similar to general standards when surfing on the Web. But you need to be particularly careful with the Ukraine Brides Agency scam. Therefore, if you notice something strange in the behavior of your online girlfriend – report it immediately to the site administration. In no way should you provide financial support to her! Also, be very careful with the contact information you exchange with your favorites – no one needs your home address and social security number.

It's time to make the final verdict and give the answer to our usual end-question. Is the Ukraine Brides Agency worth it, then? Well, once again - we won't give a clear-cut answer. This dating platform has undeniable advantages, such as Speed Dating or VIP status perks. Still, the disadvantages are no less significant. You, therefore, need to decide for yourself which from the pros and cons lists outweighs.

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