8.3/10 the dating platform that is worth your time?
  • You can join the dating platform TheLuckyDate for free and without any obligations
  • The Matches tool can be used for free
  • All members of TheLuckyDate may get 2000 welcome credits under certain circumstances
  • The website’s design is pretty modern
  • Before you have joined TheLuckyDate, it’s impossible to find out anything about the site, including where the female members are from
  • There is no app for this platform
  • Only one credits package is available on TLD, and your subscription can be renewed automatically
  • The site’s search has only two filters
  • Many bugs and imperfections were discovered while testing – they definitely must be improved
  • It’s hard to get in touch with the customer support service
  • Poor security and anti-scam protection is the main drawback of
  • The website is not really popular: the number of unique monthly visitors is rapidly falling If you have decided to search for a partner online, it’s essential that you choose a reputable and secure platform. It should also promise you a high chance of success, of course. It’s recommended that you read a professional dating site review on it to make this first step on the way to your happiness a little easier. By a lucky coincidence, right here, on this website, you can get all the necessary help. Using our experience and knowledge, we examine the portals, test all their services, and evaluate them. What is, in our opinion, particularly important, then? Above all – this is the trustworthiness of the provider. It must meet all data protection protocols and don’t sell your personal information to third parties. Next – the platform ought to have a high volume of users. Otherwise, how can you find your true love there? And last but not least – user-friendly interface. At the same time, the final decision depends solely on your taste, goals, and character traits. For instance, if you are ready to settle down – a serious matchmaking platform may fulfill your dreams. Are you 50 years old or elder – the websites for mature singles are best suited for this purpose. Those looking for a casual relationship or online friendship can make the most of various free-and-easy dating apps. In today’s review, we will find out – to which of mentioned above categories belongs this service. Stay tuned if you want to know whether that meets your expectations or not.

First impression

Like always, we want to start our TheLuckyDate dating service review by sharing the first impression it gives. And, actually, we don’t have much to say. If you read our articles from time to time – you know that this doesn’t often happen to us. The reason is apparent – TLDs home page, practically, has nothing to describe. What does it have, then? For lack of anything better, the video of a couple in the car catches the eye. This is probably intended to bring the image of adventure since, according to some sources, The Lucky Date com is the international analog of Tinder. But, on the other hand, it could be a distraction from an insufficient level of seriousness of its members. Anyway, it’s hard to state what’s true before joining. By the way, the color scheme of this website reminds us of the above-named casual dating app. The motto, “Find.Chat.Date.” gives absolutely the same feeling. And, that’s really all we can tell for now… Due to the fact that no valuable information about The Lucky Date platform can’t be found on its home page – we can only proceed with registration. Let’s hope it will be a bit more interesting after joining – fingers crossed.


31, ⚐ Zaporizhia, Ukraine

27, ⚐ Moscow, Russia

31, ⚐ Dnipro, Ukraine

24, ⚐ Kyiv, Ukraine women: where are they from?

Unfortunately, by checking the platform’s home page, you can’t figure out women from which countries are its members. We don’t think it’s a smart strategy because many potential users can just walk away due to the lack of information. And in fact, it’s extremely strange that people have to search for TheLuckyDate dating reviews to discover such facts. Anyway, stop being all indignant – let’s get down to business. We could find that TheLuckyDate brides are from different countries around the globe. Primarily – from China, Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland and Belarus. These are ladies of various age groups (generally – from 25 to 45) and marital statuses. But you must be prepared for the intense competition since the gender distribution of the users is almost 50/50. Anyway, this website is losing its audience at present. As reported by open sources, the number of visitors is continuously falling. For example, it has only 51K unique visitors per month now, which is 38% less by comparison with the previous month. Thus, the lucky date dating site is definitely not one of the most popular dating sites on the Web.

How do you sign up?

It’s time to sign up to TheLuckyDate and get a view from the inside. But how do you do this? Let us complete this process for you and share the detailed instructions. Okay, first of all, you should fill out the registration form on the right side of the screen. Only the most basic information is required: your gender, name, and date of birth. After you have read the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Membership Policy – hit the Continue button. Then, you will be invited to insert your email address and create the password. By the way, you can sign in to The Lucky Date website with your Google account. This opportunity (for some unknown reason) is demonstrated only now. When you are ready – select the Create Account button. The next step involves filling in a short questionnaire. You can either answer the questions or skip this step for later. We didn’t want to ignore this section, but the TheLuckyDate reviews were right. It definitely looks wrong and not readable. You can’t even scroll the whole list of options! So, no – thanks, we don’t want to waste our time on such shortcomings… The very last step there includes confirmation of your email address. But it won’t be an easy task – even after following the activation link twice, the system hasn’t recognized it. Ohhhh, is there at least something in this platform that works properly?

How do you set up your profile?

How do you set up your profile on TheLuckyDate? This task might seem complicated for newcomers to the world of online dating. Unfortunately, we must state that the website’s interface can’t be called user-friendly. Therefore, the full guidelines will not hurt. To start editing your profile, click the same-named button on the top right side of the screen. Then, you will be redirected to the page that displays how other members on see your page with personal information. Click the icon with the writing pencil to proceed. As you can see, you can change your name and date of birth there (in case you did something wrong during the registration). To the new details concerning your personality belong – your weight, height, attitude towards drinking/smoking, level of education, occupation, and presence of children. Also, you can share with TheLuckyDate women information about your city and country of residence. It is recommended that you write a few words about yourself. Then, add recent photos and hit the Save Changes button. P.S. It’s strange, but you can’t complete the quiz offered at the time of registration there. So, it looks like these guys follow the now-or-never approach.

Main features

In line with the majority of the lucky date dating site reviews, we have to state that it’s, in fact, not much this platform can offer. Thus, we’ll have a chance to explore them in more detail. The first one of TheLuckyDate features is Matches. You can get access to this service by clicking on the corresponding button at the top of your user page. At first, just like us, you won’t have anyone there. The reason is simple – you need to play this famous, thanks to Tinder, dating game first. Therefore, select the Explore New People button to proceed. As you can see from the screenshot, the way this tool works is hardly extraordinary. You have four options: demonstrate your fondness (Like), add a lady to your favorites list, watch her profile, or – just skip. If the interest is mutual – you two will be indicated by the TLD system as matches. What else? You can start your communication with TheLuckyDate woman with a virtual gift. The price of these pictures is, actually, higher than the cost of the real gift delivery service on the other international dating sites! But if you want to captivate a girl’s attention right from the first message, why shouldn’t you accompany it with such a sign of attention? The last TLD feature we want to talk about is – partner suggestions. When you scroll through a lady’s profile, based on her traits, the website’s algorithms show females who could be called similar to who you currently look at. And that’s all… We really don’t have anything else to describe in this section of our TheLuckyDate site review. It’s a pity, though – experienced international dating platforms’ users won’t like it.

Does TheLuckyDate have a mobile app?

The dating opportunities of this website are pitifully limited compared to other similar platforms. For this reason, it’s hardly surprising that the TheLuckyDate app (neither for iPhones nor for Android devices) doesn’t exist. However, according to many members, the mobile version of the site automatically adapts to the cell phone’s screen resolution and enables the usage of all services.

How do you search and sort the ladies?

It’s not hard to guess that the TheLuckyDate search can be found under the corresponding button on the top of the user page. And, once again – another portion of frustration. Our experience regarding matchmaking platforms is extensive – that’s why so many singles worldwide rely on our opinion. But what could be said here? The creator of TheLuckyDate offers members solely two criteria when searching for a life partner! At this point, we really want to ask this person: how can the country of residence and age be enough to determine potential soulmates? At first, we thought – the information in the woman’s profile just below her name was clickable. And tried to filter the ladies’ profiles by the zodiac sign and education level – but no, it doesn’t work this way. Thus, when choosing TheLuckyDate website – be ready to invest much time manually scrolling through pictures of the women of each particular country.

How do you communicate?

The TheLuckyDate dating site reviews repeatedly state that the communication features of this platform do not differ from what the other similar providers offer. Let’s check and see everything with our own eyes. The first one of the services that TheLuckyDate provides is letters. You can get to it by selecting the Inbox button. As you can see from the screenshot, we don’t have any incoming messages yet, but still – we can explain how things work. Telling the truth, if you have an email box and use it regularly – you won’t experience any trouble. Getting used to its TLD variation will take not more than a few minutes. The major difference is that you will have to pay for this one. Next comes the TheLuckyDate messaging. And yes – it’s just a typical chat. As demonstrated on the screenshot, there are a few templates you can use to start a conversation if creativity is not your strong suit. At the same time, you shouldn’t forget that girls probably receive such texts pretty often, so they won’t really be captivated by these words. In the field where you type your message are placed four icons. The one shaped as a diamond redirects to the virtual gifts catalog. When selecting a small image, you can send a member of TheLuckyDate your private photo. The standard emojis are hidden behind the smile-shaped button – and the full-screen visual effects are right near. That’s all. If you want more tools – suggest your conversationalist transfer your chats to somewhere else.

What does a free membership offer?

We know that many of our readers wanted us to write a review on the TheLuckyDate dating site because they wished us to estimate its price/quality ratio. If you are one of them – congratulations, you shouldn’t wait any longer. We have finally reached the most interesting part of the article. As usual, we begin with the services available free of charge. Let’s start with a piece of good news. You are not obliged to pay for something right after the lucky date login page is left behind. The membership itself costs nothing. Furthermore, during the free trial, you get 2000 credits for communication just because you have joined. But you better spend them wisely – there are no other bonuses available. Okay, what else? You can play the Matches games without paying a cent and determine which of the TheLuckyDate girls are attracted to you. Also, you can use the Search and create a list of your favorites at no cost. That’s the end: keep your credit card ready for the rest of the services.

What does a paid membership offer?

Okay, we guess the free-of-charge features of this platform are clear now. So it’s time to move on and examine its paid services in this section of our the lucky date dating site review. First of all, like many other providers, TLD has virtual currency. And, hardly surprising, these units are named credits. To buy them, you simply need to try to use some of the non-free features – the page with the purchase will be displayed automatically. The website, in contrast to the main competitors, has merely one buying option. As you can see – it’s 2000 credits for €2.99. We find this approach weird since going for more credits during the chat all the time – is pretty annoying. Okay, what about the cost of each service? Let’s see! To be honest, our team considers prices on TheLuckyDate aren’t low. For instance, one minute of text chat is priced with 200 credits. Thus, practically, you will be running out of them each 10 minutes of conversation! Also, if you like to send stickers with the full-screen effects to your conversationalist – be prepared to pay extra money. Depending on what you choose, one image costs from 500 to 2000 credits. You will be charged with 2500 credits for watching a private profile video. It’s a pity, but we couldn’t find any information concerning the TLD letters exchange: neither on the platform nor in the lucky date reviews.

Customer support

Without a doubt, you want to use TheLuckyDate to connect with women. Still, we bet that during the site usage: you will experience some difficulties or just have questions – it’s absolutely okay, by the way. But how do you resolve the appearing issues? Obviously, you will have to get in touch with TheLuckyDate dating website customer support service. Due to the fact that the FAQ section doesn’t exist there, you literally have no other choice. To be honest, it seems that these guys are introverts and don’t really want someone to contact them. Otherwise, there is no explanation why they make it problematic for the members to reach them. There is no chat, hotline, or special form which must be filled out on this platform – only the email address. It is placed at the bottom of the user page – scroll down to see it. Well, we are really disappointed once again…

Security and safety

On the TheLuckyDate login page it is stated that this is the platform that is worth your time. We’re not entirely sure about that, though. We conducted a little research to discover the real state of things. Regrettably, the reports we have found on the Internet are not promising. In their majority, it is noted that the website is a typical rip-off and should be black-listed. Telling the truth about TheLuckyDate, ex-members are convinced that the ladies’ profiles are fictitious. Furthermore, the fake profiles are operated by moderators-translators with fluent English. Just take a look: don’t you find that the messages from the make-up artist Angelina from Moldova seem not casually formulated: The Terms and Conditions of the dating site TheLuckyDate do not mention moderators or lack of the profiles’ validation. However, the owners admit that it was created for entertainment only. While this sounds unsuspicious for inexperienced users, we can read between the lines. Yes, you understood the hint right – it is a commonly used synonym for a scam. In addition, the subscription is certainly a trap. The TLD encourages new customers to subscribe but doesn’t mention that the payments could be renewed automatically. Say hello to the giant credit card bills. The site operator is Cratelia Ltd, which is based in Gibraltar. Good luck finding their office in this offshore zone. Thus, simply said – be very careful there!

Pros and cons

We tried to make our the lucky date review as fair as possible. One could say that the idea to make it independently and impartially has failed, though. This person would be right at some point since with each minute of testing, we were getting more and more disappointed. Our expectations were not fulfilled. Anyway, we don’t change our rules just like this and still want to share the list of pros and cons. Who knows, perhaps the aspects from the lists with benefits will sound promising enough to turn a blind eye to all imperfections.


Is TheLuckyDate free to use?

No, as we have already mentioned in this article, this website isn’t free to use. Notwithstanding that some of the services are available for every member, those related to communication have their price. And, it must be noted here that the final TheLuckyDate cost of the platform’s usage won’t be low.

How to create a profile on TheLuckyDate?

When you visit TheLuckyDate for the first time, you can’t fail to see the site’s registration form. In fact, only one more thing is shown there – a background video. Okay, what kind of information do you need to provide to sign up? Only the basics, such as your name, gender, date of birth, and email address. After that, you will be invited to complete a quiz that could also be skipped. And that’s all – online dating can begin.

How do the credits on TheLuckyDate work?

Even though TheLuckyDate was intended to be an international interpretation of Tinder – the thing with credits is from the other brunch. Almost all matchmakers sell their services with the help of a virtual currency. So, just like by these agencies – you need to buy these units to chat, send virtual gifts, or watch videos of the ladies.

Is TheLuckyDate safe?

When taking into account the great many of the TheLuckyDate scam reports, it’s absolutely impossible to say this website is safe to use. Unfortunately, we can’t assume that the victims’ statements are lies.

How can I delete my TheLuckyDate profile?

Luckily, TheLuckyDate profiles can be deactivated without sending the corresponding request to the site administration. You simply need to click on your avatar picture on the right side of the screen. Next, you should select the App Settings button. After that, you will be redirected to the page with two options: hide your account or permanently delete it. Choose the one you like more and hit the Confirm button below.

How many members does TheLuckyDate have?

The TheLuckyDate online dating site doesn’t share the exact number of users it currently has. However, according to the information from open sources, the platform is not popular. The number of unique monthly visitors is rapidly falling, and now it is 51K per month.

Can I use TheLuckyDate anonymously?

Officially, using TheLuckyDate anonymously is not allowed. On the other hand, no one is going to check whether you have your real name in the profile or a fake one. So, it’s up to you how open you like to be.

Is TLD messaging free?

As you already know from our TheLuckyDate review – you can’t chat free of charge there. When the welcome 2000 credits are spent, you will have to pay for conversations with the ladies.

How long does it take to have my TLD profile approved?

Haven’t you understood this fact about TheLuckyDate yet? These guys don’t approve profiles of male users. So you won’t be asked to go through the identity verification process.

How can I know that the TLD profiles are real?

Sorry for such rude honesty, but you can’t know that. After reading all the frustrated reviews of the former customers, you can only hope that TheLuckyDate ladies are looking for love and don’t work for this platform.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

TheLuckyDate recommends you read the Privacy Policy and the Membership Policy carefully enough. These two important documents have all the answers, they say.

It was a long and comprehensive review. One question still remains without an answer: is TheLuckyDate worth it? Everyone in our team says - no. The TLD is not a serious dating platform - it's just a perfect place to meet scammers. The female members there are mostly fakes. Their only goal is to entertain and encourage you to invest more real money into the site's virtual currency. For this reason, its success rate is extremely low. We guess additional arguments shouldn't necessarily be mentioned...

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