Tawkify Dating Site Review

  • The matchmaking service is supposed to result in a lot more successful dates than regular dating apps
  • In fact, Tawkify online dating site boasts a greater than 80% success rate when it offers dates who are searching for a second date
  • No hassle is necessary. Once you sign up, simply lean back and watch for your perfect date
  • The matchmaking side of the site makes the whole process slow (1 date per month)
  • Basic members are not assured of anything, even though they pay for the service
  • Not every member is screened for background (even clients can be paired with unverified members)
  • The site is far overpriced for most singles and is not free to use
  • It does not have an app for Android or iOS. (Completely website based)

Dating might feel like a full-time job. Wiping through endless matches and trying to establish a connection with strangers consumes a great deal of time and energy. And if you have a series of awful (or even mediocre) first dates, finding the drive to continue getting out there can be tough. If you’re suffering from dating burnout, it may be time to seek reinforcements – like a professional dating service. For this reason, we’re interested in Tawkify. Tawkify is a matchmaking service that handles all the searching and matching for you – with no need for the extremely high investment that comes with traditional matchmaking services. All you need to do is show up on the first date. tawkify dating site review

First Impression

Tawkify, self-appointed as “the antidote to dating site tiredness,” is a dating service that uses real matchmakers (not computer algorithms) to match you with other singles. The way Tawkify runs is respectable, but might not be so cool for people looking to handle stuff on their own. The site describes itself as your dating concierge, and you get to do nothing but wait for your matchmaker to offer you match recommendations. Tawkify.com: First Impression It is disappointing that the user does not have any control over the matchmaking experience and that the number of matches is restricted. Being a member, you are not guaranteed to have dates, but being a customer, you are guaranteed a date per month. The Tawkify dating website is possibly not the greatest place to be if you must find a date quickly. It may be months before you find a date. Tawkify features blind dates, which is somewhat disconcerting for people who aren’t buying without in-depth research. However, Tawkify users are mostly searching for a sincere connection and commitment and feel that they can wait and hope for a long time if they need to.


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Tawkify Women – Where are they from?

Tawkify Women - Where are they from? Tawkify (pronounced talkify) features a network of over 50 professional matchmakers working in more than 30 major cities. Tawkify cities include: Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Hartford/New Haven, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Raleigh-Durham, Sacramento, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Seattle, Tampa/St. Pete, Washington, DC; West Palm Beach. As for location, the United States constitutes a significant part of the population. But some members of Tawkify come from the United Kingdom, Canada, India, Vietnam, Germany, and France.

Main Features

Tawkify.com: Main Features Tawkify is a website with just a few features, remarkably so. The main thing is that you, as the user, don’t need to do a lot, if anything, except ensure that your matchmaker is familiar with your relationship objectives, background, personal information, and preferences and dislikes. As soon as that is accomplished, you sit back and watch for them to arrange the blind dates. The site’s overall function, and the complete idea behind Tawkify, is the matching service (formerly announced as Tawkify Concierge). The majority of the functions we address in this section are a facet of this service, from a technical perspective, but we thought it was significant to cover them one by one to provide you with an overall understanding of the product. Tawkify’s Matchmaker service is designed for “customers” who choose to pay for the upgraded service. “Members” stick around in the dating pool with the ability to be matched for customers, with no way to get access to other concierge services themselves (or any functionality at all… sorry, members).

How do you sign up?

Tawkify.com: How do you sign up? Signing up for Tawkify is slightly different compared to other dating sites. First of all, your name and fundamental details are collected in a very usual manner. Then a few fundamental profile setup issues are made so that a future matchmaker can form a picture of you (this first procedure should last no longer than 3 minutes). After that, you will be taken to a landing page where you will be able to opt whether you would like to make a payment to Tawkify or not. If you choose to proceed with payment, you will need to complete a phone screening for any user levels. If you are not willing to pay at this stage, you will need to return since there is nothing further to do. Tawkify.com: How do you sign up? Apart from the phone screening, the procedure is uncomplicated and lasts only 2-3 minutes.

How do you setup your profile

You will need to pass the company’s screening procedure before you can be a Matchmaker client. Be ready to respond to questions during the 10- to 15-minute interview about your previous relationships, what has worked and what hasn’t, and about the reasons you would like to engage a Matchmaker at this point in your life. This first interview is key since it is also the way you ” introduce” yourself to your Matchmaker. Before the meeting, do an extensive introspection. Once you are sure of your relationship objectives and preferences, you can better assess if Tawkify is the right fit for you. A screening committee will examine your online profile and the memos you made during the interview, and then determine if you are approved to be a client. This approval process might last a couple of days. Meanwhile, potential clients are invited to choose a package and pre-pay to “secure” their place. If the selection committee will not accept you, you will get a full refund. Tawkify.com: How do you setup your profile

How do you search and sort the ladies?

You will have a dedicated personal matchmaker who will handle all things, from searching for your match to arranging a date for you. The only thing you need to do is to discuss your priorities with your matchmaker and expect them to provide you with a list of potential matches. Tawkify suggests that you give them the most accurate details about yourself so they can pick the best partner for you. Tawkify.com: How do you search and sort the ladies?

How do you communicate?

Overall Tawkify messaging and texting are not available. No matter what membership type you choose, Tawkify offers no user-to-user communication support. All you need to do is register, specify the needed details, and wait for your dating concierge. Tawkify.com: How do you communicate?

Does Tawkify have a mobile app?

The Tawkify app is currently not available. You can go to the website or the mobile version to have something close to a Tawkify app. Keeping in mind the growth of the website, an app is probably expected to be launched in the future. Tawkify.com: Does Tawkify have a mobile app?

What does a free membership offer?

No, you cannot check out Tawkify at no charge. In comparison to alternative services, Tawkify is higher than average.

Free services

  • Creating an account
  • Phone screening with a Tawkify staff member
  • Uploading pictures

What does a paid membership offer?

As a result of its premium service, the Tawkify website is priced higher in comparison to other matchmaking services out there. It has two paying member packages: Matchmaker Client and Matchable Member – where the latter is quite pricey. Following are the costs and the benefits of each: Tawkify.com: What does a paid membership offer? What you’ll get by signing up as a Matchable member ($99/year):

  • There is no guaranteed number of matches. You will be notified only if a matchmaker is considering a paid client.

Things you get by signing up as a Matchmaker client (packages could be anywhere from $2,000 to $40,000):

  • A date per month matched to your and your partner’s interests
  • Your very own Matchmaker
  • Thoroughly chosen matches all based on your profile

Tawkify’s website has no details about monthly rates (they only quote a range between $2,000 and $40,000, so you will have to call to learn more specifics). Tawkify.com: What does a paid membership offer?

Security and safety

It uses safety functions to screen out unwanted people like bots and people who generate fake profiles. Tawkify’s matchmakers are professionals at coordinating first dates that allow you to enjoy yourself and explore the chemistry but also keep your safety and comfort first.

  • Your matchmaker won’t ever set up a first date in a place that’s not open to the public or remote.
  • Request an “Angel Shot”: an “Angel Shot” can be requested to inform the personnel at a bar or restaurant that you are in a sticky situation.
  • Keep your details (e.g., phone number, email, address, social insurance number) confidential all the time, and do not share them with anyone you may not know.
  • Email or text later. Until you get to know someone, emphasize the need to communicate through the services and not share personal contact details.

Tawkify.com: Security and safety

Customer support

The overall idea of the Tawkify.com website is as if you had a personal customer service agent to help you find a match anytime you need it. However, you may need to reach out for more than this assistance, and Tawkify has a tool for that. Get in touch with this support by hitting “Contact Us” at the bottom of one of the website’s pages. There you will be invited to fill in your name and pick from different choices that will guide you in framing your concern. Tawkify.com: At the bottom of the page, you need to enter your query, and it seems like you will be linked to customer service, but this is simply not the situation. Rather, you provide your email address and wait for a member of the customer care team to contact you back. No suggested timeframe is specified for these replies, but lots of reviews say they’ve got a reply in a couple of hours. Additionally, we found a phone number for common issues and ways to contact Tawkify via email or letter tucked away in the terms of service: Tawkify phone: (844) 494-7280 Support email: customersuccess@tawkify.com Mailing Address: Tawkify, Inc. 3 Germay Dr, Unit 4 #2488, Wilmington DE 19804 Tawkify.com: Customer support

Tawkify dating sites FAQ

Is Tawkify free?  

The dating platform Tawkify is not free. While you can get an account for free with no payment, it’s pretty close to not having an account at all. There’s nothing for you to do except create an account, verify it with your phone number, and fill your profile with details and pictures. To have matches and a private matchmaker, you need to be a paid user.

How to create a profile on Tawkify?  

Registration with Tawkify is just a matter of a few minutes, and you need to reply to some questions. The questions aren’t too tricky, but you won’t be allowed to jump over any of them. Every question (like name, gender, age, relationship status, where you live, ethnicity, sexual orientation, earnings, occupation, appearance, etc.) has to be replied to.Your answers will facilitate the dating site Tawkify employees to match you with the ideal person, as they are your matchmaker. You have to verify your account by making a call to your specified contact number. Then, you can save your Tawkify registration details.During registration, you are requested to specify how you think Tawkify can significantly assist you. We suggest you give true responses related to the type of people you are looking for exactly or the key issue you think Tawkify can handle for you. Outline your perfect matches, and matching becomes simpler, as people understand these specifics better than machines do.You will also have to send in two pictures of yourself. The pictures are for internal use only and will not be seen by your prospective matches.

How do Tawkify credits work?  

Tawkify Premium is supposed to pay off as you are not a member indirectly unless you pay for the subscription to the premium service. Tawkify Premium also divides the membership subscription types into two. You may be a member of Tawkify or a client. Being a member, you have to pay $99 per year to get your profile included in the database. You will not be matched with a personal matchmaker, and you are offered no confirmed dates. This plan simply allows you to be a potential matchmaker for other people searching for a partner.As a client, you are charged up to $500 per month. You will be assigned a matchmaker and have one confirmed date per month.

Is Tawkify safe?  

Female members especially like the fact that Tawkify thoroughly checks and investigates its members, making Tawkify dates feel somewhat less risky compared to other online dating services.

How can I delete the Tawkify profile?  

  • You can cancel via the profile settings
  • You can cancel by e-mail
  • You can cancel at the customer support
  • You can cancel by fax

How many members does Tawkify have?  

The site claims that over 1 million people are using Tawkify to find love – calling themselves the “Romance Rolodex.”

Can I use Tawkify anonymously?  

Your matchmaker should have all the details about you, but the clients do not see your photos or any profile information.

How can I know that the profiles are real?  

Tawkify has several security measures in place to ensure that they are not infiltrated by bots and other undesirables.

Is messaging free?  

General communication and texting are not possible on Tawkify. Regardless of what membership plan you have, the site does not support communication between users. All you have to do is sign up, provide the necessary information, and wait for your dating concierge.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?  

You just have to complete a sign-up procedure and after that, you will get an account. After registration, you will get your profile right away.

What can I do to keep my account safe?  

The site conducts background checks and thoroughly screens all applicants by conducting in-person interviews via video chat. Tawkify does not share identity or contact information without permission.

Tawkify might be a good option if you enjoy the thrill of rolling the dice on a blind date once a month.</br> However, if you're picky about who you want to spend an evening with, try a dating service that lets you choose the people you want to meet BEFORE you invest time and money in a date.

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