SilverSingles: Dating Site Review

  • Matches users with three to seven people each day until they match with a prospective partner
  • Reasonably priced in comparison to some of the other competitors
  • Only for adults 50 years of age and older
  • Basic membership allows only restricted access to functions
  • Customer support has to be reached out to repeat the personality test
  • Users have to trust the matches dating platform SilverSingles sends them rather than looking for them themselves


SilverSingles is among the greatest online dating sites for singles older than 50. What’s most impressive is that the site purports to target people with a broad spectrum of different relationship objectives – senior singles in search of new friends, casual dating, serious dating, or people who are looking to meet their soulmate later in life.

But is SilverSingles as great as people say it is? Will it be the perfect match for you? Let’s start!


First Impression

SilverSingles is the home of reputable dating for singles 50+ in search of love and companionship. It is simple to operate and features a matchmaking algorithm that offers partner recommendations based on your personality and interests. Once you register, you also have the option to complete a character test to help people understand more about you. If you’re above 50 and willing to welcome love into your life, SilverSingles is a nice way to connect with like-minded people.


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SilverSingles Women – Where are they from?

SilverSingles Women

While established in the United States, SilverSingles boasts of the service it delivers to the 50+ age group in the UK, along with other countries like Canada, Australia, France, and Germany. Yet the gender balance is slightly uneven, with 55% of users male and 45% female.

Still, as intended, the most frequent age group on SilverSingles is overwhelmingly 50+ – although the service is still open to singles below that age. For this purpose, you will meet occasional users in their late 30s and 40s. These are generally people searching for a match with someone older.

While the age span on SilverSingles is quite flexible, the purposes underlying the dating service are not. The service is meant particularly for people looking for a strong bond and a lasting loving relationship, somebody with whom they plan to stay for the rest of their lives. Thus, it is not an app intended for temporary dates or flings.

Main Features

Check out the great features of the SilverSingles dating website.

SilverSingles can balance your brain and control your stress level. SilverSingles takes the hassle out of dating and you can rest easy and enjoy the new matches that are delivered directly to you each day. It’s super easy to check out your new matches on your home page.

The coaching function is yet more superb. You can gain access to this function by pointing your mouse at the tiny round icon in the upper right corner of the website, and then choosing “Coaching”. By paying a nominal charge of , you can get assistance from a pro online dating profile writer to edit your profile so that more users notice you.

SilverSingles dating website

How great is it to see not only who visited your online dating profile, but how many times they visited it? Oh yes, this cute person has looked at you! He visited your profile page 8 times and sent you a smiley face! Sometimes it’s good to know, and this is one of those SilverSingles features that are worth knowing. As a paid premium member, you have access to all the visitors to your profile page.

One of the best features is the clear home page. We love being able to see all updates and notifications in one place! With other online dating sites, there is a separate page for everything, which leads to things that simply don’t need to be complicated becoming too complicated. SilverSingles hits the nail on the head with the usability of their site and the great home page.

How do you sign up?

How do you sign up

Before you start looking through the SilverSingles profiles, you HAVE to complete 115 puzzles and respond to certain specific queries about your likes and personality traits. This is a pretty time-consuming process that demands you to dedicate your time and provide your responses in the most detailed way you can. As demanding as it may be, mainly because there are no questions you can simply ignore, you have to realize that the replies will be used exceptionally well.

The questions are specific and contain stuff like your future partner’s preferred physical characteristics, your hobbies and passions, your religion, and your habits. Once you finish responding to the questions, specify your location and the route you are ready to go for meeting a prospective partner.

When you have filled out the form, you will be requested to upload your photo and start setting up your SilverSingles profile. SilverSingles has a page with extensive advice that will help you showcase your best self.

How do you setup your profile

In your profile, you will find 4 tabs: Profile, Gallery, Personality, and Interests. Let’s take a look at perfecting each tab.

How do you setup your profile

  • Profile – Under the Profile tab you will find the basic information you entered during the registration questionnaire. You can also add random questions and answers at the bottom of this page to help potential partners get to know you better.
  • Gallery – The Gallery tab allows you to upload photos of yourself and your life. This is very easy and you can upload photos from your computer, import from Facebook, or even take a photo with your device’s camera.
  • Personality – This is where the information you received on your initial personality test is displayed visually and appealingly.
  • Interests – The Interests tab lets you add information about your hobbies, sports, and music tastes.

How do you search and sort the ladies?

How do you search and sort the ladies?

The SilverSingles personality test allows the site’s algorithm to evaluate compatibility and match members with the best potential partners, and it is an important part of finding a partner on the platform. Completing the questionnaire can be tedious, but its depth helps the SilverSingles dating platform to send you fabulously accurate matches.

The results of this personality test are displayed on your profile. The results are presented in an overview and are divided into different sections, each showing your level of openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and more.

personality test are displayed on your profile.

SilverSingles website does not allow manual searches to show users only highly compatible matches based on common interests and hobbies. Instead, you will receive 3-7 matches each day that match your personality, desires, and location parameters.

More matches can be found using the “Do you know each other?” feature, which displays one profile at a time that you must either accept or reject before you can see the next one.

Once you’ve found someone, you can communicate with them using the built-in Instant Messenger tool. It’s simple, but a good starting point for getting to know people better.

How do you communicate?

SilverSingles is fairly simple in its means of contact. Any user can send a “smile” to someone else, making it an easy way to indicate one’s interest. The fact that you are unable to see your prospective partner’s profile pic could be an impulse for free users to concentrate on personality rather than appearance and be more open in their communication, however, free users are unable to send and get messages – essentially making them quite clueless. For those who do not see the photos on the profile, there is an option to ask for a picture to be sent.

How do you communicate?

Paid users can send and get unlimited messages. In addition, they can “like” and comment on profile posts and photos. Paid members can take all the liberties the site has to provide and chat with their date or send flirty messages en masse. These actions are just seen by both the sender and the recipient, and when a match is deleted, the whole communication is deleted too.

Does SilverSingles have a mobile app?

An easy-to-use SilverSingles dating app is provided for both iOS and Android, thus simplifying the dating process for people who like to connect and chat on the go. Yet, the app is optional and it is not required to sign up with any third-party social site to use it making this dating platform available even to those who aren’t techie.

The SilverSingles app comes with all the functionality of the web version. It is extremely user-friendly, plus if you opt for the mobile version, there’s no need to register with the web client. The only disadvantage is that to access the app, a paid subscription is necessary – while free members can download the app, they are unable to use it.

Does SilverSingles have a mobile app?

What does a free membership offer?

The free SilverSingles account version is meant for testing the service. It allows you to set up an account, complete the personality test, and check out profile suggestions. But the communication possibilities with a free account are restricted and you are not able to build your profile right, making it less likely that you will get a date with no subscription.

The outstanding characteristic of SilverSingles is the personality test that you can access with the test account. Once you set up an account, you will be requested to complete a questionnaire that will ask you things such as your lifestyle and expectations for a date.

What does a free membership offer?

What does a paid membership offer?

Once you sign up to SilverSingles for a premium membership, more functions become at your disposal. website has an instant messenger feature allowing you to keep connected with as many people as you like, be it for dating or romance. It lets you check out who’s online, chat, share photos, “favorite” certain users, and date with ease and convenience.

Online chat rooms let you connect with many singles and share ideas on any subject. But the number of messages that you can send is limited, except if you subscribe to a premium plan.

You can send a “smile” to profiles you like, and this way you’ll be informed when somebody would like to get to know you better. Moreover, you have a function allowing you to see all the people that have viewed your profile. With the Premium subscription, you also have access to the online dating diary of SilverSingles.

What does a paid membership offer?

Security and safety

SilverSingles reviews keep emphasizing the outstanding standard of security measures, like automatic filters stopping messages with inappropriate or harmful stuff from reaching users.

All information provided by users when signing up or logging in is SSL-encrypted (Secure Socket Layer), the most serious and trusted encryption technology currently available and a scam detection tool adds to the peace of mind of members of the SilverSingles online. No information posted by the users is available for third parties to access.

Security and safety

Pictures uploaded to SilverSingles can’t be copied or downloaded, and every profile post and photo is verified by the site’s security staff before it’s published online. Users may also notify the site of any abuse or delete matches.

SilverSingles site

Customer support

The customer support team at SilverSingles truly is concerned with your happiness and success when using their online dating service. They are very proud of their job of helping thousands of people find love every day.

Reaching out to the SilverSingles customer support team is simple, you can email with a request. The SilverSingles team is at the office Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm GMT+1.

Alternatively, you can fax your request to +1 (646) 760-2453 or email your requests to SilverSingles Customer Care Spark Networks, 3300 N. Ashton Blvd, Suite 240 Lehi, UT 84043.

Customer support

SilverSingles dating site FAQ

Is SilverSingles free?

A free trial account is offered so you can read and respond to messages from premium users only, but the site is not fully free. Once you’re ready to meet a special someone, the dating site SilverSingles has a terrific community – but you need a paid subscription to initiate conversations and check out pictures of members.

How to create a profile on SilverSingles?

Creating an account on SilverSingles is a longer procedure than with other, similar services. First, you will be asked about your gender and the gender preference of a prospective partner; then you will set up your account using an email address and a password. After these basic steps comes a personality test containing 100 questions.

How do SilverSingles credits work?

You can choose between three types of premium membership. These are: · Premium Light. $37.95 per month for three months ($113.85 total) · Premium Classic. $21.95 per month for six months ($131.70 total) · Premium Comfort. $19.95 per month for twelve months ($239.40 total) Classic and Comfort memberships offer you some additional features, including the ability to see all members of SilverSingles photos and receive read receipts for your messages. How do SilverSingles credits work?

Is SilverSingles safe?

Yes, SilverSingles is a reputable and safe website. It uses SSL encryption and fraud detection tools to guarantee that your privacy and safety are not at risk.

How can I delete the SilverSingles profile?

When you are logged in, navigate to “My Account” in the menu and tap “Membership”. Then choose the “Cancel” option, type your password, and tap “Confirm”.

How many members does SilverSingles have?

Today, more than 800,000 people use the SilverSingles dating site monthly, making it one of the top senior dating sites available.

Can I use SilverSingles anonymously?

You cannot hide your profile completely; however, you can block other members from referring you. You can enable matching again whenever you want. Note: If you disable matching while you are still a Premium member, your membership will not be discontinued or canceled. Can I use SilverSingles anonymously?

How can I know that the profiles are real?

This site is awesome – SilverSingles actively matches you with singles who are real people every day. With a paid account you get 20 wildcard matches who are real people with real profiles matched specifically for you.

Is messaging free?

You can only reply to premium members and cannot initiate messages.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

All written posts and photos are verified before they are published in a profile. Your updates are normally approved within 24 hours.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

SilverSingles uses SSL encryption during the registration and login process; this reliable encryption technology keeps all user data safe. What can I do to keep my account safe?

SilverSingles is a long-term dating site for seniors that aims to do exactly what it wants to do: attract singles over 50 by offering an easy-to-use and well-managed experience. Although SilverSingles cannot search its users and maintains relatively plain contact options, it profits from this simplicity by focusing on compatible, high-quality matches. This simplicity also stretches to the limited dating pool, which may be considered a drawback by some, but having less clutter to wade through can also be a benefit to producing long-lasting connections. Overall, there's a reason SilverSingles has survived the test of time, and it doesn't look like they're getting any slower.

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Customer Support
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