LatinFeels review
  • You can create your account on the dating site LatinFeels for free.
  • All new members get 20 welcome credits.
  • During testing, we didn’t experience any technical issues.
  • You can complete the personality quiz that helps other members to know more about you.
  • There are free site features you could find amusing (such as People and Newsfeed).
  • Women in LatinFeels come from all countries of Latin America.
  • There is no mobile app for LatinaFeels.
  • The site requires too much personal information before displaying users’ profiles and granting access to their catalog.
  • LatinFeels profiles do not go through the obligatory verification process. As a result – many fake accounts.
  • There is no video chat on the platform.
  • You can’t send real gifts to the ladies through the site.
  • The site users’ gender ratio is not well-balanced: the percentage of women is only 29%.
  • Hundreds of scam reports from former users. as safe, legit, and trustworthy as expected? as safe, legit, and trustworthy as expected The reason you stumbled upon this dating site review is apparent. You like exotic women and want to try building a relationship with a Latina girl. Your interest is understandable: these ladies do not only look breathtakingly gorgeous – their personality traits are no less impressive. The two most captivating qualities typical of their mentality are assertiveness and open-mindedness. That’s why Latina females could be the right women for Western males. At this point, we need to mention that the attraction is mutual. Women from South American countries also often prefer foreign boyfriends to local guys. So if you can handle the envious looks of your friends when walking hand in hand with your Latina girlfriend – nothing should stop you from doing it. But how can you meet a lady from another continent? Of course, you can travel directly there and do your best to find your special one. However, this option requires much time and money – the final results would still be uncertain… Thus, on our part, we suggest you start your search in your homeland. This alternative involves signing up for a reputable matchmaking platform and creating a high-quality profile. Then you can start looking for a partner in Latin America. And this could be the moment when you come across the LatinFeels dating site. Is that what you need, though? Today we’ll highlight everything you need to know about this website. We’ll figure out why thousands of Western singles choose LF over other available opportunities. Is the platform really excellent, helping people set real-life dates, or is it just a scam? Our article will shed light on all the nuances. Reading our LatinFeels dating service review, you’ll learn more about its working principles, female members, communication tools, and safety level. Our team presents this ultimate guide to keep you comprehensively informed before making the final decision.

First impression

It’s a kind of tradition for us to begin with the initial impression the platform gives. The LatinFeels review shouldn’t be an exception here. Then, what does a potential user see when opening the site for the first time? The LatinFeel’s login page looks nice, but it is not something unique in its design. The brand lacks style and creativity. The color combination of deep green and orange is pretty modern and won’t appear annoying after a few hours online. The website’s motto isn’t clearly formulated, we think. These guys call themselves a communication platform for all interested in meeting amusing people. Sorry, but it doesn’t sound very serious… The website's motto isn't clearly formulated, we think. If you scroll the page down, you can find more information about LatinFeels and its goals. Through this statement, it becomes obvious that the site doesn’t limit itself to connecting people who long for committed relationships and marriage. Therefore, we can compare the website to a crowded social event. The one where people get to know each other, have fun chatting, and determine compatible partners for their goals. (these could be anything from online flirting to happily ever after). At the same time, we don’t see a hint that you can experience a passionate virtual adventure with hot video conferences there. If this kind of adult fun is in your mind now – move on to the specific app. Since doesn’t have an opportunity to explore the platform’s features without registering – we can only trust what the administration says. According to them, there are three main benefits of becoming a member. These include the top quality of the service, a caring attitude toward members, and professional support 24 hours a day. Still, before registering, we advise you to take your time and read the useful information, such as payment and refund policy, disclosures & disclaimers, and privacy/anti-scam policy. This knowledge in the primary steps may save you from suffering later. Anyway, we must admit that before joining, demonstrated no technical issues, loaded fast, and didn’t freeze. The SSL encryption is a good sign too. Let’s proceed with the registration process and see the events from inside.

LatinFeels women: where are they from?

According to open sources and other LatinFeels dating reviews, the website has from 780000 to over one million members. At the beginning of 2023, it’s officially around 10000 active users weekly. But, unfortunately, we can’t say you can be happy with these numbers because the gender ratio is undoubtedly unbalanced there. Bear in mind: that only 29% of all clients of this platform are females. So be ready to fight for your crush on LF – the competition with other males will be tough. Okay, who are LatinFeels brides, and where are they from? Apparently, the ladies on this site are Latinas. It is to say they come from many exotic lands, such as Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, and more. In their majority, these are young women looking for older men. However, the age disparity of female members is pretty big: from 18 to 60! Experienced users and newcomers to international dating – the diversity is impressive.

How do you sign up?

As mentioned before, each new user must complete the registration process first. Thus, to sign up to LatinFeels, you should fill out the special form on the left side of the main page’s screen. Like on other similar sites, only basics about you are needed. How do you sign up?

These are your gender, name, date of birth, and email address. Before clicking the Register button, you need to create a secure password with 8+ characters and tick the box that confirms you agree to the Terms and Conditions.


31, ⚐ Zaporizhia, Ukraine

27, ⚐ Moscow, Russia

31, ⚐ Dnipro, Ukraine

24, ⚐ Kyiv, Ukraine

Then, the system redirects you to the next page and invites you to take the quiz to complete your profile. All members on go through it – otherwise, the registration isn’t complete. So if you are serious about joining – hit the Let’s do it button. You will be asked personality questions there to

  • help LF ladies to discover who you are. Here they are:
  • online dating background;
  • your goals on Latin Feels;
  • your field of work;
  • your current marital status;
  • your level of English;
  • knowledge of other languages;
  • your character self-description;
  • your standard regime of the day;
  • your hobbies;
  • attitude to reading;
  • your favorite movie/music genres;
  • your guilty pleasure;
  • things that make you laugh;
  • attitude to the existence of your perfect soul mate;
  • your preferences about the future girlfriend.

At last, you can upload your photo, read the basic LF rules, and – be ready: it’s time to chat. How do you set up your profile?

How do you set up your profile?

In the previous section of our review of the LatinFeels dating site, we have described the personality quiz you are offered to pass while registering. Thus, after completing it, you don’t need to do anything else to set up your profile – all necessary information from your answers will already be there. Still, there is always a chance you want to change certain facts. That’s why we’ll say a few words about how to do it. To revise your user information, you need to click the Your Profile button at the top right side of the screen. There you’ll be able to examine how other members of the LatinFeels platform see you. For further actions – hit the Edit Profile button. Main features As you can see, questions remain. So you can either change or delete some from already shared points. Don’t forget to press on the big orange Save button not to lose what you worked on.

Main features

Let’s finally take a closer look at the LatinFeels features. We’ll focus on those that don’t directly involve communication, though. There is a special section for them later. The first feature is – Streams. LatinFeels women who are online at the moment can turn on their cameras and prove they are real. You can watch what each of them does – as well as send public messages or via direct chat. Also, if you like what you see – you can send a so-called donation sticker. The following attribute is - Newsfeed The following attribute is – Newsfeed. As stated in many LatinFeels reviews, this service is hardly different from those you use daily on Facebook or Instagram. Using it, you can check what the LF ladies recently posted, send likes to your favorites, or even follow potential girlfriends. The next service we'll talk about is - People The next service we’ll talk about is – People. And, once again, nothing unique. If you know how popular casual dating apps like Tinder work – great. Then, it won’t be hard for you to figure out what to do here. Anyway, we’ll explain it to inexperienced users. With the help of People, you can meet the LatinFeels woman of your dreams. Using it, you get random photos of the website’s female members. You are asked to hit Like when you enjoy what you see or Skip if a girl is not your type. Additional options are: send a wink, send mail, and follow. How do you search and sort the ladies? You don’t have to be near to surprise your favorite ladies. Dating platform LatinFeels has virtual gifts for various occasions. Although it’s not something real, this would still be an awesome surprise.

How do you search and sort the ladies?

It’s typical for Latinas to expect a man to take the initiative. So they don’t approach guys they like often. Remember this nuance since you won’t find our love among such girls without being active. For this reason, this section of our LatinFeels’ review of the website will describe its search feature. Does LatinFeels have a mobile app? Above all, when hitting the corresponding button, you are offered to check three groups of users: those you follow, online ladies, and all female members. If you don’t think it’s enough – you can use three more filters. We talk about the country, age, and gender of potential matches. It’s a pity the LatinFeels search has no advanced features to make the results more concrete. In case the site representatives read this review (from our experience), we suggest they add such filters as – zodiac sign, weight, height, hair/eyes color, etc.

Does LatinFeels have a mobile app?

Unfortunately, we need to admit that the LatinFeels app simply doesn’t exist. The decision not to develop one is, in our opinion, short-sighted. Modern people like to search for potential matches and chat on the go. With this platform, it won’t be possible…

How do you communicate?

There are two ways to use LatinFeels to connect with women: letters and instant messages. Let’s review each separately. How do you communicate? The first one is – letters. You can find it by clicking on the Mailbox button. Based on the fact you read this LatinFeels review, you have Internet access and know how email works. This service doesn’t differ from what you got used to. Even the folders (Inbox, Outbox, Trash, and Drafts) are standard. So we won’t waste your time describing how to compose a letter to your favorite lady. The second one is - LatinFeels chat. The second one is – LatinFeels chat. There are a few curious features we want to highlight. You can see the Let’s talk button on the left side of the screen. Do not hesitate to use it if you are not very talkative. This service offers templates of the messages you can send to a woman. Don’t forget to add your own ice-breakers to the list. Except for the texts, you can also send emojis, stickers, and other media in the chat room. The corresponding button can be found below the field where you can type your message. Unfortunately, there is no video chat on the LF website.

What does a free membership offer?

Many LatinFeels dating site reviews say – there is not much you can do on this platform for free. From our side, after testing LF, we can only agree with this statement. What can you do without buying a membership, then? First and foremost, you can join the website at no charge. Setting up your profile on LatinFeels (including passing the personality quiz) won’t cost you a penny. Usage of the search, just like the Newsfeed and People – is also free. Browsing profiles of the ladies and scrolling through their public photos does not require any fees. Personal information won’t be hidden from users without paid membership too. The same goes for watching streams. Although the only communication opportunity here would be sending winks.

What does a paid membership offer?

Evidently, our review won’t be complete without discussing the paid services of this site. So let’s find out how it works and whether the final cost is affordable. What does a paid membership offer? We need to start with the fact that the LatinFeels website has its virtual currency – credits. It is to say, you can’t use your real-life money there. Also, you can’t buy only one credit to see how things go – you can choose from the packages. There are five of them: 20 credits ($9,99), 50 credits ($19,99), 125 credits ($44,99), 250 credits ($69,99), and 750 credits ($149,99). However, these virtual units are not similar to a monthly subscription – you will be charged for each service you have used.

Okay, what about the internal prices on LatinFeels?

Sending an introduction letter to a woman costs 10 credits, while each following is priced at 30 credits. For opening emails (except for the first one), you will be charged 10 credits. But be careful: opening attachments have an additional price (photos – 10 credits, videos – 50 credits)! Live chat costs 2 credits per minute. All media files cost extra money, too (sticker – 5 credits, photo – 10 credits, and video – 50 credits). If you think your favorite LatinFeels girls deserve special attention – there is something you can do. For instance, you can surprise them with donations during the stream or virtual gifts. The prices can be found in the corresponding catalogs.

Customer support

Every member of LatinFeels, if something goes wrong, may contact the site administration. It is stated that the customer support service is available 24 hours/7 days a week. Still, you’ll need to make an effort to find the corresponding window… Above all, you should scroll your user page down to the bottom. There you’ll see the link to the FAQ section. Click on it to proceed. LatinFeels offers you to deal with your problems on your own first LatinFeels offers you to deal with your problems on your own first. You are suggested to check the answers to frequently asked questions, grouped into topics. These are Privacy and Security, Billing, Technical Issues, Member Profiles, Messaging & Emailing, and Guide to the Website. If the desired information wasn’t shared in the FAQ section, you could send a letter to the customer support managers. Hit the Submit a request button on the top right side of the screen to do this. Security and safety Whether you need billing information, account management guidance, or other dating-related advice, you can count on relevant recommendations, explanations, or tips. Anyway, this method is a bit time-consuming. So make sure you are willing to wait for your issue resolution. As mentioned in many LatinFeels reviews, if you need help in an emergency – you can’t just call or immediately get in touch with a manager. It’s something LF should definitely work on.

Security and safety

Do not forget to check the platform’s safety level if you want to meet your South American soulmate online. Apparently, scamming apps can hardly make your dreams come true. You must agree: fake photos, poor service – accompanied by racking your nerves, and pumping you out of money won’t do any good. So what is the truth about LatinFeels in this regard, then? Let’s start with good things. Profile settings ensure certain privacy. You can block notifications, report abuse, or disable your account there – it’s great. And that’s all… In our opinion, the LatinFeels dating website cannot be called secure. The only verification process these guys have is typical email confirmation. But it proves nothing but serves for the marketing of LF, instead. While other international dating sites hire expert teams and professional moderators to monitor people’s behavior and profiles – this one doesn’t seem to care. The question is, why do they want you to pay for their services, then? Although we don’t want to upset you – there is something we can’t keep silent about. To create an honest image of the platform, we interviewed its former members. We were hoping to hear the success stories – but, in place of good things, we’ve heard about the LatinFeels scam experiences… What men told was always the same: LF ladies want to chat only there, where men ought to spend money. Communication somewhere else (as well as real-life meetings) never happens. Do you still think it’s a good idea to join this site, then?

Pros and Cons

The LatinFeels online dating site is undoubtedly popular nowadays. It offers a whole range of services oriented toward helping single Western guys to find their perfect matches. However, if you were reading our review attentively, you already know that LF has not only advantages. There are also a number of disadvantages presented there. Keep both (pros and cons) in mind to decide whether it is what you want.


Is LatinFeels free to use?

Unfortunately, we can’t say that this platform is free to use. Rather the opposite – the services that LatinFeels provides are pretty high-priced. So check the related to this subject section of our article to make sure you can afford the final cost.

How to create a profile on LatinFeels?

Complete guidance in this regard is given in our LatinFeels site review. So we’ll tell only a few words here. You can’t join LF with your Google or Facebook account. Thus, you’ll have to go through the registration process. First, you will be asked to fill out the form on the platform’s main page and provide basic information about yourself. The next step is the personality quiz and uploading photos. You’ll be able to start chatting after all stages are completed.

How do credits on LatinFeels work?

Like on many similar websites, credits on LF play the role of internal currency. Simply said, to buy the platform’s services – you need to convert your real-life money into these virtual units.

Is LatinFeels safe?

As you probably understood from our review, we don’t think using LatinFeels is safe. Many facts make us say so, which include scam reports, fake profiles, etc.

How can I delete my LatinFeels profile?

As soon as you have joined LatinFeels – you can deactivate your account anytime. To do this, go to your profile settings and hit the same-named red button. You can also turn off email notifications if you want to take a break from the love search.

How many members does LatinFeels have?

According to different sources, the site has from 780000 to over one million members. However, officially, merely around 10000 users visit LatinFeels weekly.

Can I use LatinFeels anonymously?

It is probably a drawback of, but you can’t use this website anonymously. Neither a free nor a paid member. The only option offered is to stay incognito for your bank: the payment to LF will be shown with a neutral description.

How can I know that the LF women’s profiles are real?

Sorry, but you can’t know that. You can presume that LatinFeels ladies are looking for love, not for your money. Still, there is no manager’s team there that does the profiles’ verification…

Is LF messaging free?

As already mentioned, the LatinFeels messaging is not free. You’ll have to pay for texts, as well as media files and stickers.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

Once again, there is no obligatory verification process there. The only thing you can do as a male member is – confirm your email address. LatinFeels recommends all their clients do this, but still – it’s not a must. Actually, you can start chatting right after the registration.

What can I do to keep my LF account safe?

The fact that using LatinFeels costs a pretty penny doesn’t assume you will be safe there. So follow these simple recommendations to avoid being scammed: Do not share your personal information with ladies you hardly know. In particular, it concerns your social security number or bank data. Try to verify your conversationalist’s identity personally. Make sure your crush is not pretending to be someone else. Also, ask her to talk on another platform where video chats are available. Never send money to users on LatinFeels. Scammers like to pretend they have financial problems or are very ill. If you get such a request – report the abuse immediately!

Almost all questions a potential user of this platform could have are now answered. The last one remains, though. Is LatinFeels worth it? We are sad to say, but our opinion is - no, it is not. The price of its services involves certain security standards, which is not the case here. So why should you pay, then? The result you might get is obviously not worth the trouble...

Safe & Secure
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7.3 Overall Rating