Will your relationship be happy with a woman from
  • You can create and edit your profile on JollyRomance free of charge.
  • The dating game People can help you with finding love.
  • Newsfeed makes you believe it’s just a social network, so – no pressure.
  • Plenty of good-looking singles on JollyRomance (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, etc.)
  • You can use template messages in the chat.
  • JollyRomance online dating site doesn’t verify its users’ identities.
  • The prices on the platform are pretty high.
  • Without understanding who the female members of the website are – you can’t know it before registering.
  • The JollyRomance app is available only for Android.
  • You can set only three filters when using the JR search.
  • The gender ratio of the service is unbalanced.

Recently, we’ve received many requests to compose a review on the JollyRomance dating site. But what is so special about it? We bet it is all because of the JR women. Considering that Slavic beauty is almost flawless – their good-lookingness attracts Western men right from first sight. These fascinating ladies – regardless of their social and financial status, are also clever and well-educated. Exceptional femininity is another highlight of their nature and, in combination – one of the reasons Slavs are so desired as wives and girlfriends. Having such a girl as your partner is something you can boast of. In this day and age, looking for love online is the first thing that comes to mind. Especially when taking into account that traveling to Ukraine or Russia is currently restricted. In fact, various international dating platforms help to connect Western singles with Eastern European females. If you choose a reputable one, you will be pleasantly surprised by the wide range of communication tools and the number of members actively searching for a soulmate abroad. Still, is the website among the trusted services? Do you really need to invest your money in staying in touch with the women from its catalog? Is JollyRomance worth it? Today you will get all the answers.

First impression

We want to start our review with a small clarification. These guys are positioning themselves not as a dating site – but as a social platform for communication with people from wherever they may be. Does this approach change anything in communication options or interface? Well, it’s hard to say yet. If you scroll the JR’s homepage down: you can see the website’s motto. According to their vision, no matter where you live – it is still possible to explore the world because you can absorb cultures through intercultural communication. This sounds like a travel agency or language school slogan, though – sorry, JollyRomance. The About Us information doesn’t make it any easier. To be honest, it’s the first dating site review we are creating, where the platform’s description makes us wonder even more. Actually, without knowing that JR is oriented toward Slavic females and Western males, it is absolutely unclear what expects singles there after reading the homepage info. “Building social connections with interesting individuals,” really? Okay, let’s scroll the site’s homepage to the bottom and check why a potential user should start using Three reasons should encourage such a person: thoughtful features, respectful community, and effective customer support. All joking aside, their wording (as well as offered benefits) does not motivate us to sign up. And, without the requests from our customers, we wouldn’t continue. But work is work, and we can’t stop at this point… Admit it: you can’t wait to read our Jolly Romance review!


31, ⚐ Zaporizhia, Ukraine

27, ⚐ Moscow, Russia

31, ⚐ Dnipro, Ukraine

24, ⚐ Kyiv, Ukraine women: where are they from?

From the open sources, it’s easy to determine which countries JR males come from. Whereas such information about the female members of the JollyRomance is harder to find. But, as you probably know, we don’t like to give up. So, even before joining, we could state that only girls from Eastern Europe are allowed to sign up. Namely, you can meet women from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Poland, and many more. Unfortunately, the site administration doesn’t disclose the information about the number of ladies in their catalog. The only insider data we could get is the gender ratio is very unbalanced there. There are just 32% of JollyRomance women to 68% of men. So be prepared for the fierce competition.

How do you sign up?

Let’s imagine you are impressed by this platform’s homepage and find reasons to join convincing. What do you need to do to sign up to JollyRomance, then? On the right side of the screen, you can see the registration form. Your job is to fill all the fields out. First of all, you need to indicate your gender. Next – comes your name and date of birth. In the end, you will be asked to provide your email address and think up the password. It should consist of at least eight symbols: one lowercase, one uppercase, one number, and no spaces. When you are ready – hit the Register button. The next step, as you can see, is taking a quiz to complete your profile. According to dating site reviews, you can skip all these steps if you don’t have enough time at the moment. We confirm this statement – you can still edit your user information later. However, if you want to finish this stage immediately, this is what you will be asked to provide:

  • your experience in matters of online dating;
  • your goals on the Jolly Romance dating site;
  • your field of work;
  • your current marital status;
  • your level of English and knowledge of other languages;
  • your character traits (up to 3);
  • are you an early bird, night owl, or something in-between?
  • your hobbies (up to 3);
  • your attitude towards reading;
  • your favorite movie/music genres (up to 3);
  • your guilty pleasure;
  • the things that make you laugh (up to 3);
  • do you believe in soulmates?
  • short text about yourself.

Next comes the information about your preferences concerning JollyRomance brides. For example – age, personality type, appearance, etc. The following stage suggests you upload your personal photo. Don’t forget to check the rules in this regard right below. The very last step is reading the brief instructions on how the website works. Click the Continue button to finalize your registration process.

How do you set up your profile?

Based on other dating site reviews, those who didn’t skip the quiz question shouldn’t start editing their profiles right away. The information they already have, in this case, is enough. You might be surprised, but, in fact, nothing new will be added if you get back to setting up your user information later. Although if you initially didn’t have time – go to Your Profile and select the Edit Profile button. Yes – we know what you think. The screenshots simply visualize the questions from the Jolly Romance quiz described in the previous section of our article. Therefore, we won’t waste your time repeating them all. The last thing we’ll say in this regard – remember to click the Save button when all the changes are completed.

Does JollyRomance have a mobile app?

Initially, we had the impression that this dating platform didn’t have an application. However, everything changes after writing in Google “jollyromance app download.” There is indeed the officially created software for Android devices. You can chat, flirt, and watch photos of other singles there. If your cell phone is an iPhone – sorry. In this case, you will need to use your laptop for communication.

Main features

In this section of our article – we want to focus on the JollyRomance features. Is there anything special about them? Let’s figure it out together! The first service we want to talk about is Newsfeed. There (like in many social networks), you can see what JollyRomance girls have recently posted. It includes photos, videos, and texts. You can scroll through it and find new chat partners. By the way – the latest updates in the woman’s profile could become the best pretext to start communication. If you want to stay abreast of what is going on in your favorites’ life – you can hit the button with the star icon and follow them. The next tool of JR we want you to know is – People. It’s a kind of dating game inspired by Tinder. When using it, you will be getting photos of random ladies, just like on the screenshot. You may either press Like (if you want to indicate your interest) or Skip (if she is not really your type). Also, you can go directly to her profile, send a wink, or invite the woman to the chat room. According to Jolly Romance reviews, this feature helps to determine potential soulmates. Dating site JollyRomance has a massive catalog of virtual and real gifts. The prices in the last category are pretty high, but still – you can surprise your girlfriend with something nice without leaving the site. So, why not? For those who are serious in their intentions – such features as Contact and Meeting Requests are available too.

How do you search and sort the ladies?

It is apparent that you want to use to connect with women. But how do you find them? Which members do meet your expectations best? Well, once again – obvious. You merely need to take advantage of the corresponding service! On the screenshot above, you can see how the JollyRomance search looks. We think it’s a terrible omission that these guys don’t have many filters. There are actually three of them: country, age range, and gender. At the same time, you can make the system display the profiles of the ladies who are currently online or are on your favorites list. And, unfortunately, that’s all…

How do you communicate?

When writing our JollyRomance dating service review, we were confused to see that these guys have only two communication features. After seeing so many various features, we were pretty sure that the same approach goes for the tools for staying in touch. It is not the case, though. Anyway, let’s take a closer look at what kind of services are available. Yes, as expected, the first tool is Mailbox. Members on can enjoy all the features of an average online postbox, but for money. Even the folders are the same: inbox, outbox, trash, and drafts. We don’t think it’s necessary to provide you with more detail. And, of course, among the services that JollyRomance provides is chat. There are a few highlights in it, though. The Let’s Talk button redirects you to the message templates. It’s a nice option for shy people to start a conversation. You can also spice up your chats with stickers and media. This will be critical since no video conferences – solely texts are available.

What does a free membership offer?

JollyRomance dating reviews we read stated that there is not much a user can do without the paid membership. At this point, we want to check whether they are right. First and foremost, the registration itself costs nothing. The same goes for editing profiles and uploading pictures. The usage of the Newsfeed, Search, and People features are also free. Sending winks to your favorites and following their updates don’t assume any charges too. Okay, what about the communication? Dating platform doesn’t want its members to talk for free. However, there is still something you can do right away. For instance, opening the first letters from the women. Photos attached to those emails are only party gratis: namely the first one. The last opportunity you have is a sort of shareware. You, indeed, can request the personal contact information of the lady without extra charges. Although you must spend at least 3000 credits on chats and emails with this woman first. The rest of the services have a price.

What does a paid membership offer?

So, what about the prices on JollyRomance? Can everyone afford to become a member of this platform, or is it rather something for wealthy people? Let’s see. As demonstrated, you should buy yourself credits first (the website’s currency). There are the following packages available: 20 credits ($2.99), 20 credits ($9.99), 50 credits ($19.99), 125 credits ($49.99), 250 credits ($69.99), and 750 credits ($149.99). The more you buy – the cheaper the price of each is. Okay, the basic things are clear now. What is the JollyRomance cost when talking of the services? We like to start with emails. Sending the first letter to a member costs 10 credits, while each following – 30. Opening all mail from the second one is priced with 10 credits. Extra charges are provided for the attached photos and videos: 10 and 50 credits accordingly. Next, come chats. For a minute of an online conversation with a JollyRomance woman, be prepared to pay 2 credits. Additional charges appear for content (stickers – 5 credits, photos – 10 credits, videos – 50 credits). Opening clips in the profiles of the girls cost 50 credits. Prices for real gifts, as well as for virtual ones – can be found in the catalog. In the first case, however, the delivery fee is 100 credits. The last thing you can buy on JR is a meeting request (625 credits).

Customer support

Do you have questions and want to get the answers? Then, you need to find out how to manage that. Above all, JollyRomance recommends you check the platform’s FAQ section before doing anything else. All difficulties users commonly experience are divided into categories. These are privacy and security, technical issues, a guide to the website, billing, member profiles, messaging and emailing, ID verification, contact exchange, real gifts, and meeting requests. If you can’t find what you need somewhere there – then, offers to contact the site administration. To submit a request, you must provide your email address, the letter’s subject, and the problem description. The attachments are optional. And that’s all – wait for the reply.

Security and safety

In all reviews we compose, we don’t forget to mention that it’s better to make sure you know all nuances of the platform or app you want to join. How can you do this, then? Through reading Terms and Conditions, of course! You don’t need to insert your user name and password on the JollyRomance login page to learn what is written in terms of use. This important document is publicly available right on the main page. Although its text can be long, we highly recommend you read it. Trust us, lots of curious details are hidden there. What else do you need to know about the website regarding security? Clearly – the fact these guys don’t ask for the confirmation of your email address after registering is disturbing. This helps fraudsters create fake profiles and freely operate through this platform. So be careful what information you share and who you chat with. Also, when a member of JollyRomance uploads photos or videos, this media doesn’t go through an approval process. Thus, you will be surprised what kind of users we have discovered. Spoiler: cats and dogs search for love on JR too. Without a doubt, only manual validation can prevent such things since scammers can sometimes be identified by the pictures and profile information alone. Therefore, once again: be very cautious.

JollyRomance Dating Site FAQ

Is JollyRomance free to use?

As already mentioned not only in our but also in our – but also in many other JollyRomance reviews – no. Sure, you can retain free membership for a while – still, not forever. It’s impossible to communicate with the ladies without paying for letters and chats.

How to create a profile on JollyRomance?

To create your profile on JR, you need to fill out the registration form on its homepage. It requires only basic information from you, such as your gender, name, date of birth, and email address. And – ready, you have joined JollyRomance. The quiz you will be redirected to next can be skipped for later.

How do credits on JollyRomance work?

The idea of the usage of virtual currency on international dating sites is often seen. JollyRomance is no exception here. Thus, credits are standard units that could be bought for money. Later, you will need them to pay for the platform’s services since tariffing is carried out through these online banknotes.

Is JollyRomance safe?

As you already know from our JollyRomance site review – no. There are plenty of factors that make us say so. The most critical one is there is no personality check on JR. As well as the email address confirmation, by the way. So why should fraudsters and swindlers miss such an easy case?

How can I delete my JollyRomance profile?

As far as we understood, the JollyRomance profiles can be deleted pretty effortlessly. You just need to go to your user account’s settings and select the Deactivate profile button. After that, you will be asked to confirm this decision by reentering your password – and mission complete.

How many members does JollyRomance have?

It’s an interesting fact about JollyRomance, but they hide this information. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find the latest numbers in this respect. The only thing we know: the gender ratio on the site is very unbalanced. It explains why women are generally inactive there – they are vastly outnumbered.

Can I use JollyRomance anonymously?

Actually, when you visit JollyRomance for the first time – you are asked to provide your real name for the registration. However, no one checks whether you use a nickname instead. For this reason, if you say you are Tom, not Steven – the site administration wouldn’t know.

Is JollyRomance messaging free to use?

No, it is not. To use the chat services, you will be asked to pay 2 credits for each minute of communication. Extra costs are implied for sending stickers, photos, and videos during it.

How can I know that JR profiles are real?

Mmmmm… You can’t know that, really. The profiles of JollyRomance ladies looking for love through this platform aren’t validated. So, it might happen that your online crush, in the truest, doesn’t exist.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

Less than a minute, but don’t be pleasantly impressed by the speed. You know from our JollyRomance review that no one there bothers approving profiles of the members and confirming their identities.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

If you don’t want to face the JollyRomance scam – be very careful with what kind of information you share. Remember that it shouldn’t be something too personal, like your home address. On the other hand, do not send money to your online girlfriend, even if she appears to be really in trouble. In most cases – it’s not true.

Today we were talking about the JollyRomance dating website. In contrast to the pioneers of the industry, it's not much you can find on the Web in its regard. That's why we wanted to make our review as comprehensive as possible. But what is the final verdict, then? In fact, we can assure you that when realizing the truth about JollyRomance - doubts disappear. And we talk about the risks, of course. Simply said, until the moment all profiles on the platform are verified, we can't recommend you try your luck there.

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